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  1. I think we're arguing about different things. I'm perfectly happy to have Marvel Studios take over the X-Men film franchise. (Is there a chance of that not happening? Will Fox continue to be a separate studio under the Disney banner?) But you don't have to merge the universes to do that.
  2. They can always use interdimensional shenanigans to do crossovers. Sure, but that's a function of the creative teams behind the films, not a question of which fictional universe they're set in.
  3. If. But the X-Men aren't Spider-Man; the X-titles have generally had their own corner of the Marvel Universe to play in. And frankly, I think the concept works better if mutants are the only superbeings around. I don't see any pressing reason to bring them in.
  4. The question of whether they were joking aside, the Iron Man who participated in Secret Wars wasn't even Tony. Has Don Cheadle said he's finished playing Rhodey? And neither character was all that essential to the plot, with Iron Man being less essential than Cap.
  5. tbarrie

    2018 Box Office

    I believe you mean set in "the amazing years to come".
  6. tbarrie

    The Batman: Arkham series.

    Since this seems to be the thread for the Telltale Batman series as well, does anybody know if it's still possible to buy them?
  7. Aren't they ending the brand split before then? I can't see Fox spending a bazillion dollars for half the roster.
  8. tbarrie


    What about its inventor, Owen?
  9. tbarrie


    Sure, my nerd character likes being able to build arcade cabinets at his home base, but I don't know if I'd want to pay real money for it. The only Creation Club content I spent actual points for that I unreservedly thought was worth it was the t-shirts (and it helps that it was cheap, since at the end of the day it is just a bunch of t-shirts).
  10. tbarrie


    Many things would be more pointless. The Jackson films were fine films in their own right, but hardly perfect adaptations. I've long thought they were annoyingly good, in that they were good enough to discourage other people from adapting the source material, and there's a lot of things that could have been done differently. I'd like to see another creator's take. Now that sounds horrible.
  11. I'd rather see Miz and Shane become a tag team so we can get more of Miz pushing an already near-dead Shane to jump off of high places.
  12. Interesting. I like to think I'm a decent enough person in real life, but it wouldn't occur to me to equate playing the good guy in an RPG with playing myself. For one thing, my heroic characters are generally willing to risk their lives to help people in need, but here in real life I'm working a cushy office job in Toronto, not travelling war-torn regions to assist Doctors Without Borders or anything like that, so clearly we differ in that respect. And of course, any good RPG will offer more interesting choices than just a good path/evil path. You can play somebody completely unlike yourself without playing a bad guy. Which isn't to say that you have to, of course. But for me, part of the fun of RPGs is being someone else for a time. (Though none of my characters will drink cherry cola. You have to draw the line somewhere.)
  13. I can't agree with that. What makes an RPG an RPG in my mind is that the player is making meaningful choices for their character. If the player chooses to play as themselves, well, that's their choice.
  14. I'm talking about the tabletop RPG, yes. Having not played it in twenty or thirty years, I feel I can be forgiven for forgetting whether there was a space in there.:)
  15. And you'd be right, of course. There's a reason when I'm singing New Vegas's praises I only go so far as to call it "one of" the greatest CRPGs of all time. It's not as good as Torment. The Enhanced Edition is on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and even iOS. If you can access the web, you probably have a device that can run Torment.