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  1. I would say the examples people brought up earlier follow the template of feuds like that just on a much smaller scale. Ideally, if you have something that works or could get you on the radar of the bigger promotions (like Jerry Lynn vs. the Lightning Kid), you should be touring wherever you can. That's what kinda got me interested back in the day when it came to finding more on some of the bigger names in the indies. You watch one match and then find out that a lot of those guys wrestled each in about four or five different promotions if not more.
  2. Unfortunately, in my 95 rewatch, I just passed the week where the Gangstas have left SMW to join ECW and I'm infinitely less interested in watching Smoky Mountain. They even did a great tease on the ECW TV show where they end the show on a cliffhanger of someone mysteriously leaving graffiti on a garage door saying "T.O.S. TPE". Thus, Killer Kyle and D'Lo are now are alone. I know D'Lo eventually shows up on WWF syndicated shows doing jobs under his real name during the second half of the year. With six more months left of the promotion, I wanna see Killer Kyle finish his story. What story? I have no idea, but I wanna see him finish it!
  3. Really casting a wide net with the talk of miner and Pinkerton agent based gimmicks. Now that I think about in, TK may answer that question somewhat serious on a pre event media conference call or scrum. "Hey Tony, when can we expect AEW to reach out more to the often ignored Pinkerton agent demo?" "Ahhh..we're really looking into it, but I just want to say I really love the final season of Deadwood and hopefully we can do a HBO Max tie in sometime in the near future."
  4. Funny you should say that cause I was gonna make a funny quip about AAA but apparently WWE apparently is looking for partners in both Mexico and Puerto Rico. Would AAA pull out of their relationship with AEW if they (AEW) are also working with and prioritizing CMLL? In Puerto Rico, it should be not an issue since Carlos still owns WWC and Carlito is back with WWE. Savio still runs IWA Puerto Rico so they also good there.
  5. I wonder how much data would have been used in the territories if any. I say that because for example watching Southeastern or Continental depending on what year it is, when they do the event rundown for the next cards the belltime was usually 8 p.m. However, depending on the market the show was taped for, it was likely a school night/weekday the day the most promoted card would be on. How much is that factoring in people getting off of work, going home and having dinner/supper, running whatever errands, and finally driving to said event? At the same time, if the show is Monday night, are you really going fuck around and be tired at work the next day cause of the wrestling show? Are you really getting home at around 11:30 or midnight cause you had to see the Rat Pack and also Mr. Olympia rassle Jimmy Golden? That goes especially since the very next week, you can see the same people in some of the same matches with different stipulations.
  6. Did they get a photo op like the Sukeban talent did with Saweetie? Between Saweetie and Sexyy Red, pro wrestling is starting to get really out there with cameos. Also, it's my two worlds converging and I don't like that.
  7. I think what helped Inside the NBA is (1) no competition for that space when it first started to get popular and (2) no real expectation for what had to be discussed other than whatever NBA storylines that happened at the time. On point number 1, now you have virtually every show trying to veer into that lane now with varying degrees of success. On point number #2, it's novel that specifically Charles and Kenny (and add in Shaq now as well) can give an "old head" perspective. The NFL on Fox pre and post game got popular in almost the same way 30+ years ago. However, at the same time, the basketball they're covering is almost an entirely different game than what they played. We're seeing sort of the same issue with Romo and doing color commentary on CBS. Romo was great a year or so after being retired. Not so much now when he's been further away from the game. Since that show already has an existing camaraderie and chemistry, it helps hide those weaknesses of breaking down the game. Put them with other random people, and it will not work especially if they don't really research or watch the games.
  8. That and the service industry is probably ain't for everyone to keep your head above water. It use to be if you had an OVW contract or any type of developmental contract and weren't getting extra like a Brock or Roman were probably getting, you would work at a TGI Friday's or whatever to make up the difference and get some cash in your pocket. That was before people knew working in the food service/hospitality industry was a goddamn nightmare.
  9. I dunno about worst (several way tie for worst maybe) because basically all the major sports talk shows on ESPN, FS1, etc. have a similar set up now. It's crazy how the phone/laptop set up has made its way from news to TMZ to sports where folks are always on standby for breaking news as if they don't have a pre-existing format for that day. Everything is hinged around that especially this time of year where NFL is not going on, baseball hasn't reached the All Star break yet, hockey and basketball are about to be done. If the US Open for golf wasn't happening, somebody didn't bodycheck Caitlin Clark, and two basketball legends didn't die back-to-back, they would be fucked cause they would have nothing to discuss. Something happened where these networks went all in on sports talk, hired a whole bunch of personalities, and didn't figure out that you would need something to discuss.
  10. I feel like the list of Japan's failed attempts at American sports entertainment from that era is long as hell, but Eccentric is probably the exception just cause the idea Sakura Hirota bossing around Chigusa Nagayo (with pigtails mind you) is too ridiculous not to enjoy. That and doing the The Rock's catchphrases for no reason.
  11. Well, it's not as if they're doing this NOW. IMO It's kinda on the same level as someone digging up old posts when folks were teenagers. If folks had the hindsight that they would be huge stars several years later, they likely wouldn't have done those things. It doesn't help that pro wrestling, much like combat sports, is a profession where you can go from making very little to a whole lot in a relatively short time. You notice there a PLENTY of "I use to live out of my car" stories in pro wrestling. So that space (mostly through OnlyFans and the like) is always going to exist as long as there are very few ways to have a stable income before you make it big or at least get booked consistently.
  12. Tatsuro Taira made a dude's knee explode with a back take.
  13. If Davis/Martin was any indication, Loma outboxes Tanks for the first several rounds only to get absolutely demolished in the late rounds once Tank gets dialed in.
  14. Nyla Rose and a few other women who went on to be prominent wrestlers did it as well. To odessa's point, I was going to chime in and say it probably wasn't supplementing your income as much as outweighing whatever money you were making at the time if you're working in the indies. Keep in mind, I am guessing a lot of that stuff was filmed before you had damn near every promotion featuring female talent. Not exactly a whole bunch of options at that point if you're in between getting booked. So no real judgment from me. Shit, comedian Hamburger Jones was just as popular tagging all his jokes by saying Hamburger. It was essentially the same premise. So yeah, Booker is kinda aging himself just like it was weird Herman Cain would start saying random shit like that. That said, I am pretty sure Booker and Stevie spent all their time after coming back from shows watching Comic View and Def Comedy Jam at random low budget motels. I bet Booker knows DC Curry's dirty restaurant bit by heart. To be fair, I probably do as well now that I think about it. Hell, that's why a bunch of black comedians stole it and repurposed it as one of their jokes.
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