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  1. excitement. spontaneity. great matches. storylines that hook me. lose some of the "slick"ness or "over produced" feel of the show. i tune in yearly for Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. both shows would really have to blow me away, on top of months of positive press (here and other places), for me to watch whatever the post-Mania PPV event is. the point (to me) is that the show isn't for me anymore. They've booked towards kids for years now, and all the shininess and quick camera cuts turn me away. i'm not their target audience, and since i'm well into my 30s, it never will be again. that's fine from my perspective, there's plenty of wrestling from the 80s and 90s that i haven't even seen yet.
  2. agreed on all accounts. i actually had to double check and make sure Tyson Nam hadn't been in the UFC a while and i had overlooked him. the win over Dantas really made him a "this dude is for real" contender, but Marlon Moraes in that moment was a perfect example of "steal your momentum and add it to my own" Stephens remains one of my favorites and i can't wait to see this match. i lean towards Yair pulling it off but it's gonna be a fun one!
  3. i want in on this again. will get a movie picked out and PM'd later tonight
  4. yeah, very possible. like i said, i'm out of the ufc loop. this looks like a pretty good card for espn+, will have to make it a point to catch this one
  5. i would've sworn this main event happened like 2-3 months ago. i am so out of the UFC loop it's ridiculous. Gaethje won by TKO in rd3, for those curious.
  6. also, Colby is still unofficially the interim champ as he won that belt and never lost it. i know that's not how things work but fuck it.
  7. i'm trying to fathom the idea of buying a tv channel, and i can't really wrap my head around how that happens. like, it's obviously happened tons of times, but i just can't fathom it right now. it's just a bizarre concept. you don't actually own anything physical here. it's just trademarks and broadcadting rights. weird. and i'm not even high.
  8. to nobody's surprise, Colt Cabana is set to return to the NWA for their 9/30 and 10/1 tapings.
  9. that was a good read and actually made me interested in seeing this match. hopefully it gets posted to youtube or something in its entirety soon. thanks for sharing
  10. a non-comics-reading buddy just texted me pissed off that they're turning Batman black. so for what it's worth, people are talking. After i told him they're not turning Bruce black he seemed more OK with it, but the point stands. As far as Alfred's death goes, have they even once referenced that the Joker cut off his hand in the "Death of the Family" storyline? Talk about adding something for pure shock value and no payoff. i mean, Joker also cut his own face off at one point and he seems to be doing fine....
  11. yes, i realize that the name Gangrel was trademarked. i never understood why WWE would pay to use it in the first place. that makes sense. figured it was along these lines but didn't have the info to back it up
  12. WWE always licensed the Gangrel name. no idea why.
  13. to tie two points together, did we ever get a Lex Luger vs Shaen Michaels match? too lazy and/or drunk to look it up.
  14. somebody get the Shadow on suicide watch.
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