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  1. I imagine Lawler wasn't there. Even if they had did what Randy Hales wanted and started calling people early, getting Lawler would probably still be a challenge. Anyone working for WWE knows it would start some shit if they end up being spotted at an AEW event.
  2. Chas Skelly got his fight canceled earlier this week because Grant Dawson is having USADA issues, but I don't know if he got his show money at least. If you weigh in especially, I think they work something out in terms of compensation. Like I brought up recently with people missing weight, in this case with a big miss, the commission is going to step in and automatically cancel the fight. So Claudia had no choice in accepting a fight and a % of her opponent's purse so it's not her fault in any shape or form. Sucks cause I was really looking forward to this fight with two of my favorite female fighters.
  3. Stars who have chemistry + semi low expectations going in + nice, little inoffensive action movie in this current climate of filmmaking = good reviews
  4. Not that I necessarily disagree with all of that sentiment, but who in MMA is making stars? Compared to every MMA promotion right now, UFC is like in a whole different stratosphere. They might not be selling a bunch of PPVs, but UFC's middle and upper tier is stacked with talent.
  5. If anyone actually watched Romero's recent slate of fights, weight cutting issues aside, I don't think they would have a big problem with Romero with getting a title shot. I think this is pretty much an obvious attempt to have a fantastic fight and get Adesanya over than "who is a legit #1 number contender". Carlos Condit, who is not like this spectacular draw, got a title shot on a one fight winning streak against a man coming off beating PAPY ABEDI and SETH BACZYNSKI. The fight was epic enough that the very few people who did care about that one particular detail shut the hell up afterwards. I don't know if this fight will be as good as that but it likely will be up there. This is how you build stars.
  6. BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 0 ShoBox: Shishkin vs. Sierra (1/17/2020) - Sloan, IA (WinnaVegas Casino & Resort) Vladimir Shishkin vs. Ulises Sierra - Shishkin, TKO, R6 Shohjahon Ergashev vs. Adrian Estrella - Ergashev, DEC Jarico O'Quinn vs. Oscar Vasquez - O'Quinn, DEC Brandun Lee vs. Miguel Zamudio - Lee, TKO, R1 Alejandro Guerrero vs. Darnell Jiles Jr. - Guerrero, TKO, R2 Brian Norman Jr. vs. Evincii Dixon - Norman Jr., TKO, R3 Gunnar Kolbeinn Kristinsson vs. Dell Long - Kristinsson, TKO, R3 EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 0 LFA 80: Garcia vs. Mariscal (1/17/2020) - Albuquerque, NM (Route 66 Casino Hotel) Steve Garcia Jr. vs. Jose Mariscal - Garcia Jr., TKO, R2 Jerome Rivera vs. Kendrick Latchman - Rivera, SUB, R1 Jordan Wright vs. Gabriel Checco - Wright, DEC Chris Brown vs. Carrington Banks - Banks, DEC Edwin Cooper Jr. vs. Sean William Cerveny - Cooper Jr., TKO, R3 Toninho Gavinho vs. Josh Marsh - Gavinho, TKO, R3 Josh Streacker vs. Tyler Ray - Ray, TKO, R2 BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 0 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Alvarez vs. Seals (1/18/2020) - Verona, NY (Turning Stone Resort & Casino) Eleider Alvarez vs. Michael Seals - Felix Verdejo vs. Manuel Rey Rojas - Jonathan Guzman vs. Rodolfo Hernandez-Montoya - Christopher Diaz vs. Adeilson Dos Santos - Abraham Nova vs. Pedro Navarrete - Devin Vargas vs. Victor Bisbal - Jared Anderson vs. Andrew Satterfield - BONUS EVENT #3 POINT TOTAL: 0 Premier Boxing Champions: Williams vs. Rosario (1/18/2020) - Philadelphia, PA (Liacouras Center) WBA Super World & IBF Super Welterweight Championship: Julian Williams vs. Jeison Rosario - Interim WBA World Super Featherweight Championship: Chris Colbert vs. Jezreel Corrales - Jorge Cota vs. Thomas LaManna - Ricky Lopez vs. Jose Luis Gallegos - Kyrone Davis vs. Antonio Todd - Paul Kroll vs. Marcel Rivers - Joey Spencer vs. Erik Spring - Vito Mielnicki Jr. vs. Preston Wilson - EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 0 UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy (1/18/2020) - Las Vegas, NV (T-Mobile Arena) Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone - Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington - Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Maurice Greene - Anthony Pettis vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira - Roxanne Modafferi vs. Maycee Barber - Andre Fili vs. Sodiq Yusuff - Tim Elliott vs. Askar Askerov - Drew Dober vs. Nasrat Haqparast - Aleksa Camur vs. Justin Ledet - Brian Kelleher vs. Ode Osborne - Sabina Mazo vs. JJ Aldrich - The Friday events deadline is January 17, 7:15 p.m. CST. The Saturday events deadline is January 18, 5:30 p.m. CST.
  7. All the rules will be added when I get the time. I'm almost done with calculating the scores for the end of last year's contest after being swamped with work. Should be completed this weekend.
  8. I swear the last time I rooted for the Titans was the time they went to the Super Bowl, and that's only because Steve McNair was a home state guy and having current/eventual Alcorn State alum in my immediate family. I don't want my heart to be broken on the one yard line again.
  9. You mean like when even WWE contracted talent Baron Corbin chose to watch AEW instead of NXT?
  10. They replay old games all the time on the ESPN channels all the time (and obviously the NFL Network), but usually not main ESPN unless it's probably 4 am at night. But the thing is, I doubt people in droves are watching those old games. The replays of games (NBA, MLB, and NFL) that happened that night or that week are probably a hell of a score for those folks who don't have a DVR system though. I'm guessing they are extremely careful of showing Pats games with Aaron Hernandez. I don't know if they show games on the SEC channels when he was at the University of Florida. I imagine they are not going out of their way to show the 2009 BCS National Championship game.
  11. If the ratings don't turn around on Paramount, I think Coker gets ousted (probably Rich Chou out as matchmaker as well) and they bring in someone to make changes. Whether that particular move is positive or not, we will just have to find out. I just opened the recent Observer just a couple minutes ago and saw that even Meltzer was critical of the Fedor/Rampage rating. When Coker's homeboy can't even put spin on a rating, you know it's not good. I get that when a show is available in another format (DAZN in this case), it can diminish a TV number. However, you can't tell me Bellator has 200,000-450,000 people watching on DAZN in addition to the viewers on Paramount. Whenever Meltzer would put out those articles with the Paramount ratings on MMA Fighting, he would say that it's partially because the shows are also on DAZN. For me, that's a "HOW, SWAY?!" moment. First off, no one has the numbers including Dave. Second, besides MMA websites and their social media accounts, I hardly see anyone discussing Bellator shows. Third, the numbers were heading down BEFORE they had shows on DAZN. If we were to see Bellator's numbers on DAZN, how likely is it a 50/50 split? I would say between 0 to 10 percent. All these tournament ideas, partnership with Rizin, bringing in 50 Cent, etc. have not stopped the bleeding. Coker's job was to make these events feel special and he hasn't done that. To probably the hardest of hardcores? Probably and that a big probably. To a much bigger audience? No, it's been downhill since Kimbo passed away and that's damn near four years ago now.
  12. Anytime you release a random list or listamania, you can absorb some of the damage because most people are going to talk about glaring omissions. When Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth have to talk about rushing yards in like a three game stretch or something like that, that graphic is not going to feature OJ's name or they won't linger on it for any amount of time on the small chance it does show up.
  13. I have to admit Darby is growing on me. He needed to bring it last night, and he did.
  14. It's usually a case by case basis. There was enough pushback whenever Surviving R Kelly came out and other stuff where R Kelly's stuff was taken off various sources where you would hear it. OJ largely has been written out of NFL history, but he's discussed here and there. When that one guy on the Bills practice squad wanted to wear OJ's number, that was a story for a second. Of course, when the 30 for 30 came out, there was plenty of discussion. Other than that I don't recall his highlights being shown or whenever records or on screen graphics regarding any type of records are shown, OJ is never on any type of list. Of course, NFL can hire endless amount of people to make sure it doesn't happen.
  15. They weren't going to do that anyway. That's the standard operating procedure answer.
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