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  1. Pretty awesome main event tag, Tessa was on fire throughout. Great to see Tenille back. Bey/Daga was good and I dug the Shamrock interview. Rebellion looks like a pretty good card if it ends up still happening in an empty arena now.
  2. well Charlotte/Rhea was as great as I hoped.
  3. Loved the women's tag title match, great stuff. Kabuki warriors can do no wrong and I always liked Alexa and Asuka as opponents. Favorite match. Elias and Corbin working WrestleMania in their merch shirts. Very indy. Fuck the rest shitty ass braun sucks ruined everything, now we'll never get Goldberg/Roman what an utter waste of shit this was. Lame nonsensical shit. Came back later for the Boneyard and absolutely loved it. Taker's Metallica entrance and exit was the best. Don't have much enthusiasm anymore for night 2, just wanna see Charlotte/Rhea and then I'm back out on weekly viewing.
  4. Would've loved to have seen that for an epic Mania style entrance. Sad. Ash Costello had mentioned she wanted to perform Brutality for Rhea Ripley's entrance too
  5. April 2013 for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in what was billed at the time as New Jack's retirement match. They previously had a triple threat with Mad Man Pondo in CZW in 2004.
  6. Kay Lee Ray & Jinny is one awesome heel team, hope they stick together for the occasional tag match like this. Xia Brookside looked good in her return squash. Fun battle royal to main event, I think the right guy won. Felt like an earned/deserved win as Dragunov has been killing it lately and is a fresh challenger to the title.
  7. Same, the end of an era. 23 was previously the only WM that HHH ever missed since 12, due to injury.
  8. EVERY BODY DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES. Love that Archer kept his theme music. Great squash, and I'm glad they were able to have talents back out in the crowd again. That along with the solid commentary throughout makes these shows livelier than others. Omega/Trent was good stuff. Shida looked great as usual. Real good main event. Cody/Archer seems the obvious final but I'm guessing they set up Cody/Darby in round 2 there at the end.
  9. Thought this was a really fun show throughout, sort of a 3 hour special with the TNA part added on. Right away it was good to hear Dave Penzer on ring announcing. Great to see Kid Kash, always enjoyed when he was around. Sami Callihan's got the theme music that Shotzi Blackheart used in her couple Impact appearances, I dig it a lot. Tessa/Ethan was good stuff. the TNA hour was quick but a cool addition. the TNA Reunion PPV looked like it was shaping up to be an awesome card if it would've been able to take place.
  10. First half of the TNT Title Bracket: Cody vs. Shawn Spears Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara
  11. One of my all time favorite moments/pops, love it
  12. She never has but people connected that Jay Rios was who she was dating at the time.
  13. Did another catch up watch through of the last 3 weeks. Kay Lee continues to kill it, I love her promos. Liked Dani Luna's brief showings here, great theme music. I dig Pretty Deadly as a team. Todays episode had a solid cruiserweight main event plus Dar/A-Kid being pretty good.
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