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  1. Actually, I thought that they should have something similar, but instead of a tournament Have a King of the Hill title, defend it five times, receive a TNT title shot on Dynamite. Gives a bit of a storyline from week to week
  2. Tacko Fall banking in a three pointer. (The refs called it a two because Tacko's foot is on the line any where on the court, but in my heart, it was a three) https://streamable.com/k0qjef
  3. and Harden could leave after the season (likely he will opt in because $$$$, but not guaranteed.
  4. wot a finish in NZ/PAK, as New Zealand get it over the line with less then 5 overs remaining on day five when they got the last wicket to go to #1 in world test rankings.
  5. As the late great Pat Patterson would say, that England-France final was the Banana.
  6. Ok, here's a link to the official description and break down of the rules involved: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/11/21/what-happened-orlando-city-vs-nycfc-penalty-shootout-here-are-official-explanations (It also has the match video of what happened) For those who are curious, but not enough to click a link and watch a video (LAZY!), here's the breakdown 1. Orlando leads NYCFC entering the fifth round of PK, 4-3. All Orlando has to do to win is for NYCFC to not score on their round (Save/Miss), or score on theirs. 2. PK taken, saved! BEDLAM ENSUES
  7. No, under the rules of the game, he does get that second yellow card and sent off (He had previously been booked for time wasting). The entire 2020 MLS season is played under the 2019-20 IFAB Laws of the game (Post season included). Basically, everything that happened was legal by the laws of the game, just the referee allowed the voice in his headset (I assume 4th official or VAR) to correct him twice.
  8. 0_o at the current Rugby Championship (Tri Nation version) score Argentina wins! NEW HERO!
  9. It appears that this could be a SWATting situation, as it began with a 911 call. Revenge on UbiSoft for their recent actions removing a podcaster from WatchDogs Legion?
  10. any one got that Larry David gif> Yes, they won a game they should have lost, scoring twice in the final two minutes, including, dare I say, a Brady-like finish by Cam Newton. It was to the 0-9 Jets.
  11. yeah, it's a bit annoying on the PS4. I have to do cable swapping to charge my controller and headset, because the other port has the dongle in it.
  12. Looks like ENgland have successfully threaded the needle and will become Six Nations Champions, only what, 8? 9 months after it started
  13. Yer nuts, Tabe. Oh, and for those of you not completely against the Epic Games Store (and who like strategy games), Total War: TROY releases at 9 AM eastern and is FREE for the first 24 hours.
  14. Dominick earned his stripes as a wrestler tonight. Literally.
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