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  1. Well, I doubt many of the creative team are literate.
  2. Cellist, wasn't it?
  3. Who wasn't? Austin was a whiny hypocrite, but a combination of his charisma and it being actually handled subtly meant most people didn't pick up on it.
  4. He's starting to say "What fresh hell is this?". It's a pretty common expression. I like that he eats Cheerios from a bowl twice the size of his head.
  5. They deserved to anyway.
  6. Richard I seems like a pretty great pick to me.
  7. What does a bluetooth-enabled coffee cup do, exactly? Message you when you need a refill?
  8. Wait, are you allowed to criticize the list if you didn't submit a ballot? 'Cause if I had known I could skip the work of putting together a list and just mocked the results afterwards, I probably would have done that.
  9. Beamdog just announced that Planescape: Torment, probably the best CRPG of all time, is getting an extended edition! http://www.planescape.com Out on Windows, Mac, and Linux on Apr 11. Iphone and Android apparently coming later. I might just buy it for both my desktop and my tablet.
  10. MM17

    I really don't see the argument for AJ. He's an excellent worker, and has been consistently good or very good all year. But I can't think of a single thing he's done this year that stands out in my memory now, much less that I'll remember years later. Whereas the Revival has been in more than one classic. Vote Revival!
  11. MM17

    Wait. You've never seen the Revival but you voted anyway?
  12. I'm guessing he meant competitors whose only three Wrestlemania appearances were non-consecutive.
  13. I found the "Infant Ex Machina" ending annoying.
  14. Well, I regret that. Can we start over?