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  1. Haku actually dragged a couple of decent TV matches out of Warrior
  2. My favorites are the jerky, the caramel corn, and the original style nug-ee's. You can't go wrong with the nug-ee's. Also if you are trying to snack a little healthier, great nuts and trail mix. EDIT: My parents also like the cinnamon pecans. https://texassnax.com/products/cinnamon-pecans
  3. I'm originally from Texas. Buc-ee's is the real shit.
  4. Andrew Zarian says a pro-AEW WarnerMedia sales executive was really pissed about the WWE statement about "self-mutilation" comments in Toronto Star, seeing it as an attack on AEW/WarnerMedia advertisers.
  5. Possible. Griff Garrison is still there.
  6. My concern with Brian Pillman Jr. is that he's Brian Pillman Jr. I think he's a fine young man. Good head on his shoulders. But he's also Brian Pillman's son. When he was finally given the chance to get the mic in AEW, he was kind of like a deer in the headlights. I think he did fine as a worker in his big matchups, but he seemed uncertain and unsure of himself in his promos. His go-to move was raising his voice when he sounded lost. I'm worried that Pillman won't be able to step out of his father's shadow and find his own identity.
  7. For starters, I would prefer if he could pick one topic and focus on selling that one topic. And drop the smark insider BS. He's not good at it.
  8. He did tell Hulk Hogan to crash a plane full of people into parts unknown.
  9. Considering Cody and Moxley were back this week, it was probably a good week for him to take some time off.
  10. I think a big problem with Warrior's run is even after Hogan lost the belt and got taken out by Earthquake, they were still building their shows around Hulk Hogan. Even though Warrior was the champion, Hulk Hogan was still being treated as the face of the company. It was like when John Cena was on top and every segment they are putting over Cena or talking about Cena. They didn't truly strap the rocket to Warrior. After WM 6, they were still undercutting him. Mean Gene and the broadcasters were even saying Earthquake was the reason Hogan lost the title and his attacks weakened Hogan, causing him to lose the title. Now deep down maybe McMahon didn't trust Warrior or saw something in him that he didn't trust and knew he'd have to go back to Hogan eventually, but I still think WWE, intentionally or not, sabotaged and undercut Warrior's title reign.
  11. To me what Cody's doing now isn't WWE stuff. It's Jeff Jarrett in TNA booked by Vince Russo and Dixie Carter-type stuff at this point. Nonetheless, I'm happy and excited to see the numbers grow this week. Even putting aside any Raw comparisons: * AEW topped their TBS debut numbers * No. 1 in the ratings for Wednesday * Beat the NBA * Drew their best numbers in several months As I recall, the last time AEW basically beat Raw in the ratings, it led to Big E cashing in MITB and winning the title.
  12. With me, it's not that Cody's got the stink of being a WWE guy. Absolute power corrupted him. That simple.
  13. The three second squash on Shawn Spears made me sad.
  14. You drive onto and out of the driveway? It's your way to drive onto the street?
  15. Some random thoughts on tonight's show: * Worst AEW crowd ever. Crowd was off all night. Reminded me of Bizarro World Toronto. Crowd sounded low energy and grumpy, like they just got out of bed. On for some stuff, totally random for others. Sounded like they had a sugar run crash and were forced to go onto a football field for a playoff game. Crowd irked me from the opening segment with that dude heckling Moxley and they were on my bad side all night. Also, f-u to that dude heckling Moxley. * I think Serena Deeb's heel turn is perfect for her and has really livened things up. Finish to that match was perfect. She's really got an edge she was lacking now. I say keep running with her just wrecking women for a while. * Mixed tag match was fun action for the most part. * Cody's rambling, meandering promo was awful. Why the hell is he talking about all this insider BS like turning heel? It's f'n dumb. So many dumb, stupid spots that went nowhere. It sounded like he was speaking in incoherent gibberish. Like a bad Vince Russo promo. Insider terms and lots of nonsense. Yet another reason why Cody is US Agent/Poochie. If this is Cody's heel turn, he's botching even that. Cody's now a terrible babyface and a terrible heel. * I do think Acclaimed are a great act, but I think they are just missing those key signature couple wins. Honestly, I would've had them go over Sting and Darby tonight. At the very least, I think beatdown of Sting and Darby early was good.
  16. It seems every week they switch off between a shorter episode and a longer episode. This episode was more or less the ideal length I think we should get. It bugs me when we are getting episodes under 40 minutes. This is a premium streaming series. This was easily my favorite episode of the season so far, and I think the show has gotten better as it goes along. I like that Boba Fett has gone through this change of sort of casting off his old habits. He's done taking orders and being the hunter. He wants to be the boss now. And he's trying to build his own clan and crime family so to speak. The mod doctor stuff was amusing to me. It was like Boba Fett walked into a Blade Runner movie or Cyberpunk 2077 for a couple minutes. Not complaining, I thought it was well done. I feel like we've seen a bit of stuff like this between Luke's hand and stuff in the prequels and expanded media. Doing a mild cyberpunk homage in Star Wars makes sense IMO. I like how Krrsantan's role has gotten gradually bigger. Carey Jones does such a good job with his performance. It reminds me of Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator. I mean you know exactly what the character is thinking and feeling just through his body language and physical performance alone. Boba Fett still not the sharpest tool in the shed. Drop the SEISMIC CHARGE OR DOUBLE TAP BEFORE YOU stare down the sarlacc's gullet! Yeesh dude. You're lucky there Fennec was there to save you.You almost got swallowed by that monster again. I like the Godfather dinner scene, but Boba Fett can now flex a little now that he has a rancor. Not sure he can trust the other crime lords, but Boba is at least smart enough to start building his forces.
  17. They kinda were. They were protecting humanity from attacks by the Deviants for years. They were the inspirations of humanity's myths, legends, folklore and religions.
  18. Ikaris was Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark of Game of Thrones.
  19. It's mild retconning. Boba Fett's armor is supposed to be the same as Jango's when it clearly is different. Keep in mind this is a backstory they've fleshed out for Boba Fett decades later after the fact.
  20. In other words, he's not adding any meaningful time to the product either. Why sign a guy just to book on AEW Dark?
  21. I'm guessing instead of releasing people, AEW will simply start letting old contracts expire and not renew them, which from a business standpoint, they should because they signed way too many people. Granted, I highly doubt Avalon was getting six figures guaranteed in AEW.
  22. If AEW's roster wasn't so bloated right now, I'd be all for them signing Murphy and Strickland. I think they are better off not signing right now.
  23. It's 1996 all over again. Also, Brock Lesnar intentionally bladed at WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and you can't convince me otherwise.
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