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  1. Yeah, but as Betsy pointed out, in 2018 "people on the internet" is just long form for "people". I would argue that the larger issue is that the event in question is surely going to be undone, so it's actually a pretty poor way of writing somebody out of the MCU.
  2. Where was Valkyrie during Infinity War, anyway? Didn't she end Ragnarok on the ship with the rest of the Asgardian survivors?
  3. tbarrie

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Fair enough, but I think there's still a difference between "This match type could theoretically end in a no-contest" and "This match type could end with the same non-finish we just saw". And they've had a Last Man Standing match actually end on a double ten-count at least once, so it's not just theoretical. But your objection just throws it back to my original question: is there any stipulation left they could use that would actually give fans confidence we'd get a decisive winner? Or have they killed all their matches with bad writing?
  4. tbarrie

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Except their last match could have been a Last Man Standing, and it still would have been a draw.
  5. tbarrie

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Given how creative they've gotten with non-finishes, is there a stipulation they could offer that would actually guarantee a definitive winner? I guess Iron Man with overtime in case of a tie would work.
  6. tbarrie

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Yeah, when I was thinking of entering I was going to put Avengers: Infinity War in a middling position, figuring if it did wind up underperforming I'd have a leg up on everybody. That would have gone poorly. (If you're wondering, I decided not to enter when I realized I hadn't even heard of more than half the movies on the list.)
  7. Wait, what? The villains of the last five Marvel movies were Ego, the Vulture, Hela, Killmonger, and Thanos. How were any two of them the same villain?
  8. tbarrie

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Ruby challenging after beating Sasha and Bayley makes sense. Ruby getting a title shot after just failing to qualify for the ladder match makes less sense. What WWE does will bear little or no relation to what makes sense, though, so this is really just pointless rambling.
  9. Well.. their overall track record on villains still stinks. But they've certainly gotten better recently. Thanos, Killmonger, Hela, and the Vulture were all great.
  10. tbarrie


    That would have made more sense.
  11. The same thing was true of the "youngest ever" record that they supposedly were in a hurry to give to Orton at Brock's expense. Brock was the youngest WWE Champion; Orton won the World Heavyweight title.
  12. tbarrie

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Took me a while to get that.
  13. tbarrie

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Wow. I've lost socks in the laundry before, but I've never had the dryer disappear too.
  14. tbarrie


    I can relate to that. I mostly just mentioned it so I could springboard into complaining about how weak Bethesda made the disease. If it had any teeth to it, the decision of whether to save Austin might actually be an interesting one.
  15. tbarrie


    Because mole rat disease is so debilitating.:)