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  1. Did anyone catch the Mission: Impossible distort/morph when Zemo removed his mask? That was really goofy.
  2. Yup, Snyder really knows how to Lichtenstein images.
  3. Both Peacock and Paramount+ having their entire catalogs available as only a single scrollable line is baffling, and makes me wonder how long it will take to change.
  4. He ends up the size of a king bed and completely immobile. He was gruenwald's commentary on steroid users.
  5. Yeah, it's the same Power Broker. He was responsible for USAgent's version of the supersoldier formula. He ended up looking like this
  6. There are certainly some poor photoshop choices being made on that poster. I went to their website and they're kinda like Mondo, do a lot of "alternate" artsy posters, but have only done two "official" posters.
  7. One's his real musculature and the other is foam. The foam gives him lil T.Rex arms!
  8. Black Widow makes the trifecta of Asian woman led movies being put up for "Premiere Access" on D+
  9. It's kinda interesting how Sam has become more violent in this while Bucky is now supposedly on a non-violent path.
  10. The one Batroc Brigadier pulling a full Wile Coyote with a cliff splat and slide was both over the top hilarious and super shitty.
  11. To the f(l)ight scene - between that and Wonder Woman vaporizing a terrorist, there was a lot of heroes killing cannon fodder scenes released this week.
  12. This was a good first ep. I had read Natural's spoilers and still got hit with the Bucky neighbor reveal. Sign of excellent writing.
  13. Where's Niners? Did they ascend to Heaven upon finally viewing? ETA: People always think of 4:3 as being cropped somehow, but if you shoot something full gate it is... 4:3. (Unless using anamorphic lenses). Check out the Fullscreen vs Widescreen versions of The Blues Brothers for the best example.
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