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  1. Why? He's been in loosely fitting clothes the entire time. Don't destroy your body for nothing, Benny.
  2. Peacemaker stumbles a bit in the third episode, but I'm chalking it up to wanting a mini-finale for the opening arc.
  3. It's like a house show card. The new prospect the company is behind opens, the main event is in the middle and the semi-main ends it.
  4. You were given a link to the entire thing, but don't care enough to even click on it, so it seems like you're wanting some kind of skirmish. Stating that "both sides are as bad as the other" is disingenuous when one side wants to simply exist, while the other wants them illegal or dead.
  5. Everyone should check out REPEAT PERFORMANCE, an noir film that plays like an extended Twilight Zone/dramatic Groundhog Day. It'll probably go up on the app tomorrow. ETA: Just checked and it's up now, expires 1/9
  6. That Catwoman balaclava look is the pits
  7. That deserves more than a trophy emote
  8. Is it a perfect movie? No Could it win Best Picture if they submit it? I really think so. There's a lot of great ideas in the movie, I would highly recommend it!
  9. Google's a much bigger company than Disney, so I'm not sure who the villain is here.
  10. I made the mistake of watching that episode, and it was too reminiscent of the start of all this, so now I'm more depressed.
  11. That looks like a (1970-80s) Sentinel to me
  12. Ryan Reynolds at least showed up to the Antiques Roadshow movie tie in
  13. If the Berlantiverse Crisis taught us anything it's that if Maguire/Garfield show up it will only be as cameos for the end battle, not the rest of the movie.
  14. I am not your mother, do your own researching.
  15. Whatever Rose did on set is nothing compared to a stunt person being paralyzed and another horrifically burned. Also Rose's pronouns are they/them
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