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  1. I dunno, six surprises sounds like a fair number to me.
  2. So you're basically damning her booking with faint praise, then.
  3. No, you're thinking of Justin Spirational.
  4. Her activated ability, not her triggered ability. The one that taps creatures. They apparently thought it was important that she not be able to tap herself.
  5. You may be underestimating how old I am. What's "K Pop"?
  6. Since we don't seem to have a dedicated social media thread anymore - "John Cena" is trending on Canadian twitter and I don't know why. Clicking on it didn't help much. Apparently he said some positive things about "BTS"? What's BTS?
  7. Best or most horrible typo ever?
  8. Morbius was still around in the '90s? I always associated him with the '70s.
  9. That's something I've been wondering about, actually. Have they said anything about whether NXT gets ten slots in each Rumble this year?
  10. This has been bugging me since they previewed the new Thassa, but even more since they posted an article talking about how much effort went into keeping the word count down in Beyond Death: why did they bother putting the word "another" in Thassa's activated ability? Is there some broken combo I'm missing if she could tap herself for four mana? Do they think newbies wouldn't realize she could tap other creatures if it said "tap target creature"? What?
  11. Do we know for certain Roman and Baron are going to be in the Rumble?
  12. Good call. I kinda think Carol needs to have been known on Earth for at least a few years before they can do Kamala. Though I suppose they could just tone down the "Carol Danvers fangirl" aspect and focus more on her being a general superhero fangirl. I'm... vaguely aware of her existence. Is she really more popular than Shang-Chi? That would be cool, but I have my doubts on whether the MCU is ready to go full-on self-parody. Questionable whether they have the rights, what with the Sony/Disney deal being up in the air. The comics character or the MCU one? I very much doubt comics Valkyrie is more popular than Shang-Chi. MCU Valkyrie, yes. Again, I can't imagine either of these characters being more popular than Shang-Chi. And something I neglected to mention in my earlier post is that Craig listed Shang Chi being "niche" as a point against, but I'd argue it's a point for. Most if not all of the MCU franchises occupy a specific niche, something that sets them aside from the others. Marvel clearly has a formula, of course, but each franchise tweaks that formula in a different way. A Shang-Chi movie that combines the MCU formula with classic kung-fu movie tropes is right in their wheelhouse. It's less clear what hook you'd use for Tigra or Spider-Woman that would make them not just another super-hero movie. Shit yes.
  13. What more popular heroes do they have left who haven't gotten a first movie yet?
  14. Should the Lucha Brothers and Dark Order be pissed? They're both ranked teams, while Page and Omega aren't.
  15. Tony Khan just needs a free-standing office close to the AEW ring and Angelico will be fine.
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