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  1. I’m really tired of seeing people work themselves into thinking they actually like this dogshit.
  2. He announced his retirement to focus on being a streamer.
  3. Contract this sorry-ass franchise and put me out of its misery.
  4. That's not Stoke, he retired last year.
  5. Sending those KBs back was a good idea. I took up lifting my 5lb DBs today and my right shoulder, which has always been kind of stiff, started hurting after my third OHP. This sucks. The pain's gone now since I stopped, but I'm worried it's something I'll need surgery and PT for, and with the outbreak being what it is I'm afraid to go to my doctor. Dammit. It better not give me a hard time doing Ring Fit or Fitness Boxing.
  6. Someone suggested AEW buying out the NWA and honestly that would be the last nail in me having to pretend I give a rat’s ass about that company anymore, because if Aldis shows up with the belt, you know his failson Latimer won’t be far behind.
  7. Looks like the experiment has failed. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/07/raven-says-there-talk-that-billy-corgan-is-shutting-down-672473/ Moral of the story; don’t build your company around a Brit.
  8. INOKIISM LIVES! Probably penance for approaching The Enemy about NXT Japan.
  9. I’m gettinmelt on Twitter. Assuming he knows who I am because we both like to talk shit on US soccer.
  10. Been playing games on Switch for obvious reasons. Mostly games I missed out on the first time around that were re-released on it. Cuphead: Love the animation, but God do I suck at this. Okami: I love when games really dive into the Japanese mythology without taking itself too seriously, so this has been a delight so far. The music is nice too. I loved Muramasa on Wii, so the tunes really jam. Civ6: Fuck me this is a lot to learn. Still on the tutorial. New Super Mario U Deluxe: Like this isn’t gonna be good. Come on now. I am not very good at this though.
  11. It could be worse. You could get a shirt for someone who retires that gimmick a week afterwards. *Stares at the Akira-inspired Razerhawk shirt he bought months ago, then watches the video he put up of him symbolically leaving his mask at the Wrestle Factory door*
  12. You all know about my hatred of WWE, to the point where I almost vomited when rumors about Chikara selling out and going in the Network were floating. After all of this, and reading that article, I can’t be bothered to be mad about The Enemy’s restarted plans for global expansion. Maybe this all took me out of wrestling after all.
  13. One of his former trainees said he had a speech impediment as a kid and had speech therapy. As a kid who had speech classes, and whose daughter now had speech therapy this year, I believe that. Also, having gone to more Chikara shows than I can count and having heard him in earshot in casual conversation, I also believe that’s just how he talks day to day. He has a lot to answer for, and I’m not here to defend him, but ableism ain’t cool either, and two wrongs don’t make a right.
  14. Not to dismiss anything about the allegations on Quack, but the seventh accuser is a prick with an axe to grind who waited until after Chikara's closure to air out his dirty laundry and talk about stuff re: Solo Darling she personally debunked. What’s more, every kid who quit, who would have any reason to want to drag Quack, all collectively told the dude to shut the fuck up.
  15. Three schools in the area opened their doors to the Chikara students who hadn’t finished their courses, so they still have a choice should they decide to continue training. I’m a regular and talk to many of the younger guys, and let me tell you, I’m so proud of them for making a stand and going with their hearts. The kids are alright.
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