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  1. He made guys like The Naturals look like honest-to-God STARS. Barry Scott could have said the sky was green or yellow, and you would be tempted to believe him just because of the gravity he put into his words. I've been reading up on his life and career, and he has had such an AMAZING life. He did a production where he recited Martin Luther King's speeches, and... God. Chills. https://vimeo.com/74357409 What a life. What a man.
  2. If you ever watched TNA hype material you knew that voice. Rest well, Barry.
  3. I think you can rent or buy it digitally, though we watched on CN live. I think it's airing again soon.
  4. Watched the We Bare Bears movie with the little one, since that's one of our favorite shows, and we're both bummed out the series is over. We enjoyed it very much. It was a great way to wrap up the story, and also addressed a lot of themes of some deeper stuff at hand. The ending was lovely, though I'm still sad knowing this is the end.
  5. The “business” is the smallest it’s ever been. RAW is airing to record low ratings. The indies have been hobbled by COVID, and many of them will not survive; even so, they tend to be followed by the same people, show after show, company after company. If something as irrelevant and myopic as professional wrestling in 2020 can’t be cleaned up, then yeah. The movement was a failure.
  6. Because in things like this, WWE sets the pace for the rest of the business. If WWE and AEW won’t release someone who has been accused, with damning evidence, of preying on underage fans, why would anyone in the #SpeakingOut movement expect indies to even attempt to cut out someone who harmed adult women? It’s time to face the facts; #SpeakingOut was a failure, despite everyone involved doing the right thing, because those in power either ignored the movement, or made actions to spite it.
  7. Uncle Goldberg is retired. My interest in wrestling is cratered and I don’t want to continue on with glorifying even the silly parts of it.
  8. All of these companies have harbored domestic/sexual abusers after they were accused. It checks out. WWE knows, they just don’t give a fuck.
  9. Every time I think, “this is it. This is rock bottom. Professional wrestling can’t possibly sink any lower,” I am always, WITHOUT FAIL, proven horribly wrong. My biggest fear before the whole #SpeakingOut movement was WWE co-opting all the indies and making the whole business into its own image. Now I realize that WWE was already setting the image, and the indies were merely copying it. My kid is nine years old and talks about becoming a wrestler, and all I can think is, “if we’re lucky there won’t be a wrestling business for her to break into.” Taking her to her first Chik
  10. I’m really tired of seeing people work themselves into thinking they actually like this dogshit.
  11. He announced his retirement to focus on being a streamer.
  12. Contract this sorry-ass franchise and put me out of its misery.
  13. Sending those KBs back was a good idea. I took up lifting my 5lb DBs today and my right shoulder, which has always been kind of stiff, started hurting after my third OHP. This sucks. The pain's gone now since I stopped, but I'm worried it's something I'll need surgery and PT for, and with the outbreak being what it is I'm afraid to go to my doctor. Dammit. It better not give me a hard time doing Ring Fit or Fitness Boxing.
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