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  1. Lucha promoter, merchandise dealer and occasional poster/friend of the board Mike Mindless passed away this afternoon. He'd been in a bad way for a few weeks... just a shitty way to go out. RIP.
  2. I'm not sure what makes me feel dumber: not immediately realizing DEATH Yama-San was Kaori Yoneyama, or that Gogiken Death was DEATH Yama-San.
  3. Darkly laughing at the penalty for "unsafe hit on a defenseless receiver" (Perriman). It's the Jets... shouldn't that be redundant?
  4. Pete

    The NASCAR Thread

    sTOp bRInGInG pOLitiCS inTO NasCAr
  5. Ajax 13, VVV-Venlo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Someone should've vvv-venlo'd them some defense.
  6. Pete

    The NASCAR Thread

    And there it is. Thoughtful speculation to the left, played-out Jussie Smollett jokes to the right...
  7. Pete

    The NASCAR Thread

    RPM bounces back nicely from losing Bubba as Erik Jones will helm the 43 next year.
  8. Sucks, but it's consistent... same thing happened when Balotelli threw that leg-breaker tackle on (I think) Alexander Song back in 2012 and wasn't further disciplined because he'd already been carded for it.
  9. Destroyer was Bill Dromo, not Irwin.
  10. Ladies and germs, I present to you the A TRAIN TOUGH GUY MATCH. Not quite enough blood for the other thread, but this is a fun little angle/brawl while it lasts.
  11. Nasty. Looks like something they might try at Bloodsport. Speaking of Bloodsport and Bloodsport-adjacent shows...
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