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  1. I always have to stop myself to remember which is David Keith and which is Keith David. Have they ever been in a movie together?
  2. WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT, JIMMY??? TAKE AWAY CURT MCGIRT'S SIDE BREAD, DUDE edit: @FourPostMassacre beat me to it I tip my plate of Hulkaroos to you.
  3. Counterpoint: this is a billion dollar company and "charity is the new PR" or whatever Stephanie said. Any "honoring" or charitable act is just exploitation in the long run.
  4. What are they doing week to week, in-ring? I don't watch but I'd like to know. Have matches become such an afterthought and the story stuff so well done that it doesn't matter? Like I said, weekly in-ring is what's really hurting AEW for me. For every Briscoe Conglomeration party match, which is my shit, we get Ospreay/Cage in a main event. Look, I love Brian Cage. I have been watching him forever. But there's no intrigue to Ospreay/Cage a week out from the PPV. And it's unconscionable to put Hechicero vs Matt fucking Menard, who has done nothing but commentary for months, late in hour 2 of Collision. This shit is maddening. I'm wearing out the +10 button with this shit. I can't see why anyone would have YouTube TV when Sling costs half as much and is not too much different. YouTube TV is better, granted, but is it double the price better? Anyway, I had Sling until I realized that all I used it for was AEW, so I dropped it and got VPN and AEW+, which together cost less thatn half what Sling did.
  5. I mean, put aside the fact that gimmicks like this just plain don't work unless it's something like Lucha Underground...the whole thing is cynical and gross. If AEW hired Brody Lee's cousin, made him a knockoff of the Exalted One gimmick, and slotted him into the Dark Order, we'd all see right through it. If Dolph Ziller had died and WWE hired Nick Nemeth and made him work as Dulph Ziggler, that would be some bullshit. WWE literally hired the dead guy's brother, who they released long ago and saw zero value in, had no plans to ever re-hire full time...seriously, what the fuck? They're living off the goodwill and sad feelings of their fans, some real Fritz Von Erich shit.
  6. We Watch Wrestling’s Matt McCarthy giving his thoughts on the Wyatt Sicks (fuck what a dumb name) this week was really good. ”…this creepy, stinky-looking gang of Slipknot misfits with their Caucasian dreadlocks, I don’t give a fuck.”
  7. Aside from Steve Lombardi and Terry Taylor, has anyone else in wrestling gotten a gimmick change but remained a jobber? It’s gotta be rare, right?
  8. I think filling TV with 95% JTTS matches is a large part of the problem. When AEW had 4 PPVs per year, they could build to big matches on TV. Now their TV is just something to fill time between their more frequent PPVs, where wrestlers who have matches on the PPV get reps in against people far below them, with no story or intrigue. Like hey, Lady Frost is awesome, but I know she’s not beating Toni Storm a week before Forbidden Door. And every show is like this. There is almost no reason to watch unless you just love wrestling matches for the sake of wrestling matches.
  9. Big Bill hasn’t worn trunks in a while…how long has he had that gross detached vein in his thigh?
  10. I like how the thumbnail makes him look more like the high school English teacher who isn't mad at you, just disappointed, for using Cliffs Notes, instead of a guy who had already done time.
  11. Fuck it, throw a few mil to Vince to show up, drop a Winged Eagle in a trash can, and walk off. Shit, he'd probably do it for free out of spite.
  12. "Doom time???" "You told me to be a little extra!' "We need to workshop that." Tremendous
  13. Same! I just read about all that. Jesus.
  14. LOL @ MJF's sneaky lift soles on his boots -- black boots with 1.5 - 2" black soles. Come on man, you just re-signed, there's no need to impress the size queens up north.
  15. Quick note for my non-US Triller AEW+ folks: Revolution 2020 is currently free to watch. Go get yourselves some Bucks vs Omega & Page goodness.
  16. Man, they were on one in the PnP last night. So much so that all sound was muted for like 10-20 seconds at one point and then they just got back to calling the match.
  17. Jim Ross compare modern wrestler to wrestler of the past without race or ethnicity playing a part challenge (impossible)
  18. I just did the inflation calculator for the price of Mania 2 from an ad in the same magazine. The tape was $40 in 1986, which works out to $114 today And 40 was still pretty cheap! Early to mid 80's overpricing of video tapes was because the home movie ownership market hadn't taken off yet, movies were like $100 each, priced in such a way that only rental stores were able to buy them. Apparently Top Gun changed that.
  19. I'm reading an old wrestling magazine from 1986 and there's an ad for AWA Superclash 85. They actually broke the 11 match card into 3 tapes, "hosted by Sgt. Slaughter," that they're selling separately for like $35 each or $99 for all three. Checking Wikipedia, total match time was just over 2 hours and I don't think the Flair/Magnum match was on the video tape release, so under 2 hours, really. What a bunch of carnies!
  20. Today’s bit of useless information: the Secuitas private security company is a descendant of Pinkerton. I believe they tried to sue Rockstar for RDR2’s negative portrayal of the agents’ history.
  21. The Dungeon of Doom would be no match for the man who singlehandedly defeated racism!
  22. Apparently that's the edition I had! I never knew there were two versions but it always struck me as weird for the game to only have Inoki on the cover I owned TR2 & 3, played on a PS1 that I got chipped at a stripmall video game store in Annandale, VA.
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