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  1. The air quality in Gotham (AQI 159) is the absolute worst I can ever remember due to the Quebec wildfires. I can barely breathe... it seriously reminds me of my business trip to Mumbai/Beijing years ago before they started getting their shit together. Stay inside, folks.
  2. "If on your tax form it says '$50,000 for snacks' - MAYDAY!"
  3. I wish I'd been wired like she was at my age to have that many balls in the air at once. Good lord. I especially love the solitary TJP booking she took in March... I'm guessing she would've stuck around longer but that statistics exam back home wasn't going to take itself.
  4. Scott's busy working on his new reality show with Trump, "Phony Loves Chachi."
  5. Indiana State will have to go on the road to Fort Worth and unseeded TCU for the school's first-ever Super Regional due to on-campus preparations for the Indiana Special Olympics. TCU fans, to their immense credit, are using the opportunity to fundraise for the Special Olympics.
  6. I still like Bix's idea of Yano vs MJF. Yano completely discombobulating MJF for 5-10 minutes would be amazing.
  7. Shout-out to Billie Starkz, who was her school's valedictorian on top of the whole wrestling thing and will go to college on a full ride. Spectacular.
  8. If only there was someone in J5G who had previous experience acting as a mouthpiece.
  9. I assume Messi is coquettishly batting his eyes in their direction as well.
  10. Between the hat trick in the semi and the brace today, he's basically daring City not to resign him. I'm here for it.
  11. That's gonna separate the men from the boys. WTF?!?!
  12. Pete


    My boss is Israeli, but she just moved to NYC after living in Dallas for several years. She was DYING for the Texans/Cowboys mixup.
  13. How do you do, fellow kids?
  14. Palace ultras did a lovely tribute to Faithless' Maxi Jazz on Sunday.
  15. Seth is no Michaels and Rhea is no Eddie, but that was funny.
  16. Shout-out to Tulane. Finished the season 15-39 but got hot and won the AAC tournament to qualify.
  17. Oh yeah, I realize that ship has sailed. It just would've been a neat one-off that generated a ton of buzz under the circumstances.
  18. I still say WWE/AEW should've done something like this in the name of COVID relief. Say, Shield one-night reunion against "aces" (MJF, Styles, Danielson). It shouldn't be that tough to work out finishes unless you go pure promotion vs promotion.
  19. As if getting relegated wasn't bad enough, Wigan will now start life in League One on minus-8 points after the club chairman mixed consecutive deadlines to pay their player wages. This is fine.
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