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  1. One of the three unnamed girls that stand in the background of Swinger's Palace, dubbed the "Swingerellas"
  2. Main event ruled. Awesome match with a great lineup of talents. Solid final build up to Victory Road. Dug the Deonna/Mickie brawl. Trey/Rehwoldt was short but real good. More hilarious stuff from Swinger's Palace. Guessing VBD turning on Rhino can set up Heath finally returning to rejoin Rhino.
  3. There was a Shida vs. Nevaeh match taped for this past Elevation, but sadly did not get aired. Was hoping to see Nevaeh get a shot here after her Impact run, similar to how quickly Kiera Hogan came in for some shows.
  4. NWA is adding a bonus PPV, "By Any Means Necessary" on Sunday October 24 in Oak Grove, Kentucky, headlined by Jax Dane vs. Crimson in a steel cage.
  5. My first thought was back in 2012/13, they had very briefly signed the wrestler Brian Breaker, but changed his name to "Brandon Traven". And now they've come up with Bron Breakker.
  6. what an event. Cole/Kazarian super solid opener, was looking forward to being able to enjoy Cole more in a setting like this. Six man tag next week should be fun. Welcome back Cody! Awesome brawl and build up to next week's showdown. Rosario getting involved was a cool extra touch. the Butcher & Blade suddenly being top contenders is interesting. Love the ATT badass squad. Kayla Harrison definitely looked like a natural in there and ready to fight, definite great pro wrestling heel potential and would also be a great new path for Paige after years of her name coming up as possibly getting in to wrestling. Still wish it was Jericho & Hager vs. Arlovski & Dos Santos - that would be awesome. Jade/Leyla was good stuff. Looking forward to the Rise of the Undefeated Gunn Club. Great angle with Punk and Team Taz, smart use of Punk being there on commentary for a reason. Spears/Darby was great. Between this and the Guevara match, Spears seems to have finally turned a corner with some standout performances. Post-match angle was aces, very old school with Tully, loved it. Kind of disappointed that Bryan/Omega is not for the title. Feels like it lessens the drama of such a big match on such a big show and seems like if Bryan wins then they rematch at Full Gear then it's another Christian situation. But still looking forward to it regardless. Fun main event, even better post match. The Suzuki Incident! Glad that was rectified at least with a bonus appearance. Thought they'd have him hit the Piledriver on the table to close the show with some momentum, but dig the chaotic nature. Next week is crazy stacked. Really like that Rampage gets to go 2 hours already for the first time, certainly a big time feel. That stadium with that record crowd is gonna be incredible. So much going on all the time throughout these shows and there's always so much more to look forward to with the upcoming shows.
  7. As much as Into the Fire was the absolute best, I'm digging the new Powerrr theme music a lot. Good show this week. Solid opening with Murdoch and Aldis. Marti Belle continues to look great. Enjoying all the different angles explored throughout the show. the Jax/Crimson thing was different, but I always dig a good chaotic brawl ending with multiple stories/feuds connecting at once. Next week goes back to being a recap week. NWA Powerrr September 14 results:
  8. Gail Kim & Christy Hemme have announced the return of Impact's all knockouts PPV "Knockouts Knockdown" for Impact Plus, to air on October 9. Featuring the current roster, past knockouts, and debuts. They announced Lady Frost and Mercedes Martinez will be in action, plus there will be a Daffney Memorial Monster's Ball match in tribute.
  9. To add to that confusion, Evans was brought in to TNA in 2004 as a member of Team Canada for the World X Cup, but he was replaced before it started.
  10. Conor McGregor vs. Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs Red Carpet
  11. The Freebabes (Jazzy Yang, Hollyhood Haley J, & Miranda Gordy)
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