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  1. Thread updated BONUS EVENT #1 (Premier Boxing Champions: Kauffman vs. Mansour) Elsalvajeloco: 13 DreamBroken: 12 EVENT #20 (UFC Fight Night 107) Elsalvajeloco: 17 DreamBroken: 10 Hail Sabin: 6 EVENT #21 (WSOF 35) Elsalvajeloco: 21 DreamBroken: 25 Hail Sabin: 17 BONUS EVENT #2 (Golovkin vs. Jacobs) Elsalvajeloco: 13 DreamBroken: 10 Hail Sabin: 9 2017 POINT TOTALS 1. DreamBroken: 416 2. Elsalvajeloco: 409 3. Hail Sabin: 348 4. AxB: 191
  2. In terms of overall resume, Mayweather has a better one. It's not even close. Even though I think he would've beat Michalczewski and others, people are always going bring up who Roy didn't fight. I don't think not fighting Acelino Freitas, Cotto, Margarito, etc. when everyone wanted him too is going to haunt Floyd's legacy like the list of possible opponents Roy had during his tenure atop the P4P list. It also doesn't help that Roy has those brutal losses, some to fighters who couldn't tie his shoes in his prime.
  3. Nunes vs. Shevchenko II is close to being finalized.
  4. In slightly less weird news, Brock Lesnar filed a motion to dismiss Mark Hunt's lawsuit against him.
  5. Movie

    Damn, I first heard about Yasuke in one of Tariq Nasheed's Hidden Colors films a few years ago. Hopefully, it's at least half decent. Also, can we get a Gaspar Yanga or Juan Caballo/John Horse film next?
  6. Carla Esparza vs. Maryna Moroz has been added to the OKC card.
  7. Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus has been added to the Bellator PPV card.
  8. Movie

    Exactly. I think the entertainment industry, in its diversity mission, has slipped further down the rabbit hole even with the progress that has been made. Granted, my belief is that these businesses were never created with black people in mind in the first place so begging for acceptance is a bit strange. However, I do recognize the black people who are a part of either side (whether as the talent or the executive) have to navigate these endeavors in a certain way. The problem is it stills jeopardizes the portrayals of African-Americans in all walks of life. Racial stereotypes are still going to persist, but people inside the entertainment industry have become so disillusioned with the power they have shaping these different narratives. How is it that we still have young black men jumping on tables and buckdancing at A&R offices trying to get a record deal? How is it we still have directors saying we adding these fictional scenes in a biopic about black women because we need a white hero (looking at you, Hidden Figures)? How is it we have black showrunners saying they casted a white lead because they want to make white people feel good (*cough* Lee Daniels *cough*)? How is it that we have films like Loving about interracial love that are critically acclaimed when the black subject depicted in the film spent years claiming she was anything but black? How is it that a film like Moonlight, another critically acclaimed film, was produced by all white people? How is it that for everything that shows black people in a positive light that we get a ton of Stepin Fetchit coonery on television, film, and the radio that overshadows those projects? These are rhetorical questions because I know every damn answer. That's why it bothers me so much and why I can't enjoy certain projects. Recognizing that these people have agendas and these agendas are responsible to how people view us (and how we view ourselves) makes me feel so resigned not to outright praise anything just because there are people that look like me involved. So everything that comes out now, I'm skeptical from the jump.
  9. Movie

    Speaking of Spike.... I'm halfway through watching Bamboozled for the first time since it became available on VHS/DVD. Why does this film do a better job at critiquing liberal white people than Get Out? I thought Get Out was decent to good, but for me, nothing resonates in Get Out like the scene where they (Jada and Damon's characters) meet with the media consultant and she gives them a list of what to do. The amount of truth in that scene is downright scary, especially when there are several vivid examples in TV/Film/Music now I can point to instantly.
  10. I haven't listened to the show, but he may be in the anger phase of the five stages of USADA suspension grief. That's what I'm chalking it up to because it's the weirdest thing to take issue with and we've already discussed this here to death already.
  11. Except those two things are completely different tasks with much different outcomes. As someone who has done email mixup on multiple occasions at work, I can say one is much more easier to screw up. With that said, that's never really been an indictment of my overall work. The UFC production team has screwed up onscreen graphics numerous times, but I don't think it's a reflection of the quality of work. Now if one of the testers showed up at his gym or house asking for Robbie Lawler, then we got real legitimate issues. Otherwise, it's just him bitching for no good reason because handling drug samples and sending emails about completing whereabouts verification are two separate different levels. If you fuck up the latter, it's no harm no foul because you can just send it to the right person. There was no confidential information in that email. If you fuck up the former, you might never ever get a job in that industry/field ever again. The implications are totally, totally different. That's why it's very bizarre to even to bring that up. Also, how the fuck does this relate to him having ostarine in his system? Is he saying his sample from October 10 of last year was collected improperly or that someone else's urine magically floated into the container thanks to the folks at USADA? Because if he is implying either/or, I wanna hear the reasoning. If you're implying they can't handle drug testing, does that mean you're incompetent at fighting since you couldn't handle passing drug tests? I mean he is one of the dudes supposedly on the catching cheaters crusade.