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  1. EVENT #73 POINT TOTAL: Bellator 204: Caldwell vs. Lahat (8/17/2018) - Sioux Falls, SD (Sanford Pentagon) Darrion Caldwell vs. Noad Lahat - Caldwell, DEC Logan Storley vs. AJ Matthews - Storley, TKO, R1 James Gallagher vs. Ricky Bandejas - Gallagher, SUB, R2 Ty-wan Claxton vs. Cris Lencioni - Claxton, TKO, R3 David Michaud vs. Corey Davis - Michaud, DEC Jason Jackson vs. Jordon Larson - Jackson, TKO, R1 Demarques Jackson vs. Bryce Logan - Logan, DEC Romero Cotton vs. Willie Whitehead - Cotton, SUB, R1 EVENT #74 POINT TOTAL: CES 52: Norwood vs. Wells (8/17/2018) - Philadelphia, PA (2300 Arena) Jason Norwood vs. Jeremiah Wells - Norwood, DEC Ronald Stallings vs. Nah-shon Burrell - Stallings, DEC Pat Sabatini vs. Boimah Karmo - Sabatini, SUB, R1 Christopher Daukaus vs. Jahsua Marsh - Daukaus, TKO, R1 Joseph Pyfer vs. DJ Wilson - Pyfer, TKO, R2 Eugene Aubry vs. Edward Shupe - Aubry, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: Showtime Boxing International: Frampton vs. Jackson (8/18/2018) - Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Interim WBO Featherweight Championship: Carl Frampton vs. Luke Jackson - Frampton, DEC Tyson Fury vs. Francisco Pianeta - Fury, KO, R5 WBC Flyweight Championship: Cristofer Rosales vs. Paddy Barnes - Rosales, TKO, R10 Steve Collins Jr vs. Steven Ward - Collins Jr., DEC Lewis Crocker vs. William Warburton - Crocker, KO, R4 Marco McCullough vs. Jordan Ellison - McCullough, TKO, R3 Sam Maxwell vs. Chris Truman - Maxwell, KO, R1 Conrad Cummings vs. Nicky Jenman - Cummings, TKO, R2 BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Jennings vs. Dimitrenko (8/18/2018) - Atlantic City, NJ (Ocean Resort Casino) Bryant Jennings vs. Alexander Dimitrenko - Jennings, TKO, R3 Jesse Hart vs. Mike Gavronski - Hart, TKO, R9 Jason Sosa vs. Reynaldo Blanco - Sosa, DEC Shakur Stevenson vs. Carlos Ruiz - Stevenson, DEC Christian Carto vs. Javier Gallo - Carto, TKO, R7 Thomas LaManna vs. Matthew Strode - LaManna, DEC Oleksandr Teslenko vs. Avery Gibson - Teslenko, DEC Joseph Adorno vs. Agustine Mauras - Adorno, KO, R4
  2. DreamBroken

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Battle Royal winner, we hope.
  3. DreamBroken


    Yeah this pretty much and it's awful. The one time I looked into it and they were arguing that "Cagematch is not a source for moves because it's only for results" which isn't even true but those wiki admins wouldn't budge and will delete anyone's attempts to add moves back.
  4. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling: ReDefined Spoilers for 8/30/18

    Just as a heads up for all since things tape out of order, the Mexican Death Match is moved up to next week (8/23). I'm guessing it will switch spots with the Aries tag instead of that being on the same show as it was set up since this is now one of the bigger episodes.
  5. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/16/18

    Loved the Callihan/Fenix match, awesome stuff. Thought Johnny/Jacobs came off great. Aries/Kross promo was fantastic and I really liked the Sydal video... simple but effective and got over his character really well. The SmokeShow was hilarious. Allie/Su was fun while it lasted, Su always feels special. In hindsight they could''ve showed Neidhart/Lethal as the GWN Flashback. The LAX/OGz gang war was amazing. Agreed ^ with the Def Jam Fight for NY vibe, got the same feel here. Loved the ending of a movie style finish with the LAX triumph music playing as they stood over their bodies, even though all those other people seem to disappear. It came off like they had killed Hernandez, maybe Homicide, and then Konnan delivering the final blow to King.... epic stuff all around there, one of the best feuds anywhere so unique from anything else, love it. Konnan as the latino mob boss is the best.
  6. DreamBroken


    At the time I was disappointed how short it was considering the really awesome build to it. But in hindsight I like it a little more if it was to be Madison's write off from the company completely.
  7. DreamBroken


    I said I don't watch so I felt like it was basically asking "Why do you not watch? Does it suck?" The choices were amusing though like "Because 205 live stars are not on Raw/SDL" or "I forget that it's on"
  8. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/9/18

    Definitely got kind of a Shawn/Sid vibe from Aries/Kross at the end there. I love tying into last week where Aries had his issue with Carelli then at the end of the night Carelli had been taken out by Kross. I'm all for more Sydal, and more Alisha too.. she's a solid babyface but I kinda wanna see the old WSU super heel Lexxus side of her at some point too as she was so good at it.
  9. Shocking but awesome to see Kaitlin get her first win in like 6 years, especially considering she hadn't fought in 4 years. Always liked her despite losing all her Invicta fights.
  10. EVENT #72 POINT TOTAL: LFA 47: Jackson vs. Jennerman (8/10/2018) - Dallas, TX (The Bomb Factory) Damon Jackson vs. Nate Jennerman - Jackson, SUB, R4 Levi Mowles vs. Charles Cheeks III - Mowles, SUB, R2 Ramiz Brahimaj vs. William Macario - Brahimaj, SUB, R1 Sean Spencer vs. Bilal Williams - Spencer, DEC Valerie Ann Marie Soto vs. Cristina Crist - Soto, DEC Elijah Johns vs. Eddie Brown - Brown, DEC Devin Miller vs. Evers Anderson - Miller, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: Glory 56: Denver (8/10/2018) - Broomfield, CO (1stBank Center) Glory Light Heavyweight Championship: Artem Vakhitov vs. Danyo Illunga - Vakhitov, DEC Glory Women's Super Bantamweight Championship: Anissa Meksen vs. Jady Menezes - Meksen, DEC Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Anvar Boynazarov - Adamchuk, DEC Massaro Glunder vs. Quade Taranaki - Taranaki, DEC 2018 Light Heavyweight Qualification Tournament Final: Danny Mitchell vs. John King - Mitchell, DEC Simon Marcus vs. Jason Wilnis - Marcus, DEC 2018 Light Heavyweight Qualification Tournament Semi-Final (2): Chris Camozzi vs. John King - King, DEC 2018 Light Heavyweight Qualification Tournament Semi-Final (1): Myron Dennis vs. Danny Mitchell - Mitchell, DEC D'Angelo Marshall vs. Antonio Dvorak - Marshall, TKO, R2 Troy Sheridan vs. Justin Houghton - Sheridan, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: RIZIN 12 (8/12/2018) - Nagoya, Japan (Aichi Prefectural Gymansium) Yusuke Yachi vs. Luiz Gustavo - Yachi, DEC Yuki Motoya vs. Kazuma Sone - Motoya, TKO, R3 Kiichi Kunamoto vs. Ryuichiro Sumimura - Sumimura, DEC Reina Miura vs. Kaitlin Young - Miura, DEC Hatsu Hioki vs. Mikuru Asakura - Asakura, TKO, R2 Roque Martinez vs. Kiyoshi Kuwabara - Martinez, TKO, R1 Kanako Murata vs. Angela Magana - Murata, SUB, R1
  11. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/9/18

    Another solid night of Impact. Opening tag was a fun quick match. Loved seeing Alisha back in the ring again finally, been hoping she'd get used more for years now. Was a huge fan of her WSU work back in 2010-11. Thought this was a very solid showing for both. Pentagon/Sydal and Aries/Edwards were both awesome and different from each other with the main event being full of chaos. Thought Aries and Edwards worked great together as opponents with great character work. LAX/OGz feud continues to kill it. Dug the closing shot of Aries and Kross standing tall. Good promos in between throughout the whole show with Aries, Sydal, Allie, Jacobs, etc.