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  1. It's ok Paul, I saw The First Avenger 16 times at the cinema You can have one of my views
  2. T The Goblin King was Alex Summers' face meltingly hot alternate identity.
  3. Someone described the new Ghostbusters as "What if a movie had DLC?" and I can only see that now.
  4. Like sticking your hand in something is any less prurient. Some would argue it's moreso!
  5. Hartnell was just the First Doctor of that regeneration cycle. A baker's dozen with two Bakers!
  6. One thing I noticed, thanks to the captions was Just an interesting tidbit
  7. The Giggle must be a reference to what RTD was doing while writing this special. Giggling all the way to the bank while trolling "fans"
  8. One has to wonder if those background NPCs were due to COVID restrictions while filming.
  9. Which Brave and the Bold episode had the reference to Captain Wonder?!?
  10. The WGA has announced they will honor all picket lines even if they get a deal, so the only way to end this is for both deals to go through.
  11. Based on the crowd at the same theater yesterday, it was for Barbie
  12. This was an official drop, possibly for Comicon?
  13. I believe they've said people can go to cons, they just can't promote anything. So no panels, but signing stuff/taking fan pics is ok.
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