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  1. It happens on two machines on the same network (at work), one of which as more lax security settings. Just tried it at home instead and got the same results. Can't stay logged into the site, and it started happening I want to say late last week, when the other issues popped up. I had to post this, have the post fail, log back in, and repost twice.
  2. I've tried two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) on the same computer. I'll try something different and let you know what happens. Thanks!
  3. Still having a bitch of a time staying signed in. Navigate from one page to another? I'm logged off. Same happens most of the time when I try to like a post or post a reply. This post took two tries.
  4. The ship also had L3-37's AI built into it by then, too, right?
  5. Cool! Still the same name? I need to add it to my feed. Also, I haven't listened yet, but Colt is sitting in on Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling this week to...review the week he had in wrestling or something?
  6. THAT WORD IS NOT IN MY VOCABULARY When someone goes over the top in their defense, they're lying.
  7. Crazy bad issues signing in/staying signed in.
  8. Really good show. Not much to complain about at all! Good: the 4-way tag was right up my alley. Please inject crazy fast-paced arcade wrestling right into my veins. Awesome how, eve with all the craziness, they still kept it a smartly-booked match with the Elite interactions and page's stuff. Phenominal. I'm really liking the slow build with Page turning or at least going his own way. Drunken Page getting aggressive with SCU with Kenny trying to make peace was so good. After being a bit of a joke for a while, and doing alot of the cowardly stooging heel thing, the Inner Circle had a great beatdown on Moxley. Moxley winning with a secondary finish (choke/sleeper) was wonderful. Wrestling needs to do more of this. I like the New Japan-esque unofficial/official #1 contenders tournament I hope the Nightmare Collective losing clean means they're phasing out the angle or at least taking some of the attention away from it. I don't know what led to Kong not being cleared but it feels like she's probably close to not being cleared every single week. It's probably a good idea just to cut bait and keep her in her backstage role. Nice to see B&B on the winning side of things. As Casey said, the people downplaying Chuck Taylor can piss off. He fucking brought it in that tag. I'm looking forward to Janela/Fenix next week. The Blade looks like the version of Ole Anderson you'd see in one of those Legends of Wrestling PS2 games That great, quick promo by Moxley at the end really shows off the difference between this and WWE. Quick, unscripted fired up promo where the guy is allowed to say "title shot" vs verbose, lifeless scripted to hell and back diatribe where the guy says "championship opportunity." Bad: Shida seemed off in that tag match. I'll chalk it up to one opponent being, as someone else said, maybe a little nervous about the big stage, and the other opponent being Brandi. Luther out there spamming his taunt like he was trying to fill his Special meter. Nobody running in to save Moxley. Announcers throwing it to the back afterwards saying "there's chaos back there," and there wasn't. It was just the Inner Circle walking and then getting interviewed. Wut? QT Marshall's logo looks like a grocery store insignia
  9. I really enjoyed how the Deadpool 2 trailer lampshaded that. "FROM THE STUDIO WHO BROUGHT YOU 27 DRESSES AND THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!"
  11. Don't know how I slept on this but Better Call Saul season 5 starts in a little over a month!
  12. So much bullshit goes on in wrestling and the mainstream doesn't care because hey, it's just oiled up steroid freaks fake fighting in their underwear. It's a joke, right? It's like the entire concept of wrestling is laughable so there's no way there are any kind of human consequences at play here. If players in a major sport were treated the way wrestlers are, we'd have congressional hearings like we did when the SANCTITY~! of baseball was threatened by guys using PEDs. The horror! A few tainted records in America's Pastime is more important than a multibillion dollar company dodging labor laws to fuck guys out of money and enforce bad contracts.
  13. I don't want to pile on you, buddy, but this is a bad take. It's like saying Colin Kaepernick should shut up and stick to football. Wrestling's business practices as they relate to how they treat employees haven't changed much in over half a century or more. That's shitty and more people need to be like Starr and fight for themselves instead of settling for the crumbs Vince throws their way. The NBA and NFL share about 50% of revenue with players. WWE has far fewer guys on their roster and I think Meltzer mentioned the exact revenue cut percentage, which I can't remember, but I believe it was in the single digits. That's disgusting.
  14. I've seen quite a few "Only Judy can judge me" tattoos online
  15. I personally really enjoy it when people get defensive and say, "I'm not perfect!" Like anyone really expects that. These poor souls are just wilting under the expectations of people who want them to be paragons of virtue. There's a scale between "perfect" and "garbage human being." All anyone asks is that your spot on that scale is in the middle or closer to the former.
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