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  1. Oh man, you're in for a treat. I just did my third playthrough (beat it originally in early 2019), found it just as amazing, and still discovered things I hadn't seen or done. Take your time and enjoy it. And HAVE A LITTLE GOD DAMN FAITH.
  2. Today at the gym: a guy apparently went from the pool or shower straight to his locker without so much as looking at a towel, much less actually using one. Just a massive puddle on the faux wood floor in the locker room. I had thoughts of pulling a Slippin’ Jimmy and owning my own gym.
  3. Not orange enough. Need to watch one of the earlier Fantastic Four movies to really get the skin tone right.
  4. Something something scientists removing their helmets something something running in a straight line from a space tire etc
  5. Mike just got REALLY into Christopher Cross. Don’t judge.
  6. Looool holy fuck I completely forgot about Excalibur beating up Jimmy Havoc. Truly the halcyon days of yore. Alas, the world has moved on.
  7. All I know is I read "Trevor Dame" as "Taylor Dane" the first 3-4 times I saw that and wondered when the singer of 80s classic "Tell It To My Heart" moved over to dirtsheet reporting. Seriously, though, AEW is great. The C2 is cooking. I can't really be arsed to give much of a shit about longtimers complaining about the company changing and "not feeling like the old days" when that shit happens to every successful company. I also can't be bothered to care about bad faith posters gleefully reposting doom and gloom and making cheering for a company's demise their whole personality.
  8. I'm an Evan Williams man, myself -- world's greatest cheap bourbon! -- but even I have enough good taste to decline Fireball 100% of the time. What I'm saying is, when a reprobate who drinks bottom shelf bourbon with Coke Zero turns his nose up at your nasty-ass shit, you have a problem.
  10. Oh yeah, absolutely dirty pool from the company. Yeah, the buyers should've suspected something, but the company made a smaller version with the same name and lookalike packaging. I can't 100% blame anyone for assuming it was the same product, except that the price should have raised some flags.
  11. "Didn't like doing crime" says the guy who disabled satellites during a war at the behest of Putin. Fuck Phony Stark.
  12. Well GTA Online's treasure hunt side missions were ostensibly given by a descendant of Dutch. But that's probably not canon.
  13. I loathe this movie. It's so blantantly anti-labor, pro management that it feels like propaganda. Meryl Streep's character is a total piece of shit and is horrible to everyone, but is painted as an anithero and gets zero comeuppance or character development. She's characterized as a driven badass instead of the abusive terror she is. Hathaway's character becomes a horrible person as well, yet most discussion I see relating to this film is how she was fine and that her friends are the ones who were unfair to her. There's a scene where she's chewed out by Streep and she looks for a sympathetic ear in the form of Stanley Tucci's character. Instead, he, too, tears her down and gives her the "stop complaining...you should be thankful to be here" speech, which is treated as sage advice instead of as something horrible. As I said, it's so fiercely anti-worker. Aside from that, it's just poorly-conceived and muddled. What is this movie trying to say? The ending feels so tacked on and Hathaway gets some perfunctory growth, I guess, while all the other pieces on the board have moved roughly an inch. Just a godawful film. I just watched this and holy fuck, it feels like an unreleased 80s movie someone found in a studio vault and decided to put out. Stallone doing Stallone things and being roided the fuck up Non white partner who is the butt of constant racist jokes Hero has a sister or daughter he's trying to keep people from fucking Evil rich guys doing evil rich guy things Bad guy henchman who is built up as the final boss Walter Hill It's so aggressively average that my reaction after watching was just, "okay then."
  14. Who are these people who saw a shot of (albeit shitty) whiskey for a dollar and thought everything was on the up and up?
  15. I LOL'd at the first trailer when I saw a shot of a laptop that had the E-Corp logo on it
  16. These people are apparently suing the company that makes Fireball, since the mini bottles are apparently a totally different product, a malt beverage made from wine and assorted artificial gobbledygook, containing zero whiskey.
  17. EDIT: GAAAAAAH nevermind. I just remembered they announced that, after each league's matches are finished, the two top-ranked wrestlers in each league would face each other to determine who goes to the championship. So there's no need for tiebreakers. In kayfabe, it would suck to run the table, only to lose in the semi to a guy who went 4-1 or even 3-2.
  18. To paraphrase Smokey Bear, only you can prevent kids from ego lifting.
  19. Thanks! I should try getting back into dumbbell flys. That's one exercise I never really liked the feel of while doing them. I am lucky that the pec deck at my gym, when it is available, is adjustable all the way back (because you can also do rear delts on it), so I can go really deep with it. Typically, if I can't get on the pec deck, I'm doing cable flys instead.
  20. No replying to @Casey because yes, GTA Online is meh. But mentioning GTA4 reminded me...I recently replayed GTA4 and its expansions. Let me tell you, people are seriously rose-colored glasses-ing 4. SO MANY "go here, shoot all these guys" missions with zero variety, fun, or nuance. Between that and the lack of checkpoints and useful retry system, I used cheats just to get through the game. Also, keep in mind, if you get the urge to replay it, that there's a QTE in the last mission that is much more difficult because Rockstar upscaled the framerate for the re-release on modern systems but didn't retime the QTE to compensate, so you have to hit buttons twice as fast. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to pass it. It's doable, but tough. But yeah, the good old days weren't always good. Lost and Damned was a bit better W/R/T mission variety and fun, I think, but it wasn't until TBoGT that I feel Rockstar realized what modern GTA could be.
  21. Does the winner get a bumper sticker like when you run in a marathon? Is that correct? If Brody and Danielson win another match, then lose their next two, then they'd both end up 3-2. And if Eddie won the rest of his matches, he'd end up 3-2. Unless I'm missing something or the matches remaining make that impossible. Has anyone mentioned tiebreakers in each league? Also, why are they called the blue and gold leagues when "Dynamite League" and "Collision League" would have been better? I wanted to see Eddie win with a sneaky backfist to Danielson's blind side, but we just can't have nice things.
  22. The title of my gym memoir shall be “THERE’S ALWAYS SOMEBODY ON THE FUCKING PEC DECK”
  23. Word. Creating a "modern triple crown" when your world champion isn't in the tournament, there's no way that new title will replace the world title, and it's made up of two nigh-worthless afterthought belts and one brand new one, is ridiculous.
  24. That’s crazy, because I just finished that part, too. I agree, the fights can be a chaotic challenge when you’re waiting for a weapon guy or big guy to attack so you can parry, because that’s the only way you can hurt them, but five other low levels are also after you AND some guy is trying to shoot you from atop a perch. It’s wild.
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