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  1. WWE Champions

    I just found code CollectionEvent82dF on facebook. It gives you 30 Valentine's Hearts as well.
  2. WWE Champions

    Have we had code BirthdayPrize12zT yet? I found it on Twitter while trying to find the code Rippa posted that came through while I was playing the game and didn't get to see it. You get 30 Valentine's Hearts.
  3. WWE Champions

    Did anyone collect 250,000 coins yesterday for the Lunar New Year thing? I think I hit 160K or so. If it ran 36 hours or two days, I think it would have been reasonable to expect people to have a chance, but 24 hours without a large amount of coins available somewhere doesn't seem right. Unless you can earn a bunch of coins from the Hard or Hell modes on the gauntlet, I only bother with the easy one most of the time since the scaling it always insane.
  4. WWE Champions

    One of the rewards I got from using the code odessasteps posted above was 350 silver chips that turned into Rusev. Today is the happiest of Rusev Days!
  5. I think Moss maybe had more natural ability but didn't exactly maximize it at all times. He seemed like a guy that should have put up stats to make any debate about whether he was the best all time or not pretty much moot. Except that's not how things actually played out.
  6. WWE Champions

    So I tallied it up and I have 1181 t-shirts in my inventory across 12 events and 1148 other items like maple leaves, brains, hams, etc. Now we're adding more things that don't matter in party hats and red tickets. It's ridiculous. I wish I had thought of suggesting bundling them together when I took that survey that popped up the other day when I started the game up.

    Not sure if anyone else already knew this, but I saw this on twitter tonight:
  8. Raw Is One More Time, Braun - 2/5/2018

    There's a pretty decent documentary on Hulu about the Dana Carvey Show called Too Funny Fail, in case you haven't seen it already.
  9. WWE Champions

    I don't know if anyone is still trying on Versus mode or not, but over the last couple of hours I've gained about 1000 points in it seeing all of these low point(4500-6000) 3 star silver and gold teams that aren't leveled up too much. I'm getting ready to hit one more and the raise my defense back up because I'll finally hit 4k on the week and will be in the 1500-1600 point range in the "standings". Might take a look and give it a try, I'm wondering if this is the devs way of trying to fix Versus. This must be some sort of "fix" because there is nothing showing up now in my recent matches and I had like 10 or 12 there when I started on this run.
  10. WWE Champions

    I got through Edge at #10, but that was it. The two Player Appreciation Chests at #6 and #9 give out either TP, coins, or silver chips. No Anniversary Tokens there either. Not sure about the Ultra Chest at #12 though.
  11. WWE Champions

    Why doesn't the Anniversary Tour give any Anniversary Tokens as rewards? The final reward today on the Normal level is one Bray Wyatt lantern. Seriously?
  12. WWE Champions

    I took a screenshot of this because it's the first time since they screwed up Versus mode that I've been able to climb above 700 points. I'm sure it won't last long.
  13. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I know I quit trying to watch it on Facebook after the first week because I'd run into issues with it freezing up now and then. Last week, my wife, daugther, and I watched it lunch on Friday on the Network since my wife works from home on Fridays. It's just easier.
  14. WWE Champions

    I believe it. I don't remember who the trainers were right off, but within two turns he'd have both blue moves full, then put down so much green it would hit for like 44K on a cascade or more it was insane. That was the 3 star silver ones, so I figued I could beat a 2 and a half or 3 star bronze one. Nope. That one would just hit for like 30K+.
  15. WWE Champions

    I got a new to me D-Von Dudley and....another D-Von Dudley. According to my roster, there are 56 guys in the anniversary tokens I don't have, so fingers crossed I can get a few more new guys. I'd really like to have Savage, Flair, Roode, Razor, Jericho, DiBiase, Bossman and Mr. Perfect from a fan standpoint. Whoever I get isn't likely to get leveled up anytime soon. One thing I learned the last week plus since they screwed up Versus mode is I should have been working on leveling up Stardust this whole time. Every time I tried against a Stardust/Goldust team I got crushed. I just need some wrenches and a pair of Bret's sunglasses to take him to 2 and a half star bronze and then it's time to set the right trainers and kick some ass with him.