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  1. I'm convinced they're doing a fourth season based off on how little we've actually spent in Twin Peaks. If Lynch wants to do it, Showtime would be crazy to pass on it.
  2. You're welcome.
  3. Danny Trejo is joining The Flash, playing Breacher - who is also the father of Gypsy. Aw fuck.
  4. A Redditor, who I guess is Indian (or speaks/understands their language), listened to the main event with the Indian commentators. It's kind of fascinating, since they treat Jinder like the all conquering hero, and basically don't even pay attention to Orton or his accomplishments in WWE. Makes me wonder if the Russian commentary treated Rusev like the face in the Flag Match. Yes, I know, Bulgaria, but they don't have Bulgarian commentators and he's been presented as living/being from Russia at different times in his career.
  5. There's also a quick shot of him fighting with Black Panther and Bucky in the desert-like setting.
  6. It's only a matter of time before Marvel releases it officially now. Here it is, in all it's shitty cellphone shot glory. The entire Infinity War teaser from yesterday at ComicCon, the same one shown at D23. Holy fuuuuck.
  7. 15 seconds of the Infinity War teaser is out there if you want to see it and oh my god.
  8. I've just now got into eBay (yeah, I'm way late on that one)... I've already dropped $100+ on wrestling stuff. A Pentagon Jr. shirt that I wanted when it was first released but never got, a Suzuki-gun shirt that I've been looking for, and some vintage event posters from my state to decorate my house with. Speaking of that last item... does anyone know of a website where I can buy more? eBay doesn't really have a wide selection of Tennessee event posters for sale. I did find a really cool one from my hometown, though.
  9. I'm pretty sure The Hunting Party kind of divided their fanbase as well.
  10. Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion) is working on a Dr. Doom movie for Fox.
  11. Yeah, he doesn't have a huge fin on his head or scales on his arms, but you couldn't tell this was supposed to be Triton? I mean....
  12. Yeah, this is the first time a singer from my "childhood" (more like preteen to late teens) has passed away and it's really.... I don't know. Weird? I don't think that's the right word, but I grew up with the music of Linkin Park - they're basically the first band I became obsessed with - and it's just so damn heartbreaking. I know he was abused by a male in his family when he was younger so I'm sure that pretty much damaged him from the get-go. Fucking tragic. RIP Chester, I'll be bumping Meteora today (IMO their best album).