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  1. EVENT #49 LFA 43: Allen vs. Crowe (6/22/2018) - Beaumont, TX (Beaumont Civic Center) Brendan Allen vs. Larry Crowe - Allen, TKO, R2 Jake Heffernan vs. Peter Stanonik - Heffernan, SUB, R2 Cameron Graves vs. Jordan Titoni - Titoni, TKO, R1 Itzel Esquivel vs. Desiree Yanez - Yanez, DEC Jeremy Hardy vs. Joel Moore - Moore, TKO, R1 Nico Escheverry vs. Gleidson Cutis - Escheverry, DEC Kolton Englund vs. Justin Prescott - Prescott, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #1 Showtime Boxing Special Edition: Shields vs. Gabriels (6/22/2018) - Detroit, MI (Masonic Temple) WBA World & IBF Female Middleweight Championship: Claressa Shields vs. Hanna Gabriels - Shields, TKO, R6 WBC & WBO Female Middleweight Championship: Christina Hammer vs. Tori Nelson - Hammer, DEC Umar Salamov vs. Brian Howard - Salamov, TKO, R4 Bakhtiyar Eyubov vs. Nicholas Givhan - Eyubov, TKO, R3 Aslambek Idigov vs. James Ballard - Idigov, DEC Apti Davtaev vs. Cory Phelps - Davtaev, KO, R1 Jarico O'Quinn vs. Yaqub Kareem - O'Quinn, TKO, R2 Leon Lawson III vs. Javier Frazier - Lawson III, DEC EVENT #50 UFC Fight Night 132: Cowboy vs. Edwards (6/23/2018) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium) Donald Cerrone vs. Leon Edwards - Cerrone, TKO, R3 Ovince St. Preux vs. Tyson Pedro - Pedro, SUB, R1 Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Jessica Eye - Clark, DEC Jingliang Li vs. Daichi Abe - Li, DEC Teruto Ishihara vs. Petr Yan - Yan, DEC Felipe Arantes vs. Song Yadong - Yadong, DEC Rolando Dy vs. Shane Young - Young, DEC Song Kenan vs. Hector Aldana - Kenan, SUB, R1 Shinsho Anzai vs. Jake Matthews - Matthews, DEC Xiaonan Yan vs. Viviane Pereira - Pereira, DEC Matt Schnell vs. Naoki Inoue - Inoue, SUB, R2 Jenel Lausa vs. Yuta Sasaki - Sasaki, SUB, R1 Ji Yeon Kim vs. Melinda Fabian - Kim, DEC
  2. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 6/14/18 & 6/21/18

    Always great to see Big Poppa Pump! Fun tags in the opener and main event. Looking forward to Konnan being back. Thought Madison's promo was pretty solid and a good setup to her challenging for the title.
  3. DreamBroken


    Forgot about that, I guess since Takeover Respect* then. Big fan of the Alexa/Sasha series as well. That Alexa tweet above is the best
  4. DreamBroken


    Glad it's not just me. Feel like I heard all the same things thrown around towards Sami Zayn before and never got that either, feel he ended up a better heel anyway.
  5. DreamBroken

    SDL is Counting to Jū - 6/19/2018

    Not crazy about Nakamura just beating Jeff for the US since he could never win the WWE, but I love the potential of their feud. Really liked both guys' short promos, with Jeff bringing vibes of his 2009-2010 work with the awesome facepaint back. the Bludgeon Brothers do nothing for me, but as for Bryan's partner
  6. DreamBroken

    R.I.P. VADER

    Damn. RIP to one of the all time greats. Sad to hear, loved the pop when he showed up in the build to Raw 1000. Those BMW episodes are so fun, total 90s greatness. One of my all time favorite Fire Pro matchup pairings, me and my brothers losing our minds when we first got Fire Pro G on Playstation and that was the final of a big tag team tournament.
  7. DreamBroken


    I already pointed out that Naomi is an example of someone who did come out of feuding with Alexa for the better. She held her own against her on the mic, beat her 3 times, twice for the title and didn't trade wins, she was more over and the champ afterwards. Meanwhile, I can't think of anyone who ever came out of feuding with say, Bayley, better than before? But then I don't think Bayley has had a good match since Takeover Brooklyn. I just don't see how Alexa/Asuka from 1/1/18 RAW was not a good match (or Alexa/Charlotte Survivors or Alexa/Sasha Summerslam), but especially thought the Asuka match was fantastic.
  8. DreamBroken


    While Alexa does win feud blowoffs most of the time, she actually loses very often. Prior to MITB, she had won two matches on TV in 2018 (a 10 woman tag and a MITB qualifier triple threat - no singles matches) and one PPV in the Chamber, while she tapped out clean to Natalya last week, lost to Ember the week before that, got pinned by Ember in her Raw debut, lost twice to Asuka, etc and of course back to back PPV losses to Nia. For everyone that Alexa has beat, every single one of them has beaten her too while she never beat Asuka or Charlotte like Carmella has when they were considered the strongest pushed.
  9. DreamBroken


    Wow, surprising. I thought he'd stick around the lower card after MITB. Surprised they didn't have his last match more of a squash like the first Bryan match was.
  10. DreamBroken

    Raw Is Get These Hands Full Of Tights - 6/18/2018

    Awesome opening segment with Kurt/Alexa/Ronda. Ronda came off super badass there and the crowd was hot for it, great stuff. Solid way to write Ronda off for a month with a reason for her disappearing. Couldn't believe Dolph actually won the IC. Very fun match. I still like Dolph but wanted Seth to get a super long run with his fighting champ act. Crazy. Also, Seth didn't do the Superplex portion but finally did the second part with the suplex over the ropes suplex deal.... now if he'll just combine the two, the Ode to Davey will be complete. Most of the rest was a lot of nothing for awhile but the first hour ruled and Corbin getting a win for once was great as well, love the Constable. I wish they really would go with Lashley against Brock.
  11. DreamBroken


    Naomi beat Alexa for the title, beat her for it again, and then successfully defended against her. She's a babyface, who came out better and stronger after feuding with Alexa. Alexa has had good to very good matches against Asuka, Sasha, Charlotte, Nia, and I liked the Becky series... basically everyone she wrestles with a few exceptions. Was also in that excellent 4 way last week. No idea where she's bad in the ring comes from outside of not liking her push or her size. Her title win here is likely just to serve as a means to get it to Ronda. Yes she has a combined 5 title wins with the two titles, but I don't think her push is that much different than the majority of Charlotte's run or Bayley's initial callup. In fact Charlotte has the same amount of title wins in just about the same timeframe.
  12. DreamBroken


    I think the only Nia/Charlotte match was a 5 minute RAW match where Nia won clean to send Charlotte off to SDL last year. Her only interaction with Becky has been Survivor Series.
  13. DreamBroken


    For me, all of them beating her clean, multiple times, killed her monster aura a bit. This felt like the first time they ever somewhat protected her. Always dug the Asuka matches though.
  14. DreamBroken


    Yeah it felt like they want Rousey to beat Alexa for the title but the way the Alexa/Nia feud was booked, Nia had to go over so this was their way back around it. I wonder if they'll forget Nia went full on bully heel the last few weeks and go back. Guessing Ronda wins the title at SummerSlam now, that'll be fun and Alexa can do her double jointed deal in Ronda's armbar.
  15. DreamBroken


    Dying at when Coach tried to explain how Ronda could get some rest in while Nia put her in a bearhug and Cole screamed him down "REST? WHAT DO YOU MEAN REST SHE'S GOT HER ARMS WRAPPED AROUND HER!!"