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  1. Fuck Justin Fields Heisman Candidacy, attend my Michael Penix Heisman Winner Ted Talk. Win or lose, god do I love that Indiana football team
  2. It’s pretty common in the discussions I usually had to declare WWE from the day after Mania 29 all the way to Mania 30 the best overall year in the company’s history, and I’ve yet to see a real counter argument against it that didn’t involve drawing. Great wrestling? You bet, Bryan’s big matches were great, The Shield six mans were a formula that never stopped being amazing, Orion-Christian feud is amazing, Punk/Lesnar happens, the tag scene was truest super hot with the Shield, Usos, Real Americans, and Rhodes Brothers with some great stuff, and Cesaro is amazing in the midcard.
  3. Basically this. I also think the sad truth is I think Bray is a fantastic brawler in the limited times we’ve seen it, but WWE brawling in the modern era is just setting up garbage spots and it fucking sucks.
  4. Just gonna talk about the main event, because being legit I couldn't give half a shit about anything about Omega & Young Bucks related at this point. I'm here for Eddie Kingston. The main event brawl was everything I wish more wrestling was like now a days. It was a BRAWL. It was hate filled, it wasn't them just trying to set up spots constantly, and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. And unlike when Orange lost the first match to Jericho and I was pissy about it, I have complete confidence that all Kingston needs to be the most over guy on any given week is one good promo.
  5. All this debate on Michigan and I’m just prepping for TOP 10 INDIANA MOTHER FUCKERS
  6. I mean, is he wrong? There are no DQ's in triple threat matches. What is the ref gonna do?
  7. I’m just pleased Spider-Verse got here. It felt like it would, and it is easily the best super hero movie made this decade to me. But I was worried after the giant Marvel drop there were just too many anti-Superhero movie folks for it to break this high. But top 10 is a pretty incredible achievement for an animated super hero movie, even if it was the best animated movie of the decade.
  8. Super interesting that Ragnarok is gonna finish as the top Marvel movie (I don’t think any of the others stand a chance to surpass any of the last 5 or 6 mentioned unless someone is much higher on the Ant-Man franchise then I thought.), and I think it’s pretty likely none finish in the top 20 now. Legit wouldn’t surprise me if Thor is next. It has made me much less optimistic about Spiderverses chance though. I’m questing if even top 10 will go down.
  9. As an IU fan let me just say: hahahahahagagahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA Go fuck yourself Penn State.
  10. Kinda awkward when my best friend is a Leafs fan and my least favorite team is “Whatever team Joe Thornton is on”
  11. Since this is still early access I’ll count this as Upcoming? If anyone wants to move it to current, that’s fine. But Baldur’s Gate 3 is my jam. It’s like if Baldur’s Gate 2 and Dragon Age Origins had a baby, that somehow ended up turn based. If that sounds like your jam, get pumped.
  12. for the record, I hate it for a multitude of reasons.
  13. I’m cool with random issues, can send feedback to the devs, who I trust. I’m gonna jump into single player tonight, and after that run would be up for a multiplayer run through for the early game.
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