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  1. WWE Champions

    Did anyone else try the Dude Love match on the Technician Event from yesterday? It has a Dude Love 1* Bronze cover as the reward so I thought I'd try it, even though I figured I'd probably have to drop between 500 and 800 in game cash for a two or three saves expecting it to be a little tough to beat. It's a 69 turn survival match where all the gems are color turn gems and you have to use an Attitude Era character. I think I made it to round 59 before dying, not even going to bother trying again.
  2. Hunter looks like he's aged 15-20 years since that 2013 Hall of Fame picture with Bruno and Vince.


    Ringside Collectibles has some WWE Elite figures on sale for $9.99 including the Lord Steven Regal w/robe, Warlord, and the Berzerker. Seems like a pretty decent price. https://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/elite-figure-mmisc-472.html?mc_cid=58e296309e&mc_eid=cdda242187
  5. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

  6. WWE Champions

    Well, I just got what should be my final King of Wrestlemania reward. I made it to #17, one Gold Undertaker Tomb, two Bronze Tombs, and 160 hangers for alternate gear. I did get enough hangers over the course of this event to get Rusev's sweet alternate gear, but most of the guys that have alternate gear at all are unavailable to get. I really think they should have had at least a one star Taker as a reward somewhere instead of just having a two star one as part of the final reward you could earn. I mean, according to the leaderboard only 5 people have reached that final reward anyway, which is ridiculous. I had a survey waiting for me today when I logged on to play, so I made sure to mention the horrible draw rates on new characters and the need for just 1 star bronze characters as progression rewards in these limited time events There isn't any reason why they couldn't put a 1 star cover out there at the end of easy or hard mode for each of these New Orleans daily events, you know like Shane, Macho, etc.-- the ones required for part of the Wrestlemania event. Probably won't do any good, but I said my piece on it.
  7. WWE Champions

    So in setting an easy defense on Versus mode, I got to see a very cheesy "Dudes with Attitudes" logo/bonus for JYD and Mr. Wonderful and a JYD and George the Animal Steele bonus as well. Did anyone do the Blitz this time? I didn't even bother with it. I have found now that other than maybe a 2* gold version of a guy I have as a 2* silver, Dude Love is the only character I don't have in the 2 Star Superstars/Gold chip deal. Wish I realized it sooner, I would have saved the 9 or 10 pulls I've made there during this Wrestlemania event. It looks like it changes in 2 weeks, maybe there would have been more options for me then. Oh well.
  8. WWE Champions

    I think had about 1.6 million left. Dumped them into striker HHH, I'm only two pimp hats and a shin guard away from eventually being able to take him to 2 1/2 * gold. I have showboat Cena in about that same range, so maybe one day I'll get one of them moved up. I'll give the VIP thing a shot for a month and see, but I'm not overly impressed at this point.

    Continuing from the Spring Training thread, re: Nathan Eovaldi injury, the Rays will probably just shift Matt Andriese to the rotation I'd think. He was the fifth starter, the way their schedule fell they weren't going to need for him quite awhile so they were going to run with just the four starters until then.
  10. MLB 2018 - SPRING TRAINING~!

    Unfortunately no, because the A's top prospect A.J. Puk was announced as undergoing Tommy John surgery yesterday. We A's fans just can't have anything nice I guess.
  11. WWE Champions

    Man, the hard modes on this Wrestlemania event are going to be hard to beat for most I think. I got through the first one all the way, you have to use Cena(any variation) and luckily mine is my strongest character. I can probably get most of the way through the second one where you have to use Roman, because I have the Juggernaut one at a fairly high level, but the last one where you have to use Daniel Bryan? I got through the easy mode with all 3 stars on it, but had to play one or two nodes twice to accomplish that and it's unlikely I'll be able to take him higher than the 2* gold he's at right now so maybe I squeak out a few on the early nodes on the hard mode with him, but no way on the final boss one I'm sure. Without spending 1k in game cash that is.
  12. WWE Champions

    So I dropped $60 on three of those 11 WM King Coin packs and came away with eight new characters. JYD(1* gold), Big Red Machine Kane(1* gold), Davey Boy(1* gold), Ruthless Aggression Cena(2* silver), George The Animal Steele(2* silver), Kurt Angle(1* gold), Y2J(1* gold) and may favorite of the whole lot, The Big Bossman(1* gold). I was hoping for a Savage or Flair, but getting Bossman made up for it. Just wish he was a 2*.
  13. WWE Champions

    So I ended up getting to the 4th reward on the Acrobat Perk Event thanks to leveling up/enhancing guys to earn points in the Evolve Shamrock event. I had like 5 or 6 Acrobats I could add TP and levels to, and then I evolved Edge to 2 star gold, Sin Cara to 2 star silver and Darren Young to 1 and a half star silver. I have no one left to Evolve so I can't get to the 8 four leaf clover reward at the end of that event but it got me another reward on the overall Shamrock event. My two week or so hoard of gold coins paid off as well, I cleared through a little over 3 million in leveling up/evolving guys along with most of my TP stockpile. Thankfully part of the overall Shamrock reward was 500K plus 50 TP, so I've got a start on rebuilding now.
  14. WWE Champions

    So are there people out there with some sort of script or bot that just plays the acrobat thing over and over again to get enough points to earn the 10 perk points? I really figured after the first one of those they'd change it, but I guess not. Has anyone beaten it all the way through 24 times to get enough to hit the first reward? I just don't get the point.