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  1. 2/20 was gonna be LOGAN Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. Canelo is just fighting an unknown mandatory basically on 2/27. JAKE Paul is the one fighting on 4/17. The Logan Paul vs. Mayweather fight, if it does happen, doesn't have a new date yet. It still hasn't been officially moved off 2/20 yet. Now UFC 259 being on 3/6 keeps them off of the Saturday after that. They could have went on 2/27 because I don't see much crossover between the two audiences. Canelo is super popular but at the same time, he played second fiddle to a UFC PPV going against a much bigger name than his next opponent. He ai
  2. We have an update on if UFC is going to do more on ABC:
  3. According to John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, this show did 1.6 million buys. It breaks down to 1.2 million buys domestic and 400,000 international.
  4. Whatever weight they want it to be at. I am not saying that he is, but Ferguson looked washed in his last two fights. Against Gaethje, I could understand that. However, he couldn't do ANYTHING against Do Bronx. Conor would explode his face.
  5. I think either way, whether Conor won or lost, his next fight was gonna be when fans can come back in the US which probably was gonna be no earlier than the late summer/early fall. I think this fight was just to hold him over because like I mentioned in other threads, you cannot keep him out of the cage if he wants to fight. They have to fulfill contracts and allow him to fight within a reasonable timeframe from his last fight. With that said, the LW division was gonna go on without him even if he won tonight. When it was decided this fight wouldn't be for a title, I think the UFC brass was le
  6. I think part of it is they don't want cut divisions in half. I don't think it would hurt LW at all, but the smaller WWs would obviously move to 165. However, I wasn't that big on the idea when Frank Trigg brought it up towards the end of his career. He was a short guy and when he came back to the UFC, there was still guys that height of Trigg there but no you have guys walking the division who are six feet even, 6'1", or 6'2". He was dead trying to cut to 155, but he was too small for 170. I kinda felt for him. However, at that same time, I was thinking, "well, tough titty". He was clearly at
  7. Poirier vs. Do Bronx for the UFC title and Gaethje vs. Chandler are the fights to make. Do Bronx has like a bajillion wins. He's fighting for the title at some point.
  8. I was concerned about Dustin throwing those kicks and getting caught. He got caught a few times, but the kicks he threw with authority are the ones that did the damage. He landed one on McGregor I believe towards the end of round 1 and made Conor kinda pause. Then, Conor at the beginning of round two started leaning into his punches like he was bending over to pick something up off the floor. Then, he started missing with punches. That's when Dustin turned him off the cage and Conor never landed another punch.
  9. I don't know if anyone caught it, but Dustin basically spun/turned Conor off the cage boxing style and there was no room for Conor to navigate.
  10. I think Hooker is a pretty good fighter, but I don't think there was a fight he had in Bellator where I was like, "no, Michael Chandler can't win this fight." And he was there for a long ass time against some good fighters. They weren't tippity top UFC caliber guys, but Hooker hadn't been at this level for half as long. IMO I think they were kinda thinking Chandler's best days are behind him: too many fights, too many wars. IMO even going into this fight, I felt he could have as good a UFC run as Gaethje and RDA had when he was at 155 as well as when Eddie Alvarez went on that little run befor
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