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  1. sorry Billy. WWE is not in the wrestling business. they are in the "sports entertainment" business. totally different.
  2. twiztor

    Golden Age Greatness

    yeah, i guess that's cool if you want a hard copy, but like Exec said, all of this is from scans that are available for free from DCM. That being said, quality will vary. personally, i'll take the digital scans (and yes, i do have all of the MLJ stuff).
  3. made my wife talk me out of taking a 10 hour trip to Nashville for this show. but man, if it was closer.....
  4. twiztor


    somewhere in this #2 promotion question, there is a solid discussion. unfortunately, it's buried by failure to listen/comprehend, blindness to arguments, and outright stubbornness.
  5. twiztor


    Harley Race. can somebody name five matches that really showcase what Race was all about? i'm only really familiar with his late career stuff (from Starrcade '83 forward). classic matches and promos are more than welcome.
  6. twiztor

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    they got it back from the printers the week of Baltimore CC and had sent a few out, but that was really its debut. #ThereIsNoSectionZero
  7. twiztor


    HeAT 10/7 Chuck Palumbo vs Billy Gunn rematch from Metal, 9/23. Insert another "BillY & Chuck" joke here. decent enough. Gunn sets up for the Fame-Ass-Er, but Palumbo with the Jungle Kick to score the upset. 120-134 Tommy Dreamer vs Tajiri rematch from HeAT, 9/9 entertaining but meaningless. Tajiri via Buzzsaw Kick. 120-135 Perry Saturn & Scotty 2 Hotty vs Raven & Justin Credible Scotty has a gift for Saturn.......Moppy 2 Hotty! pretty basic stuff. Scotty pins Credible. 120-136 Kanyon, Lance Storm, & Ivory vs Lita & Hardy Boys Hardys by Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combination. As if that was ever in doubt. 120-137 Raw 10/8/01 @ Indianapolis, IN Good Ol' JR pulls a Schiavone and tells us this is the biggest night in Raw history Dudley Boyz & Tazz vs Tajiri, Big Show, & Spike match goes like a minute. Tajiri Buzzsaw Kicks Tazz for the win. 120-138 Stacy, now the Duchess of Dudleyville, instructs the Dudleyz to SuperBomb Torrie through a table. this was all to hype up Torrie vs Stacy at the next PPV. WCW Tag Team Titles: Booker T & Test (c) vs Hardy Boys Hardys pretty much dominate. Undertaker powerbombs Booker T and the Hardys win the titles! 120-139 US Title: Rhyno (c) vs Edge Edge has the match well in hand. Christian interferes, causing a DQ. 120-140 Edge chases both men away. RVD & Shane McMahon vs Jericho & the Rock crowd is insane for the entirety of this one. good match, too. Jericho accidentally nails the Rock with a chair, and RVD pins Rock for the win. 121-140 Can Jericho and the Rock ever co-exist again? Lita vs Mighty Molly Molly looks good here. and she scores a win with a rolling bridge pin. 122-140 WWF World Title: Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle (c) the Alliance is barred from ringside. match starts out very quick. A couple nice callbacks (catching the Stunner setup kick, working the ringpost, pulling back the floor mats) really make this a continuation of a feud rather than just a random match. match gets REALLY good about 10 minutes in. Just great work from both men. Commissioner Regal clocks Angle with the title belt, but Angle kicks out at 2! But he doesn't kick out of a Stunner. Austin is the new champ! 123-140 SmackDown! 10/11/18 @ Moline, IL hey, i was at this show! i have zero memories of it. Linda McMahon fires William Regal as the WWF Commissioner WWF Tag Team Titles: Dudley Boyz (c) vs Big Show & Spike Dudley pretty decent match. Dudleyz isolate Spike and score a 3d for the win. 124-140 WCW CruiserWeight Title: Billy Kidman vs X-Pac (c) this match was quite good. fast paced and exciting Kidman gets a big win and captures the gold after a sort of top rope pancake. 125-140 I can't help but think this would've meant a lot more if X-Pac wasn't treated like a jobber lately, or if Kidman (returning after a knee injury 2 months ago) had any sort of build up. #1 WCW Title Contender: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam another very enjoyable match. good back-and-forth action. Austin runs down and clocks RVD with a chair, allowing Jericho to pick up the win. But did he mean to, or was he aiming for Jericho? Mick Foley, new WWF Commish, books Angle vs Austin vs RVD at No Mercy European Title: Hurricane Helms (c) vs Kane fun match. Kane dominates until Booker T & Test interfere, causing a DQ. 125-142 Tazz vs Maven rematch from last week's Thunder. Maven does better, but still loses via Tazzmission. William Regal vs Kurt Angle fun while it lasted. Angle mostly dominates. Alliance b-team interference, but Angle takes them all out. No Contest. post-match (not on TV, legitimately my only memory from the show): the Rock helps Angle fight off the Alliance, and Rock convinces Angle to do the "strudel" gesture. why i remember this, i have no idea. Metal 10/13 Hugh Morrus vs Crash Holly hey, a face-off of guys who wrestled under the name "Crash" at some point. not a bad match. Morrus misses the moonsault, then kicks out of a Tornado DDT. Crash off the top rope, but Morrus rolls through and holds the tights to steal one. 126-142 Kanyon vs Billy Gunn pretty decent. some good counters, but Gunn with a pinfall after the Fame-Ass-Er. 126-143 Steven Richards vs Albert exactly what you'd expect. Albert by Baldo Bomb. 126-144 Mike Awesome & Chuck Palumbo vs APA fun enough match. not as one-sided as i expected. Clothesline From Hell to Awesome finishes this week. 126-145
  8. twiztor


    apologies, all. apparently i forgot to post last week's results/thoughts/insights. Well, here goes the first of a double helping: HeAT 9/30 Lance Storm vs Billy Gunn decent match. Storm works over the leg for a good portion of it. Storm avoids the Fame-Ass-Er and immediately lockson the Maple Leaf Crab for the win. 112-124 Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley Awesome totally dominates Spike. He goes for a top rope Awesome Bomb, but gets Hurracanrana'd and Spike scores the upset. 112-125 Raven vs Saturn good enough match, but a definite step down from their previous encounters. Raven via Evenflow after Terri distracts Saturn 113-125 Tazz & Stacy vs Tajiri & Torrie Tajiri superkicks Tazz for the win. 113-126 Raw 10/1/18 @ Baton Rouge, LA European Title: Spike Dudley vs Hurricane Helms (c) ok match. Mike Awesome interferes which leads to Helms retaining. 114-126 Molly is now Hurricane's sidekick. I feel like this is underplayed. Booker T, Test, & RVD vs Chris Jericho, Undertaker, & Kane this was all over the place and felt very disjointed. Taker with a huge Last Ride powerbomb on Test and Jericho puts Booker in the Walls, but RVD pins Jericho after a top rope sidekick and a roll-through. 115-126 WCW World Title / Handicap Tables Match: Dudley Boyz vs the Rock (c) you may not believe this, but the Rock overcame a biased referee, the tag team champs, interference from Shane McMahon, and being driven through a table illegally to Rock Bottom Bubba through a table to retain. 115-127 Tajiri & Torrie vs Tazz & Stacy just as bad as it was last night on HeAT. this time, Ivory DDTs Torrie and the Alliance picks up the win. 116-127 Lance Storm vs William Regal only goes a couple minutes and Storm taps out to the Regal Stretch. what a waste. 116-128 WWF World Title: Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle (c) not that great and went on too long. i say this as a huge fan of their KotR match. Angle makes Shane tap out. 116-129 SmackDown! 10/4/01 @ Mobile, AL Christian, X-Pac, & Albert vs Edge & APA decent enough. Edge DDTs Albert to score the pinfall. Big Show & Spike vs Hurricane & Mike Awesome pretty fun. Big Show dominates both men. Spike with a splash from Show's shoulders for the win. 116-130 Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle -if RVD wins, Steve Austin vs Angle on Raw for the WWF Title if Angle wins, Angle vs the Rock on Raw for WCW Title Angle gets busted in the face and is bleeding from the mouth. decent match until the shenanigans at the end. Angle gets a visible pin after the Olympic Slam, but the ref is pulled outside. Angle makes RVD tap to the Ankle Lock, but there's no ref. Shane McMahon hits Angle with a chair and RVD steals one. 117.130 Tazz vs Maven tazz beats the hell out of maven. maven has a good dropkick, but a Tazzmission ends it. Kane vs Booker T pretty good hard-hitting match-up between these two. Test nails Kane on the outside, setting him up for the Scissor Kick and a Booker T win. 118-130 Dudley Boyz & Nick Patrick vs Mike Chioda, Jericho, & the Rock this started out OK and got progressively worse. the Dudleyz isolate Jericho. hot tag to the Rock and he cleans house. Our closing moment is Chioda doing the People's Elbow to Nick Patrick for the pin. 118-131 Jakked 10/6 Tommy Dreamer vs Billy Gunn pretty nothing match. Gunn by Fame-Ass-Er 118-132 Scotty 2 Hotty vs Justin Credible Scotty won this one with ease. His shitty leaping DDT ends it. 118-133 Crash Holly vs Raven Raven by Evenflow DDT. more comedic and even than i expected. 119-133 Kanyon & Chuck Palumbo vs Hardy Boys Hardys dominate this match. Kanyon abandons Palumbo and heads to the back. Palumbo loses after the trifects: Litacanrana, Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb. 119-134
  9. twiztor

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    i backed the Kickstarter for Karl Kessel & Tom Grummet's book Section Zero last summer. the story is like a mix of superheroes and the x-files. the book came in the mail last week, and i sat down to read it yesterday. i really enjoyed it. i liked this short-lived series when it came out in 2000 and am glad that it finally got completed and released. i don't know if it was worth waiting 18 years for, but i you get a chance i would suggest checking it out.
  10. twiztor

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    read the last 3 issues today. like you, i always thought the idea of Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly was awesome. Never been a huge Spider-Man fan, but i'm big into alternate universe versions of characters, and Ben Reilly fit that mold for me. I got super excited when they announced the Scarlet Spider series a few years back, only to find out that it was Kaine under the hood, which made me lose interest 100%. Skipped over the Reilly/Jackal stuff because that sounded stupid. Like you said, Ben is a superhero. After a false start on my part, i started to quite enjoy this series. the twists with Mephisto, and the whole "one more life to live" deal, and a full-on redemption arc were all great ways to go. As for the finale, meh. Not what i expected, not what i wanted. Probably a good thing this series came to an end, because i don't like what this sets up and i have no intention to follow it anymore.
  11. twiztor

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    so, Nightwing 50 ruins every facet of Dick Grayson. great.
  12. it would be funny if somehow Khabib/Conor doesn't happen, so Ferguson/Pettis gets promoted to main event status, and they just "un-strip" Ferguson of his LW title.
  13. twiztor


    i've always assumed it was one of those vague ideas mentioned as a possibility, but nowhere near being a solid plan.
  14. twiztor


    Raw 9/24/01 @ Columbus, OH Undertaker, Kane, & Bradshaw vs Dudley Boyz & Test Test looked strong. Team WWF dominated. Taker pins D-Von after a powerbomb. 103-118 Tajiri w/Torrie vs Tazz w/Stacy this is more in a stacy-torrie feud than the men themselves stacy distracts tajiri with a liplock, allowing Tazz to lock on the Tazzmission. US Title: Rhyno (c) vs Jeff Hardy not a bad match. Rhyno had a particularly swift snap to him tonight Jeff was all over the place and IMO it detracted a bit from the match. Rhyno with the GORE! as Jeff comes off the top rope to retain. 105-118 Hurricane Helms, Lance "Ice" Storm, & Ivory vs Big Show, Spike Dudley, & Molly Holly match was all over the place and never really clicked for me. Molly pins Lance Storm after a Molly-Go-Round off the Big Show's shoulders. 105-119 WWF World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs Booker T very good match. Booker focuses his attack on Angle's injured neck. a ref bump and a shot from the title belt and it looks like Booker will steal a win, but Angle kicks out. Angle rolls and grabs a leg to secure the Ankle Lock for the victory. 105-120 IC Title: Christian (c) vs Chris Jericho solid match cut short as Christian nails Jericho with the ring bell, getting himself DQ'd. post-matc, Jericho avoids the Con-Chair-To and makes Christian tap to the Liontamer. Matt Hardy vs Kanyon above average match but nothing amazing. Kanyon's offense is fantastic. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Kanyon shoves him away, knocking Lita off the apron. this distracts Matt, allowing Kanyon to hit the Flatliner and score the upset. 106-120 a new DDP vignette. he's doing the motivational speaker thing. ugh. WCW World Title: Rob Van Dam vs the Rock (c) if you told me a year ago that RVD would face the Rock, and it would be for the WCW title, i would think you were crazy. this match was quite good. these two actually complement each other really well very back-and-forth. Stephanie distracts the Rock, leading to an RVD nearfall. but RVD gets knocked off the top rope and catches a Rock Bottom for his troubles. 106-121 this loss doesn't hurt RVD at all. well played. SmackDown! 9/27/01 @ Dayton, OH WCW Tag Team Titles: Undertaker & Kane (c) vs Booker T & Test this match caught me off guard by getting a good amount of time and being competitive. Test is matched up evenly with Taker, something that we haven't seen in what feels like forever. A ref bump, interference from Shane, and a chair shot to Taker leads to Booker picking up the (very tainted) win! new champs! 107-121 Hardy Boys vs Rhyno & Kanyon this match is all about how awesome the Hardys are. they basically dominate the entirety with Matt landing the Twist of Fate on Kanyon fro the win. 107-122 Big Show vs X-Pac two former -and future- nWo members face off. despite heavy interference from Albert, Show dominates X-Pac and wins via Chokeslam Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Chris Jericho Stephanie books this Unforgiven rematch so Jericho can take more punishment? that doesn't make any sense. hell of a match again, so who am i to complain? Steph saves RVD from tapping out. she gets bumped for her actions. RVD takes advantage of the situation with a Van Daminator to retain once again. 108-122 Molly Holly vs Ivory pretty mediocre match. Molly and Ivory clash heads coming out of the corner, and Ivory pins Molly. huh? 109-122 Hurricane swoops down to ringside and heroically saves Molly, with the two of them riding off on the HurriCycle. IC Title: Bradshaw vs Christian (c) Bradshaw beats the hell out of Christian and they fight to the back. Christian gets in his limo to escape, but Edge was waiting for him in there and beats him up some more. no contest i guess? WWF Tag Team Titles: WWF Champ Kurt Angle & WCW Champ the Rock vs Dudley Boyz (c) Michael Cole tells us multiple times that the two world champs teaming up to compete for the tag titles is a dream match. not in my bubble i guess. finish was overbooked (no way!) with interference from Shane, Booker, & Test. Dudleyz put both men through tables as the show ends. Never heard an official call, so this must be our second no contest in a row? ok. Jakked 9/29 Kaientai vs Chuck Palumbo & Tommy Dreamer Chuck Jungle Kicks TAKA for the win. 110-122 Hugh Morrus vs Billy Gunn i feel like this happened a week or two ago, but i'm too lazy to double check. (edit: i checked. 7/20, Gunn > Morrus) Gunn via Fame-Ass-Er, in a closer match than i expected. 110-123 Mike Awesome vs Albert decent little match here. Albert fights out of the Awesome Bomb to deliver the Baldo Bomb for the win. 110-124 Raven vs Scotty 2 Hotty fun match. Scotty with the WORM, then sets on up on Terri, but Raven breaks it up and Evenflows Scotty for the win. 111-124
  15. twiztor

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    in! will get a pick figured out and sent sometime tomorrow!