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  1. Was out yesterday afternoon wearing my City hoody when a couple of dudes in West Ham shirts approached. I never know what to expect with the tribalism inherent in European footy, so I was pleasantly surprised when they grinned and congratulated me on the win. I then realized they were happy we put a loss on Chelsea and just stood there laughing my head off.
  2. Syracuse gets their revenge on Liberty on a walk-off FG 24-21 and now they're off until October 9. What?
  3. And your final: Vandy 77 (yards), Georgia 62 (points).
  4. Honestly, after Wednesday I feel like the window just closed on MILB stadiums for AEW. That's more for the ROHs of the world. Another idea: college football stadiums. Columbia (and I can't believe I beat Kelvin of all people to this idea) could work as they have subway and railroad access, plus low-key one of the most spectacular views in all of football.
  5. HA. We were there too, but not the show in question. This was a "submission rules" match or somesuch. That's the one! Rampage spoiler:
  6. Late to the party, but obviously echoing the love on Danielson/Omega. I see folks talking about seeing Danielson vs LowKi at a bingo hall 20 years ago - pretty sure me and @Rev Raywere at that show (sup @olythegreat89?), but Paul Turner deserves some love as well. He's been doing this just as long, and you could see him with this giant goofy grin on his face as Danielson and Omega hammered away on each other towards the end. Love the match ending without the cliche of one guy about to be pinned, there it is, 1, 2, *DING*. After people blanked on "babyface" Adam Cole coming out of the heel tunnel when he debuted at All Out, I wonder if they're foreshadowing something along those lines with Brandi using it. I was trying to explain MJF's gimmick to Cindy, the notorious hater of all things wrestling, and suddenly it hit me: "He's an even bigger dick than The Miz." She fucking DESPISES The Miz. I assume it's a "Road Rules" thing. They hosted a WNBA game a few years ago and (I think) a League of Legends tournament. That's apparently it for non-tennis enterprises. MSG is probably too much of a money pit for them to run a profit at this stage in the game. If they're brave enough to run an outdoors show, Forest Hills Stadium is right there. 13-14,000 capacity for concerts, near-identical sightlines to Ashe. I'd be saying this even if I wasn't a 5-minute walk away. *cough cough*
  7. Quick heads-up if you're going to DVR Rampage: your provider may treat it as two separate 1-hour shows, as ours (Spectrum) is. Something to watch out for.
  8. Missed opportunity. They needed a video of Santana and Ortiz on the 7 train cutting promos about taking the subway like real New Yorkers. Then follow up with Danielson talking about how it reduces the carbon footprint. Then have MJF taking the LIRR from Penn Station since he isn't a scumbag... only he forgot the train only stops at Ashe during the US Open, so he winds up at Main Street surrounded by Chinese.
  9. It's Flushing. The entire neighborhood is a good Chinese joint.
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