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  1. I first saw that as “ROIDS...OR ELSE”. Still works.
  2. What’s that all about?
  3. Probably only got a 2-count. SMH

    To add to the post above: Wayans apparently still gets royalties from Returns and Forever. He was cast in Returns by Burton, but the character was cut. I guess he’d signed a contract or something and gets paid for it. Also, Burton wanted Brad Dourif for Scarecrow, which is awesome.
  5. Todd Morton is very awesome.
  6. “Macho Warrior” Ric Hogan is my favorite.

    Wasn’t Rollins the first NXT champ?
  8. Who’s Hansen’s partner there?
  9. He put on a ton of weight when his brother locked him up and started feeding him people.
  10. A friend of mine actually stitched him up that night. She was a nursing student and got to meet Michaels, HHH and Chyna. She said Chyna was super-nice to them.
  11. KANE running for MAYOR in TENNESSEE

    Thanks. Here in Kentucky, counties have a judge executive which is the same position.
  12. KANE running for MAYOR in TENNESSEE

    I’m confused. Counties in Tennessee have mayors?
  13. Raw Is Ask Alex Riley - 9/18/2017

    Alex Riley slept with Liberty Belle, so he's alright in my book.
  14. Wrestling What Ifs

    LOL at "Five-knuckle Ickey Shuffle"!
  15. I used to have a bandana with that True Grit image on it. Got it at a house show in Carbondale, IL. Actually got to meet Flair afterwards. A car pulled up for him, he walked out and got some clothes out of the trunk. A woman came up and he gave her a kiss and handed her the clothes. Living the character.