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  1. gatling

    WWE Champions

    Well I missed the AJ/Rusev store deal. That fucking sucks, I had a couple of millions coins easy to spend thanks to all the great Hell Mode rewards. Other than the damn 25 TP poster bags. I've opened probably 40 of those the last week and most of them have been blue. I have no characters that need blue TP right now. Not one. I don't think more than one of the 40 or so bags I opened were red.
  2. gatling


    Yeah, I liked the white strap when Cody brought back this version of the IC title but now that both Women's titles have the white strap and the hope of a Women's tag title, maybe the IC belt should go back to a black strap and let the white strap be a defining element of the Women's belts. The silver plates on the tag belts remind me of the NWA TV title a little bit, so I do like that part of the look though I'd like a better design and then maybe some sort of blue or red highlights on the plates themselves like the TV Title had. Both the tag belts prior to the "penny" design were nice looking, but I still love the old 80's WWF tag belts and the blue strap NWA/WCW tag belts too.
  3. gatling


    Your building doesn't have a Mark Henry warning system? I guess everyone there is never late on their air bill.
  4. gatling

    MLB 2018 - July

    If the Indians trade for Machado, he'd play 3B with Jose Ramirez shifting to 2B and Kipnis playing some OF/riding the bench. Milwaukee has quite a few good young arms(Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta, Luis Ortiz, Kodi Medeiros) and some interesting positions prospects(Brett Phillips, Corey Ray, Demi Orimoloye, Jacob Nottingham). I think even if the O's didn't sign Chris Davis to that horrible deal, Machado was leaving this offseason no matter what.
  5. gatling

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    This is my first year participating and I don't really understand the scoring, but I'm guessing having Solo too high on my BO list is where most of my points are from? Well that and thinking Overboard would end up ahead of Life of the Party on the RT list but behind Action Park on the BO list.
  6. gatling

    WWE Champions

    This crowbar box is bullshit. There are 22 characters, I have 15 of them rostered. I've made 63 pulls and only one of them has been one of the 7 characters I didn't already have. 11 pulls have been Andre, 9 have been Zombie KO, 9 have been Mark Henry, 6 have been Shawn, 6 have been Shinsuke, 6 have been Davey Boy. 47 out of 63 pulls have been 6 characters. Big Daddy Cool was the new character I got when what I really wanted was Razor or Doink. Random pulls my ass.
  7. gatling

    WWE Champions

    I almost fought this team just to see how high the health was on what has to be the mother of all glitches
  8. gatling

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    Kane was more like the AWA/Remco knockoffs you'd find at Big Lots. Constable Corbin's look is a step below that.
  9. gatling

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    Constable Baron Corbin is like the shitty flea market knockoff version of baliff Bull Shannon.
  10. gatling


    This was fun. I printed it out last night and my daughter and I did it today for part of her school work.
  11. gatling

    MLB 2018 - June

    To me, the best part of it all was the guys having meltdowns because Soto's HR won't count for their fantasy teams unless they had him in the lineup the day that game originally started--while he was still in the minors for another 4 or 5 days.
  12. gatling


    Now I want to see Dozovic vs. the lion.
  13. gatling

    So...just how old are the DVDR posters?

    I'll be 39 a week from Sunday.