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  1. Rocketman and Child's Play are in. Pool thread most likely goes up Tuesday morning.
  2. When they announced the Spring Break scramble match, Janela tweeted that Andy was supposed to be in it, but he was injured. Fractured eye socket or something like that?
  3. There will be a few that you could argue shouldn't be on there over those three. It's not always all that clear-cut... and sometimes I'm just wrong. There's definitely one on the pool list that is in there just for my own amusement.
  4. The movie choices continue to spiral out of control as I become increasingly old and out of touch. Why is there a Brad Pitt summer movie that I hadn't heard of at all before now? Is Brad Pitt even a box office draw any more? Argh!
  5. Copy & pasting from prior years: If you're new here, we run this pool where I put up a list of 20 movies coming out this summer, and people rank them based on predicted box office take and critical reception. In the past, I've missed putting some movies on the list that should've been there (e.g. Bridesmaids) and put some movies on the list that should not have been there (e.g. My Life In Ruins). So for the past few years, the selection of the borderline movies has been up to you. I already have 18 movies selected. I'm looking to fill the last 2 spots. The top 2 vote-getters in this poll will be included in this year's pool. You basically want to vote for the movie that you think will end up having the most people talking about it. Like, the kind of movie that if it wasn't on the list, we'd be thinking "Oh man, how did we miss that one?" Poll closes April 21st (if I did everything correctly)
  6. Rusev might as well go get "Zero Fucks" tattooed on his forehead. Although I guess he's actually showing company loyalty there.
  7. I'm only halfway through this thread, but someone really should put together some sort of side-by-side video comparison. Even if it's just cherry-picking the most obvious cases. I'd like to see it.
  8. At night 1 of Spring Break 3 last Friday. A goofy costume 2 years running.
  9. "Maybe less really is more!"
  10. No idea if the cameras caught me, but if you see a guy in a Statue of Liberty costume in the crowd, that's me! I was sitting directly in front of No Legs (he was front row stage, I was back row floor). The fan sitting beside me was convinced Deppen was coming for me as his opponent.
  11. He does go through the same comedy routine a lot. However Cassidy vs. David Starr from Beyond 11/25/2018, which is on YouTube, is a legit great match. If you don't like that one, then definitely avoid him at all costs.
  12. The end of the Clusterfuck actually made me a little uncomfortable. At the venue, there was just silence afterwards with guys laid out in the ring (which I think is how they wanted it to end) then the crowd chanted "is it over?" and the announcer had to confirm that it was. You could spin it like, part of a wrestling story is the heel getting their comeuppance. If the story in wrestling right now is the women ascending to the top of the card, then the heel is men for keeping them down for so long ("not all men" stuff aside). GCW was willing to tell that less palatable part of the story where men got what they had coming to them, in a very on-brand, violent way. It's kind of brilliant.
  13. He had a cup of coffee with EVOLVE in late 2017-early 2018, so he had to be on Gabe's radar, at least. I saw one of those matches and Mercer looked good. Not sure what happened there.
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