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  1. I’m happy for Stokely, but I’m heartbroken I won’t get to see him again. (If Daniel Bryan winning the big one five years ago couldn’t make me give Vince $10, nothing will.)
  2. Dammit all, at this rate WWE is going to sign everyone and either wipe out or take over all of the indies and I’ll be stuck with nothing left to watch. Thank God for Portland being on YouTube and Ron Fuller’s putting all of Continental our on DVD or else I’d have zero wrestling to watch ever.
  3. Awesome! Money isn’t the end all, be all of life, but especially for an older person like Yia Yia, it definitely makes those golden years a little easier.
  4. Screw you, baldness. Took some overhead pictures yesterday and I am mortified at how much worse my scalp is showing than I thought it would. Someone talk me out of going full-on Mr. Clean.
  5. Yeah, I didn’t mention that part because I felt like it would bury the lede, especially considering the investigation on his stalking/harassing his colleagues is what lead to the CP bust. But yeah, this is a mess no matter how you look at it.
  6. The news was broken on the PuroresuFan forums by somebody who lived in the same city as him, so I’m likely to believe this is the real deal.
  7. I don’t know if he still has an account on here (I remember he had one on the old site), but I feel it deserves mention. Stuart Marshall, best known for operating PuroresuFan/Strong Style Spirit, has been sentenced for possession of child pornography. I feel like anyone on this site who also used SSS or knew him personally should be made aware.
  8. As probably the last Chikara fan on DVDVR, allow me to answer that with an emphatic FUCK NO.
  9. Tetris 99 looks so fun. I’m just imagining that game being dominated by retirees who have been playing Tetris for years on their shitty flip phones and old school Game Boys (those fuckers make Timex watches look frail). Twitch streamers getting merked online by usernames like “GrandmaOf6” and “Eileen1957” is going to provide enough salt to put the Dead Sea out of business.
  10. I don’t know if it’s comparable to that Bono monstrosity (or Five Finger Donkey Punch’s aggressive shittiness), but Billy Idol’s take on “Heroin” off of Cyber Punk deserves mention. https://youtu.be/aHiJ_LiHr-I
  11. Lesnar is holding that title all year. By SummerSlam, former Roman Reigns haters will all turn up to their local bone marrow clinics in hopes of getting him healthy and back in the ring because they know he’s the only thing keeping Brock from holding the belt forever.
  12. And that’s why my kid goes to Catholic school.
  13. We need the shooters being booked against Ziggler and being given incentives to shoot break his jaw before we can truly call WWE Inokiist.
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