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  1. Wasn't that the show where Quack won the NWA junior title? That was a fun angle.
  2. Santo opened with the Sicilian Defense, while Demon countered with the Four Knights Variation. Santo followed with the Grand Prix Attack, which led to Demon countering with the Wing Gambit, then unmasked Santo and faked a foul for the DQ.
  3. Not NBA related per se but even so. RIP Curly.
  4. I'm hungry for Ruth's Chris now. Dammit so much.
  5. The English FA has officially ended all league competitions for the year below the fifth-tier National League. All results have been voided and there won't be any pro/rel, even for the clubs that have already clinched promotions.
  6. I'm way too amused at the ballroom dance shows on 3/22 and 4/5 mixed in with all the puro, boxing, kickboxing etc. Just imagine getting the wrong ticket...
  7. Dude, Helen Keller saw what they did there. Matt "teleporting" was so fucking hokey and yet it totally worked in that environment. The kind of thing they could never get away with in a full arena.
  8. Vader at the Tyson/Douglas fight the night after Hansen popped out his eye.
  9. Did Bob ever actually wrestle in the WWF? I know he had a good working relationship with Sr to get dates on Andre and the like.
  10. Ray and I were live for that one- it was billed as Low Ki vs X and you had to hear that pop when "LATINO HEAT!" hit the PA. I'd have to rewatch it but it was fantastic at the time... you could see how much respect Ki had for Eddy as it was the lightest we'd ever seen him work against anyone.
  11. Obi Toppin has declared for the NBA Draft as well.
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