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  1. Found it. Expecting to Fall Into Ruin, I aim to Become a Blacksmith. Basically the inverse male version. Except he’s meant to end up with the villainess from the game
  2. I forget what it's called, but I believe there's another isekai just like this. Like the premise is identical except it's a male and his fate is to marry basically the villainess of a fantasy story of a game he played in his world.
  3. I guess this means they aren't joining the cast.
  4. I think using the weight set was a bad idea, but just my two cents. I don't think you should ever ban choking spots from a wrestling match. I mean you have submission holds that are basically designed to render your opponents unconscious and deprive their bodies or brains of oxygen and make them pass out.
  5. That's provided we're on the other side of this for theaters to be reopen again by that time. Just saying.
  6. This is freaking absurd and there's no way this should be allowed. Not to mention, Ferguson is fighting Justin Gaethje. It's a ridiculous fight. Dude has won 12 fights in a row and still gets screwed out of a title shot...again. No. 1 bullshit. What about people who are asymptomatic and could have the virus? At the end of the day, we don't know a damn thing about the medical testing they are going to be doing for this show. Also this: https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/04/association-of-ringside-physicians-urges-end-combat-sports-during-covid-19
  7. I think Warren Ellis can be a talented writer under the right circumstances but his writing and dialogue have now ruined Castlevania for me.
  8. Didn't New Jack also have a short-lived run in early days of TNA where he had an unlikely friendship with Sharkboy? My thought on the whole Meltzer/Dark Side thing was that maybe it was Cornette since Cornette seems to have a recurring thing going on the show, and Cornette and Meltzer appear to be on the outs at the moment.
  9. Michael Cole talked about social distancing. Other than that, not sure.
  10. In slight defense of Triple H, they might've had actually had something planned and this has been a chaotic month. That said, to just quietly change the match on Smackdown when they were still promoting Reigns vs. Goldberg through last Monday's Raw is awful. 100% pure absolutely awful. Why even make an angle out of it. Just announce that for health and safety reasons, Reigns is unable to make it to WrestleMania, and Strowman is his replacement. Even that would've been better than this.
  11. I wonder why Jericho wore dress pants in his hot tub.
  12. I'm fine with Brodie Lee taking a couple of well-timed shots at Vince McMahon, but if they build the whole thing around him being a Vince caricature, the Exalted One is gonna get old quickly.
  13. Depends on the timing compared Rogue One.
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