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  1. By the time this shit is over, the kids may well be able to enjoy everything in that list.
  2. Hey, you know how when you're reviewing things (matches, or whatever), sometimes you'll come to one that you have no strong opinion of one way or the other? And you know how sometimes you'll describe that thing by just saying it's "there"? Well, AEW has made a t-shirt out of that: I suppose you are, Matt. I suppose you are.
  3. It says Mulkey's, not Mulkeys'. They only annihilated one of their souls.
  4. That's definitely one of the all-time dumbest match endings. The heel tells the ref "Hey, I won the match when you weren't looking" and the ref just says "okay" and calls for the bell? If that works, how come the heels never try it after a ref bump during a normal match?
  5. ..isn't Kang a wee bit out of Ant-Man's weight class?
  6. Fair point about the streaming services and other modern options. I myself signed up for Disney+ last month and watched four movies from last decade that month. Of course, I was pushing myself to watch a lot so I wouldn't have to pay for a second month.
  7. I'm genuinely impressed so many of you have actually seen fifty movies from a single decade. You all know that's five movies per year, right?
  8. Christian vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania one year. Fine match in a vacuum, but made no sense for the story they were in. Jericho should have been trying to gouge Christian's eyes out, not trading roll-ups with him.
  9. I haven't seen either Ralph film, but the last three are all good. Coco is probably the best of them.
  10. Lord Alfred Hayes once mentioned on commentary how all the great champions of the past paled to insignificance next to Hogan. Does that count?
  11. They were building to a Triple Threat with Edge, Cena, and H on the next PPV. I don't remember the Spirit Squad match at all, though.
  12. That doesn't seem decisive to me. I don't take the blame for my brothers' failures just because we have the same parents.
  13. I'm curious what the kayfabe explanation is for the WWE's farm league champion being ranked higher than its actual champions.
  14. Apropos of nothing, "Ruth's Chris Steakhouse" is a weird fucking name. It's the only large restaurant chain whose name I'm not even sure how to parse. Best I can figure out it's supposed to be a steakhouse owned by somebody named Ruth serving the meat of somebody named Chris.
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