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  1. I don't know why I do picks at all at this point, I am soooooo horrible at them Some spicy games though this week. Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth 1-2 Brentford Crystal Palace 1-1 Chelsea Fulham 0-2 Newcastle United Liverpool 3-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton 1-1Everton West Ham United 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City 2-1 Manchester United Leeds United 1-1 Aston Villa Leicester City 0-2 Nottingham Forest Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals Scored by HOME teams : 12 Tiebreaker 2: Minute of first card (yellow OR red) in the Manchester Derby: 41
  2. England awful (and relegated) USA Awful. (not relegated. Just Awful) Not a good break for American EPL Fans. Note the small change in scoring, and the tiebreaker this week. 10 Points for a right result (win/lose/draw), + Bonus 30 points for exact score. (so, if you call the exact score, it's 40 points) Weekly winners Gameweek 1 (Exhibition) Pete and Fozzie 90 Gameweek 2 Yo-Yo's Roomie 120 Gameweek 3 Pete 50 Gameweek 4 Yo-Yo's Roomie 140 (Season Record, 2nd Win) Gameweek 5: Pete 110 (2nd Win) Gameweek 6: Yo-Yo's Roomie 70 (3rd win) --- Scoring System updated ---- Gameweek 7 Take 1: Postponed Gameweek 7 Take 2: Yo-Yo's Roomie 100 (4th Win) Many teams happy to have a minibreak between the league pausing preinternational break to work on stuff after disappointing starts to the season (liverpool and Chelsea!) Saturday Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth-Brentford Crystal Palace-Chelsea Fulham-Newcastle United Liverpool-Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton-Everton West Ham United-Wolverhampton Wanderers Sunday Manchester City-Manchester United Leeds United-Aston Villa Monday Leicester City-Nottingham Forest Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals Scored by HOME teams Tiebreaker 2: Minute of first card (yellow OR red) in the Manchester Derby.
  3. Oooh.. Bonus! Two mods for the price of one!
  4. So, I'm in the middle of a Pathfinder 2nd Edition online campaign via Foundry. We're mere level 1 folks starting the campaign, and our healer (an investigator type_, has had horrible luck with his treat injury rules... his risky surgery ability can heal, or if he fails the skill roll, damage the person further.) In two attempts to heal my Dwarf Fighter, he's failed both times, and both times did the maximum damage (8 points) to me. That's significant but not deadly, (start with like 22), but you know, already wounded. Between that and his Blunderbuss doing splash damage and his firing it at folks my character is in melee with, has led to some.. terse exchanges. "Ye shot me! AGAIN!" "I was trying to Vaccinate you!" "Ye vaccinate with needles, not bullets!!!!!" "Are you saying you want me to load needles in my blunderbuss?" "If you do, I'm gonna see if it can be applied rectally, cuz I'm gonna shove it up..." And: "If there was such thing as a PathfinderYelp listing for healers, I'd SO give you a one star scathing review!"
  5. From what I understand, it's a junior staffer with the Celtics. The Reddit fanbase is aghast that it could be a season long suspension, calling it "a season-long suspension for having a work wife" and "I hope they were doing it on company time". It feels like Mad Men level thinking, as they don't see the fucked up power dynamics of such a relationship and the amount of legal liability that could occure..
  6. You can FEEL the DEANster's sanity melting at this point. Just one more. When the former Neville showed up in AEW, he should have brought Sean Waltman and Paul Wight in for at least a couple trio matches. (waits) They could have called the team "2 Pacs and Biggie"
  7. Could be worse. They could do a stable with Cassidy and other PAC Haters. Call it the Neville's Rejects. (I'm still stunned that they missed an opportunity with MJF going "I AM the Devil" in calling Stokely's boys the Devil's Rejects.
  8. Results Villa 1-0 Southampton Forest 2-3 Fulham Wolves 0-3 Man City Newcastle 1-1 Bournemouth Tottenham 6-2 Leicester Brentford 0-3 Arsenal Everton 1-0 West Ham Yo-Yo: Result: Fulham, Spurs, Exact: Man City, Everton: 100 Points Fozzie: Result: City, Spurs, Arsenal 30 Points Yo-Yo's Fourth Week win, and we have a couple weeks before the next set of matches
  9. User name and avatar combo checks out.
  10. BTW, if you want the bad fantasy football play of the week, look for the fantasy coach who started Tom Brady over Lamar Jackson. That coach would be me.
  11. Lions going to Lions? edit: maybe not
  12. Crazy finish to tonight's game. Won't spoil it. But Vince McMahon would be CACKLING if he booked rugby.
  13. Haaland scores goals for fun.
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