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  1. TheVileOne

    SDL is Becky's Broken Face - 11/13/2018

    Are we to read into Paul Heyman’s involvement into basically setting up Bryan’s match against AJ Styles? Maybe Bryan and Lesnar just hug it out Sunday.
  2. TheVileOne

    Survivor Series 2018

    I think Mustafa Ali cuts really good natural promos. He's definitely under-utilized, but he's a cruiserweight in WWE...welcome to the club. The problem with cruiserweights in WWE is that they are C-level performers on a C-level show and they are treated as such. They are curtain jerkers or Kickoff show level at best. And dollars to donuts that most of those guys are going to get bored playing cruiserweight after a time and not getting to be on the big show. See Neville. In NJPW, the jr. heavyweights are generally treated as a big deal and usually given a major spot on the card. They are a more featured attraction.
  3. TheVileOne


    Both Civil War stories are hot trash
  4. TheVileOne

    SDL is Becky's Broken Face - 11/13/2018

    Wait a minute, Becky actually made up with Charlotte? What is this bullshit?
  5. TheVileOne

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Maybe the real savior is the incest baby Jon Snow and Dany created when they had sex.
  6. TheVileOne

    SDL is Becky's Broken Face - 11/13/2018

    If Bryan is facing Lesnar on Sunday, I'm saying a prayer for his brain.
  7. I mean Cerrone's lost every title fight he's ever fought in WEC and UFC. He's 0-4 in title fights overall. And the WEC clearly set him up to be champion. He just couldn't cross the threshold.
  8. Love Cowboy and he will always be my favorite UFC fighter, but I still think he's never winning a belt at lightweight. Not with Khabib around. He always just freezes up in title fights anyway. Still that was clearly a great moment for him snapping Mike Perry's arm in Denver and celebrating with his son. Was definitely a great moment for his career.
  9. TheVileOne


    It didn't look evacuated at all. Going by Batman v Superman it definitely wasn't evacuated.
  10. Sort of like this. Not a fan of the black going over the arms and wrists like that. Oh well. Will be surprised if Avengers 4 actually gets released at 3 hours long. I think At World's End was definitely way too long at that length. Infinity War ended up being just under two and a half hours. And a lot of scenes were apparently cut.
  11. TheVileOne

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Not exactly a reliable source. I'll wait until we hear from Netflix or a more reliable trade or website.
  12. If I was booking NJPW, it would be Omega vs. Taichi at Wrestle Kingdom, and Taichi wins the belt.
  13. Finally got through this show today. Jericho's a touch slower and not as quick as he used to be, but being able to work at the level he is and able to crisply land the Lionsault and Hurricaranas at 48 years old is infinitely impressive to me. He and EVIL didn't have a five-star match or anything, but it was definitely a good match and a solid main event. Jericho has definitely been a good star attraction for NJPW, but yeah he will have to put over Naito in the rematch. Loved Ishii vs. Suzuki just beating the hell out of each other. Jr. tag league final was fun. But since Roppongi 3K won this time, I want to see them get a more dominant run with the tag belts the next time they win them. Their past two runs with the titles were fairly short. The Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium really looks cool on TV. Venue definitely comes off well for these events.
  14. TheVileOne

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I hope Kenny Omega retains the belt at Wrestle Kingdom and beats Okada's record.
  15. TheVileOne

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    So what's the deal with Braun Strowman? Is he just too big for Vince to pull the trigger? Sees him as just a monster dude and not actual champ material?