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  1. I think Bruno's shirt gave me hay fever.
  2. It really speaks to what a tremendous heel Gary Hart was. Body half destroyed and blinded in one eye for the rest of his life from a horrific accident that made national headlines... and he STILL got his heat back.
  3. One of the greatest heels in Florida history and a short-list candidate for the NWA championship before his career ended by the tragic plane crash that killed Bobby Shane. RIP.
  4. That match was fucking amazing live. Me, @Rev Ray and @Marcel were losing our minds. Those were the days. Skip work a little early on Friday, take the PATH to Jersey City and an early dinner at the mall, light rail to Bayonne and a 3-4 block walk to the Charity Hall for awesome live wrestling every three weeks or so. Even their student shows had some great stuff on offer.
  5. Pete

    1997 WWF

    Mick Foley worked W*ING Kanemura at their 1996 stadium show in a "King of the Death Match" title decider... he'd already started as Mankind but they let him keep the booking. It was originally going to be Mick vs Matsunaga, but the WWF knew there was going to be a ton of bloodshed and apparently there was a rumor that Matsunaga had hepatitis B, so they nudged FMW and Kanemura got the booking.
  6. The perfect station ident doesn't ex
  7. Giant match announced for DDT's "Day Dream Believer" show on 3/14.
  8. ESPN has #20 Loyola-Chicago as a lock for the dance. Realistically, they should run the table at Arch Madness to make it official because I don't trust the tourney committee any farther than I can throw them.
  9. First 30/15/10 game with zero turnovers since individual turnovers became a statistic in 1977-78, per Elias. Un f'n real.
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