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  1. Oh god, good question. And it wasn't "We Want Blues" it was "We Went Blues" because the Blues don't have to go anymore because they already went. That is not a joke. He then proceeded to try to sing Gloria as the cameras panned away and 2 people tried to get him of the live stage. Also, Oskar Sunqvist kinda.... just went missing along the way. I personally believe he passed out from all the drinking. Other things I forgot because so much shit went down. - So Robert Thomas lives at the Tkachuk house in St. Louis. He's basically part of the family at that point... Which is how Brady Tkachuk participated in the Blues Stanley Cup parade wearing a backwards Robert Thomas jersey. Not often a franchise player for a different franchise shows up in a teams parade. - Someone took a photo of Pat Maroon with belly out at a local bar from Thursday and made a cardboard cutout. Much fun was had, such as this - Also, just Vladdy Tarasenko is the best dude ever - And boy do we love O'Reilly
  2. The Blues parade might have been the least organized and best parade in sports history. Highlights! - The plan was for the Blues players to stay on there floats to get to the big podium under the arch. Players say fuck that, leave there floats, and celebrate with the fans around the parade route. - Brayden Schenn starts a Champagne Shower for fans around the parade route - Robert Thomas, age 19, just walking down the street surrounded by police drinking beer. - Jordan Binnington, the stoic goaltender becomes the fucking center of attention and most charismatic member of the team. First, he joins a high school marching band in there performance by joining the color guard, then proceeds to take a Trombone and march with the band for a bit. - After that, Binnington proceeds to borrow someones electric mini bike thing and drive down the road with it. - While this is going down Tarasenko is walking down the side of the road letting all fans in the front row touch it. Which led to this photo - With tons of other stuff going down during this, the parade which was only supposed to go 1 hour ended up going just about 3. - Finally everyone gets to the stage and things go a little more textbook from there.... until Binnington gets on stage. Then this happens - After that the bombs fly for a while, before Larry Robinson gets on stage. The conversation goes with this being his 10th ring, which finger would it be going to. This is his response I love hockey.
  3. I'm super happy for Maroon who got dealt a bad hand by a bad agent recommendation and signed with the Blues for cheap because it was local and he could be with his kid. He's gonna be a folk hero in St. Louis forever for the game winner against Dallas. But man, he is occasionally a frustrating player but I'm ecstatic for Perron. He has played for 5 different teams in the NHL. He has only ever signed a contract to play with the Blues. He loves this team and came back on a pretty cheap deal after the season he had last year. It's awesome he got rewarded for loving playing in St. Louis so much.
  4. I was just playing around on TEW personally. Watched the Firefly Funhouse segment, saw the Cesaro injury, wondered how this company can be this god damned boring for about 30 seconds and then posted this. And that's all my WWE thoughts at the moment.
  5. The Warriors look like a team that is completely shellshocked right now to me. Will be interesting to see if they can make a run.
  6. That is an absolutely abysmal contract.
  7. As a fucking Blues fan that no call gets a "What the fuck are you doing refs?" from me. Part of me also wants to say the Bruins stopped playing after the no call, so it's kinda sorta on them, but yeah, that has to be called, full stop.
  8. Early Reviews are in. They are..... not good. I've seen people ask how they did the Dark Phoenix story worse then Last Stand. That's bad.
  9. I think we have clearly hit the point we’re NXT isn’t fresh at all on there cards imo. I enjoyed Riddle/Strong, but was expecting to. Lorcan’s is kinda wasted with Burch but his upside is probably tag wrestler. Fords gonna be a star if they ever push him well. The Forgotten Sons suck. Breeze Dream was fun but was surprisingly forgettable in the grand scheme. Was hoping for something better. I will say I am firmly in the “over Shayna and her posse” grouping. The main... look. This isn’t my style of wrestling. I’ve seen some people online calling this a classic and I think those people probably have the Space Madness. But man I just do not care one lick for Johnny Gargano at this point, and Adam Coles moveset is almost Seth Rollins bad. Just Superkick everything, then hit a stupid setup into a Canadian Destroyer for reasons. But that’s not the move that finishes the match. Nope. It’s a shitty fucking running leg. I’m not calling that shit a knee because it’s not a fucking knee. He just raises his leg to a 90% angle and that is fucking it. All the fucking crazy shit in the math and THAT is the kill shot? Go fucking away Cole. NXT needs more Undisputed Era like I need to see highlights from the Blues game tonight. It’s stale, and if we get heel stable protecting there champion out of this it will be like a worse version of Evolution to me. Also, Mauro is an abysmal announcer. Every time he makes an out of place pop culture reference I wanna stab myself in the ears. At least there wasn’t a UK Title match so he couldn’t make a cheap Brexit comment again.
  10. Now in the right thread. Im a miserable Blues fan who hates melodramatic forced epic wrestling. Should I hate watch the main?
  11. I'm a Blues fan in absolute misery and I hate melodramatic bullshit forced epic wrestling. Should I hate watch the main?
  12. It also frees up Leonard to defend Curry or Thompson. I don’t expect Toronto to win, but minus Durant it becomes a way we’re you can see it happening.
  13. I don’t know what to say about his team. Every time they could have folded they came back stronger this year. Please best Boston.
  14. Legit just looked it up. Hawkins and Ryder. Boy, that's not great.
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