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  1. I’m now suddenly hit with the idea of Jarrett winning the Royal Rampage (in Nashville no less) to get his World title shot. I’m going with the assumption that Danielson is winning the title, so running him versus Jarrett at Grand Slam would be great. but watch it be Hangman.
  2. Or just come up with a women’s story that can include Blood & Guts and watch the ratings stack up. Too bad the Bunny isn’t around anymore, she’d bleed like a motherfucker for that. EDIT: Also if the plan is Britt versus Mercedes at All In with a Hayter return… you run that tag match the next weekend at All Out, 100%.
  3. Still not down with this Elite shit, but I enjoyed the actual B&G match. I love me some crazy spotfests and this had plenty of it. Curious to where they go with Swerve & Hangman. They’re focusing on All In, as they should, but there’s also a PPV to sell the next weekend and it’s going to feel like a nothing show again this year the way things are going. I’m proud of my Nashville peeps. They chanted for Punk when Perry came out. Good for you guys. Nashville also got Punk’s return to RAW after Survivor Series. This, and that RAW, are two things I wish I could’ve been at. Kamille & Mercedes is a good pairing. Hayter’s return (at All In? Maybe before and we get Kamille/Hayter in London??) will blow the roof off wherever it happens. Give it to me, now. I said this pairing should’ve happened when Mercedes was feuding with Willow (and by extension, Stat) when she debuted. I think it’d be funny if she sees Hayter return and decides she needs even more protection and hires Megan Bayne as well. I do not care about MJF, and I’m sad Ospreay is sucked into this. Max’s vortex is as boring as Jericho’s, IMO.
  4. If the spoilers I’m reading are true, there are some truly out of left field cameos in this thing. Some of them weren’t even mentioned at all by prominent leakers.
  5. The other theory is Scorpio/Jake Fury.
  6. Yeah most people are assuming Wolverine is mostly done, or their particular jobs are anyway, so they just… moved on. I’ll play the fuck outta Wolverine, and the rumored Venom game, but I’m forever salty that DLC for Spider-Man 2 seemingly isn’t happening. Great game, don’t get me wrong, but $70 for a game I beat in BARELY over 20 hours is insane. I’m not saying bloat it to the point where it seems like an Ubisoft game, but come on. The first game had 4 DLCs that added a good little chunk of time to the game. Of course I’ll probably buy Wolverine, Venom and that (hopefully real) X-Men game day one so what the fuck am I even talking about
  7. The Narrative & Art directors for Insomniac’s Wolverine have left the studio and joined CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2 team.
  8. I love looter shooters so naturally I’m addicted to The First Descendant.
  9. Rewatching old seasons of NCIS/catching up on the new ones, and it’s wild how the show went from good but kinda mid with Tony/Kate as the team, then found their groove with Tony/McGee/Ziva, lost it but it was still good with Tony/McGee/Bishop and then just totally fell off once Tony left and they got the new team members that I can’t even remember the names of. Kinda seems like Tony was the glue holding all that together. The actor for Ducky dying in real life and Abby & Bishop leaving the show eventually, is gonna reallyyyyy suck whatever fun is left in this show. Luckily I’m coming up on the Ziva return season, and I have her spin-off to look forward to.
  10. I never finished Disco Elysium, but all I remember is that my character ended up as a fascist early on in the game, and I was pretty bummed about that.
  11. I got pretty far into the Saga version of Ascent yesterday with two randoms but they both quit on me once we all died a few times at the second boss segment that’s on the snowy mountains. As far as I can tell it’s just Legendary versions of three campaign missions. My light level is only like 1985 or something but I didn’t find it too difficult. Higher difficulty activities like that makes me wish I could have another exotic slot, because Apothesis Veil carried me A LOT since I’m always dying lmao. But the prismatic turret build for Warlocks is too awesome to ditch.
  12. I didn’t know Ergo Sum had different element versions. I like the Arc one, but it’s not gonna stop me from using my The Call/Sunshot/Hammerhead loadout. It’s damn near perfect for me with the way I have my armor set up. Sometimes I’ll switch out Sunshot for my crafted Ammit AR2 and the Hammerhead for Thunderlord or Ill Omen, though. I absolutely love The Call weapon, though. Anyway, anybody wanna do a Saga run this week sometime? I need to do all three for the Exotic quest, and I only need one run of a Saga mission to get to my next Guardian level.
  13. It would be funny if most of the Dynamite audience watched the Kendrick concert instead, and all they got for 1h30m was DJ Mustard and intermissions. FYI, I believe the actual concert didn’t start until the last half hour of Dynamite. But I also don’t think there’s a huge overlap in AEW fans and Kendrick fans to eat away their normal 700kish audience down to 500k. @EVA is on the money here - it still got #3 for the night so that tells me TV viewership as a whole was down that night. I know for me personally, I couldn’t watch because Xfinity cable/internet was down for like 12 hours. Not sure if that was a nationwide problem, but Xfinity sucks and I just wanted to mention that.
  14. Yeah, he might be a fantastic wrestler, but I don’t have time for people who support abusers.
  15. RUSH is supposedly “banned” from Forbidden Door, possibly every year it happens. Even though CMLL/AAA issues have been worked out in regards to that show and talent appearing on TV etc etc. And if they’re going to continue to book Stephanie Vaquer, maybe that’s for the best. I honestly rather watch her than anything of his anyway.
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