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  1. My body is ready. Don't get me wrong, I want to see Falcon & Winter Soldier too, but my most anticipated Disney+ shows are a two-way tie between WandaVision and Ms. Marvel. Inject this shit into my veins. The fact that there's a trailer for this before F&WS leads me to believe that it's coming out before that show, and sooner rather than later.
  2. I've missed Shanna, not going to lie about that. She was one of my favorites pre-COVID. Someone on Reddit said Anthony Ogogo is doing the same thing as Shanna, IE going to a neutral country for quarantine so travel to the US is allowed.
  3. Next year? Shit, it'll probably be discounted by Christmas.
  4. It reminds me of All-Stars, but this is definitely geared more towards kids I imagine. It’s stupidly simple.
  5. I haven’t, not yet anyway. Does it matter if I haven’t completed the main story yet or is it one of those DLCs where it can just fit in wherever?
  6. At least it wasn’t a full priced game is all I can really say.
  7. Looks like Jon Moxley is confirmed for Bloodsport - let's hope he actually gets to do it this time.
  8. Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys For Life), Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (A Girl In The River, Saving Face) and Meera Menon (Equity, Farah Goes Bang) are all going to be directing episodes for Ms. Marvel on Disney+ I think Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is the most surprising one, for me personally.
  9. Oh my god, Tom Cotton is on Trump's shortlist. Along with Ted Cruz, who is saying he'll decline it, but Cotton is very fucking receptive to the idea of being on the Supreme Court.
  10. I saw The Outer Worlds was 50% off on PS4 if you're a PS+ member, so I went ahead and grabbed it. I haven't played it since it first came out, when I still had an Xbox One. Mannnn, I forgot how good and fun this game is. Just shooting the fucking pistol feels satisfying. I love these types of RPGs, and it amazes me that somehow they sucked the life out of Fallout after New Vegas came out (yes, a flawed game, but still really fun).
  11. I believe their argument was that Obama was a lame-duck President at the time so he couldn't do that. Trump is a lot of things, but according to the definition of a lame-duck President - he's not that (yet).
  12. I'm not gonna lie, I was curious about Battle Grounds so I bought it. It's actually pretty fun. There's a few glitches, but so far it's pretty smooth. It's like a sequel to WWE All-Stars. I like the way they did the "campaign" mode, where the story is told through comic book panels. Cage matches are... interesting. You collect money that's on the walls to build up a meter so you can climb over the top. I think my match against Samoa Joe lasted maybe 5 minutes. Highlight so far was throwing Carmella in the crowd and she got attacked by an alligator.
  13. My Eddie Kingston x Beyond Gorilla shirt came in today all the way from the UK, and I love it.
  14. If you care about this sort of thing, Meltzer has rated the Parking Lot Fight as 5 stars.
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