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  1. The CW crossovers were always disappointing because they saved budget by focusing on the main cast of whichever show happened to host each chapter of the story.
  2. He even broke out a House-ism in episode 3!
  3. The silence in this thread is deafening.
  4. OK so I haven't watched the finale yet, but holy shit I love this show (and I always have, but this week) for the Bixby homage.
  5. If the Netflix DD show was more like this episode I would have actually watched it.
  6. I got a rejection letter for these saying they don't cover hearing aids. ? So I called to ask WTF and it turns out I was the first person to put in a claim since they started covering them two years ago. The claims department hadn't updated their coverages because of this. Best insurance in the world! ?
  7. Was that the Modern Family house? I guess Disney would own it by now.
  8. It... it's the outfit featured in the trailers https://images.thedirect.com/media/photos/095D856A-4734-4A4E-862F-77BA097152CE.jpg
  9. Titania was trying to get away from traffic court, and did so through Jen's jury
  10. Also nerds are going to complain about shit no matter what.
  11. I had hoped more change had occurred since 2016. Oh well, the current US title is a step up from the previous, and I can't believe they've kept the terrible tag belts this long. At least they aren't copper anymore?
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