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  1. I don't listen to his podcasts but his youtube channel has a lot of 5-10 minute clips of him talking about various historical wrestling
  2. To go back to the cable vs. streaming thing. I wonder if being successful on some sort of streaming channel could work, as on-demand/streaming seems to be more of the future. Netflix tried with LU. ESPN covers wrestling on their website and probably need fresh content for ESPN+. DAZN maybe? Maybe something where AEW drops a new episode each week
  3. this is classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e3xF_A7S64
  4. I liked Eric Bishoffs book. So much has been written about WCWs demise that it was interesting to hear his side of it. Not saying I agree with every decision he made but I feel having read it I understand his logic behind many of his decisions
  5. Heidenreich "raping" Michael Cole made me turn off the tv
  6. I think Connor makes an interesting opponent , bigger, younger, hell of an athlete, good power. He has to make it a rough and tumble brawl in a phone booth though
  7. zendragon

    30 For 30

    I've always felt the XFL could have worked, but the biggest issue (This goes for the WBF as well) was that he couldn't leave it alone. He had to have it be WWF FOOTBALL instead of just letting it be its own thing
  8. I watched some TNA matches from about 10 years ago. GAWD where Tenay and West horrible. Just screaming about every little thing at the top of their lungs
  9. For while it looked like UFC was trying to get anyone with some name value undercontract to keep them away from Elitie XC, Strikeforce, Bellator ect. I assume that is just not a concern anymore
  10. I know WMMA is hot right now and Bellator is trying to capitalize but the last couple of events have had fights that where really at the KOTC level
  11. I remember seeing clipps of those matches on the Benoit DVD. Has footage ever surfaced?
  12. I've found that on some of the DVD commentaries he's done cole it way better
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