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  1. I mean if we're doing TK requests because we think someone from AEW lurks here.... I want CM Punk on Dark commentary with Eddie Kingston and Tony Schiavone.
  2. The only new footage was seemingly of the multiverse team-up, something new with Captain Marvel, and the episodes about What If Ultron Won (the stuff with Black Widow) and Party Thor. It looked like some stuff, like with Thor & Strange, was new, and there were a few shots/lines of Captain Carter I don't remember, but the first one could still be from the Party Thor episode and the second could be from the multiverse team-up. There were leaks out there that said Gamora might get her own episode where she's essentially Thanos, since she's wearing his battle armor from the 2014 portion of Endgame/beginning of Infinity War.
  3. It was about three years into their existence, but I still maintain Madison Eagles never got a fair shake in the United States, and still hasn't.
  4. Drip Queen. I saw she wore a huge ass fur coat last week, that was boss.
  5. Because neither were on that European tour, and Angle is getting his years mixed up.
  6. It’s entirely possible that Gargano is just doing what “they” want him to, and his worst tendencies would be gone if he made the jump to AEW. But there’s always the possibility that it’s a learned behavior now and it might only get worse in promotion like AEW. Either way I rather see Candice LeRae in AEW over Gargano.
  7. I assume this is about Ric Flair, and I can only say that… well, one, Andrade doesn’t need Ric Flair as a mouthpiece (and Chavo is coming back anyway apparently) and two, he’ll likely upset a swath of his paying customers if he does bring Flair in. Is that 100% of his audience? No, but they’ve held off bringing problematic talent in before, I don’t see why this is any different. Flair is backstage all the time now anyway, why hire him for a meaningless role? He’s already lost that CarShield thing, and Dreamer was suspended from Impact, that should be enough of a sign to not do it.
  8. What was Gargano like pre-WWE? Genuine question, as I’ve never seen anything of his before he became a thing in NXT. I’m not a huge fan of Adam Cole but the one match he had in AEW so far I didn’t hate, like his stuff in NXT that I did. But it’s hard to not watch Cole, since he’s so damn charismatic. I do wish he’d stop saying the story time line every time he gets a mic, tho.
  9. I liked how Killmonger shot Klaue right in the face and then you see his face a second later and there's not even a scuff. Disney, everybody! But yeah the body count in this episode wasn't high or anything, but it was people I didn't expect. Stark dying from a shoulder wound? Okay. It also ended very weirdly, I thought there would be at least one more scene with a follow-up to that Shuri and Pepper interaction, but, nothing.
  10. Kurt Angle wasn't on that European tour. He was a part of the roster that stayed behind in the states. He was working Edge in No DQ matches and tagging with Chris Jericho on occasion. EDIT: He likely has his years mixed up, since in 2001 he was on the Insurrextion PPV from London. They didn't do a European tour around that PPV in 2001, it was just a two way flight, to London to work the PPV then back to the States.
  11. Funches/Deppen was incredibly fun, I loved every minute of that. Deppen bumped like a madman for Ron, too.
  12. I started Deadwood last weekend. In my head canon, Seth Bullock is a distant relative of Raylan Givens. EDIT: Oh, and I've been suggesting my parents shows to watch all this year. They've loved things like the Americans, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, etc. Didn't like the Leftovers, couldn't get into Justified for whatever reason... but they really like Succession. I'll call that a win.
  13. It's also got Jacob Fatu vs Chris Dickinson and RON FUNCHES vs Tony Deppen.
  14. https://store.collarandelbowbrand.com/collections/mens/products/daffney All proceeds go to the CTE foundation at Boston University. EDIT: It should be noted that COLLARxELBOW worked with her family on this shirt and presumably chose where the proceeds would go as well.
  15. I don't see why he has a reason to lie about that, he's been going scorched earth on WWE the past few weeks. Talking about Undertaker physically assaulting him for not going on the original Tribute to the Troops tour, WWE bouncing a check to him during his last run, etc. Vince AND Linda might not have been on the Flight From Hell, but Vince definitely was. And to @Greggulator's point, that might have been why it was never brought up in a smear campaign or whatever on Linda during the Trump years. Besides, y'know, it being wrestling and the public at large generally not caring about wrestling or what goes on in this world until something like Benoit or the steroid trial happens.
  16. ALERT Vince McMahon has jumped decades into his movie viewing habits - he saw the shitty first Suicide Squad and that’s why the Riott Squad became a thing on the main roster.
  17. The only game above… like, 80GBs I’ve *ever* downloaded was the Master Chief Collection, and that was, what, 5 games or something like that? Where are you guys getting these absurdly large games? I thought it was just multi-game bundles, Call of Duty and things like Flight Simulator. And FWIW, I have a 1TB SSD for my Series S that isn’t even close to being filled up, and a 4TB HDD for my PS5 that’s absolutely nowhere close to being full. Neither system’s internal storage is full either. But I do have a data cap on my internet so I’m limited. If I didn’t… oh boy, yeah, they might be filled to the brim.
  18. I rather title wins for Kingston or PnP just happen naturally than trying to shoehorn title wins/matches in their hometowns for the sake of it.
  19. Santana & Ortiz are also only ranked at #4 so I mean, that’s probably the actual reason why a title shot wasn’t announced.
  20. Yeah, Kanyon passed the Mortis gimmick onto Cage as well.
  21. The Young Bucks were supposedly one of the few people Kanyon came out to in private before he went public with his sexuality, and in their book they talk about him a little. How they booked him in their (to steal a EWR bit) "backyard to small" indie promotion, and he also apparently admitted to Matt Jackson that he was attracted to them but Matt told Kanyon that he was "exclusive to vagina".
  22. Brian Cage uses the Flatliner, and Kanyon was likely referenced on commentary, because he was one of the many who trained Brian Cage.
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