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  1. Well the Bucks did go into a Barnes & Noble and find a copy in the romance section on BTE...
  2. I really want the Good Brothers to be Omega's bodyguards or whatever any time he's on AEW TV, protecting him from an angry roster that feels like Omega betrayed them. And I think that'll happen, because the Bucks still want to run the program with Gallows & Anderson that they had planned for the debut episode of Dynamite. I mean, it does feel like the Bucks are kind of just there right now, moving from match to match with younger/less featured teams, without a real storyline in place.
  3. I don't know why you went with the video when there are MUCH clearer pictures. Also, either they're adapting the storyline where Hawkeye goes deaf, or it's a COVID related thing so Renner can hear the director without getting too close. But in some pictures of Renner, you can see he's wearing an earpiece/hearing aide.
  4. If Marvez wasn't waiting for Callis & Omega, then, uh, Callis could just simply speak into the camera and boom operator that were following them literally the entire time.
  5. Wasn’t the expansion into the US a Meij thing and people behind the scenes wondered why he was pushing so hard for that? I swear I remember reading something about it in the Observer when he got fired or whatever.
  6. But - Haliee Steinfeld has been photographed on set in the Kate Bishop outfit, with a bow and arrow, with Lucky the Pizza Dog.
  7. I could be wrong, but I don’t see how FTR vs The North can be title vs title when neither team has titles, and Ethan Page is probably leaving Impact and not doing anymore shows with them this year due to exposure to COVID.
  8. To add to the puroresu stuff: AJPW launched a women's division.
  9. I don’t think Cutler’s wife is the AEW seamstress (though she does make gear for people) - I believe that’s Sandra (ex-WWE). Maybe they have two seamstresses, though. But I know Sandra has been in the camera shot of a few BTE skits working on gear.
  10. Avengers DLC on the 7th is SURELY what you’re referring to, right?
  11. Liv Morgan really needs to go on Sneaking Shopping. That's the first thing I ever noticed about her on the main roster, and where my ironic fandom for her came from in the early days of the Riott Squad. Now I'm just a fan of hers period, because she's great, but yeah, she was always rockin' AJ1s and I just adore it when my two loves collide like that (sneakers and wrestling). I bet Scorpio Sky would kill to be on here, especially since Complex pays for everything.
  12. Why? Black Friday only benefits corporations, it's not like the workers are enjoying a surge in profits. And usually, it would require them to go into work on a holiday and deal with a massive crowd of people. And then there's the entire thing of most BF prices actually show up earlier in the year at various times, but it's pushed heavily when the biggest retail shopping day of the year comes.
  13. It was actually almost a year later before he went from beating Punk & Cena to tagging with Brodus Clay.
  14. And if you take away the "free" games every month, you're paying $10 a month (or cheaper if you go the full year route) for just multiplayer capabilities. If it wasn't for the games, I wouldn't even have PS+ since I don't do multiplayer all that much. I kind of expected the December games to be kind of shitty after they offered so much good shit for PS5 owners.
  15. Wait a minute. If Omega is too young (37) to be in the HOF already, then Okada (33) should be too. Especially if your argument against the Omega pick is that you personally wait to eyeball a total career.
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