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  1. So weird hearing Keano positively gushing over how "magnificent" City played.
  2. SOP with print media. If someone is clearly in the homestretch they typically have stories ready so all they need to do is plug in the circumstances of the subject's passing (date, place, cause etc).
  3. I'm honestly impressed at how they put that together on the fly with zero notice. Speaks volumes for their professionalism as well as their writers. They've always had a weird relationship with the Inoki title win... its legitimacy basically depending on Vince's mood at the time. I assume it's back on for good now.
  4. Used up too much bandwidth. It's currently free on NJPW World...
  5. Do you have NJPW without Inoki? Hell, do you have AJPW without Inoki?
  6. The man passed away on the 60th anniversary of his wrestling debut. Amazing.
  7. Arsenal 2-2 Spurs Bournemouth 2-3 Brentford Palace 0-2 Chelsea Fulham 2-1 Newcastle Liverpool 1-0 Brighton Southampton 1-1 Everton West Ham 1-1 Wolves Man City 2-0 Man United Leeds 2-1 Villa Leicester 0-0 Forest T1: 13 T2: 17
  8. "Mom, I got Hep C from Heavy Metal bleeding on me! Where's the Bactine?"
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