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  1. I just bought World War Z for the PS4, since a few guys I work with play it and they've been trying to get me to buy it so I can play online with them as well. Then we were watching gameplay videos of The Forest, and it's $12 on the PS store, so I think I might go for that as well. Seems pretty interesting.
  2. Stargirl actually looks pretty interesting.
  3. I don't think he'd be eligible to compete during a knee injury.
  4. I feel like we knew this before Dynamite went off the air last week.
  5. Ambrose/Moxley just didn't re-sign and his contract expired, he wasn't released.
  6. I "watched" for about 45 minutes or so before getting bored and choosing to watch Silicon Valley and Watchmen instead. It's so weird to hear the commentators so nonchalantly mention that CM Punk is going to be on a WWE show the next day.
  7. Eh, I have a sentimental connection to Half-Life. When I was like, 9 or 10, my Dad would play it on the desktop a few nights a week if he wasn't tired from work and I would watch him play it (other games I remember him playing were shit like Myst and Phantasmagoria). He bought the sequel when it came out, and I played it after he did a few months later, but I didn't play Episodes 1 & 2 until the Orange Box on the 360.
  8. I'm not willing to risk buying a ticket after the card they put on when they came to Nashville earlier this year.
  9. Hey now, we need you to clarify if that's an opinion or we should treat it as a fact.
  10. Big Swole plays to the crowd and taunts too long before some moves, but I still think she’s more exciting to watch than Emi. I just want them to move away from the joshi they have, tbh. I’m not big on Riho or Yuka.
  11. Hopefully Big Swole goes over because Emi is boring as fuck.
  12. Ugh this one hurts. He had a lot of talent. Fuck, man. RIP.
  13. First WandaVision still was released at CCXP yesterday.
  14. Then you should sell me one for a decent price since I started all of this, duh.
  15. It’s cool if movies or whatever have good critical scores, or audience scores, or made a boatload of cash. But I don’t care about that. I care about what I felt while I was watching these movies. Shazam is the only DC movie I’ve actively enjoyed. Age of Ultron is probably my second favorite Avengers movie, but I’m not out here writing paragraphs about why someone’s opinion on it is wrong.
  16. I didn’t think I had to clarify that it’s my opinion when it comes to stuff like movies or wrestling or music, but... well, here we are.
  17. Okay, I can't dig through 74 pages to find this out. Who are the best creators on PS4? I've got pretty much the entire AEW roster bar a few of them, and most of NXT as it currently is. Also, is there a way to favorite individual creators, or do I just have to bookmark them in my browser? When I go to a creator, all it lists is what they've made, no follow button or anything.
  18. It's also just an opinion, so YMMV. I quite literally didn't like any of the previous DC movies since Man of Steel started the whole thing. I haven't seen Aquaman, but I really don't want to watch a movie about a dude who controls fish or whatever. Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad were... decent, I guess. But Shazam is waaaaaay up there, and the rest are waaaaay down there.
  19. If they had a midcard title, he'd be perfect for that. But yeah, I don't see Trent ever moving into the main event title scene. Then again, I don't see that happening for Scorpio Sky either. Maybe hovering between midcard and the upper midcard, but never full blown World Champion material. They're both good, but neither are that good.
  20. And to think, some people thought Trent & Atticus were the wrong fit for this show. FOOLS!
  21. So, don't expect anything concrete until the day of the show!
  22. I have no clue what the words you just said mean, but Dark Order is awesome.
  23. That's weird as fuck. Kind of like how the Bond producers wanted Dick Van Dyke to take over after Sean Connery left. Just wouldn't feel right.
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