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  1. Looks like the Pats weren't cheating after all. Bad optics (especially considering the past of running right up to the line, and according to some, putting a foot over the line), but not an attempt to cheat. (From The Athletic, behind paywall) Bill Belichick was pressed Wednesday on one key remaining question regarding the sideline-video controversy between the Patriots and Bengals. While Belichick stood pat with his responses, continuing to make it clear Patriots football operations had nothing to do with the actions or directions of the organization’s production crew, he didn’t go into detail about the scout’s vantage point of the video crew or whether the scout was aware of the rule that prohibits teams from videotaping opponents’ sidelines. “He was doing his job,” Belichick said of the scout, who has not been identified. “That’s what he was doing. He was doing his job, like we all tried to do.” The Athletic was able to connect those remaining missing dots Thursday. If you missed it, here’s a primer on the events that led up to the Patriots sending a three-person production crew to Cleveland on Sunday for the game between the Browns and Bengals. The quick version is they were on hand to finish shooting an episode of “Do Your Job” on a week in the life of a Patriots pro scout. Here are a few more details to fill in from Sunday morning and afternoon. The Patriots advance scout arrived at FirstEnergy Stadium about three hours before the game. During the time before kickoff, the Patriots’ production crew interviewed the scout on camera. As part of the interview, the scout went through some bullet points about his normal activity on game days, including what he examines during games. A portion of his game-day studies include notes on the sideline, which is permissible by NFL rules and routine scouting activity for teams league-wide. After the conclusion of the interview, the production crew shot B-roll – alternative video footage that airs over an interview – from the press box. The scout was assigned one seat in the third row, and the video crew was assigned one seat next to him. They shot some B-roll of the scout from next to him before the game and then into the first quarter. Because the scout was the subject of those candid shots, he was going about his business and attempting to block them out of his sightline to try to deflect the attention of having a production crew following him around in a work environment. From there, the crew maneuvered about the press box and shot more B-roll of the scout, including some shots over his shoulder. Then the videographer relocated to the front row to an unoccupied section of the press box, with the producer stationed behind the camera. From the scout’s location in the third row, he eventually noticed the crew had moved locations but couldn’t decipher what the crew had been shooting due to the angle between them. The scout was handling his own game-day job responsibilities. The camera was attached to a monitor, so anyone in close proximity could see what the crew was shooting. And for eight minutes while the camera was fixed on the Bengals sideline, a Bengals employee recorded video of that monitor before reporting the activity to security. The scout didn’t see the crew again until the two-minute warning in the second quarter when they were being interviewed about the incident. So to answer the one remaining question, no, the scout was not in position to notice the crew was shooting video of the sideline.
  2. Phoenix Point "Virtual XCom successor" released today.
  3. Bordeaux ultras force a half hour delay in their Ligue 1 game against Nimes, as they protest against the board and it's american owner
  4. Warner has bounced back after the Ashes pretty well, an near-Australia record 335 not out (beating two Australian legends, Don Bradman and Mark Taylor), When combined with his t20 scores and his performance in the first test, he's AVERAGING 388 runs per time he's lost his wicket this Aussie summer. Three words, folks. In Freaking Sane.
  5. I have a video game blog site (an8bitmind.com), and I'm getting back into writing. Here's a quick hit on a game that was recently sent to me: Gary Gorski, over at Wolverine Studios was nice enough to send me a review copy of their recent Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020. I’ll be posting a full review in a couple days , but right now, here’s some quick hits: I love the 2D Field concept: It’s easy to see when your player misses in coverage, or your Running Back manages to squeeze through the whole and breaks free for a big game. There are some ways it could be improved (such as having the name of skill players above their representation on the field, or at least their number instead of just their position). Some text commentary would go a LONG way towards helping you understand the action on the field (short passes, it’s hard to know if it’s complete and instantly tackled, incomplete, etcetera). One thing I really like about the setup is that there’s a good amount of immersion (for example, there’s a panel of “experts” who will single out one game and give their predictions on it, something you’d see like on a pregame show. Heck, I’d love a pregame graphic with the helmets popping up like they do on the pregame shows in real life. More to come as I put it through its paces. There are some things I’m not sure about, but I’m going to check them out thoroughly before I report on them.
  6. If that 4th down pass interference challenge isn't reversible, nothing is going to be. Ever.
  7. Garret should be suspended for the rest of the season. AT LEAST.
  8. How you can't get past the sticks on fourth down... especially when you're closely covered.. Stupid stupid stupid.
  9. I know what I will be doing in just four days. I will be be happy.. because Happiness is Mandatory! The Computer is Happy. The Computer is crazy. The Computer will help you become happy. This will drive you crazy. Being a citizen of Alpha Complex is fun. The Computer says so, and The Computer is Your Friend. Many traitors threaten Alpha Complex. Many happy citizens live in Alpha Complex. Most happy citizens are crazy. Which are more dangerous -- Traitors or Happy Citizens? Rooting out traitors will make you happy. The Computer tells you so. If you are NOT happy, The Computer will reassign you as reactor shielding. Being a Troubleshooter is fun. The Computer tells you so. Do you DOUBT The Computer, citizen? Troubleshooters get shot at, stabbed, mangled, incinerated, poisoned, blown to bits, and occasionally accidentally executed. This is so much fun, that many Troubleshooters go crazy. You work with a team of Troubleshooters. They all carry lasers. Aren't you glad you have a laser too? Won't this be fun? STAY ALERT, TRUST NO ONE, KEEP YOUR LASER HANDY! Combine Real Time (with Pause), with Paranoia's setting (where anything can go wrong, turning in Commies, Mutants, and Secret Society Traitors is a good way to advance in Clearance (and everyone is a Mutant, and a member of a Secret Society,) and things are so dangerous that every citizens is granted five extra clones. (Troubleshooters are well known for going through those clones quickly. Some missions in the pen and paper end up with a 600% casualty rate, possibly even before finding out the mission they've been assigned to!
  10. It'd be kinda fitting after the World Cup, if the 5th T20 between England and New Zealand was rained out, to leave the series, you guessed it, tied
  11. well, in some shocking news, Bleacher Report/Turner have lost the UEFA Champions League/Europa League rights (starting in 2021-22) to.. CBS Sports. No, I'm not kidding. At least I get CBS Sports Network.
  12. The last time the Wolfpack paid someone that much, it involved the nWo.
  13. Premiership champions Saracens docked the equivalent of 7 bonus point wins for salary cap shenanigans. Safe to say if the punishment stands, they'll do well to avoid relegation. (22 game season) https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/nov/05/saracens-docked-35-points-and-5m-fine-for-salary-cap-breach?CMP=share_btn_tw
  14. Adam Vinatieri would have been a Hall of Fame candidate just for his time with the Pats, multiple Super Bowl winning FG, THAT kick in the Snow Game, etcetera.. Then you realize he's still making 55 and 51 yard FG's (the last a game winner), in his 200th game with the Indianapolis Colts. Mad Respec.
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