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  1. So my understanding is the fight should've been stopped after they went to instant replay. But apparently in Nevada the fight can continue if they pause the action in this type of instance.
  2. Man, it's really nice to see these NJPW shows with live fans in attendance. Drawing decent crowds all things considered. I don't know about anyone else, but I really like the G1 Climax cards without the alternating tag matches. Just seems like the shows are a lot leaner and paced better this way. Loved seeing Juice Robinson back in Japan and the Blues Brothers entrance was great. I especially liked Liger and the Japanese commentary team going a long with his stomping. Zack Sabre Jr. and EVIL I think probably had my favorite match on Night 2. Really good finish as well.
  3. Niko Price seemed way too starstruck in that fight with Cerrone and didn't look like he wanted to beat him. Overall, it was a good night of fights. Mackenzie Dern's grappling is impressive, but I'm still not sure how she does against tougher opposition. Randa Markos has been in the UFC for six years, but the last time she won two fights back to back was in 2013. Her record is 10-9-1.
  4. I thought Cobb vs. Taichi was a lot of fun.
  5. The parking lot brawl was a lot of fun, but I wouldn't rank it as a five-star affair, even when I haven't been heavy on the star ratings for years. For me, five stars is a pretty high bar to cross.
  6. From what I read on the forums, they were saying it didn't have any other information sourced from Meltzer or Alvarez and that's why it got taken down.
  7. So looking at this clip, if the shoot stuff was overblown, potentially giving Ivelisse the benefit of the doubt, it's at the very least a really bad sell job.
  8. That doesn't really excuse Sexy Star taking it out on Rosemary.
  9. Did Sexy Star get booked in the US at all after she broke Rosemary's arm?
  10. Yes, Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder were the two live in-costume suit doubles for Mando.
  11. That was episode 4, which was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard even said she primarily worked with Brendan Wayne, who also happens to be the grandson of John Wayne, on her episode. Yeah I'm not buying it, especially if it's from Grace Randolph.
  12. IMHO the right thing to do would be for NSAC to overturn Rodriguez/Herman. FYI, UFC fights where a foul directly lead to a stoppage have had those victories overturned, so something like that is unprecedented. This is somewhat similar.
  13. You know all things aside, I really liked that angle where Flair betrayed Sting in 1995 and Sting said "if you swerve me, you're dead," and went after Flair relentlessly and snapped on him on that match on Nitro. It didn't really go anywhere because they basically transitioned to Flair vs. Savage and then the Dungeon of Doom nonsense and Sting teaming with Luger, who was a bad influence on Sting or was going to turn on Sting himself.
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