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  1. Liverpool in fan trouble shocker? Awww, honey hush.
  2. They should've gone all in and use all four Peppers as the kidnappers. It's a different kind of continuity, but it fits. Especially if Flea still had the stuffed doll pants.
  3. The "best" part is that since the Allegiant crowd was already larger than what MGM holds, they're going to have to refund everyone's money before giving them the chance to buy tickets a SECOND time for the same show. I wonder how many folks will throw up their hands and move on, to speak nothing of the ones who'll get shut out because of the smaller capacity. Between that and the relative arena sizes, there's a pretty good chance AEW outdraws them in another matinee city.
  4. FTFY. That pop would be ridiculous, especially if whoever the champ is (Cole?) comes charging in only for King to nuke him with the Backfist to the Future and get the pin in like 10 seconds. Know what else would rule? If Kingston hits Jericho with a bucket of butane fuel at the start of their DON match and then dares him to throw another fireball again. Just picture Jericho's flop sweat for that one.
  5. And then there's this. (Video maybe kinda sorta NSFW)
  6. With their manager, Patty O'Furniture.
  7. I liked O'Khan's explanation better.
  8. Menard is like the shitbird sidekick for every Hanna Barbera cartoon villain ever and I'm here for it. After the PA took the fireball I fully expect a Smart Mark Sterling commercial for assistance with unsafe work environment cases. Works on contingency? No, money down! Speaking of fireballs, I see Jericho trying to do it again to Kingston, only this time he's ready for it and uses a can of butane to get his heat back. Figuratively and literally. The show layout was odd... it almost feels like they could've run every segment in the complete opposite order. I think Wardlow atop the cage staring down MJF would've been way more effective than the Joe/Cole staredown.
  9. TLDR: The IIHF refused to display the Ukraine flag since their team isn't playing in the tournament, so Czech fans worked out a fantastic end-around.
  10. Checking the dates, he was in the WWF less than three weeks later (working dark matches as "Earthquake Evans") and was still protected quite a bit in Japan, losing only in tags or singles to tippy top guys like Hansen, Spivey, Yatsu etc. Makes me wonder how much notice he gave AJPW before jumping... and what things might have been like for him if he'd stayed put.
  11. I could see them do a spot tomorrow where MJF kicks the security guards out of the cage before they can uncuff Wardlow so Spears can get an advantage, only for Wardlow to break them himself because "he could do it all along" and put the fear of God into both guys. Ishii and Naito are right there, but I think it's too soon to start burning through title matches. This should be more world-building and setting the stage for big stuff down the line than title matches with 100% obvious winners.
  12. ESPN: Bettor turned down $125,000 cash-out on Liverpool winning the quadruple minutes before City pipped them to the title
  13. Bet you it made Liam slap his too.
  14. There is only Schwisdom, Craig. Schwisdom. Also, this. When your own social media account is trolling you...
  15. Oh man - I actually had to work this morning (if you can call manning a parade float and tossing swag into the crowd for your new job "work") so I missed all of the festivities. Probably for the best because my wife just had surgery and I would've been a complete ogre for the better part of two hours. Thanks sir!
  16. Or the college football equivalent of Alabama playing in the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl.
  17. Sunderland are back up to the Championship after beating Wycombe 2-0 in the League One final before 72,332 at Wembley.
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