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  1. They did not air on the show as far as I saw. No clue and no clue, thought it was bizarre to be on the preshow considering the TV time dedicated to them. Apparently her deal was just for a year but she didn't have an official contract. She posted a "thank you Impact for the past year" post on social media. Always seemed like bad timing how she came in to Impact just as her husband Jake Crist had left too.
  2. EVENT #41 LFA 104: McKenzie vs. Phillips (4/16/2021) - Shawnee, OK (Grand Casino Hotel & Resort) Aaron McKenzie vs. Brandon Phillips - McKenzie, DEC Yuma Horichi vs. Donavon Frelow - Horichi, DEC Julien Leblanc vs. Joel Bauman - Bauman, DEC Kelvin Rayford vs. Chris Brown - Rayford, DEC Timothy Teves vs. Javier Garcia - Teves, DEC Thomas Petersen vs. Odell Pantin - Petersen, KO, R1 Obinwa Ikebunna vs. Roland Dunlap - Ikebunna, SUB, R2 EVENT #42 Bellator 257: Nemkov vs. Davis II (4/16/2021) - Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena) Vadim Nemkov vs. Phil Davis - Nemkov, DE
  3. Shocked that Havok/Nevaeh got blown off on the BTI Preshow, but it got a lot of time and I loved it. I'm sad that it's the end for Nevaeh in Impact as she has always been one of my favorites and I was thrilled that she got to have this run in Impact. Also sad to see Jazz go from Impact. Cool that she got one more little match here and I'm glad she got this run after never being an Impact before. I thought her and Jordynne made a great team. Some more solid build for Rebellion throughout. Press conference was fun. Solid show overall Results:
  4. Sad to see all the releases, especially the Iiconics and shocked about Joe. Thought Joe would have a role in commentary for good there. Always been a huge fan of Billie Kay going back to her SHIMMER days 11 years ago so I hope she (and Peyton) bounce back elsewhere. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler can reunite now as a team without Ryker. I could see them adding to Impact since Cutler is dating Deonna. Chelsea Green's career there is so crazy. Breaks her wrist in her NXT debut, gets in the 2020 Rumble for 15 seconds, debuts on SD and breaks her wrist again. It always sounded like they had p
  5. the NWA Powerrr broadcast team. Kyle Davis, Tim Storm, May Valentine, Velvet Sky, & Joe Galli
  6. Invicta FC has been sold to Anthem, debuts on AXS TV and the Fight Network starting May 21. Love to see Invicta on TV
  7. the Bucks turn from so torn to full on heels seemed a bit drastic but I enjoyed the tag title opener. thought Red Vel and Jade both looked good again. Jericho/Dax was good stuff and Iron Mike was awesome. Epic outfit as special enforcer and the knockout punch was absolutely perfect. Kris Stat squash of Amber Nova was fun. Looking forward to Shida/Tay next week. I'm glad they brought the rankings in to Britt's title chase as I wasn't huge on her just becoming the challenger coming off losing to Thunder Rosa (and losing to Nyla not long before that). Loved the chaos of the main event. I dug how
  8. "Fightful has reached out to AEW in the past for an official comment on Ivelisse's status, and have reached out to Ivelisse for more context on her tweet. As far back as March 20, Fightful was told by talent that Ivelisse would likely not remain with the company. When we reached out to Ivelisse, she said "I spoke up about mistreatment from a Coach, even to other women too, there were witnesses and I was the one suspended and left in limbo and just now let go, and nothing has been done at all the entire time about Thunder Rosa slandering my name the entire time in AEW and doing everything to sa
  9. Meltzer said Priest is dealing with a bad back and was touch and go leading up which was why they originally announced Bad Bunny vs Miz one on one
  10. Orton beating Bray outta nowhere~! in 5 minutes was excellent. Tamina/Natalya v. Shayna/Nia was my favorite match of the night. Loved seeing the crowd pop for Tamina and I was rooting for her to win with the Superfly Splash, fun match. Sheamus/Riddle was like a condensed version of their recent Raw matches. Good and a well deserved victory for Sheamus who has been killing it for awhile now. Riddle segment with RVD/Khali was amusing. Enjoyed Rhea/Asuka. Loved Ash costello's performance for Rhea's entrance. Asuka's DDT off the apron looked killer. Only didn't love the ending as
  11. Really liked Lashley/Drew. Having the crowd definitely gave it a big time feel, thought this was top level stuff. My favorite WWE match in awhile, probably since a Charlotte/Asuka match last June. Surprised that Drew didn't win the title back but I'm cool with Lashley's reign continuing, good stuff. Shane O is the best. Most enjoyable Braun match in years. Bad Bunny was absolutely fantastic. Came off like the proper mega star that he is with a great crowd reaction all the way through. Showstealer highlight of the night, I popped for the Bunny Destroyer. Thought he looked great at eve
  12. DreamBroken


    RIP DMX this was one of my favs over the years.
  13. Fun little extra show with no real major happenings outside of the knockouts matches. Great to see Su Yung back, figured she would win but Tenille/Deonna is also a match I've wanted to see since Deonna signed so that could be great. Deonna/Jazz was good stuff as expected. glad Jazz got to have this little run, enjoyed it while it lasted. Disappointed that Dreamer didn't end up wrestling on his own show but the main still had it's moments. Results:
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