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  1. I saw a motherfucker get color on Rina with a knife at Christmas themed show. I am not sure if the American audiences are ready for Rina Yamashita just yet.
  2. He's been trying to fight smarter, but it's so hard and too late for him to change his stripes. Matter of fact, he was going against another guy who is Mike Perry-esque in Daniel Rodriguez. And what's ironic about that is he's a Joe Schilling coached fighter and you could hear Joe tell Daniel not to get too overly aggressive because he was absolutely pummeling Mike Perry in the face. When JOE SCHILLING of all people knows more about when and when not to go balls to the wall and try to get folks out of there than you, you probably need to seriously reevaluate what you're doing with your career.
  3. DC and Cruz brought up some interesting points and bits of knowledge regarding takedown defense. Thing is a guy like Ngannou, once he learns the right ways to stop takedowns, has a much wider base and perhaps stronger hips to aid the improvement of technique. A slender guy like Kevin Holland is likely going to continue to struggle because his natural inclination is just to stand up as tall as he can and as be rigid as possible. Guys don't even have to be clever to take him down. Just get in on his knees.
  4. That's likely it for Sam Alvey in the UFC. Poor guy didn't want to tap with his job on the line and went to sleep.
  5. I think out of the fight with Buckley, he might be the one with the most upside. Buckley is a feast or famine type of a fighter. Either he is going to win in impressive fashion or he's going to lose in emphatic fashion. Kasanganay is way more well rounded and a heck of an athlete.
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