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  1. Are there any good resources for people new to this game? I downloaded the trial version, and honestly I feel like I need a doctorate in computer science to understand all of it.
  2. Untitled Goose Game: I’ve cleared it and have done almost all of the post-game content except for doing the last two parts quickly. They are an ever-loving pain in my ass. Mega Man 11: Beat it on the easiest level, gonna turn it up and do it again. Tetris 99: Hoo boy I suck at this. Saw that Dark Souls was on there, and I never played the PS3 version. Can anyone vouch for its quality?
  3. Here's what I got so far: - Mega Man 11 - Untitled Goose Game - Tetris 99 - I'll be getting Fitness Boxing soon. My wife got me a regular Switch (I don't want to know how much over sticker price she paid...) because she saw a FB post I made about needing one for Ring Fit Adventure, which is sold out everywhere. I see Super Mega Baseball 3 is on there now, as is Football Manager 2020 Touch; I know that non-Mario sports games on Nintendo consoles tend to be inferior ports these days, but are there any decent Switch sports games?
  4. So... Switch game recommendations? I don’t have any of the higher-powered current gen stuff, and the most current system I had before I got the Switch was a PS3/Xbox 360.
  5. Soooooooo my wife got me a Switch for an early birthday present yesterday. I went ham, getting Tetris 99, Mega Man 11, Untitled Goose Game, and I’m gonna get Fitness Boxing (I wanted Ring Fit Adventure, but it’s sold out everywhere, and I want to get something workout-y). Untitled Goose Game fucking RULES. I already beat the base game, and it’s as fun as advertised. I legit laughed at the ending/final task.
  6. Now he just needs to cut off his pinky in repentance for talking with the enemy.
  7. Guess who just jumped onto the Steam Sale and got FPW and a whole bunch of DLC? Guess who feels dumb for burning $30 on the Parts Craft DLC that I’ll probably never understand? So, I got this. What now?
  8. Working from home ROCKS. Speaking of homes... a friend from my wife’s old job just settled on a house. Because my wife pointed him to the realtor who sold it to him (also a friend from her old job), he is giving us some money as a way of saying thanks for the referral.
  9. Good news on the job/union front, for once... The union talked the state into opening up work-from-home arrangements to anyone willing and able to do so. I got a laptop for that purpose this weekend, and I just have to go in tomorrow and get set up for that, and I can start doing my job at home Tuesday. As my child’s school is closed for the rest of the year and we got word her summer camp cancelled the first two weeks (at minimum), I may be working at home for the foreseeable future, which I am completely fine with.
  10. Welfare caseworkers in my state have been testing positive for COVID-19 while the Commonwealth is tight-lipped about safety measures, even to our union. We’re on staggered shifts of two days on, two days off, and our offices are closed to the public, but we’re still panicking about how to keep ourselves safe. On the upside, I just won a free download of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie from the radio station, so at least I have some entertainment.
  11. Sorry, guys. Quarantine-related anxiety took me out of this thing. I’ll try and hop back in today.
  12. In this boat myself as a state employee. I work in an office of 140 employees, and while it’s closed to the public, there’s still no means of practicing social distancing in the workplace. My union has been fighting this tooth and nail, and I actually spoke with my state representative today, and he has a labor background, so he knows what’s up now too. Stay safe and strong out there. If you have a union, I suggest you get them involved.
  13. I haven’t heard yet from @NikoBaltimore re: a recommendation. Do you have something in place in case he can’t make it?
  14. @NikoBaltimore; since you said old puro is a blind spot, I thought I’d recommend you this Showa-era gem; Rikidozan vs. the Destroyer from 1963, for the International Heavyweight Championship. Mainly because Destroyer fucking rules, and his heel work here is an incredible foil for the national hero in Rikidozan.
  15. The governor of Pennsylvania ordered all schools in the state to be closed for two weeks. Thankfully my sister-in-law has stepped in to be a day camp for my kiddo (she has two school-aged kids already). I’m also a state employee, and I’m waiting on a call for my office to be closed; the governor called for employees who either live or work in three counties surrounding mine to self-quarantine, so we think it’s only a matter of time.
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