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  1. Solid card, looking forward to it, especially one of my top favs Aspen Ladd hopefully bouncing back from last time, and Mallory Martin making her UFC debut. Sad that Cynthia missed weight by so much, but her and Rodriguez should be a good scrap.
  2. BONUS EVENT #1 Glory 73: Shenzhen (12/7/2019) - Shenzhen, China (Shenzhen Nanshan Culture & Sports Center) Glory Lightweight Championship: Marat Grigorian vs. Elvis Gashi - Gashi, DEC Glory Featherweight Tournament Finals: River Daz vs. Goafeng Meng - Daz, DEC Josh Jauncey vs. Stoyan Koprivlenski - Jauncey, DEC Glory Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Goafeng Meng vs. Masaya Kubo - Meng, DEC Glory Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Bingqian Hu vs. River Daz - Daz, DEC Sun Chao vs. Farkhat Gassanov - Chao, DEC Dongqiang Lu vs. Jin-hyeok Kim - Kim, DEC Andrey Gerasimchuk vs. Bruno Chaves - Chavez, TKO, R2 Vlad Tuinov vs. Bruno Gazani - Gazani, DEC Thong Fairtex vs. Chuanlin Zhao - Fairtex, DEC EVENT #144 Clash on the Dunes: Ruiz vs. Joshua II (12/7/2019) - Diriyah, Saudi Arabia (Diriyah Arena) WBA Super World/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Championship: Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua - Joshua, TKO, R10 Alexander Povetkin vs. Michael Hunter - Povetkin, DEC Dillian Whyte vs. Mariusz Wach - Whyte, TKO, R9 Filip Hrgovic vs. Eric Molina - Hrgovic, TKO, R4 Magomedrasul Majidov vs. Tom Little - Majidov, TKO, R5 Ivan Hopey Price vs. Swedi Mohamed - Price, DEC Diego Pacheco vs. Selemani Saidi - Pacheco, KO, R2 Zuhayr Al Qahtani vs. Omar Dusary - Qahtani, DEC Majid Al Naqbi vs. Ilia Beruashvili - Naqbi, DEC EVENT #145 KSW 52: Askham vs. Khalidov (12/7/2019) - Gliwice, Poland (Arena Gliwice) Scott Askham vs. Mamed Khalidov - Askham, DEC Damian Janikowski vs. Szymon Kołecki - Kolecki, TKO, R1 Karolina Owczarz vs. Aleksandra Rola - Rola, DEC Michał Michalski vs. Albert Odzimkowski - Odzimkowski, TKO, R2 Salahdine Parnasse vs. Ivan Buchinger - Parnasse, DEC Grzegorz Szulakowski vs. Shamil Musaev - Musaev, SUB, R2 Artur Sowiński vs. Vinicius Bohrer - Sowinski, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 Showtime Championship Boxing: Charlo vs. Hogan (12/7/2019) - Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Center) WBC Middleweight Championship: Jermall Charlo vs. Dennis Hogan - Charlo, DEC Interim WBA Middleweight Championship: Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Matt Korobov - Eubank Jr., DEC Interim IBF Super Bantamweight Championship: Marlon Tapales vs. Ryosuke Iwasa - Tapales, TKO, R6 Immanuwel Aleem vs. Ronald Ellis - Aleem, DEC Interim WBC Minimumweight Championship: Louisa Hawton vs. Lorraine Villalobos - Hawton, DEC Duke Micah vs. Janiel Rivera - Micah, DEC Titus Williams vs. Cobia Breedy - Breedy, DEC Isaac Cruz Gonzalez vs. Miguel Angel Perez Aispuro - Gonzalez, DEC Amon Rashidi vs. Antonio Sanchez - Rashidi, DEC Burley Brooks vs. Nathan Davis Sharp - Brooks, DEC Steven Torres vs. Daniel Felix Franco - Torres, TKO, R2 BONUS EVENT #3 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Navarrete vs. Horta (12/7/2019) - Puebla, Mexico (Auditorio GNP Seguros) WBO Super Bantamweight Championship: Emanuel Navarrete vs. Francisco Horta - Navarrete, TKO, R6 IBF Super Flyweight Championship: Jerwin Ancajas vs. Miguel Gonzalez - Ancajas, TKO, R9 Miguel Marriaga vs. Alfredo Mejia Vargas - Marriaga, TKO, R5 EVENT #146 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 7: Overeem vs. Rozenstruik (12/7/2019) - Washington, D.C. (Capital One Arena) Alistair Overeem vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik - Rozenstruik, TKO, R1 Marina Rodriguez vs. Cynthia Calvillo - Calvillo, DEC Stefan Struve vs. Ben Rothwell - Struve, SUB, R2 Aspen Ladd vs. Yana Kunitskaya - Ladd, TKO, R2 Cody Stamann vs. Song Yadong - Yadong, DEC Rob Font vs. Ricky Simón - Simon, DEC Thiago Alves vs. Tim Means - Means, DEC Billy Quarantillo vs. Jacob Kilburn - Quarantillo, TKO, R3 Bryce Mitchell vs. Matt Sayles - Mitchell, DEC Joe Solecki vs. Matt Wiman - Solecki, DEC Virna Jandiroba vs. Mallory Martin - Martin, DEC Trevor Smith vs. Makhmud Muradov - Muradov, DEC
  3. Just caught up on the last 3 episodes again. Loved Dragunov/Wolfe as well, great stuff from both. The following weeks 8 man tag was fun chaos with a logical ending. I had been waiting for Killer Kelly to get back into things so kinda sad to see her used as kind of just a throwaway since returning. Kay Lee Ray as champ is my fav, I like Isla Dawn, and great to have Toni Storm back but I think Kelly belongs in the mix too. Ligero/Banks/Conners triple threat this week was badass.
  4. Show seemed to fly by but another enjoyable week. Thought the opening six man was awesome, super hot crowd and nonstop action. Shida/Kris was great. Felt like a tough match where Kris needed a win and Shida shouldn't lose if she's going to be #1 contender but it was done well. Liked the prospect of Statlander/Kong in addition to Riho/Shida, Shanna/Nyla, some cool stuff abound in the division. And of course Britt redoing her in the crowd cameo. Cool to see Melanie Cruise in the Brandi angle, always liked her. Cody continues to be the best promo. Daniels' springboard botch looked real rough, but overall solid match. Another great Moxley performance in the main event with Janela holding his own. Moxley/Jericho should be excellent, though I still hope that if/when they get around to doing the Match Beyond that Jericho and Cody are still involved in it even though they are onto other things now. Jericho v. Jungle Boy in 2 weeks should be a lot of fun.
  5. John Morrison WWE signing just officially announced on Backstage
  6. Eddie/Cage was good stuff then got even better with the addition of Elgin, all three worked great together. 6 man was fast paced and fun. Taya was on fire in both her segment and match, all around excellent. Liked having ODB back, good match and cool that they got the main event spot.
  7. 9 time! 9 time!. Cool moment for the Rock n Rolls. Other than that, not much to this episode similar to last week. Ending reveal was kinda cool. PPV doesn't look too great but hope it turns out well for them.
  8. I still wish they were going forward with Charlotte & Natalya against the Kabuki Warriors, considering that's the team that actually beat them and got zero followup, rather than forcing Becky into that spot. Agreed. Been an instant channel changer for me.
  9. Too many squashes. But can't get enough Charlotte vs Kabuki Warriors, that was awesome. Mentioned last week that Charlotte/Asuka has been my favorite opponent pairing in the company. After this, I hope a long Charlotte/Kairi singles happens next. Main event was fun, great finish.
  10. Rewatching the Butcher & the Blade debut, that whole commentary exchange cracked me up. "The Blade!! The Blade emerging from underneath the ring!" "Who is it?!" "The Blade!!" "Blade and the Butcher?" "The Butcher and the Blade!" "Well now we know who brought them here.... ITS THE BUNNY!"
  11. VINTAGE ___ ! is the best call. Especially when it becomes attached to certain moves whenever they are hit.
  12. I thought this show was a blast and with another really hot crowd. Opening was hilarious. I missed Tony but the commentary was on fire at points. Popped huge when revealing Jericho's dad under the box, JR goes "Abdullah?" classic. Also Excalibur's later comment on "Really going for the over 50 demographic!" Loved the womens tag, maybe my favorite match of the night. Kris Stat looked badass, I'm glad Emi is sticking around as a regular, have enjoyed all her matches so far and I always love Shida. Omega/Pac was good stuff, like a condensed version of their previous match. Laughed at JR telling Excalibur he was coming along nicely after he used "bowling shoe ugly", great reaction. DDP's involvement ruled. "That wasn't a Crossrhodes, that's a double cross!". Cool intriguing debut for the Butcher and the Blade and a sudden switch for Allie, looking forward to more of that and Cody's always got some interesting rivalries. Cody winning with a figure four was nice and different too. Felt like a ton going on throughout the night and that added to the enjoyment, never dragged. Fun main event, never really thought Jericho would lose but the pop for the big near fall was cool and the finish put over Jericho strong. I figured Moxley had to be next in line for a shot with his momentum, the staredown at the end felt like a big deal. Good stuff.
  13. This was pretty fun. the Rough Riders make for a great group, I like Alexia Nicole a lot and hope she gets signed full time. Loved DJ Too Large's Discus Lariat being called the "Platinum Discus" and the commentary during the Soviets beatdown. Great to see Robert Evans. Laughed at Sonny Sanders' saying they were gonna go out for some cheeseburgers.
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