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  1. wow that is indeed wild, especially at lightweight and below. i didn't realize he had a streak like that running. still feeling like Poirier pulls out the victory.
  2. i don't do the pick events anymore, but i'm taking Poirier in this fight. I see him weathering the storm early, settling into a rhythm and edging out a close (but unanimous) decision.
  3. Dark 5/19/20 Luther > Jon Cruz, Darby Allin > Serpentico Dark 9/22/20 Will Hobbs > Serpentico, Gunn Club > M'Badu & Cruz (results just list him as Cruz and i'm not watching the show to verify) Dark 12/1/20 Peter Avalon > Jon Cruz, Chaos Project > Alex Chamberlain & Seth Gargis edit: i watched the episode. definitely not Jon Cruz.
  4. prelims were largely fine. nothing terribly interesting happened. but then the main card started. oh, man. three first round (T)KO stoppages. i was pumped. Condit/Brown, while happening a number of years too late, still delivered in spades. Both guys gave it everything they had. and Holloway/Kattar was a beating of epic proportions. It gave me flashbacks to Holloway/Ortega, just one guy landing an ungodly amount of strikes and showcasing his skills like it was an exhibition. i will watch every Holloway fight until he retires.
  5. this card is on ABC? is this a one-off or are they planning on doing more on network tv? this main card looks killer. i'm not as familiar with most of the prelim guys, but i'll have to make time to watch this one.
  6. completely agree. i've seen arguments for a 20-point must system, and i feel like i always respond by screaming " WE DON'T USE THE POINTS WE HAVE!" right now we're essentially scoring with a 3 point system. seriously, the only 10-6 round i remember (in the ufc) was Kalib Starnes running away from Nate Quarry (i think?. in over 2 decades of this mma scoring system? ludicrous.
  7. what did Brad Armstrong do?
  8. i watch AEW Dynamite a day or two late but always catch BTE when it premieres. when NWA picks back up i will re-add that to my schedule. Monday is still my wrestling watching day. i'm currently going through old ECW tv (currently Feb 2000). i watch one or two weeks worth at a time, depending on how i feel. but some weeks it's just a random unrelated event- a few weeks ago i watched WWF The Brawl to End It All, for example.
  9. re: commentary- there was a slight delay between the action and the call. Joe sounded mostly fine, but his mic did cut out in the intro to the main event. Trigg sounded like ass. muffled (either due to a bad mic, mic placement, or bad acoustics in the room he was in?) and his volume changed throughout the night. off putting but not a deal breaker for me. the fights were great tho! i wish there were more regular Rizin events, but also that they were shorter. i think this one clocked in at ~7.5 hours not including the intermissions. and most of the fights went quick! that's the main reaso
  10. Shida turns heel, joins FTR and Tully in forming....the Apocalypse!
  11. All In. i had stopped watching WWE regularly in 2006-7, only tuning in for Mania each year (and the Rumble sometimes). watched TNA for a few years (2005ish) but never gave it a second thought. Don't follow puro due to the language barrier, and no indies in the area leaves that out too. heard the rumors about a Bucks-Cody show, the bet for a 10,000 crowd, Meltzer hype, all of that. Knew i HAD to be there. started watching BTE. caught up on the Omega-Okada matches. Billy Corgan's NWA and "Ten Pounds of Gold" captured my attention. it was awesome. my #3 show of all time (after WM17
  12. Started off the year by watching the entirety of Sealab 2021. One of my favorite cartoons of all time, so it felt only fitting.
  13. does anybody give a shit about Future State? i'm not hearing people talk about it, i'm not seeing articles that look interesting, i just can't see any sort of interest in this. At least with Convergence, they were using it to cover a coast-to-coast move, but what's the reasoning of disrupting all of your books for some shitty future story that isn't built up to, doesn't alter the books, and will obviously have zero lasting influence? Hell, it was only 5 years ago that they tried this with Future's End, and the sales and reception for that were pretty poor IIRC.
  14. i'm not the only one that thinks that's absolutely hideous, am i?
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