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  1. twiztor


    i love FFVII. but i'm not really an RPG guy. and i assume that i'm more of your typical FF7 fan in that regard. Most J-RPG lovers that i've talked to find it inferior to lots of other games of this type (and also to other games in the FF series). i won't even argue that, i just know 7 hits the sweet spot for me. the Materia system is my favorite part of the game. i love combining the different abilities and not being stuck in the "fighter, mage, thief" rut. you're 100% right about the lack of character and storyline depth. And many things are just weird and don't make sense, like the whole Cloud = Zack subplot. why is this even in the game?
  2. twiztor

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    yeah, The Twelve was pretty decent. it took like 3-4 years to get 12 issues, but it was fun. IIRC, it features obscure Golden Age Marvel characters brought to the current day, while the Marvels Project took a real-world look at how superheroes would/did affect the world during WW2.
  3. twiztor

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    i REALLY enjoyed "the Marvels Project", an 8-issue miniseries from like 2008 from writer Ed Brubaker. If you're a fan of Golden Age characters, i'd strongly recommend this one.
  4. twiztor

    2019 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    i hope we get UFC 233 in like July or something. keep the same numbering just to mess with everybody.
  5. twiztor

    2019 NWA Thread

    i nominate former NWA Tag champs the Headbangers for this. unless one of them is dead, at which point I'm sorry i brought them up.
  6. twiztor


    1. Smash Bros Ultimate man, it's a blast. i think i'm pretty much burned out on Spirit Adventure or whatever the single player campaign mode is, though. I'm extremely near the end (no spoilers) and i think i've hit my limit on the frustration i can handle. I've unlocked all the characters i wanted and skipped a few that i don't care about (mainly pokemon + wii fit trainer) 2. i honestly don't know any games that i'm excited for to release in 2019. My whole year 2018 has basically built to Smash. i will probably go back to my backlog, although a coworker has seriously got me contemplating Pokemon Let's Go, so i'll likely pick that up in the next week or so. But i've also felt the pull from Sonic the Hedgehog, so maybe i'll dive in to Sonic Mania or replay Sonic 2 & Knuckles for the umpteenth time. but i never did finish Metroid......
  7. twiztor

    2019 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    why would they fix the fight AGAINST their biggest star? definitely an idiotic take.
  8. well that sucks. sorry i can't help i guess
  9. went looking for this since somebody mentioned it a week or so ago. found it on YouTube....where i uploaded it almost 3 years ago. who knew?
  10. except that's not what happened. floyd came out playing, planning on dancing his way to an easy 9mil. tenshin landed one good one and floyd said "fuck this".
  11. twiztor


    i still consider myself a gamer more than a collector, but if i'm being honest with myself that's likely not true. there's SOOOO many games i own that i haven't played. Systems i own: Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis, 32x, Virtual Boy, n64, PS2, Gamecube, Wii-U, Switch. all are hooked up and can be played at a moment's notice. i've got well over 500 games spread across these systems. I've had to cut myself off at variants and other regions- i'd go insane trying to get everything. My first love is the NES, for which i own 175 games. I've got a complete collection for both the 32x (32 games) and Virtual Boy (14 games). i do love odd accessories, although i don't care about the packaging. for the NES i've got a few different Zapper light guns, a couple different multitaps, a working ROB, and a Power Glove (non-working, just for display). Recently picked up the Japan-only SNES Bomberman multitap because Bomberman's awesome and it works on US consoles. i am vaguely familiar with two of the NES games and both of the Sega 32x games. And i am sold on the sole GameCube game he reviews. great find on this site!
  12. twiztor

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    so Rizin announced they'll be streaming Rizin14 on FiteTV.............without the Tenshin/Mayweather bout. what?