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  1. I can't wait for Mick Foley to present Brock Lesnar with the Being Brock Lesnar title tonight on RAW.
  2. Feige confirmed they have plans for one of those characters mentioned.
  3. Kelsey Grammar wasn’t exactly a good choice for Beast either, but people seemed to love that casting choice for whatever reason.
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s all of the currently alive *main* female heroes, is it not?
  5. Endgame and Infinity War were written and shot before Ragnarok even released, weren’t they?
  6. WWE still did bikini photo shoots as recently as a few years ago.
  7. I'm sure he promised Jericho and delivered on that, as well. There's a piece up on Bleacher Report about AEW, and towards the end of it, Cody says there's wrestlers outside of the office positions/EVPs who have health insurance in their contracts.
  8. All of the Arrowverse shows, including Batwoman, except for Black Lightning.
  9. So what you're saying is that in a few months, WWE will refund the fines after everyone forgets about this?
  10. I guess I'm just gonna have to agree to disagree here, because I don't agree with any of that. They have a streaming platform. It's called Bleacher Report Live. Not everyone and everything needs an OTT app, and there are tons of sources that say it's going to lead to a collapse in that eventually too, just like traditional TV before it. People cut their cords to get away from cable bills, and got things like Netflix and Hulu, and now the content providers on those apps are making their own apps to combat the original apps because they want a bigger piece of the pie. An adjustment in the price for their shows on BRL would do wonders, but there's absolutely no need for an AEW Network. And, also, no, I don't know that AEW will try and do whatever you're thinking about with PWG and other indies. Just because WWE has relationships with various indies like Progress and Evolve to maybe provide future original wrestling programming and host their libraries, doesn't mean AEW would do the same for these much, much smaller promotions. We're getting way ahead of ourselves with all of this anyway - it took WWE years and years to even get to the point where the Network was a possibility. All of these other promotions with streaming apps didn't even start it until they had a decent little library of their own shows and content to offer to subscribers.
  11. We're spoiled and conditioned to expect events for a small amount of money now, in addition to a library of content for said price. For all the talk about people wanting AEW to be different, it sure seems like the majority want them to follow in WWE's footsteps and have their own network (and every other indie promotion in existence). @LoneWolf&Subs I'm sure Super Dragon will have opinions on letting Highspots and Excalibur lease out PWG content to a theoretical AEW streaming service. And I'm sure WarnerMedia would love it if AEW just created their own content provider, rendering their deal with Bleacher Report Live completely useless.
  12. I'm willing to bet one of the sponsors was Snickers, since a bunch of posters on Twitter and Reddit had a little campaign going - even got a response from Snickers.
  13. Hopefully it's better than Bandersnatch.
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