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  1. Clips looking super gangsta. I dig it.
  2. And so, my fellow Americans Ask not, "What your country can do for you?" Ask what you can do for your country?" And now, back to New York Pete Nice Heart as, hard as, Chinese arithmetic Avante Garder, not a heretic Figure out a right rhyme, stick it in my cranium Pete Nice, elemental like uranium Throwin' joints, blowin' like a cool breeze Swimmin' in, I lift on juice, I wax M.C.'s These hoes go frontin' on my Jimmy I smack 'em on the back, sit 'em down, say Gimme some rhythm baby loosen up my collar (Rhythm) I'll lay you out, like a funeral parlor Ready willin', fillin', killin' for a billin', top I never stop, with search and Sam drillin' it Soul in the hole, M.C.'s workin' Kickin' it, vickin', the suckers who be jerkin' Me and my posse are hardcore, you want some more Reason that I'm squeezin' your girl (You never please her) So I pleased, then I threw her in the gutter Cut her off, my wisdom wiser so I muster Rows of all opposed, lows conquer all Those who pose as dope I say nope, I wear def clothes Dapper like Dan from, three the hard one Never stigmatize as a rapper or I'll slap ya You're stung from my tongue as you run from the drum (Diggy drum) Three the hard way, wordz of wisdom This time there was three One two three the hard way This time there was three One two three the hard way MC Serch A branch of the hip-hop tip grills your dome You're toe ingrown low showin' you ain't got nobody home Prone to the microphone, light up, and take out Make out your will Bill, three is gonna break out The stylee, me and P E T E Embark on a mission that's deadly, break out the ammo Aiyyo Sammo, hook up the beat And I'll lay the plan oh man You just got taken, I took a head out Attack on the back of the six of the Guinness stout Usin' abusin', those of the past tense Funning gunning, but I'm summing up the nonsense Three, the hard way, cards laid are okay Gettin' up and settin' up, just for a payday The minister, sinister (I ain't no devil) Ten snakes circle and scoundrel Sam level This track to smack, the smile off a doubter The brother's, another M.C. who's about Frontin' like he's buntin', deceivin' the delinquent Rappers on track, bustin' out a medium For those opposed, who manifest a diss Pete tell 'em (Manifest this!) Not righteous, but might just, make you wanna listen Yo I'm Elvis with the wordz of wisdom This time there was three One two three the hard way This time there was three One two three the hard way Pete Nice A Ludacris Buddhist, boo this when I do this So true to this, perpetrators view this Style, empirical, lyrical, it's critical Three the hard way, boy you need medical attention I'm like a surgeon in my left hand Hold a microphone like a scalpel so you understand Wordz of wisdom, woven like a spider Bitch on my tip, I get busy and I ride her Uptown, then I drown her like a psycho-pathic 'Cause I'm graphic on the mic I never let go Light skinner eat dinner like a soul man Prove with the rhyme I'm down, Sam's hands Transform strong as a good pitch (Too strong) Switch up the wisdom, into word which Kicks out the benzi in a frenzy it sends me Up the Bronx river back to Brooklyn apprehends me Like a D-tech bustin' my man in the projects I'll send you up north, I ain't givin' respect Prejudicial, your style artificial As live as limb that's attached to a criple It's simple eliminate you like Gotti (So simple) I chill in Bed-Stuy and drive a Maserati With the body of a freak on my side, how am I livin'? (How ya livin'?) Larger than large, with the wordz of wisdom MC Serch Hyper-selective, Serch is attracting Females who focus on the future, not slacking Rhythmic it's too quick, feel it, I let it flow Sam sever seas'll submerge, so let it go Throughout, or put out, lyrics like a D-valve Speak up, a deeper meaning as I leak out And seek out, a three the hard way endeavor Pete Nice, search, produced by Sam Sever Livin' in my shoes boy, this is not shoe town A showdown for Motown, it's a new sound Lyrics that lick, the tick off a timepiece Foamin' at the mouth punk, you need a leash What are you sick? I'm a slick stupid scientist Rhymin' that you can't comprehend (But you're buyin' this) Record I'm wreckin', my homeboys are breakin' Hopin' that you're copin', no slopin', I'm not takin' no shorts 'Cause I'm playin' the high post Ask any girl in the place, who's the fly most Brother with a cover, shootin' to my cribbo The tease wants a please, girl screamin' ditto So I did this, I needed the bed rest Hangin' with the bangin' on the strength, there's no contest Physically or lyrically, it's my kingdom Stingin' 'em and bringin' 'em the wordz of wisdom This time there was three One two three the hard way This time there was three One two three the hard way Shammo, hook up the Def mix Ahh, ahh All but three of the defendants were found guilty All but three of the defendants were found guilty See-ya Yo yo, that's ridiculous shit
  3. Not quite at that point yet- we have to catch a home game before we look at going on the road. That said, we're definitely interested in catching a game at MCU next year.
  4. Yes, 500 isolated incidents.
  5. It'll probably take at least three hours to scroll that Twitter death thread. One omission I noticed: Sky High. I'm also holding out for them to release the shorts... you can't tell me a collection of, say, the Goofy toons like "How to Ski" shouldn't be there.
  6. Bulgarian fans are doing their damnedest to get this game suspended.
  7. Would've been cool if they made it a determination match for "interim" US champ, similar to what Pancrase used to do. So Mox would stay "official" champ until they got him back into the country. Then again, this is an awfully convenient way to get the title off a guy who may or may not ever come back again, without him dropping the title in the ring. Of course I'm not saying they planned it like this way, but it shook out in an interesting manner.
  8. I think Rick Knox was the ref who let Mox' interference slide.
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