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  1. Oh, they aren't mascots. That's just how Hacksaw's friends dress.
  2. It's also, as I understand it, the older pronunciation. Though not by much. Some English speakers have been saying "ask" and some "aks" for over a thousand years.
  3. https://tenor.com/view/yoda-you-must-unlearn-what-you-have-learned-star-wars-empire-strikes-back-jedi-gif-11538657 Seriously though. I think my usage dictionary is at the office, so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure the idea that "less" and "fewer" are mutually exclusive is one of those pseudorules that somebody randomly pulled out of their ass at one point and convinced some other people to go along with. "Less" is the opposite of "more"; like "more", it can be used with both mass nouns and count nouns. "Fewer", of course, can only be used with count nouns. Somewhere along the line somebody thought it would be nice if their usage was symmetrical. And yeah, I can sort of see that it would be nice - but it's not so. Oh well.
  4. Fun fact: "moot" means, or at least originally meant, "debatable" or "up for debate", not "beside the point" or "irrelevant". The misuse has become common enough that it probably needs to be considered the standard definition now, but you do run the risk of annoying pedants if you use it in the sense used in that skit.
  5. For extra stupidity, didn't they originally spell it "Marquis Cor Von"? Like he was actually a French nobleman, but he didn't know how to pronounce his own title so he went by "Marcus"?
  6. Sounds right. But I think this is the only time they recycled a whole episode.
  7. I can never remember whether that was a Rocket Robin Hood episode or a Spider-Man episode first.
  8. What bugged me about it is that it makes no sense for Statlander to not have to qualify. They couldn't squeeze a Statlander vs Penelope Ford match or something into the schedule?
  9. I like how Dean always hedges his bets on "Who" vs "Whom" on these polls. (For the record, "Who" is correct in this case.)
  10. Lethal and Dutt explicitly said last night that Singh wasn't the joker. I mean, they could be lying, but I doubt it.
  11. Sorry to distract from the Perez talk, but did Carl Barks ever do superhero comics? Because that sounds awesome.
  12. They existed off and on for decade or two. '91 was their last gasp, yes. And I agree they were never a big deal in either of the big two; I was just pointing out that it wasn't accurate to say they had "never even flirted" with them.
  13. Whom are you considering the historic major North American promotions? JCP/WCW had six-man titles.
  14. How many have there been so far? Three?
  15. What gives you the impression we're not?
  16. Well - turning Hangman heel is certainly a choice. Really good RoH title match to end the show, though.
  17. See, I like to imagine Kenny's involvement is like that Bret Hart skit from the 90s where he's pointing out to the programmers that they're deferencing a null pointer and shit.
  18. That would be awesome! Who was it on this board who had subtle Tony-Khan-mind-control powers? Was it The Natural? Natural, see what you can do please.
  19. Oof. Okay, first off, you can't copyright a name, or a phrase as short as "Essence of Excellence"; in order for copyright to apply to something, it has to be a substantial work. And it doesn't cost anything to copyright something; it happens automatically. If you create something substantial, you automatically own the copyright on it. (Copyright being literally the right to copy.) So AEW definitely owns the copyright on all of their shows, just as WWE owns the copyright on their shows. This is different from owning the names of those shows, of course. You're probably thinking of trademarks, which are a different thing entirely. A trademark represents the exclusive right to use something as mark of trade. They can also happen automatically - if you show you've been using a name, phrase, logo, whatever as a mark of trade, then you can argue that it's your trademark. But you can register trademarks to strengthen your claim, which is presumably what Keith Lee did with "Essence of Excellence". So getting to your actual question - I would imagine there's some sort of administrative fee to register a trademark, yes. But I would also imagine it's peanuts to companies like WWE or AEW.
  20. Well now there's an interesting question. Do unreleased games count?
  21. According to cagematch.net Bobby Eaton was in WCW Mayhem. They list nothing for Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, or Stan Lane.
  22. Does "Blues Bloody" from Exciting Hour count?
  23. The problem with splitting up Jurassic Express is that Luchasaurus on his own is a division killer. He's a dinosaur who knows lucha libre. Who the fuck is going to beat a dinosaur that knows lucha libre? Plus the original Jurassic Period lasted about fifty million years. So it's a bit early to book the end of this one.
  24. Googling it, it appears Martel was in 1993's Royal Rumble, as well as being a Legend in 2K18 and 2K19. Marty Jannetty I can't find anything for. Of course - not to make you feel old or anything, but I'm not sure either qualifies as a "modern" wrestler.
  25. I meant 89. Halfway through I found the word that was two words away from the target, but it still took me forever to get. 90 took me a while too, but not as long. On that one:
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