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  1. I've got the world weary hangdog look and exasperated sigh down.
  3. Advice for nobody in particular that I probably don't heed enough myself: when you're in a hole, the best thing you can do is stop digging
  4. Could be worse. You could have created the expression "Dildo Blender."
  5. I can't remember...did Kim give up her house/apartment? In the latest episode, she's sleeping at the office and showering at the gym. Breaking Bad minor characters alert: In the Gus/Mike meeting, the henchman behind Mike is the one Gus eventually kills with a boxcutter. The henchman behind Gus is the one who gets blown up with Gus and Hector. The doctor Mike gets the drugs from is the same one who saves Gus, Jesse and Mike after they kill Don Eladio and his men.
  6. Like when a fan referred to him as "Phil" when asking for an autograph instead of whatever goofy name that heretofore unknown inside wrestling locker room standards deem the fan should have used! What a total rude dipshit that fan was for not knowing Mr. Brooks preferred nomenclature. To paraphrase an old saying that I love, tell me you met a total dipshit fan in the morning, well, then you met a total dipshit. Tell me you met total dipshit fans all day, maybe the total dipshit is you.
  7. You may want to lawyer up and get Starbuck's to pay for repairs. I'm assuming the color of those posts is mandated by law.
  8. GIF

    Claiming to hate a wrestler because of one gif, and then it turns out that gif isn't even that wrestler. Tremendous. Regardless, if you hate the Young Bucks, 1) you're falling for the work and 2) you probably haven't seen much Young Bucks. Probably haven't seen any.
  9. Caprice to Cedric, "don't let them see us together because they'll put us in a tag team."
  10. I watched Ms. Sloane over the weekend and it was hot garbage. There's a cute twist at the end but everything up to that is just shitty. My biggest problem was the dialogue. I found myself literally facepalming and getting angry at the dialogue several times during the course of the film. Every word was the exact opposite of "show, don't tell" with every character laying out exposition about the plot, the characters' attributes, backgrounds, etc. There's a scene where one character says something cynical and another character saying something lie, "that's the cynicism you people are known for." Like holy fucking fuck. It is a script that has zero faith in its audience and underlines everything, its dialogue acting as obvious signposts to call attention to every single thing you, the viewer, need to know. That's only one part of my issue with the dialogue. The other part is that nobody in real life talks like the people in this movie talk. Everyone was quick with a witty retort full of the most verbose bullshit you ever heard. Every character talked like they were the result of Aaron Sorkin fucking a thesaurus. Every statement and comeback was a speech instead of a conversation. The person who wrote this movie seriously should never work in Hollywood again. Conversely, I just read that this script "was ranked in the top five of Hollywood's 2015 Black List, an annual tally of the industry's favorite scripts of the year," which tells me how out of touch and in love with its own bullshit Hollywood is. Finally, I'm just sort of tired of Jessica Chastain. If I never see her or the Mara sisters in anything else ever again, it'll be too soon. Thanks for reading.
  11. I once came across a homeless guy in Baltimore ranting about other homeless people invading his spot and "taking food out of my pocket." Which is better than "taking money out of my mouth," I guess.
  12. I've enjoyed all three so far but I'm apparently a shitty barometer, as I've liked every Terminator movie as well. The scene in Insidious 3 where The Man Who Can't Breathe stalks the girl in her room is one of the best horror scenes I've seen in a while, particularly because it was so drawn out. In the current jump scare environment, you keep thinking the scene will end, but it just keeps going until maybe you pee a bit.
  13. I love when people fuck up cliches/metaphors. Even better when they mix them, like when Meltzer conflates "balls to the wall" and "go all out" and says that a guy "went balls out." Like a dude is just raging with his nutsack swinging in the breeze.