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  1. A Billion Dollar-funded USA T20 league is coming. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26816810/usa-cricket-receives-1-billion-boost-develop-t20-league
  2. Brighton lead Man City, Liverpool lead Wolves. Is it happening? edit: City IMMEDIATELY equalize. Liverpool still out in front in the league
  3. Loser of the FA Cup no longer gets Europe. That change d a couple years ago.
  4. Well, that's going to be a spicy rest of the 76ers-Nets series. edit: wow, some really good plays down the stretch.
  5. Did you click the link for the details?
  6. I really wish I had mad meme skills. That Thor-Captain Marvel glare thing from the Endgame trailer? (First glare) Tottenham logo (Thor reaches out, Hammer flies in) Sterling's "goal" (Captain Marvel's smirk like "Yeah, so?") (VAR NO GOAL OFFSIDE) (Tottenham Spurs Logo) Thor: I like this one.
  7. Talk about a crazy finish. Sorry Pete.
  8. 3-2? This game, as they say, is the bananananananananananananans
  9. I'm wondering if they're sowing the seeds of Big E feeling disrespected and saying "Look, I gave blood, sweat and tears for the New Day, and the second I'm out, they're putting another man in my place, like I'm just a cog for the others. I want to PROVE that I'm irreplaceable." Whether that leads to a one on one match where the New Day hug it out afterwards, or if they finally pull the trigger on breaking up the New Day and turn it into a Kofi-Big E long running feud, I dunno.
  10. It was 4 for the comment and four for grabbing the ref. In other "YOU IDIOT" news.. Kaku's going to be sitting a while.
  11. If Harry Kane is injured severely, Man City will be very happy. Edit: Footage of the injury: Not gruesome, but he wasn't putting ANY weight on it, I don't think he'll make the second leg or really anything till the end of the year: edit: To steal a phrase, DAMN, Son!
  12. If I was HHH and wanted to sell it to Vince, this is the way I put it. We make Sunday of the week before the NXT Takeover, and that officially starts "Wrestlemania Week" Axxess throughout the week, Hall of Fame prime time Friday Night, Day 1 of Wrestlemania Saturday, Day 2 of Wrestlemania Sunday. (and make sure that while folks will consider saturday the lesser WM, that you turn that into a "give the fans more of they want" day. (longer matches, Smarkfavorites, etcetera). Hold the women's battle royal one day, and the Andre the other.)
  13. Could be a pretty decent angle, if Ronda shows up tomorrow and says "WWE screwed me over. So screw them. I'll be back, on my own terms, and the next time, I'll have people to cover MY back." (And then queue the RondaHorsewomen vs the NXT-graduate Horsewomen
  14. another random thought, are we seeing the end of the brand split? There's one woman's singles champion, one women's tag team champion, and I wonder if we could see the other titles merge
  15. Honestly, it's time to make Wrestlemania a two day wrestling event. They could have gone DBry-Kofi as one WM's clincher (the "Saturday" one in this case, because of the cachet of the Women main eventing WM, don't want any asterisk), and then the triple threat women's match on sunday. A pair of feel good wrestlemania moments. Plus, you know, it allows them to get two record crowds? Pool all the money from the two days to give everyone a WM check. I mean, if you're already renting MetLife for one night, how much more does it cost for a second night?
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