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  1. The Knicks have fired Fizdale. More interestingly, they replaced him with Tim Nordwind and are hoping no one will notice the difference.
  2. Nigel Pearson is the new Watford gaffer.
  3. Cindy's been binging "Friends" before it leaves Netflix and he shows up as a script messenger in season 2- it had to be one of his first on-camera roles. Too funny.
  4. And speaking of consolation goals, Everton have cashiered Marco Silva and named Duncan Ferguson caretaker manager.
  5. That's why I was thinking long con, because it looked like he was trying to get an in with the group a couple of weeks back and they could circle around to it again.
  6. So does anyone else think Cody's playing a long con on the Inner Circle with MJF as his mole?
  7. Yeah, on further review I see the BUN BUN characters now. I blame our old TV (about to be rectified) and the horsey design.
  8. Watching the most recent Korakuen show and Cabana has BOOTS BOOTS on his singlet in Japanese. Le sigh... another gaijin let down by the translator.
  9. We've been going back and forth over whether or not to order a new TV as our current one (like 7-8 years old) has been intermittently flashing an "incompatible with your cable box" message. Then on Thanksgiving night, my best man Danny accidentally broke our bookcase as he was trying to get up from playing with Mandy. Since it sits next to the TV stand, that was the final impetus we needed to take the plunge on a new 50-inch set with matching stand. So thanks I guess.
  10. They had a cup of coffee with the tag titles as well. Then again Baba would've booked ME for a tour or two if I had a ten-gallon hat and a pair of chaps.
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