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  1. I legit LOL'd at this. Thanks so much. You haven't lived until you've given a semen sample. It's just a weird feeling knowing that everybody in the place knows you're there to rub one out. A nice girl leads you into the room, hands you a specimen cup and you sign a form and you're like, "man, this girl right here absolutely know's I'm about the jerk off in this room." It just really does your head in. Then you really take your time because you absolutely don't want people to think you're a two pump chump.
  2. You're thinking of his brother Jerry Koff. His friends call him Jer.
  3. NXT employee: Here's your belt, Asuka. You may want to boil it first, because reasons Asuka: I'm from Japan. We sell soiled underwear in vending machines. It's fine.
  4. Yeah guys, chill with the monolpoy talk. Nobody in the government gives two shits about pro wrestling. If nobody cared in the 80s when Vince took over the business and nobody cared when he did it again in the early 2000s, nobody will care now either.
  5. As someone who grew up on WWF, the first time I saw Hart was in his late 80s NWA run. Watching him stand up to Flair during a Flair/Funk match was just bizarre.
  6. A manager who didn't stooge or bump would not have been a good fit for 80s/early 90s WWE.
  7. Jesus only got a 50/50 reaction in most towns. The piped in cheers were really obvious since they were coming from the clouds.
  8. Hey, just letting you guys know the subject has its own thread
  9. Seriously. ROH is circling the drain and reports that Delerious is in with Joe Koff and thus the booking situation will never change as long as Koff is around don't help matters. Also, fuck Sinclair. I won't even get into the political part of it but I will say that everyone I ever knew who worked for them told me it is a cheap, awful company.
  10. No matter how may pharisees booed Jesus, he Holy Father never turned him heel, which was a mistake in my opinion. I always thought the Jesus/Satan double turn would have caused a boom period not seen since Abraham was running the territory.
  11. Nitpicking, but Dave always says that ROH "got on" Comet. Comet is Sinclair-owned. Acting like ROH got picked up by a cable network in this case is the same as saying NXT was picked up by WWE Network.