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  1. Suzuki unleashing Kishin Liger is awesome. I don't know how Goto is 40 years old and has never been IWGP hwt champ yet. I feel like he should've at least gotten a token run by this point. Match with Shingo was awesome. Great match for Jay White and Naito. IMHO, stretching out Moxley/Juice to the Dome makes no sense. Since you only have limited use of Moxley, use him for a rare one of a kind match at the Dome we might never see again.
  2. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a29152875/joker-joaquin-phoenix-interview-walkout/ I want to see this footage.
  3. Seems fairly mixed among top critics. Also, I was referring to awards prestige and not box office, which I expect to do very well. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/joker_2019/reviews?type=top_critics
  4. With some of the more mixed reviews, I wonder if this is still a shoe-in for those major awards.
  5. This is likely the anime isekai everyone has been waiting for. From the creator of Konosuba, a pro wrestler gets transported to another world. But instead of suplexing the demon world he refuses to fight his minions because they look like dogs and he's an animal lover. So the pro wrestler decides to open up a pet shop in another world.
  6. Not saying definitely they won't go this route, but this info didn't come from a reputable source. Basically a website saw blue checks talking about it on Twitter and decided to run a story on it as "insider newz." Like people were talking about Rwanda genocide for Magneto on the SHH forums months ago.
  7. Unless streaming rights are tied up elsewhere there’s no excuse why they shouldn’t have that
  8. Basically, what I want out of disney+ is whatever I think of they should have. So if that means Droids and Ewoks the Animated series, they should have it. Everything Marvel animated in the 1990s and the entire run of Disney afternoon shows.
  9. Goblin Slayer theatrical episode/ova/movie(?) thing, Goblin's Crown. Looks like it will be fully adapting LN Vol. 5. Comes out in Japan February 2020. Hells yeah. Here's the Key Visual:
  10. If someone would consider co-financing three seasons and getting first crack at other isekai such as The Eminence in Shadow (or To Be a Power in the Shadows) and Skeleton Knight, I'd appreciate it.
  11. Also, it makes me hopeful that outfits like Crunchyroll will continue co-financing other shows or series in the future.
  12. I mean if that's your opinion, no. But that's the thing about art. People will interpret it their own way. It's not the responsibility of a movie or TV show though to make sure people react responsibly. Movies, TV shows, and even video games are legally protected forms of art for a reason. Personally, I don't think villains have to be depicted any certain way. Critics of Goblin Slayer complained that the show is bad because the main enemies, the goblins, are simply pure evil beings who delight in nothing but cruelty and suffering and want to rape young women. Why do all the goblins have to be bad? It's racist and genocidal propaganda, right? I mean disregarding the fact that the goblins are basically a fictional race of supernatural monsters created by dark powers to be their minions of evil and spread cruelty, hate, and suffering, why can't there be a fictional race of creatures that are simply pure evil? Look at any fantasy story and you can find groups or races of purely malevolent beings that simply exist to spread malevolence and there's nothing redeeming about them. Even if you can't accept in-world reasoning for why goblins the way they are, fiction for decades has created evil creatures like this that are just pure evil and are monsters of evil. Wheel of Time has Myrddraal. Lord of the Rings has the Orcs. There are no "good orcs" in Lord of the Rings. All we know is that the dark powers corrupted and twisted elves and turned them into Orcs. Sure, what if the orcs were misunderstood? What if there were orcs capable of evolving and becoming good? If someone wants to write that story, I think that's fine. Tolkien didn't write that story though. It doesn't make Tolkien racist. It doesn't make him problematic. It doesn't make Kumo Kagyu racist that he did a fantasy story where there are simply dark beings who exist as dark powers and want to create hatred and suffering. But some creators want to do the opposite. Marvel Studios wants to make Thanos sympathetic. Thanos was less of a mad titan in the movies and more of a pragmatic philosopher. His plan for the universe is actually quite logical. Curb over-population by cutting it all in half. The movies made him less nihilistic, cruel, and sadistic, and less self-loathing. Thanos isn't wishing for failure and oblivion. He's not looking for a way out. He fully believes what he's doing is the right thing to do and is the just thing for everyone. In Infinity War, he could've done a lot worse. He doesn't actively murder and kill all the heroes. He spares a great deal of them and lets the gauntlet do its work. Now on a personal level, I'm *STILL* ambivalent about the changes that were made to Thanos. I miss the fact that he's obsessed with Lady Death as his mistress and constantly trying and failing to impress her. I miss that Thanos hates himself and deep down wants to fail. But this version of Thanos was changed to make him more palatable to the masses. Audiences appreciated movie Thanos more, so who am I to argue? In my opinion, the more traditional comic version of Thanos was no less complex than his movie counterpart, but his motivations and personality were vastly different. So regarding Joker, a lot of what goes on with social media is garbage to me. There isn't healthy debate and discussion anywhere. It's all just name-calling, buzzwords, handing out "receipts" and all this other dumb business. But none of that to me is a good reason why the movie shouldn't be made. It's not the job of a movie or TV show to police how people react to it. In my opinion, none of that is a valid reason for why the movie shouldn't exist, whether it's good or bad.
  13. Movies and fiction should be a place where artists feel free to explore these ideas since they are just that, fiction. Is it wrong if Joker asks the question, are the teaming masses at fault when someone like Arthur becomes a sociopathic serial killer? Or is that too victim blaming? I'm not excusing the actions of a killer who was abused or ostracized. But we're told we shouldn't bully others and should stop bullying. Isn't this an ultimate result of bullying? That someone gets abused by society so much that they lash out? As such, it's cautionary of why we shouldn't bully others. Bullying only begets more bullying, as violence only begets more violence. I'm not saying these are correct, but once again, artists should be allowed to safely explore these ideas under the guise of fiction.
  14. I didn't know it was possible to have a more incompetent legal team than Chris Amann's for the Punk defamation trial. Anyway, those aforementioned DBZ leaks came out as a way to bolster Mignogna's defense in the eyes of his religiously loyal fans even though the filthy audio outtakes that are probably like over a decade old at this point really have nothing to do with allegations made against Vic Mignogna. Not to mention those outtakes were recorded in private and never meant to be released to the public and were never put out publicly, like say James Gunn's dirty tweets and blog posts about superheroes that got him in trouble and temporarily fired from Marvel. EDIT: to avoid getting discussion too off-track here: Crunchyroll now has a majority stake of VIZ Media Europe https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/crunchyroll-viz-media-europe-majority-stake-1203325533/ Seasons 2 and 3 of Shield hero are coming. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/09/01-1/shield-hero-season-2-3-announced-at-crunchyroll-expo-panel
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