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  1. Well, there's no reason to think Cap knew he could change that (if he even could, which I'm not convinced of). Presumably he assumed Bruce knew what he was talking about.
  2. Yeah. Which implies you can change the past with time travel, you just have to be subtle enough that the universe doesn't catch you doing it.
  3. And yet, there was an aged Steve Rogers in the present after young Steve went back. Where did he come from?
  4. The Lee-Romita era Spider-Man came in at 50. I thought it would do better than that, maybe top ten.
  5. Yeah, I don't know if I ever mentioned that I didn't get the hype around Silver, but after Full Gear that was no longer the case. His reactions to Orange's schtick were hilarious and he more than held his own when it was time for the action to get serious. Last night's performance wasn't as good, but it was still good.
  6. I'm now imagining that Manny Fernandez had no prior involvement with either Valiant or Valiant's opponent, and that stipulation was just added so he could act as, I don't know, decoration or something.
  7. Hall couldn't keep track of who was in the NWO any better than the rest of us.
  8. So would that mean Lucas still has to pay royalties for works Disney republishes? I don't see how canonicity is relevant here...
  9. I thought he lit his pants on fire to signify that he was a liar.
  10. The three workers in question should all switch to just painting a quarter of their faces. That way they can avoid overlap, and there's even room for one more to join in.
  11. I disagree. Butcher and Blade winning would have been the wrong result. I think B&B have a lot more future potential that QT & Dustin, but it was blow-off match to a feud that's been building for a while. The wronged babyface gives the heel their comeuppance by beating them in the blow-off match. That's booking 101. If they were thinking of hotshotting B&B into a title feud in the next couple of weeks or something, then maybe there would be an argument to buck convention and have B&B win. But they're not. There'll be plenty of time to rebuild B&B if they ever do decide
  12. I'd agree with that. Create-A-Wrestler seems to me to be a textbook example of the sort of frill they could do without in the first game and add it later if there's demand.
  13. The worst thing is that I recall the commentary in the WWE games being decent about six or eight years ago. Not great, but perfectly tolerable if you had reasonable expectations. Then a few years later it started sucking again for some reason. That being said, being able to turn commentary on or off would be pretty fucking easy to implement and would probably satisfy everybody.
  14. Just to be a random data point, I totally expect wrestling games to have a good GM/booker mode, and couldn't care less how good the CAW feature is, or frankly whether it exists at all. No idea how common consumers like that are, but we do exist.
  15. I'm curious - are they sympathetic because she's taking beatings, or because she's a victim of bad writing? Not that I'm poo-pooing it if it's the latter or anything. That's clearly a valid way to get face heat in 21st century wrestling.
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