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  1. Renee's episode with Eddie Kingston is great (no surprise). Not like the dude has trouble speaking his mind, but she really gets him to open up.
  2. Lots of “devil” references by Agness.
  3. I totally agree with @El Gran Gordithat any promotion that hopes to compete on a national level needs to stop aping WWE and become their own thing. That was what hurt TNA for so long. A lot of casual fans just saw them as a second-tier knockoff of WWE with their “has-been” stars. One little thing that AEW has done so far that I like is announcing the lineup for their show ahead of time. Too many WWE shows start with a promo that leads to another promo that leads to the main event or a featured match later. What was the plan of that “surprise” promo never happens? Was there not a sc
  4. Nothing personal, but if I ran things here, Blues Traveler reference would be an automatic ban!
  5. Someone pointed this out on Reddit, and it made me like the finish more: The first time Taz approached Darby about managing him, it was after Darby lost to Cody. He lost when he went for a crucifix and Cody rolled through. He told Tax he knew what he did wrong and he didn’t need his help. So, last night he beat Taz’s guy with that same move. He learned from his mistake with Cody on his own. Yeah, I know someone’s going to say, “Great, but they didn’t point that out on tv!” Sure. That’s valid, but sometimes it’s cool to not get beat over the head with a cool detail like that. It’
  6. Are there any good Flair/Valentine matches out there in the world? Is that bloody one up there available anywhere?
  7. My daughter (a big Harry Potter fan) wants to get two orange cats and name them Fred and George. Maybe I can talk her into just one named Kobashi?
  8. My 3-year-old son has been on an Endgame kick lately. He mostly just wants to see the big battle at the end. Then, we have to spend the next few days discussing why Iron Man "didn't make it" (his term for someone dying in a movie). Like, we'll be in the car on the way home from school and he'll be quiet for a while then, "Daddy, I need to ask you something." Ok, what? "Why Iron Man didn't make it?" Well, he did he snap with the stones. "Yeah, and that hurts really bad." Yep. "It even hurt Hulk!" Yeah, buddy. "Daddy, why Iron Man didn't make it?" Rinse, repeat.
  9. I haven't watched New Japan in a while. I checked out the Dome show and was cracking up that Zima is a sponsor on the ring mat. The first time I ever got drunk, it was on Zima (fall of 1995).
  10. I know! It took me a while to realize it was THE Rex Chapman running that twitter account.
  11. I started putting together a home gym in April. Got a squat rack and a barbell pretty quickly. I had a lot of trouble finding weight plates. Ordered some in May, and finally got them in late November! So, now I've got a pretty sweet setup. I've got the rack, bar, 455 lbs in plates, an adjustable kettlebell that goes from 12kg up to 32kg, a set of resistance bands, and a flat bench. I've got it all set up on some horse stall mats in my basement. I used to do early morning workouts because of work and not wanting to be away from my family in the evenings. Now, I can pretty much
  12. Ha! There’s a reason saying someone’s a Cat’s fan is shorthand for “racist”* around here. *I know many, many UK fans personally who are decidedly NOT racist in the slightest. It’s just that the team’s fans tend to skew more rural.
  13. Ok, at about an hour in, they talk about someone taking their college football "glory days" way too seriously. That has to be Roman, right?
  14. I know it's sort of a worst-kept-secret that people playfully protect as kayfabe, but now that Chikara is probably done and Quack has been outed as a creep, can I get a breakdown of who all played Ants?
  15. It’s like he’s trying to be the old-school traveling world champ, but just in one territory.
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