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  1. Great finish to the opening tag. Very nice shit eating grin from Nick Jackson. Young Bucks 'face' work had been so lame for so long; enjoyed the BTE promo w/ Omega and while these outfits are clearly designed to be OTT they still look so much better than that 80s-tassle cosplay. Headbands with a Burning Man/Mykonos kind of vibe. Look forward to seeing them more in this role. Had said last week that this week looks to be lined up nicely with lots of the "new guard" in action. Darby & Cargill both mega-money; Darby especially keeps ascending to bonafide draw. Fenix stud. Ogogo was great
  2. Superb numbers. AEW & NXT both got a very nice boon. Be interesting to see retention.
  3. Omega has a really nice easy, calm, funny manner when hosting the Games show. Seems a bit awkward-in-his-own-skin when he's hamming it up on Dynamite. Be nice if he could capture that vibe.
  4. Hey, if you want to be aggressive/passive-aggressive towards other comments when you write, be prepared to be brought up on it. There are plenty of compliments I’ve paid to AEW since inception and would love for the product to be good across the board. There’s also been an awful amount of dirge and deterioration, reflected in dramatic viewing figure drop offs. Can ignore it, or highlight it. Caught some of last night; will catch up on rest later.
  5. Yeah .. I think you’ll find I wrote that it wouldn’t be a clean finish. And - surprise, surprise - I was right, it wasn’t a clean finish with the distraction on apron. But kudos for thinking not jobbing one half of your GOAT-proposed tag team in both of his calendar-year singles bouts is more contrary to “the common tropes of wrestling and logical booking” then, say, people being thrown into pools of mimosas or having people sacrificially dive onto each other as if they’re at the Somme while birthday candles sparkle around them ...
  6. Sure - but Jungle Boy & Jericho aren't the world title holder, so its a bit far from competing against prime Flair. So we end up with the narrative here of ... you need to believe us when we tell you this team are incredible & intimidating & aspiring to GOAT level .. but we'll also job them out as singles whenever they compete. So perhaps the real narrative is that tag teams are just for losers who can't cut it at mid-card level in singles? Not sure. Depends how they want to position the threat-level of their tag division (Hardys would be routinely destroyed at singles level in ear
  7. Highly relevant. You do not cultivate an aura of top-of-the-card team greatness by neutering a 2-man team at the singles level. Especially when, as noted above, the same team member also ate a loss cleanly in his very most recent singles appearance. I'll assume therefore this doesn't end cleanly.
  8. He serves a purpose so long as they don’t try to project all members as being of equal threat level. NWO also worked quite well because they clearly tiered who the threats were and who the hangers-on/jobbers were.
  9. To be fair it does caveat with “in AEW”. Bit of a strange match up. Should really be a one sided squash to get a resurgent Jericho over .. but that does nothing for FTR. Could have done with either Jericho squashing the weakest of the group (Spears?), or Sammy in ring with Jericho ringside. Let’s see how it goes!
  10. Caught the Riddle/Lashley YT highlights -- didn't watch the show. Really nice dominant finish (and performance generally) for Lashley there. Riddle ridiculously athletic too. Wouldn't be too surprised if they cycle round to Lashley/Reigns somehow while both have the belts.
  11. Yeah .. it’s not a dumb point at all, it’s a very good one. You also charge ticket prices equivalent to demand. Romans-Rock hypercharges demand .. and therefore hypercharges prices and hypercharges revenue. Of course promoting marquee, era-defining bouts matters. It’s the very name of the game.
  12. Riddle/Seamus hard-hitting fun. Big E entrance was great; Wale knocked it out the park. Enjoyed the Triple Threat a lot. Problem with the ending is that while Roman is, rightly, established as the dominant left standing, he achieved it more through a blend of Edge & Uso's work than his own. That would have been far sweeter had he found a way to resist the Edge chair-shot himself, and then put down some (dimly) resurrgent Bryan for the double-pin. As is, it remains a cool visual, but gets him over far less.
  13. History will look back upon the decision to make active-talent who have never drawn a dime on US television EVPs of a multi, multi million $ investment with creative-control of the product a decision as commercially ludicrous as anything late-era WCW came up with.
  14. Well Breaking Bad was written/created by multiple Emmy & Writers Guild Award winning Vince Gilligan whereas AEW is headed by a finance grad from University of Illinois with a background working in analytics for his dad's ventures, so there's that too .. ultimately it comes back to the same point, which is they need a better writer/editor onboard to tighten this shit up fundamentally, far beyond any questions of should & how do they incorporate episode recaps/season breaks/material from YouTube supplementary shows etc ..
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