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  1. Yer nuts, Tabe. Oh, and for those of you not completely against the Epic Games Store (and who like strategy games), Total War: TROY releases at 9 AM eastern and is FREE for the first 24 hours.
  2. Dominick earned his stripes as a wrestler tonight. Literally.
  3. Further comments after doing the first storyline mission and one "Danger Room" challenge (HARM Room) I can see how fighting synthoids all the time would get repetitive, but I swear, even with AI Companions, you know those slow motion shots where it shows all the Avengers being awesome in one great shot? That's what four player feels like. While I'm (Kamala) dodging a exosuit's attack and then clearing around me with giant fists, Hulk has grabbed a pour synthoid and is beating another one with it, while Iron Man fires his handbeams and Black Widow is shocking the hell out of another one.
  4. Honestly, I didn't even look there, because it was going to break out, and technically, it's released (ok a beta release, but STILL)
  5. Ok, Marvel's Avengers Beta. (there are spoilers in this that I will mark). If you preordered on PS4, there's a beta this weekend, and a open beta next week. X1 and Steam will be delayed one week I believe (in that preorder beta next week, and open beta in two weeks) I've played through the Tutorial (and part of one War Table mission). My thoughts: Control Scheme will be pretty familiar to those who played Spider-Man. Light attacks, heavy attacks (needed to break shields or something similar) and special abilities. (for example, Hulk can grab someone and either batter them into t
  6. Couldn't figure that out, so I got you the next best thing. All the episodes in one YouTube Video
  7. BTW, one of the funniest thing about the reair is that you realize that only the jammers wore helmets. The blockers (especially the women's sides) probable had enough Hair Spray in their hair to act as a helmet though
  8. Yup. Good guy teams: T-Birds, Hot Flash, Rockers Bad Guy Teams: Maniacs, the Violators and Bad Attitude (with MIZZ GEORGIA HAZE)
  9. Fox Sports will be airing RollerGames in August and September. Yes, the show that originally aired 30 years ago is getting a re-air. Why? Because it's 30th anniversary? Some. Fox Sports running out of things to air during the summer? Likely. Because RollerGames was totally awesome and should have lasted longer then that hack show.. what was it called, American Gladiators? Totally.
  10. Amazing that Bill Belichick lives rent-free in so many people's heads. edit: Damn you Rippa? Beat me to it.
  11. Hakuho had a Gronk like "I threw him out of the club" moment. (He threw him out so hard that not only did his opponent go into the first row, but Hakuho actually had so much momentum he went straight off the dohyo and he was forced to jog up the walkway.)
  12. Basically, they see two benefits to moving to a four day test schedule. A) It'll be like golf. Every Thursday through Sunday, you can catch a golf match. They want it to be every Thursday through Sunday, you can catch a test cricket match. B) Getting rid of that fifth day means that they can turn those extra "cricket-playing" days into more T20 or One-Day games (which probably make them as much money for one event as a whole test does)
  13. So, Man Yoo will want to put up a cricket score against West Ham. Leicester's defeat means that they only lead Man Yoo on Goals Scored (same points, same goal difference). Basically, Leicester will have to beat ManU by the same amount that ManU beats West Ham to qualify
  14. Idiotic Idiots. Otherwise known as most of the cricket boards in the world, apparently. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28394321/icc-consider-mandatory-four-day-tests
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