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  1. I'd say 4 PPVs and 4 themed Dynamites would work if you could get the spacing/ timing right. Also have Battle of The Belts be the only time AAA/ROH/NJPW/Impact titles get defended in AEW. Kinda feel like we are getting too many belts with all these title floating arounds
  2. Shelton should have Bobby Eaton and WGTT should have had the run that FTR are getting right now. And all the participants made that Mama stuff work as best it could. Problem there was no angle behind it so no where for it to go like a lot of the sitcom writers stuff
  3. Watched Woods vs Yuta. Really good I'm really looking forward to everything Yuta does so I hope he shows up on the NJPW AXS shows as well. The pure rules made me think about that Catch-as-catch can match that Dean Malenko intentionally fucked up against Billy Kidman and I wish there was a 15-20 minute Kidman/Malenko pure rules bout on a late 90's WCW PPV
  4. Hopefully in her next match Dark Strat gets a nice long delayed vertical suplex preferably with some deep knee bends
  5. whilst The Hardy Men (sounds like a TV dinner) can still walk
  6. That Bryan thing doesn't seem like a work to me
  7. I was gonna say I would have a Trophy that the winner could carry around for a year and a half
  8. If this whole thing ends with him tapping out to the Sharpshooter then Tony K deserves a fruit basket
  9. Of course someone as evil as Danhausen follows the left hand path!
  10. Please tell me he does his Andre impersonation in this!
  11. I'm guessing Anarchy in the Arena is gonna be stadium stampede but with fans
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