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  1. I remember thinking Captain America was a very strong origin story despite the fact that it was this throwback, period Indiana Jones adventure story. But the period setting actually allowed it to be different, and you actually had a great romance between Steve and Peggy. And clearly people latched onto Hayley Atwell's Peggy and that relationship since it was carried across multiple films, and they brought Atwell back for multiple films. I even thought Hugo Weaving was fairly good as Red Skull. Too be bad he had to be a douchebag about the character and trash it later. Hulk didn't do great business but I recall they controlled the narrative enough to act like it wasn't a bomb, and people were still excited about the idea of a possible shared film universe which was on the table at the time. Plus, Edward Norton's behavior totally hurt that film and his refusing to promote it. Thor I think is pretty average, but what it did do is actually figure out, "Hey this Tom Hiddleston dude can act and makes a good Loki." It also proved that Thor can be a viable character at the box office. It may seem like a drop in the bucket now, but Thor doing basically $450 million worldwide was pretty good.
  2. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Just saying none of those details are confirmed. And Variety gets stuff wrong frequently.
  3. TheVileOne


    In a 5-1 game, the Houston Astros just scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning. I literally love this fucking team.
  4. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I'll be shocked if they don't. Most of the info. is also very vague and coming from Variety. Same outlet that said Disney was going to reinstate Gunn only to publish an article a day later saying he's never coming back.
  5. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    OK and? What does that have to do with the streaming service? You honestly believe Marvel TV and Jeph Loeb won't be involved at all?
  6. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    It's not the TV division of Marvel Publishing. Marvel TV is the TV division of Marvel Entertainment.
  7. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    That makes no sense. TV is TV. Jeph Loeb would have to be involved in these in some form.
  8. So if Jones isn't purposefully cheating how does he know about all these cheaters to help expose them to USADA? I don't feel bad for Tom Lawlor. Dude was a mid-level UFC fighter. Had a couple decent wins. Did a bunch of goofy crap to get the fans to like him, but he was never that good. Also, two wrongs don't make a right. Just because Jones gets away with so much garbage doesn't mean it's wrong that Lawlor or Frank Mir didn't. Pre-USADA all the groaning was that cheating was rampant in the industry and widespread at a high level and that 80 percent was doing it. Whenever someone failed a random test, the media was quick to point fingers at the UFC for not doing anything about it. They did something about it, and now they've apparently gone too far, and you have Luke Thomas saying steroids don't do anything. A view he never expressed pre-USADA.
  9. FYI, Dana White says Jones isn't headlining UFC 230. But it's Dana White so...
  10. TheVileOne

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Goblin Slayer premieres on October 6. Time to slay some motherfucking goblins.
  11. Why did it take over a year for USADA to reach this decision? The same decision this happened last time.
  12. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Sounds pretty ambitious. But why isn't Disney/ABC willing to spend some of that money on the Netflix shows and make them a little grander and have some more MCU crossover?
  13. TheVileOne

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Kane interfered against Michaels and Taker, and there was still a finish.
  14. TheVileOne

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    Hahah, well I never actually played through the other Witcher games with the romance cards and all that. But did I have Geralt pay the 40 gold to shag those prostitutes in the brothels? You betcha. But I did it for the XP, not the stock footage sex scenes. But as much as I wanted Geralt to sleep with Triss, I couldn't bring myself to do it. That Yennefer man. Yes, she is a cold, icy person...but in all the hottest ways. I kind of feel when I'm with Yennefer, shit gets done. And she's nice enough to still comfort Geralt's ego and not be too much of a shrew when it counts. When he returns from all Bald Mountain and Geralt is worried she's going to throw a tantrum,, she's all "Good. I'm glad you went. If you didn't make it, the female portion of the continent would be drowning in its own tears." Well shit girlie, when put it it like that, who the hell is Triss again?
  15. TheVileOne

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    That's never what happens in the games either. The characters Geralt does have sex with in the game with seem consistent to what he would do with them in the books if the opportunity presents itself. And you don't even have to have sex with any of them.