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  1. Man, we really need another Kingston/Hero match now that they're both doing Evolve shows.
  2. "Archer of Infamy" and "Rebel Heart" are signs that wrestling is running out of cool nicknames. Time to start recycling some old ones. "The Hammer" and "King Kong ______" are two I'd start with.
  3. Oh shit! Whatever happened to Raven Mack. I loved reading his stuff. If if I ever get rich, I’m hiring Ben (I think it was Ben) to book and we’re finally getting Bunkhouse Buck vs the Hobo Army.
  4. Daniel Johnston has passed away. https://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/music/2019-09-11/austin-songwriting-genius-daniel-johnston-dead-at-58/
  5. She's from Portland, I believe. That's probably how the connection with Barr was made.
  6. I saw a cool Rolling Stones exhibit there last year. It was in the Musicians Hall of Fame section. We walked around a little bit, and it still looked to be a bit of a shithole. I also saw some WCW there. Saw Starrcade 96 and a Nitro sometime in 96 or 97, I think.
  7. Ah! My bad. I thought those strikes looked like a fiery babyface version of Kamala’s
  8. Maybe it was the spirit of Vader that scared that field goal attempt by Nebraska in overtime. Something spooked that kicker. I’ve never seen someone miss that bad.
  9. He kept kayfabe. He said he’d choke slam/tombstone Mike the Tiger. Undertaker ain’t afraid of no tiger.
  10. Has there been any word on how NXT on Hulu will work now? Previously, we got every episode on Thursday, and even Takeovers the day after they happened. Will this continue?
  11. As a native of Southern Illinois, I can tell you that, despite the location on the map, it is the South.
  12. I live in Kentucky. Mississippi is the only state we're allowed to make fun of.
  13. I learned two things today from this thread that surprised me. One is that Hansen and Vader faced each other in WCW. The other is that Mississippi has a department of education.
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