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  1. I can't watch the video with sound right now. Are all three in 2025? Edit: Oh, it's Rumble 2025, then "future" WM and SS. I'm guessing someone showed them how positively Indy's hosting of a Super Bowl went, and they got on board.
  2. I'm wearing a Roots of Fight Bret Hart t-shirt AND socks at work today. Casual Friday FTW! @The Natural would be proud.
  3. Between that and rumors of Mania going to Nashville, I'm going to end up having to take the boy to a WWE PPV. Dammit.
  4. Man, an extra "fuck you" to the people that want to wash that stuff out of our country's history. Kids (and adults, of course) need to hear these kinds of first-hand accounts. They need to see that those sorts of things didn't magically go away with the Civil Rights Act. They need to see that those kinds of things still happen today. That's powerful.
  5. The thought entered my head when he won this week. With him being gone for long stretches of time, it's easy to forget that TK has always positioned him as one of his top guys.
  6. No. I’m quite enjoying Vince-free pro wrestling.
  7. Not to speak for the poster who brought up the original question, but I think they were talking about touring matches. That's different than a feud that goes on for a while.
  8. Shane O = Wild Card who faces Jarrett in the Owen cup. He goes on to win the whole thing and takes the title off Osprey at All In. But really that "news" is just further proof we need an eye-roll emoji.
  9. Still looking for that job that will pay me millions of dollars to stop doing it and go away.
  10. I mean, kind of appropriate that the media would get that wrong about Chomsky, right?
  11. It must suck to be that much of a joyless prick. Like, you see this silly thing that's not hurting anyone and people are having fun with it and you get mad about it? I don't know if it's worse if he genuinely feels that way or if he is doing it to be contrary on his show.
  12. They just had a Masters of the Universe one, too.
  13. They really nailed the street fight outfits in the Deonna/Thunder match. I think I've actually seen two women wearing those exact clothes fight in a bar before.
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