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  1. I’m glad you made it out of there safely. So @just drew, just look at Matt Jackson as a goose and Nick Jackson as @Stefanie the Human’s friend’s chihuahua and you should start to see the appeal.
  2. Also, Geese. They looks like dorky birds but are honestly one of the most terrifying animals there is.
  3. There’s only one way to settle this. AEW presents, Brawl For All 2: Judgement Day.
  4. To the untrained eye, Delvin Inside looks just like a rear naked choke.
  5. Give me Ultramantis Black vs Danhausen. Give me what I want!
  6. Love me some Bockwinkel. Also in my personal Top 5. Always have my eyes peaked on him when he’s in the ring. Every little thing he does fits the match.
  7. Although I 100% agree with you on spacing them out, I sadly could see AEW doing the same story like this at the same time. Same show, back to back segments. Both doing Batista’s thumbs down.
  8. Battle of Some Belts is a good event name.
  9. Is that still on?!?! I used to love it. Spicy brown, if you please. Jacuzzi Pete. Okie dokie. EDIT: dang. I thought you wrote Daves of Thunder. Nothing I wrote will make sense.
  10. What happens when an irresistible Fart meets an immovable Shart? Two legends shake hands. oh… wrestling is cool
  11. If @Matt D and @Gordlow had a baby, it would be my favorite poster. Until then, @Fartsauce.
  12. I’m debating on going back to working on nights. My wife was sick during pregnancy so I found something to switch to days. Now we have the kid and I wonder if going back to a later shift job will be better for us. More money and we’d likely not have to use expensive daycare. It would likely be best for my son and our finances. I just missed seeing my wife when I worked later. This has been weighing on me.
  13. @LoneWolf&Subs, speaking of CM Punk and Piper: With CM Punk doing Bret Hart tributes in his matches, I’d love for his first surprise loss to be the same as Hart vs Piper. One of my favorite finishes and such a cool way to get out of a sleeper.
  14. Just wait until it becomes a Canadian Gotch Destroyer.
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