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  1. hasn’t Keith Lee vs WALTER already happened in at least EVOLVE and PWG, or is the internet lying to me?
  2. Don’t get me started on the cable issue. I don’t know about other VR rigs, but the PlayStation one infuriated me with all of the different cords and shit. It’s 2020, why isn’t more stuff wireless? Although, I do hate that the controller can only be charged through a USB cable. Batteries never were an issue for me personally, since I can get a 24 pack at my job for $4.
  3. and now the Howard the Duck and Tigra/Dazzler series on Hulu have been cancelled.
  4. I think I’ll eventually pull the trigger on just a regular SNES and Genesis Mini, because my PS4 game buying spree has reared its ugly head again. Damn you Walmart for having good prices.
  5. Brockmire is a solid little show.
  6. I'd much rather keep Joey Janela in AEW than some New Japan dude who just stiffs everyone and is really strong or whatever.
  7. The last thing AEW needs is another stable.
  8. Won't Dinah and Earth-2 Laurel be leads in this new show as well, since half of the show's namesake comes from them?
  9. I thought her promo was perfectly fine for a delusional heel. And when I was watching it, I didn't think they sent it to commercial during her promo because it was bad - maybe I bought into kayfabe (which is fine) but I assumed it was a planned break and they used the cover of "Baker is insulting a staff member "live" on air, let's go to commercial".
  10. Ya'll are weird, I like Mia a lot more than Arrow characters that we've had for years now. For instance, she's more likable than Dinah. Or Rene. Or Earth-2 Laurel. But, y'know, opinions.
  11. So when will Randy Orton and Mark Henry and Trish Stratus etc etc comment on Rhea Ripley's phantom punches?
  12. I fell asleep during the show (it's been a long week already), but on Reddit they had an interview clip of Tony with Kenny & Page backstage. Bucks interrupted Page, Tony interrupted him. He was visibly getting angry about it. But the part I quoted you on is important, because Hangman said that too ("I beat SCU", "I won the tag team titles") when he did get to speak. And Kenny caught onto it, and made a confused face. He might not have actually beat SCU all by himself, but in Hangman's mind he did.
  13. The rumor was that Feige wanted to do a Ghost Rider movie instead, I believe.
  14. And to think his disillusionment with WWE started when they wouldn't let NXT talent appear on the first cruise, which is why Ring Of Honor ended up being the promotion he partnered with. And apparently Vince hates cruises anyway.
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