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  1. I’m okay with them hyping up announcements that actually have to do with things inside the laudable AEW world, but when you do it for things in reality like on-sale dates (and revisiting places they’d already been to, if I remember right) then yeah, I’m not okay with that. I think the controversy at the time was, besides that it was just about tickets, that it wasn’t an announcement about a show in a market like NY or California.
  2. The announcement that Tony Khan reprimanded their social media crew over was the on-sale dates for upcoming Dynamite tapings.
  3. I really want to know what the behind the scenes reasoning behind this was. I'm so curious.
  4. I dropped a 55 gallon drum on my pointer finger and somehow it isn’t broken. So that’s cool I guess. But I did almost cut my nipple off the other night when I fell off a shelf and the metal grates on the shelves cut my chest. And last week I dropped a servo motor on my right forearm, but somehow it only caused light bruising. The OSHA gods are protecting me. I’m ready for this week to be over with, I hate this goddamn shift. My body hurts, but I can’t tell if that’s from all the physical labor, or that I’ll be 31 on Friday and I’m inching closer and closer to death.
  5. I have no experience buying from LRG themselves, but I did get the collector’s edition they had for a short time of Cosmic Star Heroine for the PS4 from eBay. Mainly just wanted the game and soundtrack, but having a Sega CD style case, two lengthy booklets and a poster were just icing on top. One of the rare times that I’ve played a game on one console (Switch) and bought it on another (PS4).
  6. Ironically, according to JR, their plans pre-COVID was to start running limited house show dates.
  7. Oh I don’t have a clue, I just know he was a referee for CHIKARA.
  8. Wiggy from CZW and the SpeakingOut movement is being called out on Facebook and Reddit by referee Jon Barber about how she should have been more careful with her accusations against CHIKARA and that she posted things that she wasn’t given approval to post.
  9. Nah, if people are able to watch it live and unspoiled, I say do it. The only reason I did was because of my work schedule. I was more or less only confirming that the 8 man tag is indeed an 8 man tag and that Kip isn’t on the show at all (that I remember). It seems they’re placing him in a manager/lackey role for Penelope, which honestly I’m fine with since I enjoy watching her develop more and more each time she wrestles than seeing Kip in the ring doing what a million other guys can do better. I’m curious about Taz’s announcement, though. That wasn’t in the spoilers at all, so it sounds like it might be a pre-tape thing maybe. I will say that I eagerly await the post-show thread, though. It’s going to be interesting. (Okay I’m done being cryptic and teasing )
  10. Cageside Seats says she was initially training with him, but it didn’t last long and eventually She moved to Pro Wrestling 2.0 in Winter Park.
  11. It’s a spoiler that Jimmy Havoc isn’t in the results, because it’s widely known he’s in rehab? Or that Kip Sabian isn’t on the card, since... y’know, the card is already announced and the only match that has changed is Mox/Cage... which also isn’t a spoiler?
  12. It’s definitely not Havoc and Sabian, since spoilers have been out for a few days, and they’re nowhere to be found in the results.
  13. prismphobia I’m mainly looking to get the Online trophies, but right now I’m limited to only playing Fri-Sun due to my work schedule. I’m down for whatever, really. Right now I’m just making my way through the story, again.
  14. Speaking of The Last of Us Part II... how much was the Ellie edition originally? I'm not looking to pay too much for it on eBay and I just want to be informed before I put in offers and whatnot.
  15. I'm reading that as someone who was waving the Confederate flag showing up to Gettysburg to prevent a group from burning the Antifa flag. I know that's not what you meant, but it's still funny regardless.
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