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  1. It seemed like the difference was Thompson pulled straight back and not to his right, and that right hook that he was throwing as Pettis came forward was just a reaction.
  2. Curtis Blaydes vs. Stipe would be a hell of a matchup IMO. Seeing as Curtis will probably want to be on 238 since he is from Chicago, that would be quite a Midwestern showdown.
  3. Aldrich made Barber look pretty unsure of herself in round 1, but then Barber found an opening and that was the beginning of the end. I expect Barber to be matched very carefully going forward.
  4. My thing with Markos is her strategies are usually pretty bad. Against Angela Hill, for whatever reason, it looked like a complete 180. I dunno if their "grudge" had anything to do with it, but that's easily her best UFC performance. Looking at Twitter, it seems like she has been seeing a sports psychologist. Maybe it's that. Alexis Davis was not happy about that Maia decision. If Maia had some power, she would be someone to watch for. As is, she is pretty limited. Chito Vera is easily one of the most underrated UFC bantamweights. He gets all the guys he's suppose to get out of there out of there with authority. No fucking around.
  5. I was watching the Bellator bouts between bits and pieces of various March Madness games and saw Anatoly Tokov vs. Gerald Harris. I know Tokov was the prohibitive favorite as the prospect and cream rising to the top and all that jazz but I dunno how Gerald Harris did not have this man completely unconscious. Gerald may have knocked him out and woke him back up at least two times during that sequence. Then, Tokov stands up and recovers to come back and get Harris on the ground to end the round. The second round starts and Tokov hurts Harris with a body kick and an overhand right before tapping Gerald with a front choke. Granted Tokov looks like Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine physique wise and probably wouldn't pass a USADA test or any reputable PED test that holds up under scrutiny, Tokov would be someone to push if you want a Russian star. As far as the LFA card in Dallas tonight, from what I can gleam, I expect Casey Kenney to be in the UFC soon and probably Ramiz Brahimaj since he is a Fortis MMA guy. That camp is the new Syndicate MMA as far UFC giving them love as well as promoting and signing their top fighters.
  6. Definitely Barber vs. Aldrich because a win by Barber over another prospect allows the UFC to invest more into her. I would also say Formiga vs. Deiveson Figueiredo even though men's flyweight probably won't be around much longer.
  7. Yeah, as far as I know, this is strictly for the United States and whoever else bought PPVs through their previous domestic PPV partners.
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