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  1. I agree that Miro came off really well last night. My heart is broken for John Silver. They played that great. What is the deal with Jade Cargill? What is going on here? Is she going to wrestle at some point or what?
  2. I just think there's this warped mentality that if you throw in the towel you're a coward or if you're not willing to basically literally die you're not a true fighter. BJ Penn's corner stopped the fight with GSP after the fourth round at UFC 94, and Penn was not beaten up as badly as Kattar was here. Like I thought there was nothing round with the Penn stoppage at the time. But corner's need to let go of this mentality that there's shame in throwing in the towel. I get in an MMA fight one punch or strike can change the whole complexion of the fight, but Kattar was given more
  3. Thank you Dana White for that major non-announcement he didn't even deliver at the start of the show with as promised. What is it with MMA corners refusing to throw in the towel? There is no way that fight in the main should've gone five rounds.
  4. Fair. I get the frustration. Jericho hasn't done himself favors with how he's come across publicly. This pandemic has become a massive dumpster fire, I can't even wrap my head around it. At the same time, I don't want to target people just because they got the virus when it may not have been their fault and they might've been doing their due diligence. I would say the bigger issue at hand here is that wrestling is something that literally requires you to do the things that cause the spread of the virus. And there's really no getting around it. And AEW has continued to do business si
  5. I don't get the booking of this segment. If the point was to put over Jade Cargill, why not just have her be a guest instead of Cody? Cody never even said anything. Also, what is Cargill's relationship with Shaq? Is Shaq her manager, sponsor, what's going on there? I get that they're friends and all, but why is Jade threatening Cody and AEW with Shaq? Maybe Shaq is going to destroy AEW if she doesn't get her way. Once again, we end with another Jerry Springer looking segment. I'm not sure why, but all these trash segments with Cargill almost make me think AEW brass are trying to sabotage
  6. Nope, it's not certain at all. The Sturgis concert was on August 2. He could've just as easily been exposed to it getting groceries or food or something else.
  7. Apparently they have six seasons planned of this...which...I dunno, good luck. The Vietnam flashbacks look like they were shot on a golf course.
  8. I say unify them and create a new belt. They clearly have no intention of splitting the belts back up again. They've been defended together basically as one belt since January 2020. Might as well.
  9. I actually think this is kind of nice. But I do think we were reaching over-saturation on Grogu with Season 2, which is all the better for him to be written out for the time being.
  10. Yup. The major problem I see, if there are marginal 10-9's then there should be marginal 10-8 rounds as well. And if someone is getting absolutely dominated the entire round, like soundly dominated, then it should also arguably be a 10-8. The other major issue is that judges rarely score rounds 10-10 when they are applicable. They still score a winner even in a pretty even round where little actually happens or neither fighter really got the advantage. So if you change it to 20 points, I don't see it how fixes the improper application of the scores.
  11. I think the last two cards that had three title fights all ended up going into the fifth round or the distance.
  12. My problem with HBO Max is that NJPW already has its own subscription streaming service. And it's one they aren't taking full advantage of. What they should be doing is overhauling NJPW World and making it a better international streaming destination.
  13. All good fights, but I just don't get putting three title fights on one card. It's too much. Unless this is being done with the thought that fights will get postponed or changed. Sadly, women's featherweight has never been a talent-rich division.
  14. Tory is the worst thing about this show. Daniel’s wife is practically invisible. How she is still putting up with this garbage at the end of the season is a mystery to me. All the kids are terrible.
  15. I thought Ibushi vs. Naito was good but not what I would call a five star classic. I thought Ibushi/White was the superior match. To me five stars means as close to perfection as possible, if not right there at perfect. But whatever, everyone has their own view on things.
  16. Speaking as an old Sting mark who would very much defend his place in any Hall of Fame, this is why I thought signing him to a "full-time" contract was highly misguided. Sure they are trying to work around Sting, but it's becoming painfully apparent that he can't really get physical in any of these confrontations. Not to mention, this act is getting repetitive. Sting making a save and everyone running scared one week and Tony yelling it's Sting was fine. But how long can they milk this without any headway? And he has a multi-year contract. Other than some nostalgia value and being able to
  17. Never trust a knife pervert.
  18. They don't like Moxley either? He was feuding with their leader a while back.
  19. Okay I just have to say Omega vs. Rey Fenix was an outstanding TV match. Fenix is incredible. Provided he can stay healthy, I think he can be a huge star in AEW. I was really feeling it when he did that Guerrero homage before the frog splash attempt. Also, that Fire Thunder Driver was beautiful. Not a move we see very often. Omega was able to match and keep up with his style well. post-match brawl was also good. I like that the Bucks sort of begrudgingly went along with it. At first they seemed uncertain and just kicked the other guys to break things up.
  20. I kind of wanted Abadon to win tonight.
  21. The ending to tonight's Dynamite seems to have huge and far reaching implications. But what do you call this reformed/reformatted Bullet Club? Just The Elite? The Ammo Gang? I don't want to get into a big discussion, but I hope current events don't tank the ratings for both shows tonight, but I guess we'll see. The storytelling is definitely there for NJPW. NJPW definitely has great storytelling and characters. They just do it in a different way than the US.
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