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  1. Man, this episode had some great performances. Of course, Wyatt Russell is at the top of the list. When I saw he was cast as the new Cap, I thought they were going to make him a bumbling mascot or something like that. I'd only seen him in Lodge 49 playing a lovable loser. I had no idea he could pull off being menacing like he has. Carl Lumby was the other MVP this week. His scene with Sam was great. He really towed that line between sadness and anger really well. Really, I thought everyone was really strong this week. I can't wait to see where they go for the finale.
  2. Based on nothing but my own brain, I wonder if there will be something on Falcon and Winter Soldier that ties into the film and they're waiting on that? Like I said, pure speculation on my part.
  3. If things start to open up this year, and indie promotions can start running regularly, I think there's a lot of money out there for some of these people (Joe, in particular). As the WM weekend shows showed us, there are not a lot of big-drawing names out there on the indies right now. Not that there isn't a lot of talent, it's just that they haven't made their name quite yet. I feel like someone like Joe could make a killing for a while.
  4. I'm just saying it'd be cool if one or two of those dates was for Paradigm. That's it.
  5. I taught my 4-year-old son that taunt. He's great at it. He's also great at the Rick Rude hip swivel, but my wife's not happy about me teaching him that one.
  6. I'd love to see Joe in AEW, but first I'd REALLY love it if he'd pop down to Sellersburg, IN just for a couple quick Paradigm Pro shows before he starts there. Maybe something after April 30, so I can be fully vaccinated?
  7. Tucker kind of surprises me. I thought he sort of had a role backstage at NXT or something with training. I may be wrong, but I think he was the only NXT person in the Saudi Rumble show, wasn't he? He's an interesting one since who knows if he's got some un-tapped potential?
  8. Yep, that's called the "kicker". I did 15+ years in tv news. I don't think the Dark Side endings are quite the same thing. The Benoit episode made Nancy the focus. Then it wrapped up with how her family was currently doing. The Snuka episode focused on the victim. That is one thing that sets this series apart from a lot of true crime shows. I get uncomfortable with how much those shows glorify the killers. It seems like this series has taken an effort to focus on the victims and tell their stories. I had to knock on the doors on many, many victims and families of victims of horrible c
  9. In WWE developmental: “Well, let’s see here. You’re a pretty big guy and you’ve got long hair, so let’s set the random name generator to “Heavy Metal” and “Big”. Ok. All set. Now we’ll just pull the lever and see what we come up with.”
  10. The Wrestlers was that positive show, but with current wrestlers. I agree with others here who’ve said they’d like to see more episodes of that one. in defense of Dark Side, they do tend to try to show something positive or uplifting that came from the tragedy. The Benoit episodes, which were probably the most bleak, ended with his Nancy’s sister reuniting with her nephew. Owen’s episode showed that his kids have, by all appearances, grown into good people. I honestly don’t know how they can do that for something like the Grizzly Smith episode, but that show’s not 100% doom and gloom
  11. With a young Rusev/Miro looking on in the background.
  12. So....anyway... Not to get between you two and whatever is happening there, but I think the shield into the chest was an intentional callback to Cap and Tony's final fight from Civil War. Cap (Rogers) pulled up before killing Tony, while new Cap went too far. (For the record, I only know this because I saw it pointed out on a youtube video.)
  13. The Grandaddy of them all! The Great Aunt of them all! The Third Cousin of them all!
  14. Finished Bloodsport 6 this morning. The undercard was good, but damn did I love Mox/Barnett. They did a great job of conveying "well-trained fighter vs less-trained tough guy". Also loved that they did a great job of having these two friends eventually get pissed at each other and start really going at it. Very cool match. Watch it if you get a chance.
  15. ICWNHB's Pitfighter X Battle of the Tough Guys first night was a lot of fun. A nice variation of styles throughout the show. I'm looking forward to watching night 2. Also, I'm going to have to watch their Then and Now Vol 11 show. It's got Santee/Kyle and Tankman/Maff. Looks pretty awesome.
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