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  1. It looked like Hendriks showed him the reich way to do it.
  2. Man, I wish my high school yearbook photo was half as cool as that.
  3. No lie, I still get warm fuzzies every time Arn embraces his inner Southern babyface and pitches to "Ricko."
  4. Pete

    The NASCAR Thread

    Sponsor change for Reed Sorensen this weekend in Michigan. Full story
  5. Dr Tom sprays plasma like a Gallagher joke gone horribly wrong. This is not a repeat from two days ago. (Including the promos leading into this because they are fucking awesome. "AH LOVE YOU TOO DUTCH!")
  6. I had that match up on my tablet awhile back and my wife happened upon the above screenie. "EW!"
  7. Here's the full quote from the BLM website, because, yanno, context. Honestly, the entire statement is interesting and kind of wholesome. I'm shocked that everyone is sleeping on Coonrod's line about not kneeling before anyone besides God. First off, I'm willing to bet good money that he isn't the only Christian on the team... by framing his refusal to kneel in that manner, he threw all of those teammates under the bus because he's just that much better a Christian than they are, by cracky. Some teammate. Secondly, there's this (comments are now "limited," quelle surprise): Are you really going to tell me he didn't take a knee when he proposed? I dunno, I'm part of the tribe so maybe I just don't know the ritual. Do y'all walk over to the lucky lady, whack her with a bible and tell her "congrats, we're engaged?"
  8. So incredibly harsh on Brentford and their fans, but they went ice cold at the worst possible time, losing 4 of their last 5 when one more win would've seen them go up.
  9. I did. Looks cool but they sent me a medium so it has to be exchanged... it's a bit on the thin side but should do nicely for early-mid fall.
  10. From the 1995 SMW Super Bowl of Wrestling. Ricky Morton gets buried before the match begins and then one of Cornette's mystery men bleeds out for your viewing pleasure.
  11. The Rockers are wearing outfits made to tap a vein in. This is a sign.
  12. In front of his parents! And don't forget: (The cop running in was a shoot BTW. Bless his soul, he wasn't clued in on the angle.) Probably one of the most important shows they ever ran in the pre-PPV days between the matches and the backstage shenanigans.
  13. For reference, here's the entire card. Get a load of the match placement for this. 1. Brutus Beefcake defeated S.D. Jones (13:22 minutes) 2. Salvatore Bellomo defeated Johnny Rodz (5:36 minutes) 3. Antonio Inoki defeated David Schultz (5:16 minutes) 4. Junkyard Dog defeated Paul Kelly (3:05 minutes) 5. WWF Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Cobra defeated Black Tiger (12:29 minutes) - TITLE CHANGE!!! 6. Roddy Piper and Bob Orton Jr. vs. Jimmy Snuka and The Tonga Kid ended without a winner as a double disqualification (14:58 minutes) 7. Mike Rotunda defeated Rene Goulet (10:38 minutes) 8. WWF World Tag Team Titles Match: North-South Connection [2] (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch) (c) vs. Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco ended without a winner as a double countout (26:46 minutes) 9. Barry Windham defeated Mr. Fuji (0:19 minutes) 10. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan (c) defeated The Iron Sheik (3:31 minutes)
  14. I remember watching this live on MSG when I was 12 - it's one of two matches on the same show that really informed my wrestling fandom at an early age (Murdoch/Adonis vs the Briscos was the other match), and it's fascinating to realize now that Rocco was such a big part of it. RIP. (Youtube clip above is the finish only- full match here no thanks to DailyMotion's wonky embedding. Count the wacky MSG message board ads! It's fun!)
  15. It's Brentford vs Fulham for all the marbles next Tuesday.
  16. Meanwhile, the True Ace is literally making calligraphy with brushes made out of Hiromu's hair. I assume this sets up a hair-vs-hair match.
  17. Love me a great Sudanese Meat Cleaver, especially when you've got Abby moving around like a freaking cat.
  18. Add Indianapolis to the list of clubs exploring an identity change. Come for the proposed names, stay for the "BETTER CHANGE THE CITY NAME TOO DUR HUR" whackamoles.
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