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  1. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention but if they haven't given an explanation yet for the injury, they can possibly work it in at some point.
  2. Din Thomas has been in MMA before the unified rules existed and has cornered countless fighters since he retired as an active fighter. He somehow doesn't know you cannot use an inhaler in the corner. To make it worse, NOBODY from the commission intervened. Somebody (who was later deemed not to have the authority or w/e that means) okays it. Then, they let it go to the judges. Are we sure the UFC ran in Massachusetts and not in like Latvia or Moldova? You would never think UFC runs there semi regularly/annually.
  3. Man, Beterbiev beat the shit out of Gvozdyk. I mean I picked Beterbiev to win by stoppage, but I expected Gvozdyk to dominate the first half of the fight. What happened was the first five or six rounds, they were basically even on total punched landed with either guy being ahead by 1-4 punches in any given round. Gvozdyk would land some flashy combos here or there, but outside a few headsnapping punches in the middle of the fight, nothing seemed to affect Beterbiev. He just continued to march forward and forward. Once Beterbiev started going to the body and caused Gvozdyk to slow down, it was just a matter of time. In between the ninth and tenth round, Teddy tried his best to summon whatever Gvozdyk had left, but it was pretty apparent Gvozdyk was absolutely done. I hate to second guess Teddy, but why send him out for the tenth to take an epic beating? Gvozdyk kinda had his head down in the corner as Teddy was giving his fire and brimstone speech. That should tell you his spirit is broken. If he wasn't able to keep Beterbiev off him at the beginning of the fight and the middle rounds when he was close to full strength, the likelihood Gvozdyk would do that in round ten was slim to none. Beterbiev just savaged him, and Gvozdyk was just looking for a nice spot on the canvas to fall.
  4. I don't think it's just his chin. That left hand that dropped him was wicked. Weidman is super hittable. Besides the Jacare fight, he has shown himself to be susceptible to big power shots. If you're moving up a weight class and facing a much bigger fighter (and a southpaw at that), the last thing you wanna do is come in on him in a straight line. Reyes stepped to the side beautifully and just piledrove his fist into Weidman's face. You can't teach a fighter to do it any better.
  5. She BARELY got past JJ Aldrich. Robertson was a favorable style matchup. If she didn't get the fight down to the ground, she was going to get fucked up. And that's what happened.
  6. They haven't had a TV card in two months and college football is all day on Saturday on ESPN platforms. The next one (and last one for the year) for the year is in December. Top Rank is doing their LHW title unification tonight on ESPN as well.
  7. She is probably going to be against Alexis Davis, Lauren Murphy, Mayra Bueno Silva, Jennifer Maia, and Veronica Macedo. That's just the ones off the top of my head. Just because she is ranked doesn't mean every fight has to be against another ranked person or a higher ranked person.
  8. I would say Andrea Lee and Viviane Araujo are the best prospects (although Andrea is probably no longer a prospect seeing as she just faced someone who could fight Valentina next). Molly McCann can go either way but she is super tough FWIW. Maycee Barber is going to be given all the chance in the world to get better. I think they probably see her a year and half away from doing something significant.
  9. They're going bring up Maycee Barber as slow as possible. I'm not really all that worried about how she looks right now.
  10. Molly McCann might be the dark horse for the women's flyweight division. She actually improves every fight.
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