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  1. Brock is also a guy who sees wrestling as his job. It’s not his childhood dream or whatever. He tries to make his situation/pay the best he can get. Good for him. It’s an industry that chews people up and spits them out. If you can get your’s while you can, good for you.
  2. Yeah, it was shitty of Liger to do that.
  3. I remember a few years back someone pointing out that real progress isn't having a face with an LGBTQ+ gimmick, it's having an LGBTQ+ wrestler that doesn't have that as their gimmick. I think Nyla's a good example of that. And, yes, I also shudder to think what WWE would do with her.
  4. They were innovators who paved the way for the Women's Revolution!
  5. And it had the unintended consequence of allowing Hogan to claim Andre was going to shoot on him for many years afterward.
  6. It helps that Riddle is infinitely more likable than Graves. Then again, there are some less-lethal forms of cancer that are more likable than Graves.
  7. When Cody was taking his lashes and Brandi came down, I was expecting her to get in the ring and beg MJF to stop. I loved that instead, she went to Cody and told him, "You can do this!" It's a little thing, but it made the whole segment that much better. She knows how much it means to him to get his hands on MJF, and she isn't going to mess that up.
  8. Rev Pro has Osprey vs Sabre AND LA PARK VS EDDIE FUCKING KINGSTON!!!! on Feb 14. if my wife really loves me, she buy me a plane ticket for Valentines Day.
  9. "I should bury you where you stand!" just sticks out as so awesome in a world where most promos are about how they hope they have the best match for the fans or how they're going to steal the show or whatever bullshit.
  10. It says so right at the start of the show!
  11. The moment Vince dies, six druids in black robes will appear. They will carry his corpse into the secret chamber and hook him up to an apparatus much like Emperor Palpatine's in Rise of Skywalker. He will continue to rule...er...lead his company from beyond the grave!
  12. Saw Oliver Luck doing something press for the XFL today. Forgot that he’s the commissioner. So, there has to be a conspiracy theory out there that Andrew’s retirement was an elaborate ruse to get out of his contract to go play in his dad’s league, right?
  13. Sorry that doesn't work out using WWE Math. Goldberg = Wrestler who became popular in the 90's (X) Fiend = Current Superstar (Y) In WWE Math: X > Y. This is ALWAYS true. It never varies.
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