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  1. Nah, that's the DVDVR answer for people who think they know DVDVR but don't REALLY know DVDVR. I love Chris Masters. Chris Masters on his best day doesn't touch Ken Patera vs. Bob Backlund.
  2. I mean, Ken Patera is probably the best wrestler ever to use the Full Nelson as a finisher, so I’ve got no problem vindicating him.
  3. For all of the things Raw has gotten wrong booking wise, the Hurt Buisness manages to be the one thing holding anything together.
  4. I’m honestly not surprised. The business model is basically loot boxes, which are a lawsuit hell in Europe. They’d basically have to completely redo there store.
  5. They did. The Mass Effect Remaster will release on May 14th. Also, LadyInsanity (one of my favorite Bioware content creators) with the breakdown
  6. 5. Stan Hansen vs. Curt Hennig (5/31/86)- 4 ¾ stars 9.5 out of 10. Original Finish 5th. This was pretty much a perfect match at taking a midcarder and making them a main eventer in one night. Hennig was a tag team guy who would get some bumps to some bigger singles match, who is an injury replacement for Blackwell. The match opens with a great angle of Hansen attacking the hurt Blackwell, leading to Hennig charging out to jump start his title match. He has 10 minutes to beat the champ, and Hennig throws EVERYTHING he has at him to somehow put away the monster that is Hansen in those 10
  7. 10. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Midnight Rockers (Cage Match) (12/25/86)- 4 ½ stars, 9.0 out of 10. Original Finish: 6th. Fascinating Match, and a match I’d say I overall really really enjoyed. I know the critiques of this match. The babyfaces, in a vacuum, take too much of this match. They dominate the first 10 minutes of a 20 minute match. But it’s a match that turns what should be a flaw and turns into what makes the match super memorable in an already great series. And it works specifically because the babyfaces get too cocky and it bites them, and the heels control is absolut
  8. 15. Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Hennig (5/2/87)- 4 ¼ stars, 8.7 out of 10. Original Finish: 8th Damn good, this one is. It’s a great “conclusion” to the rivalry (Which was actually set to continue it, but Bock left, so…), with a great heel turn finish for Hennig. The work in this accelerates at a smart pace, and is super compelling, with great selling and exchanges, and great limb work. On rewatch, this is a fascinating match, that is a rare case were a match being more about the angle was actually a good thing, not a bad thing. It’s worked incredibly babyface vs. babyface, a more condensed,
  9. 20. Stan Hansen vs. Crusher Blackwell (6/28/86)- 4 stars, 8.1 out of 10.. Original Finish: 20th If you know who Jerry Blackwell and Stan Hansen are, and you heard they were wrestled each other, this is the exact fucking match you’d want to see. It’s punching, great registering to great looking strikes, and blood. And it’s so damned cool to see these two guys work, and they are such a great pairing for one another. The finish is pretty 80’s bullshit, but it’s 80’s bullshit that doesn’t really bug me much. On rewatch, my estimation of this didn’t change much, other then it doing enough for
  10. When you are running around with a Combat Knife, there is nothing irrational of fearing shotguns. I can work around Sniper Rifles, Shotguns have spread. And then you get to a level where people have Combat Shotgun's and melee becames suicide.
  11. God, this. I remember when we started I felt like I was pretty good at deathmatchs. Then Robert and Mel joined the fray and I was quickly put into my place in brutal fashion. I miss the random races the most, for how hectic they could be. I wish we could play it now, because I’ve got tons of lists for really great race tracks that have been made in the content creator that’d be super fun to go through.
  12. *bows* guilty as charged. This gets brought up so much which amuses me because I think I only played with Fresh 5 times at the most. I still play the game on occasion, but the game is just straight up not the same game it was anymore. I mainly just play it to collect cars and grind at this point.
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