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  1. He was the lead on Hell on Wheels for several years. After that, he got Marvel's Inhumans...and we saw what happened there. From there he bounced back with Discovery which was able to garner enough interest for a spinoff with him as Pike captaining the Enterprise in this era. So things worked out in the long run. He's also the lead, Sebastian, in The Evil Within games.
  2. You can't really build a six-episode season around that.
  3. I fully support Tanahashi winning the interim belt and taking it to Japan. It is an interim title after all. A boo boo title.
  4. If you made another seasons, just not sure what else you would actually do. I think you are already pushing it in this show by having Kenobi meet Leia and having a relationship beforehand. They already did Kenobi and Darth Maul's final confrontation in Rebels, which is fine and all, but they made Maul's character arc all about finding and having one last showdown with Kenobi, which they did in about two minutes. At the time, I thought that was risky because there was already talk about live-action McGregor as Kenobi returning. But since that story has been told, you can't do it in a live-action series since this is all supposed to connect. It was even rumored that Maul was a villain in this show before rewrites. I have no idea if that's true, but it wouldn't have made sense for Maul vs. Kenobi to happen here based on what happens in Rebels. There was a sense of finality to this season at the end, so how are you going to morally challenge Kenobi now?
  5. They don't have better wrestlers under contract who can already do that?
  6. Considering TV time is so valuable and there's only one women's match per cable show, I still don't get her spot.
  7. 1. Reid Flair's death was ruled an accidental drug overdose, not suicide. 2. "You know what, you're wrong Charlotte because your little baby brother, he didn't have much fight in him, did he?" To me, I see little difference. Heel mentioning a real-life dead family member to get heat for a wrestling storyline. "Your father's dead, and that's probably a good thing because he'd be embarrassed and ashamed to see how you turned out!"
  8. Of course he wants a new season. He just got married to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, has a new baby, and likely alimony. Dude's got to keep the gravy train until the wheels come off.
  9. We'll see where they go with this. Just to be fair, people reamed out WWE when Paige referenced Reed Flair while feuding with Charlotte Flair. And there was a lot of backlash over it.
  10. She still looks pretty green and unpolished in the ring.
  11. But even before this she was thrown into a TV feud with Jade Cargill over the TBS title, and I don't really get her being put in that slot either.
  12. No offense to Marina Shafir, but of all the women they have on the roster, I'm not understanding why she's getting the push she is on TV right now, when they can only have one women's match per show on cable.
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