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  1. On the flip side, way back in the day when I got my MCSE, I gave up on memorizing "the Microsoft approach" to the questions -- because there's logic and then there's rote memorization of one specific way to do something, and that's lame -- and just got some legit braindumps from someone who posted here (Jeremy, maybe? Guy with a pentagram avatar). I memorized the exams and was in and out of the test center in 15 minutes every time. The Security+ elective exam was especially hilarious, because it was scenario based. I'd read the first sentence of the scenario and be like, "right, this one" and just jump to answering the questions.
  2. My worry over PWG not booking a show for a while in light of AEW's rise was unfounded, as they've announced a show for December 20, "The Makings of a Varsity Athlete."
  3. I believe on Reddit someone said that quantum computing was the answer. I hope they don't go sci-fi with this and, instead, go with Pryce's explanation: Whiterose is simply a crazy person. Whatever the case, I just hope we get a satisfying ending, nothing vague and no cop-outs.
  4. Lil' Bitch Supercut from this past week's Mr. Robot
  5. It's an American thing, too. Ross has always stressed "athleticism" above all else specifically when discussing black wrestlers. Shelton Benjamin was a big one during Ross' WWE run. You see the same thing in American football as well, where white QBs are lauded for their smarts and strategic acumen while black QBs only get credit for scrambling ability and physical skill. Some other notes: I, too, am coming around on Dark Order a little. Giving Uno the mic is a huge part of it. I'd still love to know some background on how they went from the happy go lucky goofballs to these evil perverts, but I'm in the minority here. People seeing them for the first time in AEW don't know about that. It was really conspicuous that they were trying to give more guys some mic time, which is great Scorpio having the most lethal small package in AEW is wonderful
  6. I forgot about his indie name. Holy fuck, between "Tyler Black" and "Sterling James Keenan," there's a strong correlation between "picking your name from an amalgamation of things you like" and "being a douchebag."
  7. As @Log mentioned, it looked better on television. So in the 80s, the WWF made the ring and the cage both much worse for the workers in the name of TV friendliness.
  8. Who could have guessed that the guy with 1000 stupid looking tattoos and a Hitler Youth haircut would be the least punk motherfucker in the room?
  9. Is this the right thread to say that I really loved The Mandalorian? Because god damn.
  10. There were 2-3 houses in my neighborhood that had Christmas decorations up BEFORE HALLOWEEN. Fuck right off with that shit, people.
  11. First I heard of the fight was on this board (been busy for a few days), so I googled some news stories. Apparently Havoc took a swing, Excalibur choked him out. Havoc came to, went after him again, landed a punch. Excalibur apparently met him outside later to work it out and Havoc threw his cell phone at him (he missed and it hit a wall). So Havoc fights like a sad little middle aged edgelord, too. I say let him go. Excalibur is the company's best commentator. Havoc is less necessary than Shawn Spears and that says a lot.
  12. Gotta agree with @MORELOCK on this. I don't think the Venn diagram between people who hate Meltzer and right-wingers is a circle or anything. Looking at places like /r/squaredcircle or, god help me, comment sections on grapz newz sites, it seems like hating Meltzer is more of a "young person" thing than it is a MAGA thing. Young people mistake cynicism for wisdom and, on top of that, want their own thing, not the previous generations' thing. Put those together and you get a lot of shit-talking on conventional wisdom and things we olds normally just accept. I mean I came up with Meltzer as the gold standard of fake fighting journalism and I accept that. I mean, fuck, what's left when he goes? Bryan? Shit. So anyway, young people want their own rasslin' reporter, not mine, so shitting on Dave is what they do to prove their bonafides. God I hope that all made sense.
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