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  1. You should read this. Now. If this doesn't get multiple sports reporting awards, I don't know what to tell you. It is a prime detail on what goes into making a top athlete, and most crucially, what happens when one's body says "no more". Joe may be eclipsed in the current-day GOAT talk, but this is a great article that goes deep into what makes him tick, and what keeps his aching body getting out of bed in the morning. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35604915/49ers-legend-joe-montana-reflects-legacy-ahead-super-bowl
  2. So, for those of us following BattleBots, they now have a nightly (3x a week) Live Show in Vegas (Destruct-a-Thon). They contracted teams to build lower cost versions of BattleBots, with several of each being made, and running five fights a night. The BB subreddit had someone there for a show, and it included one of the Bots taking on a slot machine. Yes, an actual slot machine. No hints on who won THAT battle
  3. Lionel Messi is good at soccer/football. That is all.
  4. So, in OSR-adjacent, I love the games from Sine Nomine Publishing (mostly the "Without Number" series of games, Stars Without Number (Sci-Fi, Mass Effect-like etcetera), and Worlds Without Number (Fantasy), Godbound (Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy), and Wolves of God (8th Century English (Post-Roman) Fantasy). They recently kickstarted their latest game, Cities Without Number (Cyberpunk) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sinenomineinc/cities-without-number The "Without Number" series rules are OSR (old school D&D) adjacent, but very much new-school in feel, and have some of the best sandbox world building tools I've EVER come across. I've backed the kickstarter (for $80, for PDF plus offset print book), and the beta is available to backers. The guy is really cool about getting people interested, even going so far as to make it clear that you can share it freely (when the full game releases (which is currently posted as Feb 2024, but he builds lots of empty space into the timeline to make sure he hits the release time frame, and usually releases before hand), he releases the games in free and deluxe versions. If folks want to look at the beta, let me know (Again, he specifically says " You are welcome to share this folder link around anywhere it would be polite to do so, whether to potential players or interested forums.") But if you want to see his other games (again, free) to see how they feel, check them out: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/230009/Stars-Without-Number-Revised-Edition-Free-Version?cPath=36869 (SWN) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/348809/Worlds-Without-Number-Free-Edition?cPath=5875 (WWN) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/185959/Godbound-A-Game-of-Divine-Heroes-Free-Edition?cPath=5875 (godbound) Considering the bad taste in RPG gamers mouths from the OGL debacle, figure to give folks a heads up. I'll probably make it my Shadowrun replacement (they're already working on Fantasy Races and Magic for Cities Without number, so to make it shadowrun) .
  5. Trust me, when Hard R was trending on Twitter, I thought someone had said.. well.. THAT word with the Hard R.
  6. What was the total, 15 "Darby, you cray-cray?" spots?
  7. Yeah. I was going to say that the Celtics Boomed the Nets, then I saw it was a 46-16 first quarter. That's an Adam Cole "You know it's all about tha BOOM" Booming. (Just to show my age, I was going to call it a Vengaboys "Boom Boom Boom"ing at first, then remembered where I was.) edit: Late play included a Ball Boy nearly getting run over during play (well, more like Ball MAN, but he was mopping up sweat from a fall when the play came at him)
  8. @sabremike if you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm a cricket fan (between WillowTV and ESPN+, got access to just about all the international cricket action, stuff like the T20 leagues like the Big Bash League and the other t20 leagues you mentioned)
  9. Just to use baseball as an example, Imagine every six legal deliveries, you had to change your pitcher. (but unlike baseball, you can go back to them a number of times depending on the length of the game) In a 20 over game, each bowler (pitcher) can bowl 4 overs. So you have to have five people bowl in a game.
  10. Looks like they've actually given in on just about all the major demands.
  11. Pretty big news as CONCACAF and CONEMBOL announce that the Copa America will be hosted in CONCACAF and feature 16 teams (10 standard South American Teams and 6 CONCACAF guest teams), and that four South American Teams will play in the next Women's Gold Cup, as well as a joint final four type competition featuring two teams from each confederation
  12. Not a clunker in the lot even the "worst" match (Danielson vs Cage) was more than passable. We are so spoiled I'll say it for our hospitalized leader. AEW rules the motherfucking universe.
  13. It's no Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious.. but it's pretty damn good
  14. Dana White wants to know if Okada can sign with Power Slap League Japan.
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