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  1. Dang, Australia beats South Africa twice. Guess they're a different team when they don't have the dark arts.
  2. Blues Traveler was right... The Hook brings you back.. and chokes you out...
  3. Jacksonville does not look good. Trevor's WR are not helping at all. 54 yards for the Steelers in the first half. oy. And remember, you can always find LOL in Lions. (you just have to take the L twice, which Detroit is used to)
  4. We are all witnesses. A lot of people are extra salty, grumpy witnesses. They probably have a good reason to be salty. But still, we are all witnesses. Tom Brady. That is all.
  5. Thursday, September 9 Tampa Bay Sunday, September 12 Carolina Atlanta Washington San Francisco Buffalo Seattle Minnesota Jacksonville Tennessee New England Denver Green Bay Kansas City Chicago Monday, September 13 Las Vegas Tiebreaker #1: Matthew Stafford passing yards vs Chi 255 Tiebreaker #2: Total points scored in GB-NO 48 Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal made in Bal-LV 45
  6. USA Cricket made Cricket History! And no, it's not the Lifetime Acheivement Award for most dysfunctional board, EVER. (they retired that award two bankruptcies and one banned association ago), they had a player become only the 9th player all time (and second in One Day International-status games) to hit 6 sixes in a single over. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/usa-batsman-jaskaran-malhotra-becomes-160640825.html He ended up at 173 not out, out of USA's 271-9, as they defeated Papa New Guinea by 134 runs in a ICC World Cricket League Two match up. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/world-cup-league-2-2019-2021-22-1196667/points-table-standings The US likely will not go directly to the World Cup Qualifier out of this, as they are 6-6, but it IS possible, but a playoff is more likely.
  7. Embarrassing from Hungary on and off the field against, 4-0 loss to england, and THOSE chants as well as thrown projectiles. UEFA has already banned them from three home games, but this was under FIFA jurisdiction, and something similar needs to be done.
  8. Kohli down! Cost them an extra 30 runs, but I think they'd be happy to "just" get him out for 50. India 105-5.
  9. England won the toss, and are bowling. Quite well, in fact. India 72-4. But they've dropped Kohli once already. They're going to regret that!
  10. Humankind is really interesting, the choose a civ every era helps you change strategies as needed between eras. Between that, the new Pathfinder game dropping today, and FM etcetera, I don't have time to play anything else without cloning myself (well, MLBtheShow21 too.. but.. that's the ABSOLUTE limit)
  11. Quick hit thoughts. That Jericho promo was an A, but still outshone a bit by MJF's promo. They put each other over, and made it clear what the stakes are. Honestly, if they could get away with it, I'd make it a dog collar match and tell them they get a bonus for each bloodsoaked camera shot they give folks. Was not expecting 2.0 and Garcia to attempt to get heat off of Punk, but once it was there, I was doing the mental countdown to when Darby and Sting were going to make the save Thought it was a missed opportunity to have Darby respond to Punk in that segment, but the sit down promo was pretty nice. That FTR/Ortiz&Santana match was.. weird. Not a bad weird, but it was a combo technical match and blood feud. Was not expecting the match to end where it did. What do AEW promos have that WWE promos don't? They're not (just) for making cute little asides that sound like bitchy high school girls, or generic fratboy #21 references. They serve a logical reason in continuing the feud, and put their opponents over at the same time they put themselves over. Kingston and Miro just need to lock up hockey style and start throwing bombs for about 30 seconds to start the match, then tumble out of the ring, get up and start throwing bombs again. Just tell them. "I want you to go all out for the first 2-3 minutes. I want them yelling This is Awesome 90 seconds into a hossfest of bombs" Love the promos that work with each other (again). I will go legitimately 4.1 on the Fucking Bananas scale if at the end of the Cage Match (win, lose or draw), all the teams that the Bucks have pissed off get into the cage, lock it, and then drop unholy hell on them. Finisher spam time. And just think, there's about 5 or six feuds that barely got mentioned that are pretty hot.
  12. And Ronaldo with two late goals breaks Ireland's heart.
  13. I'm not saying that Scotland are shorthanded for their game today, but I think the latest Scotland related "great opportunity" is not the opportunity to be named a Scottish Lord or Lady, but to receive a call up to the Scottish MNT.
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