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  1. About the Nick Comoroto talk, I was looking through his Cagematch last night during the Moxley match to see if he'd ever done anything neat on the indies. I have zero idea if this is good, because I haven't had time to actually watch it, but here's Nick Comoroto, KTB, and Fallah Bahh vs. Abyss, Matt Riddle, and Punishment Martinez in a Monsters' Ball match. It, y'know, sort of sounds like it might be good.
  2. Wrestling crossword #4 is live. Enjoyed some of the things I was able to put in this one; hearing that it's a tough solve, but I hope you give it a look anyway!
  3. Abadon's look creates a lot of goodwill with me. I've enjoyed pretty much everything she's done so far. I never gave any consideration to her actually winning the title in this match, and really don't think it'll happen, but this thread at least put the idea in my head and I think that'll make the match more enjoyable for me.
  4. Of course it's far from the most important concern, but with wrestlers outside the company hyping the show, I'm thinking tonight's Dynamite has a shot at being the most watched episode of 2020.
  5. This is from an Ice Ribbon show in October of this year. Just curious, anyone got any insight on what the rules of this match were? It appears to be a 10-on-1 Ironwoman handicap match with a title on the line, and the champion gets pinned 8 times, but the final result is a time limit draw and she retains the title? All I can get from the Ice Ribbon english Twitter account is that it was announced as Risa Sera vs. X in a 60 minute ironwoman hardcore match, so the 10-person team was a surprise.
  6. Made another wrestling crossword, if anyone wants to give it a look.
  7. Didn't see every match, but thought it overdelivered. Sasha-Carmella and Reigns-Owens were both legit good matches by any standard. I have zero investment in the characters, so I watched the Inferno match to see someone get set on fire. Someone did in fact get set on fire, and no one was seriously hurt. Seems good to me!
  8. Cancelled my New Japan World subscription today. Had been toying with the idea, and Super J Cup was the nail in the coffin. I'm confident Ibushi vs. Naito will be excellent but am lukewarm on everything else, and I would think they've announced their best matches already.
  9. I know what it was, if anyone needs the title I can DM it to them.
  10. I would think that 995k has to drop significantly next week. They announced 4 matches and there's nothing in there that should draw that many viewers. But we'll see what happens.
  11. Didn't watch, but saw Jeff Hardy killing himself thanks to Twitter. Looked very ouch!
  12. He's only doing 30 of them, and then that's it. I believe he just got on Cameo yesterday, and he's already sold 24.
  13. I have a couple of Twitter buddies test-solve the crosswords, and that was the problem area for them too. To be specific, probably very few people would get 9A and 21A (even if they had several of the letters filled in), and someone who doesn't watch a lot of WWE tv probably wouldn't get 11D either. I want the crosswords to be solvable, so I added the movie hint to 9A and the anagram helper to 11D. Thanks for the compliments!
  14. Hey I made a wrestling crossword last month for the Tiger Driver people, but didn't think to post it here. I believe it was @AxB who did that (thanks!). Here is this month's. I'm trying to keep it up at one per month going forward. If you liked last month's, you'll probably like this one too!
  15. I'm thinking it could be more likely that we get Cody & Brandi vs. Shaq & Jade than Cody vs. Shaq one-on-one. That would explain why the women were involved, and a tag match would of course be less effort for Shaq.
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