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  1. so i finally watched Solo. it was .... fine i guess? i mean, i liked it enough, but it just never grabbed me. also, despite all the characters and references, it just didn't feel like 'Star Wars' to me.
  2. Big Trouble in Little China is a fantastic movie. i have seen it dozens of times, but it never gets old.
  3. @Andrew POE!i am not a trophy hunter (thank the gods, since i mostly play retro games on retro systems!) but i always enjoy your posts about your latest platinums. i'm always excited to see your updates. thank you.
  4. this is a(n unintentional?) hilarious 1-2 combination
  5. i'm dumbfounded every time i hear somebody say that Rage Against the Machine was great until they went political.
  6. man, this Coolio news is hitting me harder than i would have expected. been listening to his music for the last 24 hours and have watched a ton of his stuff on youtube. i saw him back in 2006 at some shitty danceclub that has since shut down. his portion of the concert was fun, but he was like 2 hours late and overall the night kinda sucked. Rest in Paradise.
  7. IIRC, Arn's appearances (and especially his matches) are few and far between after Havoc due to his injury. i don't remember the Luger rematch taking place.
  8. forgive my naivety, but i don't understand how any of those things are connected?
  9. i would've been 12 when it came out originally and thought it was the greatest film ever. Now, the less said about the sequel, the better. what utter trash. i tried rewatching it a few years ago and found it even worse than i remembered.
  10. wow, that is gnarly. i saw the first (stitched) picture and thought "that doesn't look so bad". then i saw the next pic. beware before clicking that spoiler box.
  11. Bonus Review: Mortal Kombat (1995) premise: three martial artists are manipulated into joining a to-the-death fighting tournament. they must do battle with super powered ninjas, a four armed giant freak, and ultimately a soul stealing, shape shifting wizard, with the entirety of Earth hanging in the balance. this movie kicks every ass imaginable. then punches every face, then rekicks the asses again. the characterizations are basic and one note, but who needs deep personal characters when there's asses to kick? the actors are wooden and unconvincing, but who needs presence and "it factor" when there's pulse pounding action to ram down throats? the storyline is plucked straight from the video game series, which in turn swiped it from Bruce Lee's 'Enter the Dragon'. they kept it simple, which was definitely for the best. Plus, who needs an elaborate plot when you can just add more maimings and violence? the special effects varied wildly. Goro's four armed appearance was pretty decent because of the practical effects. making Scorpion's spear a CGI creature was certainly a choice, but his untimely firey demise looked relatively good, so it balances out. the CGI Reptile creature was horrible but i can't say that i don't still have a soft spot for it. do i even need to mention the iconic theme song? i'm not a techno fan really at all, but the entire soundtrack works surprisingly well, since it just keeps driving along with the action. Notable quotes (we repeated these nonstop on the playground back in the day): "Your soul is mine" "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole!" "Flawless Victory" tl;dr. not scary at all. fun if ridiculous martial arts flick tho.
  12. twiztor

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    never heard of Tropidelic but checked them out after your post. these guys are pretty rad. been jamming all morning.
  13. i saw the year my selection was released and rolled my eyes. Then i actually looked up the movie and now i am excited. nice choice! can't wait to watch it.
  14. ok, that video is awesome. i'm never playing that game, but it looks like a riot at parties or whatever.
  15. re: Jimmy Graffiti he didn't wrestle under that name a ton, it was definitely a short-term thing in WCW. when i did my rewatch a couple of years ago, he caught my interest and i also noticed the inconsistency in how his name was spelled. 10/21/96: Nitro vs. Dean Malenko 10/26/96: Saturday Night vs. Cheetah Kid [aka Prince Iaukea] 10/28/96: Nitro vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. 11/02/96: Main Event vs. Chris Jericho 11/02/96: Saturday Night vs. Eddie Guerrero 12/09/96: Nitro vs. Dean Malenko 12/15/96: Worldwide vs. Chris Jericho [this one is missing from the graphic] 01/04/97: Saturday Night vs. Chris Jericho [he wrestles as "Jim Richland" in this, but i still count it as part of the Graffiti run] 01/04/97: Worldwide vs. Billy Kidman 01/11/97: Worldwide vs. Bobby Eaton
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