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  1. As bad as those are, Im not sure if there was a worse contract given in the last decade then the Milan Lucic deal.
  2. If you ever do wanna give it a shot again, hit me up. I’ve been playing enough that I’ve leveled up 50 times in the last 6 months, so I can be a pretty good guide.
  3. For those interested, 2 things going in GTA this week: New Podium Car is the Progen PR4, Which is basically a Formula 1 Car, the first part of the new Open Wheel Race series. The car can not be purchased this week, but will cost 3.5 million if you don’t get it on the Podium. I won today, and I was fucking happy. Also, 2x return on Special Cargo, which made me a smooth 2 mill. Good week for GTA.
  4. I would imagine Ta’amu would probably get a look too. Yeah, he threw two picks against Houston, but those were also just about his only incompletions for most the game. And he’s just 22.
  5. Friendly reminder the Astros went from the 4th highest strikeout rate in 2016 (23.4 percent), then suddenly out of nowhere dropped there strikeout rate to 17.3 percent the following year, the lowest in baseball by over a full percent. Their team strikeout rate over the past 3 seasons is easily the best at 18.3%, with only the Indians and Pirates also below 20 percent (19.8 and 19.7%, respectively) My question is, if other teams are cheating in such an egregious ways, then why the fuck are strikeouts running rampant in the last 3 years for everyone except the Astros?
  6. Wow, that speech was actually worse then I expected.
  7. Watching Lawful go to bat for his cheating fucking rat of a player makes me wish the ignore feature on this board worked better. Also Correa couldn’t even keep the report he was citing straight. He talked about how the report said it stopped after 2017, but the report actually said it said they were doing it at least into 2018 as well, and when that got brought up he had no retort.
  8. Yeah, that was a clincher on my “No MLB baseball until things get fixed” mindset. Fuck this league for there handling of this.
  9. Early reports are the Battlehawks (aka St. Louis) have already sold out there lower bowl for there home opener, and might open up the top level seats for the game. Keep in mind they are running the old home of the Rams, so that’s a mostly full NFL stadium.
  10. My thoughts were Gotham City Sirens was the right play. Catwoman and Ivy getting legitimate big screen release was compelling to me, as I love Ivy as a character. I never really was excited about the Birds of Prey, and a solo Harley movie means “you are going to get Leto Joker a bunch” and also no thanks on that.
  11. I think my main takeaway from today is the XFL existing as an alternative “more fun” version of the NFL is actually pretty viable. The football is good, the production needs to be ironed out but has clear potential, and I think the market is there.
  12. Bulls do nothing because the Bulls incompetence knows no bounds.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/nwa/status/1224837617553944579 fucking Kingston man.
  14. I’ve spent most of the last week playing Deadline, as I fucking love that mode and have some skill in it, and it was double cash and rp. Also have been playing with some non regular GTA players with low levels, trying to make them some money. I also won the Oppresor off the wheel, but have only been using it for map navigation, Makes getting around a lot easier.
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