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  1. i agree with the 2nd part of your quoted post. as for the first, i feel like Starks got drowned out basically the entire time. what i did hear was good, but Jericho's still finding his balance and continues to talk over everyone. i really hope he can dial it back going forward.
  2. Midnight Connection sounds like some drug running circuit to me....
  3. ok, i have started to/tried to watch Extreme Rising 4 on three separate occasions now, and I'm just not feeling it. i don't know if it's the presentation, the production, the performers, or what, but i just can't get into it at all. feels bland and uninteresting. damn shame after coming off a fun card in ER3. thus officially ends my ECW watch. next up, another promotion i have no history with (albeit a much shorter tenure), Wrestling Society X.
  4. my LOL of the night: Jade with a big pump kick or whatever, and JR says "that got her right between the headlights" hmm, a 30 second video of Suzuki killing guys while Archer talks over it. as if somebody requested something of the sort. i feel like AEW has grown by leaps and bounds, and i hope when Hangman returns he's able to pick up where he left off. great show tonight. needs more Thunder Rosa. next week is gonna be off the charts.
  5. i just built a shelf to house all my disc-based games. having the Greatest Hits version on Mario Sunshine never bothered me until today..... https://ibb.co/vHd83hN
  6. RIP Norm. you were one of the absolute best.
  7. you should put that in a spoiler tag, just for the length
  8. i've watched BTE every week for 3 years now, and the only thing i specifically skip is Nick Nemeth's stuff. that's the opposite of a ringing endorsement.
  9. a few years ago, i took my nephew to the a small local comic con-type event. I'm a big Batman fan. i've watched every movie, tv show, and cartoon. i read EVERY Batman comic published from 1939-2011. i have a gigantic Batman cardboard cutout on my basement wall. i think that probably puts me in the upper echelon, if you measure by those kind of metrics. My nephew is a bigger Batman fan than i am. he likes a couple of the Batman cartoons and has played one of the games (i think it was a Lego Batman game, but i don't know for sure). he's never read a Batman comic to my knowledge. some asshole saw my nephew's Batman shirt & mask and tried to belittle him by asking if he's read *insert some comic here*. my nephew was upset. i could have easily contributed to the toxic fanship this prick was exhibiting by making some obscure Batman reference that this guy didn't get. Instead, i told my nephew that this guy was a lot like Harvey Dent. sometimes, he pretends he's nice, but really he's a jerk. It made my nephew feel better and this guy feel bad. worth it. this shit ain't rocket science. People are allowed to like what you like in ways other than how you like it. Once more people realize that, the better off everyone will be.
  10. in the leadup to his Revolution '20 match with Pac, OC was out with Best Friends and cuts a promo. you know what, in trying to explain it, it just sounds lame. here's the YT vid. starts about 1:45 in. the crowd reaction is just hilarious to me.
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