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  1. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #3

    Thursday, September 20 NY Jets at Cleveland Sunday, September 23 New Orleans at Atlanta Denver at Baltimore Cincinnati at Carolina NY Giants at Houston Tennessee at Jacksonville San Francisco at Kansas City Oakland at Miami Buffalo at Minnesota Indianapolis at Philadelphia Green Bay at Washington LA Chargers at LA Rams Chicago at Arizona Dallas at Seattle New England at Detroit Monday, September 24 Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Roethlisburger or Fitzpatrick Tiebreaker #2: Total points scored in LA-LA 57 Tiebreaker #3: Julio Jones receiving yards vs NO 147
  2. gatling

    WWE Champions

    I did the open tour and one fought the first three matches on a few of the Karl Anderson tours to get to 6000 keys. Five of my six pulls where just 20 TP posters(2 Nia, 2 Blue Chip Rocky, 1 Icon Sting) but the sixth was a 2 star silver Doink the Clown, so I felt like it was worth it. Then I tried Hell Mode on the next to last tour in The Road, only to find out you can only do that if you have 4 star characters, so I guess that's out.
  3. gatling


    I don't know, to me the first half to two thirds of the episode reminded me of "The Gang Dines Out" where Dennis and Frank expected the other to pay tribute to them and kept trying to one up each other and assert their dominance. You even had Dee there in the same location but completely out of the minds/view of the rest of the gang and her trying to get someone else(the waiter, the customer at Gugino's, the girl from the escape room) to help her. Even the ending was similar, as Dee was the one that tied the waiter's shoelaces together that made him dump spaghetti on himself that they all thought was hilarious and kind of saved the day, just like her falling off the ledge got them out of the room and they "won" the game.
  4. gatling

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    In case anyone was wondering what Mo Vaughn is up to these days, he's selling ridiculously overpriced clothing for fat guys like me.: https://www.kingsizedirect.com/k/brands/mvp-collections/?affiliate_location_id=17&affiliate_id=009&mid=5555622028905&sssdmh=K181403100002&cid=K181403 This is by far the best e-mail I got today. First 100 customers get a free autographed MVP hat with their order. Don't delay, order today!
  5. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #2

    Sunday, September 16 Miami at NY Jets Carolina at Atlanta LA Chargers at Buffalo Minnesota at Green Bay Cleveland at New Orleans Kansas City at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Houston at Tennessee Indianapolis at Washington Arizona at LA Rams Detroit at San Francisco Oakland at Denver New England at Jacksonville NY Giants at Dallas Monday, September 17 Seattle at Chicago Tiebreaker #1: Tyrod Taylor passing yards vs New Orleans 248 Tiebreaker #2: Blake Bortles touchdown passes vs NE 3 Tiebreaker #3: NATHAN PETERMAN INTERCEPTIONS THROWN (this one stays until he does not throw a pick, or gets benched) 2 after Josh Allen gets knocked out of the game
  6. gatling

    WWE Champions

    I'm down to doing just the 6 things to earn the $25 in game cash and Gable shard(who I have now, wish you had the option of picking someone else for that); Dean Daily normal, hard, and one or two matches on hell mode; and maybe an extra versus match if I see an easy opponent. I've missed finishing the daily tour twice this week(Main Event and one other one) and didn't really feel bad I missed it. I've cancelled my VIP membership and don't plan on renewing the Shane contract when it runs out, unless they change versus mode back to the way it originally was. I'm not seeing any worthwhile matches most of time, almost all are a 3 star gold guy and a 3 star bronze woman or higher. I'm not spending hours on end trying to find matches I can win without burning up health packs. Without those bigger TP rewards, I'm not going to be able to progress much of anyone and there just isn't much incentive to play more than the daily stuff unless they run a really good event once in awhile.
  7. I feel like I now know where Mac learned karate.
  8. gatling

    WWE Champions

    You and me both. I went from hitting the 4K prize every week before they added women to it to only doing the one match a day for the daily rewards, so this will be nice to get all those rewards and TP again each week.
  9. gatling


    I am so ready for the WWE Films remake of Twins.
  10. gatling

    General Youtube Nonsense

    "Unhand her Dan Backslide!" My daughter loved the original short and she liked this one very much as well.
  11. gatling

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    I once asked one of my employees to try and make make friends with another employee. She told me "I come to work to do my job, not make friends." There wasn't much I could say to that because she was right. As long as this employee isn't being openly hostile and does her job, there really isn't any reason to pry into her life.
  12. gatling


    I thought it was very good. I truly would have preferred a period piece set along the same timeline as the books, but I get why they went with an updated modern version. Everything was well done, especially the casting. I'm looking forward to Season 2, even though it's a year wait.
  13. gatling


    The wife and I binged both seasons over the weekend. Loved it, can't wait for season 3.
  14. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #1

    Thursday, September 6 Atlanta at Philadelphia Sunday, September 9 Buffalo at Baltimore Pittsburgh at Cleveland Cincinnati at Indianapolis Tennessee at Miami San Francisco at Minnesota Houston at New England Tampa Bay at New Orleans Jacksonville at NY Giants Kansas City at LA Chargers Washington at Arizona Dallas at Carolina Seattle at Denver Chicago at Green Bay Monday, September 10 NY Jets at Detroit LA Rams at Oakland Tiebreaker #1: Nathan Peterman interception thrown 3 Tiebreaker #2: points scored in Dal/Car 55 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in TB/NO 17