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  1. Usually the well known and more prominent fighters get the most attention regardless of how many fighters are there. It's the exact opposite in boxing because boxers change trainers like people change out of their clothes even if said boxers make a ton of money. I'm guessing Nunes felt like she has peaked after spending several years there. However, unless she plans on stealing Mike Brown or Dyah Davis away from ATT, I'm not sure how much this will improve her. She can obviously still beat a bunch of people, but I don't see her going on another amazing run.
  2. "Fuck it...just going to train myself." is always an interesting strategy.
  3. What about the unsung ace of AEW and all important fifth pillar? His name is Colten Gunn.
  4. In two seperate UFC stints, Chase Sherman has three UFC wins. So that was probably it for him in the UFC.
  5. Demolition did it much better. I remember when Robespierre botched it in his match against the father of Jean Lafitte (of course Jean Pierre Lafitte's great great great great grandfather). Really brought the match down.
  6. The problem with this though is real violence hasn't been a stumbling block for advertisers in 15 years. UFC managed to blue chip sponsors as far back as 10-12 years ago. They've had several gory fights with women in primetime for the longest. If there is any stumbling block, it's going to be that it's either pro wrestling, MMA, or boxing period. That perception has been largely wiped away for a minute now. Once a company gets to certain level, that's pretty much it unless they go in reverse in terms of popularity. Otherwise, advertisers don't give a fuck. From 1998 to up until they banned blood, WWE regularly featured a bunch of bloodletting (granted much of it was on PPV and didn't involve women). Like an absurd amount for a company getting large TV ratings. Plus, you add in some of the violence against women and obscenity. Advertisers might have backed off a little, but it was never a large enough issue where advertisers were pulling out left and right. How many times have we seen in the NFL someone get placed on backboard after they just came back from an ad break that included brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and Samsung? People have largely moved past some of the grisly and barbaric nature of sports, real or fake. If you're going to put the poison pill out there, you got levy stronger stuff than that.
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