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  1. On Friday’s B & V show, Alvarez went went down the whole card and explained that all but the women’s match had changed from what had been originally booked. Wow.
  2. With his turtleneck and stylish-ass jacket, I thought Christian looked like and extra from The Avengers (the English one, not Marvel).
  3. Right, that was my other thing...how the hell did she get to Tattooine -- with a sucking gut wound, apparently -- while the others were still doing a low speed chase over the planet they just left? AND Obi Wan landed his ship right next to Owen and Beru and neither reacted.
  4. Thanks! Now I have this in my head: How you know Vince had creative input on this video: there's an outhouse joke at the end.
  5. I bought a few from Golden Boy but I got frustrated because his site didn't mention, in match listings, whether matches were clipped.
  6. I never traded taps but I bought a few comps from Golden Boy Tapes and maybe one from IVP, who coincidentally worked at the video store that was across the street from my apartment complex years ago. Because it's a weird, small world.
  7. Now I'm imagining Stone Cold hosting the podcast. "Was that..A SHEWT?"
  8. LOL how much chainsaw use do you typically earmark? In all seriousness, good luck with that, man.
  9. LOOOOL Remember for the SATs: Just Drew is to the Young Bucks as JLowe is to Marina Shafir
  10. Congrats, man! Good for you. Yep, my daughter is seven now and it's just insane how fast it's flying by.
  11. Give Wardlow the title and a long enough reign so he's a serious contender to the World title, then book that for a PPV. This shit writes itself and is not difficult.
  12. No no, you see, the champion will be defending the honor of The Atlantic Region against those in the Pacific Region who would wish to knock the entire area between Newfoundland and the tip of Argentina, including the Falkland Islands, down a peg.
  13. I swear at least three people will come down with elevated liver enzymes before Sunday. Main will be switched to Mox vs Gedo Punjabi Prison Match.
  14. Hear me out, guys…what if the All Atlantic title is a work, Ishii wins it, and defends it 90% of the time in Japan as the AEW belt meant to be defended abroad?
  15. Many thanks! Looks like a rough show but maybe Harts vs US (don’t say American) Express was good.
  16. It was a little more obvious last night how it's supposed to be taken and how Shafir looked really safe on it, which made me really surprised Alvarez was still so worried this morning. The opponent moves her head back and kind of over her left shoulder, sort of ducking under the rope, while Storm's hip hits her right shoulder and turnbuckle. I think guys who do the rolling senton into the corner, like Steen, do the same. No "back and to the left" jokes, please. Have some decorum.
  17. I liked the episode BUT if Obi Wan had a dropship capable of lightspeed, why not just lure the star destroyer to a safe distance, then take off for Tattooine? OR land, give Vader time to get halfway between the Star Destroyer and the unnamed planet, and THEN nope the fuck outta there? I know I know, because he had to face Vader.
  18. Any Ford Fairlane reference gets an immediate LIKE out of me.
  19. A Jack Tunney type figurehead as a person who relays decisions made by the "Board of Directors" or "The Championship Committee" is fine; just a guy who smooths out little booking gaps and makes things make sense. Authority figures suck when they become a lazy booking crutch. If wrestling never has another heel authority figure again, it'll be too soon.
  20. AH thank you. I forgot the third BRANDING STATEMENT~! behind "Switchblade Era" and "Breathe with the Switchblade" (whatever the fuck that means). Dude is corny as fuck..
  21. I would love to know what the card was supposed to be before we got various fuckery. The matches I know of were: Punk vs Tanahashi for the AEW title Andrade vs Ospreay for the NJPW US title ZSJ vs Danielson Things that fucked with this card: Punk's injury Danielson's injury MJF's bullshit Jeff's DUI (maybe?) NJPW/Mexico politics NJPW's standard operating procedure of not announcing anything until the currently-being-promoted show is over Whatever mystery fuckery went on with the Jay White four way because no goddamn way was that supposed to be a four way Anything I'm missing?
  22. Man, what a mixed bag of a show. We've already talked about the post Double or Nothing booking curveballs that have made this thing kind of an unfocused mess. Now I'm just hoping the company gets some needed direction once Forbidden Door is out of the way. This is starting to feel like that WWE show that got all screwed up by ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES. All the in-ring stuff was good to great, but, as has been the case for a few weeks now, the booking and extracurriculars are on a scale from "somewhat lacking" to "a real fucking mess." Is this the first AEW show with multiple talking segments in hour one where the actual wrestling content suffered? Having the second match of the night start at 47 minutes after the hour was certainly different. That Danielson promo was rough. It started fine but that buildup, only to end with "I'm not telling you," murdered the crowd. Meltzer is speculating that Danielson's replacement will be Claudio, which is awesome. How tall are the Aussie Open guys? They look bizarre in there with the house style smaller dudes, like some kind of NBA Jam cheat code, or how the refs were not coded to scale up or down along with the rest of the early Madden games, so you could zoom out touchdown replays and a massive ref would run onto the field. Speaking of football, it's Bill Cowher! Oh no, wait, that's Silas Young. Cool to see him and really good match. I hope that's the end of House of Black vs Death Triangle but probably not. Awesome that they got Okada, but two four ways on one show is weird, especially with so many other multiman matches as well. I know it's to get a lot of guys on the show while also being able to navigate the political minefield of who gets beat, but it's still really messy. The announce team alternates between "this is an invasion, we could be working for New Japan!" and "we're honored to have Tanahashi here!" and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. Okay, so Rosa was definitely sandbagging Shafir OR Rosa just is not that good, because I saw none of those "Shafir is green" issues tonight. That huge brawl at the end went SO long. It was some Naked Gun fireworks factory shit. Can't Excalibur pretape the promo packages? How can Christian pull off a YOUR DAD IS DEAD cheap heat promo that somehow doesn't feel cheap and I'm not skeeved about it the same way I would if MJF did it? Pure mastery, there! Rampage looks really good! Statlander and Athena getting a counterpoint goofy promo was excellent. Though Darby adding two more big NJPW stars in an offhanded way in a dull promo was certainly a choice, I did pop for their team being called DUDES WITH ATTITUDES in the graphic.
  23. I hadn't seen Mania 3 in quite a while before I started watching it over the weekend, but I had seen it A LOT as a kid, so much so that I could remember specific bits of commentary.
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