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  1. Three-way matches being automatically no-DQ is definitely a recent thing. I remember a heel IC champion (pretty sure it was Owen Hart) losing a three-way title defence by countout. They didn't announce a winner, just that Owen had lost but was still champion. As Fowler pointed out, for years they just avoided having a DQ in a three-way match, presumably because they hadn't decided how it would work. But that's a very different thing from explicitly stating that they're no DQ. The latter only started a few years ago in WWE. And as HarryArchieGus and MapRef pointed out, it's extremely stupid and leads to some big booking problems - just look at the ending to that Cena/Ambrose/Styles three-way.
  2. That reminds me - somebody needs to teach Excalibur how to pronounce "Le Champion" vs "Les Champions", because he was saying the latter all night, and it was pretty annoying.
  3. Well - sometimes people like to do things with other people. That's easier to arrange if everybody gets the same days off.
  4. I haven't been watching NXT weekly. Does Shayna teaming with Bianca and Io make any sense?
  5. I love New Vegas, but why the heck does the game have Whet Stones when you can't use them to fix up your knives?
  6. I interpreted it as Pac deliberately breaking the pin because he wanted to hurt him with the Brutalizer. But if that was the intent, the announcers completely muffed it.
  7. I have no real stories of nervousness to share, but I bought my condo eight years ago and haven't had any regrets if that helps.
  8. I believe this is referred to as "raining on Mongo".
  9. And if they are going to discuss it, they should at least post some context so people know what the Hell they're talking about. ...how do you motherfuck somebody other than your mother?
  10. Remember a week or so back, when Bianca Belair's hair not looking right seemed like a big enough problem to complain about? Good times.
  11. Wow, you're young. But according to Google, it's been "mike" since the 1920s. "Mic" has only been around since the '60s.
  12. "Mike" is the standard short form for"microphone", though I realize "mic" is growing in popularity.
  13. That explains it. I don't have the bladder capacity to stay for those things any more.
  14. I thought I did remember Far From Home fairly well, but I don't remember that either.
  15. I don't know who that is fighting Baron Corbin, but dude knows how to sell a finisher.
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