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  1. I think it's a good thing that we've stopped looking at wrestlers as pieces of meat whose sole purpose is to entertain us, damage to their bodies and brains be damned. That said, I think Darby would be doing waaaay crazier and more dangerous stuff if he wasn't doing these things in a wrestling ring week in and week out, so I don't worry about him as much.
  2. I thought this was pretty good. Not on the high end of MCU stuff, but not bad either. Don't let anyone tell you this was scary. Yes, it has horror-like elements, but it's miles away from being a scary movie. My five-year-old didn't blink at anything in this movie.
  3. Listen, I don't know you, but yes, you may be able to Google something just like Lalo, BUT do you look as suave while doing it? I doubt it. That's not a knock on you! Who among us could be so smooth? I'd say none. None could be so smooth.
  4. Have Claudio and Ibushi ever faced each other? Did it happen in Chikara? That would be one hell of a match.
  5. Miro/Joe would be badass. I don't think Joe has a ton of time left in the ring (not based on anything, just my own speculation) so I'd love to see TK burn through as many dream matches for him while we can.
  6. Count me as one of the people who find MJF's schtick to be a little forced and unnatural, but damn was he ON last night! That's the most natural I've heard him come off. He did an amazing job of tip-toeing the line between pandering face and heel. He didn't try to get boos, but he didn't totally change his act to do it. I am also decidedly NOT an Adam Cole fan, but I cannot deny that he's over as hell. He's one of those guys where I'm never going to seek out an Adam Cole match, but I find myself consistently surprised by how much I like his matches. I also don't personally want to see him win the Owen, but I can also see that it's not a stupid booking decision if he does.
  7. I like to think that if you were watching wrestling with Dean, it would just be him yelling these things out as they happen. Like, it's quiet and then Dean just shouts, "Shane Strickland is the most fucked up Robert Gibson in the history of Southern Style tag wrestling and THAT's awesome!" That would actually be a really fun way to watch wrestling.
  8. I noticed that guy a few months ago. I think he’s a real camera guy. They use his shot quite a bit. Claudio’s great and all, but I doubt he could shoot wrestling all that well. Now, they may use his being all covered up to do some kind of angle later, but right now, he’s an actual camera op.
  9. She's really good at short, intense promos. It's when she has to go on for a while that she seems to struggle.
  10. Dear, sweet Tony. If you are reading this, please, for the love of all that is good, please never give Pillman a live mic ever again. If you really love us, you'll do this one small thing. Please.
  11. I meant to comment on last week's Dynamite thread that it seemed like they were showing him more prominently last week. Might be coincidence, but he seemed to show up in more shots than usual.
  12. I'm taking my kids this weekend (5 & 11). My son (5) did great at the last Spiderman, so I think he'll be fine. He's not your typical five-year-old when it comes to movies. He'll sit through anything. Recently, he's watched Rocky, Rocky II, Little Women (the newer one) and Hoosiers. I warned him there may be a couple jump scares, so at least that won't be a surprise for him. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
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