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  1. Enjoyed as a kid: Rocko’s Modern Life, CatDog, Angry Beavers, Batman Animated Series, X-Men, Beast Wars, Doug, Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Proud Family, Dragon Ball Z Enjoyed as a Man-child: Sealab: 2021, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Daria, Clone High
  2. Yeah, $50 if you’re marketing it as a safe space isn’t good. Forum as less and the VIP extras as $50 would have probably looked better. In terms of storylines, AEW has done a good job recognizing when things are not working and adjusting accordingly. Even bluntly saying so. If they run their business model the same way as their stories, I assume if Heels comes off as a failure at first they’ll fix whatever they need to. The interesting thing about that underdog promo was it was bookended by her being a heel. If I recall correctly, she was portrayed as a villain in a promo before that and then turned after the match to heel again. She’s really been plagued with bad booking. Coming off moreso odd with twisting inconsistencies. The Nightmare Collective I actually found interesting, but was at the same time as the Dark Order which was established beforehand and uses the Nightmare name which was the Cody friend’s group. They make a great call and acknowledge it didn’t work. So she’s face again. Then she’s teaming with Allie who turned face again, who was a face when she faced Brandi but a heel before she turned face again. I think? Going through her run since the beginning, I’m not exactly sure I can follow it correctly. I’m very unfamiliar with her work outside of AEW, @caley. Anything you recommend? You make a good point with strikes. I think there’s a few people that either need to lay it in or work on making it look rougher. Brandi is definitely one of them. ——— Also, I’d like to write that I did like your Once Upon a Time in Hollywood post you quoted me in. I haven’t had a chance to respond with non-jumbled rambles. Agreeing and adding to. I feel with wrestling I can spout off posts and ramble texts, but with movies I take my time. No disrespect intended.
  3. I’m pro Brandi. She has a great personality and I enjoy her YouTube show. She’s a great talker and very likable. Maybe I’m off, but she’s a reverse-Brit Baker. As a villain it doesn’t click for me, but can excel as a face. If she wants to wrestle, keep her on Dark to get more reps in. When she was on Jericho’s podcast she said she didn’t get enough ring experience. She has the personality to be entertaining on tv. The only backstage thing I’m aware of was her work (at least I assume her work) with KultureCity to make their events more sensory inclusive, which is very cool! I don’t exactly understand what the Heels thing is or almost was. Was it a forum community or a new show? Or a combo of both?
  4. Maybe she saw Cheetah Girls and was thinking on Raven Symone’s character. It’s probably that.
  5. Post. For. Ever. Clap clap CLAPCLAPCLAP
  6. I was just waiting for @Nice Guy Eddie to come in with a zinger.
  7. Just finished the match, @Matt D. That was damn fine. I absolutely loved it. I can try to do a write up tomorrow. I really hope we see more footage of those two.
  8. I didn’t see this posted. Jushin Liger be Negro Casas.
  9. I was at work so I pretended to “do receiving” while I had this on and it was excellent. I’m going to re watch the others and see where I’m at with the order. This might be hyperbole on my part, but I wonder if there’s a parallel between which Sano vs Liger match and which Hart vs Austin match is preferred. One has die hard supporters for its competitive wrestling aspects. The other is championed by many for its picture pleasing ending and blood. Am I overreaching? Maybe. As for Top Five, I’ll wait to give a full answer. Your write up inspired me to have Liger be one of my August projects. I’m not as familiar with his NOAH work, so I’m probably most excited for those. I’m going to cheat and say Vs Sano as one match. I’ll go through them and tag you when I pick a favorite out of them. When I got home from work I did some digging and saw he had a match with Negro Casas. Just finished that and I’m still pumped up from that. So for sheer excitement reasons I’ll include that for now. The Great Sasuke 94 match I watched late last year and it held up for me. I remember liking the Otani 97 match quite a bit. I’ll also round it out with the 16 Kushida match being exciting to watch him still go. The only one I can find is the Highspots 8-disc. IVP has a few, but I’ve never purchased anything from them before. (Is Will Goodhelmet?)
  10. Not out of your mind, a fair opinion to have. My enjoyment from the 90’s match was the build up of the previous 89 matches and adding Thunder to his name. Hot head Liger starts with a slap instead of shaking Sano’s hand, gets his mask ripped and blooded, ending with what @odessasteps said. More of an emotional hate filled brawl. I’ll need to rewatch them all. I remember really enjoying the 89 ones. I recall the July one having a cool looking awkward superplex to the apron. I think it was also more back and forth than the 90 one, but I could be misremembering that. The August match had really good arm selling from Liger. I think this one I’m most excited to rewatch. I enjoy reading your opinion, What would you say the Top 5 Liger matches are? And that goes to anyone, also.
  11. Over-used bit or is there a thing with that? Should I get my redacted edit ready?!
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