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  1. twiztor

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    wow, crazy shocking news. RIP Kobe.
  2. for some reason, the Road Rash vs Rocket League matchup intrigues me the most. this should be a very interesting tournament
  3. Gauntlet match was the highlight for me. Plenty of good moments and kept the pacing moving at a fun clip. The Question Mark? remains my favorite character on the entire roster. That Ka-Ra-Tay! exhibition wasn't anything special but i was laughing my ass off. Aldis/Morton didn't do much for me, but the crowd was into it so it was fine i guess. i didn't buy into the buildup so it didn't mean much IMO. 63 year old Ricky Morton isn't a credible tag team champion, let alone World title contender. that "Hard Times" song by Billy Corgan is terrible and sure as hell doesn't build excitement for the PPV. Also, why is the PPV on a Friday? i have to imagine that will hurt viewership.
  4. it's all about watching what you want, but not getting overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. personally, i watch NWA Power and AEW Dynamite every week. i'm slowly making my way chronologically through ECW (currently at november 97) and when i am in the mood for more i'll put AEW Dark on in the background or pop in some 80s WWF or late 90s WCW. the point is, that's a lot of wrestling but most of it is at my own pace and i enjoy it.
  5. one nitpick: Punch-Out! doesn't have an entry on the switch. you're either thinking of the Wii release, or ARMS for the Switch (which i've never played because it still goes for damn near full price, 3 years later!)
  6. i loved when WCW Saturday Night immediately led in to their few-and-far between Saturday PPVs. i can't support this idea enough. ha, i didn't even think that WWF was doing this with HeAT for years also. loved that too.
  7. source? i've been waiting for this Ric nonsense to end for an eternity and don't want to get my hopes up
  8. UFC Undisputed 3 is a fantastic game. can't speak to the first 2, or the EA UFC game, but if we're expanding the bracket it deserves a spot
  9. we can just agree that this tournament is for #2 best.
  10. currently playing: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) to-play list (in order): Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (GameCube) Axiom Verge (Wii-U) Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube) --------(reserved for the inevitable game i buy on a whim)----------- Diablo 3 (Switch) *i've beaten this dozens of times on PC, this is just for kicks every now and again
  11. random question: who is the best UFC fighter that never got a title shot? open to interpretations on if you count the Pride/Strikeforce/WEC/invicta/etc belts or not.
  12. fair enough. i'm only going to follow Hickman's X-Men title anyway.
  13. ok, so i read House of X and Powers of X. holy shit. i am 1000% in on Hickman's X-Men. 12 issues with little-to-no conflict is insane in the current comic book system, but this set up is so well done i am blown away and hooked. also, if this leads to the return of Changeling (as Morph from the 90s animated series of course! Exiles version is also acceptable.) it will be the greatest book ever.
  14. i stopped after issue 3. what was that, 6 years ago?
  15. it's the old school mentality of "viewership dips in the summer so don't waste your best stuff"
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