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  1. Coincidentally, Unseld is now being viewed by some for the Bulls coaching gig, which, yes please.
  2. I’ll be blunt in saying this upgrade actually does feel like an upgrade and both DarkVelvet and Navy Nights are awesome skins. VaporRun is an awesome skin in a hilarious way.
  3. I've been trying to think of the right way to word my response to the Hogan Bock thing for a bit, but first, Disc 3 results. 13. Crusher Blackwell vs. Da Crusher (No DQ) (2/26/84)- ½ star, 1.0 out of 10. OG Rating: 139th Holy Fuck what is this match. Fuck “Da Crusher” first off. No selling fucking everything, brings absolutely nothing to the table. Blackwell, god bless him, tries. He runs into the post so damned hard he moves the fucking ring. And the finish was legitimately pretty fun. But those 2 notes only give this a 1/4 of a star each, and, well, Fuuuuuuuuuck this match,
  4. I'm getting flash backs to the the Chair Shot and AEW basically having to be dragged crying and screaming to agree to not do it again. Then I watch that shit and I'm pretty fucked up.
  5. Point by point for your notes. I had a little Bock and Blackwell experience going in, but only a couple matches. Enough to know both intrigued me, and that Bock clearly was great. I had no experience with Vachon what so ever. The Bock-Robinson match was pretty fun. Robinson in general was kind of a let down on this set for me, spoiler on the other matches I’ve seen with him. For a guy who was hyped as a great technical wrestler, boy he couldn’t sell a leg for shit. Disc 1 was the Jim Brunzell disc in a lot of ways to me. The Bock match was really good, and I was impr
  6. Disc 2 14. Ken Patera & Jesse Ventura vs. Hulk Hogan & Mad Dog Vachon (1/16/83)- 2 ¼ 4.5 stars OG Finish: 137th Boy, the babyfaces in this match sure cheated a bunch. Like, Hogan and Mad Dog went to biting the opponents at least a half dozen times. Patera is by far the “Worker” of this match but didn’t have a high end night. Jesse didn’t do much of anything. There was a segment were Hogan worked Face in Peril, which should never be a thing, as he’s a real good hot tag and not an engaging seller TO the tag. 13. Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera vs. Steve O and Dino
  7. DISC ONE 16. Jerry Blackwell vs. Billy Robinson (12/3/81)- 2 stars, 4.0 out of 10. Match finished 128th out of 150 in the original project. I had high hopes for this, and sadly they didn’t meet them. The legwork early and the Blackwell using arm drags stuff was interesting. But boy did this fall off as it went going, with a bad finish and inconsistent leg selling, First match I can’t view as “average” on the set, which is a sad case of missed potential. 15. The High Flyers vs. The East-West Connection (3/22/81) (Cage Match) 2 ½ stars, 5.0 out of 10. OG Finish: 33rd
  8. Hey there DVDVR people. So, I've recently been watching the AWA set with my friend Johnny (With also recently drop ins from my other friend Steven), and we are on Disc 4 but I wanted to post my thoughts on it, and what better place then here! I'll be posting my thoughts on matches by Disc, and then give a rundown of the entire project when we are done. I will be posting my rankings of the matches, in reverse order, for each Disc for dramas sake cause I'm that guy. How I rank matches: 5 Stars: Best match ever. I have given zero matches 5 stars in my current ranking style.
  9. Easy. Thatcher Demko. The long and short of it.
  10. I'm super interested in this one, just because I have my own projects like this I'm working on, and AJPW is such a weird missed area for me.
  11. I'm kind of just blindly staring ahead in shock. Like processing this isn't on the table at the moment. Just..... I don't know what to type or say.
  12. As someone who enjoys DA:I, no way does it top DA:O for me. Which is at least partially due to the the RPG elements being so much stronger in Origins. Mages specifically have just insane options and playing as a Mage in the games since has been nowhere near as compelling to me.
  13. I just want to say Bill and Ted actually getting favorable reviews warms my heart.
  14. There are a few moments that encapsulate Triple H and why people loathe him in the 2000’s, and him pushing the “you can’t wrestle” narrative while Cena basically wasn’t allowed to counter that point in any real way is pretty high on the list. Also amusing as Cena was a significantly better wrestler then Hunter was. It’s still not my number one on my “fuck this guy” scale (Number one being London and Kendrick saving him from a 3 on 1 beat down, and Hunter Pedigreeing both for no reason, a move in which basically was the final burial of my favorite tag team of that era), but it’s high
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