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  1. i will try to be in, but if the deadline passes with no pick from me, then i forgot and you should leave me for dead.
  2. but what if we do another smashing crumpet tournament? p.s. we need more tourneys up in here.
  3. i don't know how or why this thread came into existence (or how i just now discovered it) but now i'm invested.
  4. re: Marvel Zombies: i read the first 4 (?) series. they all had their moments but the first was my favorite. the zombified classic covers might actually be my favorite piece of the whole puzzle, though.
  5. so you're saying the field is wide open for a big XFL drive?!?! kidding, obviously. we all know XFL v2 will fumble and stumble on the debut.
  6. as do i! and this game is terrible. highly unrecommended.
  7. Kerr was one of my favorites when he was running through everybody. no way does this top the Smashing Machine doc.
  8. Happy Birthday to me! 37 years young. ready for this 3 day weekend/party to begin!!
  9. a "WWE on FOX" account promoting something that "fox doesn't want"? riiiiiight. WWE Logic at its finest.
  10. back during the Monday Night Wars, there were no "WWE Castoffs" or "WCW Castoffs". there were wrestlers "jumping ship" and there was "poaching" from ECW. i hope the terms we use will shift back to the positive spin instead of the derogatory 'castoff' tag. i expect that now that AEW is on tv and established, we will see WWE contracts expire and more wrestlers "jumping ship". Until that time, AEW is signing guys who've been out of the WWE system for a bit but haven't really shined anywhere else. I'm not high on the Hager signing, and Spears hasn't impressed me yet, but i think AEW is signing these guys sparingly. I love NWA's new Power show, but this week we saw Trevor Murdoch, Mr. Kennedy/Anderson, and Damien Sandow debut. I'd say that it's not a hot take to say that AEW is being selective and not just grabbing anybody with name value.
  11. along this topic, i had watched like 12 of the first 15 UFCs via rental VHS tapes and loved it. this must've happened around '99-2000 during UFC's "dark ages" without PPV or whatever. The first one i watched live on tv was UFC 40 and it was awesome. i was hooked from that day. Ken vs Tito was such a huge attraction (i was never a Tito fan, so i rooted hard for Ken.....it didn't go well for me that night). i went on to discover Pride and watch all of their events, caught every UFC event for the next decade +, jump for all of the Strikeforce/EliteXC cards, and whatever random old events i could track down on tape (Battlecade was my favorite!). I was all in on TUF1- Chris Leben became one of my all time favorite fighters because of this show. it's only been in the last 1-2 years that i've stopped making UFC my Saturday priority, mostly due to too many cards, not enough star power, and general burnout. Now i only really watch the UFC PPVs and main ESPN cards live, plus RIZIN on a week or two delay.
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