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  1. It is a work, he has said more than once that he will never retire and plans to wrestle until he’s 70 years old and that he doesn’t want to have a retirement match. Also, how much time Tony will have to add to his contract after he has missed all that time because of injuries? I think he plans to be more of a part time wrestler, which is basically what he is now. Maybe he’ll do 15 or 20 matches a year, who knows, but he will not retire and I’m sure Tony wants to keep him in AEW in some capacity. It’s funny how wrestlers talk about wanting to be home more often, maybe it is because they have never had a real job in their life, but they work like 1 day a week (+ 1 or 2 if you count travelling), they can spend more time with their children than anyone who has a regular office job.
  2. We will see tonight on Dynamite, but if he is not ready to wrestle at FD it would be terrible if AEW made him appear days before the PPV to say that he has not been cleared and that he will not be competing for quite a while. That's one of the reasons that makes me optimistic, they can't be that stupid, right? It's like "hey, we planned to do Danielson vs Sabre but you are not going to have it! And rembember, order the PPV this sunday!"
  3. I'm also worried about Danielson, but I want to think that if he wasn't ready to wrestle at Forbidden Door, Zack Sabre wouldn't have challenged him to a match.
  4. Danielson should be in for a big match at this event, one of the reasons he signed with AEW was to wrestle in Japan and against the NJPW guys. It would be stupid to have him stuck in a trios match when Tony had him face Suzuki in a Youtube match months ago. Like, it doesn't make sense to me that you book a DREAM match for youtube and then, in the biggest event of the year, you put him in a trios match. When he was asked about his preferences a few days ago, he named a bunch of guys like Okada, Tanahashi, Saber, Ospreay, Shibata and Ishii. I doubt that he wants to be in any Tag or Trios match, he is the best wrestler in the world and this is a historic event. I would love to see Danielson vs. Shibata, but given the circumstances, I think it will be Danielson vs. Sabre. I agree that they can do the matchagainst Okada at WrestleKingdom at some point, especially if he makes it to G1 this year and wins it. Tanahashi is the perfect opponent for Punk and I understand why they are going to do the Okada vs. Page match, at the end of the day, they're the two young aces for each company and Hangman needs to do something relevant after losing the title.
  5. Let me say this and I'll go. No one freely signs a contract, in capitalist conditions there are always relations of domination and oppression. People sell their labor power because they need to cover their basic needs, thus becoming part-time slaves. I think Sasha has always been seen as someone who is injury prone and can't be counted on long term plans.
  6. It is a bad decision to have signed Bryan to a three-year contract and have him fight in trios or in a tag team with Mox. The idea of the stable is cool, but they should do their thing individually while they are protecting each others back. Hangman vs Punk, Rosa vs Deeb and MJF vs Wardlow are the only matches that I'm sure are happening at the PPV.
  7. If the card is full of tag and trios matches, it will be a big disappointment. It will be the biggest show in AEW's short history in terms of attendance, and after all the buzz created, they need to live up to the hype. Punk and Danielson need to be in singles matches against the likes of Tanahashi, Okada, Ibushi, ¿Shibata?, ZSJ, Shingo, KENTA... For example, it doesn't make any sense that they are giving away matches like Danielson vs Suzuki or Moxley vs Suzuki on TV (or Youtube), and in the PPV they book a trios match for the BCC, that would be a disaster.
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