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  1. Big Poppa Pump still rules! Shera/Sutter vs. KM/Kongo was a fun cluster of a tag but the post-match was awesome. Loved everyone involved's expressions, Sienna especially is great and Rosemary's always the best. Enjoyed the mixed tag, always a big fan of Alisha and the main event was solid as well.
  2. Dug the main event as well, awesome finish. Also really loved that Aries/Neville split screen promo, thought both guys were excellent there. Big fan of their rivalry.
  3. Tag titles match was real good again with some great near falls. Enjoyed the main event, closing shot of Styles and Nakamura facing off was pretty cool.
  4. Surprised to see Barb Honchak on the list since she hasn't fought in a couple of years now but would love to see her back. Elsewhere my favs from the list I'd like to see are Bennett and Stanley (and Murphy but she was already in UFC)
  5. Lots of matches tonight. I dug Matt/Sheamus and even though they were short Aries/Nese and Alexa/Mickie were pretty good so mostly the last hour. Alexa's knockout punch is just the best. Hated breaking up the Golden Truth but Goldust's promo tonight was cool. I would guess Seth is winning at Extreme Rules instead of Balor. I feel like they started or tried to start a Balor/Wyatt feud but it hasn't really happened yet so they'll do that while Seth wrestles Brock.
  6. My favorite as well and one of my all time favorite NXT matches.
  7. Decent show overall. Jinder winning was a real shocker, especially off one finisher without even a near fall there. Feels like Jinder got the best of Orton at every turn in the feud so I figured Orton would retain for sure and was looking forward to Orton defending against a variety of opponents. I dig the surprise factor though even if it does feel ridiculous for this to have been Jinder's third PPV match. Becky tapping out again was weak. Enjoyed Owens/AJ while it lasted. the Usos tag was pretty great and I liked Nakamura/Ziggler
  8. Very good Takeover as usual. Strong/Young was a hot opener, enjoying Strong's rise. Bate/Dunne was off the charts for sure. Wasn't that invested going in but it ended up blowaway great. I dig Bate's full beard look much more. Thought the women's match was a lot of fun with some solid spots throughout. I'll always enjoy Asuka. Guessing she drops to Ember in Brooklyn, which at least is so much better built to now. Another awesome Roode takeover match. A solid follow up to the Roode/Nakamura series which are in my top 5 matches of the year so far. Loved the rolling Glorious DDT finish. Never thought Itami was going to win but thought the card placement only made it worse and also telegraphed that something big was going down in the tag match. I figured it'd be the turn but hoped not. Did end up loving the ladder match. So many great spots, lots of false finishes and a killer finish. Didn't love the turn, cause I much preferred both guys together after never caring for either prior to their team but I think it will turn out well in the end.
  9. I know Agnieszka said she wants to get to UFC on her wins and not through a reality show so she wasn't interested.
  10. EVENT #41 POINT TOTAL: 835 Bellator 179: Daley vs. MacDonald (5/19/2017) - London, England, United Kingdom (SSE Arena, Wembley) Paul Daley vs. Rory MacDonald - Daley, DEC Liam McGeary vs. Linton Vassell - McGeary, SUB, R2 Cheick Kongo vs. Augusto Sakai - Kongo, DEC Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs. DJ Griffin - Ferguson Jr., DEC Dan Edwards vs. Alex Lehore - Lehore, TKO, R1 Jay Dods vs. Alfie Davis - Davis, DEC Dan Konecke vs. Stav Economou - Economov, TKO, R1 Jamie Powell vs. Amir Albazi - Albazi, SUB, R1 EVENT #42 POINT TOTAL: 835 Titan FC 44: King of the Titans (5/19/2017) - Pembroke Pines, FL (Pembroke Pines City Center) Farkihad Sharipov vs. Jose Torres - Torres, DEC Gesias Cavalcante vs. Kurt Holobaugh - Holobaugh, SUB, R2 Marc Stevens vs. Robert Turnquest - Stevens, DEC Michael Lombardo vs. Lorenzo Hunt - Lombardo, DEC William Starks vs. Michael Cora - Starks, TKO, R1 Jorge Calvo Martin vs. Bruno Mesquita - Martin, DEC Gustavo Balart vs. Dez Moore - Balart, DEC Gleidson DeJesus vs. Edir Terry - DeJesus, DEC Demarques Jackson vs. Paulo Silva - Jackson, DEC Ronildo Augusto vs. Dan Ige - Augusto, DEC EVENT #43 POINT TOTAL: 835 LFA 12: Krantz vs. Neumann (5/19/2017) - Prior Lake, MN (Mystic Lake Casino Hotel) Derrick Krantz vs. Ben Neumann - Neumann, SUB, R3 Chase Waldon vs. Cully Butterfield - Waldon, TKO, R1 Bobby Lee vs. Jeff Peterson - Lee, SUB, R1 Cameron Olson vs. Julian Marquez - Marquez, TKO, R2 Dan Moret vs. Brandon Jenkins - Moret, DEC Nate Jennerman vs. Damion Hill - Jennerman, SUB, R1 Chad Curry vs. Kyle Kurtz - Curry, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 835 Showtime Boxing International: Davis vs. Walsh (5/20/2017) - London, England, United Kingdom (Copper Box Arena) IBF Super Featherweight Championship: Gervonta Davis vs. Liam Walsh - Davis, TKO, R8 Ryan Walsh vs. Marco McCullough - Walsh, TKO, R6 Joe Pigford vs. Aarron Morgan - Pigford, TKO, R4 Chris Hobbs vs. Anthony Yarde - Yarde, KO, R2 Lerrone Richards vs. Bosko Misic - Richards, TKO, R1 Archie Sharp vs. Tamas Laska - Sharp, DEC Daniel Dubois vs. David Howe - Dubois, TKO, R1 Sammy McNess vs. Zaurs Sadihovs - McNess, DEC EVENT #44 POINT TOTAL: 835 Glory 41: Holland (5/20/2017) - Den Bosch, Netherlands (Brabanthallen) Hesdy Gerges vs. Tomas Hron - Gerges, DEC 2017 Heavyweight Contender Tournament Final: Giannis Stofordis vs. D'Angelo Marshall - Stofordis, DEC Chenglong Zhang vs. Wilson Sanches Mendes - Zhang, DEC 2017 Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final #2: D'Angelo Marshall vs. Mohamed Abdallah - Marshall, DEC 2017 Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final #1: Anderson Silva vs. Giannis Stofordis - Stofordis, KO, R2 Rico Verhoeven vs. Ismael Lazaar - Verhoeven, DEC Glory Featherweight Championship: Robin van Roosmalen vs.Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao - Kiatmookao, DEC Murthel Groenhart vs Alan Scheinson - Groenhart, DEC Michael Duut vs. Mourad Bouzidi - Bouzidi, TKO, R1 Tyjani Beztati vs. Youssef Assouik - Beztati, DEC Zakaria Zouggary vs. Yetkin Ozkul - Zouggary, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 835 Premier Boxing Champions: Benavidez vs. Medina (5/20/2017) - Laredo, TX (Laredo Energy Arena) David Benavidez vs. Rogelio Medina - Benavidez, TKO, R7 Jorge Lara vs. Mario Briones - Lara, DEC Jordan White vs. Adam Lopez - White, DEC Austin Dulay vs. Jose Arturo Esquivel - Dulay, DEC Joshua Juarez vs. Demetrius Harris - Juarez, DEC EVENT #45 POINT TOTAL: 835 Invicta FC 23: Porto vs. Niedźwiedź (5/20/2017) - Kansas City, MO (Scottish Rite Temple) Vanessa Porto vs. Agnieszka Niedźwiedź - Niedzwiedz, DEC Roxanne Modafferi vs. Sarah D'Alelio - D'Alelio, DEC Herica Tiburcio vs. Tessa Simpson - Simpson, DEC Elizabeth Phillips vs. Kelly Faszholz - Faszholz, TKO, R3 Andrea Lee vs. Liz Tracy - Lee, SUB, R3 Tiffany Van Soest vs. Christine Ferea - Ferea, TKO, R2 Ediane Gomes vs. Pam Sorensen - Sorensen, DEC Shaianna Rincon vs. Brooksie Bayard - Rincon, DEC BONUS EVENT #3 POINT TOTAL: 835 Showtime Championship Boxing: Russell Jr. vs. Escandon (5/20/2017) - Oxon Hill, MD (MGM National Harbor) WBC Featherweight Championship: Gary Russell Jr. vs. Oscar Escandon - Russell Jr., DEC Interim IBF Super Middleweight Championship: Andre Dirrell vs. Jose Uzcategui - Dirrell, DEC Rances Barthelemy vs. Kiryl Relikh - Barthelemy, DEC Antonio Russell vs. Jovany Fuentes - Russell, TKO, R3 Cobia Breedy vs. Wilfredo Garriga - Breedy, DEC Alexandru Marin vs. German Meraz - Marin, DEC Gary Antuanne Russell vs. Josh Ross - Russell, DEC BONUS EVENT #4 POINT TOTAL: 835 HBO World Championship Boxing: Crawford vs. Diaz (5/20/2017) - New York, NY (Madison Square Garden) WBC & WBO Super Lightweight Championship: Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz - Crawford, DEC Raymundo Beltran vs. Jonathan Maicelo - Beltran, DEC Konstantin Ponomarev vs. Ed Paredes - Ponomarev, DEC Teofimo Lopez vs. Ronald Rivas - Lopez, TKO, R2 Tong Hui Li vs. Daniel Calzada - Li, DEC Fazliddin Gaibnazarov vs. Agustine Mauras - Gaibnazarov, DEC Steven Nelson vs. Gilberto Rubio - Nelson, KO, R4 Shakur Stevenson vs. Carlos Gaston Suarez - Stevenson, DEC Henry Lebron vs. Johnny Estrada - Lebron, TKO, R1
  11. Solid stuff from the opening tag and Storm/EC3. Diamante interfering for LAX with a diving rana ruled. Kongo/Braxton was also pretty good for being much shorter but well executed match. Ultimate X was real fun with lots of cool spots throughout. Exciting finishing stretch and I dug Helms involvement, busting out the old top rope swing neckbreaker.
  12. Movie

    Haven't seen it in a few years now but always love catching it when I see it's on somewhere. Huge fan of the opening and closing musical numbers.
  13. Enjoyed most of the matches here and loved the Usos' promo. It's not paranoia!
  14. More excellent Alexa Bliss mic work. Nice win for Alicia Fox. Crowd was hot for Dean/Miz, then crapped on the cruiserweights, then got going again for Reigns/Balor which was pretty good. Titus was rather amusing tonight. Also loved Angle in all of his segments. Very sad to see the end of the Golden Truth, always loved their tag remix entrance.
  15. Damn that's tough. Calderwood is a longtime top fav of mine while I've been loving Calvillo being on fire this year.