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  1. Why all the Matt Taven hate? Granted, I've only seen him in Impact, but he's really good there.
  2. I don't like that MJF's chip is now being treated like the MITB briefcase. Leave that shit in WWE. I've never liked that MJF would mention "owning" guys on the mic during a feud. Like that Yuta went against that by pointing out that it's what happens in the ring that matters. I was exhausted last night and kept dozing in and out during the show. I did catch most of the main. Great stuff, but I wish Bandito's awesome one-arm press slam wouldn't have just been picture-in-picture. That was impressive as hell.
  3. Well, according to an old, famous thread here...
  4. Had to explain to my wife this morning why my son keeps going on about "the ocho".
  5. I see what they're doing with this show, and I do appreciate that. But, at this point, I appreciate the show more than I enjoy it. That said, next week's episode looks like it could be exciting.
  6. Me: "These lists are bullshit. They throw in a couple "controversial" picks to drive discussion and a couple new-ish things to seem relevant. They're not worth discussing, don't let them trick you into it!" Also me: "WHY THE HELL IS [show I love] RANKED SO LOW, GODDAMMIT!"
  7. He just shows up smiling everyday with Cinnabon for everyone. I love it. The roster ends up fat and happy. Beautiful.
  8. Looked it up, it was Yoko, Borga and the Quebecers vs. Taker, Luger and the Steiners. Borga did make the show, but Quebecer Pierre didn't. He was replaced by Crush. Edit: As an aside, SS 93 was a super-weird show.
  9. Ludwig Borga, I think. But, then he left before the show, maybe?
  10. Have not heard the pod, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they praised the Great Van Fleet guy. Old guys who are into "REAL ROCK" love that shit-ass band.
  11. I think that was for Survivor Series when he was on a team facing a bunch of "foreign menaces". It was like a colonial-era flag, wasn't it?
  12. Butcher has an amazing look and seems to be a hard worker. He also frequently looks very lost in matches.
  13. Agree with all of this. Would also add that Black and HOB should stop the spooky shit. You're all a bunch of scary-looking dudes. You don't need to disappear and shit. Just walking to the ring should scare people. I'd like to see them pivot to "people who look scary and like heavy-ass music".
  14. It's just refreshing to have a new SW property that's not even partially set on Tatooine.
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