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  1. I don't have so much a problem with over the top, overtly sexual stuff with Missy and Francine cause they went low hanging fruit for several years. My issue is the fact that all the shit (meaning the promos and skits on the last PPVs they did) looked like it was shot in a ten dollar a night motel. It was looking low rent even by ECW standards. If I got kicked off TNN, I wouldn't want to show someone working at a potential new TV partner how seedy independent promotion my company that has been on major PPV with a somewhat decent following for four years looks.
  2. FWIW Ray Borg as of like last week is also gone along with the guy who had the foul fest with Leo Santos and poor Max Rohskopf who was doomed anyway. Gonna miss Bethe
  3. Since Cutelaba vs. Ankalaev got removed due to Cutelaba testing positive for COVID-19, the slotting of the card (well everything after Dodson vs. Dvalishvili) isn't finalized yet.
  4. UFC 252: Miočić vs. Cormier III August 15, 2020 Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) UFC Heavyweight Championship: Stipe Miočić © vs. Daniel Cormier (first defense) Sean O'Malley vs. Marlon Vera Junior dos Santos vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik John Dodson vs. Merab Dvalishvili Herbert Burns vs. Daniel Pineda ESPN/ESPN+ Preliminary Card: Jim Miller vs. Vinc Pichel Ashley Yoder vs. Lívia Renata Souza Chris Daukaus vs. Parker Porter Felice Herrig vs. Virna Jandiroba ESPN/ESPN+/Fight Pass Preliminary Card: TJ Brown vs. Danny Chavez Kai Kamaka III vs. Tony Kelley Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Performance of the Night: Fight of the Night: Buyrate:
  5. There is nothing more enriching in life than a pro wrestling chat room.
  6. I'm not saying necessarily Rockhold is a frontrunner, but it seems to me that he can't win fights where he isn't head and shoulders above his opponent. Let me explain. So much of what made Rockhold 1b to Weidman's 1a for a year and some change was he was clearly the best athlete the middleweight division had to offer, and he was dominating people with ease that you rarely saw up to that point from someone who wasn't champion. His most impressive performance to me is still the Machida fight from that one Fox show. However, I think that's what also may have been a detriment to him. In the post fight interview and the like, he's talking about how easy that fight was and he didn't think Machida would be that easy to beat. I mean that's fine. Cocky, but it's fine if you can back it up. The problem is not everything is going to come that easy to you even if you feel you climbed some insurmountable mountain people said you couldn't climb. Rockhold has always had that chip on his shoulder going back to Strikeforce because he was that underachieving underdog who couldn't quite live up to expectations. Then, he started reaching some expectations. He got in the UFC, the Belfort fight happened, and he had to deal with another chip on his already broad shoulders. Just like in Strikeforce, he was able to use that chip to become better and became a real live contender fairly quickly. The actual championship match with Weidman was perhaps the most nip and tuck fight he had since Strikeforce, and wasn't really decided until Weidman made a bad miscalculation. Just like with Machida, he shot plenty of holes into the mystique of Chris Weidman and shattered it for good. Now, after winning UFC gold for real, there was absolutely no reason for him to have a chip on his shoulders. What doubts were people going to have about him? He was a made man. That lined up perfectly with getting upset in the rematch with Bisping. Not just because Bisping had a puncher's chance, but because there was no goal to fulfill for him. I know every person has that excuse when they lose their championship to someone people feel he or she shouldn't lose to. With Rockhold, it's completely valid because we've seen how he has responded and fought in the time since. He has had one foot outside the sport and one foot straddling the line to fight again. So he doesn't even have one whole foot in MMA. That has eventually allowed the field to catch up to him and some cases lap him. What the fuck is a Luke Rockhold, who depends on supreme athleticism but has to be pushed to care, when the rest of the field catches up to him? The answer is just a very good fighter who likely won't ever return to what we were use to seeing from him.
  7. 2020 is Manami Toyota driving Rina Yamashita to a violent and bloody deathmatch in Ice Ribbon on the back of a Harley. See Manami could have been in Sturgis over the weekend, and she instead decided to do this so a woman can beat the shit out of another woman with countless lighttubes. She's a responsible human being.
  8. I've heard with Vince that a tag team is just one extra person to pay. With that said, that's why you saw so many makeshift or frenemies tag teams (Yoko/Owen, Shawn/Austin, Spark Plug/Kid, Bam Bam/Tatanka, etc.) at that time. Once they had to do real tag team programs, it was barren as fuck. How many Godwinns/Smoking Gunns matches can you do?
  9. For whatever reason, sites (like IMDB) have the story wrong. It happened when he was rehearsing it in the ring before the Night of Legends show. The genesis of him trying to do it though began in Japan when he was with Ultimo Dragon, and he tried it off a diving board into a pool. Fast forward some time later, he failed doing it and landed on his head. In fact, he had screwed it up many times in practice. Then, he was going to try it again at another show but the show got cancelled. So he asked Cornette if he could rehearse it before the Night of Legends show. Cornette said yes as long as he didn't get hurt. He got hurt. There you go.
  10. ...that is until we eventually find out you're sex trafficking. This is how that story usually ends.
  11. I think the short notice match against Marreta actually benefited Holland because he isn't going to be matched up that tough too many times especially early in his UFC run. He was going to get ran over. He got ran over, and eventually lived to tell about it. Moreover, the Joaquin Buckley fight shows that all prospects aren't created equally. When they were showing Buckley's highlights from LFA, I kinda had a feeling that it might be a rough night at the office for him. You would think after Oluwale Bamgbose's rocky UFC tenure that fighters at middleweight would figure out that the short guy for the division getting inside on his opponent and throwing wildly doesn't really work. It won't work unless you have ungodly power. You got it to work in LFA. Good. The problem is you're now fighting someone who's not going to be thrown for a loop by that. If you can't stun a guy and make him respect you immediately, it's basically ineffective pressure. You're going to run right into his power. Guess what happened? Buckley got hit with a right hand that couldn't have been thrown any better and got his mouthpiece ripped away upon impact. Just like Holland used the Marreta loss as a learning experience, Buckley has got to use this as a learning experience. You have to make that adjustment now. Not all opposition you'll face deserves to be in the UFC, but a good number of them can easily figure out your playbook.
  12. Which is funny because Ripper wasn't that big in her first run with AJW. When she came back later, she was super sized with unfortunately half her former ability. I think that's why they had mixed results with the foreigners later on. Reggie Bennett had an okay run, but they also had Terri Power (aka WWF's Tori on gas) who was too big to even move around with those girls who can work circles around her. Even with Reggie, some of those matches were rough. And yeah, Chris Charlton is where I heard that since I follow him on Twitter. Thank you on that. To be fair, I think plenty of those women have needed knee and hip replacements. IIRC while researching/double checking something I was going post here recently, I think I saw a story about Lioness Asuka having one or both of her hips replaced. I think that was the reason she couldn't actually physically participate in one of those reunion/retirement shows not too far back. I'm not shocked. There was a video I shared here from a six woman tag w/ her at those AJW studio shows outside circa 2000 during a downpour where she does a diving footstomp, slips due to the rain, and her hips (and the back of her head) crack on that hard ass Japanese table on the way down. Absolutely brutal. AND SHE JUST KEEPS ON WORKING! A complete and utter mad woman. Those matches with KAORU in GAEA where also insane because they just decided to kill each other for half an hour, dangerous spot after dangerous spot, until they had nothing physically left. As for Bull, by 1994 and certainly early 95, you can tell she was on borrowed time. I watched her WWF title match with Kyoko from March 1995, and she's moving around with such a deliberate pace. She's basically calling spots on camera off irish whips, and they do them. No rhyme or reason. Just spots. The crowd is basically dead. There are some ugly moments in the match where Kyoko royally fucks up a sunset flip and Bull is pissed. Then, they do a superplex spot (I THINK) where they both tumble to the outside causing Bull to land on her head. The crowd finally gets into it at the end but it kinda ends abruptly with a somersault guillotine legdrop. I don't think anyone believed Kyoko was winning. I dunno how Dave rated that ****1/2. I think someone told him that it was ****1/2, and he went with it. It was a good match save for the blown spots early on, but Kyoko had an off night (even the turnaround second rope springboard dropkick looked like shit) and Bull was certainly not at her best. You can see at that point, Bull needed smoke and mirrors to have a great match. That Kandori chain match from 1994 was great because she didn't need to be physical the entire match. A lot of it was working the crowd, brawling, clever psychology, Bull at points fighting from underneath, and a couple of well timed bladejobs. You could have put that match in the Mid South Coliseum, in Mid-Atlantic, or any territory back in the heyday, and it wouldn't have looked out of place. Her knees weren't going to hold up doing the matches she use to do. I'm pretty sure the coup de grace was the Nitro match with Ozaki and Cuty vs. Bull and Akira right after World War III 95 where Hokuto came down with all her weight on a somersault plancha on Bull's right knee, which dislocated it. Bull said as much in an interview from earlier this year. It makes me wonder if they hadn't gone so balls to the wall if she could have had a longer career. As is, her body was a ticking time bomb.
  13. I've heard that too (maybe it was here actually), but I think her weight naturally fluctuates. She was skinny post wrestling (when people first started freaking out that was her), but years ago for her retirement show, she was much bigger than lady golfer Bull Nakano. Now she's super slim more than ever before.
  14. Derrick Lewis strategy: Do stuff. Doesn't matter if it makes sense or not...just do stuff. Foolproof plan, baby.
  15. Weidman is gonna win this one, but boy, I don't know if he has anything left to compete with the best in the division. Akhmedov is a decent fighter, but you shouldn't be going life and death with him.
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