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  1. There is a banner for All Out 2022 hanging in the United Center, so I guess they're going to keep Chicago as the host of All Out. Heads up, @Craig H for the future. I was kind of hoping for their Canadian debut to be All Out, but whatever I guess.
  2. Still haven't quite mastered the controls, but I finally won a match in KoC2 as Kobashi against Sasaki. And I just spent the last hour and a half editing the names of the entire roster for this game.
  3. Yeah, KENTA's return match for July 3rd was only announced like, four days ago.
  4. Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Ant-Man and Shang-Chi are the only movies where we get the whole “start at the beginning of their powers/heroic lives”. Everything else is joined in progress, more or less. Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel are the only new entries that have gotten origin stories that actually start at the beginning, I’m pretty sure. I’m unsure if Spider-Man: Freshman Year is going to do an origin story mixed with the year one stuff. But it’s possible, probably.
  5. White & Tanahashi are in different blocks (as is Okada).
  6. There is absolutely a chance Tanahashi wins, since TK has mentioned that he likes the idea of having people like Punk and Tanahashi in the title’s lineage years from now since their names add value. Also: Timothy Thatcher absolutely isn’t going to be the mystery guy. I know NOAH did a joint Dome show with them this year, and they have a quasi relationship with AEW through being a part of Cyberfight, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. But sign me up for an eventual Cyberfight/AEW/NJPW supercard. That would be wild.
  7. Ironheart will be the 2nd youngest hero in the MCU when she makes her debut, I believe. I’m pretty sure Kamala is far and away the youngest as of right now. Shuri was 16 in Black Panther, I believe. Spidey is something like 17 or 18. Kate is in her early 20s I’m pretty sure. Not sure about Patriot, but as of right now he was basically just an Easter egg type character. Bucky is old as fuck, though.
  8. That Flash movie is never going to come out, guys. Come on. Ezra Miller has a farm in Vermont, and he's apparently currently housing a mother and her 3 kids (he met them in Hawaii, around the time when all of his arrests and whatnot happened). One of the children apparently put a stray bullet in their mouth. Oh, yeah, that's another thing - in addition to having a marijuana grow site on the property (nothing wrong with that), there's apparently a "stockpile" of weapons and video evidence - I think on the mother's instagram? - surfaced showing assault weapons and whatnot leaning up against stuffed animals, etc. The woman claims Ezra saved her from an abusive ex, and the father to the children claims he didn't even know she had left Hawaii with Ezra and is accusing the Vermont DCF and the social worker of ignoring his requests for a welfare check.
  9. uh New Japan's next show is like July 3rd or something.
  10. Maybe the best name for a pro wrestling move??
  11. I rather watch Shafir wrestle jobbers or people like Toni Storm, than any Thunder Rosa match.
  12. I'm pretty sure YUTA isn't announced for Blood & Guts, right? That's why he and Sammy are in the Forbidden Door six man match. And Santana was definitely there last week and this week.
  13. I understand why they didn't announce his replacement, because Danielson is still a heel and has been for months.
  14. It almost has to be Claudio, given that Bryan Danielson mentioned Eddie Kingston. And it just continues the theme of all these people that Kingston hates coming into the company. First it was Punk, then it was Danielson, now it's Claudio. Watch it be like, Jonathan Grisham or something though.
  15. All it took was one Dynamite and suddenly this show is worth the price.
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