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  1. Yeah, I think the that this might actually favor the smaller teams because usually, you got the Six-Again call in a situation where the defenders were on their heels, and trying for a couple extra seconds breather. Lets the Smaller/fitter teams show off. I was afraid rugby league was going the same way Union had (the beefing up of the pack, etcetera)
  2. You may want to check this thread, it has a good thing on how to do various things. http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2410283#post2410283
  3. Glad to see the NRL back, been watching the games on demand via youtubetv on Fox Sports. Been some pretty good rules. Like the six-again rule.
  4. Well, the Devil Machines got turned to jobbers in my booking, I mean, I wasn't going to complain that I was booking myself to lose. All that mattered is getting OTHER people over and getting a decent enough rating (and the fact we had good chemistry meant that we were being fed to everyother team and folks who needed a push). We can fix that, but it's going to take months. Here's my Selected Power rankings Tier S: Furusawa, Okamoto, Torii Tier A: Findlay (was about to crest into Tier S I believe, but he's going), SUKI, Ikoma, Touhashi, Funakoshi Tier B: Toshitaru, Frankie Perez, Taka the Younger Tier C : Phoenix IV, Matsushita, The Cobras, Wolf, Laine Loyal folks are good, but guys like Frankie, SUKI, and the Cobras, I think the second we hit Medium, if not sooner, we need to get them on written contracts.
  5. at least it gives us the chance to feed him to Torii at the main. Time to sign SUKI to a written.
  6. Yeah, I think he was enough of a name to get a retirement show.
  7. Is Maeda going to allow women's wrestling? (or are we going to have to start up BCJG (Black Canvas Joshi Grappling)?
  8. Genji was an ass on my test run. Complained about losing to everyone, demanded a 6x pay raise, and just made a stink out of everything
  9. Man, we need to get our events on a bigger broadcaster. I can't wait to see what the Grand Prix looks like.
  10. I usually program things like this. Opener: technical masterclass (found out that if you do a calm the crowd before a technical masterclass match that will also de-rowdy the crowd). Best technical wrestler Match 2 under card guys told to steal the show. As long as they're not recognisable or higher the crowd is ok with 15 minutes. I'd put wolf/tosh matches here for example Then build up from there. If you think you'll have many rowdy matches in a row.. a calm the crowd match will bring them down allowing you to take them higher (For example right before the main event)
  11. Yeah, I constantly get frustrated with Ikoma. He has buckets of talent, but, it's like it just.... doesn't work the way it's supposed to! Perhaps Taka the Younger/Ikoma or Taka The Younger/Matsushita at the grand prix? Beating either of them would indicate that Taka's not just a quick flash in the pan.
  12. Just in case the DM didn't go through: https://www.dropbox.com/t/gEABwXSJQdNt0cFZ c:\Program Files (x86)\GDS\TEW2020\Databases\Default\SaveGames\ I'm interested in seeing how you book I'll take my turn in june if no one wants it.
  13. Apparently Manchester United are tired of people not hating them for new reasons and has decided to sue Sega and SI Over not using the proper crest to represent them in FM (which they'd have to pay to use, of course). They also want to go after the fact that it allows mods.
  14. Dan will likely be booking the next tour, but here's just some thoughts Group A Funakoshi Okamoto Perez Shimizu Edo Phoenix IV Dynamite Naharashi Group B SUKI Furusawa Findlay Brody Harker Kita Since we have 10 shows in the tour, this would allow 5 nights to be dedicated to each group Semis: Funakoshi/SUKI (do we want to give SUKI a surprise rub and build a story that Funakoshi has lost two major matches in a row) Furusawa/Okamoto (Excuse me while I drool) Finals: ???/Furusawa (Furusawa wins?) selected Other well-known wrestlers (recognizable and up) not in the Grand Prix Ikoma (start a storyline with him being snubbed?) Matsushita (same, just doesn't have the stamina to do the dream matches I want in the grand prix) Yoshinaka Taku: I want him to defend the Challegers Series title belt a couple times during the tour as well as at the Grand Prix finals (Note: He is up to star, the push is working) Malloy/Spillaine/Miura/Yoshizawa Tag Specialists Kawgishi/Brave/Miyake Okimassa/Sen don't really have the momentum to be in there. Toshusai: We need him to pull Logan Wolfsbaine up, and get them ready to take over the tag titles.. (Tosh is well known, Logan still considered unimportant, although he's gained 7-10 points of popularity already through the bginning of March, and another 5 or so points in the couple week of March.Do we want to give them the titles at the next event?
  15. So, does anyone want to take over booking duties for the next three months?
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