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  1. He teed up whoever was going to come after his to deal with a completely disenfranchised core fan base, and a wholly non-plussed general public, as reflected in the tepid anticipation of the 3rd instalment. Predictably, audience scores are trending much higher than TLJ & critic reception. One would think that — sooner or later — it would sink in with some that the wider public do not yearn for “subversion” in every area of life and culture. The desperation to subvert & ‘tell another story’ with TLJ should have manifested itself in a wholly different film series rather than to manipulate a much-loved piece of culture to the point it was trying to masquerade as something else entirely.
  2. Expansive; operatic; epic. No desire to boil feats down to science nor cast a cynical, adult eye over fantasy-heroes. This one was superb and, of the 3, the truest to the ethos of the originals. That is to say, outlandish, colourful & immensely optimistic in its outlook. I imagine that despite the critical reviews (which influenced my own extreme misgivings - see previous post) this one will be popular with the core fans who dismissed the second. How unfortunate the second was such an immense botch job.
  3. The apathy comes precisely from TLJ. That film generated precisely no excitement in what could come next. It lay the way for this complete damp squib of an ending. The originals evoked love; the prequels generally loathing. In 10, 15 years time the legacy of this trilogy will be complete apathy.
  4. There's a certain twisted irony that a book series where writing began almost 3 decades ago with absolutely no end in sight will be given a hamfisted resolution constructed over a few hours of television. Akin to a Swiss watch finely tuned over many years, only for the final finish to be delivered with a hammer.
  5. That would have been cool. In hindsight Arya had lots of tools in her box to be the heroine in this circumstance - they just executed it in a really sloppy way. I was really hoping/expecting that one of the final episodes would be flashback based giving the NK and that whole historical period a big twist. Shame that didn't happen. For all the graphics of the iron throne being positioned in winters thrall during previous seasons, that never happened either. Winter never even reached the capital: it's still tropical there! The real characters to have died a death during the transition from book to TV are the clever complex ones like Tyrion & Varys. These TV writers can't deal in shades of subtlety; if they could, they'd be writers devoted to award winning long form too. It sounds like filming for this was really arduous (I read Something about 60 days filming in sub 0 temperatures). Without the books to film to, somewhere along the way they just fucked it up
  6. 1: Who will be sitting the Iron Throne at the end of the final episode? No-one. Throne destroyed/obsolete 2: Five (or fewer) name characters who will still be alive* at the end of the final episode. Tyrion, Arya, Gendry, Sansa, Sam Tarly 3: Who will be the first major character to die this season? Grey Worm 4: Who will be the final major on screen death in the last episode? Jon Snow
  7. TLJ absolutely sucked. Run with it, JJ.
  8. Sad to see Cain exposed like that. When half of a 6 man PPV main event consists of middle aged men and a TNA X Division roster of almost a decade ago however, I think anything other than his warmed up corpse would probably be useful to WWE.
  9. Well, they've done an awful job with the second film and a mediocre/mildly good job with the first, so it's no surprise audiences are non-plussed for the conclusion. Likely to be the most forgettable of the 3 trilogies -- 0 standout "cinema legacy" moments to date.
  10. The judge who had the card weighted to Wilder — that’s corruption pure and simple. There is no earthly explanation for that card.
  11. Really hope Fury wins this. Think he will. He’s only 30, and has never taken much damage, so the idea he is past it should not come to bear. He’s 3 years the younger man. Whether the drugs & alcohol have a lasting effect is a different question ... but he looks in good shape, and is a more talented boxer than Wilder with — I think — more pedigree. Surprised that Wilder took this fight. Should be a good contest.
  12. I took too long to start the game, so he quit on me. Your approach sounds more productive. RE: bayou comments from earlier — the random interaction activity with the homeless hick whose property you have to reclaim from True Detective style, machete wielding “night folk” is a pretty damn spooky one. Don’t do it in the dark.
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