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  1. You don't see it here, but Chioda's reaction might've been even better than Bryan's (who masterminded this).
  2. Did Brody even have that rep yet? He was still Bruiser Brody, not BRUISER BRODY.
  3. It was already in the fates...
  4. How it started: How it's going... ...still going... and gone.
  5. FSU loses to a current FCS school for the first time since 1959 on a walk-off 59-yard TD pass from Jacksonville State. Amazing.
  6. Nice! How many matches did they need?
  7. Thumbs down: Nick Jackson In the middle: Matt Jackson Seriously, who the fuck votes down a show like that?
  8. If you're shelling out that much cash for Marlins tickets, you deserve every second of that view.
  9. Marc Lowrance had a droll sense of humor and hit lines like that every now and then. "(Kamala's) opponent, standing outside the ring where I wish I was..."
  10. Rough translation: "Kaze Ni Nare" just hit #1 on USA iTunes' J-Pop song list for the first time ever. Amazing.
  11. Class act from the Sooners.
  12. Tulsa down, Cal Davis UP! Always embarrassing when your football team loses to one guy.
  13. I was thinking "It's Roasty and Toasty, the fireman clowns!" from MST3K ("Monster a Go Go").
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