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  1. Our man @Gormangoing to be going about his business in a suit of amour Lanny Poffo style
  2. I think Bill Watts has taken credit/blame for the Diesel house show title win. He got in vinces ear convincing him that he had to keep the garden strong even as business was sliding
  3. @Blue DragonI just posted Maki v Miyu and Miyu v Slamovich in the 2022 match thread. I also really enjoy Riho. I hope you post this match if it makes youtube because I'm liable to forget to look for it
  4. @DogI believe the question was worst segment not best. Looks like the poker chip is the MITB briefcase with the same cash in rule I hope Ex/Tony/Mr. Maniac line up sticks for Dynamite they've settled nicely into their respective lanes Man in the Mask is Lead Announcer PBP, Tony as David Crockett 2.0 isn't wrestling just wonderful color man, and Taz is excellent as the new Professor Mike Tenay Analyst. If we have to deal with JR he's better suited for Rampage where at least Jericho has figured out how to play off him and his olde timey wrastlin references
  5. For some reason All Elite Women makes me think of Brit, Hayter, Toni and Saraya in a reboot of Designing women replacing Rhodes to the Top
  6. I hate the championship eliminator. If the challenger is good enough to be in the ring with the champ then the belt should be on the line, The way it is the challenger has to beat the champ twice in a row to win the belt
  7. Do an angle where he's booked to wrestle but has to repeatedly forfeit to guys like Sperentico, Nemeth and Avalon cause the Hot Flexible Wife has him worn out
  8. That Bandito suplex was the greatest display of strength since Jericho's belt! Old man Jericho continues to deliver! Mox and Juice had a heck of a brawl. AEW finally does the WWE booking a match on the fly with Daddy magic vs BD, Plus we got Storm v Deeb! I do appreciate that Brit always give the babyface the last laugh. Brit name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy? And Saraya is just the boss of the womens title now? I hope Luigi Primo gets knocked out again next week!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=457604583069613&set=a.441908361305902
  10. Also Nash had to work Backlund and Bundy at house shows, and this was still the era of wrestling plumbers and trashmen. Honestly I really don't blame Nash for not drawing with what he was handed
  11. I've heard that in 92 Vince felt forty-something was over the hill, but as you get older so does the idea of "youth" so as Vince aged he got more comfortable with the idea of older stars
  12. Always found Ronnie Garvin's WWF run a little Odd given that he was a former NWA champ. He pretty much has the Submission match against Valentine and thats it. Terry Funk and Harley Race worked against Hogan, Flair and Dusty got treated as top guys. figured they would have tried to get a little more mileage out of him, even if it would have been putting over Hogan or Warrior
  13. Corrnette has said that the whole reason for the SMW co-promotion was to get him to manager Yoko
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