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  1. Seems like that "Gunther Stark" name they trademarked is, in fact, going to WALTER.
  2. Table prices in Buffalo are at an all-time high.
  3. I mean, I guess technically it was already posted the last time they released him.
  4. Assuming someone will already have posted this, but:
  5. Is it too late for Regal to be one of the judges?
  6. I have zero insider knowledge of anything going on with GCW, but all signs point to Funches being told to make that tweet in order to set up some sort of Funches vs. AJ Gray thing at their LA show later this month. If you look at him refusing to delete the tweet, he's all but saying "GCW didn't tell me to take this down so I'm not taking it down".
  7. Ricky Starks deleted his twitter account? Seems bad.
  8. This wasn't entirely the wrestlers' fault, they worked hard, but in terms of a match falling apart: Small indie in the late 90s. Ladder match. There was a title belt hanging above the ring, and also a mystery envelope. To win, you could take either the title or whatever was in the envelope. Face and heel are fighting at the top of the ladder, both fall off, but the belt also becomes partially unhooked and dangles by one end to the point that you could just reach up and grab it without a ladder. Heel is in control of the match, fans are screaming at him to just grab the belt, but he yells back "I can win any time I want" and keeps punishing the face. Well, okay. Then, after a particularly hard bump in the ring, the belt just falls to the mat. Referee grabs it and sweeps it out of the ring. They announce that the match will now just be for the envelope. Face ends up winning and celebrates to the back with the envelope. Never opens it.
  9. Thanks to you as well, along with everyone else who solves them! (Thanks also to @AxBand @Phil Schneiderfor the retweets)
  10. I get that they got the name from that tweet, but the best theory I've seen is that Phillip Five Skulls will be Phillip Brooks.
  11. Here's this month's wrestling crossword. I didn't get a lot of clicks on this. Maybe the tweet should have been more about wrestling and less about crosswords. Regardless:
  12. Okay, Hangman goes through the table on the outside and sells his arm. After the commercial, Hangman hits multiple lariats but they have no effect. Excalibur says "The lariat doesn't have the effect because Danielson put in all that work on the right arm of Hangman." Danielson cuts off the lariats by kicking Hangman's arm, then does it again. I'm thinking "Wow, Hangman can't use the Buckshot now, what will he do?" They go to the top, Danielson tries a backdrop suplex but Hangman lands on his feet, and flattens Danielson with a discus lariat using that same right arm. His arm is immediately fine again for the rest of the match because why? Magic?
  13. Loved the crowd screaming "Aww!" when the bell sounded at 60 minutes. Reminded me of seeing Inception in a movie theater.
  14. I'd go so far as to say that Briscoes vs. OGK was a MOTYC. Felt like both teams just decided to completely empty the tank, and why not?
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