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    LOL Why dies Tully have a pentagram on his chest?
  2. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I hope part of the deal to get this show is that Heath Slater has to do a quick job to King Salman. He's pretty old; it would probably look like grandpa feebly trying to use a hammer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  3. Explain Your Profile Pic

    I always thought it was a funky drawing of General Zod
  4. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Yeah, all this. WWE didn't have the gall to play Sun City in the 80s (or did they? I'm just guessing). Would Vince be cool if a sold show promoter told them, "thanks for doing a show here, but please no coloreds on the card?"
  5. Bruno Sammartino has died

    Courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com, here is the card: WWF @ Baltimore, MD – Arena – August 29, 1987 (12,000; sell out) SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz Sika defeated Jerry Allen Demolition defeated Chavo Guerrero & Sam Houston WWF Women’s Champion Sensational Sherri defeated the Fabulous Moolah Butch Reed defeated Superstar Billy Graham Tito Santana pinned Hercules The Junkyard Dog defeated Kamala via disqualification Brutus Beefcake fought Ted Dibiase to a 20-minute time limit draw WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Bruno Sammartino defeated King Kong Bundy & the One Man Gang when Hogan pinned Bundy (Sammartino’s last match)
  6. Bruno Sammartino has died

    I'm shocked. Like everyone else, I expected the guy to live to 100. I'm amazed that I got to see his last match in person. RIP. Without Bruno, there'd be no WWF or WWE and the wrestling world would have been tremendously different.
  7. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    HAHAHAHA holy shit look at that trophy. Are those scimitars? God damn. I guess a giant oil rig or a coupon for 72 virgins would have been too on the nose.
  8. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I guess I should be thankful he's not making up NFL or college footbaw backgrounds for all the workers. "BAH GAWD, Ishii was a nose tackle on the 2014 Saints practice squad!"
  9. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I was typing "what's the controversy?" Then I realized Google is my friend. Pasting for everyone else: What a gross shitshow this is turning out to be.
  10. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I recently cut the cord and got Sling, so I just started watching the AXS show. I'm really struck by how awful Ross is as an announcer. I mean more power to the guy. If I could drift in life and get paid based on minimal efforts and past laurels, fuckin' sign me up. But god damn, he's just bullshitting out there. He's really exposing how limited his wrestling knowledge really is. For example, when discussing Naito's learning excursion and transformation, he tries to name drop other Japanese wrestlers who grew their game by going overseas and taking time away from Japan. All he can grasp for is Rikidozan, Antoni Inoki, and the Great Muta. It was so obvious these are the only past Japanese wrestlers he knew, period. Literally, this is the answer to the question, "hi there, 2010 Jim Ross. Please name three Japanese wrestlers." I was watching last night and he's talking about how Marty Scurll reminds him of William Regal. Like holy shit, in what way? Both are British and both called themselves "villain?" Or is it that Regal is the only English wrestler Ross can name? Holy fuck, so awful.

    The Venn Diagram outlining "people who thing Mania 3 drew 93,173" and "people who thing Andre was 7'5" is a perfect circle. If you want to wade into the "talk" page of Wikipedia's Andre entry, there are some sane people who verify Andre was probably a shade under 7' but they are shouted down by morons fairly quickly.

    Now I'm fearing a worked shoot feud with AJ Styles.

    For most of us, "having a stroke" and "having sex" are one in the same.

    Exactly. Cursing has technically always been allowed on basic cable, it's just that nobody really did it much until recently.

    Seriously. That was my first thought. Fat guy wearing a bull's head vs dude i goofy contacts and an S&M arm band. No contest.