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  1. EVENT #98 LFA 52: Rodriguez vs. Gutierrez (10/19/2018) - Belton, TX (Bell County Expo Center) Ray Rodriguez vs. Chris Guiterrez - Rodriguez, DEC Jimmy Flick vs. Cee Jay Hamilton - Hamilton, DEC Jhonoven Pati vs. Punahele Soriano - Soriano, TKO, R1 Vernon Lewis vs. Jeremy Hardy - Hardy, TKO, R2 Itzel Esquivel vs. Vanessa Demopoulos - Demopoulos, SUB, R2 BONUS EVENT #1 Glory 60: Lyon (10/20/2018) - Lyon, France (Palais des Sports de Gerland) Cedric Doumbe vs. Jimmy Vienot - Doumbe, TKO, R2 Donegi Abena vs. Stephane Susperregui - Abena, DEC Yousri Belgaroui vs. Yassine Ahaggan - Ahaggan, DEC Sofia Olofsson vs. Cindy Silvestre - Olofsson, DEC Abdellah Ezbiri vs. Victor Pinto - Ezbiri, DEC Felipe Micheletti vs. Zinedine Hameur-Lain - Hameur-Lain, TKO, R3 Bruno Chaves vs. Mamadou Lamine Sene - Sene, TKO, R1 Matěj Peňáz vs. Mehdi Bouanane - Penaz, DEC Dmitry Menshikov vs. Samuel Dbili - Menshikov, DEC Mohamed Soumah vs. Michael Palandre - Palanadre, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 World Boxing Super Series: Rodriguez vs. Moloney (10/20/2018) - Orlando, FL (CFE Arena) IBF Bantamweight Championship: Emmanuel Rodriguez vs. Jason Moloney - Rodriguez, DEC Yuniel Dorticos vs. Masteusz Masternak - Dorticos, TKO, R10 Keith Tapia vs. Mike Perez - Tapia, DEC Stephon Young vs. Wilner Soto - Young, DEC Frank Sanchez Faure vs. Garrett Wilson - Faure, DEC Nestor Bravo vs. Jonathan Perez - Bravo, KO, R2 Eduardo Perez Diaz vs. Martez Jackson - Diaz, DEC BONUS EVENT #3 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Murata vs. Brant (10/20/2018) - Las Vegas, NV (Park Theater) WBA World Middleweight Championship: Ryota Murata vs. Rob Brant - Murata, DEC Maxim Dadashev vs. Antonio DeMarco - Dadashev, TKO, R6 Esquiva Falcao vs. Guido Nicolas Pitto - Falcao, DEC Michael Conlan vs. Nicola Cipoletta - Conlan, TKO, R4 Fazliddin Gaibnazarov vs. Wilberth Lopez - Gaibnazarov, DEC Adam Lopez vs. Hector Ambriz - Lopez, DEC Joseph Adorno vs. Kevin Cruz - Adorno, DEC Vladimir Nikitin vs. Clay Burns - Nikitin, DEC David Kaminsky vs. Noah LaCoste - Kaminsky, TKO, R2 EVENT #99 PFL 10: Washington D.C. (10/20/2018) - Washington D.C (Entertainment and Sports Arena) 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Abuspiyan Magomedov vs. Bruno Santos - Magomedov, DEC 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Ray Cooper III vs. Handesson Ferreira - Ferreira, DEC 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Louis Taylor vs. John Howard - Taylor, DEC 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Abukar Nurmagomedov vs. Magomed Magomedkerimov - Nurmagomedov, DEC 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Abuspiyan Magomedov vs. Gasan Umalatov - Magomedov, SUB, R1 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Ray Cooper III vs. Jake Shields - Cooper III, TKO, R1 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Bruno Santos vs. Sadibou Sy - Santos, DEC 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Rick Story vs. Handesson Ferreira - Ferreira, DEC 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Eddie Gordon vs. John Howard - Howard, DEC 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Pavlo Kusch - Magomedkerimov, DEC 2018 PFL Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Louis Taylor vs. Rex Harris - Taylor, DEC 2018 PFL Welterweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Abubakar Nurmagomedov vs. Bojan Velickovic - Nurmagomedov, DEC BONUS EVENT #4 Matchroom Boxing USA Presents: Andrade vs. Kautondokwa (10/20/2018) - Boston, MA (TD Garden) WBO Middleweight Championship: Demetrius Andrade vs. Walter Kautondokwa - Andrade, DEC IBF Super Featherweight Championship: Tevin Farmer vs. James Tennyson - Tennyson, TKO, R9 WBA & IBF Female Lightweight Champiionship: Katie Taylor vs. Cindy Serrano - Taylor, DEC Kid Galahad vs. Toka Kahn Clary - Galahad, TKO, R4 Tommy Coyle vs. Ryan Kielczweski - Coyle, DEC Scott Quigg vs. Mario Briones - Quigg, TKO, R3 Mark DeLuca vs. Walter Wright - DeLuca, DEC Niall Kennedy vs. Brendan Barrett - Kennedy, DEC Travis Gambardella vs. Joe Farina - Gambardella, DEC
  2. DreamBroken

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 10/18/18

    Really solid show that flew by and flowed nicely as follow up from BFG. Ethan Page has looked good since restarting here. Digging Kross and Moose as a heel team, Moose's Shaolin Monk suit was greatness. Always enjoy Dreamer when he's around, guess this was writing him back out again. I like how any of the titles or big rivalries can main event any show, always a solid variety mix. Cage/Swann was a pretty fun spotfest. I like the time change pushed as being "Impact After Dark" and Impact/Fenix was hyped up nicely as a big time match for next week.
  3. Really liked Io/Deonna, great stuff. I knew it wouldn't happen but I wouldn't have minded Deonna winning on the last armbar spot, that ruled and added a little drama. Both looked excellent here. Meiko/Lacey was a fun extended squash.
  4. DreamBroken

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    Got the traditional Shane O Mac entrance and massive pop! The Evolution segment was greatness, loved it. Setting up Batista/HHH for Mania? So random for Big Show to turn like that again, as was the Bar even getting this shot after just losing at Super Showdown. Rey/Nakamura was a fun main event. Solid opening tag too, cool to see the Usos actually win one again. The opening intro video with all the moment was really great, too bad there wasn't much for the other legend appearances like Teddy and Big Johnny just popping in the back, hoped they'd at least have Teddy give us a tag team match.
  5. DreamBroken

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    Presumably after last night they will be adding Natalya/Sasha/Bayley v. the Riott Squad to complete it at 8 matches. Initially thought they would do an SDL 8 woman tag as mentioned in last week's SDL thread, of Asuka/Naomi/Lana/Carmella v. Iiconics/Sonya/Mandy which at least seems more feud-based and would give them a somewhat better showcase than the thrown together battle royal but I guess not. Mostly feel for Asuka who went from winning the 1st Womens Rumble, WrestleMania title match, to this. The original announcement said there would be 50 women involved, adding that six woman tag would put 34 on the card with 14 currently named for the battle royal so maybe they will add 16 more to make it a full 30 woman battle royal.
  6. DreamBroken

    Raw Is Busting Down Cena's Doors - 10/15/2018

    The fact that it wasn't a battle royal made it one of the most ridiculously awkward segments in awhile. Ember & Nia defeat Dana & Tamina, so afterwards, because there is a battle royal in 2 weeks, Ember decides hmm maybe I should dump my partner over the top rope for no reason! On that note, it is disappointing that they just threw most of the roster into a battle royal for Evolution, including Asuka, but I guess that's to be expected. Made it seem like the card will be rather weak but I hadn't realized it is going to be 8 matches in the end. the Shield dissension has been annoying but the finish here was fun, glad they overcame that. "Superman! Superman! VINTAGE Shield!" I'm all for McIntyre destroying Braun. the Ronda/Bellas segment ruled and the crowd was pretty hot for it.
  7. DreamBroken


    I hope so. thought Aries was doing some really great work the last several months. Callis made a comparison to Shane Douglas in ECW back in June, I loved that.. he came off like their franchise as of late with Moose & Kross as his triple threat, really excellent promos lately. Shame if he is indeed gone at a time like this for Impact.
  8. DreamBroken

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    They've announced Rollins/McIntyre and Ambrose/Ziggler tonight for World Cup Qualifiers so I'd guess they will add one more tomorrow for the final spot along with Rey/Nakamura.
  9. DreamBroken


    They did not, just focused on Johnny's celebration. As Hail Sabin mentioned, those are two different moves. The Countdown to Impact is the flipping elbow he does, which I can't remember the last time he actually connected as lately it is always moved out of the way of and Johnny ends up rolling through. Starshp Pain is the split legged twisting splash deal which is his finish. I agree and felt the same in the build up. I think they still intended for BFG to be the big one, with the hype constantly referencing "topping everything we've done to this point" but Slammiversary definitely nailed it on all fronts as coming off like their biggest/best show of the year.
  10. DreamBroken


    Right, I just thought that meant it would be an actual match inside the Undead Realm but whatever it was, was rather entertaining.