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  1. Elsalvajeloco

    True Detective

    When Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell were whispering in a kitchen for no reason, that's the moment I decided this is two actors in way too deep.
  2. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Rovell made a correction, and it's six fights instead of eight.
  3. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

  4. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Conor needs to ease up on the blow. Jesus. Also, the crop of reporters at the presser was um...unique? I think that's the right word without being mean.
  5. Holy shit, Carlo Pedersoli Jr.'s granddad is spaghetti Western superstar Bud Spencer.
  6. The first step is admitting you have a problem. That Ansaroff fight...oh boy.
  7. Elsalvajeloco

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    The potential undercard for Wilder vs. Fury, which will be on Showtime PPV, will have two title fights: Leo Santa Cruz and Gary Russell Jr. in a unification bout and Gervonta Davis vs. Abner Mares. Lomachenko vs. Pedraza is moving to December 8 at MSG and will air on ESPN after the Heisman Trophy presentation.
  8. Elsalvajeloco

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Glenn Robinson, the founder of Blackzilians and the former Jaco Hybrid Training Center, has passed away due to an apparent heart attack.
  9. Elsalvajeloco

    James Bond XXV

  10. Exceptions, not the rule. When you bring in the cash, you can buy preferential treatment whether it's unintentional or intentional. It was six years ago this man was on the wrong side of the UFC. He didn't magically wonder on the other side of that. The exact treatment you get is determined by the space you occupy with the promotion and the condition they are in. They need PPV buys and mainstream attention when they are devoid of PPV stars? Hey, CM Punk! We will allow you two years to get your body right so you can inevitably compete in MMA when you should not be fighting. Conor McGregor is selling PPVs out the wazoo? Yeah, Ronda you can do wrestling because we really don't need you anymore. They owe several millions in loans because of a sale? Brock, how do you feel about Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones? I said this before the sale...whoever buys this promotion (or Zuffa to be specific) didn't buy it to fuck up the way it was being run overall. Some things got fastened and some things got loosened, but understand, stuff like this happens with Lorenzo Fertitta or without Lorenzo Fertitta. Endeavor is just an amplified version of what we already getting, but with way more connections. Hence, why we see these new sponsorships with like Hennessy, AirAsia, Nemiroff, and BodyArmor (which Coca-Cola is interested in being a part of). If you don't like what you're getting now, you should have cut your losses a LONG time ago.
  11. As a black man, I wouldn't recommend that.
  12. Time is relative. Jon having one fight is equal (especially a fight that says over 3/4 a million buys) to most of these dudes having six or seven fights. That's the thing. Personally, I don't think Dana gives a shit. He can have his personal grudges and just freestyle because they don't require anything from him other than being promoter guy. Now Endeavor....they got all the money in the world and about to get some more money. Jon being free allows to make even more money. If anyone is in Jon's back pocket, it's them. He has lost a shit load of money. He could have had three or four fights really. I don't think Rumble stays retired if Jon isn't suspended and gets an academic win against an also ran to get a Jones fight. Then we have Cormier III, Gustafsson II, and a fight with Stipe. That's a lot of money to leave on the table. Plus, Lesnar probably doesn't keep adding dates or whatever the fuck he is/was doing with WWE. With one fight, he can make some of that money back. BUT it's an older Jones who is likely going to be rusty and be at greater risk of losing. That puts a greater incentive on him to not only stay clean BUT to win. And if you look at the heavyweight and light heavyweight landscape now compared to 2016, it's top heavy to say the very least.