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  1. Hey, speaking of Omega, I was watching PWG and Excalibur mentioned on commentary that Trevor Lee is a 2nd generation wrestler and his father wrestled for Omega. Who is his father?
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how wrestlers are like seagulls.
  3. Just pretend the ref is naked, it's more fun that way.
  4. Photo

    Oh yeah, I'm under no illusion that my drop in the bucket matters financially to them, but it means something to me.
  5. Photo

    That pic of the McMahons with Cheeto Fuhrer, smiling like a bunch of marks, like common rubes who finally made it to the big city, really stuck with me. I cancelled my WWE Network subscription this morning and I'll take Raw & Smackdown off the DVR tonight. I can pirate whatever I want to see or catch the 5 good minutes of their TV on Youtube, but I won't be giving $10/month and a miniscule % of ratings to people who stand behind someone who supports hatred, xenophobia, and all the other worst, most base instincts of America.
  6. Photo

    Oh man, I hope she can help change the definition of "small business" in the same refreshing, money-saving way her family redefined and modernized the role of "independent contractor." On second thought, it's funny that of all the people in that picture, the McMahons actually treat contractors the best.
  7. Savage's 90s gear was horrible. I know the full bodysuit was there to cover up him getting off the gas, but still. Then again, the change in gear does serve the purpose of delineating his career fro me. If I see a match with Bodysuit Macho, odds are I can avoid it.
  8. "Without Fat Joey, Skinny Joey is just Joey." If the show goes the same way as the comics, Morgan actually gave away the ending in this past episode
  9. The Enzo backlash is delicious. I never liked them in NXT. I always felt like they were too much of a set in stone, packaged act and weren't learning anything new. Like they realized they got a pop for Enzo's canned spiel so they just stopped working on anything else. NXT was supposed to be where you learn and grow, not where you cosplay the New Age Outlaws.
  10. Thanks for the inspiration, guys. I'm going to grill some wings this weekend.
  11. Photo

    Nah, it needs to be the Authors of Pain if we're keeping up the Team Beefy theme
  12. Movie

    Vince Vaughn is really going to show his range playing Tony Atlas.
  13. TV

    Is anybody watching this season of Homeland? It's definitely slower and more, maybe....cerebral? It's very good, though, and so far it's featured some harsh commentary on: America's treatment of veterans America's treatment on anyone even remotely suspected of being a "terrorist" Israel's behavior President elect vs the intelligence community But it just took an insane turn and is going to get more bonkers judging from the preview for next week's episode.
  14. Photo

    Vince is going to be pissed that Hunter is starting a fat guy stable. GOD DAMMIT PAL HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING?
  15. That's a whole lot of words to waste when you can just say "Enzo is a shitty wrestler." Someone else here commented "why didn't Cesaro cover for it with a clothesline?" Probably because Enzo can't be relied on to bump properly on an improv'd move like that and would have just made it worse.