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  1. To be fair, look at the degree of difficulty. Just returning off of maternity leave or not, Sara McMann should dominate Lina Lansberg in terms of grappling anytime they fight. McMann's problems come when sometimes her opponents do stop her takedowns, or she is in a position on the ground she isn't use to. Not only is Lina Lansberg not gonna stop her takedowns, but she isn't going to do the latter by submitting her from her back. I would have serious reservations if McMann was in there with a Holly Holm even if Holm herself is not exactly what she was three or four years ago. That would not be a pretty sight for McMann. Junior, on the other hand, did stop Blaydes from taking him down and wasn't prone against the cage much. The problem is Junior either cannot or doesn't know how to integrate that with his striking anymore. His focus seemed to be on just landing one big punch in an exchange. That would be a not so good strategy as is, but it's even made worse by Blaydes now being the faster fighter. That gave Blaydes the confidence to do with he did. Junior's strategy probably should have been not to focus on the movement as much because it's not like Blaydes is just an one punch KO artist. Even in this fight, Blaydes didn't get a knockdown and it took several followup shots. If you can stop the takedowns and Curtis is allowing you to take the center of the octagon, buddy you need to be throwing. That's the only way you can win. It just seemed to be a ton of hesitation on Junior's part. I believe prime Junior dos Santos would still have a problem with Curtis Blaydes, but his chance to beat Blaydes would obviously be better. He would be more likely to throw in combination. Now, the directive from Junior's team seems to revolve around just don't get caught by a punch your damn self. When you're fighting not to lose, it may be time to think about shutting it down.
  2. When Junior was much younger, throwing those uppercuts (the one in round one was from distance really) might not have much of an issue. Once you eliminate that handspeed (and the first one was kinda fast fwiw), I mean...Blaydes was already catching him as Junior was constantly pulling away from him. Once Junior finally sat still for a moment, he was forced to make a decision. Here is where that age shows up. Blaydes says he threw an overhand right, but Junior rose from that uppercut attempt and Junior's eyeline was right in front of the right hand of Curtis. If Junior knows Curtis not changing levels for a takedown, he has to bail on that uppercut.
  3. And that's what a good contingency plan looks like. Don't get the takedown? That's alright, throw a straight right as your opponent is leaning down for an uppercut. Cormier called it. Junior threw that uppercut at the end of round 1 with no setup. He tried to do it again, and it did not go well. You can't give the play away.
  4. Yeah, that should have been a five rounder. Credit to Chiesa for putting a big name on his resume, but it's clear his gameplan revolved around going full blast with those takedown attempts. Dos Anjos perhaps being too calm was spending a minute to a minute and a half fighting off Chiesa from advancing position or actually getting him down.
  5. I mean this was a fight that really wasn't going to tell us anything we already didn't know. It was basically wrestle in the first round and see if the guy had anything. He doesn't? Knock his head into the fifth row in the second round. His problems are going to come against live bodies.
  6. With the dearth of notable names at flyweight, Alex Perez may be in a title eliminator if he keeps on winning.
  7. Angela Hill is the perfect gatekeeper at strawweight. Probably won't ever challenge for the title, but athletic and talented enough that anyone just on the fringes of being UFC level won't beat her.
  8. I think it's interesting that Curtis Blaydes is a pretty decent favorite over JDS. Curtis usually does all his damage from top position, and Junior for all his faults that @Oyaji went over the other day in the UFC 246 thread is a pretty solid defensive wrestler. Does Curtis go the Cain route and just wear Junior out along the fence in the clinch? Because Junior is going to most likely find his back up against the fence either way it goes. That's just his nature. However, despite only losing to Francis Ngannou, I'm not sure if Blaydes can absolutely rely on his durability. Maybe it's just that Ngannou was a much better fighter the second time around and needed a big win to solidify his spot in the HW division, but I was surprised the rematch ended that quickly. Even counting the Stipe fight and using the strange Derrick Lewis bout as an outlier, Blaydes is really the only person who looked halfway decent against Ngannou in a real back and forth encounter. And it was a brutal, war of attrition fight w/o the sloppiness that you rarely see in UFC prelim HW fights which is probably why I said at the time both guys have a bright future in the division. Then in the rematch, Blaydes just got smoked. Well, you can say it's Francis Ngannou and Blaydes got caught cold which can happen to anyone. That leads me to my overall point. At this point in his long UFC tenure, the last thing Junior dos Santos can do is catch people. If Blaydes is susceptible to being caught still, that does give Junior a solid puncher's chance. Ok...maybe I'm just playing the devil's advocate hoping for a slugfest.
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