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  1. John Reilly (General Hospital) has died at 86.
  2. New England Buffalo Baltimore Pittsburgh Minnesota New York Football Giants Tampa Bay New Orleans Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee Kansas City Denver LA Rams Seattle Philadelphia 7 180 10
  3. Finally moved out of my parents’ house and got braces removed (after four years) at the oh so young age of 43.
  4. New Orleans Tampa Bay Arizona Miami Cleveland Baltimore Houston Chicago Kansas City Pittsburgh LA Chargers Washington Seattle Philadelphia Green Bay Buffalo Rivers 40 200
  5. Las Vegas Buffalo Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee Tampa Bay Baltimore Miami Minnesota Seattle San Francisco LA Rams Arizona New Orleans New York Football Giants Monday, December 21 Pittsburgh 220 10 100
  6. Los Angeles Chicago Tennessee Carolina Dallas Kansas City New York Football Giants Tampa Bay Seattle Las Vegas Green Bay LA Chargers New Orleans San Francisco Pittsburgh Monday, December 14 Cleveland 6 30 204
  7. The Monday Night Raw hosted by Bob Barker at the Allstate Arena.
  8. Las Vegas New Orleans Chicago Indianapolis Cleveland Miami Minnesota Arizona Seattle Green Bay LA Chargers Kansas City Pittsburgh Buffalo Baltimore 100 7 3
  9. Detroit Dallas Pittsburgh Miami Atlanta Buffalo New York Football Giants Indianapolis Cleveland Minnesota New England New Orleans LA Rams Kansas City Green Bay Monday, November 30 Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards at Phi:230 Tiebreaker #2: total points in KC/TB:44 Tiebreaker #3: total number of punts in NYG/Cin:9
  10. Seattle Baltimore Carolina Cleveland Houston Pittsburgh New Orleans Washington LA Chargers Miami Indianapolis Minnesota Las Vegas Monday, November 23 Tampa Bay 240 30 99
  11. Tennessee Tampa Bay Cleveland Detroit Green Bay Philadelphia Miami Buffalo Las Vegas Pittsburgh Seattle New Orleans Baltimore Monday, November 16 Chicago 100 150 30
  12. Green Bay Atlanta Buffalo Baltimore Jacksonville Kansas City Minnesota Tennessee Washington LA Chargers Arizona Pittsburgh Tampa Bay New England 100 30 10
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