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  1. That chair in the foreground reminds me of the church pew bench my dad brought home from the local parish when they were getting rid of their old furniture. Still in my mom's hallway to this day.
  2. He's too big for his own good. I've said this a bunch of times over the years: if Show was a foot shorter and 150-ish pounds lighter, he'd be an Austin-level superstar. He had the athleticism, the look and the personality to be their ace, but it's almost like they got bored with him. So they made him Andre the Giant minus the aura of invincibility, if Andre was an insecure child who constantly switched sides for what he thought was love and respect.
  3. Submitted without comment.
  4. Which reminds me- I created a Venn Diagram of people incensed at being told to stay at home and people who say George Floyd would still be alive if he just obeyed the law.
  6. They could've gone for the simple alliteration. Widowmaker Windham.
  7. Hayes was still using that razzle-dazzle decades later in 1980. Just imagine if he'd come along today. make sports GIFs like this at MakeaGif
  8. Wondering if they actually set those off at 5 am or some other ridiculous hour when they were taping this.
  9. Modern-day Nebraska. We're both enjoying it so far... you know Johns is going to do good by her, and I'm looking forward to the spittle-spewing NERDRAGE as the legacy characters come into play. Also loving on the music coordinator- nothing wrong with a show that sprinkles everything from the Killers to Barry Mann into the mix.
  10. Great feud from SECW, aided and abetted by the criminally underrated Rick Stewart on the mic. Jacques was quite the peppy little babyface in his territorial days.
  11. We were at the first Kiryoku Pro show, not Chikara.
  12. Cris Shapan is the best.
  13. Voiceover: "But it was not Jaap Stam."
  14. Meltzer also mentioned that Discovery passed away after a long cancer battle in Chicago, where he'd been based for the last several years.
  15. My money's on Andre the Giant Panda.
  16. One of the things I love about WOS is how everyone fights within the rules for the most part, and chicanery is kept to a minimum. It's why Lord Al is so great here- he's completely corrupted after four years in the US working the "all-in" American style ("which is effectively no rules at all"), and he's out of fucks to give if you don't like him pulling hair or ignoring the ref's instructions. Simple good-vs-evil structure, and the fans are eating it alive.
  17. You have to feel for Union... they would've had one berserk crowd for Bayern. Might've been worth a goal or two. Scotland has voted to end the season, which means Celtic win their ninth title in a row and Hearts fall through the trap door to the Championship (of course they're appealing).
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