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  1. So I realized I royally fucked up my negotiations for our tour deal. I took the best time table but didn't realize I was giving up 30 grand (!!!) to air a show. I fixed it, but it cost us.... about 180,000 dollars. So. Yeah.
  2. BCG Sole Survivor Night #2, in front of 662 people in Kyoto Pre Show Match #1 Kiyotaka, Shugo Amano, and Takenori Doi defeat Roku Satomura, Goro Hatamoto, and Wataru Kikumoto in 13:19. Rating 44 Kiyotaka 52, Satomura 51, Amamo 32, Doi 32, Kikumoto 30, Hatomoto 29. Pre-Show Match #2 Luke Pope defeats Austin Smooth in 11:02. Rating: 37 Pope 36, Smooth 30 Smooth is my one addition this tour, after a lot of cuts. They didn't click so this wasn't an amazing chance to evaluate him. Pre-Show Match #3 Logan Wolfsbaine defeats Yoto Isono 10:26. Rating 50 Wolfsbaine 57, Isono 29 Main Show Match #1 Soul Survivor Block 2 Match: Motoyuki Miyame defeats Azumamaru Shimizu in 16:54. Rating 56 Miyame 53, Shimizu 47. Main Show Match #2 Soul Survivor Block 2 Match: Yoshisada Matsuzawa defeats Kadonmaro Kamisaka in 11:45. Rating 48 Matsuzawa 45, Kamisaka 44 Main Show Match #3 Soul Survivor Block 2 Match: Animal Harker defeats Akima Brave in 11:54. Rating 50 Harker 50, Brave 38. Blech to Brave. I think he's next on my chopping block. Main Show Match #4 Massive Thunder defeats Mitsukuri and Kinoshita in 10:20. Rating: 58. Kawagishi 60, Hirose 59, Mitsukuri 40, Kinoshita 39. Kawagishi and Hirose will be taking the tag belts now. They are just rock solid and both have good momentum. Main Show Match #5 The Remnants (Urogataya and Kikuchi) defeat The Devil Machines in 13:44. Rating 56 Okimasa 56, Urogataya 53, Kikuchi 48, Avatar 37 We suck. The Remnants is my new GCG themed group. I'll put the full group shortly. Main Show Match #6 The Loyalissts (Blast Ikoma, Dynamite Narahashi, Inejiro Yoshizawa defeats The Lions (Matsushita, Touhashi, and Taku) in 21:02. Rating: 71 Ikoma 69, Taku, Matsushita, and Taku 68, Yoshizawa 55, Narahashi 47. Reeeaaally need to demote Narahashi to the pre-show squad. Main Show Match #7 Soul Survivor Block 2 Match: Funkaoshi defeats Frankie Perez in 27:21. Rating 81 (Woo Boy) Funkaoshi 78, Pere 67. Sucks what should have been the finals was a first round match, but random draw is random draw. Main Event Razan Okamoto and Big Bruiser Findlay defeats SUKI and Mabuchi Furusawa in 32:07. Rating 72 Okamoto 77, Findlay and SUKI 70, Furusawa 65. Furusawa broke his jaw, which really held this back from being a big main event. Findlay's botch hurt Furusawa. Yeah, that's 3 wrestles Findlay has hurt. I kinda want miss him to a degree?
  3. BCG Soul Survivor Series Night #1 in front of 652 people in Kobe Pre Show Match 1 Golden Domination (Diaz and Isono) defeat Takenori Doi and Suguru Emoto in 12:15. Rating 38 Diaz 40, Isono 38, Doi 32, Emoto 30. Pre Show Match 2 The Exploders (Caballero and Iliakov) defeat Shugo Amano and Yutaka Ogata (Yes, he's still around to keep Shiga happy) in 11:35. Rating 33 Caballero 49, Ikiakov 40, Amano 30, Ogata 22 Iliakov comes back from injury, finally start to team him and Caballero, Caballero gets chronic back pain. From a botch by Ogata, who I kept to not piss off Shiga. Fuck that. Bye Ogata. Main Show Match #1 Sole Survivor Block 1 Match: Commander Kawagishi defeats Omezo Shikitai in 16:13. Rating 57 Kawagishi 52, Shikitai 47. Kawagishi gets a decent win, which is good for his momentum. Main Show Match #2 Sole Survivor Block 1 Match: Masashi Urugotaya defeats Logan Wolfsbaine in 11:47. Rating: 58. Wolfsbaine 60, Urugotata 51. Main Show Match #3 Sole Survivor Block 1 Match: Gidayu Katou defeats Dynamite Narahashi in 12:45. Rating 55 Katou 53, Narahashi 48 Now that Narahashi had his big match with Okamoto, I'm ready to make him irrelevant cause he sucks! Main Show Match #4 Golden Domination (Perez, Motoyuki, and and the American Cobras) defeat Luke Pope, Joffy Laine, Noboyuki Doi, and Azumamar Kita in 14:25. Rating: 60 Perez 65, Spillane 57, Miyake 54, Kita 51, Pope 49, Malloy 48, Laine 46, Doi 27. Gave Doi a chance to try with the big boys. Didn't go great. Main Show Match #5 Mabuchi Furusawa and Bundaruken Torii defeat Shining Force in 21:45. Rating 71 Torii 76, Furusawa 72, Kikuchi 52, Matsuzawa 50. Torii might actually be our MVP at this point. I almost view him as our Misawa, with Funk as our Kawada and Razan as our Kobashi. Findlay would have been a great Taue, but what can ya do. Main Show Match #6 SUKI and Funkaoshi fought to a Double Disqualification. Rating: 24 (hahaha, woops.) SUKI 74, Funkaoshi 70. Welp. The Loyalists (Funkaoshi, Ikoma, Narahashi, Yoshizawa) are beating down SUKI when Mabuchi Furusawa runs in and drives them back. Rating 60 Main Event Soul Survivor Block 1 Match: Razan Okamoto defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 22:03. Rating 75. Razan 78, Edo 50. Hopefully that partially offsets the previous match. Show Rating 69. Won't complain.
  4. Okay, so with my lat tour before giving back the book, I'm getting to run Sole Survivor. And I've made the call of 4 mini 8 man single elimination tournaments to determine the 4 participants... And the matches were randomly chosen by a random number generator! This should be fun.
  5. So, As good as Toshitaru has been.... I'm going to release him because after checking the finances he just makes waaaay too much money to profit with.
  6. And Big Show Time BCG Test of Champions in front of 5,000 people (!!!) at The Roaring Lion (The First Show in our new personalized Venue) Pre-Show Match #1 Luke Pope and Logan Wolfsbaine defeat Felipe Caballero and James Diaz in 13:15. Rating 51 Wolfsbaine 53, Pope 46, Caballero 43, Diaz 33. No chemistry from Felipe and James, Pope was off his game, and this still was rock solid Pre-Show Match #2 Massive Thunder defeats The Devil Machines in 15:27. Rating: 63 Kawagishi 65, Hirose 64, Okimasa 56, Avatar 45. Main Show Match #1 Inejiro Yoshizawa defeats Noritoshi Miura in 11:55. Rating 56 Yoshizawa 51, Miura 46. Well that sucked. Wanted to end that angle in a strong way, but Miura basically is pissing off on a bad performance. Main Show Match #2 Frankie Perez defeats Azumamaru Shimizu in 15:38. Rating 59 Perez 59, Shimizu 48. Show hasn't opened great, but the rest should be hot. Main Show Match #3. BCG Challenge Series Title Match: Yoshinaku Taku defeats Giant Brody in 20:02 to make Defense #5 of the Challenge Series Title. Rating: 70 Taku 67, Brody 54. Good chemistry helps carry this as Taku gets a big defense in front ot he largest crowd he's ever worked in front of. Main Show Match #4 Tatsuya Toshitaru defeats Noriyori Sanda in 20:51. Rating: 80 (Yeah, you good Tosh) Toshitaru 74, Sanda 65. No positive chemistry or anything, and Sanda is deep in decline. Just a good match at a good time. Tosh is a good pick. Main Show Match #5 Razan Okamoto defeats Dynamite Narahashi in 22:30. Rating: 82 (Razan you king) Razan 88 (hahaha), Narahashi 51 (Bringing the least possible to a great match) What a carryjob. They have great chemistry but this was just a total Razan show. Main Show Match #6 Mabuchi Furusawa and Funkaoshi defeats Tanyu Touhashi and Rokuemon Matsushita in 24:04. Rating: 79 Funkaoshi 85, Furusawa 85 (Just keeping on with those 2), Matsushita 68, Touhashi 67. 3 straight matches at or above 79. Not bad Funkaoshi proceeds to grab a microphone, and is having a conversation about a potential long term partnership with Furusawa. While Furusawa is distracted, The Loyalists run in from the crowd and attack him. Funk just watches it happen, before nodding at Blast and joining the attack! It looks like the Loyalists have gained a powerful new member. Rating: 58. Main Show Match #7 Blast Ikoma defeats SUKI in 24:59. Rating 78 SUKI 83, Blast 71 Blast let me down a bit here, but it keeps the Loyalists momentum going. Also, congrats to SUKI on his new written contract! Main Event BCG World Title Match: Bundaruken Torii defeats Big Bruiser Findlay in 23:52. Rating: 82 Torii 92 (Wha?), Findlay 78 Match was hurt by lack of psychology and Findlay having an off day. It benefited from great chemistry. Show Rating: 80 (Fuck Yeah)
  7. BCG Champions Tour #7, in front of 637 people in Osaka Pre Show Match #1 Shuga Amano and Big Boss Emperor defeat Dreadnought and Noboyuki Kudo in 10:16. Rating: 30 Amano 30, Kudo 29, Emperor 27, Dreadnought 26 Pre Show Match #2 Massive Thunder defeat Shining Force in 18:10. Rating 57 Hirose 57, Yatsuzawa 54, Kawagishi 52, Kikuchi 50 Main Show Match #1 Storm Spillane defeats Masashi Urogataya in 16:40. Rating 62 Spillane 56, Urogataya 52 Main Show Match #2 The Loyalists (Yoshizawa and Narahashi) defeat Gidayu Katou and Roku Satomura. Rating 49 Yoshizawa 49, Katou 48, Satomura 47, Narahashi 43. Literally everyone in this match was off there game except Roku, who doesn't matter. Main Show Match #3 Tatsuya Toshitaru and Marvel Malloy defeat Noritoshi Miura and Azumamaru Shimizu in 17:52. Rating 57 Toshitaru 60, Shimizu and Miura 49, Malloy 44. Match was too short and Tosh was off his game, but the 44 from Malloy is a "Huh?" rating. Main Show Match #4 Funkaoshi defeats Azumamaru Kita in 21:52. Rating 74 Funkaoshi 74, Kita 49. Funk has a big night planned at the big show, so I'm looking forward to this. Main Show Match #5 The Lions (Okamoto, Toshusai, Taku, Matsuhita) defeat Golden Domination (Perez, Miyake, Isono, and Diaz) in 19:32. Rating 69. Okamoto 75, Toshusai 67, Taku 62, Matsushita 62, Perez 62, Miyake 55, Diaz 39, Isono 35. Okamoto putting up casual 75's is huge, but that 67 from Tosh is worth noting too. Maybe he usurps to the secondary position in the Lions at this rate. Main Show Match #6 SUKI defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 21:48. Rating: 70 SUKI 69, Phoenix 52. Main Show Match #7 Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Kadonomaro Kamisaka in 22:58. Rating: 72 Furusawa 76, Kamisaka 48 Casual Furusawa dominates. Main Event. Winner is Next Challenger for Bundaruken Torii: Big Bruiser Findlay defeats Blast Ikoma in 23:53. Rating: 77 Findlay 70, Ikoma 66. Findlay gets a big title match before I write him off. Also, fucking nice on that 77 rating you too. Overall Rating: 70. That seems... low. I had 5 matches at 69 or higher. Why a 70? You are weird game.
  8. Also keep in mind Ali is sitting around doing not much until they decide he is. But yeah, average talent is super high... even if WWE Nakamura pretty much sucks.
  9. Shiga increases the psychology Amano and Kikuchi. Yay Shiga. BCG Champions Tour #6 in front of 635 people in Kyoto Pre Show Match #1 Yuta Isono and Felipe Caballero defeat Shuga Amano and Goro Hatamoto in 11:49. Rating 42 Caballero 47, Isono 36, Hatamoto 31, Amano 29 Pre Show Match #2 Devil Machines defeat Mitsukuri and Kinoshita in 12:13. Rating 49 Okimasa 54, Kinoshita & Mitsukuri 39, Avatar 38. We were really bad in this match. We also have the coldest momentum in the company. Oof. Main Show Match #1 Frankie Perez defeats Masashi Urogataya in 17:59. Rating 65 Perez 65, Urogataya 51. Perez is rock solid in TM. Main Show Match #2 The American Cobras defeat Freedom Force in 12:30. Rating 42 Spillane and Malloy 56, Laine 48, Americana 35. Americana got a bruised Kidney on a botch from Malloy, Laine and Storm were both off there game. Sooo that was bad. Main Show Match #3 Inejiro Yoshizawa defats Luke Pope in 13:45. Rating 51 Inejiro 47, Pope 43. They didn't click, the show of blah continues. Main Show Match #4 Golden Domination (Tatsuya Toshitaru and Giant Brody) defeat Massive Thunder in 19:35. Rating: 63 Yoshitaru 61, Hirose 55, Kawagishi 54, Brody 52. Yeah, I'm just about done with Brody. Main Show Match #5 The Lions (Big Bruiser Findlay, Tanyu Touhashi, Yoshinoru Taku, and Rokuemon Matsushita) defeat Azumamaru Kita, Animal Harker, and Kamisaka and Kitoyaka in 23:12. Rating 69 Findlay 70, Touhashi 66, Taku 65, Matsushita 62, Kita 53, Harker 52, Kamisaka 50, Kiyotaka 49. Main Show Match #6 Mabuchi Furusawa and SUKI defeat Shining Force in 22:59. Rating 76 Furusawa 78, SUKI 69, Matsuzawa 53, Kikuchi 51. Furusawa remains a king Main Event Razan Okamoto defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 24:08. Rating 77 Okamoto 77, Phoenix 56. As does Razan. Show Rating: 73.
  10. Racing is very dependant on who you play it with. I do some stunt races here and there, but it's just always is played with assholes who take you out constantly. The key is finding a crew, as Stout said. The racing mechanics in the game are actually pretty interesting overall, even if Rockstar themselves kinda make it difficult (Terrible classes, hiding mechanics like tire wear behind the blah Open Wheel Racing mode, that sorta stuff), but the content createors are constantly making awesome tracks. As for the second question, as someone who has 50 million dollars spent in GTA V..... I don't plan on leaving it unless they give you a HUGE bonus for doing so.
  11. Amusingly, I’m planning on joining Broughy’s crew for streams, as hes became one of my favorite content creators recently. I’ve literally been practicing gfreds for a while and am hoping to join his next Xbox stream. Not a threat to win, but I think I have a good shot at a top 10. That said, Stout if you wanna jump on for some racing, I’m always game. I literally just play GTA for the racing at this point, though I’m not particularly good at it.
  12. And of course, as I finish up tonight, we get a bomb dropped on us: Findlay is giving his notice and will be gone in 28 days. That is a gigantic void he's leaving as the real No.2 Player in the Lions.
  13. BCG Champions Tour #5, in front of 649 people in Osaka Pre Show Match #1 Felipe Caballero defeated James Diaz in 12:50. Rating 50 Caballero 50, Diaz 41. Caballero I think is a highway robbery of a signing. Once Yuri gets healthy, I plan on having them be the last members of the Golden Domination. Pre Show Match #2 Freedom Force defats Luke Pope and Dreadnaught In 12:05. Rating 47 Laine 50, Pope 49, Americana 41, Dreadnaught 25 Pre Show Match #3 Gidayu Katou defeats Omezo Shikitai in 13:19. Rating 50 Katou 49, Shikitai 43 Main Show Match #1 The Devil Machines defeat Kamisaka & Kiyotaka in 16:28. Rating: 56 Okimasa 55, Kamisaka 48, Kiyotaka 46, Avatar 44 Amusingly us and Okimasa are becoming a pretty good tag team. I'm trying to work us up a bit, because we have horrid momentum. But Okimasa in particular is rock solid right now. Main Show Match #2 Logan Wolfsbaine defeats Fujio Narahashi in 12:07. Rating 47. Wolfsbaine 52, Narahashi 40 I'm starting to doubt my choice of pushing Wolf so hard. He's still listed as unimportant. A quick drop of the tag titles might be in order. Main Show Match #3 Blast Ikoma defeats Noritoshi Miura in 21:38. Rating 65 Blast 65, Miura 48. Blast keeps being rock solid right now. Main Show Match #4 The Lions (Razan Okamoto and Big Bruiser Findlay) defeat Shining Force in 26:57. Rating: 73 Okamoto 74, Findlay 68, Kikuchi 52, Matsuzawa 51. Hoping Shining Force getting a good match here kinda raises there profile. They are actually the team I'd most like to get the tag belts. Main Show Match #5 Funkaoshi defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 23:05. Rating 73 Funkaoshi 73, Phoenix 50 Main Show Match #6 Golden Domination (Frankie Perez, Motoyuki Miyame, and newest member Tatsuya Toshitara) defeat The Lions (Rokuemon Matsushita, Yoshinaka Taku, and Tanyu Touhashi in 26:12. Rating 70 Touhashi 66, Perez 64, Toshitara 64, Taku 64, Matsushita 61, Miyake 54. And my big plan for Toshitara is complete. He feels like a great way to elevate Golden Domination, as he gives them a legitimate main event level player. Perez was close but not there yet. Main Event Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Inejiro Yoshizawa in 24:21. Rating: 81 (Score!) Furusawa 80, Yoshizawa 55. Furasawa plus good chemistry against literally anyone will probably get us an 80. Show Rating: 75. Feels like I got things going much smoother now.
  14. Aaaand back, forry for the delay. BCG Champions Tour #4, in front of 640 people in Kobe. Pre-Show Match #1 Golden Domination (Jamez Diaz & Yuta Isono) defeat Wataru Kikumoto and Shugu Amano in 11:31. Rating: 40 Diaz 40, Isono 38, Amano 33, Kikumoto 31 Pre-Show Match #2 Azumamaru Shimizu and Luke Pope defeat Noboyuki Kudo and Big Boss Emperor in 9:46. Rating 43 Shimizu 51, Pope 45, Emperor 26, Kudo 25 The youngens were a bad team and Pope was off his game, so even a 43 for this is solid. Pre-Show Match #3 Omezo Shikitei and Goro Hatamoto defeat Mitsukuri and Kinoshita in 12:21. Rating: 44 Shikitei 50, Mitsukuri 39, Kinoshita 34, Hatamto 27. Hatamoto off his game. Carried by Omezo Pre-Show Match #4 Freedom Force (Joffy Laine and Americana Jr) defeat Takenori Doi and Suguru Emoto in 10:10. Rating: 45 Laine 50, Americana 40, Doi 36, Emoto 31 Main Show Match #1 Golden Domination (Frankie Perez, Motoyuki Miyame, and Storm Spillane) defeat Akima Brave and Shining Force in 12:43. Rating 63 Perez 66, Spillane 56, Miyame 53, Kikuchi 53, Matsuzawa 50, Brave 46 Main Show Match #2 SUKI defeats Masashi Uruogataya in 20:37. Rating: 62 SUKI 61, Uruogataya 51 SUKI isn't good in technical masterclass. Good to know. Main Show Match #3 Tosh and Wolf defeated Animal Harker and Edo Phoenix IV in 13:53. Rating: 57 Tosh 65. Wolf 57, Phoenix 52, Harker 49 Main Show Match #4 The Lions (Big Bruiser Findlay and Yoshinaku Taki) defeats Kamisaki and Kitoyaki in 21:40. Rating: 69. Findlay 71, Taku 63, Kitoyaki 51, Kamisaki 49 Findlay was the casual 71 on a non big show. I kind of want to build to him vs. Torii at this point. Main Show Match #5 The Loyalists (Ikoma, Narahashi, and Yoshizawa) defeat Noritoshi Miura and Massive Thunder in 17:54. Rating 61. Blast 65, Hirose 55, Kawagishi 53, Miura 51, Yoshizawa 51, Narahashi 47. I'm warming on Blast. Been a rock solid upper midcard player for a while now. Main Show Match #6 Razan Okamoto defeats Marvel Malloy 23:36. Rating: 81 (Jesus!) Okatmoto 83 (I love you Razan), Malloy 57. Great Chemistry gives us the best match on the tour. Main Event Bundaruken Torii defeats Gidayu Katou in 20:33. Rating: 77. (Just all casual like) Torii 78, Katou 55. No chemistry here, just Torii doing Torii things. Show Rating: 76. I've been trying to play the Narrative game, but just tossing Torii, Okatmoto, or Furusawa against random midcarders in main events can lead to consistant shows in the 70's.
  15. I am one of those dudes who miss the chain wrestling shit from the early to mid 2000's and view it as a giant improvement over what the fuck ever passes as normal now a days. That said I never liked Alex Shelley in that era, or Chris Hero, who felt like they would transition to and back from moves for no rhyme or reason what so ever. Henry and Sid do rule though.
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