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  1. In their defense, Juan had already left before this surfaced. And they cut all ties with Rory Gulak IMMEDIATELY when that mess came out. I have my problems with them, but I do think they’re trying to get the scum out.
  2. Another Chikara alum exposed as a sex pest. This time it’s Juan Francisco de Coronado. I am sick to my stomach.
  3. I was at this. The whole place erupted once Jordynne pulled the jar out, and when he said sorry on the mic, he got a huge “WE FORGIVE YOU” chant. Trios has been such a fun time.
  4. I had my doubts about going to the Philly show. Then I saw Ricky Morton do a Canadian Destroyer.
  5. No Liger in Philly AND TJP in the semi-main. Fuuuuuuuuck me.
  6. So I’m on the meds now. They include some stuff to treat my kidneys and blood pressure, a vitamin D supplement, and a higher dose of the Zoloft I was taking that wasn’t cutting it. (Did you know they can find your serotonin levels in bloodwork? I didn’t until a few weeks ago.) The Zoloft seems to be working. I’m not constantly aching and depressed anymore, and I actually have the energy to do stuff now. It’s weird. I’ve actually started doing some much-needed cleaning around the house and car, and soon I’ll probably be doing UberEats deliveries again for extra spending money/to pay down my student loans. Is this... adulting?
  7. Suzuki wanted the smoke, he GOT the smoke.
  8. Inokiism lives! Just a shame the full match will never make tape.
  9. After Thursday night I think I understand @JLSigman’s fury towards Delhomme back in the day, because I felt it towards Cam Newton. Never bet on Thursday games, kids.
  10. The preshow for last night’s Bloodsport II is free on FITE TV, and features Matt Makowski vs. Rory Gulak, and it is worth a watch. Check out Makowski’s finish. https://www.fite.tv/watch/barnett-blood-sport-ii-preshow/2p27g/
  11. 1.) In jest, yes. 2.) Two small problems there; a, I go to shows with my kid. CZW ain’t exactly kid friendly. And b, DJ Hyde is a fucking moron who has no business running a company and who looked like a complete bitch calling cops on GCW for some of their death match shows in Jersey.
  12. Thank you, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to compare it to. I dread the death of the PA/NJ indie scene at Vince’s hands. This is now a war AEW needs to win.
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