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  1. No way. He's on a weekly show that gets up to 1 mil viewers running for less than a year with a very defined niche audience, having been off any legitimate form of American television for years prior to that. This appearance is definitely a coup for him.
  2. Not that there's something wrong with you, but yeah, its incredibly smalltime and early-10s TNAish to trot new arrivals out in that manner. There's no greater way to ensure you one keeps living in another's shadow than to frequently reference it. I believe "rent free" is the term?
  3. Triple H and the general programming / storylines were exceptional in 2000 - especially first part of the year. AEW wishes on a star they could capture that lightning in a bottle. To be honest don't even see much comparison in the MJF approach & Triple H's. For one Triple H had about 4 inches & 20 kgs on him -- their promo style is also very different. Don't really know who of times-past MJF would be a comparison to .. I've mentioned early-Angle on here before, he's a different character of course but maybe his pomposity/physicality is more suited there. Bit of a tricky route for
  4. Out of curiosity does anyone remember where peak Impact would place in the evening rankings when they were hitting 1 mil + numbers? Would be interested to know if AEW outperforms them relative to rankings on the evening (in pure numerical terms they are lower, right?).
  5. Not really. The Brodie/Cody skit could be explained as Cody being used to running over the amateur talents he was facing in his weekly challenge, becoming "complacent", then being utterly wrecked when contending with a serious foe who he tried to meet head-on. Brodie didn't really psychologically defeat Cody and Cody's gameplan wasn't psychologically based, Brodie just ran him over when Cody attempted a battle of brawn. If the same style of match played out with MJF/Moxley then it could be a story of MJF's psychological mind-games not being enough to elevate him to that top eschelon. Whic
  6. I don't think it needs to be an either/or scenario but its more the idea of one of the bosses being written as valiant all conquering hero. For that to happen it has to be at someone else's expense, who wouldnt be one of the bosses. If he was just a standard talent it'd sit fine and perhaps the thing to do is watch it ignoring the influence he holds over production of the show. But hey this is all way down the line anyway so let's see how they play it.
  7. Yeah. They made a point of showing Cody go straight to Brodie at the beginning of the bout, playing into his hands. Presumably next time he will stick-and-move. The storyline can play out well independently but if the EVP of the company and presumably total wrestling mark (I mean, that's the vibe he has always given off, and why wouldn't he given how submerged in the industry his family is? Its completely understandable) writes himself as a Rocky Balboa-esque character then it would be incredibly, incredibly trite & hackneyed. I really hope they take it in another direction.
  8. Funny you mention that, as I was watching a few WCW PPVs from that late 97/early 98 period and yeah its exactly what came to mind as DO done well - at least in its creative essence. Flock was pretty serious & very understated at the beginning with Raven as the stoic observer in the crowd then leaping the rail to get shit done, it just fell by the wayside further along with some dubious or under-developed talent involved. DO will never be an NWO but if they capture that grungey, cunning violence sans silliness then it can be v effective of course.
  9. Agreed. If they take this down the sympathetic route I think its a really bad move. But there's lots of other interesting ways to go with this. NWO worked (decades ago) because it was cocaine-cool with Hogan/Rodman/Voodoo Child/Outsiders etc. DO most definitely is not that but can work in its own way if this signals a cut away from the silliness.
  10. He seems to look a little younger at least since returning (no longer 35-going-on-50), but yeah QT Marshall especially should not be on TV with the options they have, nor Dustin either. There was a segment at the beginning of the match where Luchas were delivering chops to QT on the outside and he looked best-described as if someone was shining a very weak torch in his eyes. Very odd work. They really do love huge stables on AEW .. not sure why B&Blade need to be added too when Luchas Bros/Kingston is ample (actually thought Kingston was coming out to help them beat down B&Blade) but s
  11. If DO evolved into a genuinely vicious & violent mob of social undesirables it'd probably ride OK. Having a bunch of middled aged dudes goof around in cosplay, not so much. I remember being a kid & genuinely being sickened by RTC and how it felt they could take down even top-card stars by sheer numbers .. take it in that direction. Yeah Starks is great. Given how awkward so many look when they've got spotlight on them as singles-stars he really shines for his poise and how totally chill he is. Also Lee should just keep that jacknife as a finisher and complete the transition i
  12. Dark Order summons the Carniest-of-Carny from the wrestling world. The aesthetics of the costumes; the age & physical appearance of the members; the halted, “everybody shout!” nature of the mic work; the cult-oriented storyline itself. If the plan is to introduce the product to a new detached audience segment of mostly-males who do not watch wrestling typically then there are far younger, more athletic, immediately accessible stars & storylines to elevate.
  13. Your opinions are typically wildly off base but you are always very eager to speak anyway, so I am not too surprised you do not understand the point.
  14. Yeah I hope so. As you say, its certainly a good opportunity. I hope they lead with their best foot forward; shows have been a bit polarized of late, hopefully we & they get one of the good ones.
  15. A twisted irony w. given DC is an absolute devil for eye pokes - has given way more than he's gotten back. Stipe owed him one (or several).
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