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  1. I really wanted to like this one but after they deified Yauch for about the 38th time (I swear they gave him credit for every single morally decent thing the band did), I got bored and turned it off. I wanted a fun career retrospective and I got a saccharine sweet memorial service. But one thing I really did enjoy was the background stuff about Simmons and maybe Rubin, to a lesser extent, fucking the band on royalties and demanding they keep working the boorish frat boy gimmick since that was what they figured made the money. I got into the Beastie Boys when I was 12 and had no idea that Licensed to Ill was essentially a joke record. I recently texted my brother, asking him how the hell we never realized that. I mean Rhymin' and Stealin' is a rap song about being a pirate for fuck's sake.
  2. Thanks. Now I'm imagining Lawler trying to kick fast food and relapsing, looking like Pookie in New Jack City, all wearing an American flag shirt and bawling in front of a McDonald's bag.
  3. He's just Angry McAngryface. He's like a parody of a pro wrestler crossed with something a 13 year old boy would dream up instead of paying attention in home ec class. Same problem I have with Joe. One dimensional, "I'm mean and I beat everybody up" is just not appealing.
  4. I know I said this last time and was burned on it, but god damn, there’s no way they put Mox over OC, right? Like that just buries OC and cements him as a midcarder. I liked Moxley back when he was booked as an actual 3 dimensional human being. This violent, angry bully gimmick is trash. If he was a straight up heel who actually got his comeuppance, it would work. But he’s pretty much a face again and it just feels like an adolescent male power fantasy gimmick. 1996 Steve Austin had more nuance.
  5. Wrestlers in suits always remind me of my favorite DEAN line (I think he said it about Hellwig’s appearance during his public speaking tours): “he looks like a landscaper with a court date.”
  6. The first half of this sentence now makes me really REALLY want to see Denzel in a The A-Team remake.
  7. That's awesome. It's so vile and late stage capitalism that a film can get made, get good advances, but get shelved forever for a tax write-off because execs figure it'll make money but not as much money as we want it to.
  8. I don't know if I'm going through a mental thing or what but I just can't find a game I want to play. Games I've tried and discarded after one session recently: Doom (2016): dull, no plot (don't know what I was expecting). Walk. Kill. Walk. Kill. Repeat. Gotham Knights: not in the same league as Arkham Asylum & City, janky destination points and unintuitive layout/camera, complicated level up system House Flipper: not much to it, not as fun/relaxing as Powerwash Sumulator Dead Space remake: I've already beaten Dead Space (original), not enough new to bring me back. And how do you make changes to an old game but not remove SAVE STATIONS in 2023? Somewhat complicated level up system Like a Dragon Gaiden Game With Too Many Words In The Title: First sitdown consisted of two very short "missions" and some VERY LOOOOONG cutscenes. Then I'm treated to the worst, most disorienting minimap I've ever encountered. Also complicated level up system What is it with this trend of managing the act of leveling your guy up via some sort of crafting system, choosing what to level up, and learning all this stuff? Holy shit is it not fun, yet so many games have it today. How about having my guy just get better passively or through some method that's, you know, fun? Like a Dragon shows you all the stuff you can spend XP (or something) on to level up and it's just daunting. I really liked Crackdown 3, where you get stronger by punching people, jump higher by collecting orbs (which are fun to collect!), shoot better by shooting people, etc. Or RDR2, where you just get more stamina, better Dead Eye, etc. through just playing the game. I don't want to choose between, say, upping stamina or Dead Eye, then worry I've made the wrong choice. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  9. Now hold on. I wouldn't put any 80s wrestler above anything, full stop.
  10. Sorry, I just saw this. Hang in there, buddy. It's a real bitch and I don't know what to tell you. Going through this stuff myself at times, it feels hollow to say "try to keep in mind that the stuff you're feeling in that moment isn't true." I guess just try to remember that you have friends here. Do your best; we're rooting for you.
  11. That reminds me of the time when they were playing out the Exalted One mystery and Raven was in the crowd to low key tease that it might be him. Announcers didn't mention it and nobody really called attention to it, which was cool.
  12. Dude, my current gym has a class that younger kids need to take if they want to work out. I’m like shit, they need to make everyone who joins go through a gym etiquette class. So much ridiculous bullshit. On the plus side, I ran 8 miles today, finishing 8 straight days of alternating weights and cardio since last Saturday. I think I’ll take tomorrow off.
  13. Sad news...Super Dragon tweeted that his girlfriend has been suffering from an aggressive form of cancer for a while now and he just can't dedicate time to wrestling, in case anyone else was wondering why PWG has only had two shows this year and no DVD release yet of their last show. He said they'll be back in 2024.
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