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  1. In the Bucks' defense - blading really is one of those old carny things that need to go away.
  2. I very much doubt The Old Buck actually did a blade job.
  3. Then after he helps him out, Wight can turn on him! Honestly, considering how often Wight has turned and how often people turn on Sting, it's kind of odd that hasn't happened yet.
  4. ...probably? I suspect that name is too generic to trademark, but I'm not a lawyer.
  5. I don't know about that. Did Andre expose John Studd? Paul Wight is a damn giant; he's supposed to tower over even the big guys,
  6. You clearly weren't paying enough attention to D-Lo Brown's ring introductions.
  7. I hope they stick with last week's format where it's mostly proper squashes with the occasional match where the jobber gets to show their stuff. Maybe I just don't love pro wrestling enough, but I find two hours of wrestlers going through the motions of competitive matches when the outcomes aren't actually in doubt a bit tedious.
  8. I suspect that's untrue, but am unwilling to test in case you're right. So you win this round, AxB.
  9. Somebody said the booking on this show made sense (sorry, I can't find the post now to quote it), and, well, maybe if you've been following the weekly shows. But coming in cold, my perspective was different. I mean, I thought the ending of the Raw Chamber made sense. The commentators made it sound like they'd been building a McIntyre/Sheamus feud, and the ending saw Sheamus have McIntyre dead to rights before Styles intervened. Sheamus could needle McIntyre about that, building to a singles title match at 'Mania. Then Lashley randomly came out and beat down McIntyre, and I was like,
  10. Pretty hard to count HTM's title reign as a winning streak, given he lost almost every match (by count-out or DQ).
  11. tbarrie

    1997 WWF

    Did it get over? I remember thinking at the time they were banking pretty heavily on the audience having been watching a decade ago and knowing that Honky was supposed to be an obnoxious heel, because they did nothing to establish that here. If you were unfamiliar with the character, Roadie comes off as a giant asshole here.
  12. Sadly, I believe that particular door remains forbidden.
  13. And I am old enough to assume you meant Valentine and Beefcake until eventually figuring out you were talking about a basketball team.
  14. It wasn't. Beth doesn't have any moves that end like that. It definitely wasn't Jericho's suplex - the animation for that move has the attacker doing an exaggerated flex with their arms while executing the pin, which didn't happen here. To provide a little more context, I was teaming Beth and Alexa Bliss against some jobbers. I was controlling Beth and took an opponent down with some move, then accidentally hit the "switch person" button and took control of Alexa on the apron. At which point computer-controlled Beth just nonchalantly put her foot on her opponent and the ref counted two.
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