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  1. tbarrie


    It's Cabot House that's the problem. Every time my manipulative psychopath character visits Lorenzo for more serum, she takes her hat off when she gets inside, because she's not a fucking savage. And he has a perfectly nice hat rack sitting just inside the door. But I can't use it! It just sits there, taunting me.
  2. tbarrie


    I've searched, and there doesn't appear to be a mod that adds functional hat racks to the game. Why do we even HAVE mods?
  3. tbarrie

    Magic: the Gathering

    I threw together a Merfolk deck and took it to a local weekly tournament two weeks ago. Went 3-0 despite it being a 75-card first draft of a deck. Maybe Merfolk are good?
  4. tbarrie

    Magic: the Gathering

    I didn't understand this comment so I googled it, and holy shit. They actually printed a tournament-relevant card that isn't available in booster packs through normal channels? I thought they learned their lesson like, two decades ago with Mana Crypt.
  5. tbarrie

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I'd question whether this style of handicap match even put Demolition at a disadvantage. As a kid and a Powers of Pain mark, I assumed it was done to give Demolition the advantage, because Fuji had to be a lot easier to beat than the Warlord or the Barbarian. And sure enough, Fuji ate the pin.
  6. tbarrie

    Magic: the Gathering

    Random milling like Thief of Sanity does has no effect on the probability of your opponent drawing the lands they need.
  7. tbarrie

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    The problem I see with elimination-style three-way matches is that it makes it so obvious that the best strategy is to make peace with one of your opponents, beat the crap out of the third person two-on-one, and eliminate them first. Making a similar deal in a WWE-style triple threat isn't a terrible idea either of course, but the deal has to end sometime, and when it does the third person is still in the match and can make a comeback. I suppose the counter argument would be that three-way matches should only happen when all three competitors hate each other enough that they wouldn't make such a deal. If Ronda/Becky/Charlotte winds up happening elimination-style would probably work fine for that match.
  8. tbarrie

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    I watched that match but have no recollection of this. What submission did Ambrose use?
  9. tbarrie


    Universe Mode is all I use it for, but it's not without frustrations.
  10. tbarrie


    They seem to expect you to tough it out. It's a bit clunky, but you could switch whom you're controlling, make the save yourself, then switch back. Not unbearably so IMO.
  11. tbarrie

    Magic: the Gathering

    Because the colours are supposed to be good at different things, and white is better than black when it comes to low-cost creatures.
  12. tbarrie

    So...just how old are the DVDR posters?

    As of today, I am old enough to be the subject of a recurring Kids in the Hall sketch.
  13. tbarrie

    WRESTLEMANIA XXXV - 4/7/2019

    Definitely there are more women who deserve good spots on the show. Spitballing ideas, while reverting Nia Jax to her role as Alexa's muscle would be narratively unsatisfying, it could get us Alexa and Nia vs Saha and Bayley for the tag titles. Naomi has been underserved by the writing for some time, but at least she has a storyline now, even if it's not great. So maybe they could spare a few minutes to blow off Naomi vs Mandy? Carmella can appear in a between-match segment of some sort; it's not like in-ring work is her forte.
  14. tbarrie

    WRESTLEMANIA XXXV - 4/7/2019

    Do we know for sure that Trish is available for and interested in a match at Wrestlemania? Because if they insist on adding Charlotte to the Becky-Ronda match, Trish putting over Asuka isn't the worst plan they could make.
  15. tbarrie

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    That sounds cool, but Truth should have cited the Maven Precedent and demanded a shot at Bryan, not Nakamura.