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  1. Oh, cool, so he’ll continue to be a big fish in a small pond then. I can’t wait for his feud with David Finlay.
  2. I love that the Nashville crowd popped for Orange Cassidy. Makes me think maybe WWE has completely killed the city.
  3. Pretty sure Shazza McKenzie is close to being signed, too.
  4. SCS leaked it, and supposedly WWE pulled their offer I guess.
  5. They're finished taping the rest of Dark, so here's the complete card for next Tuesday. Fuckin' stacked.
  6. Yes. Then they went to commercial right after that (well, screen-in-screen). Also, I totally called Wardlow being MJF's muscle.
  7. "I like to make fun of people with mental health issues" - four or five people in this thread
  8. Denzel Curry is performing live on NXT tonight and wtf now I have to watch NXT.
  9. So there's 65 episodes under Season 1?
  10. I didn't, but I did add Even Stevens (+ the movie), Lizzie McGuire (+ the movie) and Girl Meets World. I've seen Boy Meets World so many times that I don't need to watch it, but I never caught GMW when it was airing. EDIT: Don't know if it's been mentioned, but while I was adding some of the 90s Marvel animation shows to my watchlist, I came across the fact that Spider-Man and Iron Man only have one season each, when it should be 5 and 2 seasons respectively. Fantastic Four is in the same boat as Spider-Man (only one season available).
  11. I was 6 years old when that soundtrack came out, so, uh.... it was new to me.
  12. Casey

    WWE Backstage

    If Punk was Thibs, then it suddenly makes sense why he wanted AEW to hire Ryback!
  13. But I would have to respect the entirety of DVDVR then! Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey and The Flaming Lips, too. C'mon now.
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