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  1. @J.T.: I’m so sorry for your loss. @The Natural: You also. In less consequential but still enough of a bummer to post here, I hate my thinning hair.
  2. Howie Roseman’s gonna end up in somebody’s trunk by December.
  3. They’re probably gonna get boatraced by the Chiefs next week but I nevertheless appreciate the Browns’ efforts and want them to go all the way. Them or the Bills.
  4. Nickelodeon has its first on-air F-Bomb after almost 42 years and the Steelers are getting shellacked by the ducking BROWNS. What a time to be alive.
  5. If I’m Trevor Lawrence I’ve already filled out like five law school and business school applications and put pro football out of my head weeks ago.
  6. I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said. Lovely show. I’m sure Brodie was smiling down on everyone last night. I love Tom Waits, so hearing one of my favorite “I have to go cry now” songs and finding out Tony got the rights to it forever also turned on the waterworks.
  7. I just realized January 8 is a Friday. I wonder what stupid bullshit will air on Smackdown to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the day I swore I’d never give this company another penny.
  8. 21 years ago, Jeff Jarrett shook Vince down for six figures to drop the Intercontinental title to Chyna. Tonight, he appeared on PPV, in his third run with WWE, and is still cashing checks from Vince after all those years. The moral of the story is simply this; NEVER STOP HUSTLING.
  9. Hugo Savinovich occasionally switching to English to keep the gringos up to speed on the rules, customs, and other happenings throughout the show was the best English commentary pro wrestling has heard in years. That main event was fuckin’ GNARLY for all the right reasons. Finesse shouldn’t be a big part of grudge matches IMO, and two dudes beating the mortal shit out of each other and recklessly tossing themselves at each other is high quality lucha libre. Also; I half expected Randy Savage to show up during that Marvel promo match.
  10. I grew up watching Jeopardy, and my life’s dream was to go on that show. I don’t know if it goes on without him, or if it even can, but if I ever pull it off it will feel somewhat hollow without him there.
  11. As a guy in his mid-30s who grew up loving fighting games, even with nobody to play with, and generally dislikes playing online (which makes most modern fighting games useless to me, what a paradox, huh), VF4Evo’s commitment to making a worthwhile single-player experience makes it a game I keep trying to get but haven’t gotten around to finding at a reasonable cost. Thanks for reminding me to seek it out.
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