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  1. yesterday my local Target had each of the Bucks, 1 Pac, and 3 Rihos.
  2. this is awesome. i really gotta stop coming in this thread.
  3. i have never seen a Davey Richards match. i know him from two things: that GIF, and the "inside a steel Davey Richards" post from gods know how many years ago.
  4. ok, it took another week, but i finally hit up my comic shop and picked up Nightwing #78. They had almost given up on me- wondered if i had dropped off after the Ric bullshit. this was awesome. highlighting Dick's compulsion to jump in for the underdog is a fantastic start. Blockbuster being involved (again) doesn't do much for me, but i don't have a problem with it either, as they explain it pretty well and it makes sense. i will reserve judgment on the introduction of Tony Zucco's daughter (curiously, this is Melinda, not to be confused with Sonia, who debuted in the Black Mirror). If
  5. i'd have to think Robins pulls off the tournament victory here, although a couple of the first round choices surprised me
  6. i say this as someone who loves the X-Men, has loved Hickman's run, and really liked X of Swords: There's too many damn X-Titles.
  7. this is kind of a lowkey good card. i don't know if i'll catch it live, but will likely check it out this weekend.
  8. seconded on the recommendation. originally published in Nightwing, vol. 2 #101-106 IIRC but would be way easier to find in trade format. very solid read, probably my favorite storyline of any Nightwing series.
  9. thanks to @D.Z for bringing this line to my attention. brought home the Ultimate Warrior He-Man figure today. debated on whether or not to open it. But i keep enough shit sealed, so here i am, pissing off collectors: great detail, excellent articulation. they really nailed everything about the Warrior and translated it to a MOTU-style figure brilliantly. My only gripe is that his cape is too heavy, so the only way he stands up on his own is to bend forward. guess he'll be standing against a wall.
  10. haha, i still haven't picked up my copy from the comic shop! i've been working 50+ hours a week since it came out. i've got to run a bunch of errands today, i should grab it while i'm out. thanks for the reminder!
  11. i remember that well too and praying that it was an elaborate April Fool's Day prank. the FOURTH time that fight didn't happen. Another failed matchup was scheduled to take place in April 2020 until.....COVID. definitely a cursed fight.
  12. my buddy is a HUGE Godzilla fan. we've been going back and forth for 20 years about Kaiju battles. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) always gets his goat. he's been extremely isolated due to COVID. he just got his vaccination and i decided to celebrate by renting out a theater for a private screening of Godzilla vs Kong. we're going tomorrow night and i am PSYCHED!
  13. 1. Thunder Rosa. my current favorite wrestler, full stop. can't make a full list because i don't watch enough variety of worldwide wrestling.
  14. complete fuckup that he is, i love Jon Jones. the Jones/Ngannou fight is gonna be MASSIVE.
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