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  1. No, it was mostly hotdog related jokes.
  2. dumpster fire behind work The floor is now open for questions
  3. You’re more of a bracket and semicolon guy, and you know it!
  4. On Bischoff’s Strictly Business, he has on Dr CarrieLynnReinhard (this is I guess a repeat from AddFree Shows that sounds like it was taped shortly after the previous Forbidden Door) on the Psychology of Wrestling fans. I’m halfway through and so far and find it to be enjoyable. Not overly wordy like you’d think it would be, very relatable and understandable. There are a few annoying Bischoff moments where he’s stopping himself mid interrupting her to correct her with his thoughts (to his credit there’s likely a delay but comes across awkward when there’s straining noises made of wanting to say something) and overstating his point to get his opinion across (Arn was never over). But even with all that, I’m enjoying it. Here book is out - Convergent Wrestling: Participatory Culture, Transmedia Storytelling, and Intertextuality in the Squared Circle. I’ll eventually buy it for profiling reasons.
  5. VINCE, HHH, WHOEVER IS BOOKING, you have the chance of a lifetime here. Rhea & Dom vs Cody & Brandi.
  6. Jaguar Yokota vs. Monster Ripper - AJW 1982 is absolutely phenomenal! The type of wrestling I love. Every move, grapple, and reaction just feels so earned. Such struggle as Monster Ripper is stretching the much smaller Jaguar but also struggle of Monster Ripper to fight off the relentless and Yokota. I’m stressed and exhausted. Phenomenal. —- EDIT so I won’t double post. now I just finished Jaguar (as Rimi?) Yokota vs Jackie Sato and I think Jaguar could be my new favorite wrestler! Same level of intense struggle but this match with fighting through submissions. They beat the hell out of each other. I’m so pumped up!!!!!!!!
  7. this is the look the teens like. Very trendy. Very now.
  8. The goal of the French out-of-tower at the airport Applebees is to casually ask about the various foods in condescending ways and order wines you know they won’t have. Nachos and a Merlot can never be a bad combination.
  9. Yeah, no one wants to drive to Chesterfield. The beauty of airport dining is you can dress in a suit and act like a big shot out-of-towner. Make up a name, choose an accent, then mid-penne pasta and short tap beer order just fake answer your phone and yell “I need the Johnson Report STAT!…Send the LinkedIn to the Google and I need that Yesterday!” Then go back to being a sweet out-of-towner. Then say to the waitress, “you know, it’s been a long day. Make it a Tall.” And hand her a crisp Five dollar bill.
  10. I cannot confirm nor deny that I am sponsored by Applebees. What I can confirm is Applebees’ delicious Bourbon street Steaks and ruff and rowdy Cowboy Burgers are a great meal for watching the game, or just stop on in for our margaritas and mozzarella sticks to catch up with the friends of the neighborhood. Maybe grab an order of boneless wings if you’re feeling like having a good night. God bless.
  11. I feel like a worrisome Triple H trying to run NXT without Vince getting mad. Derpin through questions is my Gargano.
  12. Imagine being sinister enough to choose Danielson and giving him a steak diet.
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