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  1. Time to stop running fight cards with three title fights. This event went over eight hours.
  2. If Israel Adesanya wants to ever make another run at light heavyweight he needs to take more time to put on muscle mass and be able to deal with those bigger dudes.
  3. Amanda Nunes might be the first time I believe a UFC fighter will retire as champion.. But if you keep fighting long enough, you will lose.
  4. Can you really excuse Yan's actions by saying his corner told him to do it? This isn't his first UFC fight.
  5. In Joe Rogan's defense, Dober was 6-1 in his last seven and had won his last three before this fight.
  6. It was weird seeing Cruz in a three-round fight, and the prelims. Also, what's the deal with Hans Molenkamp at Monster Energy? Something about their contracts?
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