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  1. So I was at the run yesterday with Mandy when I complemented one of the other dog dads on his Inner Circle shirt. Guy sidled over, pulled out his phone and showed all sorts of selfies with them backstage from AEW Grand Slam... then some clips of him working out in the ring. Turns out Joey Ace (of ECWA, various sundry indies and an AEW Dark cameo) has been living in my complex the entire time. What a funny world.
  2. Death. Taxes. The Stars in the USFL Championship game.
  3. I was seriously waiting for someone to toss Tanahashi his air guitar and the last 5 minutes was him and Mox trading licks while the ending to "Blazing Saddles" played out around them.
  4. He's 65 million years old. I wouldn't waste my time bonding with humans either.
  5. He always sings raggy music to the cattle as he swings back and forward in the saddle on a horse ("a good horse!") He's got a syncopated gaiter and you ought to hear the meter to the roar of his repeater how they run ("yes run!") when they hear that he's 'a-comin' cause the western folks all know he's a high-falutin', rootin, tootin', son of a gun from ol' Wyoming He's some Cowboy Talk about your Cowboy Ragtime Cowboy Joe C-O-W-B-O-Y-S! COWBOYS! COWBOYS! COWBOYS! Just discovered this the other week. Who knew WYOMING had the low-key best fight song in the country?
  6. You also had Orlando, with 90 degree weather + 100% humidity + afternoon kickoffs for the European audience.
  7. KUSHIDA returned on today's show to challenge Ishimori. He's also moving to LA, so it seems he'll be running the LA dojo with Shibata.
  8. Warhorse is a St. Louie guy but that doesn't mean he can't get over elsewhere either. Sign him up and give us WARHOOKSEN.
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