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  1. Hadn't really occurred to me any other outcome was possible.
  2. You know, "Woldrog" actually sounds pretty cool. Did Gordlow pick his screen name specifically so his evil counterpart would be badass?
  3. The fast that Odessa apparently forgot illustrates my only real beef with Thor Ragnarok: those deaths weren't done well. They should have had the Warriors Three fighting alongside Thor in the opening scene to remind viewers that these are characters they should care about, at least a little. As was, I suspect the deaths meant nothing to most of the audience. She may as well have been killing mooks.
  4. I'm sure there are lots of Avengers who've had fewer action figures than Hank Pym. (Assuming that is Hank Pym.) Silverclaw, for example.
  5. People who do that are the worst.
  6. It also got Hunter over as a heel after a fairly lengthy period of the WWF unsuccessfully trying to ram him down the fans' throats. So good answer.
  7. I liked the first Greedfall quite a bit too. Haven't gotten around to replaying it as a different character, though, so my opinion could change once I do.
  8. I haven't watched nearly enough wrestling to vote in this poll but I voted for Becky anyway. She's that good.
  9. Oh, they aren't mascots. That's just how Hacksaw's friends dress.
  10. It's also, as I understand it, the older pronunciation. Though not by much. Some English speakers have been saying "ask" and some "aks" for over a thousand years.
  11. https://tenor.com/view/yoda-you-must-unlearn-what-you-have-learned-star-wars-empire-strikes-back-jedi-gif-11538657 Seriously though. I think my usage dictionary is at the office, so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure the idea that "less" and "fewer" are mutually exclusive is one of those pseudorules that somebody randomly pulled out of their ass at one point and convinced some other people to go along with. "Less" is the opposite of "more"; like "more", it can be used with both mass nouns and count nouns. "Fewer", of course, can only be used with count nouns. Somewhere along the line somebody thought it would be nice if their usage was symmetrical. And yeah, I can sort of see that it would be nice - but it's not so. Oh well.
  12. Fun fact: "moot" means, or at least originally meant, "debatable" or "up for debate", not "beside the point" or "irrelevant". The misuse has become common enough that it probably needs to be considered the standard definition now, but you do run the risk of annoying pedants if you use it in the sense used in that skit.
  13. For extra stupidity, didn't they originally spell it "Marquis Cor Von"? Like he was actually a French nobleman, but he didn't know how to pronounce his own title so he went by "Marcus"?
  14. Sounds right. But I think this is the only time they recycled a whole episode.
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