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  1. DreamBroken

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    They said they will defend them on Raw, SDL, and NXT
  2. Catching up on this, disappointed for Santana to lose the title like that. Tessa/Jungle was good though and was a nice setup for Jungle Grrrl vs The Beast. With Tessa/Santana still the big showdown to happen at some point. Razor is one of my favorites on the roster. I enjoy all the introductions whenever there is a new wrestler.
  3. DreamBroken

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    why do these random nxt callups automatically go over everyone while they do nothing significant with the ones they promoted for a month with those vignettes like ec3, lacey, & cross. I'm hoping they use it with Asuka beating Mandy at fastLane to transition into Asuka/Sonya for WM. Thought with Asuka bringing up beating Charlotte and Becky that she'd keep that momentum going so it did feel a bit ridiculous for the once unbeatable to get pinned by Mandy just like that but oh well.
  4. DreamBroken

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    it's because they were up against the Best Tag Team in the World
  5. DreamBroken

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    I don't watch NXT anymore so none of that stuff did anything for me and this was a really boring show but Ronda/Ruby was awesome and made up for last night for me, loved that. Preferred Hideo Itami 2 yrs ago as Finn's one night partner from nxt.
  6. DreamBroken

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Womens chamber was pretty good but a foregone conclusion. The Best Tag Team in the World losing was total shit and took me out of the show. then Lashley losing the IC title already just like that sucked. Then Ruby gets squashed in under 2 minutes making it even worse. She at least got 6 minutes in their Raw match. so mostly hated this show. Every week finding Becky more and more unlikable, cheap shotting Ronda like a wuss made me just want her to go away and let Ronda and Charlotte have their Mania moment. Thankfully Braun lost for once. And then the closing of the main event was excellent. Totally bought the Trouble in Paradise near fall then countered in to the small package was great stuff.
  7. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling: Uncaged Spoilers for 2/15/19

    Tessa/Taya was awesome. Absolutely loved Tessa's traditional street fight gear with the kneepads over the jeans complete with Horsemen shirt, great touch. Some brutal shots for sure. Also noticed Tessa's shoulders not being on the mat being kind of odd for the finish. Mack/Page was a pretty good short match, Ethan's been impressive despite losing lately. Loved the Team Impact backstage promo like an oldschool Survivor Series style team promo, world cup was fun with a fast pace. Main event I hoped would get more time but was good all the way through with a big fight feel although a weak finish with Starship Pain looking like it barely connected. Good stuff overall.
  8. Jessica Penne vs. Jodie Esquibel is off the card due to undisclosed injury for Penne.. Sad, I was looking forward to her return as she was always one of my favorites and has been out so long. edit: Apparently she sprained her ankle during morning workouts.