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  1. Well that's the automatic excuse If he said that AFTER the fight. I don't think that would be something Dominick would've said had he won.
  2. That's a tough fight for Reyes after the Blachowicz performance. I get he wants to get back in there and prove he's better than that, but this is a hell of an opponent for a bounce back fight.
  3. Top Rank has made their home at the Conference Center at MGM since June. I'm guessing the actual arena is closed (same with the Mandalay Bay Events Center) because Top Rank has the money to do their current setup in the arena. Based on this story from today in the Reno Gazette Journal, it doesn't sound like things are going too swimmingly for the MGM properties during the pandemic.
  4. At least in his last fight, he was like "fuck that noise" and put the guy on the ground immediately. That's somewhat encouraging as opposed to him believing he's MMA Arturo Gatti and trying to slug it out with folks.
  5. If a guy like Aaron Pico came along in say 2006 or 2007...he's easily the future of what MMA could be even with somewhat lackluster punch resistance. He comes to MMA ten years later....just another pretty good prospect out of many. That's just scary because Pico is amazing athlete. My point is you cannot win on just sheer athleticism, and the guys now are good enough where you have to try because they won't let you just walk all over them without doing that. Same with a Shahbazyan or O'Malley even though they aren't on Pico's level of athleticism. UFC could have done what Bellator did fo
  6. I can't believe I am still alive in Survival.
  7. How many guys aren't taking damage? Ain't too many MMA fighters that are like Pernell Whittaker or Nicolino Loche. And it's not like Gaethje himself in those fights isn't taking damage. It's bi directional.
  8. I don't particularly recall them, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. My point isn't whether or not those dudes could beat GSP, but whether or not there was talent outside the UFC. There clearly was. Welterweight and middleweight were the key divisions for those promotions that weren't UFC. I mean you could pick up some HW with a name here or there, but the backbone of money mark/lesser tier orgs was going to be those divisions, then HW, and then LW with some female MMA thrown in there along the way. That's not to diminish what the UFC WW division was at the time, but it wasn'
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