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  1. Putting Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns on the main card was a waste. Should've put Andrade vs. Carrillo on there instead.
  2. Xavier Woods going off during the Royal Rumble was hilarious. It’s worth a look. He even goes nuts about the Edge spear cuts. Woods was basically in untouchable give no craps mood tonight.
  3. I'm sort of two minds here. On one hand, if the scripts weren't good and didn't meet the quality test, then it's better they didn't move forward with them. Already, if you are doing a pre Episode IV Kenobi story, you don't have a ton of options. Not saying it's impossible, but the story options are limited. I mean I'm sure a few people agree that Rise of Skywalker or Last Jedi could've used some script rewrites before they started filming and really thought about those stories and broke them down. So maybe Kenobi taking a break to do the rewrites is good? On the other hand, Kathleen Kennedy made a big show of things at D23. They announced the show, McGregor, and she said the scripts were done and ready to go for filming this year. So that's sort of embarrassing. If they are ready to make an announcement like that, I feel like they should be pretty much 99% ready to go on it. It just seems like more drama with Star Wars like two steps forward, five steps back. Not to mention, THR said only two out of six scripts were done. That sort of directly contradicts Kennedy's own announcement back in August.
  4. It was distracting at first, but it seems Moxley acknowledging it abated them a little. As for the match, I think it was solid. I think it probably was about 3-4 minutes too long and did have a couple dead spots, but I chalk that up more to the sort of the unusual environment.
  5. IMO, Rebels is fantastic and genuinely always felt more like classic Star Wars. Though I do think the show sort of peaked creatively in Season 2. Season 3 did have the introduction of Thrawn but felt a little anti-climactic. But the series finale was epic. I got to see it at Walt Disney Studios, the main cast and crew were there and had a nice Q&A afterwards, and my feeling leaving the theater was "Man, I think that was better than Last Jedi." That said, the purrgils are awful. They are equivalent to the Holdo maneuver.
  6. I realized they were swearing, but what had them so riled up? Then Moxley flipped something off outside the ring that seemed to get them excited. Then on commentary it was mentioned they were chanting your ship sucks to another ship in the port. So was it related to that?
  7. What the hell was going on with the crowd at the beginning of the Moxley/PAC match? TNT seemed adamant to bleep all of it. Secondly, does anyone know the story regarding AEW Jesus? Is this guy a wrestler or some such? Or is he just AEW's sign guy? He was at Double or Nothing and he seems to be a recurring fixture for Dynamite.
  8. To be perfectly honest, I don't think Clone Wars really bridges the gap at all. Clone Wars often times feels like a show that's completely removed from the prequels and is telling its own story.
  9. I hear Starbucks offers decent benefits, but wouldn't AEW offer that as well?
  10. JR had already outed the Tony barista thing which is still weird. Sort of hard to imagine Tony as a barista, but maybe he just like to stay busy and work a lot.
  11. Not sure what Pennington expected. She's fought Holm to a decision before. If you don't want to get hugged or clinched, it's up to you to figure a way out of it.
  12. Really like the setup for the cruise: I hope AEW continues to experiment this way. Gives shows a more unique feel.
  13. Paul Heyman is the Executive Director on Raw. Whether Vince has final say or not, he deserves some of the blame for the creative issues.
  14. Paul Heyman is no longer the creative genius everyone thought he was
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