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  1. The best thing this company did is get people who are confident with a microphone. Compared to stilted poorly written WWE promos everything here comes across fresh.
  2. The sad thing is Raws roster is absolutely stacked. I just have no expectations it will actually result in a good show.
  3. You mean how like the common talk before the movie was released was that Joker was basically an incel whose motivation was based on his hatred of women. Welcome to the internet, where anyone who wants a movie to fail will use any talking point possible to push the narrative there direction.
  4. As an IU fan I take great offense at you thinking we were Illinois. We are just mediocre, Illinois sucks.
  5. This show was not only super fun, it has also been an absolutely gigantic success. As of me watching at one day in, it’s at 125 thousand views. If they had half of that I think it would have been viewed as successful.
  6. For Box Office News, Joker breaks the October record for highest grossing opening weekend with 93.5 Million and a 234 Million world wide, and that world wide is WITHOUT the China market. 4th highest opening weekend for an R rated movie ever.
  7. You guys do realize that’s not actually Seth and that video was just a joke, right?
  8. I’m still just flabbergasted about the stupidity. This is a “Fox should watch that finish and demand a complete explanation on what the fuck they are doing” level play.
  9. I just feel awful for Bray. The guy came up with that gimmick himself and made himself the most over act going after years of being booked to shit. Now he gets a big match and..... gets booked like shit. What a dumb fucking company. I’m not big on AEW personally, but the E just sucks right now.
  10. Look, I despise the Sharks and everything they stand for and find it hilarious they gave Kane the contract they should have given Pavelski, but even I can understand why that shouldn’t be a full suspension. Kane’s a hot head but I can understand why he’d be livid after that play.
  11. If this has a mode with John Cena doing intentionally bad commentary that’s worth the price alone.
  12. Seriously, how hard is it just to type “Suck my Dick”? It’s hilarious in this instance and gets the one up quite easily WITHOUT bringing god damned pedophilia into the picture.
  13. If he has a high ankle sprain I call bullshit. Source: Someone who has had a high ankle sprain.
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