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  1. Heartwarming to see them bring in Ahmed Best after all the bullshit he faced. Loving the Bo Katan storyline of her Mythosaur sighting forcing her to rethink her entire life.
  2. Callus' "doooon't huuuurt meeeee" was some real Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith shit
  3. Awesome: having so much old ROH accessible in one place Not so great: silent entrances due to licensing. I'd rather have WWE on Peacock's occasionally laughably bad overdubs than this.
  4. Is there anything as weird as Googling someone you knew back in the day and finding out they died? I few months ago I looked up one of my high school best friends, only to find his younger sister's obituary. All it said was she died "suddenly." So...accident or drugs? That got to me, man. Last night I looked up an old friend from college who worked at the college radio station in the spot I ended up in when he left, and who helped teach me a lot of stuff. At first it was "oh, he's not on LInkedIn." Then "here's his Twitter, but he hasn't posted since 2020. Oh no." Then I see the obit and he died in hospice, just three years older than me, in August. Fuuuuuuuck. Neither really tops the time I was heading downtown for work and I saw a guy wearing a shirt with the logo of the restaurant I'd worked at maybe 7-8 years prior. The owner's son was a college friend who worked there and got me the job. I said "do you know Mark?" He said "who?" I said "the owner's son." His response: "I know the owners had a son who did of an OD a few years back." That one still gets me and it's been over two decades since that day. Here's to all the ones we lost and didn't even know it.
  5. Holy shit I legit had no idea Scott Keith was still around.
  6. LOOOL nah, he's a cool guy. Ran track earlier in life and at some point transitioned more into lifting and not looking like a runner Probably like 5'10"ish, maybe in the higher 100s. He's got a lot of great, down to earth advice, but I guess we're all susceptible to some form of Bro Science. He's gotten me back into lifting heavy with the idea that more muscle = more energy burned at rest since my goal is actually to lose weight. I gotta say I'm really liking lifting heavy (4-8 reps per set) and I definitely feel it more in my core than I used to when lifting lighter with higher reps.
  7. LOOOOL as someone who only speaks a little Spanish, this somehow still bugs me to a disproportionate degree.
  8. Just think of it this way: that 100lb bench press is more like 400lbs, so you're technically the strongest dude here!!! Sorry, I'm not converting those weights from Murican to British. The trainer I occasionally work with (just a half hour a month to keep on track; that shit is expensive) is amazing in every way except he swears by 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, but that has apparently been debunked. I'm like bro there is no way I'm eating high 200s-300 grams of protein a day like John Cena in that old MTV documentary just buying hella chicken breasts. I typically get somewhere around 200 grams.
  9. Oh man I had a Samsung tv for a bit. Worst 2 months of my life. Their OS and apps are shit. Even just using it just as a quick trip to AppleTV was rough. My condolences.
  10. Check with your gym…every one I ever belonged to, you bring your own. That’s probably doubly so now since Covid made us all hyper aware of germs, etc. It’s wild. In my younger gym days, you were lucky if the guy before you hastily toweled off the equipment. Now almost everyone is cleaning that shit down with wipes like mad.
  11. How has Wheeler not yet adopted evil alter ego where he wears face paint and blows poison mist as The Great YUTA?
  12. Also, a SVB rep was lobbying very recently for restrictions put in place due to the 2008 bullshit to be eased. Like seriously, guys? You watch the news and it's all doom and gloom about the sky falling and how this is some kind of indicator of a possible larger collapse (because that's what the news does) when really, this is the case of a bank that ignored best practices in their industry, tried to get rid of regulations, and just did whatever they felt like.
  13. I was reading comments on a reddit thread on this and someone who apparently works in Silicon Valley wrote a long reply stating that this kind of bank was necessary because, in his company's case, traditional banks wouldn't give them a loan because their business model was such that they'd have no AP for customers until some long period after the customer signed on. Like the period between someone onboarding with their service and paying them was maybe nine months. But SVB could value them on their contracts instead of their payables and give them a loan that other banks wouldn't. Now look, I'm not Economics Jones here, but it really sounds like this was a bank that specialized in risky loans and it bit them on the ass.
  14. That's just a more realistic version of Super Macho Man from Punch Out!
  15. I typically have luck tagging people if I edit after posting. Hit the "@" sign during your initial post? It just spins and spins. Edit the post and hit that "@" and it works lickety split. I remember the late night wrestling radio show I listened to back in the day (they had Chris Cruise on the show weekly back when he was a legit newsletter guy and not just an over the hill concern troll) mentioned that getting the Mania main event was one of Sid's conditions for signing with the WWF then.
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