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  1. i am not an anti-masker, but holy shit. this is absolutely too far and violating freedoms.
  2. i don't share the same opinion. D3, for me, looks pretty but feels very hollow. the game is WAY too linear. my favorite part of D2 was the exploration and that is pretty much nonexistant in D3. and i don't find D3 even slightly challenging. you could take your base character, never upgrade your stats, and walk through the game on "hard" with no trouble whatsoever. yeah, you can up the difficulty to "torment" or whatever, but that just makes it hard for the sake of being hard, and thus negates the whole thing. all that being said, i do enjoy the game. i own it on PC and Switch and have beaten it with (i think) 5 of the classes and 4 of those are level 70.
  3. no Tenshin or Horiguchi is disappointing. but No Face Boku! i believe this is his Rizin debut. good addition to the roster.
  4. i would tune in for Brawl 4 All 2020. a new faction that may or may not include Shane McMahon? ......nah.
  5. oooh, a multiple choice bluray? easy day one purchase for me.
  6. ahh hell. was looking forward to seeing how it was presented on tv
  7. ok, i finally pulled the trigger and bought an external hard drive specifically to house all of my cartoons, so that i can watch any of them on demand on my TV. So. I'm looking for suggestions for great but underrated cartoon series. My personal primary years of interest are mid 80s-mid 90s, but i want to have everything that's great. I started with all the classic 80s stuff (G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, etc.) and then focused on the 90s superhero stuff (Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman, Tick) so that's my background. But i'm extremely interested in anything you liked as a kid / still like / guilty pleasures / enjoy watching with your kid(s) / and anything else you think is worth watching. Any one-offs / made-for-tv specials / straight to vhs or dvd releases are more than welcome as well, because that's probably my biggest blind spot. Some examples of lesser-known cartoons that i have but want to experience: Dino-Riders (1988) Captain N: the Game Master (1989) Toxic Crusaders (1991)
  8. just to clarify, TB is currently facing Atlanta IN Florida, then immediately battles them in Atlanta. TB has only played home games thus far.
  9. that takes some intense conspiracy theory gymnastics to make plausible. the much simpler scenario is that Savage liked them on the young side (see: Gorgous George and her claim that Savage wanted to have a threesome with her and her 17 y/o sister) and got a bit friendly with Steph (aka a bit statutory rapey) when he was in Stamford doing voiceovers or something. Huge IF they ever hooked up for real.
  10. Cody has been on that "there are no faces or heels" tip since before AEW started. don't think this is something new.
  11. the only time Excalibur's shtick bothered me was when "deathmatch legend Luther" debuted and X made it seem like a huge revelation. Luther sucks.
  12. completely agree with Fedor being the GOAT is problematic due to both lack of competition early and all of the losses later. But i still don't see a better candidate. Werdum balances his wins with losses to Stipe, the good Overeem (x2), Arlovski, JDS, Big Nog, Kharitonov, Volkov, and most recently Aleksei Oleinik. He's easily more good than bad, but ultimately inconsistent. Maybe he just peaked at a different time, but it's still hard to definitively state he'd be the greatest.
  13. Khabib will definitely emerge as #1 LW GOAT. unless Gaethje just destroys him or something. at HW, Fedor is still clear #1 for the reasons @supremebve said. Cain was legitimately like a bear mauling everybody that crossed his path. But he only has two title defenses, both against people he had previously beaten, which hurts his long term standing pretty significantly. If Stipe can cross DC off his list again, he's for sure one of the top contenders for GOAT. But even that's shaky due to the division being so depleted. He's for sure a top level all time fighter. But it's such a weird dynamic in a division that is as bare bones as any have ever been.
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