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  1. Well, to be fair, he didn't exactly lie. Changing a Wrestlemania world title match the day before the show with no explanation is certainly unique.
  2. I want Team George to carry on so I can continue to picture Gorgeous George and the '80s version of George "The Animal" Steele interacting as partners.
  3. So based on the Goldberg hate, am I the only one who's voting based on who would win in kayfabe? Because having a guy whose gimmick is invincibility on your team doesn't seem like a minus to me.
  4. You don't seem to have stuck to this rule too strictly. Bruiser Brody, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Montel Varsuvius Porter all got filed under their shoot names.
  5. You think? Are there a lot of people who love MJF but don't like The Miz?
  6. Yeah, this point needs to be emphasized more. That promo worked just fine even if you didn't get that it included shots at Vince, so I have no idea what Morelock is complaining about. My brother was e-mailing Wednesday night to gush about how good Brodie's steak dinner promo was. It's possible he picked up on the Vince angle, but he certainly didn't mention it.
  7. Looping back to Rick Martel - a week or two back I randomly decided to google some of the stars of Atlantic Grand Prix, which led me to this match which I didn't know existed: Pretty sure Martel was officially a face for his entire AWA title run, but of course Burke was going to have the fans behind him in Halifax, and Martel wrestled accordingly.
  8. On the other hand - if society completely collapses, your debt will mean nothing, and you'll have a car.
  9. Yeah, I suspect you're not the only one who will never understand that. Does it work in reverse too? Or is there some longer chain that ends back at The Usual Suspects? (Like, mentioning Mystery Men makes you think of Citizen Kane. But mentioning Citizen Kane makes you think of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and "Scott Pilgrim" makes you think of Il Postino, mentions of which send your brain back to the Usual Suspects.)
  10. Agreed. Bret vs Owen is actually my favourite match to date. I may have to rewatch it this afternoon, it's been a while...
  11. I feel the enormity of this injustice is being underplayed.
  12. Do CDC guidelines have the force of law, or are we counting on Vince's common sense?
  13. In other news, I've discovered The Great Malumba doesn't have a Wikipedia page. An outrage!
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