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  1. “‘We take wrestling seriously’ sounds like code for ‘Davey Richards vs. Davey Richards in a Davey Richards-on-a-pole match. Inside of a steel Davey Richards.’”
  2. Is it just me, or is there just no buzz whatsoever for Mania or Mania-adjacent events this week? You all know how much I hate WWE, but seeing people online admit they can’t muster up as much excitement for Mania as in past years is really sad. On top of that, the bevy of US indies in Tampa this weekend are probably going to lose their asses if GCW’s woes of selling tickets are to be believed. It just feels like the post-pandemic US wrestling scene is just going to be in a really bad way, and it’s very depressing. As it is I’m probably just gonna watch the IWTV shows that catch my int
  3. You’re not the only one. It seems the Mania week indie shows are struggling to sell tickets. Unsurprisingly, The Twits is pointing out that whole thing about there being a pandemic, and limited crowds for Mania (including no international travelers) is really putting a damper on the whole indie thing.
  4. Counterpoint: if WCW won, they wouldn’t have kept a monopoly for long, because they would still be stuck in “territory mode,” allowing another company to rise up as a challenger. Also; tell me that 2000 WCW is any worse than 2020-1 WWE. I dare you.
  5. WCW should have won and we should be getting hyped for Spring Stampede 2021 now.
  6. In between the Philly indie scene being exposed for pest after pest after pest, the realization that AEW just isn't for me no matter how hard I try to get into it, and the fact that the wrong company died in 2001, I'm having a hard time hashing out whether or not wrestling is a past tense for me. I used to worry about how I'd tell my daughter I don't feel safe taking her to shows anymore, but I'm pretty sure there ain't gonna be many shows around here to even go to after the pandemic ends anyway.
  7. On this day, 20 years ago, the wrong company died.
  8. Vaccine dates went off without a hitch! My wife is a bit under the weather after her second shot (Moderna), and my own side effects from my first (Pfizer) are minimal. I go back on Easter for the second shot. Here’s hoping I have a better time afterward than she did.
  9. Thom Latimer, of course, being the man who admitted to beating a woman up to police, and whom British promoters had to sneak onto shows as a surprise because they knew people wouldn’t come if they knew he was there. And of course he’s pals with Aldis, watch him win it.
  10. COVID vaccine appointment is scheduled for this Sunday. It’ll be my first, then on Tuesday my wife gets her second shot.
  11. LMFAO. THIS will get people to drop $5 a week on a 2014 TNA midcard all-star show.
  12. Surely this has to mean the days of NXT, in its current form at least, are numbered, right? Surely Johnny Ace isn’t going to stick to the model of signing smaller indie darlings.
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