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  1. Nobody said corporate america hasn't become incredibly unprofessional.
  2. Vader suit is like Master Chief's. It "relaxes" him to keep him complacent. Whatever Sheev does with the results is the Empire's concern.
  3. I think it's been well documented that Vader is a deadbeat?
  4. Seems like a number of people need to quit this thread
  5. The Disney Vault appears to be done "eventually." No comment was made as to whether SotS will be included. New 20th Century Fox Films will not be a part of it through 2024, as they have a deal with HBO.
  6. All Star Wars movies, all MCU (up to Captain Marvel), 18 of 21 Pixar movies at launch
  7. Disney+ Launches November 12th in the US. $6.99/Month or $69/year. Confirmed series: LOKI WANDAVISION (Vision/Scarlet Witch) THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER THE MANDALORIAN UNTITLED CASSIAN ANDOR (STAR WARS) with Diego Luna HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: THE SERIES (High School theater kids stage HSM: The Musical) THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM (NatGeo nature series)
  8. It's *because* they're rich as fuck that they assumed they COULD pull this shit and not have any consequences.
  9. How *is* Dean doing, for those of us not following along elsewhere?
  10. I'm shocked, SHOCKED Vince didn't name them TamNia just to fuck with the announcers
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