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  1. Just when I thought Ryan Storm’s greatness couldn’t be improved on!
  2. I’m going to Quake by the Lake in August! Gonna get liquored up and watch some wrestling.
  3. May 29th was the greatest day of my life. —- We are one step closer to Da Party on AEW.
  4. I think Kingston is just great at kayfabe keeping old feuds alive. On the AEW podcast he sounded more found of him with a jab calling him like a dog in that he would tease him to get him going. But they were roommates. I noticed after that interview, in other interviews he’s been much more gray area in character to talk about his enemies (Cesaro, Danielson, Punk, Jericho, etc). He really creates an aura where you’re not entirely sure what is and isn’t a work. —— This show sounded great! I’m excited to hopefully check it out soon. What were your guys’ match of the night?
  5. He’s due for an upswing. Bring in ROADDOG to lead a Rock faction and Sean Waltman to lead a Paper Stable and you’ll have all the tools for the greatest feud of all time going against Billy Gunn’s Scissors Group.
  6. One day my joke will be better than @Matt D’s. Until that day, he is my rival.
  7. what I got out of this post is that if I’m less snarky about wrestling I too can have a sexy body like @Gordlow! much love to @just drewand @JLowe. They get hugs from me for attempting the world of positive wrestle posting. I wish you strength on your journey. There will be tough days but you both have the perseverance to make it through and become a @DEAN.
  8. I’m gonna have a great time seeing GIFs of the matches.
  9. All hail our new king!!!!!! If someone knows his social media we should let the guy know. As an Indy worker I’m sure he’d be stoked.
  10. Love you, buddy. Enjoy the show and take care of yourself.
  11. I think the show will be good. Big opportunity for the non-hurt talent to perform big and hopefully steal the show. Keep Sting safe though, please. I won’t get it due to money.
  12. Maybe the Forbidden Door was closed for a reason
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