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  1. New wrestling crossword: https://twitter.com/avalanchestyle/status/1753804536400200089
  2. Seeing on Twitter that Slim Jim is already back in with the Rumble sponsorship btw.
  3. Well, they fired the guy named in the lawsuit, and probably some other people later too. Decades of injustice completely fixed, just like that. It was a dark two days, but everything is right again. Now, as members of the WWE Universe, let's all tune in for the Royal Rumble tonight, the first stop on the road to WrestleMania!
  4. I'd suggest that anyone not prepared to ask that sort of question should just not attend. Either leave it to the adults, or if there are no adults, then have no one show up. It doesn't even really matter if someone has the guts to hold their feet to the fire at their dumb Royal Rumble press conference, but come on. How could someone possibly show up and lob some ridiculous softball question after this.
  5. Do we know what the rules are for the cage match on Collision? I thought it was 3-on-3 elimination but the graphic tonight said "escape the cage".
  6. New wrestling crossword! https://twitter.com/avalanchestyle/status/1746193384631308378
  7. Huh. An indie show dedicated to DEAN! I don't know exactly who all is involved with this, but I know that ACTION Wrestling is run by Matt Griffin aka Jacey North, and they typically put together great shows.
  8. Very out of the loop on hockey but this seems to be a big deal?
  9. New wrestling crossword: https://twitter.com/avalanchestyle/status/1738580219319943423
  10. I think Brody and Kingston can actually get through too, if Brody ends up 4-1 and then Kingston, Claudio, and Andrade are all at 3-2 with Kingston having wins over those other two. Maybe I'll just stick to crosswords.
  11. Assuming there are no draws, I think there are only 4 possibilities for the 2 wrestlers who advance from the Blue block: Bryan & Andrade Brody & Andrade Claudio & Andrade Bryan & Kingston Keep an eye on that Bryan vs. Brody match though. If that one ends in a draw, it opens up a lot of other possibilities.
  12. I'm not sure this is right. If Mox and Rush win, then second place is another rock-paper-scissors unresolvable tie between White, Rush, and Swerve, isn't it?
  13. I would like the Blue block to end up with Bryan vs. Claudio in a "must win to advance" situation, with Claudio iffy on whether to take advantage of his stablemate Bryan's vulnerable eye. I would also like to see Brody King squash the fuck out of Daniel Garcia. Like I know the tournament has been all about having long matches that try to get as many stars as possible, and I like Garcia as much as anyone, but just go a different direction with this one and further establish Brody as the man to beat in this block.
  14. So looking at the last 2 matches for everyone in the Gold block, I'm pretty sure they'll be having Swerve beat Mox. Whoever wins that match (Swerve imo) is guaranteed to advance. Then the week after that, you would have Mox vs. Jay White, presumably with both of them coming in at 3-1, and the winner of that match would be the second place finisher in the block. I can't even tell what they're doing with the scheduling in the Blue block. Danielson missed the first week and is doing 2 matches this week, and Brody apparently isn't wrestling this week. That one's going to be a bit tougher to figure out.
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