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  1. I want to see Best Friends bring back the Trench Coat Man chokeslam to win the titles.
  2. Every time I'm out for a morning run and I see a deer, I assume my honor level IRL is high.
  3. 1) So much Photoshop in Hamilton's face 2) For a split second I thought Arnold was Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  4. I'll try really hard to not tell you that the main riff sounds just like Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight." Because it's just like when you think Ruby Rose is hot and somebody tells you she looks just like a young Leo DiCaprio.
  5. I hope they can get a farmersonly.com sponsorship for that Indiana show.
  6. Bryan's a gimmick who wink-wink-nudge-nudge makes no illusion about not being a gimmick. Dave's obviously on the spectrum. I like both of them; both of their idiosyncrasies are endearing. I just wish they'd plan a little better.
  7. The ghost of Richard Belzer just said "daaaaamn."
  8. So the free tier might be like the old WWE Classics OnDemand thing they used to have on cable? That would be allright.
  9. I switched from Sling to Fubo (Sling was okay but I had too many issues with it just cutting out, not working, etc). Fubo costs a little more than Sling and has a shit ton of sports channels, and also offers RedZone for extra. Also, it has all the BeIn channels, so I get MLW. Aside from that, I only have Netflix. I'll add HBO and/or Showtime whenever the shows I like to watch on those channels (Westworld, Curb, Ray Donovan, Homeland, etc) come around.
  10. I listen to the Observer site podcasts and they're fine but god damn don't they do any prep work to plan the shows? If Bryan and Dave took 5 minutes to lay out what they were discussing before recording, we wouldn't get this amateur hour shit: Bryan: (show just starts) well it was one of the best Raws in quite a long time... Dave: waitwaitwaitwait we gotta talk about Anthem buying AXS! Seriously, like "hey Dave, what do we lead off with and what else should we talk about?" I worked at a thoroughly awful Baltimore area conservative talk radio station 20 years ago and even the fucking weekend barter shows had some idea of their lineup.
  11. I get that. So just don't cater to them at all. Make something really cool and if it gets their attention, awesome. That should be the only approach to "going after casual fans." No approach at all. Making it "more WWE-like" is just repeating the mistakes of TNA. You don't see Ruth's Chris sweating how they're going to lure people away from McDonald's.
  12. I don't even know what "casual fan" means as it relates to wrestling. Does it mean people who never watch wrestling but might get lured in if they see something cool? Do those people even exist? Wrestling has had such a stigma for so long that I doubt there are people who would go from "I'm not watching that phony shit" to "hey let's order Wrestlemania on PPV!" Maybe "casual fan" means the people who only watch WWE. Like "casual beer drinker" means dudes who only drink Bud Light. Do you think they're going to switch over in any great numbers? Are you going to drop that watery lager for a craft IPA any time soon? I can totally understand AEW not worrying about appealing to casuals. You either won't get them at all or they'll be too fickle to stick around anyway. Regardless, watering down your product to appeal to someone whose needs are being met by a product that's already watered down to their tastes is a fool's errand. Did Vince Gilligan try to make Breaking Bad lame in an attempt to draw viewers from CSI or some similar big 4 TV homogenized bullshit? Holy shit that was a rambling point to make. I just mean to say that chasing after "casuals," if they even exist, is rather pointless. Get ALL the hardcores, bring in the lapsed fans who disappeared when WCW dies, etc, and you'll be good.
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