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  1. Nope. Never found out what it was.
  2. I’ve been to a few concerts there. It’s really nice.
  3. If Sweeney wrestler Dundee and the main was Mitch vs Todd Morton, then that was the show I shot for my story. I showed up early to interview Mitch. We’re in the ring doing the interview. Hero was setting up his merch table. Necro Butcher shows up with Ian Rotten Necro was supposed to face Claudio on the show. So, we’re doing the interview and I hear a commotion. Hero and Necro are fighting. I turn the camera on it thinking Mitch, being old school and all, has set up an angle just for my story! I thought, “that’s brilliant!” Nope. Mitch asks me to please not film that. It was a real fight. Necro got kicked off the show. I was disappointed not only because I thought I’d have some cool footage for my story, but also because I was stoked that I’d get to be shooting ringside for a Claudio/Necro match.
  4. Did Claudio wrestle Zack Gowan on the show you went to?
  5. Aw fuck. I met Mitch a few times. He started up a promotion in southern Indiana promoting it as old school wrestling. I was working in news and talked my station into letting me do a story on it. He was so friendly and accommodating to me. Years later, we decide to have our living room painted. Someone at my wife’s job recommends a painter. He shows up for the estimate, and it’s Mitch! He seemed to be doing well with his painting business. I got to talk wrestling with him while he worked. The best part of him being at my house was how sweet he was to my daughter. She was really into NXT at that time and she thought Samoa Joe was the worst villain ever. She asked Mitch if he’d ever wrestled Joe. He broke right into his promo voice and said, “No darlin’, but If I ever do, I’ll whoop him real good for you!” She loved it. RIP Mitch.
  6. For all the talk about Gorilla burying guys on commentary, he made Bret. When I was a kid, I didn’t pay attention to who was better at wrestling in-ring and that stuff. I liked guys who looked cool. Gorilla always drove home that Bret was an amazing wrestler. I seriously think that (combined with the fact that Bret WAS great) contributed a ton to Bret’s singles run being taken seriously.
  7. I don't know what you're worried about. I'm sure WWE can handle a racism-related storyline with all of the nuance you'd expect from them.
  8. Anyone else excited by the fact that it is entirely possible that we get an Eddie Kingston/Dustin Rhodes match on national tv?
  9. On the flip side of that, I was surprised to realize that Martel was only in WCW for about six months in ‘98 and he was injured for a good chunk of that time.
  10. My only gripe with EMH is that it seems like there are a lot of episodes/storylines that involve the Avengers being turned "bad" or imposters posing as them. It mostly annoys me because it leads to endless, "Why Iron Man bad now?", "Why Thor bad, daddy?" questions from my son.
  11. I'm not sure if you watched it on Disney+, but they have the first few episodes out of order on there. It's supposed to start with 5 episodes, each one dedicated to an Avenger (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Cap and Ant Man) then there's a two-parter where all the supervillains break out. For some reason, on Disney+, they have the two-parter first and then the five introductory episodes.
  12. I also just watched all of Avengers: EMH. My three-year-old son is on a big Avengers kick. I had watched all of the episodes a few years ago with my daughter and remembered liking it. It is really complex for a kids' cartoon super hero show. And goddamn does that theme get stuck in your head. Now, we're on to Super Hero Squad and another theme that gets stuck in your head.
  13. Hold up. @Johnny Sorrow, you have a barber named Floyd!!?!
  14. I know it’s just a typo, but “Grace Digger” made me wonder if Grave Digger had found Jesus and had a gimmick change.
  15. Hey, I’m sorry. I don’t know you and shouldn’t make assumptions about you based on your political affiliations.
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