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  1. SirFozzie

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    Hanley Ramirez designated for Assignment. He gone.
  2. No no no, you misheard him. He misspoke. It's Fouls Count Anywhere. (yeah, I'm right behind you)
  3. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    stat of the moment: (h/t to ESPN) Open/Uncontested shots in the 2nd Half: Boston 20, Cleveland, THREE.
  4. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    He should get game 3 off. It'd probably help the Cavs thougj
  5. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

  6. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

    Everyone who had the Celtics taking the first three games of the Sixers series, raise your hands. If you have your hands raised, you're a liar. Brad Stevens for President Jayson Tatum for Vice President
  7. SirFozzie

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    Mookie Betts has the cheat codes again.
  8. SirFozzie

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    YNWA vs Hala Madrid, looks like (Roma need 4 second half goals (unanswered) to send it to extra time, and a 3rd goal from Livepool means that Roma would have to score SIX goals in the second half./ No, not saying it's over, because too much weird shit has happened this year.. but a Liverpool-Madrid Champions League final? Should be fun.
  9. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

    Wow, the Sixers were in the lockerroom before the buzzer even sounded.
  10. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

    By the end of this series, I will likely have a homicidal urge to punch Saric in the face. So punchable.
  11. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: OCTOFINALS

    Hey, if you told me at the beginning of the year that Gordon Hayward would play less then SIX MINUTES FOR THE YEAR, Kyrie would miss a third of the year, and the Celtics would lose three more players to bad injuries at different parts of the year, I would have said "So where in the Top 5 are the Celtics picking?" Philly's really good. They're favored in this series, and they should be. But Boston does have a chance. And the rivalry will start now and last for years to come.
  12. SirFozzie

    2018 NBA Playoffs: OCTOFINALS

    Brad Stevens for president, god, and anything else I can think of.
  13. SirFozzie


  14. SirFozzie

    The Cricket Thread, Mark 2

    Correct. Each T20 innings takes 75 minutes (roughly). It was referred to as hit and giggle cricket when it started because the two forms either took a full day (50 over cricket) or up to FIVE DAYS
  15. Battletech backer keys go out this weekend, preloads monday, releases tuesday. I'm ready.