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  1. An actual indicator of "word of mouth" would be the Cinemascore, where JOKER got a B+, the same as GEMINI MAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.
  2. What "nuanced story about mental illness" was the movie trying to tell, that the mentally ill are dangerous? Nothing in the movie was Arthur's fault, the world just kept raining shit on him. He then kills a bunch of people in an attempt to get imagined justice for himself. The script was terrible, the directing was shoddy. Phoenix gave a performance that worked in spite of everything else, but didn't save the movie from being a Snyderian ode to better, more original works, taking imagery without realizing the context it was steeped within.
  3. Surprise! I watched JOKER. Surprise <Spoiler>
  4. future Team Arrow is gonna be a spin-off after Arrow ends.
  5. I think the Venomesque guy is gonna be a slow burn for the first half of the season while they ramp up to Crisis.
  6. Kathryn Hahn is rumored to play Agatha Harkness? I hate Hollywood.
  7. Oh yeah, the new showrunner is doing the old Shooter/Gruenwald "multiple running stories in the background" to keep the pacing going. No more spinning wheels to keep the episode count up.
  8. Also, as the only person here to actually take down a superhero*, I can say that empathizing with a sad sack loser is not on my to do list. *Phoenix Jones
  9. Please stop talking about mental illness like you have any idea how it affects people. Just... don't.
  10. Have you noticed how many social media reviews for this use the word "empathy" or "empathetic" to paint people who don't like it as bad people? It seems coordinated.
  11. I place the blame solely on my two decades working in TV news and thus the layer of authenticity it adds.
  12. Yaaaaaasssssss, it's on Youtube!
  13. Right up there with "Hey guys, How fast would I need to run to go up the outside of the building?"
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