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  1. Moreover, if a bunch of players who are likely to go in next year's NFL draft opt out in the spring, can you really call yourself the OTHER national champion? Plus, I don't see the desire to watch the crowning of one just a couple months after crowning the first one.
  2. It's hard getting a read on two guys who don't fight regularly. You could have two guys who go out and look rusty as hell. With that said, I think I favor Cormier as Cormier's punches tend to hurt Stipe anytime he really lands them. Maybe DC has a better pokerface, but I dunno if letting a guy use your face to punch himself into exhaustion is a great plan that can be replicated.
  3. @AxB or anyone living in the UK who would know Unrelated: How is all this affecting WWE going forward with the NXT UK tapings? Cause that conference call was like two months ago, and there hasn't been a peep since. I ask because for example, Eddie Hearn is doing boxing matches literally in his backyard. MTK Global is doing boxing events from a studio. Frank Warren is doing his shows from the BT Sport Studios. Does that mean NXT UK can't do tapings from there? Or is WWE just not going to risk it?
  4. Jaguar Yokota could fucking go, ladies and gentlemen. Motoya is also pretty good here as well. BTW I need someone to make a GIF of Jaguar's leg trip/ankle pick setup of the figure four at 4:46. That was wicked.
  5. Yeah, besides Havoc, I'm going with them getting rid of people they can't possibly use now or haven't been using. All this gossipy shit doesn't make sense if it happened several months ago. It has (or had) no bearing on them in AEW. However, it would make sense to keep Pac though.
  6. This is what I'm seeing: Maybe someone jumped the gun.
  7. Josh Nason is just a shitty writer in general. Don't blame Dave for that. Also, Havoc was punished when this his trangressions came out. Bea was not as far as we know. I don't think it would be fair to make an inference as to why she was released when Nason himself has no proof why she was released. Apparently, he's (Meltzer, not Nason) going to talk about on the next WOR.
  8. If Portland makes it through Memphis, Dame is going to be exhausted by the time the first round starts. How long can a guy stay this hot?
  9. I had to look this up because your wording was confusing. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/13/us/ncaa-fall-sports-cancel-trnd/index.html If FBS is unaffected, then what does that mean for football in spring? Is there going to be dual national champions? Do the teams that played in the fall have to come back and play the best ranked teams in the spring to determine a national champion? Cause no stakes college football besides the major rivalry games and the first week obviously is going to die a horrible death in the ratings. Like straight up tank.
  10. I watched the Flair/Savage title switch from Prime Time Wrestling from September '92 (taped 9/1 but obviously shown later in the month). It has to be one of the most bizarre things I've seen when it comes to a world title switch. There are some things that stick out to me: - They did an exceptionally poor editing job that lets you know they went out and wrestled the same match again. They tacked on the entrances from the first try and then when the match starts, it looks like Savage already wrestled 15 good minutes. - The piped in crowd noise when everyone is in the crowd is just sitting there. At one point, you'll noticed one girl/woman in the one of the rows back a bit resting her head on her fist like she's sitting through her professor's boring ass lecture. - Even though they went out and did the match again because Vince was pissed at the first attempt, it was still a not so good match. Flair works on a leg a bit, Perfect cheats from the outside, and then Savage sells his knee while trying to act agitated (often running after or jumping at Perfect). Rinse repeat for about 15 minutes. The crowd, on the floor at least, gets into for about 30 seconds when Randy makes a brief comeback on the outside. Then, the crowd dies when he gets cut off. - Razor Ramon comes out to zero response because the crowd has already seen him interfere in the match. I get that they had to have the heels cheat Savage out of his title, but it feels like severe overkill. He is dealing with a bad leg and Mr. Perfect is interfering every five seconds. Plus, Flair is obviously cheating. It just makes the ref look inept and the match really meaningless. - When the finish happens, it comes off as so blah. How do you have Ric Flair of all people win your world title and be so blah. My question is why Vince felt compelled to do the title switch then? I know Randy was getting his divorce along with possible other issues, but it makes no sense based how poorly the match was done and put together. Plus, it's three days after Summerslam.
  11. Well, if you were searching Ms. Jordyn Woods' name on Twitter yesterday, you would need to be 100% off your work computer. Good god almighty. You can thank me later.
  12. To be objective, I am not sure if the old "sneak the opposite sex in after dorm visitation hours are over" trick works when the NFL is anal retentive about who gets in and out of facilities. And that's pre-pandemic. With that said, IG model is a very broad category. If I am guy with no guarantee to make the final roster anyway, she better look like how Jordyn Woods does now or one of the Westbrooks (India Love & Crystal) for me to jeopardize it all.
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