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  1. Be prepared for card changes due to the COVID outbreak, supposedly. But I'm super curious about this show, namely because of the theme (and Io/Candice).
  2. CD Projekt Red is saying the problem is mainly getting it to work properly on current-gen consoles.
  3. Someone on Reddit brought up a good point, that I'm somewhat conflicted on: AEW giving all this shine to indie talent is great for them and the talent and the fans, but it's also great for said talent in other ways, as evident with people like Mercedes, Rosa, Ben Carter, etc. Anyone that comes away with even a hint of online buzz or whatever immediately gets a large contract offer. The only one that's turned it down so far was Eddie Kingston (assuming Rosa is actually WWE bound). Is it time to actually start signing people before they're showcased, or is the goodwill it creates worth it?
  4. Good for Rosa for getting paid, or if it's her dream job, or whatever... but man, she's going to get lost in the shuffle FAST. I know some have defended Mercedes Martinez's NXT run (although I don't know why), but I feel like she can be used as a cautionary tale. I mean, I get it, money matters, especially in a pandemic, and if your dream is WWE, you need to see if you can climb that mountain. But their women's divisions in NXT and the main rosters are deep as fuck, with more waiting in the wings and no end in sight to their signing sprees. If she goes right to the main roster, which I doubt,
  5. Dark squash matches until indies return. I wouldn't sign him, because I mean, what are you gonna do? He can't cut Nick Gage promos on fucking TNT. But he can on YouTube (to a degree) and Twitter and stuff. Matt Sydal isn't signed (yet?), but that's essentially what he's doing. Just enhancement talent matches on Dark.
  6. I'm going to say I highly doubt Thunder Rosa signs with WWE. Anyway - luchablog is saying that instead of Matt Sydal as the joker entry in the Casino Battle Royale, it was supposed to be Nick F'N Gage (and then he got injured). EDIT: Well, fuck me. Uncle Meltzer says he thinks Rosa is WWE bound. He heard 2-3 weeks ago that Deeb was winning the title and Rosa was going to WWE, and "the first part just happened". He says if Rosa was going to AEW, she could have kept the title, so this lends credibility to that I suppose.
  7. I agree with everything you two are saying. But I also wouldn't be mad if they went with Wardlow, because I still think he should get the Brock Lesnar push damnit. But yeah, I'll definitely pay $50 to see a long Hangman/Omega match (and Kingston/Moxley??? Oh fuck yes please).
  8. That was a FOX deal for the S2 premiere of Smackdown. Even WWE referred to her as “FOX analyst Renee Paquette”.
  9. Pretty sure Renee is under the no compete clause still. It’s said to be a lot worse for broadcasting, even outside of wrestling.
  10. He did Umbrella Academy and the Exorcist TV show, so I think he’ll be up to the task.
  11. Jon Stewart is doing an hour long, single topic show for Apple Plus or whatever it’s called. It sounds like it’s basically the main segment from Last Week Tonight, but expanded to an hour.
  12. And he just left Twitter right before this news broke too.
  13. I thought he worked on Smackdown, but I’ve definitely seen gorilla position pics of him with HBK and Trips.
  14. Ah, another day, another COVID outbreak at the Performance Center. Anyone that was there on Friday was told to quarantine for two weeks and Halloween Havoc is going to have to be re-written because of this. Nobody that’s a regular on NXT TV tested positive, though. Presumably Bronson Reed’s latest tweet is about this situation.
  15. Leyla Hirsch makes her Dynamite debut tomorrow tonight, against Serena Deeb in Deeb’s first NWA Women’s Title defense.
  16. Serena Deeb from AEW just won the NWA Women’s title. Supposedly Thunder Rosa has offers from AEW and WWE, so it sounds like she’s out of her NWA contract.
  17. I believe it happened last week on Dark. She distracted QT when she came out with Kingston, and he lost his match or something. It’s a Dark angle, and honestly that’s where it belongs.
  18. Abadon is currently ranked higher than Britt Baker, and since she won the title, Shida hasn’t faced her. We don’t know how serious her throat injury is, so who knows if that’s where they were going with that eventually. All signs point to Nyla currently.
  19. Beyond Wrestling have cancelled all remaining 2020 shows they had scheduled.
  20. 2013's women's Survivor Series match very, very brutal on paper. A combination of Brie Bella, Eva Marie, Cameron, JoJo, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae and Tamina Snuka. AJ Lee, Nikki Bella & Natalya aren't Misawa or anything but jesus christ, they're far and away the best ones and even then, that's not saying too much. But, in 2007, Mickie James had to be the anchor for a team where her partners were Kelly Kelly, Maria, Michelle McCool and Torrie Wilson. I mean... Shayna's team is pretty bad as far as current day WWE's women's division goes, but I don't thin
  21. Boy, that Road to Dynamite they posted last night really wants to make you believe that Wardlow is going to beat Hangman. I love Hangman, but I wouldn't be mad at that. Give him the Brock Lesnar push.
  22. Literally the only way I'd ever play that game, so that's cool.
  23. Deadline is reporting that Oscar Isaac is in negotiations to play Moon Knight/Marc Spector in the Disney+ series.
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