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  1. same. Hell, she's been a double champ and successfully defended both belts. She beat both of the top women (Cyborg, Rousey), and did it convincingly. She ain't got shit to prove anymore. If this is part of her exit strategy from fighting, then more power to her.
  2. man, i'm torn. based on their incredibly deep roster, 2 hours of Rampage is becoming damn near a necessity. SOOO many underutilized talents. on the other hand, there's weeks that i struggle to make time to watch what's already airing. adding another hour certainly compounds that.
  3. not that this should be an issue with Peter Avalon and the "Librarian", but AEW hasn't created very many gimmicks. When someone with a successful AEW-created gimmick leaves the company, how will they handle the rights to it?
  4. @Contentious C forgive me, as i'm sure you've covered this before, but why exactly are you watching all of these movies? and how are you choosing what to watch? You clearly have your preferences but i can't see any unifying themes, tones, actors, directors, genres, acclaim, or anything to group your film choices. also, unrelated to your mad quest to watch every movie ever or whatever, i loved and continue to love Last Action Hero. Fully in the "so bad it's good" category for me.
  5. while Batman Inc is separated due to Nu52, there's very little that doesn't work by itself. a couple costumes change, otherwise it just keeps on telling its own story. agree that Morrison's Batman run is superb from beginning to end
  6. i don't disagree, but if the best things to come out of your FLASH story are all BATMAN-related, you've done something wrong.
  7. i appreciate the head's up. i assumed that they were just going to handwave the baby away now that the story's over. TBH, that really pisses me off. the death of a child is a traumatic experience and should never be used as a "reset" or cheap storytelling device. My plan was to read up until they relaunch Amazing Spider-Man, so the last issue would be #441 (i'm at #418 now, so about 2 more years worth of stories). But it's been a few days and i'm still upset about the ending to the clone story. I'm reading some other stuff right now (about to finish Snyder's run on Justice League). i may not come back to finish up Spidey. the whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Regardless, i'll still get around to Superior sooner or later (but it definitely dropped down on my priority read list).
  8. oh good, another Batman book! i was afraid we wouldn't get our quota this month.
  9. i'm incredibly jealous of a lot of you that had so many wrestling choices. we either didn't get anything except WWF Superstars. and even that was inconsistent (or maybe i just preferred cartoons to pro wrestling?). it wasn't until post-internet times when i got to discover all of these other promotions. but what an education!
  10. i think that is a good way to break it down, and also to stay in line with the rest of the board. quarterly seems like a solid timeframe.
  11. does this mean we're not getting individual event threads? i don't care as much about the loss of Fight Night ones, but i already miss the monthly ufc ppv threads.
  12. i have no idea who Stephen New is, but i am interested in reading more of this story.
  13. d'oh! i meant to mention that it absolutely, 100%, made a difference reading it in a short span versus over almost two years. Also, knowing the length before starting the storylines changes how you go into something like this. That, and what your preconceived notions of Ben Reilly are, would cause the biggest swings on how you would look at this story. That being said, this big overall story saw a LOT of interconnection between the titles- it became a regular thing that a story would start in Spectacular, continue into Web of and adjectiveless, and conclude in Amazing. That would occasionally happen before, but it started happening a lot. I think that also played with people's perceptions ("i used to only read Amazing, but now i have to read 4x the number of books").
  14. re: the Clone Saga i finished the big clone read yesterday, so this will be a long post. The Clone Saga was the #1 reason i wanted to read all of the Spider-Man comics. And now i've read it. I'm sure there will be some fallout in the next few storylines, but it's largely over. Long story short, i really enjoyed it. I never felt like it overstayed its welcome or dragged on too long- i think that feeling is from diehard Pete fans that couldn't accept the new "status quo". Marvel gave Pete his happy ending. He lost his Spider powers, got to "retire" from superheroics, and live a happy life as a scientist with his model wife and soon-to-be-born baby daughter. They had also pushed so many of "his" villains to the background, and killed off a number of them- Kraven, Doc Ock, and especially Green Goblin/Harry Osborne. If Pete's story was going to end, this was an excellent way to go about that. But obviously the Spider-Man stories can't end. Enter Ben Reilly, the lost clone of Pete that was thought dead 5 years ago. They brought him back, conclusively proved that HE was the original (Pete and Ben did all the testing themselves and double checked each other's conclusions). Meet the new hero, same as the old hero. I thought it was extremely well done and did a lot to really make this feel permanent. the introduction of Kaine, a flawed clone, was also fine. I really connected with Ben and his struggles. the two miniseries by JM DeMetteis did SO MUCH for fleshing out his Missing Years and feeling his frustrations. The way that he still basically does what Pete would do, but thinks and acts slightly differently is just really note perfect. A lot of the villains created for this were weird. The "great game" was fine. i kinda hope it picks back up with Pete, but i also kinda hope it doesn't. Lady Doc Ock was good, got a good amount of attention, but still felt very underdeveloped. a number of old villains randomly being updated by new tech and cybernetics (Scorpion, Vulture, and especially Hobgoblin) just seemed odd. All of that being said, i didn't think any of that was BAD, just that it didn't feel as organic. the stories that stand out the most to me were the Pete/Ben stories. really showed a difference between these men and built up their brotherly relationship. Except for when Pete started working with Jackal, that was ridiculous. thankfully, it didn't last long. Now, to the ending. "Revelations" (Spectacular #240, Sensational #11, Amazing #418, Spider-Man #75). What a mess. Everything we've built over the last 18 months is just tossed aside like yesterday's trash. And it was all a Green Goblin (Norman) plot. WTF? the reveal and the ending come out of nowhere and don't make any sense. Norman's explanations don't jive with what was depicted in the books for the past year plus. I have to believe that even diehard Pete fans know that the story was terrible, but at least the end result got what they wanted. short rant:
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