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  1. from my personal want list: Roddy Piper playing the Mexican National Anthem/La Cucaracha on bagpipes for Chavo Guerrero (Los Angeles - footage likely doesn't exist and wouldn't be in WWE's library anyway) Sabu beating Mike Rapada for the NWA World Title (Florida, 2000. no idea if this exists and again, not in WWE's library) WCW's Pay-Per-Listen events. synching up any video footage available with the audio broadcasts would be crazy. the WCW matches from Inoki's World Wrestling Peace Festival in '96. i don't think these have ever been unearthed. eh, that's all i got off the top of my head.
  2. really wish i could add to this conversation. The only store in my area is called Video Games Etc. prices are generally in line with eBay, sometimes a bit less, but the selection isn't the greatest. I still swing through once a month or so to look for gems.
  3. why does everyone assume "Rise of Skywalker" refers to Rey? I mean, Kylo Ren IS a Skywalker. Him taking a full on face turn and saving the Resistance makes as much sense as anything else. for the record, i think TFA was acceptable, if a bit too New Hope remakeish, and TLJ was awesome outside that Casino Planet chase scene. Rogue One is by far my favorite of the new flicks tho.
  4. I vividly remember "the Total Package" Lex Luthor at one point, but when i rewatched all of WCW a few years back, i couldn't find it. Maybe I made up my mind that it happened and convinced myself it was true.
  5. it could still headline a local show.....maybe. here's an interesting stat: BJ Penn last win was against Matt Hughes. in 2010!
  6. i feel like this gets repeated every year. not that it's not true, as E3 continues to matter, but in the 24/7 internet age, it really is already past its prime.
  7. so what's up with ufc 240? Haven't heard any announcements and it's not listed on wikipedia
  8. does VS Excitebike let you save your created courses?
  9. well, give it 16 years and we'll see what happens.
  10. stopped by my LCS and grabbed the Dragonfly/Dragonflyman issue from Ahoy Comics. it was pretty good, and will probably get me to check out the series ("The Wrong Earth") that it ties into. wife picked up some back issues of 'Books of Magic'. she's not really into comics (can't fathom the month-to-month wait) but she's re-reading Harry Potter and i think that's why they jumped out to her.
  11. Burnard the Business Bear making his return to face Smothers?
  12. Ok, both titles aligning is pretty hilarious when you see the completely different paths taken
  13. i always liked the Highlanders. Wish they would've stayed around longer or had a bigger role. i remember the Heart Throbs. they weren't very good and IIRC they got released shortly after a skit on whatever internet show wwe did at the time that had them playing their characters up to 11 and making a bunch of blatant and unfunny gay jokes about the host. i don't really remember except for some stupid shit happened. i don't see Joey Ryan going anywhere but AEW based on BTE alone.
  14. Billy Corgan was on Busted Open Radio discussing Crockett Cup, and mentioned they're looking towards episodic releases this fall.
  15. don't remember if i posted it here (and i didn't see it in a cursory search) but i listened to a podcast about Final Fantasy 7 like a month ago. It sparked interest in playing the game a bit again, as it's been probably 10 years. popped in the ps1 disc, and......no save file on the memory card. goddammit. so now i'm 45 hours into this game that i only wanted to play for 10 minutes, cuz i'll be damned if i'm not going to breed a gold chocobo, and get everybody's final weapons/limit breaks, and do all of the shit all the way through. stopped at the entrance to the final cave or whatever on disc 3. i have no interest in beating the game, i just like playing it and completing all the side quests and stuff. it felt good to play through it again, but i hope my memory card doesn't erase my save file any time soon. back to my regularly scheduled backlog!
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