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  1. Carlos Ulberg is stepping at as the replacement against Jamahal Hill. Here are other very notable fight announcements.
  2. I pretty much agree with 99.9% of what you're saying, but I will say that I dunno if the Association or fans won't allow a foreign born player to be the face of the league. However, because there isn't a defacto #1 for the last several years. There are a bunch of 1A 1B 1C 1D 1Es and you go from there. Bron got that mantle because the league was certainly his. Steph and for a little while Kawhi and Durant made it very interesting, but it was largely his (LeBron). Right now, there is such an amazing array of talent at the top and league wide that unless someone clearly runs away with, there won't be a new guy to replace LeBron. Even if he retires. And I would be totally fine with that because there is no need for one singular face. The league has grown beyond that whereas the WNBA being on the ascent right now needs that.
  3. Between this and the dumbass comment made by the Donn Davis about Kayla Harrison, it ain't been a great week for PFLlator in terms of optics.
  4. I feel like they missed their window on Car Wash by a good 25 years. Matter of fact, Dre and Snoop did their version called The Wash back in the early 2000s directed by DJ Pooh. It was...a movie. Probably one of the best things you can say about it. I mean they tried, but it was just basically a low budget homage with a bunch of useless cameos. I could see them basically trying to recreate what The Get Down did or was trying to do with the origins of hip hop in the Bronx, but it would need to feel organic and not ham-fisted.
  5. HEY TEENAGE PREGNANCY IS A REAL ISSUE! If Arn Anderson can be an Anderson sounding like the biggest redneck from Georgia, Giulia can be an Orton!
  6. I feel like if these a like a mini version of DSotR that was like 10-15 minutes long, Chris Colt would certainly qualify. There would be a whole bunch of people that probably don't have enough material for an hour who would qualify. As is, I don't know if the Chris Colt story is intriguing to justify an entire episode. I'm saying that as someone who defended the episode and mostly because I only knew bits and pieces about Chris Colt. So for me, learning about him was my justification for caring.
  7. Given New Jack was friends with the RnR and Tracy Smothers in SMW, Jack and Dr. D might be the best of friends in the end. They'd be like a real life Jack Cates and Reggie Hammond.
  8. You're telling me the person who said "Chris Colt is the best wrestler people never heard of" might have had something to do with this? You don't say? Jim can be pretty lax hurling around these superlatives.
  9. Eh...I mean it's fair to say the dark side element for the Tenta is the fact a guy who was still relatively young kinda washed out and wrestling really didn't have a place for him. Same for Ottman, who was pegged to be a star and then by the time he was Shockmaster/Uncle Fred in WCW, there was no real place for him. I think the one that probably doesn't fit is probably Chris Colt just because it has a lot less to do with wrestling and more about American culture in general and how we looked at homosexuality in the 60s and 70s. Otherwise, you probably didn't give a damn about that episode.
  10. I think because we're so far removed from it now, it allows way more people to be far more objective. If you heard about that in 1996 or 1997, it had only been 9 or 10 years since it happened. If you heard about it earlier or when it happened, even more recent. And yeah, Luger's reputation in the business at that time vs. an almost deity like respected figure Bruiser Brody is no contest. The carny thing is always to defend the business even if it makes no sense at all.
  11. Okay...let me pitch this: NXT welcomes fourth generation superstar "COWBOY"/"ACE" GIULIA ORTON, DAUGHTER OF RANDY ORTON
  12. Well, think of how California is constructed and how the population is spread out and then look at Texas. So much of California's population is concentrated in the Bay Area and LA County.
  13. I honestly fail to see what one has to do with the other unless the expectation now and forever is for victims to always support other victims especially when viewpoints are going to be extremely different. That or be the foremost expert. That's just not always realistic. Moreover, I dunno if that is enough to invalidate one's own experiences. Yes, people can be naturally hypocritical. Welcome to the world. Missy Hyatt went through what she went through. Janel Grant went through what she went through. Two totally separate incidents. The end.
  14. I dunno what happened but Nagai thought he was in a real fight.
  15. The way Iizuka got injured in that match was totally an accident. Rick looked totally spooked when it happened. And honestly, the rest of that match was standard Steiner brothers fare for a lot of their work in Japan. Fujinami ain't no punk. He went toe to toe with those guys.
  16. To be fair, having just watched the match and having viewed it several times, the New Japan team did a fair amount of brutalizing. I am guessing a lot of that was just the language barrier. They just absolutely went to work on each other. Now juxtapose that with very Southern rasslin match to open the card between the Freebirds and Terry Taylor and Greg Valentine.
  17. Yeah, certain talking points don't really align with what's being pushed. You can say Turner brass wanted a more kid friendly show but Konnan is out here talking about tossing salads and peeling potatoes. Flair is getting naked every week. Scott Steiner is trying to push the envelope every week. Two of Macho Man's valets were damn near half naked every week. What about that is kid friendly other than trying to attract overly horny barely teenage boys like WWF did with Sable, Sunny, and then later Chyna? If anything it feels like WCW was caught between two worlds of trying to play catch up but with all these old characters like Flair, Piper, Nash, Hogan, Sting, etc. They were also hoping to recapture the magic of 96-97 of being new and exciting. Meanwhile outside of Vince, everyone on WWF TV at the top is 35 years old and younger. They were trying do all WWF storylines and angles at the time, but characters that didn't fit.
  18. EXACTLY! I think his (Conrad) brain broke with the Starrcade 98 stuff among other things. It's the same when Prichard has to address real lingering issues among certain topics that always are controversial. Bruce's flight or fight response though is always just nonsensical trolling (see the Red Rooster). Eric will just argue and then deflect. Yeah, it's definitely a bit of column B as Conrad has said several times he won't throw those guys under a bus cause he considers them friends. However, IMO, I think he also knows it hurts the quality of those shows. Sometimes, he will fight the good fight and TRY to get something out of them. However, usually it's fruitless. Those two in particular will answer what they want to answer. It doesn't matter WHO the host is. IMO Conrad is just a slightly above average as an interviewer. However, those two in particular (Bruce and Eric) vacillate between really funny and insightful to downright atrocious and banal as subjects. Unless you're an absolute professional (and there are virtually few in the space), you got your work cut out, buddy.
  19. Listen to me closely...fuck Bruce. I say that as someone who rarely does that. He shouldn't be rewarded for going into business for himself just cause WWF never saw fit to include him in anything pertinent. He is lucky Austin or any of the other guys on his team didn't stump him into a fine powder. That said, you can pretty much subtract the weak point of any excellent multi person match. However, what would be the point? There are guys and gals who have rings in sports who barely contributed but get basically the same glory. Funny I should bring up Canadian Stampede and multi man matches cause I watched the War Games match from 1992 last Saturday. Austin and Dustin are in that match as well just on opposing sides. They are easily two of the hardest workers in the matches along with Windham, Steamboat, and Arn. Sting deserves a nod as well. Everyone else? Just there. Hell, Madusa climbing the cage and scurrying away from Sting was more valuable than anything Larry Zbsyzko did. However, I cannot honestly take the background players out of the match just because I don't think matches should be ranked in that way when everything played out perfectly. I looked at great non singles matches like this: if those guys played too big a role or overstepped what they were capable of, then the wrestlers who made the matches have their performances diminished. So is the storytelling.
  20. I hope one day someone loves me as much as Mayumi Ozaki loves 1999 American pro wrestling. She REFUSES to let it go.
  21. Singles match? Probably. I remember that one was good. As far as, his last good match regardless of the match type? Remember he was one of the men in the Canadian Stampede main event. Probably one of my sentimental favorites of all time. Man, I saw a tag team WAR vs. NJ match essentially with Liger/Samurai vs. Ultimo Dragon and Norio Honaga. Poor El Samurai might as well been in the crowd cause those three dudes just ignored him and worked absolute circles around him. A goddamn barnburner.
  22. Yeah, I was going to bring that up since I am rewatching 1995 and that just happened a few weeks prior to where I am now. It didn't last long apparently.
  23. I think he would've modified it eventually just case he probably would have been stupid enough to drag it on for that long. Everytime they (WCW) tried something different with Pillman, whether it was a failure or successful, they eventually reverted him back to Flyin' Brian until he joined the Four Horsemen. That stunted his career cause he was too old to be a white meat babyface after already being one. I thought he was solid to good depending on the opponent. Part of that awkwardness probably comes from him being an ex football player who likely wants to wrestle like a guy 25-50 pounds heavier.
  24. I was never a big fan of "Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman, at least the WWF version. When he was playing off of Austin, he was great. Outside of that? I didn't like the fake edgy nature of it. Maybe it's probably cause he was doing racist jokes on commentary, and even if it's a work, it doesn't age well. I get it was of its time, but I've seen people do that character or iterations of that character better. I probably would have felt slightly better if he wrestled like the old Brian Pillman, but we were never going to see that in his condition.
  25. I feel like Eric's sweet spot is post Hogan coming in but pre Starrcade 1997. Specifically when creatively or in terms of business decisions, he was also at his peak. That seems to be when he actually has some deliverables and isn't cleverly searching for non-answers. Once you get out of the sweet spot, oh boy. This goes especially if Conrad is needling him with Observer quotes. It's a rocky ride from there.
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