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  1. I mean they basically are, G1 Optimus was a Kenworth K100, BJ's truck was the aerodyne option package.
  2. It turns out that my health insurance policy started covering hearing aids in 2021, so after 8 years of tinnitus and hearing loss, I can now afford to actually get some help!
  3. C'mon man.. There was just two damn pages about pronouns, why you gotta do this?
  4. He's basically treated like a combo of Sweatums and Lurch. Fun stuff
  5. Goddamn it Ezra https://twitter.com/Blankzilla/status/1534631318218326017?t=ju_7ySe9ZWiMSKcmyHPEyA&s=19
  6. It's "Teen Wolf Too" but with a Joker
  7. The picture of Giganta with The Atom is from the second episode, The Roast, which you should skip at all costs. The Challenge is a fun, not at all serious, special marking the Live Action debut of about a dozen DC Comics characters in clouding Hawkman, Black Canary, Huntress, Mordru, Weather Wizard, and Solomon Grundy! Think of it like a live action Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode and you'll have a good time.
  8. Can we all agree that Jennifer Connelly is amazing and move on?
  9. @NoFistsJustFlips, I'm not a man, but the hallmark of honesty is being open to new information, and adjusting to it as it comes. So thank you for that, and I believe you. Everyone else: It's easy to think people are being too defensive about pronouns, coming at it from the outside. I cannot tell you how many conversations I've seen that start out about pronouns and end up in the dissolution of friendships because at some point the mask always comes off, so you start getting shell-shocked and jumpy when people argue against them.
  10. I'm sorry you were momentarily confused by a a person's death. It is sad that Ezra Miller is so terrible they can foment strife by merely being mentioned.
  11. It's also been around as a singular pronoun since at least 1375, and "grammatically correct" in most modern dictionaries since the mid -1990s, after having fallen from use in the 1920s Eta: Ezra also goes by its/zir, but I wanted to keep it simple at 3am.
  12. Please stop making me defend Ezra Miller. They're non-binary and only use They/them pronouns, so not a he/him/his or a "dude"
  13. GK and 90% of Berlantiverse shows getting cancelled is completely down to Nexstar buying TheCW. They are skinflints to an almost absurd degree. Flash survived because it is the flagship show, but expect a scale back on the cast, effects and everything else.
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