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  1. My Twitter pals figured out 4 of the 5 numbers. Santana & Ortiz were 51-50, i.e. crazy Jericho was 27, the same number his father wore in his hockey career Guevara was 93, the year he was born Hager was 72. No idea why. The best I could come up with was that it's a 72 virgins reference as a shot at AEW fans???
  2. Going into it, I was thinking we'd already seen that sort of match twice from Jericho, vs. Jungle Boy and vs. Scorpio Sky, and we didn't need to see it again. But it also wouldn't make sense for Suge to come out of the crowd and beat Jericho when those two guys couldn't. I didn't know exactly where that left things, but a quick Jericho squash worked for me.
  3. Hey, by the way, we got Mike Tyson! Very strange.
  4. I remember liking this quite a bit, but I tried to sell someone on it and they were like "So... they invented Big Brother?"
  5. Are you saying you paid for food at a dine-in movie theater for a family of 4? Good Lord. It would almost be cheaper to pay for a babysitter, dinner for two at a Michelin starred restaurant, and a month of Netflix.
  6. Man... AMC really didn't like Universal saying "we expect to release movies on both formats". https://deadline.com/2020/04/amc-fires-off-note-to-universal-in-wake-of-jeff-shell-wsj-statements-on-windows-trolls-world-tour-exhib-wont-license-studios-movies-1202920415/
  7. It's looking like people have a whole lot of receipts. My Twitter timeline has all but pronounced him guilty.
  8. Yep. Tune in to find out in the weeks to come! He said something like "I'm excited to tell people the story of my journey" after the match. Also noticed they're not going with the name "LGB-DDT" for his finisher.
  9. Satin sheds a bit of light on some things here. Right at the end of the article: So they have a few months to tell some sort of story with Drake. He's not necessarily done right after the tournament. https://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/drake-maverick-wwe-release-nxt-tournament-interview/#.XqGh78hKjIV
  10. Okay, I can mostly buy that. Everything that they did on this show makes sense in that context. The part where they announce him for a tournament, but then release him, but then still let him work the tournament rather than just replace him (which all apparently happened before he put up the video) is still weird. Very "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing".
  11. Okay, help me out here. Which of the following is true: 1. WWE announced Drake Maverick for a round robin tournament, then they released him, but are still having him work the tournament matches rather than find a replacement from their very large roster, and they're doing video packages on him and interviews with him, just giving him a whole lot of camera time even though he's out of the company after this tournament's over 2. They released a whole bunch of people for real, but Drake Maverick's release is a work 3. Some other option I'm not thinking of
  12. Hearing good things about Sea Fever, although it looks kinda standard from the trailer.
  13. My first reaction when I heard it was cancelled was surprise. Which goes to show you that I have spent too much time in the world of pro wrestling and lost touch with reality.
  14. Fully agree. Also upset to see Listen Up Philip in the bottom section. A Dark Song in the top 50 is a W-I-L-D pick. Not that it's bad, it's decent, but I would describe it as B-movie horror (albeit with an exceptional ending) and I'm very surprised a critic would put it that high.
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