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  1. https://youtu.be/E5E6znCwBdQ Shelton Benjamin v Tom Lawlor
  2. Video | Facebook Black Sabbath preforms Iron Man in a wrestling ring for some reason
  3. Forman calling fights for HBO had a lot of the same qualities John Madden; came across as a bit of a lovable goof who deep down really knew what he was talking about
  4. I saw Matt when he was hosting that George Thorogood concert the radio station held, I saw Riki Rachtman do his one man show recently. A bit strange that he was involved with 99 WCW as he wasn't on MTV anywhere by then
  5. From the recent Bloodsport match against Josh Barnett
  6. In addition to the mirror on the night stand?
  7. Matell's legends of the 70 series Gorilla Monsoon v Ali and Race v Billy Graham
  8. ▶︎ LIVING PROOF | DRAIN (bandcamp.com)
  9. The author does a really fun wrestling history podcast called shut up and wrestle, that features a lot of authors. He also has ex-WWF office workers on. I've also listened to him when he's been on other podcasts talking The Sheik and other history. Its really fun that we are in this era of wrestling books where actual professional writers, journalists and historians are writing books
  10. One Orange Racist goes down... next one up?
  11. I'm guessing pretty much every match (sometimes even the "in action" squashes) going through PIP is a network directive
  12. cool stat... Number of players in MLB history with at least a .300 career batting average and 100 HR / 100 SB: 48 150 HR / 150 SB: 15 200 HR / 200 SB: 8 250 HR / 250 SB: 2 300 HR / 300 SB: Only Mays 400 HR / 300 SB: Only Mays 500 HR / 300 SB: Only Mays 600 HR / 300 SB: Only Mays
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