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  1. I hope Luchasaurus can stay healthy, the dude looks like money. Those kicks alone got me jazzed up.
  2. Rogue One did the planet naming thing, except for that scene when they go to Mustafar and Vader's planet. That still annoys me. There's no way to tell its Mustafar other than outside information. I would like it if we found out what planets we were seeing this week on Mando.
  3. Unfortunate, and I hope they fix this at some point. I wonder if they had some unpaid interns encoding the animated shows to the app, lol. For any parents here, they did upload a family friendly edit for the original Avatar if that's a thing you might need. It's in the extras.
  4. Does anyone know what was up with the ring acoustics tonight? Normally they sound good and balanced, but they signed like someone dropped the TV mic into the canvas or something. Sounded awkward. Really bothered me. I would say go ahead and book Scorpio Sky vs. Jericho one-on-one for a future TV match. It doesn't have to be for the title, but it would be a neat way to build off of this matchup since Scorpio Sky got a clean pinfall on Jericho.
  5. Except Spider-Man: TAS was not a daily cartoon. It was a Fox Kids Saturday morning cartoon divided into seasons. It wasn't just a single 65 episode season. The show ran from 1994 to 1998.
  6. A lot of the classic shows are not in the correct order. I hope that gets fixed.
  7. To me it says a lot that Vince or Triple H never tried calling Punk once in almost six years.
  8. Nope. Unfortunately it only got worse in the second season. Totally lost the plot. Plus a waste of Madame Masque, who should've been the villain in Iron Man 3.
  9. Is it possible the low ratings for the premiere made FOX really desperate? The dirt sheets were basically saying the Punk Backstage deal wasn't happening.
  10. Dollars to donuts that as conditions of selling the company he probably ruled that high quality versions of the theatrical cuts can never be released. The bastard.
  11. Sebulba's clearly sounds different. His sounds more like "Macalunkee."
  12. Why not give fans the option to watch original broadcast versions or cropped widescreen?
  13. Listening to them is infuriating. AEW isn't building their promotion around this type of match. And I recall WCW wasn't afraid of doing crazy violent gimmick matches fairly regularly throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Not trying to be an asshole but Meltzer can barely string together a coherent thought at this point. What he should do is like get a good night's rest before he does these recaps. Maybe that would help. Not to mention he goes on these weird tangents like when he's upset about Baron Corbin mentioning Reigns' leukemia and he takes umbrage with how other athletes have come back from the same thing in just weeks or never missed a game.
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