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  1. Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Ant-Man and Shang-Chi are the only movies where we get the whole “start at the beginning of their powers/heroic lives”. Everything else is joined in progress, more or less. Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel are the only new entries that have gotten origin stories that actually start at the beginning, I’m pretty sure. I’m unsure if Spider-Man: Freshman Year is going to do an origin story mixed with the year one stuff. But it’s possible, probably.
  2. White & Tanahashi are in different blocks (as is Okada).
  3. There is absolutely a chance Tanahashi wins, since TK has mentioned that he likes the idea of having people like Punk and Tanahashi in the title’s lineage years from now since their names add value. Also: Timothy Thatcher absolutely isn’t going to be the mystery guy. I know NOAH did a joint Dome show with them this year, and they have a quasi relationship with AEW through being a part of Cyberfight, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. But sign me up for an eventual Cyberfight/AEW/NJPW supercard. That would be wild.
  4. Ironheart will be the 2nd youngest hero in the MCU when she makes her debut, I believe. I’m pretty sure Kamala is far and away the youngest as of right now. Shuri was 16 in Black Panther, I believe. Spidey is something like 17 or 18. Kate is in her early 20s I’m pretty sure. Not sure about Patriot, but as of right now he was basically just an Easter egg type character. Bucky is old as fuck, though.
  5. That Flash movie is never going to come out, guys. Come on. Ezra Miller has a farm in Vermont, and he's apparently currently housing a mother and her 3 kids (he met them in Hawaii, around the time when all of his arrests and whatnot happened). One of the children apparently put a stray bullet in their mouth. Oh, yeah, that's another thing - in addition to having a marijuana grow site on the property (nothing wrong with that), there's apparently a "stockpile" of weapons and video evidence - I think on the mother's instagram? - surfaced showing assault weapons and whatnot leaning up against stuffed animals, etc. The woman claims Ezra saved her from an abusive ex, and the father to the children claims he didn't even know she had left Hawaii with Ezra and is accusing the Vermont DCF and the social worker of ignoring his requests for a welfare check.
  6. uh New Japan's next show is like July 3rd or something.
  7. Maybe the best name for a pro wrestling move??
  8. I rather watch Shafir wrestle jobbers or people like Toni Storm, than any Thunder Rosa match.
  9. I'm pretty sure YUTA isn't announced for Blood & Guts, right? That's why he and Sammy are in the Forbidden Door six man match. And Santana was definitely there last week and this week.
  10. I understand why they didn't announce his replacement, because Danielson is still a heel and has been for months.
  11. It almost has to be Claudio, given that Bryan Danielson mentioned Eddie Kingston. And it just continues the theme of all these people that Kingston hates coming into the company. First it was Punk, then it was Danielson, now it's Claudio. Watch it be like, Jonathan Grisham or something though.
  12. All it took was one Dynamite and suddenly this show is worth the price.
  13. I'm sure the people following the foodie adventures of one Konosuke Takeshita will love this.
  14. I'd love to see the internet meltdown if they announced QT Marshall & Aaron Solo versus Clark Connors & Yuya Uemura for the main show.
  15. All versions of KoC 1 and the sequel come in on Friday, but the NTSC-J PS2 came in today. I've kept my copy of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for over a decade, so I put that bad boy in. Oh man, the nostalgia. Forgot I need a memory card, though. Oh well, I'll pick one up tomorrow!
  16. Looks like Forbidden Door is getting more matches (because what's an AEW PPV without the card being absolutely loaded with way too many matches but still being fun as fuck?) Oh and I guess Jay White's opponent for the IWGP title gets revealed tonight. coughitsprobablyatagteammatchinsteadcough
  17. I have a browser extension in Chrome called VeePN that's free (only two or three countries to use I think) and it worked. I know most of the methods I've seen online (these days) call for doing it on the app and using a mobile VPN, so I was surprised when it accepted my US credit card for AEW Plus on my laptop.
  18. I don't know how kosher it is to talk about VPNs and stuff, but I just got AEW Plus on Fite (7 day free trial) and if you're subscribed to that, the price of Forbidden Door is $15. So....
  19. True, but he's also wrestling the week after Forbidden Door.
  20. Kenny Omega is currently held together by tape, gum and Kota Ibushi's love, presumably. I doubt he's anywhere near this thing - maybe an appearance, or a commentary gig for a match or something, but a match? No fuckin' way, I'd imagine.
  21. Yes. A man of culture, I see. Bad Luck Fale versus Wardlow, book it TK.
  22. I'm ready to be wrong, but I think since it says "addresses Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts" and not "addresses his future" or anything, that he's likely going to accept the Sabre challenge and then start the slow dissolution of the Blackpool Combat Club by dropping out of Blood & Guts (because why help Eddie Kingston after he treated you like collateral damage at Double Or Nothing and tried to set you on fire along with Jericho?) BCC was never going to be a long term thing, it always seemed like a way to get Mox and Danielson on a collision course for a turn and then an eventual feud. I have absolute faith in Toni Storm to be able to help Marina Shafir have a good LIVE wrestling match. Seems so weird to have Penta/Malakai when everyone online knows that Penta probably isn't going to be allowed to work Forbidden Door because of CMLL or whatever. Just seems like a forgone conclusion type of match, and honestly I'm so done with this Death Triangle/House of Black stuff, so hopefully this the end of it. I've never seen Aussie Open before, and I don't like Ospreay that much, so my excitement levels for that six man is kind of low. I also don't care about Roppongi Vice, much rather have Chuck Taylor than Rocky Romero, but whatever. Chuck Taylor is losing all of his best friends, and he can't even be a spooky pervert to join the Dark Order. Fuck! Finally: I know everyone isn't expecting a coin drop tonight, and that press release had an IWGP title defense listed, but I'm still going with Okada/Hangman versus White/Cole. Although, being away from your pregnant wife for almost a week might be too much (or maybe he flies back? who knows), but until it doesn't happen, this is what I expect to happen tonight. If it doesn't: who does White face? He doesn't want to face Adam Cole or Hangman, and is seemingly free to book his own match for the show. By god, it's Jay White versus MJF for the IWGP title, isn't it?!
  23. Oh, that was 100% a Kree at the temple at the start of the episode. They're totally making Djinn/Clan Destine into Inhumans, holy fuck. This is happening, nobody can tell me different. I mean, they basically teased everyone that knows anything about Ms. Marvel in this episode when Kamran's mom was telling Kamala they're "known by many names". Other random thoughts: Ten Rings symbol on the floor of that same temple. More than Spider-Man & Ms. Marvel team-up, I need a one shot episode eventually of Kamala & Katy (Awkwafina) meeting up and just hanging out. Their energies on-screen would be too much for my heart to handle. Nakia is just the fuckin' best. How does she know the government can't enter a private place without a signed warrant? LAW AND ORDER RE-RUNS. The kid at the wedding wearing the unused Hulk outfit that Kamala's mom made for her. Aamir is told there's a fire. His first priority? "I gotta grab the money!" Ms. Marvel creator Sana Amanat is in the crowd at the shaadi reception. It's blink and you miss it, but they do a close up of her for a second or two. I wonder if G. Willow Wilson is in it at any point, besides her name being on the plaque at Kamala's school. This soundtrack is a banger. I never thought I'd like an MCU fight/chase scene set to Bon Jovi, but, here we are. Also, Brown Jovi?! That's amazing. Nani totally has the other bangle, and when Kamala gets it, she's going to Embiggen eventually. There's just no way they introduce Ms. Marvel into the MCU, she gets her own show, and she DOESN'T do the thing she's most known for. Sidenote: while it's not the same, I totally marked out seeing Kamala doing the giant fist to punch dude, and then swiping the other three away. As it is so far, Kamran is a good guy and that's a deviation from the comics since Red Dagger eventually betrays Kamala. Which I guess could still happen, maybe with the influence of his mother or something. But who knows! I'm here for the ride.
  24. Municipal Auditorium in Nashville was a decrepit POS in 2001 when I was a kid and went to Superbrawl Revenge, so I can only imagine what it's like now if it hasn't had any work done.
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