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  1. Black Adam bombed so bad they cancelled Young Rock
  2. No intro, but he gets featured quite a bit (with lines!) toward the coda
  3. Kermode compared it favorably to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once and while it wasn't quite *that* good, all I could think was how poorly The Flash was going to compare when it comes out two weeks from now. Perhaps the 2nd best Spider-Man movie.
  4. They have stated multiple times there will be no Sela in this season
  5. I keep getting distracted by Ford because I keep hearing his lines come out of Steve Martin and it feels more correct.
  6. Both Zenkaiger and Donbrothers took their time assembling the teams. Inu Brother didn't officially join the team until episode 44!
  7. I knew Sneed was a nothing character when I saw the size of his lobes. Useless!
  8. So this happened. (spoiler pic from Quantumania) [I am Katie Beazler in case you weren't keep track.]
  9. 2022 is one of the best movie years in quite some time.
  10. Idk y'all, Peyton Reed shitting all over the concept when he was brought in to babysit the first movie, wasting the sequel on a two hour sitcom plot, then demanding an epic third movie sounds a whole lot more hilarious than whatever this turns out to be.
  11. I was upset in the lead-up to the movie when I realized a movie centered around the JSA was coming out and I just didn't care. How has DC fumbled this so poorly?
  12. Watched Black Adam this afternoon and it's the closest thing to Green Lantern's deadly status of "It's neither good nor bad, it just exists"
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