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  1. They’ll do better numbers than that AAA show from New York, though. But yeah I think the case against Elgin was thrown out, so most people will just forget about it, unfortunately.
  2. It would appear that BET has entered the streaming service market, with BET+. $9.99 a month, featuring "content from mainly black creators", the Tyler Perry filmography, exclusive series like First Wives Club, stand-up specials from DL Hughley/Sinbad/Nick Cannon and others, and will have shows from other Viacom networks like MTV, Comedy Central, and VH1. The commercial I just saw had a clip from something Eddie Murphy related that I couldn't immediately recognize, and the TV show Martin. It's available right now and they already have Android and Apple apps, plus Android TV (and I assume Apple TV?) - it also supports Amazon Fire TV, but no Roku yet. I wonder if all of the Viacom channels will get their own streaming services pretty soon. I know a few rednecks that would probably sign up for the CMT service day one.
  3. Titans were supposed to win goddamnit.
  4. Bruh, you post Seinfeld clips in relation to anything. Don't even go there
  5. I mean, how dare you leave out Three 6 Mafia, but yeah.
  6. Take out the Paul Wall verse and I'm okay with it. Honestly I just can't stand Paul Wall. Thanks though, @Web Conn - now the remainder of my night will be split between Bloodsport 2 and old school southern rap. Fuck.
  7. Uh, they confirmed at SDCC that the movie is set between Civil War and Infinity War. But we're getting the story of Hawkeye and Black Widow in Budapest supposedly, so there might be flashbacks.
  8. Unless Vince really wants Mauro, I don't think Triple H is going to give him up willingly.
  9. Even if RDJ filmed new scenes for the movie, he's not going to be a supporting or main character. It'll be a brief cameo. But I do look forward to to the excuses of "RDJ helped this movie make x amount of dollars!" when he'll only be in it for a brief amount of time. I doubt they'll even promote that in the trailers or anything. I'll accept @Niners Fan in CT's statement when they cast RDJ or someone in The Eternals or Shang-Chi - movies that they are probably way more worried about making a good amount of money than fucking Black Widow, who has been in the MCU for like 10 years and is a character people are attached to.
  10. Sheamus won't be back until November/December, since he's in Japan covering the rugby World Cup for some company.
  11. Ripley already had her match with Shayna, didn't she? I don't watch NXT weekly (but I will be now that it's on cable), but I thought I saw a video on YouTube of highlights of their match or something. It seemed like Rhea Ripley confronting Shayna was just a placeholder until this week when the real program(s) for her start. I agree it should be Io (eventually), but all of the fucking champions on this show are heels. So Candice or Dakota Kai, being the pure babyfaces that they are, should dethrone her. Please send Undisputed Era, Ciampa, Velveteen Dream and Johnny Gargano to the main roster so I never have to see any of them ever again.
  12. Brazzers and some other companies are owned by a company that own PornHub. Nobody needs to subscribe to these individual companies when they own arguably the internet's most well known and popular free porn site.
  13. Candice won't even be a champion, she'll be the last defense Shayna makes before losing it to Dakota Kai.
  14. @Niners Fan in CT @hammerva The full "two hour" version goes live on the Network every Thursday from now on, including this week and next week when there's only one hour split between USA and the Network. Honestly, you're lucky you're even getting the full shows on the Network the next day, since RAW and Smackdown are months behind due to TV contracts or whatever.
  15. Xbox Game Pass is $2 for 2 months right now, so I signed up for that. Mainly wanted Hitman Season 1, since it's the free game of the month if you have Xbox Live, so I got that - then went on a spree last night, and tried some of them this morning when I woke up. I'll skip Hitman because that's awesome, obviously. Killer Instinct is... not good. The SNES/old arcade versions they have for download are way better. Stellaris is fucking awesome, but I wish my laptop could play that game. I'd totally spend $35-50 on Steam to play it on a computer, which is a super rare occasion for me, because I usually hate playing games on the PC. I played about 30 minutes of Shenmue and deleted it. The controls are horrible. I don't understand how this is remastered or whatever, because it seems like a literal port from the Dreamcast to the current gen. Oh well, between this and Killer Instinct, I got to free up some harddrive space to try some other stuff on the Game Pass. I'm downloading Shadow of the Tomb Raider right now. I loved the rebooted Rise of the Tomb Raider, so hopefully this'll live up to the standard set by that game. Can anyone look at the list on Games Pass and tell me some good stuff? I think the big selling point for Games Pass right now is Gears 5, but I've never cared about Gears. I thought about trying Mortal Kombat X, but I'm straight ass with fighting games. Just watching the trailers of stuff like Vampyr makes me go from "oh this sounds fucking cool" to "this looks like hot garbage". Which is disappointing.
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