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  1. WWE Champions

    This new Blitz sucks. Barely survived, 17% health and only Cena left standing.
  2. WWE Champions

    I think like so many things in this game, it depends on how many ridiculous cascades the AI gets. First run through it last night I got hammered with cascades left and right and barely escaped. I just finished up a second run and had minimal cascades against me had 51% health left over. I'm not even going to try Hard Mode with the requirements since I don't have Jinder either. I've got enough tickets to run the easy mode another 5 or 6 times to collect the chips though, so I'll probably do that. But yeah, if you're going to require a specific character on that, he should be a reward in some other event just prior to concurrently to the blitz.
  3. Post an Interesting Picture

    So my mother-in-law sold her house and closed on it about a month ago. While she and my wife and my wife's sisters were cleaning out the third floor and the attic, they came across these shirts from the movie Blue Chips. They shot the basketball scenes at the high school gym here in our town and my wife's stepdad was the director of the Boys and Girls Club here and good friends with the athletic director at the school. He helped design the logo for Western University and his name is listed there in the second picture after Paramount Studios. This shirt is one my 9 year old can wear, there is another my wife brought home that fits her. Her stepdad passed away 14 years ago, so this was a very cool thing to find as my mother-in-law sold the only house they had owned together and lived in together for 20 years and that she had for almost 35 years.
  4. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    So far as a family we've watched Home Alone, Home Alone 2, White Christmas, and all three Tim Allen Santa Clause movies. I've watched Christmas Vacation(first of multiple viewings) and It's Always Sunny Christmas. Before it's all said and done I will end up watching all the Rankin/Bass specials with my daughter as well as Ernest Saves Christmas. As a family we'll probably knock out Arthur Christmas, Prancer, Christmas with the Kranks, Jingle All the Way, Deck the Halls, and the Disney Prep and Landing shows. I think Fred Claus is probably the only one the wife and I will watch ourselves this year, unless I start Die Hard and/or Die Hard II early enough she'll stay awake and watch them. Gremlins I'm probably on my own for, plus I try and go back and watch some of the South Park Christmas episodes and maybe I'll have time to squeeze in a couple of the Community episdoes as well. Well, and the Festivus episdoe of Seinfeld of course... Forgot to mention A Christmas Story, have to watch that at least once or twice. Scrooged should run on Freeform's 25 days of Christmas so I'll DVR that and watch it, Polar Express as well. Probably have to try and catch Almost Christmas as well, the wife and I both really enjoyed it last year.
  5. Highway to Ham Week #14

    Thursday, December 7 New Orleans at Atlanta Sunday, December 10 Indianapolis at Buffalo Minnesota at Carolina Chicago at Cincinnati Green Bay at Cleveland San Francisco at Houston Oakland at Kansas City Detroit at Tampa Bay Dallas at NY Giants NY Jets at Denver Tennessee at Arizona Washington at LA Chargers Seattle at Jacksonville Philadelphia at LA Rams Baltimore at Pittsburgh Monday, December 11 New England at MIami Tiebreaker #1: Joe Flacco touchdown passes 2 Tiebreaker #2: Todd Gurley rushing yards 104 Tiebreaker #3: total points in Wsh/LA Chargers 56
  6. WWE Champions

    Yeah, I only did CL7 and settled for top 50 and one cover of Nico in MPQ, I just don't have the drive to play optimally and grind for every point too often anymore. I try and get one or two covers in the release event and then the progression cover the following event, but I don't bother playing PvP so I cover new characters slowly--but at least I get every new character there. I wait for a late bracket near the end of the first day and then just make sure to hit 6/6 on all nodes every and I can usually end up top 50 or even top 20 in most events. I grinded for the new Hulk character and missed top 10 by 3 points and 1 second, the frustration of just missing is one reason why I rarely play that way. I have Arn at 2 star sliver and just need 4 crowns and some suits to take him to 2 star gold. I wish they'd go back to color specific TP poster rewards in VS, I know the idea of random rewards is nice and all. But in reality you just keep pulling purple TP and have every purple move maxed on ecery character and still have 287 purple TP sitting and waiting with nothing to do and can't pull green, red or yellow to save your life.
  7. WWE Champions

    Ok, I was going to be kinda pissed if they changed it and you were guaranteed a certain character since my luck in 30 packs has been abysmal. I'd have to look back, but I think the first time I bought one only 2 or 3 pulls were new characters. I hope you have better luck than I did. My biggest gripe with this game is how new characters are so hard to come by. Arn is my first new character since I don't remember when, a few months at least I think. They don't add new characters as fast as say, Marvel Puzzle Quest does, but at least MPQ gives you some real chances to land those new characters without having to just hit one on the luck of the draw.
  8. WWE Champions

    Do they guarantee you the featured character now? I've bought three of the 30 packs over the last year and never received one, fwiw.
  9. WWE Champions

    Opened two more of the headliner loot, two more 3* tokens(Shawn's hat and JYD's collar). I'm not sure if I recieved them from leveling up Woods and Cena to 2 and a half/3 star silver or if it was from the level up event after enhancing them. I did get enough hangers from the level up event to get alternate gear for Orndorff and Lawler though I would have preferred to be able to get the alternate gear for Woods and Andre.
  10. WWE Champions

    If you're willing to spend in game cash you can buy the one star token bag for 160 to try and get your jumpropes. Just go into an acrobat, to info, and then tap on the jumprope.
  11. WWE Champions

    Just cashed these in, it's only one token, or least it was for me and it was an unneeded pair of Beefcake's shears.
  12. Highway to Ham Week #13

    Thursday, November 30 Washington at Dallas Sunday, December 3 Kansas City at NY Jets Minnesota at Atlanta Detroit at Baltimore New England at Buffalo San Francisco at Chicago Tampa Bay at Green Bay Indianapolis at Jacksonville Denver at Miami Houston at Tennessee Cleveland at LA Chargers Carolina at New Orleans LA Rams at Arizona NY Giants at Oakland Philadelphia at Seattle Monday, December 4 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Tiebreaker #1: Interceptions thrown in SF/Chi 4 Tiebreaker #2: Carson Wentz passing yards 327 Tiebreaker #3: Atlanta Falcon team rushing yards 132
  13. WWE Champions

    Yeah, I didn't get in on the glitch yesterday but got the 6 100 point TP poster gym bags plus the $1K cash. Of course, the two colors I'm in most need of are green and red, so I got one black, one yellow, two blue, and two purple--the one color I have every single move maxed out on every character. I guess I'm closer to ready in two weeks when I take Woods to 3 star Silver and the move upgrades cost 120 TP each. I beat the Thanksgiving Blitz, the final prize is a 10 point TP poster which seems kind of lame after all the gold chips along the way--which got me to 10K and netted me yet another Luke Harper TP poster that I don't really need. I'm like 5 deep in Powerhouse 2 star Silver guys that are ready or close to ready to move up now that I have Goldberg at 3 star Silver. Not sure I'll ever get anyone to 3 star Gold, I don't think I've ever gotten a 4 star token and you need like 5 or 10 of those to go from 3 star Silver to Gold.
  14. Highway to Ham Week #12

    Thursday, November 23 Minnesota at Detroit LA Chargers at Dallas NY Giants at Washington Sunday, November 26 Carolina at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Tennessee at Indianapolis Buffalo at Kansas City Miami at New England Chicago at Philadelphia Seattle at San Francisco New Orleans at LA Rams Jacksonville at Arizona Denver at Oakland Green Bay at Pittsburgh Monday, November 27 Houston at Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in GB/Pit 24 Tiebreaker #2: Drew Brees passing yards 327 Tiebreaker #3: Buffalo Bills turnovers 2
  15. WWE Champions

    I had some good luck on a couple of these, but beating the Raw team was easier for sure.