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  1. That’s the song from that Starbucks commercial like 20 years ago, right?
  2. During COVID I bought a 20 disc set of 90s All Japan (100 matches total) ranked by Meltzer’s star ratings from 4.5 - 4.75 - 5 - 6. Starts with Kobashi/Akiyama from July 24th 1998 and ends with Misawa/Kawada from June 3rd, 1994. Needless to say I haven’t made it out of the first disc. It’s an overwhelming amount of stuff. The guy on Etsy does A LOT of comp DVDs. He has a similar set of AJW for $40 (and a CM Punk AEW set collecting his >1 year run with them for $20).
  3. By this same metric, Danielson is also a pervert because he talks about dicks nonstop around his co-workers, including females. Renee & Aubrey talked about it on an episode of the Sessions recently. I’m of the opinion that neither are, and they just have fucked up senses of humor, but hey, whatever.
  4. so I was watching Brian Zane’s review of WrestleMania 13 and I realized I’ve never watched Bret/Austin before. Yeah, yeah, I know. But that leads me to an interesting topic: what are some matches that people consider classics and/or required viewing that you’ve never seen? Or don’t want to because of someone involved? I’ve also never watched the Razor/HBK ladder match or the Iron Man match between Bret/Shawn (or the Montreal Screwjob outside of clips).
  5. Let’s see the evidence and not just dirt sheet stuff then?
  6. I bet he’s one of those that thinks Foley is a closet pervert.
  7. It’s still wild to me that Jericho is a locker room leader, and held a meeting after Brawl Out in which he, Danielson and Mox talked about various things - one of them being to not air dirty laundry to the dirt sheets, I believe. Fuckin’ lol on that one.
  8. Yeah they definitely showed Omega yelling at Hangman and then storming off, with that carny piece of shit Don Callis acting like Hangman attacked him.
  9. I dunno about anyone else but I’m having fun with MyFaction and Universe in 2K23. I’m slowly working on a combined AEW & NJPW save, since good CAWs for most of their rosters haven’t been released or made yet. I have another save that’s some weird merger of 1980s and 1990s All Japan with some WWF & WCW guys from that time period thrown in. First show and Bruiser Brody starts a feud with the Triple Crown Champion Kawada. I’m digging the new rivalry actions. MyFaction is only fun because I got a head start since I preordered, and it came with some good cards. Already evolved a Cena and Liv Morgan from a Gold to Emerald or whatever. But holy shit fuck Showcase (when you play it on Legendary difficulty). And it’s kind of bullshit you can’t use stuff you unlock in Rise & Showcase in anything but Exhibition matches. Hopefully they patch that.
  10. CMFTR vs Omega & the Bucks vs Claudio, YUTA & Mox in Blood & Guts this summer.
  11. Somewhere in Connecticut, WWE’s check book just felt a tingle after seeing Vikingo.
  12. TK just needs to do all the coke and somehow get NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, Stardom, TJPW and Impact to do a show with AEW & ROH. The crazy thing is that’s totally feasible most likely, except for Stardom and TJPW on the same show. I’d even go as far to say Stardom participating at all with anything AEW is far-fetched.
  13. Suzuki has been through the Forbidden Door so many times now that it’s just a regular door again. Bring in people from New Japan who’ve rarely been in AEW or not at all. I say this every time Suzuki or Ishii show up, but I’m so sick of those two in AEW. We’ve gotten two Tanahashi matches. One from Okada, Shingo and ZSJ. None from Naito, SANADA, Hiromu… and I know certain things kept some of those people from appearing, but still. Man, I rather see goddamn BISHAMON again over another Suzuki match in AEW. I feel dirty even saying that, yuck.
  14. The original article from earlier in the day had Mirror’s Edge being delisted from online stores. A lot of people thought it was because of the rumored remaster/remake of the game that was on the NVIDIA list that leaked a year or two ago (and has been accurate so far).
  15. Mirror’s Edge was originally on that list but it was an “error”. The internet was freaking the fuck out about it, I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.
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