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  1. Pete

    The NASCAR Thread

    Up and walking around two days later. Yowza.
  2. He beat Brooklyn Brawler to open the last live wrestling show I ever saw with my dad. Same show had Backlund's return so it was the biggest Garden crowd in years (over 12,000).
  3. Funny, it doesn't look like a Liverpool top. ZING!
  4. Here are Ronnie Garvin and Greg Valentine beating the unholy dogshit out of each other.
  5. Hell, even in Montreal you could walk right onto the field at McGill as of a few years ago. Folks were using the running track.
  6. I'd imagine it has to do with the local football culture... to plenty of Alabamans outside any of the big cities, Tuscaloosa and Auburn ARE Los Angeles. It's like football Mecca. And don't get me wrong... there was plenty of good looking trim in Austin.
  7. I can see not wanting to live in LA, but Austin may be the coolest city I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. I went down there for spring break one year in college (my roomie was dating a girl who went there)... somewhere there's photos of me bopping around the 50-yard line at Memorial Stadium after we literally walked in through an unlocked gate and onto the field.
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