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  1. Good point. Both speak to the larger issue: Vince and the rest of the creative team no longer have to deliver anything. It's not like the olden days where you HAD to create a hot program, a major star, or a show that all the fans were dying to see. There's no more "I have to build a program that will make money or I'll lose my ass." All their money now comes from places not directly linked to the actual weekly product, so that product's quality or lack thereof has zero effect on Vince's pockets. It's a great spot to be in, financially speaking, but a shitty spot for the fans. There is nothing pushing them to make a better wrestling show, so they just don't.
  2. "I think they're going for 'Illuminati' but what we're getting is 'Juggalo.'" Excellent.
  3. ...well, he's not wrong. WWE Network absolutely ruined WWE's booking. There is no longer any need to build good storylines to a satisfying resolution on a worthwhile PPV because they no longer live and die by PPV revenue. TV booking is listless and awful and PPV booking isn't any better.
  4. Congrats! It sounds like things are going better than you feel like they are, aside form the less-than-opportune work situation. Hang in there.
  5. Spoiler: it's just 20 minutes of URAHURAHURAH
  6. (copious amounts of PEDs, vascularity, and a taste for watching muscular men show off their bodies in the guise of "bodybuilding competition")
  7. The best part is that was supposed to be the more tame line...
  8. Bayley throwing her tassle-covered, lime green outfits and wacky tube men into a burning trashcan, then declaring that not only has she kissed a boy, but that she actually loves to fuck, sure would be something.
  9. If this newz~! story is correct, she is not a competent and functional adult but rather a childlike simpleton who is way too into hugs, in a creepy way that skeeves people out, and has never kissed a boy.
  10. Some "women's revolution" this is turning out to be. When was the last time a men's angle was built around the guy being a nerd who had never kissed a girl? @Tromatagon was rather prescient when he called her "Female Eugene."
  11. LOOOOL this fucking company I know she's a kid-centric character, but she's not literally supposed to be 11 years old. Vince is a fucking lunatic.
  12. On an unrelated note, I hate that sequence. I find it contrived and silly and I like the Young Bucks.
  13. Chuck's ego did him in as much as anything else did. Even after it became plain as day his illness was of the mental variety, he had to be the master of all, showing everyone that he could conquer his illness in record time. Him showing off was also a con on Hamlin and Jimmy, in part, but it was more just a sad, ego-driven man desperate to be greater than everyone and everything. This is such a great show. Characters like Chuck and Hamlin would be one note, mustache-twirling baddies if this was a broadcast network show. Here, you still feel bad for Chuck after everything and I also felt gutted at Hamlin's genuine hurt during and after the boardroom scene. Damn.
  14. It's actually Michael Tarver. Vince just thinks it's Shelton.