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  1. All I know is that I'd rather fight ten drunken headbutters than one naked brownie-eater. ...but I'm not sure how to apply that lesson to this group of men.
  2. That wasn't a gimmick, it was just a prediction.
  3. If you're referring to the idea that it was sponsored by a newspaper called the "World", I believe that's an urban legend. Snopes has an article on it: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/world-series/
  4. Well, that's because it's terribly written. Four third-person pronouns in one sentence, alternating back and forth between two referents?
  5. Chester Gould kept writing and drawing the Dick Tracy comic strip up to 1977. It's still being produced today, though I don't know by whom.
  6. You can't buy titles. Jack Tunney established that decades ago.
  7. No, IMO Kane fell under the "there to put over The Undertaker" category. The Kane character was clearly created just to give Undertaker a massive threat to overcome.
  8. I'm late catching up on this thread, but I love the crowd chanting "USA" and waving American flags as Sarge vanquishes the foreign menace form Nashville, Tennessee.
  9. When I watched the film as a teenager I somehow failed to realize that blowing up that factory probably killed a few people, yeah. The only death I registered was that dude Batman threw down the clock tower, which definitely bugged me. So out of character for Batman.
  10. Context question: was Jumbo already a legend when this match took place? He looks pretty young to me, but I don't know what year the match is from.
  11. Reading that, I can't help but think Tito thought corporate expansion worked like expansion in a game of Risk. They needed to take Canada first, so they could get to Europe by way of Iceland!
  12. The theme of week one appears to be "tiny rings".
  13. All finishers were protected in those days, until you faced Hogan.
  14. I'll take that bet! Five bucks on the hornets.
  15. I fear this conversation may lead places that will get us both banned, but you'll note I said nothing bad about the pants.
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