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  1. If we are going to rank babyfaces I wonder where put Aubrey? This tomfoolery can be wonderful when it doesn’t take over the show. JR saying Assclaimed could be trios champs when they just lost their shot… Main was as good as a four way that could be expected babyfaces and heels having matching gear was something interesting. Wish the logic was that if you break the rules you get dq’d eliminated not every four way is automatically no dq. Did like Britt bring and equalizer for what’s her face
  2. Not interested in any hoopla, malarkey or balderdash about Arn biting the big lizards thumb
  3. To earn a world title match you have to outdo Shad at the Indian clubs
  4. I feel like this is what the should have done with Rampage, have that show anchored by OC v Buddy or The Trios belts instead of having OC defend against the likes of QT. If this does happen I hope Rampage becomes the home of The Dark/Elevation crew (maybe anchored by Statlander?)
  5. Shad has the mustache for pro wrestling for sure
  6. I take it this person has never seen a Ric Flair promo
  7. We always hear that Tony likes to cycle guys up and down so I’m curious where Cole goes after this MJF program, cause coach K seems to love the guy
  8. Lot of good wrestling on this one, OC grabbed the tights but swerve tried it frost so turn abouts fair play! Wild and Bloody tag match Anna Jay is no longer spooky! I really hope this MJF v Adam Cole feud is one and done, Bay Bay is a lot like Jarrett say what you will absolutely no need to have him in a featured spot this much. as @DEAN would say Don CALLIS is a heat magnet! Way to lean into it with no entrance music! and how about that main event!
  9. I’m glad to see Double M and Angelico again
  10. Taker has told a very similar story about getting conned by Buzz Sawyer
  11. Took forever to load because of all the Twitter posts I believe
  12. I enjoyed listening to Lance Storm and Jericho talk about their one and only FMW tour
  13. Reminds me of the time a I saw a small girl yell @your scarred Brody” at Brody King
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