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  1. AEW trying to pivot from Kylie Rae quitting by making Baker the top babyface/standardbearer of the division was a gross misstep, and their decision to reverse course showed how different this company is -- they're not afraid to stop something that's not working. I think those kind of things really have built goodwill. This is a company that genuinely wants to put out an entertaining product instead of worrying about egos and how this guy or that guy might feel about ideas being squashed. * Baker also has to really be commended for solid work during the pandemic and for coming back from
  2. I wouldn't have known except they mentioned on commentary that she's 4'11" I remember how Bret Hart was considered "small" by 80s standards but that dude looked huge when he walked by us at a house show.
  3. TIL JT is 6’11” Taller than Andre unless kayfabe is still alive. I’m watching Hirsh vs Josh Alexander and there’s nothing unrealistic about it. You can believe she can throw a dude his size.
  4. My kid is tall for her age, granted, but it’s crazy to think that Hirsh is only 10-11 inches taller than my 5 year old daughter.
  5. Yep, as long as he's not working a match booked by petty little bitches or working dudes eager to do buckle bombs against AARP members, Sting will be fine.
  6. Oh man I forgot to mention the finish. Cody tags in, fucks EVERYBODY up, then Darby gets to tag in and pin the guy whose ass Cody kicked. NO doubt in anyone's minds who the star and bad ass is. We're about a month away from every babyface having to mention Cody on their promos, aren't we? Was there any mention or reference to Pat Patterson last night, outside of Mox saying the match would be "banana?"
  7. I thought Callihan was decent worker 5 years and 50 pounds ago.
  8. I mean it's not as bad as the old ROH Showdown in Motown cover but still.
  9. Random-ass thoughts as usual... It's awesome that Kenny won and I'm looking forward to what's next. I actually set my DVR to record Impact, so mission accomplished there. Really good match and I loved Kenny's match ending barrage of knees. Bad ass. The battle royale was inoffensive fun. I liked the continued teasing of Wardlow/MJF splitting up. I didn't like the typical lazy battle royale booking of one guy secretly going out and coming back at the end. That's kind of played out. Man, imagine if Cody had been the face in peril and allowed Darby to get the hot tag and run w
  10. Tonight, we bid a fond farewell to a longtime veteran of the business who gave his all before finally succumbing to insurmountable adversity. He held back a lot of weight as long as he could before his untimely demise this evening. I speak, of course, of Chris Jericho’s belt.
  11. No idea. I'm just making a joke. A few weeks ago I bitched about TNT airing the Equalizer AGAIN before Dynamite, and then it turned out they aired it the same night afterward, too! :D
  12. RIP to a real innovator in the business in many senses of the word. The crowd in wrestling heaven is currently going banana.
  13. They should let Spears win it so he could have another gimmick to carry around with him :D
  14. "Mainstream" success is fleeting and chasing it is a fool's errand. Especially today where our entertainment is so fragmented and, aside from short term smash hits, everything is niche nowadays.
  15. TNT is okay with an overrun? SO THE EQUALIZER WON'T START ON TIME AT 10???
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