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  1. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I’ll be either watching this at work Friday night, or when I get home Saturday morning before I fall asleep. No way I’m staying up to watch this live, since I work 3rd shift.
  2. Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    and the Technical Wizard Bobby Roode is at the bottom of that list.
  3. Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    At least they can cut promos, or wrestle. Compared to Corbin and Jose. But, hey, whatever you like bud.
  4. Infinity War spoilers. Maybe? Either way, even if they're fake, don't click if you want to go into the movie knowing absolutely nothing. I'm not sure, none of it is verified and it's all coming from new accounts on Reddit, but all the information is mostly the same. Also, post-credits scene information. Which is "confirmed" to be true, but it's only a screenshot. Again, none of this could be true. Or it could all be true. You've been warned.
  5. Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    "Bobby Roode is a technical wizard." - Booker T, 2018.
  6. Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    RAW is Liv
  7. Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    Booker T still sucks. Liv Morgan being in the main event of RAW was the only good thing about this show tonight.
  8. Unappreciated Gems

    You ride Pusha’s nuts as hard as I do Kanye’s. Respect.
  9. Random music thoughts

    He's pretty inconsistent with release dates, so grain of salt and all. But I'm more hyped about new Kanye than anything else on that list (or anything in 2018, period). He's been showing off new Yeezys too, but I think I'm the only sneakerhead on this board, so...
  10. Random music thoughts

    @supremebve will like this: Kanye is producing the following albums, and they're out within a few weeks/months: Pusha T: May 25th Kanye: June 1st Kanye & Kid Cudi (as Kids See Ghosts): June 8th Nas: June 15th Teyana Taylor: June 22nd
  11. Explain Your Profile Pic

    I can listen to Operation: Doomsday on repeat for hours and not get tired of it. Such a good album.
  12. Explain Your Profile Pic

    MF DOOM, the greatest rapper alive.

    Speaking of Lio Rush, from a recent house show, it looks like they’re giving him a bodyguard (Babatunde Aiyegbusi) and pulling a Devitt/Fale type pairing.