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  1. Posted previously that Black needs to get away from Cody ASAP in the booking before Cody takes his win back. The fact that they are running this back so quickly should hopefully mean a swerve on the play they pulled on Brodie Lee, where Cody completely took his legs out from underneath him in one of the worst booking decisions they've had, and that instead Malakai takes a 3rd victory here. That's what should happen, let's see what does happen.
  2. Painmaker Jericho looks like he got drunk, passed out on Bourbon Street & a motley crew of kids and harpees took to his face with mascara and eye liner pens. Turning to fact the camera with that look was not quite like the Many Faces of Foley or Foley walking down the ramp unbuttoning to his Cactus attire ..
  3. Half in jest. Creative-control is the only plausible explanation for the direction they have taken much of the angles Jericho has been involved with in.
  4. Danielson is a very chill guy. Comes across very sincerely & entirely without drama. Will be interesting to see how they position him if/when they put the belt on Page.
  5. Because they gave too much creative-control to Jericho when they signed him, hence that which has followed for much of the past 12-18ish months.
  6. Promo package for Sydal / Punk was very, very good. One of the best they’ve ran. Made what to all intents and purposes would seem to be a jobber in AEW a legit “junior heavyweight” contender who has walked much the same path as Punk without being in the spotlight. That’s how you give rub to your mid-to-low card without diminishing top of the card talent. With this, Danielson/Suzuki, Lambert & the ATT stuff they’ve made a strong move back to the “sports-based presentation” element, which is good. Santa & Ortiz running off a collection of the most brutal human beings that live on the planet was silly (they need to come with weapons as equalisers), but otherwise all good. You can’t put pro wrestlers over MMA heavyweight champions clean - that is silly. However incorporate tables, weapons etc into it and you make PW appear hardcore bad ass in its own way, and it’s a legitimate and convincing/believable win/win from every perspective.
  7. Diminishing returns. Beating Cargill now ultimately means nothing, because ultimately she has achieved nothing. Equivalent to beating an undefeated boxer who has ran through cans - they are not memorable. As yet, Cargill has proven nothing narratively of substance, because she quite literally has won no prize-fight championships. Cargill doesn't need to be in the tournament: if she is, it should be Lesnar KOTR 02 territory. 'Revenge runs' are most effective where the runner is recovering a prize .. in real world terms think Fury coming back after his own self-exile / deterioration following the Klitschko bout. For PW equivalents look at the runs of Lesnar/Goldberg .. and what they demonstratively achieved before going down. Whether Cargill is deserving of such a push is a different conversation point, but if that is the direction they want to lead with her as the aesthetic monster of the division you let her achieve something before she goes down. Her persona & presentation at the moment is not one that needs a fire lit under her ass; that is not how she is presented. If she takes the prize then becomes complacent (eases on training / toys too much in bouts etc), then you switch the presentation that way, have the prize snatched, and lead her on a re-building journey.
  8. Cargilll loses and she becomes just another number. Do not do that until she eventually loses a Championship bout one day.
  9. Team Tazz should have been put in the dumpster a long, long, long time ago. Starks better solo: comes off as a carny in that group.
  10. Better. Fury / Wilder are far superior to the fighters AJ & Klitschko were then. Warriors.
  11. No one ever leaves, more people just join the party. That's the trick. They could do with culling about a dozen names. EDIT: One thing that stands out from that Hangman photo, and the other comment above, is how male-dominated the audience is. I don't think this is a figment of imagination and admittedly its going back a decade or two ago, but feel like there used to be a fair amount of girls/women in WWE audiences (def. in the 90s WCW audiences, esp at those beach / spring break promotion shows etc.). Is AEW particularly male-dominated or is that just where all PW is at nowadays?
  12. As an aside Fat Fifty Year old Jericho pouring out of his jeans as he dispatches a former UFC HW champion is so inane. He's going to be 60 and still on this card somehow. MJF should have sent him riding off into the sunset. What a waste of such a potentially interesting angle with all of these noteworthy former UFC stars they have on the show right now. A very sad waste.
  13. Yeah - this was a bit deflating. Watched the bout on replay - huge pop for Page, but clearing the ring becomes inconsequential when it has no impact on exits from the match. The spots were nicely done here: Hardy really was the odd one out, some peak mid-card guy a decade past his best lumbering around with his sad act. Nice to see Pac & Andrade in main event spots. OC too to be honest. They've improved the attires immeasurably over the past 12 months; production is generally good, but having that huge plastic chip as a prize suspended across the ring is slapstick stuff. At least make it metallic and gold or something. RE: Cody - people probably dislike him because his act is lame. Its lame to the crowd all away around: from those who like the gimp mask stuff on one polar-end of the card through to the MJF/Danielson esque fans at the total other end. He should have been forced into a heel turn a year ago, which is his natural territory and which (like the Bucks) he would actually be effective at. The Bucks understood their face stuff was lame & world-weary; for whatever reason, he has not. Its a shame really as he should be like a superior-MJF character. Women's mid-card Championship a good idea. Good platform for likes of Tay Conti, Jamie Hayter etc. The 3-man title is the last thing they need right now: more chaotic spot-fest stuff at a time where they should really calm the tempo down a bit now they've had so many new additions. This actually grows the structure of the women's side of things - which is good. I've said that really they should have kept the TNT on Miro and run him Goldberg-style into a title unification program down the road (not necessarily winning); they could run Jade similarly here. Lot's of ways to go. They're running the grumpy-old-man stuff on Punk a little too much for my liking. Would be good to see him just inject himself randomly into the Main Event scene from time to time (even if its Stone Cold Stunner-ing then exit style of things) to remind the audience of his physicality & that he's top draw: running him against the lower-card kids while sticking him on commentary routinely does diminish his status a bit IMO.
  14. Hey man - you’re right, it’s totally normal to have an anon online internet persona where you presumptuously throw shade at a variety of theatrical performers you know nothing about as being racist / misogynist / insert-other-weird-obsession-of-the-day (presumption of sexual arousal from gun violence ?! New one!). Keep at it, star ️
  15. Hey man - the virtue signallers gotta signal
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