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  1. Thank you! I mean, I have no idea what that is, but I'm willing accept its being a reference to a subculture I know nothing about as an answer. Well, yes, that too, but I had always assumed the name was meant to be less literal than that.:)
  2. Speaking of which... why does Swerve's theme boast about his poor driving skills?
  3. I don't think that contradicts what Kevin said, though. I should perhaps let him speak for himself, but my understanding was that the "sweetheart deal" meant that AEW charged Woooo a lot less than they normally would to promote Woooo's product on AEW's shows, specifically because Sting wanted Flair around.
  4. The really shocking thing about MJF vs Ospreay next week is that Tony Khan didn't make it official until like twenty minutes after the wrestlers agreed to it! Was he asleep at the switch?
  5. Collision, I guess? My foggy old brain doesn't always remember which show things happened on, but I recall them being pretty busy.
  6. Not exactly. The WM10 finish was Owen reversing a victory roll. This was Mariah successfully hitting a victory roll. (Proving that Willow is no Owen Hart, because she couldn't reverse the move.) Luchasaurus still needs to turn on Christian and take his name back.
  7. First devised as a weapon against Arm-Fall-Off-Boy before they discovered it had other applications.
  8. Strong agreement here. Max just returning to his old self would be plausible but narratively unsatisfying. Turning into a different flavour of heel is much better. (Though we'll see whether Max and the bookers are up to the task of actually making the differences meaningful. I suspect they are, but I wouldn't swear to it.)
  9. Cute.:) I take it the answer involves NFTs?
  10. I sort of want to know what you're talking about, but I think I sort of also don't.
  11. I mean, if we define face/heel in terms of the morality of the characters' actions, Hanger is already the face. Swerve is a fucking monster. Hangman's only crime is maybe wanting revenge a little too much.
  12. The first one doesn't seem weird to me, because going into the show I would have given Private Party a better chance to win than Komander. Obviously they wouldn't be pinning Takeshita, but they're not so low on the totem pole that I couldn't see them getting a fall on Fletcher. And heck, Trish Adora had a better chance of beating Toni Storm than Jay White had of beating Adam Page. But of course there was very little chance of the latter being a squash after it was announced as the main event; it was always going to be Page winning a fairly competitive match.
  13. Maybe. Let me digress a bit... I don't know if I ever properly expressed how boring I found the Two Bland Kyles of AEW. Two decent mechanics without an ounce of personality between them. But the O'Reilly vs Strong PPV turned me around a bit on O'Reilly. It worked for me as a good example of "the match is the story" - a nice, simple story of Submissions Guy vs Guy Who Does Seven Thousand Backbreaker Variants. (Which is not a story I'd expect to encounter in any genre besides pro wrestling.) Since then, he's been decent enough as a member of the conglomeration. As a straight man to contrast with the over-the-top characters like Brisco and Cassidy, he's fine. So could Fletcher similarly redeem himself in my eyes? It's entirely possible. But until it happens, I'm still going to make jokes about how bland he is.
  14. And the Coyote-Roadrunner feud was massively popular! You may be on to something here.
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