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  1. Crazy finish in the Women's Premier League game in India, as a new batsman comes to the crease needing a 4 to tie with the final ball, and... (watch the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE_2gIMsEUQ
  2. Putting it here because the game is playable (demo, full release in three days).. Balatro is fucking digital CRACK. At its heart, you're building poker hands using a standard deck of card. You play up to 5 cards at a time, and try to make poker hands (Straights/Flushes etcetera require five cards) You get points per scoring card (so if you say, put forward two pair, the fifth card won't score) and the type of hand you play as a modifier. You have a limited number of discards each round to help you get rid of cards that don't fit your goals in poker building. Sounds pretty yawn inducing, right? Enter the Jokers, The Planets and the Arcana. they modify the rules in different ways. Jokers for example, may give you a bonus every time you score a card of a certain suit, or odd/even.. Planets allow you to muck about with cards, adding modifiers (like a random chance to earn a ton of bonus/cash), or change their suit and rank. So, as you get deeper and deeper into a run, you might need a score of say, 6,400 compared to 300 in your first round, but you have a LOT more strategy. You can have up to five jokers, and there are some extremely busted combos (in my demo beating run, I had a Joker which increased all the Jokers values by 1 after each round, and another Joker that gave you a multiplier bonus for each dollar your Jokers are worth. Needless to say, it ramped up QUICKLY, especially when I had a joker that provided 30 chips (before the multiplier) for each diamond I played in a hand It's roguelike in that you make decisions on what to do with each run, but progression is limited in the demo Seriously, if you like brain stretching combo strategy games, try the demo free on Steam, and buy it when it comes out in three days.
  3. England will host a Legends world cup (over 35's) before Euro 2024 https://worldsoccertalk.com/news/unveiling-over-35s-world-cup-star-studded-event-in-england-20240214-WST-489513.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1708051012
  4. Apparently Tony Khan just decided "We don't get to bleed often on TV, so, in the main event, EVERYONE bleeds. Bryce, can we count on you to tap a gusher too? No? Ok. Fine, Cassidy, Taven, make it double!"
  5. Nets fans were like "Hey, we kept it below double digits in the first game, maybe we can pull off something in the rematch, they have to be tired, right?" Celtics put 136 up against them. Craziest thing is it isn't even the biggest win of the season (beat Indy by 51)
  6. This is how I'd book it: Night One: Cody/??? (Seth?) vs Roman/Rock. If Cody's team win, the main event on Night two is Cody/Roman. If Roman/Rock win, then the Night two main event is Roman vs Rock. Kinda like the Daniel Bryan vs HHH with the winner getting put in the title match at the end of the night. Rock can be a tweener saying to Roman "Family Business first, then we decide who's the head of the family". Then, after Roman screws up somehow, and Rock eats the pin, the next night the Rock prevents the rest of the Bloodline from interfering.
  7. Ricky Ponting to coach in the US this year. https://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/68226045
  8. They should give it a catchy name like "Cable TV"
  9. Sheffield is not exactly the happiest place on football earth. Wednesday's in 23rd in the championship, and United is 10 points from safety just past halfway through, which.. coincidentally, was the same amount of points they HAVE so far.
  10. Crazy two games between Scotland and Wales. (ok, it was one game, but it was a tale of two games) 27-0 Scotland then 26-0 Wales Final Result 27-26 Scotland
  11. Huge win for Ireland. Hugest win in fact (Biggest away win in France in their history!)
  12. First time in at least two decades a Premier League player has hit the woodwork FOUR times in a single match (Darwin Nunez)
  13. Thought exercise: Each year's draft class is a team. You can't trade players, only sign the best 15 players each year who were eligible that year (refreshing the best/available 15 from that draft class for each year afterwards) How long before a newly drafted team could be considered a title contender? and how long before a draft-season team is no longer considered a contender? (3 years in for earliest, I think, 8-10 years latest)
  14. The Sinnerman won? Obviously, the Chase was on. (UK Television reference)
  15. Get the UK press headline generator going.. there has to be at least one who's going to go "Sinner's a Saint!"
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