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  1. Or he could just legally change his name to Saul Goodman and pretty much separate himself from Jimmy McGill forever. I'm guessing once he returns from his mandatory hiatus, the Goodman gimmick takes a life of its own and Chuck's continual burial of him forces said change.
  2. With it coming out tomorrow, shouldn't there be a flood of reviews pretty soon?
  3. The return of Slipping Jimmy is going to detonate his relationship with Kim. What can Jimmy get into while he can't practice law that will beneficial to Kim's career? It's already become readily apparent that while he can pull minor ruses, he can't hustle everyone.
  4. Due to the tragedy in Manchester, the Wonder Woman premiere in London has been cancelled. The one in LA that's happening tomorrow is still on.
  5. The Baywatch ads are funny because they found the three vaguest comments ever to hype the reviews for the film.
  6. DJ wants to fight Ray Borg so the Dillashaw fight is far from official.
  7. Movie

    It could be about the rise and fall of Midway Games.
  8. I had no idea Kelly Kobold still fought.
  9. Romero vs. Whittaker for the interim MW title will co-headline UFC 213. The women's bantamweight title fight will be the official main event.
  10. Here is the list of people that tried out for TUF 26: Ana Julaton should also be on that list.
  11. Yes, I will be. But especially for the LeBron quit hot takes.
  12. No, but I'm here for all the hot takes if Boston somehow manages to win game 4.
  13. It wasn't so much about what she could do in a bed, but imo her playing victim in all her relationships and being a false feminist. She wrote a book peddling low key prostitution.