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  1. Just thinking about going to a birthday party where one person just BLOWS ALL OVER THE CAKE and then we eat it is just super disgusting now.
  2. Stips for Cody & Red Velvet vs Shaq & Jade are being changed to a milder version of 3 Stages of Hell: 1) Free throws 2) Weightlifting 3) Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal
  3. Yeah, all the Viking lifestyle stuff takes a little bit of a darker, no-longer-getting-the-benefit-of-a-doubt turn in this light.
  4. Between this and "our broadcast partner fucked up so I'm putting it all on Youtube for free fuck you," TK is the hero we deserve.
  5. Lately when I see the term "WandaVision," in my head I sing it with the same cadence as the 70s Wonder Woman show theme. I'm sorry.
  6. Great summary, @NoFistsJustFlips. Thanks! Cribbed from "The Dark Side with Nat X," I think point #5 explains the lack of African American AWA champs:
  7. I'm amazed that I've lived through this kind of progress in wrestling: When I was a kid: outsider calls wrestling fake. Wrestler beats outsider up to "protect the business." Now I'm an adult: outsider calls wrestling fake. Wrestler goes on social media to talk about how difficult it is to be a wrestler while admitting it's fake. I'm not saying Orton should go beat Soulja Boy up. That's stupid. At the same time, you work in an industry that lied about its true nature long past the time where anyone with a few working brain cells knew the truth, so much so that the mainst
  8. My mechanic complains that my wife's key ring has too much stuff on it, so it's too heavy and might break the starter. I want to show up for an oil change with the car key attached to that belt just to see him have a coronary.
  9. Does the Steve Austin IPA count as wrestling merch? Because I bought some over the weekend. It's underwhelming. I was surprised to see it on sale here in Maryland until I read the can...it seems El Segundo Brewing farmed it out to a brewery in Virginia for east coast production and distribution. I don't know a ton about the actual business of brewing but I assume that's fine. Anyway, it was $18 for a four pack of 16oz cans, which is a little high. I didn't realize I had picked the four pack from the store's 20% off table until the guy rang it up. The clearance markdown should have been
  10. Worse than both? Parking lot driving. I live in Montgomery County and some of the lots around here are some straight up Mad Max shit.
  11. A FedEx package I shipped to Austin (yeah, great timing!) back on February 15, which was supposed to arrive there on the 18th ,finally got there this morning!
  12. On the "championships that aren't belts" tip, I'm partial to the MidwestTerritory.Com championship, a gold rope with a faceplate on it, currently held by "The Beast King" Chase Holliday
  13. Counterpoint: casuals knew and loved Ed Whelan. The guy was a Calgary institution. But he had a way of crapping all over any bit of Stampede booking he didn't like, and it hurt the product. Now has Ross gotten to that point for people outside of me, @Jiji, and other guys here who have no patience for JR to begin with? I'm not sure. Probably not. But he's definitely not helping. Your lead announcer should be helping get the storylines across, not crapping on the stuff that doesn't fit his narrow view of wrestling. I LOVE IT. "You've always been the Hangman, sir." Ser
  14. I said in like my second post on the matter: "Don't be Gene Simmons just constantly trying to take your audience for every dime, you know?" I made a clear delineation between trying to make money and constantly looking for something to sell. But you keep falling back on "He's jUsT TrYiNg To MaKe mOnEy wUtS WrOnG wItH ThAt?" Shit, I even backed off and said that I'd stopped listening a while back and if he'd toned that stuff down, cool. I was done and you kept pushing and talking shit. I personally don't like the guy's approach to podcasting. I LITERALLY said, in about 10
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