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  1. It was originally called the "What's Up", then when he turned heel it became the "Shut Up", later in the turn it would simply become known as "The Little Jimmy" before in recent years quietly returning to the original Whats Up name. Huge fan of that Orton/Christian match. My favorite match in their series. Been meaning to rewatch it sometime. Always loved the crowd seeming like a legit 50/50 split. Awesome face v. face match.
  2. THE GREAT KHALI! I love that the return of the Punjabi Prison summoned it's creator. I thought the match was pretty fun and look forward to Khali w/ the Singh Bros as the Modern Day Maharaja's stable. Enjoyed most of the show and dug some different finishes/outcomes. Usos/New Day was great as usual. Natalya winning was unexpected but I welcome the change. Tamina/Lana working together throughout was fun until they got bounced early, solid match with a fast pace. The one thing I did hate was jobbing out Mike Kanellis that quick and clean in his first PPV match. That sucked. Felt the preshow match was maybe the least interesting match to me ever put in that spot since they started the preshows, but I ended up actually not hating it surprisingly. Usually have zero interest in either guy but the match was fairly decent. Surprised to see Owens regain the US that quick. Definitely thought it was going to be a double pin draw type.
  3. Great to see Weidman back on the winning side after his last three, always liked him.
  4. I thought Bennett had good to very good matches against a variety of opponents in TNA and think he will excel in WWE eventually when he gets to do more. In my opinion, there's certainly worse and more boring just on SDL alone. This may have been his best and I remember it receiving praise from most who saw it.
  5. EVENT #62 POINT TOTAL:1229 LFA 17: Moisés vs. Watley (7/21/2017) - Charlotte, NC (Grady Cole Center) Thiago Moisés vs. Robert Watley - Moises, DEC Keith Richardson vs. Tony Gravely - Richardson, SUB, R2 Mike Stevens vs. Hugo Hernando Prada - Prada, SUB, R1 Tebaris Gordon vs. Chandler Cole - Cole, TKO, R1 Shelton Sales vs. John Sweeney - Sweeney, TKO, R1 Ryan Jett vs. Nick Rodrigues - Jett, DEC EVENT #63 POINT TOTAL: 1229 UFC on Fox 25: Weidman vs. Gastelum (7/22/2017) - Uniondale, NY (Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum) Chris Weidman vs. Kelvin Gastelum - Weidman, DEC Dennis Bermudez vs. Darren Elkins - Elkins, TKO, R2 Patrick Cummins vs. Gian Villante - Cummins, DEC Jimmie Rivera vs. Thomas Almeida - Rivera, DEC Lyman Good vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos - Good, DEC Rafael Natal vs. Eryk Anders - Anders, TKO, R1 Ryan LaFlare vs. Alex Oliveira - Oliveira, DEC Damian Grabowski vs. Chase Sherman - Sherman, TKO, R1 Kyle Bochniak vs. Jeremy Kennedy - Kennedy, DEC Brian Kelleher vs. Marlon Vera - Kelleher, DEC Timothy Johnson vs. Júnior Albini - Johnson, DEC Shane Burgos vs. Godofredo Castro - Burgos, TKO, R1 Chris Wade vs. Frankie Perez - Wade, SUB, R1
  6. Awesome triple threat w/ Sydal/Ki/Fantasma with some creative spots, loved the finish. Sienna looked great as usual. Opener and main events were both pretty good but short. Guevara's 630 was cool.
  7. Damn, terrible news. Always enjoyed Linkin Park, especially those first two albums with hit after hit and still lots of good ones in recent years. RIP
  8. NXT

    Agreed on all the love for Ruby/Ember. Thought Ruby looked fantastic and Ember her best in NXT thus far. Still unsure of Ember beating Asuka but I think this helped make it a bit more easy to accept. Dug the big fight feel in the entrances for Drew/Dain, solid main event.
  9. Saw a rumor that Jessica James would be included so got excited briefly for the local rep, disappointed she nor Barbi Hayden made it after all (or Delilah Doom since WWE used her in the past) Also disappointed/surprised that Deonna Purazzo and Nicole Matthews aren't locked in, especially Deonna. On the other hand, thrilled to see Serena Deeb out of retirement for this. Her post-WWE pre-injury 2010-2011 indy run was fantastic and she was one of the absolute best around. Was a shame her WWE run didn't last so glad to see her get a shot here even if it's a one-off type thing. Gonna hope to remain spoiler free but it sucks that this isn't airing for so long from now.
  10. ACH/Everett was pretty good though shorter than last week's X Cup match. Afraid Everett will get lost in the shuffle but I had really enjoyed his title chase earlier in the year. Enjoyed Marfuji/Moose a lot, dig Marufuji's theme. Fun babyface performance from Lashley for one night, they did make a solid team. Laurel's mannerisms when Kongo comes out is hilarious.
  11. I love that Mercedes might be in, great veteran to include. Always liked Marti Belle and Shayna would be a unique addition to it as well. Also cool for Barbi Hayden to get a shot.
  12. Agreed with all the love for the Joe/Brock/Reigns promo, and Angle was great in it too. Kurt's awesome in his role. Definitely hope Joe stays in the mix after that and doesn't just lose to Reigns next week. After loving Alexa/Sasha last night, I hoped for a better follow up but instead it went back in the opposite direction. The usual make Alexa look weak on the weekly and sticking to positioning Sasha as the sidekick who doesn't even get the pin despite being in the feud, beyond sick of bayley. Surprised to see the Hardys lose relatively quick to Gallows & Anderson but enjoyed Matt's pre match promo. Even more surprised to see Rollins drop back to back losses to Wyatt after being able to beat HHH & Joe on one leg, looks like he has Dean's luck with Wyatt. Figured Seth and Dean will be teaming up again soon. Thought Goldust/Truth was a solid 5 mins.
  13. Loved Alexa/Sasha, always thought they'd have a potentially good series, glad to see them deliver. Felt fresh seeing these two on top of the women's division, best match in months for both. Alexa's double jointed trick to sucker in to the big right hand is awesome. Thought the finish worked well in setting up a rematch with the post-match brawl. Reigns/Braun was fun with the bizarre angle afterwards including Slater vs Hawkins of all matches on PPV. Was fearing the worst when Lesnar/Joe was starting so late. Wished it would've gone longer but was definitely enjoyable while it lasted. Ironman tag was really good stuff and flew by without feeling like it was 30 mins at all.
  14. Damn was looking forward to Nunes. Bad weekend of fight scrapping.
  15. Worked a one off match against Bram that night.