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  1. The actress is still a series regular for next season. Perhaps she'll be part of the multiverse in COIE.
  2. If Lowe loved him so much, he could have paid him enough per book to cover his medical care without crowdfunding.
  3. It's been out less than a month, I'm guessing Disney will keep it out there as long as it takes to break the record. It's only $173M behind.
  4. Do you think Vince even realizes that having Brock destroy everyone in the MITB match references/reinforces the narrative of Lars destroying Lucha House Party? Also, having the noted racist clean house on three Luchadores is quite the look.
  5. You say that, but they just had Flex Mentallo on DOOM PATROL and he looks perfect.
  6. Affleck looked nothing like Dick Sprang's Batman. I wish they'd give Bats a rest for a while. People complain about MCU fatigue, but there's been 49 (live/animated) Batman movies since 2002 and 6 TV series. DC just started branching out relatively recently, and it has paid great dividends, so idk why they're beating such a dead horse again.
  7. Jesus, Brock looks like *he's* the one in pain
  8. I know I'm the number one "Can't watch because of dangerous spots/injuries" person on this board, but unless Seth sold his knees after that it's a terrible bump.
  9. If you enjoy Power Rangers with a deeper theme, boy have I got around 45 years worth of various Japanese series for you.
  10. Scarjo's dressed as Okoye for that pic
  11. Please don't shittalk my friends.
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