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  1. I'd say I'm not sure Lana deserves Rusev, but then I'm not sure any of us really deserve Rusev he's so damn great.
  2. I beg to differ, without Alicia Fox we don't have this:
  3. My wife and I loved Great News as well.
  4. This is NBA related so I'm posting it here. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2019/03/28/victor-olabeefo-real-indiana-calf-born-leg-injury-named-after-pacers-star/3306276002/?fbclid=IwAR2b44n26C_6c4i7sgwklrq11ucgivRiCGVuLpQj-U-lcgzIfOMeWMlIQI8
  5. Thank you so much for recommending Letterkenny. I am absolutely loving this show.
  6. It wasn't for lack of trying on my part, but missing two games a piece from Giannis, Horford, LaVine, and Lowry was almost impossible to make up on top of being a couple of games down overall to start the week. Only missed by 9 points, had I known early on that LaVine and Lowry wouldn't play I could have got another game somewhere and gone for a repeat. Good luck against WDT. I'd love to see a move to roto or points next year if we play again.
  7. And just like that, the concerns about his defense that might have required a month in AAA have vanished.
  8. Was he though? I agree about Goldy, I can see the Cards giving him a 5 year deal to stay put.
  9. Real feel here on Wednesday was -42, temperature hit 60 degrees Saturday, Sunday, and today.
  10. I hate this redesign they've done. I'm glad they spent time on that instead of making changes that matter like adding characters as rewards to events so you're not stuck being able to play 80% of the tours every month.
  11. That Tozawa event was fun, I wish they'd do that more often. He might not quite by in my top 10 yet, but that's mostly because I had just dropped like 3 million in coins prior or I would have him to level 100 by now.
  12. Anyone else still playing this?
  13. Agreed, Adam Pally is great. He was fantastic as part of Happy Endings, which needed a few more seasons it was so good. I liked him in that weird time traveling show on Fox last year or the year before. Not a great show, but it had it's moments and Pally was hilarious.
  14. I'd like to change my Mariota tiebreaker to 0 yards
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