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  1. I actually think the opposite, I think. Garcia’s promos remind me a lot of Eddie Kingston, in that they’re not pro wrestling promos but a guy who could legit fuck someone up just talking. I like that. But his character work? If this was EWR, he’d have No Gimmick Needed or something, because… well, he doesn’t really have one. The same way he cuts his promos is exactly how his character is presented. No frills, nothing extra presented or added. Just a guy who can do everything he talks about. So maybe not the opposite of what you said, but I think for his experience, he’s doing quite well. Putting him with Danielson would go a long ways, actually.
  2. I’m on S4 of Game of Thrones, and I have to give them credit for drawing out Daenerys’ story this long of getting armies and dragons and whatnot on her slow march to Westeros and King’s Landing. I thought for sure by the end of S1 or at least S2 she’d be there by now, but, nope. Joffrey was a little bitch. I do have one question: is the surname Snow just given to every “bastard” or what?
  3. My point was that if a new Rock Band or Guitar Hero released, they’d make it so the older instruments wouldn’t be compatible with the newly released game - not that the instruments currently don’t work on the new gen systems at all, because of course they do, both games had entries on the Xbox One and PS4 so that makes sense.
  4. Yeah it seems like extreme optimism to hope that instruments from one or two console generations ago to be supported for a new entry in either franchise.
  5. I know we’re talking about Rock Band, but supposedly there’s another Guitar Hero in the works.
  6. Something to the effect of “get this drunk piece of shit out of the fucking ring”, if I’m remembering the Reddit post correctly.
  7. LET'S FUCKIN' GOOOOOO. (also Angela Bassett and Carrie-Anne Moss are in this, wtf?!)
  8. Update on my Grandpa: still has pneumonia in both lungs, but now has another strain of pneumonia on top of that somehow. They put a feeding tube in his stomach because he can’t pass a swallow test. They’re sending him home, but with hospice/end of life care. Me, my Mom and Dad have to help out my Grandma until all of this is over. And my cousin, who lives the closest and is a teacher, has COVID (and is double vaxxed).
  9. I don’t think Moxley is on his way back - to me it just seems like a one-off so he can drop the GCW title (since they already said they wouldn’t strip Mox of the title when he went into rehab or whatever it was). Briscoes vs FTR might happen elsewhere, it’s not on the same level as wanting Bryan Danielson’s first Washington area show to be with AEW instead of an indie. I don’t even think AEW has mentioned the Briscoes war of words with FTR, not to mention they confronted each other at ROH’s “last show”. It’ll either happen in GCW, or at Supercard of Honor in April.
  10. I’d expect Kotick out of power by the end of 2023 then.
  11. Camelot rises again! Suck on that @EVA!
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