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  1. honestly, i don't read a lot of current Marvel books. that being said, these storylines caught my interest (can't speak to their execution, as i haven't read them, but i thought they were interesting enough premises that eventually i may check them out.): Punisher: Franken-Castle (2009). written by Matt Fraction (vol. 7 #1-21) Captain America: Hydra Cap (2017) (part of the Secret Empire storyline, released as Captain America: Steve Rogers, #1-19 along with whatever else crossed over with that maxi series) not a franchise that you mentioned, but the current X-Men storyline has been shockingly good. House of X #1-6, Powers of X #1-6, current X-Men series (vol. 5) #1-current (9?). i have NO idea where this storyline is going, but it's big. and crazy. one of the very few comics i'm following monthly. OMG this all fucking day long. This one i CAN vouch for and it was amazing. Released as Vol 5 #1-50 + 600-619. Brubaker's voice for Cap is pretty much the exact voice i have in my head, so this was pitch perfect.
  2. two bits of potential interest that i haven't seen mentioned here: unreleased NES game prototype uncovered. Never released, never promoted, never announced. More news Sunday. https://gamerant.com/microsoft-sega-big-announcement/ Microsoft and Sega planning a big announcement in June: most populous rumors i've seen: M$ buys Sega; Dreamcast Mini release; Sega launches new console
  3. agreed on Couture's win over Timmeh. also on Miesha Tate capturing the WBW title from Holm. Bigfoot Silva KOing Overeem. my buddy is a huge Overeem fan and talked all kinds of shit about Bigfoot leading up to and during the fight. that comeback knockout left him speechless. Rampage Jackson knocking out Chuck Liddell to win the UFC LHW title. i was watching in a bar. seems like everyone was there to "see Chuck knock this bum out". when i mentioned they previously fought in Pride, my input was dismissed. Got a couple free drinks cuz the bartender appreciated my knowledge. Nate Diaz triangle choking Kurt Pelligrino. no personal connection here, but when Diaz flexed and flipped Kurt off it was fantastic and i loved it Shinya Aoki getting brutally KO'd with a knee on a Dynamite card, seconds into the 2nd round. Aoki's tactics in the first round (stand fighting only rules) were dispicable, flopping everywhere, throwing dropkicks, and otherwise refusing to engage. the 2nd round (mma rules) made up for all that real quick.
  4. i hope Moxley's next feud isn't with somebody that made their name in WWE. He's only had four high profile matches, they've all been "main events", and three of them are with WWE alum. i don't know if Mox/MJF is the answer, but let's see some homegrown/indie opponents. Full Gear - Kenny Omega Revolution - Chris Jericho Dynamite Empty Arena match - Jake Hager Double or Nothing - Brodie Lee
  5. i have 2 UFC shirts. 1 (black v-neck T) i got for free from Buffalo Wild Wings. The other (also a black T) i had made. the front has the old UFC Ultiman logo and the back has a bunch of MMA promotion logos on it. Let me see if i can dig out those pics. Front: back:
  6. re: Carnyland. yeah, it was fine. a collection of short skits and promos for upcoming YouTube podcast-style shows. Nick Aldis' story was my favorite. Question Mark is one of my highlights of NWA Power, but this "history of Mongrovia" seems like a waste of time. i probably won't be checking this out every week. Somebody @ me if something really cool or noteworthy happens.
  7. not sure if i'm crying from laughing so hard at your idea of it getting better, or weeping at the fact that this Ric storyline IS STILL FUCKING GOING ON. the Nightwing series was very, very average until he got shot in the head, at which point the storylines grinded to a halt and have been utterly terrible since.
  8. excellent card so far! Casey finally breaking her close decision streak. hope she can keep that up. Elkins/Landwehr brings the blood! Rivera jumping that sweep/low kick and punching Giga in the face was some movie shit. i have never seen that in a fight! i missed the Hernandez/Holland fight. caught bits on replay and it looked good.
  9. i loved it the first time i saw it, and ranked it up with a great showing for both men. As time went on, and revisiting it, i realize that i was sadly mistaken. The match is OK, nothing terrible but nothing grand. I would agree that it is the lesser of all WWE hourlong matches.
  10. i just hope when they do the first Fight Island card, they go all out. i want the octagon directly on the beach. or somewhere that's reminiscent of the first Jungle Fights card. or something equally ambitious/insane. memorable and crazy. live up to the hype!
  11. Andrei is one of my favorite fighters. i will watch any card he's on. but at this point, please hang 'em up. he's looked thoroughly mediocre (and deteriorating) for years now.
  12. an utterly ridiculous read. ridiculous not because it's ill-informed or not well written, but because it's criminal that this guy could get away with the same scam for DECADES. also, i did not realize that McManus also promoted the Impact MMA event from 2009.
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