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  1. Apparently Justin Barrasso has seen the street fight tag match already, or bits of it at least. He's describing it as a huge success and "WWE's loss is AEW's gain when it comes to Sting" - pre-tape allows Sting to work in a safe environment, Darby applies his film school background/does insane shit, and Starks and Cage have some "star making" moments too.
  2. It's decent to good, I just binged the entire first season in a few hours. It doesn't remake the wheel or anything, but it's a perfectly good comedy series with some heart to it. I'll watch a S2, but it's not like it hooked me into wanting another season RIGHT NOW. I bought the 12 Pro Max so I've got this for a year - looking like it might sit their for awhile. What else is good on here? I'm on the season finale of Mythic Quest right now, I'll probably check out the Billie Eilish documentary, maybe Cherry, but the other shows don't look super interesting. The politics of Tehran doesn't re
  3. That’s gonna be hard to do since he was a part of the new Performance Center class
  4. AEW have trademarked Captain Insano for video games and digital media usage.
  5. Batista was on Twitter this week saying that wrestling needs a new word to replace "retirement" because it means basically nothing in the sport, and never has. I don't think it's him. I'm going with Ethan Page for the ladder match (or Sammy), and Christian Cage as Paul Wight's announcement (Meltzer said he doesn't have a WWE contract). Owens/Steen coming in right after a feud with Roman Reigns for the WWE title would be pretty huge, but I don't think it's plausible at all.
  6. I see Johnny Cash in your future.
  7. How dare you disrespect the CZW Hall of Fame like that.
  8. Marty was dating Deonna Purrazzo, but that's been over for awhile. EDIT: Marty & Serena were both at Ricochet's NYE party, but I don't think that means they were or are dating.
  9. AEW Bloodsport is the new TNT show confirmed.
  10. Promotional video for his nutritional company, I'd imagine.
  11. I'm betting on Christian. Meltzer said he doesn't have a WWE contract.
  12. Seems like if she was referring to Carol that Monica would nope the fuck outta there, since the implication has been that Monica doesn’t care for Carol. But I guess it could be. I just assume it’s Fury because of the upcoming series and that Far From Home credit scene.
  13. Monica asked where the person is, and the Skrull pointed up - and for those of us that don't remember, Fury is in space with the Skrulls. So yeah, you're probably right. Doesn't Secret Invasion start filming soon, like this year? It's probably the same deal as WandaVision - is one big set-up for a movie, in this case, Captain Marvel 2.
  14. I might be in the minority, but I liked Sting/HHH. The nWo/DX thing made no sense of course (but it did within WWE's contrived Us vs Them Still 20 years later bullshit), but the match itself was perfectly fine. I don't know that I'd want to see Sting/Undertaker past 2014 since he was delivering extremely diminishing returns by that point, and the "cinematic" match wasn't really a thing in WWE as of yet. But yeah it was a joke of a run. I don't know how I was ever supposed to view Big Show/Paul Wight in WWE as a threat in the remaining years, ever, when the dude was crying over punching Du
  15. Agents of SHIELD had some really good moments, and even a few seasons that were good, but man was it fucking campy as shit. I mean, they literally wrote DARKHOLD on the book in some black metal font or whatever. C'mon. Just one more reason why most of the former Marvel TV shows need to be wiped from existence. (inb4 @The Natural mentions how much he loves Charlie Cox's Daredevil )
  16. Not in the fucking slightest. Agents of SHIELD: WandaVision:
  17. To add to the Dr. Strange tie-in besides the Darkhold: A more sinister version of his theme plays while she's astral projecting in the bedroom.
  18. I wonder if Wanda moved close to Wundagore Mountain. Connections to Rocket Raccoon and Black Knight exist there, as well (and Spider-Woman if they want to go there). Was Billy & Tommy screaming for help a memory, or was she seeing/hearing them in the multiverse somewhere? I really think this is how we get mutants, too. She's more powerful than Dr. Strange confirmed. I wouldn't doubt if they go into how she's a Nexus being in that movie. But what I'm most pleased with is the epic fucking trolling of Evan Peters' character. He's not MCU or Fox Quicksilver... he's RALPH BOHNER. I lo
  19. Karate Man gimmick is better than the Hall of Pain, fight me cowards
  20. RE wearing a mask with glasses: I've found that the masks with the metal lining around the nose area helps A LOT.
  21. Just wait until friends turned enemies turned friends, Bow Wow & Soulja Boy, win the tag titles from Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. And then Bad Bunny joins forces with The Miz in a SWERVE~! and feuds with Bobby Lashley. Big E will get his wish - but it won't be in a video game!
  22. I went back a few pages and couldn't find anything about Mojo from @Bustronaut. Elaborate? I'd be down for Mojo in the MCU, honestly.
  23. I can't see it being more than a limited series (because Vision isn't going to survive the finale, mark my words damnit!), and the same goes for Falcon & Winter Soldier. I'm pretty sure Loki is getting a second season, and stuff like Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel etc seem primed to be multiple season shows in my mind.
  24. A few times during the early episodes I watched it around 2:15am since that's when I take my lunch at work. But ever since it's gotten more MCU plot heavy instead of just sitcom satire, I've switched to just watching it at 6am when I get home and I'm eating breakfast. And yes, @RIPPAis right about the episode length. It's (more likely than not) an hour with credits, according to some leakers on Reddit.
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