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  1. HHH vs Owen as well 2000/2001 HHH vs an era Owen would have been great
  2. I really want Jericho to lose a loser leaves AEW match and come back under a hood. Instead of the Midnight Rider he could be the midnight mover
  3. Tony himself said he had "Big News" yesterday on FFWonline
  4. YOU SCREWED YOURSELF!!!! Re: That memorabilia show wasn't there supposed to be a show similar where they went into the WWE vaults? anything ever happen with that?
  5. Tay Conti continues to impress, everytime out she looks better, Her, Anna Jay, Britt Baker have tons of upside
  6. Personally I like the realism of guys going for titles, or prestige or money because of the realism of it. As a fan I prefer that to fighting over shampoo or what ever. I've always felt that mid-card titles are kinda like when a MMA fighter wins a belt in a smaller promotion before going to the UFC. it means your on the way up just in wrestling its in the same promotion
  7. totally had the same thought watching NXT. It seems like most of the top guys could compete at CW so whats the point?
  8. The Seth Green hosted Raw was good because he seemed to "get" wrestling. I agree you can usually tell who grew up a fan vs who's just showing up
  9. I really really liked the Deeb-Riho match. I'm much more of a Bret than a Shawn guy as someone whos more into storytelling and psychology that MOVEZ and spots. Having said that its all ways going to be a bit of an uphill battle making Riho's offence believable because she's so small. but I don't this she's so small that she can't be believable against the other women. (I really like that Riho - Nyla match because of the story it told. Sports team gets up to a big lead, takes its foot off the gas and blows it)
  10. I kinda wonder with them being in SoCal we wouldn't end up with Tito vs Savage? Apparently Tito was the other option when they decided to put the belt on Bret in 92. Tito wins in California and then they do an expansion into Mexico instead of Canada?
  11. the Trios thing is that you have a lot of fractions, Jurassic Express, Best Friends, Dark Order, Eddie Kingston's family ect. The problem with a LHW belt would be that so many of their stars are closer to 200lbs than 300lbs so it could feel redundant. I'd like to see a US title maybe and have one midcard belt be more storyline/angle oriented and one be more work rate oriented kinda like how the WWF booked the World and IC belts in the 80's.
  12. As distasteful as I found the "ghost of Eddie Guerrero" stuff following his death and the WWE's use of here she has really grow into her role over the years Re: Ryan Nemeth interesting he's using his given name instead of the Hot Young Briley name he used on the indies
  13. I feel like with the bloated roster at this point AEW needs either Trio titles or another mens singles title because you are getting to a point where to many character's are aimless
  14. I agree with this but I would have MJF loss to Sammy. Maybe MJF could be a Ric Flair type of champion where he loses to a sympathetic baby face Eddie Kingston, but wins the title back loses to Sammy wins it back ect
  15. I think he's gonna have his dad's height as well. Seems like a really tall 8 year old
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