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  1. If anyone here personally knows Dave Meltzer, can someone please request he try to stop couching every statement with "whatever" when he's about to say something? Instead of saying whatever, he needs to try and articulate what he actually means because I can't understand half of what he's saying. Observer Radio is borderline un-listenable at this point. It's beyond frustrating.
  2. Is that widely known? He’s working Bloodsport next month.
  3. Isn't it? He's the guy in charge. He let this garbage get out of control.
  4. CM Punk's lawyer, who negotiates his way back into AEW?
  5. Whatever the situation actually was, I do put Tony Khan at fault for most of this. Hotshotting that Moxley vs. Punk match on TV like that was a mistake. I doubt Punk was healthy enough to be in the ring by that point. But Khan mismanaged this whole situation.
  6. https://twitter.com/dajosc11/status/1639008763993792513 Next thing you know, CM Punk is going to say he never saw The Godfather parts I and II and Four Rooms is his favorite Quentin Tarantino film.
  7. Bailey is better off in Impact at the moment. There'd be no spot for him in WWE or AEW right now. In WWE, the best he could hope for is a lower midcarder role like Ricochet.
  8. The reaction to Goldberg beating Hulk Hogan. That audience was primed for a title change. Danielson beating Triple H at WrestleMania 30 was pretty good, the reaction wasn't as big for the main event because WrestleMania is so long and WWE really wears their audiences out by the end. https://youtu.be/c0hXmq9yNlI
  9. If those who remember and endured Jeff Jarrett in TNA, it's understandable.
  10. I want to find whoever came up with QTV and just punch them as hard as I can in the face.
  11. QTV was nothing more than a dated TMZ News parody that came about 10 years too late. They should never run that garbage again. What a waste of money filing such a useless, trademark for awful crash-TV era Vince Russo-esque asinine crud.
  12. AEW needs the Garcia Twins. How else is Tony Khan going to milk the hell out of the next major announcement?
  13. Doesn't sound like what Bray Wyatt did was a no show. Also it's not like the fans missed much.
  14. I kind of wanted that Gunther vs. Lesnar match, but I somewhat wonder if Gunther is dodging a bullet there knowing Lesnar's recent output. Plus, Lesnar is in his mid-40s now. Gunther against McIntyre or McIntyre and Sheamus is probably going to be a better matchup.
  15. Hasn't the Dark Order suffered enough?
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