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  1. I'd hope so but I don't think so since he's a free agent now, he seemed pretty legit in his hatred of it, basically saying Impact ruined it because of the fact that he has left the company. This was his full statement on it:
  2. Shane O Mac knockout punches GIFs.
  3. Solid show. I wished Deonna/Taya got more time as it was good but felt like they could've done more. Barbed Wire Massacre was awesome and a fitting conclusion to the Eddie/Sami saga. I'm surprised there was no Shamrock involvement at all. the X title match ended up very good, I was rooting for Rohit but thought Bey should've won after the mid-air Cutter. Loved Striker getting in "This is a markout moment and I'm marking out bro!!" for Cardona. Great main event. Shame that Shelley couldn't be there, but Moose busted his ass to fill the void and did good stuff. Glad they didn't do an
  4. Taking away the one angle with mild intrigue to replace with yet another stale ass kevin owens match, ugh.
  5. 1. Amanda Nunes will retain over Megan Anderson and then defeat Shevchenko for a third time. 2. Weili Zhang will retain over Rose Namajunas via stoppage and then be booked in a rematch with Joanna by the end of the year. 3. Dominick Cruz will finally win multiple fights in a year again. 4. Erin Blanchfield will be my pick this year to win the Invicta flyweight championship, get signed by UFC, and win her debut fight. 5. Khamzat Chimaev will remain unbeaten, win all his fights by stoppage, and become champion by the end of the year. HW (265lbs): Stipe Miocic LHW (205lbs):
  6. Browne decMartinez decKirk decDangelo decSlack tko r3Quinlan sub r3Petersen tko r1 EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 0 LFA 97: Browne vs. Estrázulas (1/15/2021) - Park City, KS (Hartman Arena) Nick Browne vs. Arthur Estrázulas - Browne, DEC Jacob Rosales vs. Jose Martinez - Martinez, DEC Kamuela Kirk vs. Guilherme Santos - Kirk, DEC Loveth Young vs. Kelly D'Angelo - D'Angelo, DEC Michael Stack vs. Jordan Mapa - Stack, TKO , R3 Josh Quinlan vs. Joe Boerschig - Quinlan, SUB, R3 Thomas Petersen vs. Kimo Luis - Petersen, TKO, R1 EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 0 UFC on ABC 1: Holloway vs
  7. Wow, sweet! I definitely thought I missed on most of mine... I 'll have to throw some together in the next few days.
  8. I loved Serena/Tay, thought both looked great there. Always dig just seeing Serena in the spot she's in now. Tarzan Boy is the best theme, already adds to the Jurassic Express. the Elite post-match chaos was fun. Big Money Matt is amusing. Laughed at the "Sammy/Hagar" bit with the Inner Circle. I personally enjoyed the Hager/Jericho team as the team going after the titles initially rather than Jericho/MJF. Liking the build for Britt/Rosa. Cage/Darby was pretty cool with some killer bumps and a good amount of blood. Didn't think Darby would lose his first defense but they did a good job with ne
  9. I believe Archer was exposed to someone else who had it, so he went in to quarantine but didn't actually have it himself. Jericho said he did "ten days in isolation" so I guess that would fit the above 9/10-9/23 timeline.
  10. I'm one of the few but I liked Josh Mathews a lot on commentary. Thought he had great chemistry with a wide variety of different partners over the years... Borash, Pope, Sonjay, Callis, Madison, etc. so I will miss him being the voice of Impact.
  11. Two good womens matches tonight, solid main event, and I love the build to Hard to Kill all around. Great closing montage of hype for the PPV, good looking card overall. Especially looking forward to Deonna/Taya, dream match for me, 2019's best vs. 2020's best. Impact vs Bullet Club main should be a lot of fun Results:
  12. 11 years ago tonight, Mike Tyson knocks out Chris Jericho.
  13. WWE has announced Drew will address the WWE Universe tonight and that Triple H will now be opening the show.
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