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  1. When the comment is "you want it to be like WWE; there is no success in trying to be like WWE", I mean .. what epoch are we talking about? This is not a 'WWE' thing - it is a 'product defining popular culture' thing. In the US the WWF/E variously had that magic touch over different generations, WCW had it through a couple of generations. It is sentiment rather than promotion based. Should AEW try to ape WWE now? Well, given WWE is certainly quantatively & arguably qualatively at its lowest ebb with some episodes drawing the lowest ratings in history, yeah, it makes sense not to try and rep
  2. @Godfrey exactly my sentiment. RE: @MrKothoga - I get that, and the best equivalent high-performing portrayal I can think of would be Kurt Angle's "Wrestling Machine" early/mid 2000s schtick. A kind of psychotic, high performing goofball who plays the comedy spots but demolishes in-ring & has complete superstar status. Omega's portrayal at the moment, I feel, is very low-end on where it can be. Too flat. Raise the stakes. Have him hurt & show up inferior opponents. If they want to glamourise / sexualise his entrance, then really go for it. A halfway house is always dull. Shoot for the
  3. Yeah - personally I think they give too much. Back in the day late 90s / early 00s I remember the incredible impact of Jericho beating Hall, or Jeff Hardy taking one against Triple H // going competitively vsUndertaker, or even Helms vs Rock because these were otherwise untouchable guys who physically/verbally mocked vast majority of the roster. There are a few for whom AEW need to cultivate a similar level of superstardom / intensity. The Omega 3-man tag this week, for example, was I think too competitive given the opponents.
  4. I think they really need to start setting some battle lines here where jobbers are concerned. Kip really shouldn be on the show; he is pretty close to the bottom of a long roster list in pretty much all aspects of talent / exposure. Being a sacrificial lamb to get Miro really over is probably the best use, if that's the way the angle is headed. If its not .. well, again I'm not sure why he has airtime given other talent at disposal. AEW has a tendency to be too democratic; what probably goes under the radar a bit w/ peak WWE/F & WCW is how proficient they were at leveraging low/mid ca
  5. Ok didn’t know that, but makes sense. Not sure how they conclude the angle then. Let’s see.
  6. Side note: Miro is really growing into his character now. Pivotal month for him; if he dispenses of Kip early Feb & steals the girl (how else should that angle run?), there should be a clear path for him from there towards top solo monster-heel in the company.
  7. Cargill has insane charisma/presence but god knows what's up with that weird angle she's in. She actually dwarfs Cody from certain angles; keep her separate from the women's division in an early-days Chyna style enforcer role. She's above it. Marko Stunt, leading on from the comments at head of page, is kind of like a lame, politically-correct version of Spike Dudley .. except Spike would probably tower over him. Having him in a legit tag bout trading blows w/ FTR is just silly. Keep him as comedic 3rd man generating cheap pops but don't diminish the talent we're expected to consider comp
  8. Memorial Tournament is a fine idea, but bit vulgar/ unnecessary to dictate it by size. There really should be some sort of tangible prize at the end too (No. 1 Contendorship for example). Problem is they’ve ran a lot of such tournaments recently. Perhaps craft it into a PPV / Special a la old King of The Ring.
  9. I think AEW has some superb faces (Mox; Darby; Page - Sting if only for nostalgia) but a lot of mediocre heels. Omega, MJF .. get past that and it starts getting real light. Kingston maybe (if anyone really considers him a heel?). Team Taz has just kind of hung around occupying airtime with no direction for months & months now it feels. DO had big heel potential when they destroyed Rhodes et al months ago but if anything have transitioned more towards faces ever since then. So feels like there’s room for top heels still. Like The Acclaimed in the New Age Outlaws style cartoony heel role.
  10. Cody should be an excellent heel. Veneer of sleekness, dyed blonde hair, narcissistic entrances & wardrobe choices that feel authentic and organic, a seemingly-rebellious attitude that is really underpinned by a desire to be loved / vindicated (“wrestling has more than one Royal Family”). Positioning himself as a heel-talent that has garnered more mainstream exposure than the rest of the talent combined in 2020 + with the genetic pedigree that much of the young / 1st gen indie-riffic roster could only dream of is material that should write itself. Really missing the boat on that character.
  11. Funny that all of the EVPs (Cody, Bucks, Omega .. am I missing any?) feel like they would be immensely better heels than faces. There’s a sort of cringe worthy earnestness that is perfectly suited. Can’t stand Bucks as face team but think they can work the heel dynamic very well. Has room to be the most effective faction AEW have done so far imo (and there have been a lot of factions).
  12. Yes Rock was a lazy comparison on my behalf as it was the first name that came to mind who was a peer at peak & is roughly same age. To mention other contemporary examples grouped in his category of superstardom, Jericho is same age as Goldberg when he had his SS Lesnar bout .. or 'Taker when he met Lesnar at WM. My general point is that he is doing himself a disservice performing in this sort of condition; I agree that there is probably a lazy acceptance wrt a few other low-rent performers on the roster that it goes accepted or unmentioned. With the great depth of the roster there's no ex
  13. Acclaimed are great. Infinitely more fun than most of the vanilla, forgettable teams w/ zero individualism/charisma. Little bit of the dorky Edge & Christian vibe to them -- take themselves a lot less seriously than the Cena-rapper schtick & more fun to it. Super high ceiling to those dudes (on the subject of too many convoluted / flippy finishers, also nice to see them with the old HBK/Macho elbow from the top).
  14. Love Jericho & his many evolutions over the years (decades), but the shape he's in is pretty disgraceful at the moment. He's a highly paid athlete, a marquee star, and looks like he's just rolled out of a several month booze-binge. I get that he's 50, but he's roughly the same age as The Rock & was more agile as an athlete than The Rock when competing as a peer, but look at that difference in physique between the two now. Someone can put me right with some examples, but can you imagine prime authoritarian-Vince allowing marquee stars to deteriorate & roll out like that? If so, who?
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