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  1. I've never been happier to have named my old dog after Emi.
  2. Still a big ask for what amounts to 3 months of full access till it expires in (I believe) February. Turkey Day marathon eps are free on the Gizmoplex until Monday. I think the "Santo in the Treasure of Dracula" stinger might be my new favorite, plus it's very cool seeing Black Gordman get some screen time as Santo's opponent.
  3. Again, tell me you wouldn't have found this acceptable when they announced the groups.
  4. Every single USA fan would have gladly taken this scenario six months ago.
  5. Good morning. This is your quadrennial reminder that the Uruguayan anthem will cut your anthem and leave it bleeding out in an alley somewhere.
  6. Hadn't they also run an angle where Gary Hart "outed him" as Jack Adkisson? Either way, his real mane would've been the world's worst kept secret in the Metroplex.
  7. That was the original point of the match. All about beating your opponent into an insensate bloody mess, then dragging his carcass around the ring to win. They could fix the match by requiring four consecutive turnbuckle touches, but they'd rather kill match stips in the name of "protecting the loser." Re "escape" cages, ROH had one with Colt Cabana vs Austin Aries that actually did the stip justice.
  8. Jets are holding out for OT... aaaaaaaand it's gone. Cindy called the Pats running the punt back for six as soon as he caught it. Fuckin' football.
  9. Watching the Rock and Roll HOF, who had Dolly Parton and Rob Halford dueting on "Jolene" in their 2022 bingo card?
  10. So to review: You're Tony Khan, it's November 2022, your new world champs (MJF and Hayter) are 26 and 27 years old respectively, and you're about to blow up KANSAS. Wrestling is amazing.
  11. Well, it's also because Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of The Play. We are all so very old.
  12. Tomorrow, veteran Cal broadcaster Joe Starkey calls his final game as the Golden Bears take on Stanford. You know, THAT Joe Starkey. THE BAND IS OUT ON THE FIELD~! Still the most surreal finish to a football game you'll ever see.
  13. BRAWL OF THE WILD just skyrocketed up the Best Rivalry Name chart, and that trophy (EDIT: 306 - THREE HUNDRED AND SIX pounds!) is fantastic. GameDay site choosers have been hitting it out of the park this year.
  14. Potentially silly question: why not Syracuse? The Orangemen are on the road (Wake) and even if the fans can't necessarily get to the game, the game itself should be completely fine to play there.
  15. Not the "All the President's Men" remake we need, the "All the President's Men" remake we DESERVE.
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