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  1. Congrats nerds, you won. I'm guessing there'll be a live action TDKR before 2024. https://twitter.com/LightsCameraPod/status/1346185226410717186?s=20https://twitter.com/LightsCameraPod/status/1346185226410717186?s=20
  2. I thought it was a bit ill conceived to set Barry up to be raped at the end of the Valentine's episode, but I'll bet no one even considered the implications. I wonder if Iris will be angry he "didn't notice."
  3. It pisses *me* off, so I can't imagine how Leto feels.
  4. There's no official name change. Theatres are using that title as SEO, Warner's had nothing to do with it.
  5. BIRDS OF PREY was fantabulous, and like SPEED RACER, will be judged more kindly in 6-7 years by people that don't get it now.
  6. Ask Rippa if he'll tinker with it on the backend and let you go over the 50kb max? I won't say I speak from experience...
  7. "My heart isn't racist, but my brain is" - Tessa Blanchard
  8. I really think so. I don't think they'll pick up on the overwhelming sense of sadness in the character, but they'll have fun. It was co-written and directed by the guy that did SPOTLIGHT a couple years back.
  9. We watched TIMMY FAILURE today, and I wasn't expecting to be emotionally destroyed by a Disney Channel movie, I'll tell you that.
  10. Three movies coming out this year, Jupiter's Legacy has been filming and will be released next year. Josh Duhamel as The Utopian
  11. The BBC did one just a couple months ago!
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