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  1. They also eventually changed the name from Fourtune to Fortune, so..
  2. Who gives a fuck, Sandra is signed to AEW confirmed.
  3. The Outer Worlds (for PC) is being released through the Epic Games Store at first, and Steam gets it a year later. People are going bananas about this.
  4. The quote box is gone entirely from the reply box, IE if you're quoting an article or something and C&Ping it into the new reply box.
  5. Speaking of Becky Lynch... "WWE’s original and longterm plan for the match was for Lynch to win the Raw Women’s Championship and then for her, Rousey and Flair to emotionally embrace in the middle of the ring. Stephanie McMahon would then come out with the entire women’s division and they would give all three competitors a round of applause to end WrestleMania 35 on a heartwarming note." But this is according to PWMania, so... grain of salt.
  6. did Nier: Automata not get a physical release on the Xbox One? eBay is flooded with PS4 copies (and Amazon) but absolutely nothing for the Xbox One - which is weird, since it appears that the Microsoft and GameStop websites are selling them (but I could be wrong).
  7. The showrunner for The Gifted said if it's picked up for a third season, it likely won't be on Fox. Legion is ending after Season 3, but that's not because of the Fox/Disney merger - Noah Hawley always intended it to end after three seasons.
  8. So this thread is basically just Sony now, since Universal/Hulk related stuff almost never pops up in the news. Might be time for a thread name change.
  9. I thought most reasonable people could tell that I’m trolling when I talk about Liv Morgan. The same goes for when I mention Bad Luck Fale. Good grief.
  10. I don't know, I guess? I'm actually really big Sasha & Bayley fans, but tonight was just BAD and I don't think it's the fault of anyone not named Sasha Banks.
  11. By that logic, every main event from now on should be built up on both shows. I get that it's only happening because Becky and Charlotte are Smackdown superstars, but that segment should have and could have been booked for RAW, and that time could have been used for Asuka. There's no GMs or whatever anymore, but the brand split is still in effect... so what does Smackdown get out of that triple threat main event match? If Becky or Charlotte win, it's not like they're bringing the title back to the blue brand. Only one of them is coming back, and even that is iffy at this point. Also, yeah, the IIconics aren't five star wrestlers or whatever, but Sasha was botching all over the place. I don't even want to see Kairi/Io versus Bayley & Sasha because it'll be almost pathetic how much the former would outclass the latter team.
  12. Can we move on from the Kofi/Bryan stuff and talk about how fucking horrible Sasha Banks was tonight? And why they're promoting a RAW title match on Smackdown instead of giving that time to their own Women's champion, who currently doesn't have a title defense scheduled at WrestleMania?
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