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  1. twiztor

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    why isn't Cesaro on this show? i am planning to watch this one and am disappointed.
  2. twiztor


    SummerSlam 8/19/01 @ San Jose, CA HeAT: Ivory, Torrie, & Stacy vs Jacquelyn was supposed to be Jackie & Lita, but the WCW girls took Lita out backstage earlier. Molly Holly makes her way to the ring. i guess she's replacing Lita unannounced. Ivory beats on Jackie. Lita hobbles down and gives Ivory the Twist of Fate. Jackie pins for the three count. 57-53 Molly, Stacy, nor Torrie ever tagged in. InterContinental Title: Lance Storm (c) vs Edge Storm has the early advantage and works over Edge's midsection expertly. This was a really good match to open the card. the fans are totally into Edge and bite on every false finish. Christian runs down and tries to spear Storm, but he sidesteps and Edge eats the spear instead. Edge is resilient and DDTs Storm to win the match and the title at about 11 minutes. 57-54 Spike Dudley & APA vs Test & Dudley Boyz this match really only came alive when Spike was in the ring. He is just so good at being an ass kickee. After 7 minutes, Spike attempts a Dudley Dog on Test, who throws Spike over the top rope and through a table. In return, he receives a Clothesline From Hell. But Shane McMahon runs down and crowns Bradshaw with a steel chair, so WCW steals one. 58-54 WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Tajiri vs WCW Cruiserweight Champion X-Pac This match is title vs title these two guys seamlessly transitioned between sharp kicks, high flying, and intriguing submissions. this goes about 7 1/2 minutes and the crowd loves everything about Tajiri. Tajiri has X-Pac set up for the Buzzsaw Kick, but Albert jumps up to the apron. Tajiri stops him with the Red Mist, but leaves himself open for an X-Factor. X-Pac is once again a dual champion Rhyno w/Stephanie McMahon vs Chris Jericho did you know Rhyno is undefeated against Jericho? they tell us about a dozen times. Jericho off the top rope towards Rhyno on the outside, but Rhyno catches him with a nifty spear on the way down this match slows the pace way down, but isn't violent enough, technical enough, or interesting enough to overcome it. We get about 12 decent minutes. Jericho sidesteps the GORE! and rolls into the Liontamer, forcing Rhyno to tap out. 58-55 Hardcore Title / Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy (c) these men beat the hell out of each other for 16 minutes. if a regular hardcore match is like a car crash, then this is like bumper cars: 100 car crashes. seriously, i can't fathom how much pain both of these guys must be in. RVD gets the win, but that is almost an afterthought to the insanity. sheer craziness. 59-55 Steel Cage Match: WWF Tag Champs Kanyon & DDP vs WCW Tag Champs Undertaker & Kane This match is also titles vs titles Kanyon & Page get a couple flashes of offense, but basically the Brothers of Destruction dominate. after 7 minutes, UT & Kane allow Kanyon to escape. Then they proceed to decimate DDP for four more. Undertaker pins DDP after a Last Ride. 59-56 i hope this puts an end to this one-sided DDP/Taker feud. WWF Title: Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin (c) I'm surprised this isn't the main event. i feel like this has the most build and the highest stakes. they brawl at ringside to start. Back in the ring, Angle delivers 7 German Suplexes. Austin with a couple Stone Cold Stunners, and he beats Angle into a bloody mess, driving him in to the ringpost five or six times and a slew of punches and chops. Angle snags an Ankle Lock on the outside, and in a neat moment, drags Austin foot-first into the middle of the ring. They trade finishers for a bit, then Austin maliciously attacks a couple referees. Angle with the Olympic Slam. Nick Patrick out, and he calls for the bell. Austin retains, but Angle wins by DQ. 59-57 Angle decks Patrick and makes him tap out to the Ankle Lock WCW Title: Booker T (c) vs the Rock Shane McMahon is a factor from the jump. Rock fights off both men. He is insanely over. decent enough match. felt a little flat after the hatred from the previous bout, however. Shane clocks the Rock with the title belt, but APA down to ensure it doesn't happen again, as Bradshaw destroys Shane with the Clothesline From Hell Booker with a Scissor Kick and a Spinaroonie, but the Rock pops up and Rock Bottoms him for the pin. 59-58 overall, this was a pretty decent show, even if every WWF guy looked unstoppable and almost every WCW guy looked out of their league (the exception being RVD). Seriously, we are damn near two months into this "Invasion" and the two biggest WCW names, Booker T and DDP, have a combined zero clean wins. Hell, all things considered, DDP has only three wins (one by DQ because Kane kicked his ass too much; one because Test, a WWF guy, defected; and the third because Christian, a soon-to-be WWF defector, got distracted). Booker T is arguably even worse. As soon as the Rock returned, Booker became a bad Rock clone. He's now lost the WCW title twice and his biggest win is against DDP (when Undertaker distracted him). the Canadian contingent continues to save these shows. Jericho, Edge, Christian, Storm, and even Rhyno are putting out interesting stuff. Rob Van Dam always puts on a show. Tajiri is exciting the crowd is completely sold on everything he does.
  3. twiztor


    HeAT 8/12/01 K-Kwik vs Hurricane Helms pretty good match. Cole & Snow put over Helms on commentary. So of course, Kwik wins with an X-Factor-like facebuster. 46-44 Stasiak & Awesome vs Crash & Hardcore Holly the Hollys win with an Alabama Jam on Stasiak. not bad. 46-45 InterContinental Title: Lance Storm (c) vs Scotty 2 Hotty fun match. crowd pops BIG for the WORM attempt. Storm wins with a roll-through single leg crab 47-45 Rhyno vs Billy Gunn this was a good one. i totally bit on a couple of the false finishes. Gunn counters the GORE! with a well-timed dropkick to the face, then follows up with the One And Only, but only gets a two count. As Gunn sets up the Fame-Ass-Er, Rhyno steamrolls him with the GORE! for the win. 48-45 Raw 8/13/01 @ Chicago, IL L-O-N-G opening promo by Steve Austin. he berates multiple members of the Alliance, ending with him using his belt to whip Tazz. Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible) vs Edge & Christian Christian gets bumped off the apron and clutches his leg. Edge fights off both men and pins Credible after a DDT. 48-46 Steel Cage Match / WCW Tag Team Titles: Palumbo & O'Haire vs Undertaker & Kane (c) Kane chokeslams O'Haire within 10 seconds of being in the ring. The WCW guys never get another piece of offense and get double pinned a few minutes later. 48-47 Test vs Spike Dudley fun squash. Test by Big Kick 49-47 Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kurt Angle this was a hell of a sprint. Angle puts RVD in the Ankle Lock, but Raven & Tommy Dreamer run down. As Angle fights them off, Jeff Hardy runs out, Swanton Bombs RVD, and pins him to win the Hardcore Title (24/7 rule). 49-48 Rhyno & Booker T vs Jericho & Rock decent enough match. Jericho makes Rhyno tap out, but there's no ref. Shane & Steph interfere and Rhyno rolls Jericho up to steal one. 50-48 post-match, Rock beats up everybody, handing out Rock Bottoms like Halloween Candy. But Booker T blindsides him, and gives a Rock a Rock Bottom of his own! SmackDown! LIVE! 8/16/01 @ Salt Lake City, UT Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" opening theme and giant fist entryway make their first debut here. we start with back-to-back Shane/Booker and Rock promos. Stasiak comes out, says he'll do something the fans will never forget tonight. Rock vs Shawn Stasiak punch, punch, Rock Bottom, three count. 50-49 First ever "Austin Invitational"- Austin berates first contestant Scotty 2 Hotty for quite a while. then starts an ass-whooping when Scotty dares to try the WORM. Angle makes the save, Tazz attacks Angle, WWF guys chase off Austin/Tazz. this left a lot to be desired. Good Austin promo, though, too long for my taste. Rob Van Dam & Rhyno vs Jeff Hardy & Jericho RVD's timing seemed off in this match. He and Jericho didn't mesh well. Jeff Hardy is insanely over with the ladies. Ending was contrived. RVD put a ladder through the ropes, half in the ring. Then he waited on the top rope for Jeff Hardy to crawl over and set himself in position to be see-sawed. A 5 Star Frog Splash finished things off. 51-49 WWF Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian vs Kanyon & DDP (c) Lance Storm superkicks Edge, so Christian chases him to the back. A Diamondcutter seals the deal as Kanyon gets the pinfall victory. 52-49 Tazz vs Kurt Angle despite the ring being surrounded by WCW and WWF wrestlers, we see no interference (!) Neat finish as Angle counters the Tazzmission into the Olympic Slam. didn't go long, but it was fun. 52-50. "Lights Out" Match: Booker T vs Rock they brawl around ringside. Shane interferes, allowing Booker T to drive the Rock through the announce table with a Book End. Book & Shane celebrate, but there's no pinfall or announcement, so......no contest? Jakked 8/19/01 Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs Essa Rios really good match. would've fit in on Nitro in '97. Essa counters the Gory Special into a Sunset Flip, which looked very slick. Chavo gets the dub after a top rope Falcon Arrow like move. 53-50. K-Kwik vs Mike Awesome decent stuff. Awesome by Awesome Bomb. 54-50 Shawn Stasiak & Hurricane Helms vs Kaientai this was better than i expected. Stasiak by Reverse DDT (called a Reverse Neckbreaker by Kevin Kelly) 55-50 Hardcore Holly vs Hugh Morrus Holly by Alabama Slam. not as stiff as i would've guessed. 55-51. Sunday Night Heat (International Version) 8/20/01 i can't find video of this, so here's the results courtesy The History of WWE: WCW 57, WWF 52 from Heat: from Jakked:
  4. twiztor

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    unless i'm missing someone or something, the only people announced who don't have matches are Penelope Ford & MJF.
  5. twiztor


    HeAT 8/5 Saturn vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr Saturn catapults Chavo into Moppy (propped up in the corner) then directly into the Moss Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza for the win. 39-34 Hardcore Holly vs Shawn Stasiak Holly with the Alabama Jam. 39-35 Raven & Justin Credible vs Show-Gunn showcase match. Show pins Credible after the Alley-Oop Bomb. 39-36. Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Jerry Lynn great match. At only 6 1/2 minutes, it doesn't hold a candle to their ECW stuff, but it's miles better than anything else on Heat. RVD by 5 Star Frog Splash. 40-36 Raw 8/6/01 @ Anaheim, CA Hardcore Title: Kane vs Rob Van Dam (c) fun match, hard hitting. RVD retains after DDP nails Kane with a chair, setting him up for the 5 Star Frog Splash. 41-36 Handicap Match: Stacy & Torrie vs Jacquelyn Ivory runs out and DDTs Jackie so the WCW girls steal a win. what? 42-36 Light HeavyWeight Title: Tajiri vs X-Pac (c) X-Pac's WCW Cruiserweight title is not on the line because Commissioner Regal can't make those decisions about WCW championships. What about Booker/Taker for the WCW World title last week then? quick match but good. Tajiri with the green mist and a Buzzsaw Kick to capture the WWF title. Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho & Mystery Partner Kurt Angle i enjoyed this. Rhyno GORES! Jericho. Angle goes up top to moonsault D-Von, but D-Von gets his knees up which basically folds Angle in half. ouch! Bubba taps to the Ankle Lock. 42-37 InterContinental Title: Christian vs Lance Storm (c) pre-match, Christian invites Storm to take part in a Canadian 5 second pose. Storm agrees, and Edge pulls his pants down. The announcers point out that he's wearing Power Rangers undies. The match itself was fine, but could've been so much more. Storm rolls through a German Suplex and bridges for a pin, but also grabs the ropes to steal one. The ending wasn't the prettiest, but whatever works. 43-37 Matt Hardy vs Steve Austin this happens because Debra exaggerates an interaction between herself and Lita. the finish is no surprise: Kick, Wham, Stunner! 44-37 but the story they told was better than i expected. Austin, the paranoid wily veteran, vs Matt Hardy, the young upstart defending his fair maiden. much different than any match Austin has had in quite a while. Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs the Rock they brawl through the crowd for a good while. the Rock dominates the match, as he should. Rock fights off Booker T and Rock Bottoms Shane to win the match. 44-38. Post-Match, Booker & Shane beat down the Rock. Shane top rope elbow drops the Rock through the announce table. SmackDown! 8/9/01 @ Los Angeles, CA WWF Tag Team Titles: APA (c) vs Kanyon & DDP APA dominates. i don't think Bradshaw took a single move, punch, or bump. Until Test runs in. He Big Kicks Faarooq and hits Bradshaw with the belt. Kanyon for the pin and we've got new champs! 45-38 Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the house. Perry Saturn vs Raven w/Terri short but sweet. Saturn wins the same way he did on HeAT (catapult to Moppy into the Cradle Suplex). 45-39. i didn't notice if they showed it on camera, but Terri has stolen Moppy. former WCW Champion David Arquette is also ringside. Hardcore Title: Edge vs Rob Van Dam (c) fun match. Lance Storm runs out to cause some largely ineffective interference. Storm & RVD are finally able to hit Edge with the Con-Chair-To to successfully retain. 46-39. Spike & Tajiri vs X-Pac & Albert crowd is super into this. match is decent enough. X-Pac hits Tajiri with a title belt and Albert follows that up with a Baldo Bomb for the win. Long Shane/Booker T promo. Rock interrupts and a brawl breaks out. Rock with the Rock Bottom on Shane through the announce table. WCW Tag Team Titles: Palumbo & O'Haire vs Undertaker & Kane not as one-sided as i expected, but at no point did the WCW guys look like they had a real chance. Taker & Kane win WCW tag gold with tandem chokeslams. 46-40 Hugh Morrus vs Chris Jericho Morrus taps out to the Liontamer in short order. 46-41 post-match, Rhyno blindsides Jericho and GORES! him through the SmackDown video screen. Saturn calls the cops regarding his missing person..err..mop. but we do get Moppy's full name: Moppy Q. McMopperson Elimination Match: Dudley Boyz & Steve Austin vs Hardy Boys & Kurt Angle Angle makes D-Von tap to the Ankle Lock. Bubba pins Matt after a Bubba Bomb. Jeff gets eliminated somehow? I must've missed it but he's gone now. Angle pins Bubba after the Angle Slam. D-Von runs out and hits Angle with a chair. the Dudleyz hold him up so Austin can deliver a Stone Cold Stunner. then the Dudleyz give him a 3-D. the Hardys run out and i guess this is a no contest? Angle is taken away on the stretcher. Austin gets on the mic and berates him. Angle fights off the stretcher and makes Austin tap to the Ankle Lock. Jakked 8/11 Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn Credible doesn't get an entrance, so this won't bode well for him. I may have spoken too soon. Credible fights out of the Tornado DDT and hits a Superkick, but only gets two. Jerry Lynn does end up getting the win with a roll-up. 46-42 Mike Awesome vs Albert Awesome gets an early advantage and lands a top rope splash, but only gets a two count. Albert dominates for a bit and picks up a win after a Baldo Bomb. 46-43
  6. Simon Belmont was my #2 most wanted character after they had added Sonic and Mega Man (Bomberman is my #1 choice, and i'm happy he's at least included as an Assist). crazy hyped for this one. this will end up being what makes me buy a switch.
  7. still curious how PFL is going to make money while paying out $1M to SIX people
  8. twiztor

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    double post. i'll take this opportunity to mention that i'm crazy hyped for this show and can't wait to be there in less than one month.
  9. twiztor

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    i eagerly await Aries' confirmation for this show.
  10. twiztor


    HeAT 7/29/01 Scotty 2 Hotty vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. solid match. Chavo misses a top rope splash, with Scotty connecting with the WORM for the win 30-24 Raven & Justin Credible vs Kaientai this wasn't bad. Raven DDTs Fuanki. 31-24 Albert vs Hugh Morrus meh. Albert dominates and wins via Baldo Bomb 31-25 Hardcore Holly vs Mike Awesome quick and hard hitting. Holly by Alabama Slam 31-26 Raw 7/30/01 @ Philadelphia, PA Tazz vs Chris Jericho Heyman rejoins the commentary team as Dreamer escorts Cole to the back. finally. match starts out quick and ends the same way. Jericho wins after a Lionsault in like a minute. 31-27. Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Tajiri fantastic match that the crowd completely adored. started off with a cool martial arts move/counter move sequence. shame it only went 4 minutes. RVD retains after a Five Star Frog Splash onto a chair. 32-27 Matt Hardy & Lita vs Hurricane Helms & Torrie Torrie is atrocious. she ruined any chance of this being good. Matt hits Helms with the Twist of Fate, but Torrie (out of position) low blows him and Hurricane rolls him up for the pin 33-27 WCW Title / No DQ: Kurt Angle (c) vs Booker T this match left a lot to be desired. Angle is immediately jumped by 5 WCW guys. Team WWF brawls with them to the back. long story short, Angle is about to win but Austin Stunners him and Booker T gets the win . 34-27 Also, why was Earl Hebner (a WWF referee) officiating a WCW title match? Edge & Christian vs Lance Storm & Kanyon solid match. Storm/Kanyon isolate Christian and work him over with some cool offense. Edge DDTs Storm, but Kanyon flapjack/Flatliners Edge onto a title belt to steal a win. 35-27 Title vs Title: WCW Cruiserweight Champ Billy Kidman vs WWF Light Heavyweight Champ X-Pac good match. X-Pac seemed fired up and motivated, and it definitely showed X-Pac finishes with a top rope X-Factor and we've got our first Dual Champion! 35-28 Tables Match: Dudley Boyz vs Undertaker & Kane this was an OK brawl we saw interference from DDP and shady officiating from Nick Patrick. Somehow, Undertaker is able to overcome the odds (note the sarcasm) as he chokeslams Bubba through a table. 35-29 All night we've been awaiting the Rock. He is expected to join either Team WWF or the Alliance. Finally, with like 5 minutes left in the show, Rocky arrives. Vince, Shane, & Rock in the ring. This segment sucked. Vince drones away on the mic for too long. Not to be outdone, Shane does the same thing. Rock gives the Rock Bottom to Vince as Shane celebrates. then Shane gets Rock Bottomed and the People's Elbow, too. Rock gets on the mic. "Finally, the Rock has come back.......to the WWF". end show. SmackDown! 8/2/18 @ Washington D.C. Angle cuts a fiery pro-USA face promo and leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lance Storm takes offense and points out a few reasons why America is not the greatest. Angle responds the American way, by challenging Storm to a fight and calling him names. Storm ends the segment with a Superkick. Hardy Boys vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire (non WCW Tag Team Titles match) OK match but nothing special. Matt with the Twist of Fate on O'Haire and Jeff follows it up with the Swanton. But with the ref corralling Matt out of the ring, Chuck is able to Jungle Kick Jeff so Sean can get the surprise clean (!) win. 36-29 US Title: Kanyon (c) vs Kane complete domination by Kane. He goes to Chokeslam Kanyon, who grabs referee Nick Patrick. Patrick calls for the DQ, so Kane chokeslams him. 36-30 Rock/Booker T/Shane segment. Rock wants Austin, Booker wants Rock, we get Rock vs Shane on Raw. Dudley Boyz & Rhyno vs Edge, Christian, & Chris Jericho good match. great chemistry with all these guys. Jericho has D-Von in the Walls of Jericho, but Rhyno GORES! him for another good Alliance win. 37-30 Lance Storm vs Kurt Angle this match was pretty good. Given these mens' pedigrees, i expected more of a technical contest, but we got one that relied on brawling. Angle with the Olympic Slam and he forces Storm to tap out to the Ankle Lock. 37-31 WCW Title: Undertaker vs Booker T (c) this was a non-title match, but gets switched last minute. Taker dominates (surprise, surprise). i think Shane actually gets more offense than Booker. Undertaker with the worst Cross Arm Breaker/Straight Armbar i've ever seen. Worse than Sgt. Craig Pittman's. non-finish sees: Interference from Shane, a ref bump, Booker T with a Steel Chair, Rock with a Rock Bottom, Booker T with a Belt Shot, Shane pulling the ref out of the ring, and ultimately, the Rock and Undertaker fending off the entire invading WCW contingent. Jakked 8/4 tape quality is trash, so not many details fothcoming. Raven vs Essa Rios- Raven by DDT. 38-31 Hugh Morrus vs Albert (rematch from HeAT) Albert with a nice double underhook stalling suplex. He also fights off Mark Jindrak and wins with the Baldo Bomb. 38-32 Scotty 2 Hotty vs Justin Credible hard to see, but i think Credible counters the WORM with a Superkick for the win. 39-32 Rhyno & Mike Awesome vs Show-Gunn Fame-Ass-Er on Awesome for the win. 39-33
  11. twiztor

    The Terminator Thread

    That Robocop vs Terminator fan film is fun. Also, i like Genisys. not the spelling (obviously!) but i thought the movie was pretty damn good.
  12. twiztor


    i am an avid NES gamer. it is the console i grew up with. i find the 8 bit graphics and sound charming. so today i picked up Little Samson. it regularly is among the "best NES games" and "best hidden gem" lists for the system. It also costs upwards of $1000. yes, seriously. Now, don't get me wrong. i am definitely a purist. i'm not a fan of fakes or knockoffs. but i'm also not going to spend $1000 on one game from 25 years ago. so i bought a fake cartridge. and i will admit that this game is pretty rad. well deserving of its reputation. you have your choice of four characters, and you can switch between them at any point, even in the middle of a level. they share lives but each have their own health bar. There's even multiple paths you can take to progress through the game. i don't think this ever saw a digital re-release, and i also don't think it's part of any compilations, so the only way to play it legally is with an original cartridge. i'm just saying, if you're a fan of 8 bit games, find a way to check this out.
  13. twiztor

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/07/20/john-byrne-writing-drawing-x-men-fanfic-comic-evermore/ cheers @The Unholy Dragon. posting it here so i can check it out fully this weekend.
  14. twiztor


    Charlotte is already a 6x champion. she's held a belt for 585 days in the last 3 years. my guess is that people are ready for her to not be in the title picture and let other wrestlers shine. i don't think too many people are clamoring for a run of Carmella singles matches, but i could be wrong.