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  1. My interest in movies as a whole has been way down, but I'm trying to get back into it with a plan for October. Just 10 movies, all 1970s horror, all first-time watches.
  2. I'm not exactly sure why, but I found it screamingly hilarious that Ruby delivers her big "banging one of the boys in the back" line, they go to crowd reaction shots, and one of them is a guy in a Penta mask doing the Cero Miedo taunt.
  3. Have we considered that "Elite Hunter" might mean he's the AEW version of Hunter Hearst Helmsley and that's why they're constantly jobbing him?
  4. No reason next week's Dynamite shouldn't be their highest rated episode ever. (Although I thought that about their first show after All Out too, and was wrong)
  5. I couldn't either. I asked on Twitter and was told Kevin Sullivan did it to Renegade (I was not aware Renegade ever had any actual feuds) and Randy Orton did it to Jeff Hardy (this would have been when all I was watching of WWE was their ppvs, so I only remember the ear stuff. I assume it happened on tv).
  6. People will roll their eyes, but it's because of the ranking system. I'm thinking Kenny wins and they don't go back to that matchup again for quite a while. This means they can, maybe not go 100% on free tv, but they can wrestle without having to worry about leaving anything for the rematch. The roster is so loaded that there's lots of other things for Bryan to do.
  7. I mean, that WAS a really great football game last night.
  8. For the online communities that I'm a part of, I don't think there could be a celebrity death that would hit harder than this.
  9. We briefly interrupt this discussion for a wrestling crossword announcement! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Raw discussion.
  10. Shaking my head at fans trying to do "Yes" chants over top of the "You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in" chants in Danielson's music. Let's get it together, guys.
  11. Hey... who owns the Battlebowl trademark?
  12. I'm kind of caffeinated right now, so sorry if I sound upset about it. I just find it surprising. When Page lost his title shot there was a lot of "who else could possibly be a main-event-worthy challenger right now?" talk, and I always assumed they'd have some other big match to put in the main event, especially with the Punk and Bryan rumors at the time.
  13. Because the outcome is a foregone conclusion to most people, because we already saw the matchup on free tv, and because the Punk return match is a bigger deal, especially to a Chicago crowd. The world title match didn't go on last at AEW's last ppv either.
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