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  1. Taking Mark Henry off commentary and just putting him on one backstage segment is a decision I can get behind moving forward. Jericho compared Bunny to Baby Firefly again just as she was sent to the buckle. Excalibur really missed an opportunity to mention something about Baby being put in a corner.
  2. Dustin apparently assaulted the other flight attendant. Rubbed his crotch on her from behind and said, “you and me are gonna fuck.”
  3. Thanks for that and it’s a great point. It’s funny because I was literally just discussing a very similar thing with my wife this morning, hours before I watched the show! She said, “ I’m lucky in that I’ve never really experienced sexism at work.” I told her “you have. Just like a black guy who’s never been called the n word to his face has still experienced racism. It’s baked into the system.” Then we talked about all the bullshit ways women are expected to behave at work. Is the charter company still in business? They deserve some shit here, too. Telling these women who were sexually assaulted, “let it go because our clients expect discretion.” Wow. Fuck them.
  4. Wasn’t “Curtis Axel” meant to be an amalgamation of his dad’s first name and his grandfather’s nickname?
  5. I'm a pedantic asshole, but can we please all agree that: resign = quit re-sign (with hyphen) = sign a new contract Because if we don't use the hyphen, we have one word with two opposite meanings and it's just madness. LOOOOL I said it in a different thread, but MLW is almost the Wrestling Retribution Project at this point.
  6. I'm excitedly awaiting Dreamer's statement and I have my Shitty Person Bingo card ready. I have "SJW," "PC," "cancel culture," "virtue signalling," and "liberals" on the sheet so my chances are pretty good!
  7. Really late, so just some random ass shit I like Hirsch because she's only about a foot taller than my six year old daughter. JR calling FTR "RTF" was pretty funny. Ready To Fuck, I guess? TK just mad flexin' on ya as the announce crew lays out next week's shows. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Like an 80s infomercial. Two days after "PPV Quality Raw." I give up trying to worry about whether Cody is a heel who thinks he's a face or is just IRL a big lunkhead who doesn't 100% understand pro wrestling, but having another person distract your rival so you can hit him from behind is not a face move. Good to see Cody back in time to soak up that Latin American Heritage Month shine, though Men of the Year and all the MMA meatheads in the ring needed to dial back their "WE'RE HEEEEELS" mugging about 75% Shit, did they say "shit" enough on this show or what? Shit. Does Windham Rotunda show up in two weeks to put the Dark Order back together, and then fight with Adam Page for their souls down the line? I'm fine with Gunn Club as top the top heel faction on the Youtube shows. Don Callis' heel stooging is A++++++++ and I love it Punk with some great lines. "Lambert is like Bobby Heenan plus a lot of Affliction." "Last time I saw two well dressed people fighting like this was a family reunion." Tony: You can be friends with a girl! Punk: We'll talk about that later. Really digging the logic of Andrade firing Chavo. Fun little angle. I love Hobbs' "extra in a Salt n Pepa video" gear.
  8. I hate that argument. Just ask the Michael Jackson accusers or Martha Hart. It sucks and it doesn't bring justice, but eventually, you realize that the money is all you're going to get. For fuck's sake, Heidi Doyle herself said as much right on the show. As @Casey mentioned, the Bucks and Kanyon were close when the Bucks were just starting out. Kanyon actually worked some of their backyard shows. There's definitely some weird moral relativism going on in wrestling. Christ, even Terri said something like, "if I went to court every time I was harassed, I'd be in court my whole life." After all that shit, she was essentially agreeing with the "boys will be boys" crowd. Jesus. "I wouldn't say he was trying to rape somebody." Dreamer is a fucking idiot. Ric Flair forced a woman to touch his dick. That is sexual assault. Full stop.
  9. Only half joking as I wonder if Prichard used this to bury HHH more. "These kids today can't handle it, Vince! Back in the day, we'd snort rails all day, have three heart attacks before lunch, and still be at poolside in time to book the show!"
  10. If this is a low key diss on “Africa,” I will fight you and it will most definitely take a lot to drag me away from you.
  11. I turned on Raw last week for a minute only to catch Kofi wearing his Razor Ramon/Scott Hall tribute gear. Out of the loop because I don't watch WWE, I immediately had to look online to see if Hall was still with us.
  12. I would have figured they used "The Chase" as it was featured in the film "Midnight Express."
  13. I'll buy the remasters but count me in with everyone hoping checkpoint, autosave, retry, and mission skip mechanics are added. Nothing like beating a hard mission with one health point left, then Tommy dying on the way back to the save spot hotel on Ocean Drive because he stepped off a curb wrong. I also never want to fly a RC chopper around a construction site ever again.
  14. I’m sure I’ll regret this, but please pretty please go ahead and put your foot in your ignorant-ass mouth and enumerate maybe 5-10 “politically correct” things AEW has done. Bonus points if you can articulately explain why you feel any of these things should not have been done. I try to be patient but this dog whistle shit is maddening. You can’t just drop some bullshit like that and not back it up.
  15. So now does Disney release in theaters, then to Disney Plus after the theatrical run ends? Or is there some intermediate step in there where they try to make a few extra bucks on DVD or some other platform?
  16. Aside from a banging AiC track, I remember that soundtrack for Screaming Trees' "Nearly Lost You." And then it reminds me of the best Screaming Trees story. They had a pair of brothers on guitar and bass and both were, um, dudes of size. Real members of Team Beefy. Apparently they were dancing/moshing while playing and accidentally ended up hitting a Bossman/Akeem attack on the lead singer, just squashing the smaller dude between them. He understandably declared a moratorium on dancing after that.
  17. In my mind, I honestly can't remember Reality Bites and Singles as two separate movies, though imdb swears they came two years apart.
  18. Mil is frantically trying to explain that Kerry has tied his Walkman headphone cable into his bootlaces, but Kerry barely understands English, much less Spanish, so he's fucked. This is the perfect example of WWE overdoing and dumbing down everything. Like telling a joke and beating the punchline into the ground because they assume the viewers are idiots. Making a haunted doll actually scary looking is the exact opposite of how you're supposed to do it. It's fucking boneheaded. Go look up pics of the real Annabelle doll. The whole point of haunted doll stories is that it's something that wouldn't normally scare the shit out of a kid. That's why it's scary, for fuck's sake. My kid would throw the Lily doll out the window on night one.
  19. Hell yes, Alex Kane. I'M CLOCKED IN AND YOOOOOUUUUUUU ARE ABOUT TO GET ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF THIS WORK. LOL @ MLW. I just saw Bobby Fish signed with them? At this rate, MLW is about as solid as the Wrestling Retribution Project.
  20. I got lucky -- Sling DVR'd it as part of the Dark Side series. One fun fact from the show that I didn't know: Jerry McDevitt was introduced to the WWF when he was hired by Jim Neidhart. I always assumed McDevitt was just always their in-house counsel, who'd defend the company and wrestlers when needed. Neidhart hired him as his defender after too many drinks/drugs on a plane led to acting out, which led to some rough federal charges. What's funny is that I remember that story being covered in PWI, which is really weird for that time. Also, McDevitt isn't their in-house counsel. He works for a law firm.
  21. YES! Thank you. That is the exact article saw that discussed this term in the first place. Nice.
  22. We’re Matrix 2 & 3 already planned or were they made after the first one did so well? I ask because I keep assuming 2 & 3 were so heavily philosophical and highfalutin’ because the Wachowskis got really far up their own asses believing too much of their own hype after the first became such a phenomenon, but that’s not such a nice thing to just assume so I’d like to know what the deal was. There was just such a shift between what the first one was (a fun sci-if Kung fu action movie with an interesting gimmick) and the other two, where the action was secondary to the high minded, convoluted philosophy stuff.
  23. Somebody help me out. There’s a slang term for these quickly shot, straight to streaming, usually action or sci-fi movies, that always feature a pretty big star in decline looking for a quick payday (mostly Bruce Willis, lately, but I believe DeNiro has done some, too). They’re shot pretty quickly and it’s obvious the big name only spent a few days on set. Anybody know the term for these?
  24. Guys, just a heads-up that the new season starts this week with "The Plane Ride from Hell." There's a good preview special on Vice with Jericho sitting down with the producers, previewing the season and giving some good background info on past and upcoming episodes.
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