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  1. Love this shot, epic post-match celebration.
  2. Real great pop that was for Darby. He was only out for a few weeks but this felt like a big deal, good stuff.
  3. what a show. the Cage match had an epic big fight feel, great stuff. Loved the visual of the camera behind Arn's shoulder when Cody was at the door. Perfect finish, Cody comes off like the biggest star. Also really dug the finish of Moxley/Cobb. As mentioned, they found really great ways to have Cobb & Wardlow both lose clean but not come off like it hurt them at all. Tag battle royal was a lot of fun and Matt's superkick of Sammy was flawless execution. And damn the tag titles match was amazing. Incredible sequences and spots. Fenix over the top rana on Omega looked wild. Almost bought the Lucha Bros winning after Page hit Omega, though I do wish commentary wouldn't telegraph the near fall with the whole "the Lucha Brothers are going to Revolution!" bit immediately. Loved the match overall and continue to dig Omega & Hangman as a team. Great build to Revolution. If/when they ever do the Match Beyond, I still loved the initial looking set up of the Inner Circle vs. The Elite, but I feel like however it happens Cody (and Dustin) must be involved.
  4. Agreed on Eddie/Elgin and Josh/TJP. the Eddie/Elgin series has been excellent, great opponents.
  5. He's said the Orton thing was the last straw that led to his release, following his media rounds, wellness suspension, injuries, etc. I didn't care much for him then, but thought his first year in Impact was really good and he seemed totally rejuvenated for awhile there.
  6. Yes they are the same. This was Susie transforming back in to Su two weeks ago:
  7. BONUS EVENT #1 Golden Boy Boxing on DAZN: Garcia vs. Fonseca (2/14/2020) - Anaheim, CA (Honda Center) Ryan Garcia vs. Francisco Fonseca - Garcia, TKO, R5 Jorge Linares vs. Carlos Morales - Linares, DEC Alexis Rocha vs. Brad Solomon - Rocha, TKO, R6 Blair Cobbs vs. Samuel Kotey - Cobbs, TKO, R4 Evan Anthony Sanchez vs. Daniel Evangelista Jr. - Sanchez, KO, R2 Tenochtitlan Nava vs. Anthony Casillas - Nava, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 ShoBox: Mattice vs. Gonzalez (2/14/2020) - Philadelphia, PA (2300 Arena) Thomas Mattice vs. Isaac Cruz Gonzalez - Gonzalez, DEC Montana Love vs. Jerrico Walton - Love, DEC Raeese Aleem vs. Adam Lopez - Aleem, DEC Derrick Colemon Jr. vs. Joseph Jackson - Jackson, DEC Rasheed Johnson vs. Omar Garcia - Johnson, DEC Norman Neely vs. Nicoy Clarke - Neely, TKO, R5 James Martin vs. Vincent Floyd - Martin, DEC BONUS EVENT #3 Premier Boxing Champions: Plant vs. Feigenbutz (2/15/2020) - Nashville, TN (Bridgestone Arena) IBF Super Middleweight Championship: Caleb Plant vs. Vincent Feigenbutz - Plant, DEC Bryant Perrella vs. Abel Ramos - Ramos, DEC Austin Dulay vs. Diego Magdaleno - Dulay, TKO, R6 Leon Lawson III vs. Francisco Javier Castro - Lawson III, TKO, R4 Jose Miguel Borrego vs. Joaquim Carneiro - Borrego, TKO, R3 Maidel Sando vs. Sergio Lucio Gonzalez - Sando, TKO, R2 Roney Hines vs. Johnnie Langston - Hines, DEC Rau'shee Warren vs. Gilberto Mendoza - Warren, DEC Tyler Tomlin vs. Jose Zaragoza - Tomlin, DEC EVENT #10 UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 25: Anderson vs. Błachowicz II (2/15/2020) - Rio Rancho, NM (Santa Ana Star Center) Corey Anderson vs. Jan Błachowicz - Anderson, DEC Diego Sanchez vs. Michel Pereira - Pereira, TKO, R3 Montana De La Rosa vs. Mara Romero Borella - De La Rosa, SUB, R3 Brok Weaver vs. Kazula Vargas - Weaver, DEC Rogério Bontorin vs. Ray Borg - Bontorin, DEC Landon Vannata vs. Yancy Medeiros - Medeiros, SUB, R2 Tim Means vs. Daniel Rodriguez - Means, DEC Macy Chiasson vs. Shanna Young - Chiasson, SUB, R1 John Dodson vs. Nathaniel Wood - Wood, DEC Jim Miller vs. Scott Holtzman - Miller, DEC Devin Clark vs. Dequan Townsend - Clark, DEC Casey Kenney vs. Merab Dvalishvili - Kenney, DEC Mark De La Rosa vs. Raulian Paiva - De La Rosa, DEC
  8. Hate to see Riho lose the title, but another awesome match from them. Crowd was rocking. Solid matches all the way around. Great job making Cobb come off like a proper killer from the get go. Glad they didn't forget about Dustin/Hager and it still got a PPV spot for Hager's first match, loved the promo/challenge from Dustin.
  9. Tim Storm losing yet again is depressing. Melina/Tasha was pretty good, thought it was the best Melina's looked so far and Tasha got to be more competitive than expected. Weak finish in the main. No Powerrr next week as their "Circle Squared" tough enough like show debuts in it's place.
  10. Sad to see the end of Taya's epic reign. If anyone was going to end it, I wish it would've been Tenille. Eddie/Elgin continues to be great. Fulton/Daga was super solid as well, both looked great there.
  11. fuckin. every time I get hyped to see Nicco fight again, something happens.
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