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  1. Now it's at 93 percent with 15 reviews (14 out of 15 fresh). The one rotten is from a non English language critic fwiw. BTW the Aladdin review embargo lifts tomorrow morning.
  2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is starting at 100% with 7 reviews so far.
  3. Guessing Lawler will be put on another card when he gets a suitable opponent.
  4. JDS vs. Ngannou is now your UFC Fight Night on ESPN 3 main event in Minneapolis.
  5. It's crazy that Donaire is still chugging along because he looked washed in the Walters fight and then the fight with Jessie Magdaleno. Granted, part of that is obviously going down to 118.
  6. Rocketman is at 88% with 40 reviews after its Cannes premiere. Accordingly, the reviews for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood should start to trickle in within the next 24 hours.
  7. The best they could hope for is the Warriors waiting until the 4th quarter to make their rally, a long dramatic stretch where both teams put up brick after brick going into OT, and Draymond hitting a dagger three (and then hilariously staring down the Portland bench) leading to Dame's desperate attempt at a game winner. It wasn't going back to Oakland.
  8. Boy that game was 111-111 for awhile. Portland had every opportunity.
  9. Three point technique..if do right, no can defence.
  10. Per her IG, Viviane Araujo is set to fight Alexis Davis at UFC 240 in Edmonton.
  11. I thought about that after the penultimate episode. It was going to be a major plothole once Dany was gone. You have the Dothraki and the Unsullied who have been with Dany forever and now crazy ass Grey Worm w/ an insatiable blood thirst. Jon does the deed and then Grey Worm is...sorta pissed? What in the entire fuck? I watched these motherfuckers come all this way with her...to go to Naath? How did Jon avoid getting the Catelyn Stark treatment once he was found and all hell breaking loose? Alright then, showrunners.
  12. I would not hold my breath. Three fighters, three different promoters/advisors, three different networks, and three completely different agendas. Wilder is likely rematching Luis Ortiz, Fury is probably facing Kubrat Pulev should he get past the unknown German guy as expected, and Joshua is probably rematching Dillian Whyte when he dispatches of Andy Ruiz Jr.
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