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  1. My hope for this whole thing is that somebody, anybody, realizes that "the job creators" don't generate any kind of real wealth or worth at all and without the "little people," their companies are this close to dropping dead and needing bailouts. This CEO shit is out of control. But I'm just a dumb, hopeful liberal trying to see some positive in this hellscape. and there's next to zero chance of that happening.
  2. It's just so gross to consider that, while people are dying from a fucking pandemic, a bunch of management types and advertising execs held emergency meetings to figure out how to pivot (and you know those bullshit bingo experts said "pivot") their ads to more effectively sell you shiny bullshit "in these trying times."
  3. I have no idea why but we're still hate watching Empire but we will be until the final episode this season. Last night I said "holy fuck when does this season end???" Turns out it's ending early because they didn't finish shooting the last two episodes before coronavirus-related shutdown. So the final episode is going to be whatever the third to last episode was, frankensteined with the precious little they shot for the penultimate episode, and whatever else they can fit together. A fitting end to a promising show that just went so far off the rails. Every character is unlikable and nonsensical, and was absolutely flanderized over the course of later seasons. What a shitshow. I'm glad Terrence Howard is retiring to pursue his true calling of creating his own branch of quantum mathematics where 1 x 1 = 3.
  4. It was worse than that. I seem to recall tickets, local broadcasts, and the local paper all having a different bell time.
  5. Good ol' Herr Schuler. Dude loves him some dippin' sauces.
  6. LOOOOOL only the sleeves are cut off. I've been getting in better shape but I'm still a ways to go before rocking the bWo gear
  7. My boss is doing that. Not me, buddy. Unshaven, PJ pants, cutoff PWG T-shirt.
  8. Seeing all the local and national news anchors broadcasting from their homes, looking rough with non-professional lighting and non-studio makeup, reminds me of those scenes in the first Batman movie where the news reporters all look like shit because they can't use makeup due to the Joker poisoning it all.
  9. I just wanted to quote this because your post was the last one of the page and I wanted to bump it to the next page, because it's a very important thing for everyone to keep in mind. Fuck this clusterfuck of an administration, headed by a disgusting grifter/conman/salesman who gutted the agencies that could have helped, ignored all warnings, then claimed "nobody could have seen this coming." If there's justice in this world he'll be prosecuted when it's all over. I'm seriously hoping this thing will cause a change in how we view the real people who work hard as fuck in our society as opposed to those oh so sacred "job creators." Why do we need to bail out companies when CEOs are there to generate so much wealth? Oh you mean businesses can't run without those people on the bottom? Be sure to thank a grocery store clerk today, friends.
  10. Jim Valley, and LOOOOOL that was exactly what I thought the first time I heard him. Meltzer gets this kind of hacking cough thing every Spring.
  11. Can't wait for Braun to tweet about how he worked hard to earn that Mania main event spot and by the way fuck the poors
  12. Finished the show last night. I agree with all assessments that Omega/Sammy would have been better in front of a crowd. It was too long for an empty arena match. The Hardy/Jericho segment sucked. Wrestlers aren't great actors and without a crowd to pop for their lines, this was just really bad community theater.
  13. Same here. I remember he blamed it on a mixture of anxiety, coffee, and Red Bulls. He has said very often that he'd drink coffee by the pot, which is a little crazy. But yeah, I never bought that story ever, ESPECIALLY from a guy who drank a lot of coffee. You build a tolerance. I can drink coffee all day and put down an energy drink at night and still sleep. The worst caffeine reaction I ever had was when I drank a Rockstar and then drank a coffee shortly thereafter without thinking about it. I felt sick to my stomach and jittery but that was about it. This is along ass way to say yeah, I think Austin was coked up and maybe went a little overboard, and it was compounded by your typical wrestler heart issues.
  14. My company has gone full WFH, strictly enforced, except for two people who absolutely must be in the office. I've been WFH since last Monday. I've already told my boss that I'm staying at home until things actually do get better even if the Fat Orange Cretin in charge declares America "open for business" in two weeks.
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