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  1. This is really specific, but I have a friend who a few years ago faced X in a game of DDR AND WON at a gaming tournament. It made my friend’s life, and I know Woods had a blast.
  2. congratulations to Big E and Becky Lynch on becoming the first-ever stepfather/stepdaughter pair of champions in wrestling history.
  3. I had money on the Vikings so I’m gonna probably start mailing letters written in red paint to Mike Zimmer
  4. For reasons I STILL don’t know, I decided this was the week I’d start doing some sports betting on college football. Guess who’s up $120 after taking Michigan -6, the under on Air Force/Navy, and Temple -6.5, plus a parlay of the first two? In between that, JSU LITERALLY planting a flag on the FSU logo, and THIS shit from Arkansas social media… I like college football now?!
  5. Like I said in the Takeover thread; Kross will be in the NWA by Christmas.
  6. Tim Storm went from their world champion to slumming it against two woman-beating sacks of crap. I feel bad for him. The only one on that roster I feel bad for, honestly.
  7. He’ll be the ace of the NWA midcard, having snoozers with Tyrus and Woman Beatin’ Bram by Christmas. I just hope he makes sure none of those guys get Scarlett’s number.
  8. Assuming the numbers in his username represent his birthday, he was 32. Far too young for anybody.
  9. Sad news; Jahmale Hepburn, aka RealHero, known for the Google Drive of the same name, has passed away. His efforts in bring Japanese wrestling, past and present, to Western audiences, were a large part of why people were able to get into and appreciate Japanese pro wrestling over the past few years. While I never personally talked to him, many people have also said he was one of the nicest people in the wrestling community. Say hi to Misawa and Jumbo for us, Jahmale. We’ll miss you.
  10. I meant with the place closing after, though thinking about it, Tony Khan would probably feel obligated to bring that roster into his, and I’m not gonna watch a Dynamite with Nick Aldis and Thom Batteredher.
  11. Go bonkers. I have IWTV, Peacock, YouTube, and Jumbo Tsuruta's son as a mutual follower on Twitter. Maybe something international and more than 20 years old preferably. You?
  12. Two straight Phillies losses, two nights in a row, both attributable to COVID denying assholes like Aaron Nola. I can't wait for the lockout to come put me out of this sorry franchise's misery.
  13. Geant Ferre vs. Franz Van Buyten, for the French heavyweight championship. Geant Ferre would go on to achieve fame under the name Andre the Giant, but here he is, in his second match ever.
  14. This is why I’m rooting for the lockout to put me out of this shit franchise’s misery.
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