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  1. Highway to Ham Week #7

    Thursday, October 19 Kansas City at Oakland Sunday, October 22 NY Jets at Miami Tampa Bay at Buffalo Carolina at Chicago Tennessee at Cleveland New Orleans at Green Bay Jacksonville at Indianapolis Arizona vs LA Rams (at Twickenham Stadium) Baltimore at Minnesota Dallas at San Francisco Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Denver at LA Chargers Seattle at NY Giants Atlanta at New England Monday, October 23 Washington at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1, as suggested by Dolfan: Higher total, NY Giants points scored or Dallas Cowboys kneeling during the national anthem Cowboys Tiebreaker #2: total points in Atl/NE 73 Tiebreaker #3: Philip Rivers passing yards 215

  3. Highway to Ham Week #6

    Thursday, October 12 Philadelphia at Carolina Sunday, October 15 New England at NY Jets Miami at Atlanta Chicago at Baltimore Cleveland at Houston Green Bay at Minnesota Detroit at New Orleans San Francisco at Washington Tampa Bay at Arizona LA Rams at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Kansas City LA Chargers at Oakland NY Giants at Denver Monday, October 16 Indianapolis at Tennessee Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in NYG/Den 14 Tiebreaker #2: Kevin Hogan passing yards 147 Tiebreaker #3: Miami Dolphin turnovers 4
  4. WWE Champions

    You can now buy the bag with wrist tape, took me two bags to get the six I needed. Of course now I need 20 more to take him to 2 silver stars, lol.
  5. Highway to Ham Week #5

    Thursday, October 5 New England at Tampa Bay Sunday, October 8 NY Jets at Cleveland Buffalo at Cincinnati Carolina at Detroit San Francisco at Indianapolis Tennessee at Miami LA Chargers at NY Giants Arizona at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Seattle at LA Rams Baltimore at Oakland Green Bay at Dallas Kansas City at Houston Monday, October 9 Minnesota at Chicago Tiebreaker #1: total points in KC/Hou 49 Tiebreaker #2: Dak Prescott passing yards 279 Tiebreaker #3: total turnovers in NYJ/Cle 7
  6. WWE Champions

    So I'm six wrist tapes away from taking Zombie Owens to 2 Star Bronze, but all of a sudden you can't buy the items you need any longer. Wish I knew that a day or two ago before I bumped Undertaker up to 2 Star Gold.
  7. The WWE Total Divas Thread

    I had to look that up, I'd never heard those were names he pitched as options when joining the WWE. He must have really liked them though, because he combined them in his idea for a youtube gardening show he was telling Cena about in last week's episode. There it was Lloyd Peacock, Grappling Gardener.
  8. Highway to Ham Week #4

    Thursday, September 28 Chicago at Green Bay Sunday, October 1 New Orleans vs Miami (in London) Buffalo at Atlanta Pittsburgh at Baltimore Cincinnati at Cleveland LA Rams at Dallas Tennessee at Houston Detroit at Minnesota Carolina at New England Jacksonville at NY Jets San Francisco at Arizona Philadelphia at LA Chargers NY Giants at Tampa Bay Oakland at Denver Indianapolis at Seattle Monday, October 2 Washington at Kansas City Tiebreaker #1: longest field goal kicked in Oak/Den 58 Tiebreaker #2: Total points in Det/Minn 49 Tiebreaker #3: Cam Newton rushing yards 54
  9. The WWE Total Divas Thread

    All I know is, the WWE Network survey asking about original programming better have been in reference to Lloyd Peacock, Grappling Gardener. I'll happily pay an extra $10 a month to get that show off the ground.
  10. Highway to Ham Week #3

    Thursday, September 21 LA Rams at San Francisco Sunday, September 24 Baltimore vs Jacksonville (at London) Denver at Buffalo New Orleans at Carolina Pittsburgh at Chicago Atlanta at Detroit Cleveland at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at Minnesota Houston at New England Miami at NY Jets NY Giants at Philadelphia Seattle at Tennessee Cincinnati at Green Bay Kansas City at LA Chargers Oakland at Washington Monday, September 25 Dallas at Arizona Tiebreaker #1 - Arizona points scored 17 Tiebreaker #2 - Philip Rivers interceptions thrown 2 Tiebreaker #3: total turnovers in Cle/Indy 5
  11. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    I don't remember if it was here or in a facebook group, but someone kind of summed up how Bobby Heenan impacted my wrestling fandom. When I first started watching, I rooted for the faces(especially Hogan) and despised Bobby and the Heenan Family. Then once I started watching WCW and I became a Ric Flair fan, I started rooting for the heels. When Heenan started cutting the promos about Flair coming in, that's when everything clicked for me and Bobby became one of my all time favorites. I loved the 1992 Royal Rumble like, well, everyone I assume. Today, my 9 year old and I are watching it so she can start learning to appreciate The Brain, too. I shed some tears last night watching his HOF speech, and I'm sure I'll end up laughing until I cry later when I watch that Duggan match where Bobby just cracks up the entire time. I think I'll break out his two books and start re-reading them for the fifth or sixth time, too. Thanks for the hours upon hours of enjoyment I had watching you enjoy yourself and love your job Mr. Heenan.
  12. Highway to Ham Week #2

    I want to switch from the Vikings to the Steelers, but didn't know if I should edit my original post now or not.
  13. Highway to Ham Week #2

    Thursday, September 14 Houston at Cincinnati Sunday, September 17 Cleveland at Baltimore Buffalo at Carolina Arizona at Indianapolis Tennessee at Jacksonville Philadelphia at Kansas City New England at New Orleans Minnesota at Pittsburgh Chicago at Tampa Bay NY Jets at Oakland Miami at LA Chargers Dallas at Denver Washington at LA Rams San Francisco at Seattle Green Bay at Atlanta Monday, September 18 Detroit at NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: Tom Brady passing yards 324 Tiebreaker #2: total points in GB/Atl 49 Tiebreaker #3: 49ers first downs 12
  14. Highway to Ham Week #1

    Thursday, September 7 Kansas City at New England Sunday, September 10 NY Jets at Buffalo Atlanta at Chicago Baltimore at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Arizona at Detroit Jacksonville at Houston Tampa Bay at Miami Oakland at Tennessee Philadelphia at Washington Indianapolis at LA Rams Seattle at Green Bay Carolina at San Francisco NY Giants at Dallas Monday, September 11 New Orleans at Minnesota LA Chargers at Denver Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes 3 Tiebreaker #2: Dallas Cowboys team rushing yards 164 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in TB-Miami 0
  15. WWE Champions

    I made it through the King of the Ring Gauntlet with I think 29%, but I was lucky against Austin at the end and had a couple of big cascades that made it an easy win. The three extra matches without any extra characters on your side had me worried. I pulled the worst rewards on each of the crates too, so I won't be trying it a second time.