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  1. They sabotaged Jade Cargill for failure by going out there without any practice, first time ever holding a mic, and then have Brandi inexplicably show up and turn it into a Jerry Springer segment. If they have big plans for Jade Cargill, and I can clearly see why, I think that's fine. But they should think these things through a little more. Let her practice on the mic and get more comfortable first and maybe not throw her into the deep end with trash TV like that.
  2. I guess we'll see what the Impact Wrestling crossover means in the coming weeks. On the surface, I don't see what AEW really gets out of it, other than maybe some fresh matchups and opponents. We are still stuck in this pandemic, so maybe one way to look at it is "we're stronger together than apart." It would appear Impact would benefit more from this crossover than AEW. Currently, Impact's ratings are so low, they seldom even reported on ShowBuzz Daily. But what do you do when guys contracts are coming up, and maybe guys want a change of scenery? Can everyone come out of this deal witho
  3. Hopefully dropped and never referenced or spoken about again. There was no follow-up with Jade Cargill, Brandi, Nyla Rose, or Vickie this week either. Jade was on TV and injured Brandi's arm two weeks ago. Nyla and Vickie had that promo last week, but that was it.
  4. USA Today covered David Arquette's title win, mainstream exposure rah bah bah. Except Cody can work actual matches with Darby because he's in his 30s and not his 60s. And Cody was actually able to put him over for the TNT title. Except what does that look like in 2020-2021? Can Sting even work beyond maybe hitting a few token Stinger splashes and a Scorpion Deathlock?
  5. I hope Tony Khan and AEW didn't overpay for a 61-year-old nostalgia act that can't really wrestle. I'm somewhat indifferent to bringing Sting in at this point. He turns 62 in March. What he can do in the ring is probably extremely limited, if he can do anything at all, and again, it's a nostalgia act. Sure some people might simply tune into AEW to see if Sting is there, but what's the plan beyond that? Some people have talked about pairing up Darby Allin with Sting, which OK. Maybe you do that, but is that really going to elevate Darby Allin and put him over more?
  6. Was this the first micro-series or the second one? They had smooch a moment in Season 3 as well, forgot about that.
  7. What's skippable: * Resistance * Anything LEGO (IE Freemaker adventures) * Forces of Destiny * Droids * Ewoks No one has sex in these shows. They made the Jedi into celibate monks. Look back at Attack of the Clones when Padme confesses to Anakin, it has only slightly more conviction than a trophy wife. Mando's moment with Omera in the fourth episode is probably the lewdest thing you will ever see Mando doing in this series. Any sex that's happening in Star Wars is always private and behind closed doors. Case in point, Kanan and Hera, who were clearly
  8. Yes. He has a one-off minor appearance in one episode, but it was memorable. Titus Welliver is a tremendous actor and should be the lead villain or lead something in one of these things. Bosch is also one of my favorite shows. Well one shootout was on an imperial freighter. Another one was an imperial base. So even if they were just redressed/restaged, it would still make sense that they have visual similarities.
  9. It is semantics. She never claimed she wasn't a Jedi this episode. Not to mention, the title of the episode was THE JEDI. Technically, Luke Skywalker wasn't an actual Jedi until he confronted Vader again in Return of the Jedi, but still considered last of the Jedi at the time.
  10. Season 2 finale, not the actual series finale.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of Ahsoka either or her still being alive. Yoda's statement in Return of the Jedi has now been rendered meaningless. But the community loves her and has this big connection with her, so whatcha gonna do. I always felt that finale of Rebels was the perfect way to kill her off. It felt like an emotional resonating way to conclude her character arc. Now she's still alive, and it's really weird. It's a whole can of worms.
  12. Generally, I agree. Arn Anderson was never really a true main eventer, but he was seen was one of the best pure workers in the business and a "carpenter." You need guys who can fill out and round out the midcards as well. Plus, Arn was the longtime Enforcer of the Horsemen, which was one of the hottest acts of the 1980s. He even did OK in WWF for the brief time he was there.
  13. 1996-1997 I'd say when the nWo feud was getting under way and he became Crow Sting. We can definitely nitpick and argue about the results, but you can't argue that business was doing bad when they were building up his title match with Hogan. Also in terms of pure business, his Clash of the Champions I world title match with Ric Flair opposite WrestleMania IV did a huge 5.6 rating. Yeah he was in there with Ric Flair, but that was a huge opportunity and chance for him and he passed with flying colors. At the time, Lex Luger was being groomed as the next big face and world champion,
  14. Respectfully, OSJ, I'd say Sting was a fairly consistent performer through some of WCW's toughest periods and was basically the face of the company when many other top stars were constantly jumping ship. Additionally, the fact that his career managed to survive so much bad booking is a testament to his star power and viability between RoboCop, the Black Scorpion, Bill Watts, Shockmaster, Jake Roberts, and plenty of other nonsense. There's no Vader legend without Sting. Not to mention Great Muta having crossover success in the US and forging a significant rivalry with Sting. Even Sting and
  15. I personally can't argue against Omega being in a wrestling Hall of Fame. In 2017, I thought he was bar none the best wrestler on the planet. I think my problem is more the arguments against Sting being kept out of it for so long being rather dubious, and Omega gets in so quickly and I feel it's largely, solely based on match quality. Even pre-TNA, Sting had a career and body of work that was worthy of a Hall of Fame induction.
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