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  1. I mean they already filmed most of Avengers 4. I doubt there is any chance of this becoming a BvS/Justice League situation. Also Forbes spoiler report got deleted.
  2. You'll find out this weekend.
  3. TheVileOne

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    Latest chapter of Goblin slayer had me: Can't wait to see this animated. Berserk fans are probably going to love it.
  4. The second Venom trailer makes it look like Ghost Rider 2.0, but Venom looks cool and full-on Venom. Eh, why not?
  5. I wrote my review without spoilers after I saw it earlier today.
  6. Also Forbes just published all the major spoilers for the film with some excuse that people have social anxiety and don't want to see a film in theaters.
  7. My response is based on EVA saying weapons grade. If that's not the case, then I take back what I said. But Disney did request that reviewers refrain from posting spoilers in their reviews as part of the embargo.
  8. The embargo included those as well. Yeah, fuck them.
  9. My official review does not. So yeah, the movie is good. It's got lots of emotional gut punches. Brolin's Thanos is pretty cool. Fuck Variety and fuck Forbes.
  10. TheVileOne

    The Netflix Thread

    Apologies because Deadline reported they are ending it after the third season.
  11. I'm definitely interested in Deadpool 2, but I always worry that with a film like that with a sequel if they can really recapture what made the original so good or still make something good. And especially with humor in this genre, it can be a very tough thing and making it all land the way it should. Like in the comics, too much Deadpool makes him become tiresome. Some years back, Marvel really OD'ed on the Deadpool, it felt like, and this was years before the movie even finally came out.
  12. Meh sort of a dumb video to do all that MCU stuff and then in the middle of it goes on a Wolverine tangent. Doesn't even mention Cap's "I can do this all day" line across two films that were released five years apart. Doesn't look like Tony was selling the arm for 10 years. If anything, that injury seems more recent and they only started addressing in Civil War and Homecoming. Homecoming only takes place months like some days and months after Civil War.
  13. Kevin Lee looked outstanding tonight. Almost can't believe he was able to tough out that spinning back kick. Definitely his best career performance so far. No problem with the stoppage. The result would've been the same either way. I don't see him beating Khabib, but there are few on the roster I foresee doing as such other than Tony Ferguson.
  14. My only complaint for Edgar vs. Swanson was that it was only three rounds. Both guys looked like they had enough energy to go another three rounds.
  15. Looks like the UFC is trying to buy Leslie Smith out of the UFC since she didn't accept the fight with Aspen Ladd. Not that I blame her 100%. Her opponent didn't make weight. In the past, fighters have been able to work out catchweight deals ahead of time to avoid matters such as this. Kevin Lee also fails to make weight after all that crap about Dustin Poirier not being championship caliber. At this point, his best hope for a UFC title is that rumor about new weight divisions being added after the new TV deal goes through.