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  1. brazzers_logo.gif
  2. Aside from some two on one attacks against Andre, the obligatory Survivor Series team-ups, and one crappy tag title reign with Andre and Haku, did the Heenan Family ever do anything as a unit in the WWF? I never saw them as a stable like the Horsemen, who always acted as a team. To me, they were more of a monster factory vs Andre and Hogan and, later, just random guys who all happened to be managed by the same person. But really, that was just the WWF model.
  3. Court Bauer mentioned that Delirious is like a son to Joe Koff and he pretty much has the job as long as Koff has his.
  4. Thanks, @Ace First, a handshake deal is worthless, doubly so in wrestling. It's a race to see who screws who first. Since there are always three sides to every story, I have no idea how close Cornette's is to the truth, but in the end, King had to watch out for himself. It is delightful to see the office just get miserable over losing one. I can't cry over a carny-ass promoter losing his ability to job a guy on the way out like you knew Cornette wanted to. Second, someone who works in wrestling shitting on someone for working as a stripper is absurd and Cornette's a dick for doing it. It's like a guy with ass cancer laughing at a guy with ball cancer. I enjoy wrestling but i understand its place in society and on a good day it might be viewed on the same level as stripping. Shit, at least strippers don't work for free because they're marks for the industry, or fall on their heads for money (unless something goes really wrong on the pole). I bet KIng has made a far better living as a Chippendale's dancer than as a wrestler. But in Cornette's world it's more honorable to cut your head with a razor and drive 500 miles for a $10 payoff than it is to shake your ass for money. Fucking goof.
  5. God damn, that's ice cold. I can't decide who's worse...Cornette or the dumb marks who fall for his act. Edit: reading through it, the guy essentially asked King a troll question, then ran and stooged it to Cornette when King reacted as expected. Twitter is a fucking cesspool. What's the issue between King and Cornette, anyway? Was Cornette in power in ROH when King abruptly left for TNA (he had a "handshake deal" with ROH, which is, seriously, fuck a handshake deal)?
  6. Even on the belt, they had to put (TM) after his name. FFS
  7. LOL that's awesome. In the world of wrestling, that is considered classy as fuck.
  8. More fanservice: Krazy 8 showing up again. I like how he's always wearing his Tampico Furniture uniform in these shots. Also, quoting Howard: I really like how a key characteristic of both Chuck and Howard is their ability the lay it on thick with the self-important comparisons. No, Chuck, your psychosomatic fear of electricity is not on the same level as HIV, you're nothing like the Unabomber's brother. And Chuck is no Clarence Darrow. Damn.
  9. Sherri showed up like, "oh shit I get to do another promo where I climb a cage? Fuck yes."
  10. (double post)
  11. 1) it was just a stupid analogy. Fuck. 2) Are you saying there's not better wrestling out there than Randy's "20 minutes of chinlocks" style and, if there is, people shouldn't be seeking it out? Should consumers of a given product not educate themselves to find anything better? What about restaurants? If I told you there was better food out there than McDonald's, is that elitist, too? Holy shit, some people.
  12. TV

    Oh cool, The Exorcist was renewed. Not sure where they're going to go but I really enjoyed the first season.
  13. Wouldn't Orton actually be the Gallagher of wrestling? Walk in, do the same stale, boring act in front of fans who don't know enough to want anything more out of the show, get paid and leave, never putting forth any effort to better your game because who gives a shit?
  14. That top rope brainbuster by Generico on Waltman is the safest looking one I've seen. Regardless, usually the recipient takes it across the shoulders. But according to the general wrestling discussion thread, today is "shit on indy wrestling to appear smart" day, so...
  15. Siding with Orton or Rogers in this case makes you like the sad old guys who piss and moan about the young generation of baseball players celebrating too much or watching their homers and not doing things "the right way." It doesn't make you look old school or smart at all.