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  1. The problem is, if you tie him specifically to the Holocaust, you can't use him in contemporary media without his being really old. But there's an easy solution for that. Just say that at some point, Alpha the Ultimate Mutant turned him into a baby, and now he's an adult again. Simple!
  2. My streaming services: Netflix at $17 a month That is all. I pay $45 a month for internet access (600 MB/s). No cable. You all are profligate spenders.
  3. You may be the only one who remembers that Gil Gerard/Ernie Reyes Jr show Sidekicks.
  4. None of those guys look particularly restless. Luger and Sid are downright chill.
  5. Well yeah, if you ignore all the times people have been screwed in ladder matches.
  6. I always assumed I was the biggest Owen Hart mark on the board, so I'm amused he's made as many lists as Bret so far.
  7. Not only has it not been closed, it now seems like that's the only way you can cash in. At least, that's the only kayfabe explanation I can come up with for Braun not cashing in on Brock immediately the year he won it. Other than Braun being a pussy who's scared of Brock, which presumably was not what the writers were going for.
  8. Eh, they're kind of both villains. The real problem is that Spider-Man is over fifty years old, has had time to become part of the public consciousness, and should therefore be public domain.
  9. Did Andrade win their two matches on Smackdown back in January? I thought Rey won those.
  10. Yes. I thought Johnny as the delusional guy who was convinced he was the hero was compelling. But now... I have no idea why he's a face again.
  11. Charlotte is fantastic, but I don't personally feel she's a more consistent in-ring performer than Becky. At the PPV after 'Mania I recall liking the Becky-Lacey match better than Becky-Charlotte, for example. (Though I was pretty surprised by that.)
  12. Ziggler's a great bumper. If you need a WWE guy to get quickly squashed by a power wrestler, Ziggler's a great choice.
  13. It might have already been announced. I couldn't find mention of it on WWE's website, but that site is a mess.
  14. Does Nakamura have a match announced, and if not are we no longer expecting one. I was looking forward to Nak vs Ali.
  15. Hmm, I suppose he does. I was thrown by the way he doesn't visually change into a Thor-like form, the way Bill and Eric and Jane and Odin-knows-who-else did in the comics. But I imagine MCU Jane will continue to look like Natalie Portman even with Thor's powers at any rate.
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