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  1. Seriously. When I had Fubo, they were on BeIn Sports. I dropped Fubo when they dropped TNT, but now MLW is on something called Fubo Sports network? The fuck is that?
  2. Daniel fits so well with the Harvey Keitel quote from "From Dusk Til Dawn," "are you that much of a loser that you don't know when you've won?"
  3. Yeah, this. I've never watched G1 but it feels too big to me. Two blocks of 10 wrestlers = 90 matches before the finals. Two blocks of six is doable (15 matches per block). Alternate each block's matches from one Dynamite to the next for a Summer and make it a seasonal thing. BTW the math is for single elimination round robin is (total wrestlers in a block) X (total wrestlers in a block minus one), then divide by 2.
  4. Johnny should have PTSD. He had a terrible home life, karate was the only thing he had going for him, and some Jersey shithead took it all away from him with an illegal kick. I find it amazing that this show is not actually sponsored by Coors.
  5. I think I read it would be January or February, which isn't horrible. Still, I agree, next week would be better! Didn't the county board or someone mention that Kreese was permanently banned from running a business in the area? I mean whatever, I won't argue the legality of fictional karate dojo ownership but it feels like a little bit of a hole. I fully agree with @Greggulatorthat Robby is just too fucking pretty. He's born to play the shithead boyfriend role, not the role of street kid made good. Daniel is a petty lunatic. He is running a karate dojo for zero money,
  6. If AEW is to be the anti-WWE, I fully endorse occasional tournaments, as Vince hates them and thinks fans are too dumb to follow them.
  7. What's right up there with using "Born in the USA" at a campaign rally or using "Lust for Life" to sell cruises? Putting "Hey Ya" in a car commercial. Nothing sells a Toyota like a track about a marriage failing. "Y'all don't wanna hear me, you just wanna dance," indeed.
  8. I'm kinda with Meltzer, though (if it was Meltzer)...you can't really rate LU matches because they were so edited and frankensteined that they're equivalent to Cinematic Matches (tm).
  9. This will absolutely end up on the year-end best-of. Don't sleep on Dave's housecleaning advice...essentially, get a dog because they'll eat any food you drop on the floor. If your house is a mess after a foodfight, don't clean it, just set a dog loose. In Dave's world, dogs are like those sheep people bring in to get fields under control.
  10. Holy shit I don't know how I missed this but if we're still arguing about whether Ivalisse was unprofessional in that match, this clip is pretty damning. She looks more bored than my five year old after six hours of distance learning. Stay away form the comments
  11. What's so cool is that OC's interference didn't directly lead to the pin. He just saved his friend Chuck from being murdered. Trent pinned Ortiz. Cool booking.
  12. Someone sent me a promo code for Applebee's and I legit couldn't even remember the last time I ate at one of those. I lump them in with Chili's, Friday's, Ruby Tuesday's, etc...all middling places that you end up at in a pinch but never actually seek out. I got a burger, fries, and rings, my wife got a club sandwich, and the kid got chicken tenders. We were all pleasantly surprised! Everything was pretty far above average. Nice.
  13. I did a dumbbell and bodyweight workout in my kitchen while staying on top of work shit and making sure my kid was paying attention in class.
  14. Distance learning for kindergarteners is a shitshow. No real alternatives, I absolutely get it and I understand the school system has to do something, but god damn. A shitshow. Fucking mayhem. Hats off to all teachers, parents, and kids dealing with this. You all deserve sundaes, filet mignons, the finest bourbon, and oral when this shit is over.
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