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  1. Maybe this is the real reason he's not in WWE anymore either.
  2. Glad they finally made it to Jersey. Honestly, I would've spread a couple of those matchups out, but Grand Slam is meant to be a big show. I personally can't stand the repetitive Dan Lambert stuff, but at least his Cornette ramblings led to a match this week. I hope FTR aren't simply serving as sacrificial lambs to Sting and Darby. All the Suzuki Incident stuff was really overblown, but I guess credit to AEW for making an angle and stretching this angle out a bit. I've been a bit hot and cold on Pillman Jr., but he did cut a good promo with JR tonight. This has been a decent build for his Dynamite match with MJF.
  3. Bron Breakker needs a mouthpiece as he learns his way around promos.
  4. Show felt very haphazard and too slapdash for me to call it good. Felt like Vince Russo was booking. Why would you have LA Knight come out and job to Bron Breakker the same night he's wrestling in the main event for the world title? Also, Kyle O'Reilly gets taken out and replaced by a random nobody? Makes no sense. Vince Russo comes out to see an incredulous Triple H, "The consortium was me, bro."
  5. Maybe he can go crazy and become Joker Balor? Worked for Sting for a little bit.
  6. I'm not going to be all F-U WWE over this, but bad optics man. Bad optics.
  7. I want Bryan Danielson to have fun and everything, but I also don't want him to concuss himself again repeatedly and continue doing diving head butts.
  8. I can't really explain why I like pro wrestling. But I will say when wrestling is good and it's done right, there's nothing else like it. When you can actually deliver on those big moments, like if you could bottle up tonight's event and sell it, maybe it's not perfect, but tonight's event is a perfect example of it. If it wasn't perfect All Out was nigh-perfect. Like virtually nothing annoyed me or frustrated me tonight. The closest thing to a dud was Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall, but even that I found inoffensive and did its job. The cage match was match of the night for me and a strong contender for Match of the Year. I was there live for both teams' first match with each other at the first AEW show. So it was cool that they met again a little over two years later, and this felt like the rightful blowoff with the Lucha Bros. finally going over and winning the belts. The ending was pretty much perfect to me. First the double-fakeout with Adam Cole, who you maybe figured was possibly coming to AEW but weren't sure he was coming tonight then turns on the babyfaces and joins the Elite. But the fans were not denied Bryan Danielson either. And then you see some WWE bootlickers on Twitter trying to ruin this for everybody and I wish I could reach through my monitor and theirs and smack them upside their moronic heads. Punk/Darby was fine and did what it needed to do. Punk is 42 and hasn't wrestled in over 7 1/2 years. At least it picked up in the last five minutes. The middle section was flabby but it ended strong. I've voiced a fair amount of criticisms of Christian Cage, but he looked good tonight and he worked a main event match tonight. He did not look or move like a 47-year-old man. I loved MJF's entrance the fact that he teased the Y2J Millennium Man entrance and then trolled the audience with "THE LAST MATCH OF CHRIS JERICHO" is probably my favorite thing of the entire show.
  9. https://hasbropulse.com/products/transformers-victory-saber In case anyone wants to back this. Only $179.99 without tax or S&H.
  10. WWE would have more people that could move the needle if they weren't actively sabotaging them and booking them like garbage week in and week out.
  11. Episode 3 just didn't work for me at all. Especially Coulson sniffing Thor's corpse.
  12. Pretty much every role Jason Momoa plays is similar to what he's already doing. Even Duncan Idaho in Dune is now Dude Bro Momoa.
  13. Bullshit. It looks like she almost murdered and broke Charlotte's neck twice. First with that suplex and then that weird powerbomb.
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