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  1. These tweets annoy me less than tweeting about earth-shattering announcements that send shockwaves BS. I get he's trying to generate hype for the show, but that is the kind of garbage that put me off TNA as well years back. IMHO the numbers aren't bad. We're in the middle of a global pandemic and Dynamite is regularly in the cable top 10 ratings every week. They are putting on shows in a mostly empty arena. Wrestling loses a lot without the crowd elements. And they are competing with NXT for two hours every week.
  2. I do think Tony Khan needs to stay off Twitter and stop engaging the trolls, but the numbers speak for themselves.
  3. WTF, Mike Perry. SMH. Warning, language is NSFW https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/7/8/21318251/video-mike-perry-punches-older-man-in-bar-dispute-policy-say-three-assaulted So this happened in Lubbock, Texas. And Perry didn't get arrested after the police arrived.
  4. I thought it was the right thing after he got out of Jericho dragging him back to the middle of the ring for the Walls, getting out of Santana & Ortiz interference, kicking out of a cheating-assisted Code Breaker. I kind of think they dragged out that ending sequence just to have Cassidy take the pin. But oh well. Seemed like a waste. Taz bringing back the FTW title was not a major announcement that sends shockwaves throughout the industry. Somewhat nostalgic I suppose. But big deal, Taz is bequeathing Cage his old title he gave himself in ECW. Why does this send shockwaves? Bryan Alvarez was hyping this up on WOL today as well and made it sound like, "Well there's no way Tony Khan would promise this and tweet about it if it wasn't a huge deal." Nope. I mean fair play to Tony Khan over-promising and under-delivering. They are competing with NXT over week, so they have to do stuff like this from AEW's standpoint. Once again though, I hate it when wrestling promotions promise huge announcement and it's something minor or silly. AEW does this on a regular basis. They promise a huge announcement and it's like "OMG! AEW IS RETURNING TO JACKSONVILLE!" Sorry that's not a big announcement. Frankly, it would've been better if they didn't hype or announce this and just have Taz come out to give Cage the FTW title. That way they aren't over-hyping something and unrealistically building up expectations. The eight-man tag was fun. Lucha Bros. going over and finally getting a major win was good. Young Bucks eating a pin right now in this type of match doesn't really hurt them and it helps build up their eventual match with FTR in the long term.
  5. I agree, from a character standpoint, Bayley sounded a lot more natural there, like she was rightfully flustered and out of it.
  6. I hope Mike Brown will be OK. Best wishes and get well soon. As much as I respect these guys for going forward with their fights, it's still very very scary with the pandemic present. EDIT: While it's not outdoors, the Octagon setup for Fight Island does look interesting.
  7. Even Bayley stumbling her way through a promo like this is good. "Nikki's accent is annoying. She's annoying."
  8. But it’s got a winged bald eagle on it!
  9. Very happy that Fire Force is back for Season 2. Really digging that show right now. Also major league props to David Productions keeping up such high animation quality right now. I think giving that type of show a break like with My Hero Academia helps a lot, or at least, I hope it does.
  10. Some better US title images. It was hard to make out the silver background under the Raw lighting. Not to throw shade at AEW, but how can they still not have TNT title finished at this point?
  11. Still not sure why the UFC needed this whole song and dance with Burns vs. Usman just to get back to Masvidal vs. Usman. But whatever. Good on Masvidal. Hopefully, he got the payday he wanted. It sounds like he did.
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