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  1. I got a PM from Craig, looked into this thread, and regretted that decision immediately. Immediately. I respect that at no point did you try to make a rational, coherent point. That's true dedication.
  2. He wasn't even in the UFC at that point so if they don't dig through his social media history, then it's not that important.
  3. Prime example of what I mean. The Sursa incident was two months before the WEC ran their last show.
  4. I'm only entering for Blood Simple so I can remember one of America's greatest actors as sweet and innocent and not looking like a lot lizard. Don't judge me. THAT'S RIGHT, M. EMMET WALSH! GET IT TOGETHER, MAN!
  5. Movie

    I believe February 9 was going to be The Predator's release date. That's now coming out August 3rd.
  6. Considering how he first was when WEC finally folded into the UFC, Cerrone is a damn angel. If you watched the official UFC pre fight interviews like I did back when they were regularly on Youtube and UFC.com, he was always on 10. He was just really volatile. Jeremy Stephens was the same way. Even though the UFC didn't enforce their behavioral policy back then, they always were on the cusp of getting trouble, running afoul of the wrong person, and saying the absolute wrong thing on social media. When the UFC started making examples of certain people, I think it became abundantly clear that this isn't the wild, wild West of MMA that both started their career in. You can probably get away w/ some stuff now, but there is no guarantee you will keep your job afterwards. So if you're someone like Mike Perry, it would be wise to keep doing stuff like he did last night (because he does come off as likable to the fans in combo w/ his fighting style) and try his best to avoid crossing any line.
  7. If you're winning the striking battle, no need to waste energy for takedowns you probably won't get. Midway through the fight, they were both telegraphing their takedowns and trips. If this was a heavyweight fight or light heavyweight fight, trying to tip someone over probably would have worked. However, it wasn't and Swanson was winning convincingly on the feet. Lobov's power was diminshing and his shots were getting wider and wider. Swanson is a natural striker, and likely preferred a finish in the feet than on the ground. Many of those kicks he landed (even partially) would have put several guys away, especially that late in the fight. Just didn't happen last night.
  8. When you're not naturally a wrestler, it's hard to be inclined to go for takedowns that deep into a fight since you are already winning handily on the feet. The last thing he wanted to do is blow takedowns and gas his arms. He tried some takedowns after that first one, but they didn't work all that well. Lobov was able to get his hips back. If he wanted to get them, it had to be something cleverly set up like that hip toss.
  9. Considering the obvious talent disparity and haven't ever faced an opponent of Swanson's caliber, Lobov gave a good account of himself and probably should be facing dudes better than what he had been facing.
  10. Swanson's speed and accuracy are taking over the fight now.
  11. I gotta hand it to Lobov. Even though he's giving up the straight right easily, he is throwing back in combination early on.
  12. Safe to say they can throw Iaquinta back in with the top level lightweights after his time off.