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  1. Me too. I would never claim buyer's remorse when it comes to Yano's swag, but yeah...
  2. I think it was more because that was Sr's way of doing things and he didn't want to upset the apple cart too badly. Really, that MO went back to the 60s-70s... witness Buddy Rogers, one of the great promos of that era, with Bobby Davis as his manager.
  3. "Eww, it looks like mac and cheese. HOLY FUCK IT IS MAC AND CHEESE." That was brilliant on their part.
  4. She tweeted it to him.
  5. I haven't seen someone choke as badly as Theon did since the 2007 Mets. (That joke was Cindy-approved. Begrudgingly.) Missed opportunity: the jump from Grey Worm/Missandei getting down to Sam should've had him dumping out people's shit and vomiting just to fuck with everyone.
  6. The fact they already gave away a major plot point with the announced casting is fairly problematic to me. Then again, you have people convinced that their lives are over because the trailer used "Tom Sawyer" instead of "Temples of Syrinx" (yes, RUSH as plot point) which is a whole other level of nerd self-hatred.
  7. YOSHI-HASHI is really having a hell of a showing out of the gate so far. Really good matches with Nagata and Naito, and they aren't carry jobs either. That Bullet Club tag certainly turned into a salty affair with Tama and Chase going after Omega's injured knee big. More fuel for the split tease?
  8. Spoilerizing the photo because it is seriously the cutest GD thing ever. You will get cavities if you stare at it too long.
  9. I so love that people seriously bought Yano's near falls against the IWGP champeen. That's quality booking, character development AND continuity since he's punched way above his weight in the G1 over the years. Jado running interference for Yano against Okada just so Yano could nut BOTH of them was fucking hysterical.
  10. Show of hands: who else yelled "THE ROPES WERE RIGHT THERE!" at Ibushi when he kicked out of the avalanche reverse hurricanrana?
  11. Someone on Twitter had a great line about Sheeran as a White Walker headlining Westeros Glastonbury for the next thousand years.