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  1. This is just a guess but Fedor's entourage in and around the time of the Werdum loss was large as hell. Just by his answers in interviews and his personality in general, he comes off as someone who might be trying support a bunch of people financially. Manny Pacquiao has had IRS issues and whatnot, but he also has a giant entourage. Pacquiao has made way more money than Fedor, and he still has to fight so I'm not surprised Fedor had to embarrass himself by fighting on. And just like Pacquiao, his camp has not too savory people. Michael Koncz and Jerry Millen are damn near interchangeable.
  2. If someone told me ten years ago that Fedor Emelianenko would be on the losing end of a fight that was something out of a KOTC DVD from the early to mid 2000s, I would say that MMA's popularity crashed so low that it was only sanctioned in countries where cockfights are legal. But it's Bellator...so kinda the same thing.
  3. They did a better job matching up Heather Hardy, who doesn't have half the credentials of Pico They put so much on a kid who has never been a cage as a professional before. I didn't like all these media folks comparing him to people who are already hall of famers and legends. I know people aren't used to athletes with long, impressive resumes being in MMA, but they could at least...you know..waited until Pico had about a half dozen MMA fights. They crowned him as MMA Prospect Jesus before his FIRST fight. Boxing is way more carny than MMA and been so for more than a century, and THEY don't even do that shit.
  4. Yes...yes, it is. And they have another major show next month.
  5. Varying degrees and in fighting, a lot of cuts don't really qualify as an injury. If it's a really bad cut or the cut is bleeding profusely enough to the point where the fighter is compromised or you believe the fighter compromised enough to adversely affect him or her, then the fight should be waved off. You do get a Haye vs. Bellew thing where David Haye clearly blew out his knee badly and he survived on guts for a few more rounds until he just couldn't stand up anymore. Even then, the right call should have been to stop it in between rounds. I really enjoyed that fight, but part of that was David Haye operating with one leg. No way in hell should a fighter with that severe of an injury continue competing. That was madness.
  6. Does anyone know how fighting works? Any injury caused by non illegal means where the referee has to stop the fight is a TKO win instantly.
  7. Well, if you have a good quality referee, then that won't be much of a problem. Also, it's not like people don't know the rules of boxing. There is nothing as complex in boxing like the whole one finger/hand/knee down rule in MMA. If you understand the ruleset in MMA or have a firm grasp of it, you damn well better know how boxing works. At the same time, it's not like McGregor specifically has the Maximo Blanco in Sengoku thing going on. If he knocks someone down, he usually assesses the damage already done. He doesn't jump all over people and just go crazy with hammerfists. You also have to take into account that many boxers (who actually box for a living) land one or two good shots as the referee jumps in to intervene and/or wave a fight off. Yeah, a straight up and down knockdown is where guys typically shouldn't be throwing anything else. However, as a fighter goes to a knee, glove touches the canvas, or the fighter gets trapped/held up against the ropes/in the corner, that happens plenty enough where the referee isn't going to lose their shit because the fighter who caused said KD clearly isn't cognizant of the situation immediately.
  8. This is why you don't compare folks to Danny Hodge and LeBron James.
  9. I have the broadcast on mute, and I was trying to figure out what that was. That seems like something the WWE would have people doing if they ran a MMA promotion.
  10. The Bumblebee one is suppose to start filming in August to be released in June 2018 with the next Transformers installment the summer after that. So basically every year.
  11. Wendy's? But seriously, I would guess trying to add too much muscle to compete at 185.
  12. Both Jared Gordon and Johny Hendricks in his second fight at middleweight missed weight.
  13. If they got to 120k, they should consider themselves lucky.