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  1. WWE RAW 25, 22nd January 2018.

    Mooney tweeted that he was invited but is unable to make it. Also Kevin Nash has pulled out due to being unable to travel after his knee surgery
  2. Probably my all time favorite TNA year overall. October 2011 to October 2012. I thought mid-late 09 was really good. Hogan came in to start 2010 and I thought that was similar to the early days 02-03 as far as never knowing who was going to show up next. Eventually in that 2011-2012 period, I dug Hulk a lot in the GM role.
  3. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/12/18+

    I loved the Eli/Adonis duo so I would've highly enjoyed them against LAX for a tag title feud, but I will always mark for Steiner so with Adonis unfortunately out, I still dig this.
  4. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    Asuka/Nia ruled, super fun match. Was a big fan of their Osaka NXT match in 2016 and this felt getting on that level. I think Asuka is definitely Nia's best opponent. Also absolutely loved Sonya's sudden victory, looked awesome. NWA Junior Champ Barrett Brown ran in to Braun again. Back in 2016, Braun unmasked Americos, now this. That launch thru the table looked wild. In the end the whole thing seemed silly/pointless with you're fired ok you're not fired! The Curb Stomp felt like a holy shit moment coming off like Seth broke the move ban and busted out the most illegal of all moves to put away Finn, similar to when a piledriver is seen once in a few years.
  5. Laurel Van Ness has confirmed she's been granted her release from the company. Of the last few, I thought 2016 was one of their very best years, with Drew and Lashley's runs on top and the Broken Hardy saga.
  6. One of the few but I would. Always enjoyed the Impact roster over the years more than those companies (And in certain years more than WWE) while a lot of those companies haven't interested me much.
  7. 2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    I enjoyed the first half as just a Tim Storm ass kicking.
  8. Loved seeing Jessica Eye and Irene Aldana get back in the win column, and Jessy Rose keep up her win streak. I'm glad Eye ended up not fighting Aspen Ladd last year. Matt Hughes getting his entrance was an awesome moment.
  9. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/29/18

    Of all the departures lately, I'll miss Lashley the most. His 2016 run is one of my favorites in company history. That is correct
  10. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I would think since they're airing live on the Network for the UK, they would for other countries too but not sure. Otherwise, it will be airing on the Network two days later (Thursday at 10 PM est)