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  1. interesting question, and good callout of Evan Tanner. That dude was the only self-trained UFC champion and just seemed like a motivated, interesting dude all around. gone too soon. But to answer your question, my list: Bas Rutten Ken Shamrock Kazushi Sakuraba Jiri Prochazka Chris Leben
  2. those are both pretty great fights and get my official *twiztor seal of approval
  3. i don't know if anybody else cares about this, but i was watching an old episode of TNA Impact this morning and who do i see? future UFC champ Daniel Cormier. They brought out a couple people from the 2004 Olympic wrestling team. No promo or anything like that (or even a chyron), but i bet DC got a big kick out of it since he was a big pro wrestling fan. https://youtu.be/8XvOs6sCLgU
  4. i looked into buying this the other day. still no Samoa Joe? still no cage match? your reference to the Continental Classic/Fight Forever crossover is scathing and a HUGE oversight. i mean, i guess this is the ultimate outcome of Tony's "new toy" mentality, but big OOOOF. my wait continues.
  5. i'm excited to finally watch this (i've been waiting to watch part 1 until pt2 was imminent). less than 6 months!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Liz0CAagY48 NWA POWERRR! Episode 134: Who's the Turkey Now?! *actually episode 134 this time** 11/21/23 @ Nashville, TN Turkey Gobbler Match (loser must gobble like a turkey): Aron Stevens vs. CJ this is a grappling match, so no striking or underhanded tactics allowed. it will surprise absolutely nobody to find out that this is more angle advancement than match. What might surprise you is that we stealth-introduce a new tag team that will undoubtedly feud with Magic Inc. That seems incredibly counterproductive, but yeah sure? the stipulation payoff was the exact dumb fun that it needed to be. Kylie Paige vs. Big Mama good crowd reactions here, but i found it hard to get invested. Big Mama has charisma, but her in-ring skills are lacking. at least based solely on this match. interview with the Slimeballs. another new tag team? they seem very young and very try-hard. the big one (Tommy Rant) thinks he's a Nasty Boy, and the scrawny one (Sage Chantz) reminds me of the annoying ADHD kid from junior high school. i guess time will tell, but this doesn't seem like my cup of tea. interview with Tim Storm. He is returning to the ring full time, teaming with Jax Dane. well, i guess that doesn't bode well for Jax's upcoming NWA Title shot. Also, Tim. my man. i like you, but you turn 60 in February. You just avoided a very serious injury. Maybe time to hang 'em up. "Hollywood" Hunter James & Adrian Thomas vs. "Messiah of the Faithful" Alexander Lev & Jackson Drake per the commentators, none of these guys have ever teamed together. and from what i've seen, none of them have wrestled for NWA before. We start in the ring, so no entrances or time to get to know these guys. Lev does the most character work here. James is the one they're positioning for a starring role. Thomas is working a martial arts gimmick. also, Jackson Drake is there. i don't know. i guess it was fine. but there's no buy-in from me. footage of Samantha Starr "going too far". she is in the ring, running the ropes. Some other woman enters the ring and also starts to run the ropes. Starr clotheslines her and lays a beating. this was not at all vicious or shocking. Southern 6 vs. The New Spectaculars 1.0 they replay some of the Spectaculars segment to lead us to this. good lord, i have to watch this a second time? the new member of the Specs is Midas (he's the one that was praising Rolando Freeman in that terrible segment). complete squash that goes on way longer than it has any right to, and i wonder why i waste my time. next week: more new people: Bryan Idol, Tiffany Nieves, Carson Drake, and the in-ring debut of Paul Burchill.
  7. i'm no expert, but they say in the editorial notes at the end that they tried to stay within the original storyline, but also referenced stories that took place there as well (they noted the aforementioned Prelude story, Wolverine: Days of Future Past, and some Excalibur issues). Nothing struck me as blatantly wrong, but seeing Bishop there definitely made me double take (he was in one of those referenced stories, not exactly sure which). so if you've only read Uncanny 141-142, there are some bits that aren't what you expect.
  8. i'd imagine it will be its own standalone character, but share a lot of the same traits.
  9. i read the 4 issue "Days of Future Past: Doomsday" issues that came out earlier this year. i thought it was solid. nothing really groundbreaking, and it kind of falls apart with the fourth issue since the original storyline is so iconic, but i enjoyed it. a good way to kill a half hour or whatever. i do wish i could get my eyes on the Chris Claremont #140.5 "Prelude to Future Past" issue, especially since it was referenced here, but what are you gonna do?
  10. speaking only for myself here. When AEW only had Dynamite, i watched it every week. Then they added Rampage and i caught that every week. Then a quarterly Battle of the Belts and i would watch that too. But then they added a third weekly show, Collision. It passed the breaking point for me. Now i watch Dynamite every week, BotB every quarter, and will only catch Rampage or Collision if there is an absolute can't miss match (MJF vs Omega a few weeks ago being the most recent example). I don't engage on YouTube or anything. They over filled the bucket.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OG67bMg3-Q NWA POWERRR! Episode 134: Overman vs Beastman **this is listed as episode 134 but last week was 132** 11/14/23 @ Nashville, TN Junior Heavyweight Title: Colby Corino (c) vs. Mo Jabari Jabari gets the jobber entrance. He apparently recently scored a victory over Kerry Morton in Canada, which earns him this title shot. This wasn't a perfect match (some of the interactions weren't very smooth. in particular, they did the rolling exchange of 2 counts which looked all sorts of sloppy), but it was still very good. Women's Tag Team Titles: King Bees (Danni Bee & Charity King) vs. Pretty Empowered (c) weird that two matches in a row we see a competitor getting a title shot in their debut. King Bees get a good reaction early on and the crowd stays with them throughout. this was a pretty great match and was only made better by the crowd buy-in. a super lame segment, game show style, with Rush Freeman, Rolando Freeman, and Billy Corgan searching for the newest Spectacular. Mercurio and (Paul) Burchill try out. this was AWFUL. if the rumors that NWA is cutting costs is true, the Freeman brothers would be at the top of my list. next to Gaagz the Gymp, of course. Submission Match: Blake Troop vs. Koa Laxamana i like both of these guys, and the stipulation should play to Troop's strengths, so i expect this to be decent. Laxamana gets the jobber entrance. ends up kind of being a mixed bag. when this is done in a "worked shoot" style, it just looks like trash. Troop has very slow strikes and takedowns, and it just looks very phony. when they pick up the pace it improves tremendously. We don't really get a crescendo leading to the finish, it just sort of happens. but not in a "sudden victory" way, just in a "it's time to end the match" way. i came a way a bit disappointed. we get the third and fourth interviewees for the Spectaculars. your newest candidates are Tyler Midas and KC Roxx. This is completely terrible and utterly pointless. I could not overstate how fucking bad this is. Billy Corgan: "i'm not sure it's made for good television but it's certainly interesting". YOU'RE THE DAMN PRODUCER, WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BROADCAST THIS?!?! NWA World's Heavyweight Title match: EC3 (c) vs. Talos Talos here to play the monster of the week so EC3 can fight from underneath. And it works pretty well. Talos is still pretty green but works as a big physical threat. kind of like Dallas Lance Hoyt Lance Archer in his early TNA career. interesting spot where EC3 is draped throat-first over the middle rope. Instead of Talos pushing EC3 down into the rope, he grabs the rope and pulls it up across the neck of EC3. it worked. this was by no means a 5 star match, but i enjoyed it.
  12. good looking out! that would work, except they don't ship to the US. unless there's some European board member who wanted to act as a go-between......? my DMs are open. edit: was able to source it from a different UK source. Thanks Zakk for putting me on the right path!
  13. i know this is probably a longshot, but if anyone could help me track down a copy of an indy show from 2005 i would appreciate it (or even any leads). 11/19/2005 CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling) - A Tribute to Starrcade sometimes just called "Tribute". this used to be up on highspots or one of the streaming services but is no longer available.
  14. well that is just amazing. i watched all the IFL events a couple years back but had never seen this. it sucks and i hate it and yet also love it. thank you. edited to add: in this thread, twiztor reveals that he has horrendous taste in music. first the Macho Man rap album, now the IFL rap. what's next, the SuperBowl Shuffle?
  15. there it is, folks. the best thing ever written about the "Be A Man" album. And i say that as someone who enjoys (parts of) the album, and also bought it the week it released. one of the 14k or whatever its sales ended up being. Also of relevant note, they just pressed this on vinyl for Record Store Day earlier this year. i did not buy this one. i think this nails it, completely. He felt his ring work was good enough (which it was, for his role as a midcard tag team with flashes at the top of the division), so he stopped trying to improve. Once the "Buff" character gave him the outlet, he took it and ran. Leaving his ring skills miles behind.
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