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  1. Update on my Grandpa: still has pneumonia in both lungs, but now has another strain of pneumonia on top of that somehow. They put a feeding tube in his stomach because he can’t pass a swallow test. They’re sending him home, but with hospice/end of life care. Me, my Mom and Dad have to help out my Grandma until all of this is over. And my cousin, who lives the closest and is a teacher, has COVID (and is double vaxxed).
  2. I don’t think Moxley is on his way back - to me it just seems like a one-off so he can drop the GCW title (since they already said they wouldn’t strip Mox of the title when he went into rehab or whatever it was). Briscoes vs FTR might happen elsewhere, it’s not on the same level as wanting Bryan Danielson’s first Washington area show to be with AEW instead of an indie. I don’t even think AEW has mentioned the Briscoes war of words with FTR, not to mention they confronted each other at ROH’s “last show”. It’ll either happen in GCW, or at Supercard of Honor in April.
  3. I’d expect Kotick out of power by the end of 2023 then.
  4. Camelot rises again! Suck on that @EVA!
  5. No idea what is it, but people are excited about it, and it’s only 4GBs, but Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition is now on Gamepass. I’ll give it a go.
  6. In other, more heartbreaking free agency news - Peter Avalon is seemingly gone from AEW. Or maybe he’s been bumped down a tier, who knows anymore.
  7. Fightful is reporting that Cody is a free agent and working without a contract right now while he’s the TNT champion.
  8. I’m pretty sure Buddy’s whole deal was that he wanted to be signed by New Japan or at least have Japan be his priority, not sign with AEW (or anywhere else) and just be allowed to work there when he could.
  9. This is heavily edited down from the full hour stream, which was mostly Kingston destroying Ortiz for like 30 minutes and talking a bunch of shit. The big news coming out of this is that Eddie fucking Kingston might be on the channel soon, playing... KINGDOM HEARTS???
  10. I'm sure if Mox has any say, Killer Kross will at least get a look. He thought Kross could be a main event foil for Roman Reigns and gave him Triple H's number. If nothing else, AEW is definitely one of those "it's all in who you know" type places, where your chances of getting signed goes up if people vouch for you (or in Tony Nese's case, is looked up to by a lot of the younger New York area talent).
  11. Yeah but he didn’t BLEED. Plus they singled out the women’s match, and not Danielson/Hangman 2, so you could probably draw conclusions that it’s more about how they perceive violence with men is acceptable but violence with women isn’t.
  12. Peacemaker, Euphoria, The White Lotus, Station Eleven, Search Party, Hacks, Nora From Queens, Righteous Gemstones, Mare of Easttown, Succession, Barry, Watchmen, The Flight Attendant...
  13. I totally forgot about Kingo just disappearing and never coming back, not even at the very end when they all went off to look for other Eternals in the universe. And nobody even talks about it from when it happens to the very end of the movie. Yeah that's real weird. Angelina Jolie was really good in this too, but maybe it's because she didn't speak a lot.
  14. I'm also currently playing Mafia 3 (even though I'm putting more time into AC Valhalla right now) and it's very weird to me that Mafia 3 plays way better than Mafia 1 Remake. I've mentioned it before that, at least for me on the Series S, Mafia 3 looks... really dull and has a lot of blur issues outside of cutscenes, whereas Mafia 1 Remake looked fantastic all around but still controlled pretty clunky and felt like my character was moving through mud at all times. Mafia 3 has a fantastic soundtrack, too. Pretty wild that I haven't turned on my PS5 in weeks, and probably won't until Horizon: Forbidden West comes out.
  15. I know TK is the boss and everything, but the AEW social media accounts are controlled by Judge Jeff Jones (and I think Leva Bates) and they really need to get rid of Jones anyway.
  16. GCW's Hammerstein show next Sunday will be on traditional PPV as well as FITE.tv
  17. Kingston, Adam Cole and Evil Uno played VPW2 on Twitch earlier today so presumably that’s going to be put on the AEW Games channel at some point.
  18. Yeah I really, really liked this - don’t know why people were hating on it. It was a lot of talking and minimal action for a Marvel movie, but it was still really good. Easily the best looking MCU movie to date. Sign me up for Eternals 2. And fuck it, I’m here for Starfox and Pip the Troll. I wonder if Blade and/or Black Knight will pop up in Moon Knight.
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