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  1. i tried to play Diablo Immortal on my PC. don't know why, but it wouldn't start. may be an issue on my end, may not be. but there's no way to troubleshoot, so who knows? uninstalled. guess they don't want me to play. on a different note, my xbox360 keeps randomly shutting down after 3-5 minutes of play. frustrating as hell.
  2. i feel like i'm usually overly negative recently, especially about redesigns and stuff like that, so i wanted to point this out. DC is revamping the "Detective Comics" logo, and i think it just looks fantastic.
  3. this fucking country, man.... edit: of course this starts a new page. thank you for creating the discord for situations like this. but i just had to post something to get it out of my system. much love to all.
  4. fuck it, i'll just say it. i don't care about this event. the build has been terrible (i get some of that was due to injuries, but still....) i don't know damn near any of the NJPW guys (is this a "me problem" like it was with Suzuki? and Takeshita? and all of the other one-and-dones?) there's not a single match that feels "must see". too many multi-man matches. i'll probably watch nefariously next week sometime, but meh. hope AEW gets interesting again after this show is over.
  5. must be scared of what Christian will do to him
  6. i don't know what [that pod] means, but i would like to listen to this part. PM?
  7. i'm constantly amazed at the availability of, well, everything due to the internet. music, movies, cartoons, comic books, video games, wrestling, you can literally find anything and everything if you know where to look.
  8. i took my geocities site down AGES ago (from the index i had a link to my MySpace page ), but somehow it got cloned, so it stlil pops up in a search. i mainly used it to trade mp3s but did my fair share of wrestling tape trading as well. http://www.oocities.org/twiztor_jjf/wrestlingtapes.html
  9. as do i. unfortunately, there's more heart shown in B:TAS than all of his comic appearances in YEARS
  10. Not really. in the beginning stages of planning dreaming of a trip to Japan, and on that list is absolutely a NYE Rizin event, hopefully at Saitama Super Arena, and 1/4 NJPW show at the Tokyo Dome. I can only even name a handful of arenas (Cow Palace in San Francisco, for example) but have no real connection with them. I feel like the last 20+ years has really homogenized so many places that very few stand out. did we just talk about this? i'm getting deja vu here. also, these two, that you already mentioned:
  11. well, glad we got that sorted out....
  12. 85-92, easily. it was when i discovered wrestling (to me, at that time, WWF = wrestling. i didn't know that other promotions even existed!). Everything was new to me. the characters, the sheer size of these men, the drama, the costumes, the athleticism, all of it was so exciting. then i kind of fell out of it for a few years until the nWo brought me back in. 1996-1997 is my favorite time ever in wrestling, but that's mainly due to WCW instead of the Fed.
  13. i watched via YouTube on a non-WWE channel. it was like a 1 minute announcement. He said absolutely nothing of value. complete waste of time.
  14. when i said the same thing about Minoru Suzuki showing up last year, i was told to "educate myself". i feel like the attitude hasn't changed much. re: Matt Hughes. Yes, he's a piece of shit. As an old school UFC fan, he was dominant, but the more i heard about him the more i hated him. I was confused to see that he was to face off against Wardlow, as i knew about the train deal, but he could barely move. It almost made me feel sympathy for the bastard (almost). if Okada isn't on this event [Forbidden Door], then i certainly won't make it a priority.
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