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  1. Punk being proven right as the days and weeks go on.
  2. It was released 5 years ago, that's why. It still holds up EXTREMELY well on current gen systems, and even got a PS5 patch like God of War (2018) did. This isn't a situation like with the Last of Us, where the original game came out two generations prior and almost a decade ago (and where the sequel had vastly superior animations and gameplay). If ANYTHING, just give it an official PS5 upgrade instead of the patch or whatever. Remaking or even remastering it is totally unnecessary, and I say that a massive Horizon fan.
  3. Best they can do is sell the rights and make a TV show/movie, and then do a remake of the game. Speaking of: on the heels of the Last of Us Part 1 Remake, reports are out there that the next game (that's a media property in the streaming world now) to get a remake is... Horizon Zero Dawn! So stupid.
  4. Still hoping for a very particular post-credits scene in relation to how the story supposedly unfolds. Not exactly thrilled with Shuri as potentially the new Black Panther. I hope they swerve us, but I kind of doubt it. I'm baffled as to why Disney would reward Letitia's dumb fucking comments during the pandemic with handing her a billion dollar franchise, but whatever. Visually this looks pretty different from the first Black Panther. Not so... comic book-ey, I guess? I'm here for it. Angela Bassett 'bout to turn in a hell of a performance (when doesn't she, though?). The first trailer gave me absolute chills with her little monologue.
  5. Any non-Prime Gaming members want a code for Fallout 76? I'm pretty sure it includes at least the Pitt, but whatever I'm not sure. I got it, it's only a PC code, and my laptop will blow up if I try to play that (plus I have Gamepass, so)
  6. I’m just upset that seemingly every horror franchise is doing these types of games now. Killer Klowns, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not exactly horror, but even the new Ghostbusters game is in that style. Predator Hunting Grounds as well It’s like the battle royale fad. I like Fortnite, but I don’t need Ubisoft to turn The Division into one.
  7. Another weird thing from the JWP crossover: Mayumi Ozaki only ever faced Bull in tag team matches… in WCW.
  8. 2 minutes of the D23 trailer for Quantumania leaked yesterday. Kang is scary as fuck in this, holy shit. And there are two roles that I didn't expect them to show (and I won't mention here) - I kind of doubt they'll be in the official trailer when that comes out, but maybe they will? Pretty much the only chunk of actual dialogue from a scene, that's not just short snippets, is in the last minute. And it's badass, and chilling, and... yeah I'm excited. I loved the other two movies so I expect I'll love this one too. The aforementioned dialogue is...
  9. best joshi wrestler ever, anybody is welcome to fight me about this. I know @Jijilikes Akira Hokuto a lot. I’ve got some pretty cool Nakano pics saved from Instagram through various accounts, I’ll post them next week sometime.
  10. I have no reason to assume that most people don’t know about Paige’s run in NXT, especially with AEW’s fanbase being fairly smark heavy.
  11. I mean, Paige/Emma at Arrival is what got a lot of attention on the NXT women back then. It’s kind of hard to argue that isn’t the starting point of people in WWE starting to take notice.
  12. All Elite Women coming to Discovery+ soon!
  13. Coolio died today. Gangsta's Paradise is an all-timer. RIP to a real one.
  14. An update on what I posted three weeks or so ago: I have to get a transesophageal echocardiogram. My heart has apparently a what they call a "bicuspid aortic valve" instead of the normal "tricuspid". So, because of that, my heart works harder to pump blood to my body and brain (which is why I probably felt the way I did that night and everything that happened). Also because of that, my heart is enlarged because it's a muscle, and it's working overtime to do what a normal heart does without much effort. Fun times, I guess. Love finding out I have a heart birth defect.
  15. Way to miss the fuckin' point.
  16. Hey so Bioshock Infinite is great. I'm late to this party but yeah, I love it. Besides Fortnite, it's what I'm playing on PS5 right now. I bet this story made a lot of trolls mad back then. Maybe even still? On Xbox, I'm also playing Fortnite, but the aforementioned Madden '22. And something on Gamepass called Prodeus. Which is basically if DOOM 2 and DOOM 2016 fucked and had a video game baby. That sounds weird, but if you even watch a video of it, you'll see what I mean. I'm gonna jump into Chrono Trigger today on Steam, I think. I tried out System Shock (thanks @Tabe!) but oh man, I remembered why I don't like keyboard and mouse games. So frustrating. I'm gonna keep trying. I did find a controller layout for the game, though. Won't be perfect, but if it comes to it...
  17. It shouldn't be any surprise, but out of the people who were released from 2020 to the end of 2021, quite a few landed in Impact actually. Something like 20 ended up signing with AEW, but it's not like they signed everyone that got let go. It was the "really, what the fuck?" type of releases (and Tony Nese ). AEW has given quite a few either one shot appearances, or a handful of matches on Dark (or Rampage in squashes to established talent). But just the fact that a not insignificant number of those released made their way to Impact should tell you that they definitely had other choices. Aiden English transitioned into being an announcer and got to focus on his whiskey/wrestling hybrid podcast, Cardona & Myers had time to focus more on their brand (and under the Vince regime at least, were asked to give up the Major WF Pod). Chris Hero was in this release, and he hasn't wrestled in two years. He streams old wrestling on Twitch, and runs his own subreddit (which is actually dope as fuck). Maria Kanellis runs her own women's wrestling promotion apparently. A lot of the females, like Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green and even the AEW signed Toni Storm, ended up opening OnlyFans accounts and I'm sure that is a nice bag. The IIconics did the same thing, but not on OF (Brand Army, I think?) and make enough off of that to not have to wrestle full time - plus Cassie is expecting now, so, yeah. The point is, if WWE or AEW "don't want you", it's still possible to make a living. It might require more work, but Cardona probably put it best when he said stuff like the Major WF Pod and everything related to it isn't work because he loves doing it and makes a good bit of money from it, plus the sponsorship deals with WhatNot, PBR, etc.
  18. I think we’ll be okay. Logan is definitely the definite end of the character, but that doesn’t mean Logan from earlier in the Fox timeline can’t be plucked and inserted into this movie. Or a Logan that’s anywhere from the end of DoFP heading into his final movie. Lots of possibilities to work with. Or, since this is firmly in the Multiverse saga, it can be a variant (with the brown/yellow suit! save the classic blue/yellow for Wolverine’s proper MCU recast IMO) I don’t think this is going to be a glorified cameo, though. Previous leaks from at least a year ago suggested DP3 would be a “buddy team up” movie that explores the multiverse.
  19. That’s my champion, right there. I’m praying this all gets worked out somehow. If we never get Omega/Punk I’ll be fucking gutted.
  20. Imagine the balls on these people if Jackman is only in it for like 10 seconds, meanwhile the logo for the movie is literally Wolverine’s claw marks making a 3 in Roman numerals.
  21. Modern Family was an ABC show, so… yeah.
  22. Since no one has mentioned it in the previous posts about the video, lol - Hugh Jackman is playing Wolverine one more time in the next Deadpool movie. So both are making their MCU debuts.
  23. I mean, yes, because Baseketball is an amazing movie, but I'm pretty sure you mean Dodgeball.
  24. Inject this shit directly into my fucking veins. Let's GO. Between this, Amazon doing Fallout, and Netflix doing Horizon Zero Dawn... Oh god, I just need all of those to be good and I'll be fuckin' set. Bonus points if the Netflix Bioshock movie happens, and is good.
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