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  1. NXT

    Rippa is right. Crustaceans taste awful in general. Now, mollusks are good eating.
  2. General consensus is that it was adequate or better. And I don't know many people who would pick "better".
  3. Top FF villain is obviously Dr. Doom. I don't see how there's a discussion.
  4. The final section of the credits were, yeah. I sort of recall enjoying the first part, though I don't recall why or what they did.
  5. The credits were sort of visually appealing, but I don't remember any actual scenes during or after.
  6. Talking about the Vision? Great read, but I found the ending confusing.
  7. So it turns out Night and the City is pretty good.
  8. I honestly didn't think the XBox naming system could get any more ridiculous.
  9. I suspect the men's Money in the Bank match goes last and will do fine.
  10. Yes. He was initially presented as an old soldier who couldn't let the Cold War go. It was actually fairly clever.
  11. Hell, that cage match wasn't even within spitting range of 3 stars.
  12. I generally feel furniture building should be left to the Swedes. (Well, I guess I assemble it myself.) But that does look pretty sweet. I'm also a fan of the "big mass of cables" aesthetic, so I don't know why you'd want to "clean it up".
  13. Fair enough, but making basic sense is a rarer commodity in pro wrestling and hence more valuable.
  14. I feel I should point out that neither of Bayley's losses to Bliss were laid out so as to give the impression that Bliss was the better wrestler. I was a little shocked that last night's match was so short, but the story it told made sense.
  15. Eh, she's kind of got a point. You could argue she was fired for not being funny, but that would just raise the question of why she ever had a job in the first place.