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  1. Or napping, apparently.
  2. I have DDP, I just can't get a 3 star win over Sting to access the Hard level on Day 3. I'm 11 BOSS badges and like 15 microphones short of being able to enhance DDP. I just keep ending up with 2 star wins over Sting but nothing more than that. Not even going to try the one on day 4.
  3. Wonder if they'll drop the Attitude Era requirement on the Hart Foundation like did the New Era not too long ago. If they don't, I'm not going to get to Hard level on anything past day 2.
  4. Randy Orton on Day 4 of MITB is some bullshit...
  5. I will get on this tomorrow. My daughter has been down with a cold since Saturday so I've had to play MPQ myself and it's cut into my time for Champions.
  6. That's kind of what I was hoping, that there wouldn't be much pyro. That's what I know would shake her up when it went off, having experienced it myself a number of times at Raw and Smackdown over the years. I think she'll be fine with the entrance music and whatever crowd noise there, I think she'll be amped up enough that it won't bother her. Sudden loud noise like the pyro has always been an issue and why we haven't taken her to a show before. If this goes well, we'll look into getting tickets for the next time NXT rolls through Indy.
  7. How does crowd noise/pyro compare at house shows to Raw or Smackdown? The wife and I bought tickets to take our daughter to the Smackdown Live house show in Indy on the 19th, but she doesn't always do well with loud noise. I'm hoping she won't have to sit and cover her ears the whole time or anything. We're at the opposite end from the entrance ramp, mainly in case they did any pyro for the entrances--I wasn't sure if they did or not as I've only been to televised shows or tapings. Hopefully it's not too bad, there were still plenty of available seats in our section and I think she'll be excited enough about seeing Nakamura and any of the women(Charlotte is the only one listed, she's hoping for Becky and Naomi as well) that the noise won't bother her too much. Should be fun.
  8. Got 400 chips for my daily reward yesterday, the gods shined down upon me and granted me Xaiver Woods gold 2 star as an offering of goodwill. I'd have rather received an Attitude Era character as I'm still stuck at one and can't do the tag team nodes where they are required, but beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  9. Beat the gauntlet twice to get to 10K gold chips...only to receive a 20 point TP poster of Hounds of Justice Rollins. That's ok, it's not like I need one of the five Attitude Era options that were available....or any of the New Day, or Bray, or Rusev, or Del Rio, or Sin Cara or Shield Ambrose. Wait a minute, that's 13 of the 25 available characters, of course I should get a TP poster instead of a new character. This game...just start putting characters out for $10 a piece or something, there doesn't seem to be any real chance of getting anyone new once you have 30+ characters, unless you get extremely lucky.
  10. Had to uninstall and re-install, but that did the trick. I was able to move HHH from two star gold to three star bronze. Once I get the headgear from the Saturday Morning Slam event, I can do the same with Mr. Wonderful.
  11. Anyone else unable to get the game to load right now? I'm ready to get that pimp hat to enhance HHH now that they've dropped the New Gen requirement, but now I can't load the game.
  12. I wondered why I couldn't find it. That's a sure way to lose out on money. I'd have bought it for sure, since I can't get anything but TP posters when I cash in chips.
  13. Related to spoliers here:
  14. I had probably 6 of those low point Rock/Cena matches this morning, then a few more tonight. My first thought was maybe someone setting a low team for defense and looking add points off of retals, but not sure honestly. I'd like a few more in the morning to finish the win 20 vs. mission I'm almost done with.