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  1. Just like people in wheelchairs, right?
  2. "Alexa is a midget" is funny because she's only 3 inches shorter than the average height for American women.
  3. I officially have no idea what's going on after watching Parts 3 & 4. It's wonderfully weird and amazing. I can't connect the dots to much of anything, every new episode shatters my previous theories I had. Kinda bummed that next week's episode is only one part. 2 hours barely feels like enough, god knows what an hour is going to do to my brain.
  4. If this'll run on my laptop, I'm totally buying it and a controller and I'm quitting my job.
  5. There's another board I post at - EWB - that has a thread started in 2007 that's up to 590 pages and is commented in almost daily. So, there's your answer. It's also where I got a video birthday wish from Jervis Cottonbelly thanks to some really swell guys that went to a King of Trios one year.
  6. Congratulations to Gustafsson on that win and his engagement. That shit was heartwarming.
  7. Infinity War will be Black Widow's 6th appearance on film. She's supposedly on a film-to-film contract unlike people like Evans or RDJ. If they haven't pulled the trigger on a solo film by now, and Carol Danvers' debut is fast approaching and will overtake Widow's status as the #1 female in the MCU... I can see it happening, for sure. The more likely scenario is Chris Evans, but I feel like that's too obvious and everyone will expect it. But I remember a lot of people expecting him to die in Civil War, too, so...
  8. I would honestly take Lawler over JBL at this point.
  9. We've had this discussion before and I'm pretty sure no one agreed with me that Dusty was fucking awful at commentary, but to each their own I guess. It always seemed to me that he was just out there to hear his own voice and ignored everyone else at the desk. I remember watching some random crusierweight matches from, I don't know, Pro or Saturday Night, and he was unbearable.
  10. See, I don't get that argument. The same case is being made on Reddit too, that Booker T is at least entertaining while Otunga is just bad. Where as I think Booker T is just flat out horrible, and Otunga is at least tolerable. Booker reminds me of Dusty Rhodes on commentary in the sense that he doesn't really bring anything to the desk besides catchphrases, quotable lines and jibberish, while leaving the real legwork to the other two guys sitting with him.
  11. Apparently he was booked to wrestle tonight but showed up injured and his replacement was Snitsky.
  12. In news that really kills my interest, but will likely make a lot of people here happy - Booker T is staying longer than thought on commentary for RAW, and will be there until the end of Summer.
  13. I think Black Widow is more likely to die in Infinity War, actually. She's been around since Iron Man 2, the emotional attachment to the character a lot of fans have would make for a meaningful death, I think. Besides that - I can't be the only one that just doesn't care about Black Widow, am I? I think they're more likely to do sequels and introduce new character franchises than spin-offs. I want them to expand the characters you mentioned in the franchises they belong to, not see them in their own movies. Loki, Winter Solider & Falcon are better as utility players than the main stars, in my opinion.
  14. I feel like there isn't enough talk about the Arrow finale still. I'm sure that cliffhanger ending won't stick come season 6, but I mean - fuuuuck. Talk about wiping everything clean and starting over, holy hell. I really want Deathstroke to stick around, too.