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  1. IIRC Burnham eventually did more of the art when it was collected. not sure how much, or if it was only for a certain version, but i kinda remember reading something about that.
  2. a physical release of Cuphead coming to Switch in April? fuck yes!
  3. Axiom Verge for the Wii-U will be my first LRG purchase if all goes well. sorry i don't have more info, just wanted to share my enthusiasm as well.
  4. these pre-PPV USA specials never get talked about. hope they get all of them up sooner or later
  5. i still hesitate before typing "product"" anywhere due to my DVDVR training. thanks, everyone.
  6. twiztor

    Random music thoughts

    ah, gotcha. i was familiar with the cd interlude. thought maybe the cassette had its own version of it, or an extra verse, or something i never knew i was missing. thanks!
  7. twiztor

    Random music thoughts

    this is news to me. can you elaborate?
  8. i don't know who Vengeance is, but I'm board with the rest of this team. but it needs a female. She-Hulk?
  9. i always get excited for Rizin cards for the aforementioned Pride nostalgia. i cannot fathom why Gabi Garcia garners whatever hype she gets.
  10. this thread being bumped made me put all my Wu-Tang albums on and just let 'em play for like 9 hours. i'm not disappointed at all.
  11. this is the first i'm hearing about the card, and i feel like i have to be considered a hardcore fan. after looking it up, that does look like a hell of a card and i will definitely be checking it out. but the fact that i didn't know it was happening speaks volumes as to their presence/press/marketing here in the west.
  12. Michael Cole is the drizzling shits. i would prefer literally anyone over him. his terrible commentary has ruined way more moments than itever helped.
  13. was finally able to beat Smash Bros. Ultimate this weekend. the story mode took me just shy of 31 hours. i've easily put that same amount into other areas of the game. collected over 1000 spirits and beat classic mode with about half the characters. looking forward to the DLC announcements. so i own 7 games for the Switch and have now beaten 5 of them. next stop, Sonic Mania!
  14. re: the Grand Wizard, what are some of his best matches/segments/promos? he's always mentioned as an all-time great, but i've only seen a handful of his stuff. would be very interested in checking out more
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