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  1. Wake up honey, Edwin Diaz's new walkout music just dropped!
  2. Vols-Aggies for all the marbles and a guaranteed first-time winner.
  3. Per Willie Mays' wonderful SABR bio, he actually came to help Roseboro despite that they were on opposing teams. The next time they played at Dodger Stadium, the hometown fans gave Mays a thunderous ovation even though he played for the despised Giants.
  4. Playing in Candlestick for 15 years probably didn't help either. Imagine him as a Cub with that wind at Wrigley blowing out every summer...
  5. Those MONSTERS!
  6. Official now. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
  7. It hasn't actually been called, but they're shaving things awfully close. 2:15 pm local time would be the latest they can attempt a five-over match.
  8. Meanwhile, in Group A the weather is officially a factor. State of emergency has been declared in South Florida due to torrential rain, and the final three Group A matches (USA/IRE, CAN/IND, IRE/PAK) may not even be playable. If that happens, the USA will qualify for the Super 8 with their no-result point and Ireland/Pakistan are out.
  9. It's Hershey vs Coachella Valley in a rematch of last year's Calder Cup final, and I'm convinced we're 1-2 cycles away from hockey in July.
  10. Bangladesh were basically three inches away from a massive win over SA in the final over. Proteas successfully defend the lowest chase score in T20 World Cup history (113).
  11. So the Nassau stadium is sold out for India vs Pakistan and CitiField is expecting 30,000 for a free watch party. If I see any South Asians on the street before 3 pm or so l'll assume it's because they hate cricket.
  12. So THAT happened today. Oh my.
  13. Not news: Facebook user banned from Ty Cobb group. Still not news: For defending Negro League stats inclusion. WHAT THE FUCK: Ty Cobb's granddaughter.
  14. Late but worth the wait. PCA is something.
  15. It's the reason for the season. Love the scripty symmetry of the College Station bracket.
  16. Trailing Fortuna Dusseldorf 0-3 after the first leg of the Bundesliga promotion/relegation playoff, Bochum insanely comes all the way back with an 0-3 reverse of their own and then wins on penalties to save their Bundesliga status. It's another season in B2 for Fortuna.
  17. Arizona walks off USC to win the Pac-12 baseball tournament. And with that, the Pac 12 is gone.
  18. Congrats to United. They wanted it, we clearly didn't. What a wet fart to end the season. It's going to be super harsh on Ten Hag when he gets sacked.
  19. It's... interesting. I'm curious as to why they dropped DYI (their in-house supplier) for next season.
  20. Perfect. 2-1 over Augsburg to complete the undefeated season. At the other end of the table, Mainz and Union Berlin won to save their bacon. Koln were relegated outright, joining Darmstadt, and Bochum will take their chances against Fortuna Dusseldorf in the playoffs.
  21. Agreed on those final two matches. Great "veteran disrespecting the youngster" storylines, with two different routes to the payoff. Despy in particular was an awesome prick to Fujita. I'd totally forgotten Christian was in since he's the GCW world champion. I'd say some interesting politics might be in play, but they probably don't care if he drops a couple of falls... especially if it means setting up some new challenges for him (I know Despy's worked for them in the past).
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