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  1. Can someone PM with details on how to get this set? A buddy of mine grew up on AWA and is getting divorced and this seems like it would make a good house warming gift for his new place.
  2. I'd like to know where this blocking has been all season. Mullens isn't very good, but he wasn't getting much time at all to try and throw the ball. Pass rush has been better this week it seems as well, not sure where that came from either.
  3. Just my wife, daughter and I this year instead of the 25-30 person standard family get together we have with my mom's family. Normally my wife takes the week of Thanksgiving off, but this year she couldn't. Since she has to work through Wednesday, we're kind of cheating and ordering two family meals from Cracker Barrel to pickup Wednesday and reheat on Thursday--country fried turkey with two sides of dumplings and meatloaf with two sides of fried apples. I'm making my apple, sausage and cornbread dressing along with green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and cranberry relish. We've got a P
  4. Can't say as I blame him, Reid was excellent last year and should have been signed by someone in the offseason.
  5. Thanks @The Natural, my daughter really enjoyed this match as she's a big fan of both Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this my friend. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  7. gatling

    2020 NFL Week 1

    Is face guarding not a thing any more? Peterson had his back to the ball and was blocking Bourne's ability to see on the throw to the end zone, at least I thought it looked that way. Not having Deebo's big play ability to account for really hurt today, Kittle getting banged up early on didn't help matters either.
  8. Tell me more about this keto deep dish pizza.
  9. Found out today that as an Xfinity customer that subscribes to HBO I get free membership to HBOMax. Thankfully my wife actually read that e-mail from Xfinity today instead of deleting it like she does most of them. Thought I'd pass it along in case anyone else was unaware or paying for a membership that is unnecessary.
  10. I was going to suggest COPS but like you, I haven't seen it in years to know if it holds up or not. Same with The Centurions.
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