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  1. Bigot, wife beater, and rapist enabler. That tracks for the RNC. Was Lex Luthor unavailable?
  2. I can’t speak for the quality of all the agents, but I can unequivocally say that Chris is awesome.
  3. Looking back, the idea of naming two titles after your TV network was really dumb. If they don't renew with WBD, will they just rename two belts, which have a lot of history, after the new TV partner? Again, just stupid in retrospect. I blame Cody. Probably got the idea from a Superman comic or something. Maybe they can unify some of these. Instead of Battle for the Belts, have a TV special called Too Many Belts. While we're on stupid ideas, I know Tony is nostalgic over Clash of the Champions and that's what Balltle of the Belts is supposed to be. But it's an antiquated idea. Clash was awesome because at that time, TV was mostly squashes, so they'd do some star vs star matches on cable, sometimes as a go-home show for a PPV. But now your weekly show is name guys vs name guys, so there's no point.
  4. Motherfucker looks like Gene Simmons out there in those platforms.
  5. I can’t get over MJF’s 1.5-2” soles that he sneakily blends into his black boots. Once you notice them, it’s all you can look at.
  6. It's almost like Bischoff not being involved led to better shows
  7. Yeah, you don't bring Hayter back to job to Mone. That would be like wearing nice clothes to McDonald's. For Darby, being "medically cleared" just means able to walk and not actively bleeding from anywhere important.
  8. You hypochondriac motherfuckers convinced me and I wiped everything today!
  9. This! Lee Moriarty had a match on Collision or Dynamite and they said he was on a six match winning streak. That was laughable at best and an insult to everyone’s intelligence at worst. Six jobber squashes on ROH, unseen by 95% of your normal audience, is utter bullshit when we all know Lee is jobbing whenever we see him on the main shows.
  10. Meanwhile, a felon can run for president. Nice going, America.
  11. Annnnnd today we get flash flood warnings to cap off the multiple straight days of excessive heat advisories. Is tomorrow toads, locusts, or rivers turning to blood? I forget.
  12. Jury duty in my early 20s: I had long hair and multiple piercings in both ears and didn't dress well. I was "respectfully declined" by counsel. Jury duty in my 40s: Sat in the jury waiting area all day. Got into the courtroom very late, never got called. Any other time between them and as recently as a few months ago: got the letter, checked in the night before, didn't need to go in. My brother actually served on a murder trial for a week or two in the mid/late 90s. Dude killed another guy with a fucking chainsaw. Well we're freshly post-OJ so enough jurors were wannabe Quinceys hesitant to convict without DNA evidence, despite all the other proof, so the guy walked. Of course he killed someone else not long after.
  13. Holy fuck for a split second I thought Deliverance was being remade on Netflix. The woman on the left in the thumbnail would be playing the banjo.
  14. We're forgetting PAC working with a bandage over his eyes for part of a match after coming back from HOB's blinding.
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