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  1. They went broadway in Serena's last indy match back in 2014 for SHINE
  2. Some great KOs early on. Jessy Rose looked fantastic all the way through. Nice win for Damon Jackson I'll always love ya Randa Markos Wasn't expecting a super quick turnaround for Sijara Eubanks next week already, cool! Welcome back Johnny!
  3. EVENT #57 Invicta FC 42: Cummins vs. Zappitella (9/17/2020) - Kansas City, KS (Police Athletic League) Ashley Cummins vs. Alesha Zappitella - Zappitella, DEC Lisa Verzosa vs. Raquel Caputo - Verzosa, DEC Jéssica Delboni vs. Herica Tiburcio - Tiburcio, DEC Victoria Leonardo vs. Liz Tracy - Leonardo, DEC Jennifer Chieng vs. Helen Peralta - Peralta, DEC EVENT #58 ONE Championship, A New Breed III: Petchyindee Academy vs. Andersson (9/18/2020) - Bangkok, Thailand (Impact Arena) ONE Super Series Featherweight Muay Thai Championship: Petchmorakot Sangprapai vs. Magnus Andersson
  4. Really great episode tonight! FTR/Jurassic was a solid opener. I feel like the Bucks/FTR works better with the Bucks as the pure babyfaces they were but their current heelish attitude has been intriguing. Thunder/Ivelisse was awesome as would be expected, great stuff from both and I look forward to more. Absolutely loved Hangman/Kazarian. I've always been a big Kazarian fan since his 03-04 days so while it was one of those outcome never in doubt matches, it was still real cool to see him in a longer showcase match like this. Great stuff from both guys. I like Jericho/Hager in the tag division
  5. Pretty fun show with lots going on throughout. Swann/Young was not something I would've ever guessed headlining Bound for Glory but it should be good. Knockouts division looked good tonight and I enjoy the X title picture. Solid 8 man tag main event. Moose calling up "the Demo God" to ask about that time he had his title stolen was classic, loved that. Results:
  6. He did return the following year, as guest host of RAW in August 2009, helping MVP & Mark Henry defeat Big Show & Jericho
  7. "Michaels couldn't pull the trigger, but the Nature Boy does!" Always one of my favorite video packages, perfect fit, from back when they used to do those WrestleMania "TV Premiere" specials like 6 months later.
  8. EVENT #53 LFA 91: Njokuani vs. Torres (9/11/2020) - Sioux Falls, SD (Sanford Pentagon) Chidi Njokuani vs. Cristhian Torres - Njokuani, DEC Kyle Stewart vs. Tim Caron - Stewart, DEC Jamal Pogues vs. Tim Hiley - Pogues, DEC Hailey Cowan vs. Kelly Clayton - Cowan, DEC Nick Maximov vs. Johnny James Jr. - Maximov, TKO, R1 Nate Richardson vs. Darius Estell - Richardson, TKO, R2 Josh Quinlan vs. Pete Keepers - Quinlan, SUB, R1 EVENT #54 Bellator 245: Davis vs. Machida (9/11/2020) - Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena) Phil Davis vs. Lyoto Machida - Machida, DEC Cat Zingano vs
  9. Fun show. Dug the Kenny/Hangman sitdown interviews. Love seeing Tay Conti's Dynamite debut. Very much looking forward to Thunder Rosa vs. Ivelisse. Also looking forward to Moxley/Archer and the build to that. Great main event, the outcome never in doubt but still had some good near falls for Dustin.
  10. Another solid Impact. Enjoyed TJP/Bey and the tag titles match, good stuff there and continue to set up stuff for the future. I had missed Taya's entrance and music. Tasha & KIera are always great together. Definitely looking forward to more Tenille. Young/Dreamer a pretty good brawl to close the show. Results:
  11. Dark Order/Private Party on the preshow was good but Dark Order's last 2 really cool sequences towards the finish both felt like that should've been it so the eventual actual finish looked pretty weak in comparison. Bucks/Jurassic was solid. Really liked the casino battle royal, easily better than the original disaster with a good group of guys and some drama around the finish. Sydal was a cool surprise, good to see him again. Loved his Impact run. Botch was scary, I'd never seen him mess up the SSP before as his almost always looked pretty perfect. Hope he's gonna be a regular going forward,
  12. EVENT #51 LFA 90: Lazishvili vs. Steele (9/4/2020) - Sioux Falls, SD (Sanford Pentagon) Zviad Lazishivili vs. Ricky Steele - Steele, DEC Devin Smyth vs. Maycon Mendonça - Mendonca, DEC Ignacio Bahamondes vs. Chris Brown - Bahamondes, DEC Mando Gutierrez vs. Mo Miller - Gutierrez, SUB, R3 Sean McPadden vs. Allan Begosso - McPadden, SUB, R2 Tabatha Ricci vs. Kelsey Arneson - Ricci, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Herring vs. Oquendo (9/5/2020) - Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Conference Center Grand Ballroom) WBO Super Featherweight Championship: Jamel Herring vs. Jo
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