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  1. yeah but did we ever find out HOW MUCH DOES THAT GUY WEIGH?
  2. re: Scott Norton, that does sound like something i would say. i am a big supporter of Norton in WCW. the Fire & Ice team always seemed lame to me, but i found Ice Train to be pretty much useless. i really wanted to track down that cage building video, add a fake screencap, and link you to it.....but i'm lazy. i remember really liking the Uncensored opener. Hope it holds up for you. i'm a bit ahead of schedule, but the 3/20 Worldwide features Raven vs. Kaz Hayashi. if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9jvNV9I9Rk (i know you are now leery due to my earlier cage building video comment, and rightfully so. but i implore you to take a chance)
  3. man, i don't know if everybody else's Applebees is better than the one in my town or what is happening here. Their food is the dictionary description of "eh, it's OK i guess". A solid 4 out of 10. There's nothing bad about it, but there's also nothing good. Very basic and plain. And smothered in butter to the point that it isn't very appealing. Luckily, the restaurant is on the exact opposite side of town, so not a place i need to go to often. The mozzarella sticks are a high point, tho. And it's not like i've got some high class tastes. Buffalo Wild Wings is my go-to, and i eat there regularly. probably too often. I am not taking questions. i am glad you enjoy it, Octopus. And everybody else too, i guess.
  4. re: profanity i spent many years working retail so can still turn it off, but since then i've spent many years working in shipping/receiving warehouses, so that switch doesn't always work anymore.
  5. i mean, yeah, that was literally the reason they gave at one point. awful. i dunno if you're referring to Batgirl's parentage (what a messed up retcon that was) or if there's more to Jim's history that i've blanked out of my mind. but yeah, DC's Bat-Office certainly seems to have disdain for their characters being happy (see also: Batwoman's marriage to Maggie Sawyer).
  6. i didn't even know this was being made, so i know what i'm grabbing after work today! thanks for the head's up!!
  7. nope. and i doubt it ever will be, since it's 1) set in the future AND 2) a sequel to an animated adaptation, so we're two steps away from canon. definitely, although his decline in the Bat books started before the n52. IMO, killing his parents was a terrible choice.
  8. i see that you also saw the Goldberg challenging Austin bit. awful, dumb, and pointless. I have Larry Z as one of the worst commentators of all time. The amount of time he wasted on the shows talking about taxes, or his golf game, or "LarryLand" is what i envision playing over the loudspeakers in Hell. i find it humorous that the tag belts are vacant and held up because Rick Steiner was injured. LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER THEY CROWN NEW CHAMPS, Rick Steiner returns. maybe those two horrible tag tournaments weren't even necessary, then? i happened to catch this nWo parody when it happened. Must have been a Nitro overrun after Raw ended or something. Didn't know what it was, or any of the storylines surrounding it, but found it compelling and interesting. shortly thereafter, I went looking for it through tape trading or whatever. When i rewatched it, i was mortified. That was monumentally stupid. On a higher note, at the same time i tracked down the Hall/Bigelow ladder match that held up WAY better. nothing to add about Thunder, but to pick up on the ladies' charisma: i HATED the Nitro Girls segments at the time. There was already so much non-wrestling, that having some third rate cheerleaders eat up even more time was completely egregious to me. And i was a teenage male! If they could have combined it with some appealing music (i'm specifically thinking about the Fly Girls from 'In Living Color' and how that was my exposure to actual rap music) then maybe? But the music was just generic techno music, and the dances were not really well choreographed or performed at a high level. That's probably why i could never differentiate the women. Other than Kimberly, i couldn't tell a Chae from a Whisper. am i forgetting some hot angle of Miss Kitty? i thought literally all of her appeal was that she offered to get naked. My apologies to her if there was more that i am overlooking. i do want to second the love for Daffney. Absolutely not the best worker, but it worked. She was compelling, both in matches and segments. Although the screaming was a bit much sometimes.
  9. per DDT Digest, you didn't miss anything special. Just the opening of the tag match. But the announcers DID pay off your second point: "Earlier in the show, the announcers acknowledged that the winner of this match will have to face Brian Adams and Horace on Thursday, and win two matches against Henning and Windham at Superbrawl, since whoever wins on Thursday will already have one loss in the tournament, whereas Hennig and Windham don't have any losses." when i did my rewatch, i tried to incorporate as much of the non-WCW TV as possible. This whole MadTV crossover was brutal in trying to track and watch in a coherent manner. definitely was not worth the effort. GOD DAMN! that is a terrible score. i truly hope you don't see a worse one (for your own sanity). that world-shattering challenge is Steve Austin. i can't remember if it's ever mentioned on WCW tv again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MyhamCyHDI WCW did a shit job of "elevating" (for lack of a better word) guys from the cruiserweight division into the heavyweight ranks. You mentioned it with the Konnan/Rey team, which is accurate, but i think the same could be said of Jericho. He's getting ready to face Saturn, a power wrestler who throws suplexes. So to prepare, he faces Juvi? a smaller guy that he has already beaten bunches of times? Sure, the Juvi match is going to be more enjoyable to watch. Sure, in kayfabe, Jericho is the kind of guy to choose an opponent that he knows he'd beat. But in terms of presentation, it just makes Jericho still feel like a part of the cruiserweight division, and therefore lower-tier than someone like Saturn (the same problem also occurred last fall when he feuded with Raven. I thought they were getting away from this with his TV Title reign, but then they slip right back into it. Buff Bagwell is an anomaly. He's good, because he has a great look, charisma, and can be part of good matches. But he's bad, because he's inconsistent. He can be very one-note and cut boring tedious promos. And he can be part of bad matches. So at his best, he's great. But at his worst, he's terrible. I can't blame everything on bad angles, because he can be good when the booking is shit. OTOH, he can be awful in interesting storylines. I wonder if it's due to personal motivation? Or maybe he's better in shorter doses/appearances/runs? I don't know the answer. fully agree on Malenko being the worst Horseman. he just doesn't fit. like, at all. generally solid if unremarkable matches. negative charisma. i *think* they were trying to set up that the earlier you lose in the tournament, the sooner you enter the losers' bracket, and therefore have a longer (back) climb to the top. But i agree that they were completely unable to explain this. You know what would have helped, and what i would have loved as a mark for tournaments? AN ON SCREEN BRACKET! but then you have to, you know, actually have sensical booking that you follow through with. oooh, a chance to tell my Torrie Wilson story. MANY MANY years ago (early 2000s?) one of the WWF tv shows were coming to my area. the on sale date, Torrie Wilson was showing up the local mall to do an autograph signing. She was scheduled for like 3 hours. We showed up right around starting time. there was a decent line, but nothing too bad. She wasn't there yet, so we decided to do a tour of said mall. Came back about an hour later, she still wasn't there. Line was about the same length. We decided to grab some lunch. Came back about another hour later. She had already left. THIS BITCH WAS AN HOUR AND HALF LATE AND ONLY STAYED ABOUT 20 MINUTES. Fuck Torrie Wilson. a second-in-command, you say? if only WCW had a commissioner that was just re-established on the previous flagship show! Somehow, when Scott Steiner joins WWE in 2003, they managed to bring in early 1999 Steiner instead of late 2000 Steiner. What a fumbled opportunity! damn Smelly, you've been on a streak this week! i will finish catching up later, but right now, that's as much WCW as i can handle. I am a glutton for punishment, so I kept going after all.
  10. legitimate question (not directed at you specifically Technico, just using your post as a jumping off point): is Cody cutting the same type of longwinded promo in WWE as he was in AEW? Does he still write them himself? Do said promos still reference that he'll "never turn heel" and make other insider-y references that he never quite found the right balance to pull off?
  11. addendum: there's a short window of time in mid 2003 where Gilberti, free of the Disco gimmick, is doing solid character work in TNA. This is perfect timing, as TNA was terrible in early 03 but gets pretty good by late 03, so he slots in there, gets a title match (vs. Jarrett of course) that is very competitive and compelling, then shuffles back down the card and out of everyone's minds. But there was a solid few months of semi-main event Gilberti that i didn't hate.
  12. i would imagine Okada and especially Ospreay have jumped way up the list.
  13. have you tried the Applebees exclusive Mtn Dew flavor?
  14. i was reading this thinking "where is the part that KK comes off sympathetic? He just seems whiny to me". glad to see the other responses all saw the same thing.
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