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  1. Leeds! You are doing the imploding! With two matches left in the Championship, Norwich (88 pts, GD +34) are all but up and Sheffield United (85 pts, GD +35) can join them by beating relegation-haunted Ipswich come the weekend. Leeds (82 pts, GD +24) need to win out and make up 10-11 goals in the process.
  2. Submitted without comment...
  3. It recently occurred to me that as of G1 Supercard, I've now seen the following World heavyweight titles change hands live. What you got? WWF WCW ECW NWA ROH IWGP
  4. Happy Earth Day from Walt Kelly, a man decades ahead of his time.
  5. FWIW, I've heard more than a few United fans say they'd be happy with City beating them if it meant keeping the title away from Liverpool.
  6. Dragon Lee wearing Kamaitachi's old mask to the ring today.
  7. Speaking of life after relegation, I saw Ipswich Town fell through the Championship trap door last weekend. This will be their first stint in the third tier since 1957, which is completely bonkers. I don't have a ton of love lost for them after their fans mocked our relegation in 2001, but they have a long way back to the top now...
  8. This hurts worse than any sporting event in my adult life. Nothing else comes close. I get the prompt on my watch that Sterling has scored in added time to put us up 5-3. Leave my desk and head to our break room so I don't make a fool of myself... then I get SCORE CORRECTION - MCI 4 TOT 3 as I'm halfway to the break room. Get there and turn the TV on just in time for the whistle to blow. Such a ridiculous, wildly entertaining match to end on something like that.
  9. I had that thing and loved it to death. It was part of a series that also included the 60s TV show (may have even been the same issue).
  10. Ooh. The Rocco is Columbia's soccer stadium up at the northern tip of Manhattan... should be a fun atmosphere.
  11. Agreed... it's as close to timeless as you're ever going to find with a superhero cartoon. It helps when you have that phenomenal voice cast, to speak nothing of the mammoth WB orchestra and its countless earworms.
  12. One might presume he did Nazi that coming...
  13. America was pretty great with CMLL backinaday.
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