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  1. Living and working near DC, how the hell did I forget about my hatred for the Racial Slurs? Yeah, they just made the list. @J.T. sooner or later, you'll realize, as I did, that Steelers and Ravens fans hate each other because they're the same, as are their cities. I'm generalizing, of course, as a Ravens fan who's not purple camo wearing white trash.
  2. Just don't look in the mirror and say Jerseykidd three times
  3. I need to stop watching MSNBC. The stories of Trump only filling 30 out of 690 open positions so far has has me anxious as fuck. As does his appointment of robber barons and morons like Perry who don't even understand the job they're being given. Overhead shots comparing the crowds today to those of four years ago are amazing. Trump has maybe 1/4 the number of attendees Obama had, and that's being generous. Though Cheeto Fuhrer will just lie and say it was the biggest crowd ever.
  4. Where have you gone, Ripclawe? A nation turns it lonely eyes to you.
  5. Blackjack Parsons. That takes me back. I'm constantly tempted to start a "DVDVR people you remember who aren't around anymore" thread.
  6. Is there any team this is universally not disliked? Notice I didn't say universally liked. I mean, is there anyone who, if they went 19-0, fans of every other team would say, "meh...I'm fine with it." Like I only truly dislike NE & PItt. Green Bay is probably close, with all that "owner" bullshit their crazy fans actually believe. So that leaves 29 other teams I'd be totally fine with going all the way. Maybe we can all combine our lists in some massive Venn Diagram, real scientific like.
  7. As I feared, the Omega interview double-dipped the Killing the Town interview. It was enjoyable up until they hit the part I'd heard already.
  8. Where do you fall in the Bayley Fandom Continuum? No opinion I consider her to be the "Female Eugene" I just bought 7 "I'm a Hugger" t-shirts I want to store her in a well in my home and eventually wear her flesh as a suit
  9. I'd be up for a team I don't dislike going 19-0
  10. I call it meaningless in that four of the six were won 1) during a dynasty run, so yeah, they had a short, hot period 2) two generations ago when 3) it was essentially a different sport. Since then they've won just as many as their division rival, Baltimore, a much younger team. Calling attention to that stat says. "hey, we were great a long time ago!" It's not the mic drop argument ender that Steeler fans think it is. It's more akin to Al Bundy talking about his Polk High days.
  11. I audibly gasped when I read that. Absolutely unexpected.
  12. I didn't feel they dumbed it down. Rather, I felt a lot of the early stuff in the film was a convoluted mess. So much so that they had to rip off the whole "Planet Name and Description" thing from Guardians of the Galaxy every time they showed a new planet. They have never done that in a Star Wars film and it stuck out like a sore thumb. I absolutely agree with the mountain climbing thing. They were really far away from the platform when they landed. Cassian had to climb up and over a bit to just get a level shot, but somehow Jyn could get right to the platform in the same amount of time? That was a real WTF moment for me. Maybe she had hidden jets in her feet like R2D2.
  13. NXT

    A main roster storyline where she's either crazy or a bitch. Her pick. And implants.
  14. Movie

    To paraphrase the great Michael Caine, "I've never seen The Emoji Movie but by all accounts, it's terrible. But I have seen the house that it built, and it's terrific."
  15. People aren't mad at Steve Harvey for transgressive humor. That corny mainstream fuckwad is as far from transgressive as you can get. People hate Harvey because he's a condescending mysoginist chucklefuck who is such a shit he tried to get Bernie Mack fired off Ocean's 11 so he could have the role. Fuck that Bigen mustached motherfucker.