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  1. What kills me is that Cody is an amazing babyface. At the start of AEW, when he went after the Inner Circle and punched out that window? TREMENDOUS. I don't think that's the case for all Cody's detractors. Personally, I'm more in tune with @Logwho said Cody has all this creative control and he's just using it to do very WWE things. It's not that he's working a vague gimmick; it's that he typically comes across like he's playing to an audience of one and only amusing that person (himself) and doesn't really care. His act doesn't gel with the rest of the company. I feel like Cody was really hurt by WWE's rejection of him and he's going to spend the rest of his career working this meta notice me senpai shit instead of just letting it all go and being the amazing babyface he can be. Wrestling is simple and acting like Cody is some genius for blurring the lines is like touting the genius of Vince Russo, who did the same thing. Being all worky shooty and vague in his alignment just for the sake of being different doesn't make Cody special. It's sad that Cody shot for Dusty or Sting but landed on 2000s Jeff Jarrett.
  2. Who had Mox in the "first guy to say FUCK on TV" pool? Somebody call Cosby so he can chide Mox for his filth flarn flarn filth. "Yoooooooouuuu...cannot saaaayyyyyyyy.........FUCK........in front of people!" I wrote this before I saw @J.T. 's post and I'm blown away that two old dudes in one thread are dropping Delirious references. LOL @ Cody cutting an aimless, meandering, smarky promo that accomplished nothing but back-patting and throwing subtle shade at Punk and Brody King. Must feel great being a new guy in a company and having an EVP shit on you in week two. Then he transitioned to inviting Sammy to cosplay Shawn/Razor. The first half of the promo was not necessary and didn't accomplish a damn thing except feeding Cody's ego, which is pretty much his raison d'etre for the past 2+ years. That fucking promo was more incomprehensible than Stevie Nicks. If you have to call it a pipe bomb, it's not a pipe bomb. So we lost FTR/Nightmare Family because of possibly 'Rona, and we get an overlong Archer/Kaz squash. Oooof. That was rough. Archer's finisher setup special moves or whatever you'd call them, the chokeslam and the Hellacoaster, are far better than the Blackout. LOVED Kings of the Black Throne getting a quick squash over those goobers. PWG shoutout was nice, too. Can someone tell me what PAC said at the end? Poor Cokedick Ronnie. Wardlow is going to finally get fed up with MJF's shit and it's going to be wonderful. Someone please tell Chris Justformen to stop trying to make "GFY" happen. "You think Bob Orton get off the road after 8 days and tended cattle?" "Dees leetle keed working for meester eh-steenk." Awesome promo by Punk. Followup on yesterday's height debate: Cole is probably 5'9", 10 at most and Stat is overinflating her height, maybe she's like 5'7". Rocky treating Brandon nicely was hilarious. "We're black and white and don't need facepaint." LOOOOOL I spent the first 15 minutes of the show dismayed that they sold so few tix at the big DC arena (used to be the MCI Center) that they had to curtain it off before I remembered they're running the smaller place
  3. When we’re talking about WWE, betting on the latter will never lose you money.
  4. Essentially, "Ronnie" is Spears' shoot first name (and what other wrestlers all call him) and he looks like a cokedick sleazebag you'd see at a party.
  5. Boba mentioned riding bigger beasts than the Rancor so now the holiday special is canon.
  6. This is some real Zapruder Film shit but pausing it at 5:24, Stat is leaning forward while Cole is totally upright. I'd say same height. Back, and to the left.
  7. Wikipedia says Cole is 6' which is fucking hilarious. Quick Googling says KStat is 5'9", which sounds right. Looking at an absolutely laughable pic of Cole online standing next to the also billed at 6' Zack Sabre Jr., Cole looks like he's 5'6". Tonight, we begin our investigation! EDIT: Thank you, @J.T. for running with "Cokedick Ronnie." (tm Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling)
  8. I like how the poster lined up the three sacrificial lamb matches. We're getting three glorious murders here and I can't decide which one I'm the most giddy about. And seriously, mixed tag rules suck. Unless you do it perfectly, you kill the flow of the match. TK should just go full on troll against Vince's pearl clutching and make it an intergender streetfight with quadruple juice.
  9. Here is the full card because I am a helper! OC & KStat vs Baker & Cole in a match where four good workers try to make chicken salad out of the chicken shit that is mixed tag rules. CM Punk vs Shawn "Cokedick Ronnie" Spears Two Grown Men and They Goin' Through a Goth Phase vs The Acclaimed Mox returns! That's great. Serena Deeb vs (and is leaving with) Sky Blue ('s leg) The House of Black/The Kings of the Black Throne vs The Varsity Blonds w/Julia Hart who will hopefully turn on this dead act soon Brock Anderson teams with Big Shotty to try to earn his dad's love vs FTR Cody returns to make worky shooty comments to rile up us dumb marks because he's carny and lame.
  10. Listening to Observer Radio the other day, Dave made a joke about how preposterous the idea was that Flair and Mulligan tried to run a territory. Now look, I know Flair was bad with finances, but I can tell you Blackjack absolutely knew how to make money.
  11. Good point but he has RDR2 in there and that has crafting. Luckily, it’s not necessary at all. I beat that game twice and never crafted a damn thing! My daughter plays Minecraft and I’m like, “this sucks. Imagine GTA but you first have to build your guns and make your own ammo.”
  12. Or one or two specific gifs for an hour. You know the ones.
  13. In my headcanon, Vince is suffering from dementia and thinks it's 1984. He absolutely walked into the room and said to Ali, "here are some friends of mine that are going to get you over like nobody's business, pal!" And proceeded to hand him a keffiyeh and some pointy boots.
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