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  1. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    After the 25th anniversary show, he said backstage that the UFC already had an opponent in mind for him. That plus the instagram stuff is fueling the McGregor talk. Okamoto hasn't confirmed or denied it (w/ the caveat that McGregor is still subject to discipline at his 12/10 Nevada commission meeting) so take of that what you will.
  2. UFC Fight Night 140: Ponzinibbio vs. Magny November 17, 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina (Estadio Mary Terán de Weiss) Neil Magny vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio Ricardo Lamas vs. Darren Elkins Khalil Rountree vs. Johnny Walker Cezar Ferreira vs. Ian Heinisch Guido Cannetti vs. Marlon Vera Cynthia Calvillo vs. Poliana Botelho Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Card: Michel Prazeres vs. Bartosz Fabiński Alexandre Pantoja vs. Yuta Sasaki Humberto Bandenay vs. Austin Arnett Laureano Staropoli vs. Hector Aldana Fight Pass Preliminary Card: Devin Powell vs. Jesus Pinedo Nad Narimani vs. Anderson dos Santos Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Performance of the Night: Fight of the Night: Attendance: Rating: Cancelled Bouts: Veronica Macedo vs. Maryna Moroz - Injury to Macedo Devin Powell vs. Claudio Puelles - Injury to Puelles Jared Cannonier vs. Alessio Di Chirico - Cannonier Moved to Another Event Enrique Barzola vs. Nad Narimani - Injury to Barzola (Arm) Maryna Moroz vs. Ariane Lipski - Injury to Moroz (Broken Foot) Nad Narimani vs. Sergio Giglio - Injury to Giglio Cezar Ferreira vs. Tom Breese - Injury to Breese
  3. Elsalvajeloco


    Minecraft simply because it never actually went into production and it's a week before another WB film (Godzilla: King of the Monsters). You can add Ad Astra to 5/24 since Fox probably spent a shitload on that.
  4. Elsalvajeloco


    To be fair, WB has ran the week (or what was suppose to be the week in the case of Infinity War Part 1) after the big Marvel tentpole in May in recent year. King Arthur came out the week after GotG vol. 2 and Life of the Party was released the second week of May this year. Even prior to that, you had Hot Pursuit in 2015 after Age of Ultron. Right now, the 2019 summer slate is loaded. They would need something to drop off their calendar and have a rival studio also moved their own tentpole film, and I don't see that happening. So their best bet is to save themselves the trouble and just let it flop or wildly exceed critical/commercial expectations.
  5. Elsalvajeloco

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    Gonna be super interesting to see what happens with Showtime because PBC is essentially replacing UFC. I expect Showtime to sign some free agents, but if Showtime is also making a big commitment to boxing in 2019, who do they get to fight with Fox hogging a lot of the talent? I mean we saw happened with PBC being on then still Spike, NBC, ESPN, and CBS. Showtime got the crumbs and the ratings were not very good even by Showtime boxing standards. However, when all those time buy deals expired and content shifted back to Showtime, the ratings slowly went back to normal levels and recently were even competing with the sinking HBO ship. I expect Deontay Wilder to fight on Fox next year so if even he fights three times a year...that's only two possible fights for Showtime. And that's hoping for everything to go well because we already had Wilder get fights postponed and canceled to due to injury and opponents failing VADA tests. It's not like there is going to be corporate synergy between Fox and Showtime. Fox is going to want to have all those guys exclusive or close to exclusive with UFC no longer providing all that content. Hell, I can see some of the Fox shows overrunning into Showtime broadcasts which rarely happened in the past when Fox was the B side for nights where Showtime had their cards later on. They're basically revamping the boxing content on Fox. This is basically forcing Showtime's hand. If they don't start grabbing fighters now, they will be where HBO boxing was in the last few years: just kinda drifting from event to event with fighters who are good and notable but with no real direction and endgame for them. You can't make big fights if everyone is on Fox. Coming off Wilder vs. Fury on Showtime PPV, where do you go? Make a big play for Golovkin? Try to woo folks like Jaime Munguia and Dmitry Bivol? I don't see much meat left on the carcass of HBO boxing especially with DAZN willing to overpay everyone to be there.
  6. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

  7. Elsalvajeloco


    The demand for Angry Jigglypuff costumes for next Halloween is going to be crazy.
  8. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Whittaker vs. Gastelum is finalized for UFC 234 in Melbourne on 2/9.
  9. All those guys are also either much bigger than Cerrone (Till) and notoriously stick with it fighters (Masvidal) or just better all around (RdA). I think Cerrone early in his career had his mind set on how his fights would go. I remember the Ed Ratcliff fight and it just seemed Cerrone believed he sleepwalk through a fight because he's that much talented that he can finish the fight at anytime. Fast forward to the fight with Nate and he didn't have that option because he got swamped with activity. However, he can still go out there and put on a great showing against an Eddie Alvarez. Against Lawler and Masvidal, he looked the same as he did In the third fight with Benson. He looked uninspired and unmotivated and a bit long in the tooth. When you change weight classes and the skill level drastically changes from opponent to opponent since you fight every two months, yeah, consistency might be big issue. You can looked washed against Leon Edwards and then look scintillating in your next fight. When you fight that much and have accrued that much damage, there is no way you can carry that same energy into each and every fight. Go back and watch some of the Road to the Octagon specials where this dude is talking about fighting for his grandma and you can tell this dude is doing everything to rationalize himself still fighting. So you know it had to pain him when he had that whole tiff with the UFC/Dana because he has shown himself to be far beyond loyal. Right now, I'm done with trying to find a throughline for his performances and how he performs against certain opponents. He can do something memorable and remind you why he is so well thought of by fans or he can lay an egg.
  10. I already said my piece on Perry when he fought Ponzinibbio last year pre-Jackson/Wink, but Perry happens to remind me of the Cerrone that went into UFC from WEC. He's a super amped, over the top fighter bro who isn't grounded in awareness. The big difference that showed up in spades on Saturday is inside the cage Cerrone in his prime was unpredictable yet everything he did made sense. Hell, watch Cerrone against Jim Miller from that Atlantic City show years back. Watch Cerrone against a Paul Kelly or Adriano Martins. Prior to going to ABQ, Perry was a pressure fighter like Cerrone but he was going to do that whether it was effective or not. He was going to fight you the same way whether he was up two rounds or down two rounds. Cerrone can pressure you and have a certain killer instinct about himself, but he has a plan B and plan C at the very least. I don't see Mike Perry being able to have the savvy Cerrone beat him with ten years from now if he is still around. There have been numerous fighters who had UFC runs over the last fifteen or sixteen years who washed out because they couldn't develop past a certain level. I went back and watched Robbie Lawler vs. Pete Spratt from UFC on Saturday and that win over Lawler ended up being Spratt's career highlight especially in hindsight. I mean besides the horrendous, super biased commentary with Rogan and Baroni, you can tell obviously Lawler was being set up for a future title run. Spratt leg kicks him to death and not only tips over that apple cart but basically sends Lawler's first UFC run into a death spiral. He also sets off a chain reaction that gets GSP into the UFC. Anyway, that was Spratt's moment not because he was necessarily a bad fighter but Pete Spratt was good at giving you first round knockouts and submissions and being hilariously bad in terms of takedown and submission defense. Maybe in a different era, Spratt would be a much better fighter but the likelihood is slim. Some folks have the athleticism but not the innate fighter IQ, but for others it's vice versa. Some of the top fighters might have both. However, my belief is just like Spratt is that Mike Perry besides being more disciplined (based on his last two fights, that's just not walking forward all the time like a crazy person) and better coaches there is very little he could do to change who he is as a fighter at his core. And just like Spratt and several other fighters from the past, I have no problem with him being merely an entertaining fighter. Everyone can't be on the title challenger level or dare I say championship material.
  11. The Brazilian fighters on that card got absolutely trucked in every single fight.
  12. TKZ ate a head kick in round three and his brain didn't process it.