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  1. I loved The Babadook. It's just this perfect metaphor for guilt, grief, and loss. People I've met who didn't like it are typically the ones who took the whole thing literally and have no idea why the Babadook is living in the basement in the end. At my job, there's a long hallway where the bathrooms are that dead ends at some cubicles and a coat rack. In the winter, someone without fail hangs a long black coat there. So every time I go to the bathroom, I think I see the Babadook like 100 feet away
  2. It was all about the house shows back then. That's what's so maddening about listening to Alvarez review SNME episodes. They talk about them in modern terms and can't understand the booking, not realizing that, most of the time, matches were booked for SNME only after they'd exhausted their ability to draw on house shows.
  3. Thanks for this. I'll try to remember this when the renters next door start getting loud on the deck. Could be worse! That Best Friends opening riff, man. Best Ecstasy of Gold knockoff out there.
  4. That's cool but what's the point? Who is Cody and why should i cheer for him? He has no defined character at all. He wants to be Dusty, Austin, HHH, Flair, and Link all at the same time and it's so self indulgent and stupid. Who else on the roster gets to just be themselves? I watch wrestling to be entertained, not to see a career midcarder use his booking power to act out whatever fantasy strikes his fancy from week to week. That's a little harsh, I know, but I had higher hopes for AEW than watching Stardust transform into HHH 2.0 at the expense of everyone else.
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOL I did not understand a word of that sentence. That's some video game stuff, right? How's that fit with his gimmick? Rhetorical question; I have no idea what his gimmick is because nothing fits. I like the "AEW Fashion Watch" we all have going on in here and fully endorse keeping it going.
  6. I missed the "Alpha Male" talk. I also forgot to mention his line about "why does Cage wear a shirt when he looks like that?" Or maybe I'm tuning out pants-free JR? Sometime during his NJPW tenure, he became the new Ed Whelan, at best no selling stuff he dislikes, shit-talking it at worst, and making up his own angles. Two more things on Cody The design on the front of his tights makes it look like he has the world's biggest camel toe. He's venturing into Shawn Spears/DDP "take off maybe one or two gimmicks before you go to the ring" territory. He's got Arn, pyro you can see from space, bleached hair, a weight belt, goofy tattoos, American flag/Nightmare Family boots that don't match his gear, etc. And I don't even understand what the design of his tights is supposed to be. By now I realize I just don't like the dude and can admit it, but come on, his shit is just all over the place. Also, when you want to be Dusty, be Dusty the worker and character. Don't be Dusty the booker.
  7. Makes sense Pillman would venture out as he believes Covid is a hoax, right? I missed mosed of the Jurassic vs MJF & Wardlow match because mother fucking Fubo dropped the Warner Media networks and didn't tell anybody, so I spent the first 10 minutes of the show cancelling them and signing up for Sling. Fuck you Fubo. What I saw of it looked good. Jurassic needed the win more so that's cool, and I really like the ongoing gimmick of MJF being a rich prick who looks down on Wardlow but at the same time realizes he needs him, but the mask slips once in a while. Pretty pretty good. Shida and Penelope was really great. Digging Penelope's Sindel cosplay and she's really come into her own as a worker. Bad commentary alert: when your wrestlers are exchanging slaps, maybe don't compare it to a 3 Stooges movie, JR. Nice job by Jericho and Excalibur trying to save it after that bullshit. I ask again, is Cody turning heel sometime or does he really believe his act is a babyface act? I know Hager attacked Anderson first but still, babyfaces are not supposed to have managers who interfere on their behalf. Decent match, but ANOTHER finish where a Cody opponent pins himself? AND the oppoenent is a decorated amateur wrestler, and the first thing he was taught ever was "don't get on your back." Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Whoever said Cody is turning into late 80s Dusty, that goes for the good and the bad. I'm done with backwards flying cutter moves. They're all shit. Why is Cody's pyro so over the top? Jesus. Either he's the 2001 HHH of AEW or this is some real meta booking shit going on. Re: Cody temporary tattoos. "YOU CAN PUT IT ON YOUR ASS, SCHIAVONE!" I legit LOL'd. Loved Suge D gently restraining Orange Cassidy. PP & PandP have a better match than their first one but I honestly don't remember much about it. Awesome tag match and glad it was the main. Damn. LOVED Best Friends' piss taking all the dudes with badass trucks with Trent's mom dropping them off. Excalibur drops the Men of Low Moral Fiber reference I was waiting for. I figured Cage/Mox would be postponed. Enjoyed Taz mentioning that they run a clean operation. Fuck you Vince. Taz turning his "move analysis" segment into shit-talking how Mox can't hit his move because Cage's traps are too big was tremendous.
  8. For the AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Jake Hager I'm really meh on both guys. If this is kept to the undercard instead of being the main, and kept shorter, it'll be okay. I hope Cody isn't going through an early 2000s HHH phase where he has a belt he thinks he needs to elevate and feels he needs to be old school and have long matches to prove he he's legit. I don't need to see HHH vs Steiner again here. - For the AEW World Tag Team Championship - Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs. The Best Friends Should be a really fun match, right up my alley as a dude who likes crazy tag scrambles. - For the AEW Women's World Championship - Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford Great booking leading to this and Ford has been improving. Should be a good one. - Jurassic Express vs. MJF and Wardlow I don't think much of Luchasaurus' Mike Bailey/Stan Lane offense, which is so out of place for a big guy. Likewise, MJF to me is better as a character worker than actual in-ring and hasn't shown me a lot so far outside his old school heel tribute act. Luckily Wardlow and Jungle Boy are both pretty good. I guess I'm looking forward to this match? Could be decent, could be ugly. - Private Party vs. Santana & Ortiz Two teams that trained together, sure, but their last match wasn't great. I hope they're more on the same page in this one. It'll be fun to see which match gets to be the main. I think it should be the tag for various reasons, but we'll see. Pants-Free JR Watch (tm @Hayabusa) : Who will cause good ol JR to get turgid this week? Trent? Wardlow? Latino Matinee Idol Santana? The world is watching.
  9. When called out, odds are he'll just shrug.
  10. I'm currently wearing a PWG shirt that's my "around the house" shirt and is pretty much falling apart and due for replacement. It's the only wrestling merch I own unless you count some dvds. I think I'm in the clear unless we go by the "guilt by association" shit some dude here was pushing because Super Dragon or Excalibur haven't sent TWEETS publicly condemning Joey Ryan because apparently that's a thing.
  11. It'll be interesting to see what form "limited interruptions" takes. If it's something like we've seen from some drama shows where an actual sponsor pays for it ("presented with limited commercial interruptions sponsored by Ford"), for example, that's pretty cool. If they're just going to have fewer ad spots and take the ad revenue hit just to get a better number and beat AEW for a week, that's sad. WWE is feeling more and more like late stage WCW every week.
  12. Johnny Cash's version is great and I'm probably in the minority but I love Marilyn Manson's version of that song.
  13. They've always had this pie in the sky idea of opening WWE/NXT outposts everywhere and it's never going to work. Their more immediate goal of NXT UK was to kill off UK companies who had gotten tv deals at the time (World of Sport, maybe? I forget) and, I guess, also kill off the UK indy scene in general. Between NXT UK and all the sexual abuse allegations, I'd say that's pretty much been done.
  14. LOL he threw a coffee mug at a wall to make the Steve Austin "glass breaking" sound when playing with his toys. I believe he said the mug didn't break and, instead, broke the drywall. Fucking tremendous story. Clearly the man hates coffee mugs and needs to be cancelled.
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