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  1. I could totally see a half-strength Illinois team get past Rutgers while the other half was getting whooped by Michigan.
  2. Nope, they were illegal in CMLL before AAA debuted. The Love Machine/Blue Panther apuestas match famously ended on a DQ for using it.
  3. Potentially silly question: how long has Choshu been affiliated with NOAH?
  4. Since 1996 or so, the first several years under her real name (Emi Motokawa). She was so good I named my old dog for her.
  5. If you squint, Dave Marquez even looks like a Latinx Freddie Miller.
  6. Columbia Band met their $25,000 GoFundMe with a week to spare. @Dolfan in NYC, did they list any stretch goals?
  7. I spent way too many Saturdays hanging out with the CUMB back in high school since my ID looked almost exactly like the Columbia ID. It got to the point where they actually invited me to "roadie" for them at the odd away game, but my mom (not unreasonably) put the kibosh on 4 am road trips with a bunch of nutty college kids up to Dartmouth.
  8. It's the Red River Showdown so more like 50,000 quiet Texans and 50,000 rootin', tootin' Okies.
  9. Lloris is out until early next year but thankfully won't need surgery.
  10. At NYCC watching that update come in like...
  11. Took way too long to realize what CWFH stood for and that it wasn't the CBC affiliate in Sault Ste. Marie.
  12. Nice job by Excalibur to cover up for it. "Double clutch power bomb!"
  13. TV app. We replaced both sticks over the summer and they came up immediately to download on the homepage when I installed them.
  14. Pete

    2019-20 NCAAF: Week 6

    Southern Methodist are nationally ranked for the first time since the Pony Express rode the grizzled Texas frontier.
  15. Only yesterday? We've had it on our Fire Sticks for several weeks now...
  16. Guessing it also leads to Rey costing Brock the title on SD.
  17. ASSEMBLY HALL HOLLA. An intriguing choice... there's a bunch of colleges in range, but that's a big building (16,000) to fill when you have smaller arenas nearby in Peoria and Normal that look good on TV.
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