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  1. I like the optimism, but I'm just not sure it happens. Let's just say I will be pleasantly surprised if it does.
  2. Joe is a midcard act, but I'm fine with it. He's 39 and this is probably the best it will get for him in WWE at this point. At least he's on TV every week, having significant feuds and matches, so I'm happy. I never expected him to ever be in WWE at all. So at least he's there and having a role at least.
  3. Not that I'm a big Sasha hater or anything, but I recall she's been criticized for botching her spots a lot going back to her title feud with Charlotte Flair. Either botching or taking sick bumps where it looks like she's going to get herself killed or her neck broken. Is that accurate?
  4. I'd be more on board with the ESPN+ move if we were getting more of a discount for buying into ESPN+. IMHO, buying ESPN+ just so you can purchase $60 UFC PPVs doesn't sound that appealing to me. I'm not against streaming subscription services and premium content, but if they are going to do this, they need a stronger bundling plan for ESPN+ and PPVs.
  5. I don't understand this idea. That seems to imply WWE deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this type of booking.
  6. WrestleMania is less than 3 weeks out now. If the end game is Bryan vs. Kingston, just book the match and stop the BS already. "The point is heat" didn't help Rey Mysterio's main event run and did hurt him going into WrestleMania 22.
  7. What's even the point of the gauntlet match in the first place if the ultimate conclusion is to have Bryan come out to pin him one on one to deny him the title shot again? In the words of Randy Orton, "Stupid!"
  8. I'm not sure what's amazing about it. Kofi Kingston has been a fan favorite for years. God forbid fans want to see a longtime veteran finally have his run. Also, Bryan had a miraculous return to the ring and now he's champ. He's had a decent run with the belt. It'd hardly be some tragedy to see him lose to a Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania when years ago, the best he could do was 12 seconds against Sheamus or not even getting booked onto Wrestlemania. Just because we want to see Kofi Kingston wins doesn't mean we hate Bryan or think he's crap and want to see him lose. You make it sound like that's a contradiction. In 2006, Bryan was having an epic run as ROH champion. Was beating tons of other favorites in one hour contests. Then he ultimately lost to Homicide who had a long storyline leading up to him finally winning the title. Fans wanted to see Homicide get the belt too. It wasn't because they hate Bryan and wanted to see him lose. Maybe they like both guys. Bryan vs. Kingston on paper is a great match-up and maybe fans now just want to see Kingston have his moment and get that win just like Bryan did.
  9. WWE doesn't know how to get out of its own way.
  10. "Divorced" from reality and WWE seem to go hand in hand.
  11. Nope. March 10. WrestleMania 30 was April 6. So they had almost four weeks.
  12. Seriously. Just give Kofi his big moment. It ain't that hard. This is "Save Martha" levels of incompetence here.
  13. In other words, it's a systematic way to murder Kofi Kingston's momentum.
  14. That's because the WWE creative team is garbage, and WWE booking is garbage. How is the investment not there already after a five-man gauntlet match? What's going to happen next week? The locker room will empty and demand Kofi get his shot. That's even more garbage. It's like they are trying to repeat WrestleMania 30 again but doing it the horrendous Vince McMahon way.
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