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  1. The three stars are from the Tennessee flag, in the shape of a guitar pick. Also, the font is supposed to evoke old-school concert posters.
  2. Nashville vs Tampa Stadium Series unis: I'm in the minority but I love the Smashville set.
  3. Needs the other guy doing a suicide drill while the first guy tries to make a trey. If he completes it before the shot goes in, the match continues. Reminds me of one Bradley practice where the coaches had us managers doing suicides with the players. Y'all know what I look like... yeah, it's exactly as ugly as you think it was.
  4. Life ain't easy for a boy named Sued.
  5. 152-79 final. Ridiculous. EDIT: This also means OKC now has both the largest road loss and largest home loss (by 57 to Indiana) in NBA history.
  6. Are they even allowing fans yet? I remember the whole thing about Hawaii playing on-campus was they would have hot crowds, but the state enacted the strictest mandate in the country and so the stands have been completely empty to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I was stoked to imagine them doing the original Things To Come from 1936. Then I remembered this is the remake-in-name-only, and I'm not sure if this is going to be even better or not.
  8. Think of all the groups that have run there. GCW tweaked the configuration to break the attendance record. Amazing.
  9. Over to snooker, where former UK champion Shaun Murphy is railing against the inclusion of amateurs in professional tournaments. Why yes, he was just eliminated from the UK Championship by a Chinese amateur. Why do you ask?
  10. Looking like a quick sellout for this. Good on them.
  11. Potentially silly question: does anyone remember the website with all the downloadable RPG books? Trying to remember the URL and it's driving me nuts.
  12. Mullen has been FE'd by Florida.
  13. FEB 13 CLOSED FOR FUMIGATION Also, guess which event has the biggest crowd. You're wrong.
  14. Watch SMU's two garbage time TDs come back to bite them in the ass. You know some voter who didn't watch the game will be all "well, I wanted to like Cincy but they gave up those soft scores..."
  15. "What I'd like to have right now is for all you fat, ugly, Neanderthal knuckleheads to keep the noise down while I take off my loincloth and show the ladies what a real sexy caveman looks like!"
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