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  1. The opening match of last night's Uncharted Territory, which is Beyond Wrestling's live show on IWTV, was Brandon Thurston vs. Jay Freddie. Late in the match, both men were on the top rope and fell to the outside. I believe what happened is Freddie landed feet first on the ring steps, which he wasn't expecting to hit, and then fell to the floor from there without being able to protect himself. He was knocked out for a short time. Scary moment as the crowd went deathly silent, but everyone handled it as well as possible. They called the match immediately, paramedics came in, IWTV cut the feed and went to pre-taped bumper spots, Beyond gave an update on social media after a few minutes that Freddie was conscious and in good spirits, and Drew Cordeiro got on commentary to run down what happened when they went back live. They didn't show Freddie on camera again until he was back up on his feet.
  2. Got mine watched, and the plan is to write up the review tonight.
  3. This was up for like half an hour before someone finally noticed and deleted it. I can't think of any of the other examples right now, but I feel like they've had quite a few Twitter gaffes that could easily have been prevented.
  4. If that tweet is a work, well, AEW's audience really loves AEW, so Joey turning on the promotion itself would be a smart way to get heel heat. I hope it's a work.
  5. For Evil Dead Trap 2 I managed to find a video store owned by a guy who knew he was in tough competing against stuff like Netflix, and was actually willing to buy a rental copy of it just for me. (It was a store that focused on genre movies, at least.) For Don't Go In The House, it went like this: Me: "I'm looking for a movie called Don't Go In The House, do you have it?" Video store: "Yes we do." Me: "Okay, great!" *hangs up* Couple minutes later, my phone rings. Video store: "Hey, that movie you just called about, we only have it on VHS. Is that ok?" Me: (glances over at shelf full of wrestling tapes) "Yeah that's no problem"
  6. For me, tracking down a copy of whatever I get assigned is part of the fun. Have fond memories of calling video stores to ask about Don't Go In The House and Evil Dead Trap 2 for past Halloween Havocs.
  7. The Oscar previously awarded to the "Best Foreign Language Film" is now being awarded to the "Best International Feature Film"... but the foreign language requirement still exists, as the Nigerian movie Lionheart was disqualified for containing too much English.
  8. I see Cody saying "If I don't defeat you" (not sure that's an exact quote, but he used the word "defeat") rather than "If I don't win the title" as a tip-off. But, maybe I'm wrong. People are certainly correct that they've said lots of things about having clean finishes. We'll see what they do.
  9. Just did a quick scan through the thread and I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned, but Cody said if he didn't defeat Jericho he would never challenge for the title again. The way to weasel out of that stip would be to have Cody win by countout or DQ, so Jericho keeps the belt. Then maybe that could lead to a rematch where the "never challenge for the title" stip is forgotten, or Cody puts something different on the line.
  10. As the person who picked the movie, I don't think you're a jerk at all, but I would love to see you review it! It was Lovely, Still, for the record.
  11. Scoring 46 points in a quarter seems pretty pretty pretty good
  12. They made it. Someone's gonna score 150+ in regulation and lose the game.
  13. Oof, they completely reformatted the Box Office Mojo website. It shouldn't affect this contest at all, because I'm pretty sure they still give all the info I need... it's just gonna take some getting used to. https://www.thewrap.com/box-office-mojo-criticized-after-redesign-that-includes-a-paywall-for-some-data/
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