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  1. Top Dolla isn’t getting a whiff of AEW. Winter Secret Santo pick unlocked.
  2. No idea, I don’t watch ROH. I think the last time he was on either show, he was teaming with Tony Nese under the Varsity Athletes banner, so…
  3. My man, I don’t think the Trustbusters have existed (in AEW) for awhile now. And give me Emma in AEW, she’s the only person I’d like to see them sign out of the cuts (so far).
  4. Hangman is a Double Crown champion too. World and Tag titles.
  5. Edge & Christian were in the last match Owen ever had - a tag match teaming with Jarrett the night before Over the Edge, in Chicago.
  6. I agree, and also replace Jade with Cody and you had my feelings on him eventually too. Everything about Cody after a certain point was like it was made for WWE and would work better there. And, lo and behold, it does.
  7. Titanfall 2 gets fixed and updated last week, and then the monkey paw curled.
  8. After playing for like an hour or two with no issues - the server errors are back. EDIT: Bungie says the recent server errors aren’t because of the fixes, but it’s targeted DDoS attacks.
  9. I managed to do about 4 Vanguards this morning without any problems before they kicked everyone for the maintenance update. It was way smoother than last night. Supposedly they’ve fixed the issues with the error codes that came with today’s update so there’s that.
  10. The ending of S2 of Heels makes no sense to me unless Jack is just lying to save his ass. How does that even happen?! It was a definite improvement over S1, though. I hope it gets renewed. A S3 with more Josh Segarra would be great fun.
  11. yeah the Reddit dude I mentioned invited me to a pretty big Discord server (the chick from the Where Is Xur website is pretty active there) so I think sometime fairly soon I’m gonna try out a Raid with some of these dudes. I’m also currently really into swords so I’m wanting to find a good one. Black Talon seems like it’s on that list - haven’t tried it yet though - which I currently have under my new Hunter character.
  12. I really need to get into the weapon crafting in this, huh. I’ve got a few patterns unlocked, but never have the resources to actually shape one (or modify). Hell, I only just this week did my first Exotic mission (and doing a dungeon this coming week, since I found a cool guy on Reddit that’ll help me and my buddy). Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing the weapon crafting
  13. I think he also said he’s got time on his hands - “for the next two months”.
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