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  1. Cardona doesn’t need to study Scott Hall tapes, dude is already a massive fucking fan of the Bad Guy.
  2. Wednesday Night Slam Masters! The story mode is the Capcom Wrestling Alliance vs AEW. Who doesn't want to see Victor Ortega versus Kenny Omega???
  3. Oh, goodie, Kylie Rae versus Jim Cornette is today's wrestling Twitter beef.
  4. Yeah but Eddie Kingston versus Dustin Rhodes is the match that DVDVR needs in 2020.
  5. I'm not remotely into trading cards but I'll be goddamned if I didn't buy a complete 1993 set of All Japan Women's cards on eBay the other night.
  6. Further proof that Tony Khan is a huge nerd. It's basically an hour of him talking about his fandom and action figures and the AEW toys with Brian Myers & Matt Cardona. EDIT: Trading cards are coming according to Khan.
  7. Well I mean, they've had a week to whip up a graphic, so yeah, why are you surprised?
  8. The internet is going to implode when Orange fucking Cassidy beats Chris Jericho on national television next week.
  9. Sir, this is WWE. That's not going to happen.
  10. Crystal Dynamics basically inferred that the PS4 is the only version to be getting an exclusive character. So Xbox won’t be getting their own, etc. With that said, I pre-ordered the game tonight (and bought FF7 Remake from their website, too). Also, @Death From Above is right - Fallout 76 does pretty well money wise now. GTA Online basically ensured that every developer with an IP that has name value will try something like this at least once.
  11. For me, this is a good example of "some things aren't for everyone" - because UA3 was one of the only Switch games that I enjoyed and got a ton of mileage out of. Except for some of that DLC (looking at you, Curse of the Vampire). The Avengers game might suck for some, but others might love it. It seems a lot of people are just dunking on the thing because it's not what THEY want the game to be. That Kotaku article basically amounts to "beating up baddies over and over again gets old". It's a superhero game, what are you expecting???
  12. Yeah I think it's the first two or three episodes will debut in a batch, then new ones release every Friday starting the following week.
  13. isn't S2 being released weekly?
  14. I'm wanting to play Last of Us 2 despite never finishing the first (but I know what happens, so whatever). But I'm waiting on a decent price on eBay for the Ellie edition, because I'm a psycho and I want the backpack and vinyl record and pins. But I also know that I'm going to be playing Avengers until Cyberpunk comes out, and when that happens, I'll be splitting my time between the two games and everything else will fall to the side (even if Tsushima is a pretty engaging play - but it does get a little old after a while).
  15. Priscilla Kelly out here subtweeting about someone, and most are linking it to Darby Allin. FWIW she’s not following him on Twitter anymore. But also FWIW, she says she’s just talking in generalizations. I really hope they aren’t split, MJF ending it with Allie Kat a few years ago probably put a bookend on her ever appearing in AEW, I’d hate to see it happen to Priscilla as well.
  16. the Deadly Draw already has more views on YouTube than some episodes of Dark does. I really think this is a test to see how much interest there would be in an all-female show.
  17. Doesn’t Sony only hold the rights to Spider-Man when it comes to movies? I believe the game was only an exclusive because the studio is owned by Sony, right?
  18. I’m sure I’ll complain when Xbox gets an exclusive character like Wolverine or something.
  19. Until someone closes the other thread and pins this one
  20. I imagine Kofi Kingston would rank on the list somewhere for some people.
  21. yeah but what VALUE does Cardona bring to AEW besides merch sales? Look at him, he can barely run (in tight pants)! He's obviously on steroids (and not just already a massive human being)! How dare Cody bring in his WWE friends (even though most of the roster are friends with Kenny or the Bucks or even Cody). Good for Matt, I'm happy for him. Get that fuckin' bread. Speaking of...
  22. Yeah I was talking to @John E. Dynamite about it, and he said it was through SquareUp now. If it's through Paypal though, I guess I need to know for sure, so I can open a Paypal account I really need some of these gigantic DVD/blu-ray sets.
  23. didn't one of them say Southpaw was their idea anyway?
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