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  1. Similar to the Impact after Slammiversary being a PPV recap with one match taped, this week will be mostly an introduction to AXS special so I won't bother with a separate thread for that. Impact Wrestling "This is Impact" Spoilers for 10/22
  2. Gauntlet was decent fun, good win for Eddie and I'm glad Sabu still made the card. Taya/Tenille was pretty good though maybe not hitting the great I hoped for. I've loved Taya's reign so I'm glad for it to continue. I believe Tenille was only signed through this show but I hope she sticks around. RVD's turn was shocking, definitely never saw that coming but certainly something different to perhaps freshen him up, could be interesting. Though I liked RVD & Rhino a lot as a team. Elgin/Marufuji was pretty awesome, fitting super finish. Absolutely shocked that Tessa didn't win the X title, thought she was a lock to win it. Great spotfest ladder match there. Moose/Shamrock was a fun brawl, Shamrock looked awesome but the finish wasn't the best. Main event was a war. Kind of surprised Cage retained as I thought it was gonna be Sami's time but at the same time, Cage's reign feels like it barely got going because of the injury time so looking forward to where it goes. Gonna have to kill Cage to beat him after popping up from the Piledriver on tacks. I dig "Hard to Kill" as the next PPV. Eddie had that on his shirt tonight so thought maybe it'd be him and Sami again but I guess Eddie/Ace continues over the X title now. Good show overall. Full results:
  3. At the All Glory show, they just gave Ace Romero the last spot in the X Title Ladder Match. Figured the Sabu/Rohit addition wasn't official sadly.
  4. Fury/Aussie was solid this week with Fury looking her best yet. Super fun tag match in Fire/Adrenaline vs. Temptress/Dagger, always great to see Katarina, crowd was hot for it.
  5. All the promotional and marketing for the big move but outside of some new cameras, the show remains exactly the same. This was just dull
  6. Maycee always talked about wanting to break Jon Jones' record for youngest UFC champ. I imagine if she keeps up, she'll at least be given the chance to try. Sad to see Weidman fall again. This time was expected, but was always one of my favs and now the losses/knockouts are piling up.
  7. That was definitely not confirmed on the episode (they showed a graphic at the end with ??? for the match) but I'm glad for Sabu to be in the match.
  8. Lot of good hype for BFG, I especially liked the closing video hyping up all the matches together. Solid first few matches and Sabu always rules. I wish Sabu got to be in the X title match at BFG. Battle royal was fun, looks like they got 8 spots open for potential surprise entrants in addition to the mystery spot in the X title match. Looking forward to BFG, card looks good so should be another great one.
  9. EVENT #119 PFL 2019 WK 8, Playoffs: Featherweights & Lightweights (10/17/2019) - Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Events Center) Chris Wade vs. Islam Mamedov - Mamedov, DEC Natan Schulte vs. Akhmet Aliev - Schulte, DEC Luis Rafael Laurentino vs. Movlid Khaybulaev - Khaybulaev, TKO, R2 Lance Palmer vs. Andre Harrison - Harrison, DEC Chris Wade vs. Nate Andrews - Wade, DEC Islam Mamedov vs. Loik Radzhabov - Mamedov, DEC Akhmet Aliev vs. Rashid Magomedov - Aliev, DEC Natan Schulte vs. Ramsey Nijem - Schulte, DEC Luis Rafael Laurentino vs. Jeremy Kennedy - Laurentino, TKO, R2 Movlid Khaybulaev vs. Daniel Pineda - Khaybulaev, TKO, R1 Alex Gilpin vs. Andre Harrison - Harrison, DEC Lance Palmer vs. Alexandre Almeida - Palmer, DEC *Please replace "Winner of..." with the full name of the winner you chose in the quarter final round BONUS EVENT #1 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Gvozdyk vs. Beterbiev (10/18/2019) - Philadelphia, PA (Liacouras Center) WBC & IBF Light Heavyweight Championship: Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Artur Beterbiev - Beterbiev, TKO, R11 Luis Collazo vs. Kudratillo Abdukakhorov - Abdukakhorov, DEC Michael Seals vs. Elio Heraldo Trosch - Seals, TKO, R5 Josue Vargas vs. Johnny Rodriguez - Vargas, DEC John Bauza vs. Donald Ward - Bauza, DEC Joseph Adorno vs. Damian Alejandro Sosa - Adorno, DEC Julian Rodriguez vs. Leonardo Doronio - Rodriguez, DEC Jeremy Adorno vs. Misael Reyes - Adorno, DEC Sonny Conto vs. Steven Lyons - Conto, KO, R2 EVENT #120 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 6: Reyes vs. Weidman (10/18/2019) - Boston, MA (TD Garden) Dominick Reyes vs. Chris Weidman - Reyes, TKO, R4 Yair Rodríguez vs. Jeremy Stephens - Stephens, TKO, R3 Greg Hardy vs. Ben Sosoli - Hardy, KO, R1 Joe Lauzon vs. Jonathan Pearce - Pearce, TKO, R2 Maycee Barber vs. Gillian Robertson - Barber, DEC Deron Winn vs. Darren Stewart - Winn, DEC Charles Rosa vs. Manny Bermudez - Bermudez, SUB, R2 Molly McCann vs. Diana Belbiţă - McCann, DEC Kyle Bochniak vs. Sean Woodson - Woodson, DEC Randy Costa vs. Boston Salmon - Costa, TKO, R3 Court McGee vs. Sean Brady - Brady, DEC Brendan Allen vs. Kevin Holland - Holland, DEC Daniel Spitz vs. Tanner Boser - Boser, DEC EVENT #121 Titan FC 57: Brown vs. Paulino (10/19/2019) - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Centro Olímpico Juan Pablo Duarte) Martin Brown vs. Johansser Paulino - Brown, DEC Juan Puerta vs. Reynaldo de los Santos - Puerta, DEC Alberto Blas vs. Elias Faustin - Faustin, DEC Mohammed Usman vs. Alexis Garcia - Usman, TKO, R2 Landon Stewart vs. Jefry Roy - Roy, DEC Ítalo da Silva Gonçalves vs. Kamal Magomedov - Magomedov, SUB, R1 *Tommy Garcia vs. Juan Reyes Garcia - J. Garcia, DEC
  10. Loved the Joanna/Gadelha rivalry, made for a super entertaining TUF and great fights. Always thought Joanna's charisma and aura stood out almost immediately from the first Gadellha fight and just kept shining from then on, which led to her quickly becoming one of my top favorites.
  11. Show was very all action and just about everything delivered, I dig it. Hot start with SCU with a hot crowd. Loved the finish in Riho/Britt, totally bought they were gonna do a title switch for a second but the finish was the best. I also thought Marko Stunt might detract from the tag match but he worked very well there. Guessing it sets up Lucha Bros/SCU as the finals. Moxley/Pac v. Omega/Page was a lot of fun and did a great job progessing the angles there. Main event was good stuff and put Darby over strong similar to the Cody match. I love how they continue to have a lot lined up for the following week, definitely a show to look forward to.
  12. TONY FALK! that was awesome. Fun show overall. Really good opening recap of last week's events. Into the Fire gets me hyped, love that as the intro. Always dig Allysin Kay and Ricky Starks is star quality. Solid squashes/showcases. Nothing as great as last week's main event but the promos were definitely good all throughout and the show flies by.
  13. can't believe Fox didn't get Charlotte. the SD womens division is fucked with Carmella and apparently now Lacey as the only babyfaces. pending "blockbuster trade" at least. Sad that Sonya and mandy were undrafted. Cool win for the Vikings, crowd was hot for them as well. why is Seth wrestling twice at SaudiMania. is he gonna get hurt against Bray so that Hulkster has to step in for the tag.
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