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  1. Just watched this movie. Didn't like it as much as I was hoping, but that's a great trailer!
  2. Did the Leafs just break out of whatever playoff death spiral that Bruins game 7 comeback put them in?
  3. "By nature's hand, by craft, by art, What once was one, now fall apart!" One of my brain cells has decided it's their job to remember that line forever for god knows what reason.
  4. Maybe I'm a little overhyped right now, but I'll say if they don't have Kingston main event a big show within a year, they're missing out. The goal should be to have him in the mix with the top guys. I'm not saying put him there immediately, but you could even say it should be the short-term goal.
  5. They have to know he knocked it out of the park, they saw the same thing we all did. I think it's at least possible that they sign him without announcing it, ride out the social media clamoring, and just have him show up again in a few weeks as a surprise.
  6. Not trying to call you out at all and that promo does need to be seen by anyone who hasn't already watched it. Interesting that Kingston flat-out says "I'll be back" at the end.
  7. It's not swearing! WWE has "Cody Rhodes" trademarked, so AEW had to bleep "Rhodes" every time that full name was said.
  8. You know what? AEW posted on Twitter a few weeks back "Who do you want to see in the open challenge," and a bunch of people said Eddie Kingston and another bunch of people said Warhorse, I remember those being the two biggest names in the replies, and it looks like they're going to put both those guys on tv. I'm not saying it necessarily makes them better than WWE (we'll have to see how Warhorse does), but WWE would never, ever listen to the fans to that extent.
  9. I can't imagine you have one of your top guys in Cody take a bump into [redacted for anyone who hasn't seen it yet] for someone, and then just never have that guy show up again.
  11. Put me down for Cody vs. Eddie Kingston. I just have a tough time picturing Mox getting legitimately excited over Warhorse.
  12. Lance Archer vs Joey Janela Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana vs SCU Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy FTR & Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros & Butcher & Blade Jon Moxley vs Brian Cage (AEW World Title)
  13. Editing because I didn't see Rippa's post on Marty Scurll's 2nd attempt at an apology. Re Marty's last paragraph, I have no earthly idea why anyone in their right mind would put him in charge of fan safety, but guess you gotta make a blatantly transparent attempt to hang on to your place in the business.
  14. My Twitter pals figured out 4 of the 5 numbers. Santana & Ortiz were 51-50, i.e. crazy Jericho was 27, the same number his father wore in his hockey career Guevara was 93, the year he was born Hager was 72. No idea why. The best I could come up with was that it's a 72 virgins reference as a shot at AEW fans???
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