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  1. Log


    The Bellas turn on Rousey was shocking. I mean, they’d been close, close friends for hours. Maybe even days! That’s no way to treat your best friend that you met for the first time last week. They’d traveled the backstage area together, up and down the hallways. It’s just sad that they’d throw that all away because...uh...because of...um...some reason.
  2. Log


    He usually doesn’t mix his music career with his wrestling career. You know, because... YOU GOTTA KEEP ‘EM SEPARATED!
  3. It’s working. My seven-year-old daughter was enthralled by the trailer. She’s liked quite a few Marvel pics, but this has her really excited.
  4. Good Halloween costumes are like good jokes. Not everyone has to get it, but the ones who do will love it.
  5. They’ve got your nose?
  6. Tell the truth. Dean died sometime around 2014 and you guys are trying to hide that from us, aren't you?
  7. Seeing them face off would be fun and all, but I really want to see them team up against a team of super-fat guys. Then, the whole match is just them lifting the fat dudes in surprising ways. Hell, I don't care if it's even a match. Just put them in the ring with some super heavies and have them show off some feats of strength. (Kinda snuck a Seinfeld reference in there!)
  8. Man, Taker couldn’t last five minutes in an actual MMA fight. Unless he was fighting Punk. Then he’d be ok.
  9. Log


    See, the women do get equal treatment to the men! They also get part-timers coming in for big shows to take spots from the regulars who bust their asses day-in and day-out all year long. (I know the women’s division isn’t as big, so it’s more likely that these part-timers are coming in to simply fill the card. I’m just making a joke. Thanks.)
  10. Log


    Sponsored by Rax! I loved Rax when I was a kid.
  11. Does he have a blood boy?
  12. ECW Wrestlepalooza 98. Had a ton of technical issues with the cable company. Finally got the show going. My friends and I were really into Al Snow at the time. He's wrestling Shane Douglas for the title. Douglas is injured so surely he's dropping the title. Nope. And the match sucked, to boot. Sabu and Van Dam go to a 30 minute draw. Yeah. Those are two guys who need to go long. It may have been the first ECW ppv we ordered. It was definitely the last.
  13. Log


    I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t sing the waffles song from TTGo.
  14. Log


    I’m a big fan of unnecessary quotation marks, so it amused me greatly that they’re giving a prize for the top “3” banners at that show. Is it not actually 3?