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  1. EVENT #22 POINT TOTAL: 416 LFA 7: Sanchez vs. Mai (3/24/2017) - Houston, TX (Arena Theatre) Robert Sanchez vs. Klayton Mai - Sanchez, SUB, R1 Adrian Yanez vs. Domingo Pilarte - Yanez, DEC Jason Langellier vs. Josh Davila - Langellier, TKO, R1 Clovis Hancock vs, Nikolay Veretennikov - Hancock, SUB, R2 Itzel Esquivel vs. Brandi Narvaez - Narvaez, DEC Leomania Martinez vs. Dulani Perry - Perry, DEC Noel Ligon vs. Gilbert Urbina - Urbina, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 416 Showtime Boxing International: Linares vs. Crolla II (3/25/2017) - Manchester, England, United Kingdom WBA World Lightweight Championship: Jorge Linares vs. Anthony Crolla - Linares, DEC Brian Rose vs. Jack Arnfield - Rose, DEC Martin Ward vs. Maxi Hughes - Ward, TKO, R6 Katie Taylor vs. Milena Koleva - Taylor, DEC Marcus Morrison vs. Jason Welborn - Morrison, TKO, R4 Hosea Burton vs. Tamas Kozma - Burton, TKO, R3 Tomi Tatham vs. Karel Horejsek - Tatham, TKO, R2 Ben Sheedy vs. Rob Brown - Sheedy, DEC Nathan Wheatley vs. Chris Jenkinson - Wheatley, DEC Sean McGoldrick vs. Brett Fidoe - McGoldrick, DEC Lawrence Okolie vs. Geoffrey Cave - Okolie, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #2 POINT TOTAL: 416 Glory 39: Brussels (3/25/2017) - Brussels, Belgium (Vorst National) Glory Welterweight Championship: Cedric Doumbe vs. Yoann Kongolo - Doumbe, DEC 2017 Featherweight Contender Tournament Final: Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao - Kiatmookao, DEC Guto Inocente vs. Jamal Ben Saddik - Inocente, DEC 2017 Featherweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final #2: Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao vs. Alexei Ulyanov - Kiatmookao, DEC 2017 Featherweight Contender Tournament Semi-Final #1: Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Nafi Bilalovski - Adamchuk, DEC Glory Lightweight Championship: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Dylan Salvador - Sitsongpeenong, DEC Marat Grigorian vs. Anton Petrov - Grigorian, TKO, R1 Hesdy Gerges vs. Chi Lewis-Parry - Lewis-Parry, TKO, R3 Harut Grigorian vs. Pavol Garaj - Grigorian, TKO, R2 Tyjani Beztati vs. Sabri Henia - Beztati, DEC Junus Majandinov vs. Meng Qinghao - Qinghao, DEC EVENT #23 POINT TOTAL: 416 Invicta FC 22: Evinger vs. Kunitskaya II (3/25/2017) - Kansas City, MO (Scottish Rite Temple) Tonya Evinger vs. Yana Kunitskaya - Evinger, DEC Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Livia Renata Souza - Hamasaki, DEC DeAnna Bennett vs. Jodie Esquibel - Bennett, DEC Amber Brown vs. Ashley Cummins - Brown, SUB, R1 Sunna Rannveig Daviddottir vs. Mallory Martin - Davidsdottir, DEC Kal Holliday vs. Miranda Maverick - Holliday, SUB, R3 Felicia Spencer vs. Madison McElhaney - McElhaney, TKO, R1
  2. JB's hype up all night of Karen as this mega blockbuster "SHE is coming!!" arrival was ridiculously goofy and an odd way to end the show. Did get a good laugh out of Josh going "Oh this is who JB was talking about all night!" when Rebel came out. Different kind of show with mostly matches straight through and lots of focus on new/returning acts. Nothing special in the ring tonight, though the six man was kinda fun. Both tags ending basically the same way was strange too.
  3. Not sure the story but I recall this as well. Gabriel actually did use it first on an episode of Smackdown, then I think they quickly realized it didn't quite work and Otunga was using it the next week.
  4. I thought Maryse was absolutely hilarious in those skits, especially the first one where she was both Bellas. Loved the Alpha/Usos tag, really good stuff with an exciting finishing stretch. Orton/Corbin pretty good too. I love Alexa's knockout punch to stand tall in the end, hope she retains at Mania. Exciting close with the Styles/Shane brawl. Digging Cena's talking smack promo.
  5. Would love to see a special SDL like that. the July 4 2002 SD is one of my all time favorite episodes. Great moment with Hogan & Edge winning the tag titles and a classic Taker/Angle main event.
  6. Only three matches tonight but all were good and got a lot of time. Dug the opening seg even if was a little long, thought EC3 and Alberto played off each other well and the match had a big time feel even being in the middle of the show but they got a ton of time which helped. Pretty good match, I'm liking this Alberto run so far match-wise. LAX arrival was a cool way to end the show with something different focusing on the tag titles.
  7. NXT

    Agreed, loved the Asuka/Nia match in Osaka. Thought that was easily the best Nia has ever looked and remained credible in defeat unlike tapping out to bayley. I've thought Asuka's on another level since she started in NXT and really enjoyed her first several matches. The debut against Dana Brooke was perfect, the early squash vs Cameron was super fun and the Takeover match with Emma remains one of my top favorite NXT matches. Since then, as mentioned the Mickie match was very good. I don't like bayley at all but those matches were pretty good while admittedly far from Asuka's best. Really liked the recent Peyton Royce match, thought both looked great there. I like Ember a lot and have watched her since her first match 10 years ago through Shimmer where she worked Asuka before to now, she has certainly gotten very good but I wouldn't say she's quite on the level of as good as Asuka yet. Booking/push wise I don't feel like she's ready to be the one that beats Asuka so I'm hoping that doesn't happen yet. Asuka/Cross does feel left unresolved. Billie Kay is a long time indy fav of mine, thought she was a top 5 worker in Shimmer so I hope she continues to get better in NXT. I like her and Peyton's heel act a lot but think she might still be a better babyface.
  8. Maryse was awesome, always a big fan of her. Really enjoyed Alexa/Mickie while it lasted though the finish was kind of abrupt. Alexa's KO punch near the end ruled as does her trash talk throughout the match. Becky/Natalya was pretty good too. Glad to see Carmella back in the mix. Dug the tag with a solid finish. Shane O Mac the walking tall badass of the WWE, they've got me looking forward to Styles/Shane at Mania.
  9. I figured/hoped Rollins coming back early from injury (or storyline re-injured after that brutal attack tonight) meant there was a logical reason for HHH to go over this time. No way should less than 100% Rollins go over at WM but he probably will.
  10. MM17

    Toughest vote so far I think, but surprised/disappointed that it's not very close. Love Miz and am glad to see everyone coming around on him and him having great showcases throughout the year. Hardys were my favorite act of the year and had me look forward to each week to see what would happen next in their story. Nothing tops the buzz and fallout of the Final Deletion for me
  11. At least it's to Meiko if Drew has to go out.
  12. MM17

    I would've voted Io here, but I love the Reigns/Styles matches and pretty much all of his big matches. Dig the Revival matches a lot but feel like Reigns had way more output.
  13. Also slipped in a Cody Rhodes despite them always avoiding the Rhodes part on TV unless it's Brandi.
  14. I thought the main event was a pretty good match overall without caring much for the convoluted finish, there was at least some excitement to the match. Bruce Prichard as the man who has achieved greatness was amusing, segment seemed dead until Alberto showed up. Sienna shined as a highlight of the show but not much else. Commentary was ridiculous and Spud the announcer with no explanation. Sad to see the Hardys disappear in to time and space never to return again. Matt has said he will be uploading the Expedition of Gold that would've aired tonight.