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  1. worst show? not counting the single solitary shitty indy that came around here, would be a WWE Raw-brand house show in 2003. My memory says that the faces won every match (except HHH, of course), but i don't know if that's completely accurate. Definitely just a by-the-numbers show. here's the results, according to TheHistoryOfWWE: WWE (Raw) @ Moline, IL - Mark of the Quad - March 14, 2003 Jeff Hardy pinned Christian with the Swanton at 11:27 Maven pinned Rico with a missile dropkick at 8:01 The Hurricane pinned Rodney Mack at 5:54 D-Von & Spike Dudley (sub. for Bubba Ray) defea
  2. good, hard fought win for the Dodgers. the Ray's lack of offense is what really doomed them. They won Game 4 due to TWO Dodger errors (in the same play!), had opportunities to win Game 5 but squandered them, and put up pretty much nothing in Game 6. They are a good young team with a great pitching staff, but you can't rely 100% on defense. You gotta get hits!
  3. that would indeed be a hell of a heel promo in front of the AEW faithful
  4. i am just starting a giant Spider-Man read. I started with Amazing Fantasy #15 and have read the first 10 or so issues of Amazing. I plan on reading everything (Amazing, Web of, Peter Parker, Spectacular, etc.) up until November of 1998 when it looks like the entire line went through a relaunch or something. Over 1000 books so it should take me a couple years, but i previously did the same with Batman and X-Men and really enjoyed the result. Most looking forward to the Clone Saga (reputation aside....) and i plan to read the Superior storyline after i finish my plan as it is. @The N
  5. which of the UFC heavyweights of the time (we're talking 2000-2007ish when Pride went under) would have even been in the top 10? the only name is Randy Couture, who the argument could be made that he was a LHW fighting up. Frank Mir maybe but that's due as much to his injury as anything else. Fedor has wins over Heath Herring (when he was ranked #2 in Pride), Big Nog (2x), CroCop, Coleman (2x), Hunt, Randleman, Sylvia (in 2008), and Arlovski (in 2009). If you want to make the argument that Fedor can't be the GOAT because he fought too many cans, then i won't disagree with that. But to imp
  6. my #1 GOAT is Jon Jones. He is the greatest fighter i have ever seen in my damn near 20 years of following this sport. Jones (28-0) and Khabib (29-0) are both undefeated since 2008. Jones is undefeated in the UFC since 2008 (fuck that Matt Hamill "loss"). Khabib is undefeated in the UFC since 2012. Jones has won 22 UFC bouts (counting both the Hamill and 2nd DC fights). Khabib has won 13. Jones has held some version of the LHW title since 2011 and amassed 11 official defenses. Khabib won the LW belt in 2018 and has 3 defenses. Jones has beaten 6 previous LHW champions. Khabib has beaten 2
  7. cheers, @The Natural. glad the ufc event aired at a reasonable time for you in the UK
  8. crushed. Khabib has been a fave for quite a few years now. completely understandable in his situation, but man i just hate to see him go.
  9. if Khabib wins tonight, i'm still hoping for a Khabib-Ferguson matchup. yes, a lot of the luster is gone after so many failed pairings and Tony's dismantling by Gaethje, but i'm still incredibly interested in seeing it unfold.
  10. Mania 28 was either the last mania i was legit excited for (and upset by) or the first i watched giving zero fucks. i can't remember which because there was a stretch of 4-5 years that i just got shitty drunk during each one. first, to cope with the shit booking and later because i enjoyed not giving a shit about WWE. i remember being upset by Sheamus-Bryan, so i'm guessing the former. the fact that Orton-Kane exists supports this. but Cody-Show i have zero recollection of even happening, so either it's the latter or i was already drunk. man, fuck this company. bless you, @Dolfan i
  11. i could definitely see that happening. He played his role great, he was becoming quite a good wrestler in-ring, and (most importantly?) he had earned the goodwill of the fans and they were ready for him to be a huge deal in ECW. ultimately, i don't see that changing anything once he inevitably ends up in WCW or WWE. Just look at other former champs/main eventers: Raven (midcard in WCW, lower midcard in WWE). Sandman (low carder in WCW, short term WWE contract). Shane Douglas (mid card in WWE, midcard in WCW). Tommy Dreamer (low carder in WWE). Tazz (high profile debut in WWE then immediat
  12. i'm a big Stevie Richards mark. hell, i even liked his short run in WCW where he did essentially zero but was entertaining. His rise in ECW, from absolute nobody to semi-main eventing their first PPV, is fascinating. But to think that maybe ECW doesn't go out of business is just wishful thinking. Stevie would've still jumped to WCW, where his role wouldn't have been all that different (maybe a longer run, maybe a bit higher on the card, but he was never getting anywhere near the US title, let alone a main event spot). WWE had him under contract for years, and it wasn't until they relegate
  13. making this post mainly to remind myself of the special start time: Early Prelims @ 9:30AM (central) Main Card @ 1PM (central)
  14. i've been a Devil Rays fan since '98. this year has me incredibly excited, even moreso than 2008. how often does the World Series include the two teams with the best records in baseball? #RaysUp
  15. gee, maybe you shouldn't essentially take the first 6 rounds off. if you want to tire your opponent out, you need to push them at least a little.
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