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  1. It's only a matter of time until Braun is dancing or has an odd couple romance with a female wrestler. That seems to be the path that all their monsters eventually go down. Until then, I'll enjoy watching him.
  2. I didn't know Mr. Fuji trained Cena.
  3. Re: Alexa Bliss and #vape: That's not Bliss' instagram account. So, it's probably some fan that likes to vape.
  4. Well. Dr. D just became my favorite wrestler.
  5. I had no idea Dusty worked for them so late. I thought he was firmly an NWA guy by then.
  6. I think the match is from Bash 91. Dustin and The Young Pistols against the Birds. I remember reading that too. May have been on a Dustin of the Day write-up.
  7. Help me out here. I don't see it.
  8. I swear I have a vivid memory of seeing him come out as Cain The Undertaker at Survivor Series. Checked youtube, and I'm wrong. I can't think of any tapings around that time that I would have seen. Weird. I guess that fits with the theme of this thread!
  9. This comes up a lot, but The Undertaker was billed as Cain The Undertaker in his first appearance at Survivor Series 90.
  10. He looks like he's having a hard time pooping.
  11. There were more than four thousand holes there that night.
  12. They ran out of forks.
  13. There has been much use of the name "Shmebulock" in our house due to this fact.
  14. RKO?!?!?! Look at that goatee! That's obviously a "Stone Cold" Pierogi!
  15. Living in Louisville and working in news here, I've been lucky enough to meet Ali a few times. It sounds morbid, but we had an obituary piece ready to go on the event of his death. I was lucky enough to get to edit this: http://www.wdrb.com/clip/12484144/remembering-a-legend-the-life-of-heavyweight-champion-muhammad-ali