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  1. Punk being proven right as the days and weeks go on.
  2. It was released 5 years ago, that's why. It still holds up EXTREMELY well on current gen systems, and even got a PS5 patch like God of War (2018) did. This isn't a situation like with the Last of Us, where the original game came out two generations prior and almost a decade ago (and where the sequel had vastly superior animations and gameplay). If ANYTHING, just give it an official PS5 upgrade instead of the patch or whatever. Remaking or even remastering it is totally unnecessary, and I say that a massive Horizon fan.
  3. Best they can do is sell the rights and make a TV show/movie, and then do a remake of the game. Speaking of: on the heels of the Last of Us Part 1 Remake, reports are out there that the next game (that's a media property in the streaming world now) to get a remake is... Horizon Zero Dawn! So stupid.
  4. Still hoping for a very particular post-credits scene in relation to how the story supposedly unfolds. Not exactly thrilled with Shuri as potentially the new Black Panther. I hope they swerve us, but I kind of doubt it. I'm baffled as to why Disney would reward Letitia's dumb fucking comments during the pandemic with handing her a billion dollar franchise, but whatever. Visually this looks pretty different from the first Black Panther. Not so... comic book-ey, I guess? I'm here for it. Angela Bassett 'bout to turn in a hell of a performance (when doesn't she, though?). The first trailer gave me absolute chills with her little monologue.
  5. Any non-Prime Gaming members want a code for Fallout 76? I'm pretty sure it includes at least the Pitt, but whatever I'm not sure. I got it, it's only a PC code, and my laptop will blow up if I try to play that (plus I have Gamepass, so)
  6. I’m just upset that seemingly every horror franchise is doing these types of games now. Killer Klowns, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not exactly horror, but even the new Ghostbusters game is in that style. Predator Hunting Grounds as well It’s like the battle royale fad. I like Fortnite, but I don’t need Ubisoft to turn The Division into one.
  7. Another weird thing from the JWP crossover: Mayumi Ozaki only ever faced Bull in tag team matches… in WCW.
  8. 2 minutes of the D23 trailer for Quantumania leaked yesterday. Kang is scary as fuck in this, holy shit. And there are two roles that I didn't expect them to show (and I won't mention here) - I kind of doubt they'll be in the official trailer when that comes out, but maybe they will? Pretty much the only chunk of actual dialogue from a scene, that's not just short snippets, is in the last minute. And it's badass, and chilling, and... yeah I'm excited. I loved the other two movies so I expect I'll love this one too. The aforementioned dialogue is...
  9. best joshi wrestler ever, anybody is welcome to fight me about this. I know @Jijilikes Akira Hokuto a lot. I’ve got some pretty cool Nakano pics saved from Instagram through various accounts, I’ll post them next week sometime.
  10. I have no reason to assume that most people don’t know about Paige’s run in NXT, especially with AEW’s fanbase being fairly smark heavy.
  11. I mean, Paige/Emma at Arrival is what got a lot of attention on the NXT women back then. It’s kind of hard to argue that isn’t the starting point of people in WWE starting to take notice.
  12. All Elite Women coming to Discovery+ soon!
  13. Coolio died today. Gangsta's Paradise is an all-timer. RIP to a real one.
  14. An update on what I posted three weeks or so ago: I have to get a transesophageal echocardiogram. My heart has apparently a what they call a "bicuspid aortic valve" instead of the normal "tricuspid". So, because of that, my heart works harder to pump blood to my body and brain (which is why I probably felt the way I did that night and everything that happened). Also because of that, my heart is enlarged because it's a muscle, and it's working overtime to do what a normal heart does without much effort. Fun times, I guess. Love finding out I have a heart birth defect.
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