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  1. The argument I was going for wasn't that spin-offs should never be ranked above the originals. It's certainly possible for a spin-off to be more innovative or groundbreaking than the show they're spun off from. But in my opinion the later Star Treks clearly aren't that, even if their episode-to-episode quality consistency was higher (and the Rolling Stone people acknowledged said superior consistency in their write-up, so it's not like they trashed TNG or DS9). Your mileage may vary, of course.
  2. I agree with both of you, but moreso Log. I don't like that it now works that way, and I especially don't like that there was no explanation for the change. If they had said that MJF snuck something into the contract or something like that it would have been more acceptable.
  3. Fair enough. I live in downtown TO myself, and get my internet through a company called Fibrestream whose business model is basically "Wire up hi-rise condos with fibre and sell internet access at halfway reasonable rates". So I'm sure Stadia would have worked fine for me. Shame to see it go.
  4. I thought the idea was neat and was thinking of buying one. Is it too late for one more customer to save it?
  5. What, a Danhausen-like comedy face? I could see it. He's pretty ridiculous.
  6. I only agree with the "especially" part. Letting Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly walk would be genius management, for example.
  7. "Greatest" is hard to define. But the introductory blurb on that article talks about "the most game-changing, side-splitting, tear-jerking, mind-blowing, world-building, genre-busting programs in television history". Star Trek unquestionably ticks four of those six boxes, and I'd argue it achieved side-splitting and tear-jerking at times too. And even if some are more consistent when viewed out of context, ranking any other show in the franchise above the original would have been ridiculous.
  8. Except if the Atlanteans are depicted as Mesoamerican, then Atlantis isn't really a "western" city, is it? It sort of looks like they're turning those racist theories on their head.
  9. Okay, I suck at coming up with random names. Is Kimberly Pryce-Jones also somebody from pop culture?
  10. If you mean "in this thread", then I apologize for missing that. It seemed easy to read your post as backing up Vile's point. ...I have no idea. Never heard of him. Why are you asking about him if you don't know who he is? Did you just make up a name at random? Is that the new forum game? Who is Johann Schmidt? Who is Kimberly Pryce-Jones?
  11. Cutting Chaos Project, the Varsity Blonds, and half the Wingmen is probably not going to alleviate the problem of not enough main event slots, though. Unless you think someone like Malakai would be happy taking their spots.
  12. I'm unclear how you're defining "bottom guys" if the Wingmen and Varsity Blonds don't qualify.
  13. Oh sure, looking at the big picture I can easily see why they thought putting the title on Punk was the right move. It just didn't do Hangman any favours. Well, maybe. Cole bores the Hell out of me, but he does seem to be inexplicably over with the crowds, so I can see why they'd put him in a title match. The second title match was pretty weird, though, so yeah, I could see it as evidence that they already weren't sure what to do with Hangman at that point.
  14. His losing the title to Punk exacerbated the problem. I'm pretty sure the fans who watched his rise to the top would have been fine with his just being your standard ass-kicking top wrestling babyface for a year or so while they thought of something meatier to do next. But when he lost the title, he was left in limbo.
  15. I was surprised to see Hangman win the battle royal. I mean, he was clearly the biggest star in it, but as Matt alluded to, running him against Mox in Mox's home town seems like a mistake. Unless they're turning him heel.
  16. You had to do them in reverse alphabetical order.
  17. What "seems"? Dax has lost every singles match he's had in AEW except the one against Cash. In kayfabe, FTR seem to be crap singles wrestlers. Not sure if they're being booked that way deliberately.
  18. Nobody hates Adam Cole. He'd have to be capable of eliciting an emotional reaction for that.
  19. No idea if the actual games are any good, but those are pretty good names.
  20. Hogan was probably planning to beat them both in a handicap match after they'd killed you.
  21. Well, historically yes. But I believe Miro is using "redeem" in the less-used sense of "beat the crap out of".
  22. If we're starting a thread about dreams where wrestlers randomly show up, I could be here a while...
  23. How does Miro push his faith onto others? I don't recall him inciting anyone else to murder God.
  24. Wait, what? According to aewtix.com, they don't go on sale until a couple of hours from now.
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