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  1. gatling

    This Weather Sucks

    Real feel here on Wednesday was -42, temperature hit 60 degrees Saturday, Sunday, and today.
  2. gatling

    WWE Champions

    I hate this redesign they've done. I'm glad they spent time on that instead of making changes that matter like adding characters as rewards to events so you're not stuck being able to play 80% of the tours every month.
  3. gatling

    WWE Champions

    That Tozawa event was fun, I wish they'd do that more often. He might not quite by in my top 10 yet, but that's mostly because I had just dropped like 3 million in coins prior or I would have him to level 100 by now.
  4. gatling

    WWE Champions

    Anyone else still playing this?
  5. gatling


    Agreed, Adam Pally is great. He was fantastic as part of Happy Endings, which needed a few more seasons it was so good. I liked him in that weird time traveling show on Fox last year or the year before. Not a great show, but it had it's moments and Pally was hilarious.
  6. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #17

    I'd like to change my Mariota tiebreaker to 0 yards
  7. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #17

    Sunday, December 30 NY Jets at New England Miami at Buffalo Detroit at Green Bay Jacksonville at Houston Carolina at New Orleans Dallas at NY Giants Atlanta at Tampa Bay Cleveland at Baltimore Oakland at Kansas City Chicago at Minnesota Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at Washington LA Chargers at Denver San Francisco at LA Rams Arizona at Seattle Indianapolis at Tennessee Tiebreaker #1: Marcus Mariotta rushing yards 63 Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in Arizona/Seattle 21 Tiebreaker #3: total interceptions thrown in Miami/Buffalo 4
  8. gatling


    I don't know when I first head anything by N.W.A. but I do know that in the fall of 1990 I had a friend make me a copy of his Eazy-Duz-It Cassette after I listened to it on the school bus. I saw the video for Pop That Pussy/Coochie a lot on the Jukebox Channel when I was in Jr. High, so 1991 or 1992. I know I paid my $3.99 once to play it, 187 Proof by Spice 1, and I think Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly. The last one might have been I'm an Asshole by Denis Leary, I know all of those got a lot of play and I thought it was pretty cool to see since we didn't have cable and MTV to watch any music videos.
  9. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #16

    Saturday, December 22 Washington at Tennessee Baltimore at LA Chargers Sunday, December 23 Green Bay at NY Jets Atlanta at Carolina Cincinnati at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Dallas Minnesota at Detroit NY Giants at Indianapolis Jacksonville at Miami Buffalo at New England Houston at Philadelphia LA Rams at Arizona Chicago at San Francisco Pittsburgh at New Orleans Kansas City at Seattle Monday, December 24 Denver at Oakland Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards 285 Tiebreaker #2: Chicago Bears sacks 3 Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thrown in Jacksonville/Miami 4
  10. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #15

    Thursday, December 13 LA Chargers at Kansas City Saturday. December 15 Houston at NY Jets Cleveland at Denver Sunday, December 16 Arizona at Atlanta Tampa Bay at Baltimore Detroit at Buffalo Green Bay at Chicago Oakland at Cincinnati Dallas at Indianapolis Washington at Jacksonville Miami at Minnesota Tennessee at NY Giants Seattle at San Francisco New England at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at LA Rams Monday, December 17 New Orleans at Carolina Tiebreaker #1: Jared Goff passing yards 325 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Dallas-Indianapolis 51 Tiebreaker #3: Gronk receiving yards 113
  11. gatling

    The Really Swell News Thread

    I know a lot of people have horror stories about Comcast, but knock on wood we've had no issues with them in the 10 years or so we've had service from them. I'm just hoping it won't cost an arm and a leg to get it done with all the other repairs and expenses going on.
  12. gatling

    WWE Champions

    Yeah, I took him to 2 star bronze but that cost 400 in game cash to get the shoes needed, I can't take him any further. I spent 500 in game cash to win the tag match with Tozawa in the first sub, but I'm about tapped cash wise since I didn't renew my Shane O'Mac contract a few weeks ago.
  13. gatling

    WWE Champions

    I got a one star gold Tozawa with my first pull and then 20 shards for Yokozuna, Goldust and someone else. Tozawa being required on the Hell Mode of the event is pretty shitty and totally a thing I expected.
  14. gatling

    The Really Swell News Thread

    My wife and I closed on our first house on Friday and took possession on the same day(though 7 hours later than we were supposed to since the sellers had very little packed and nothing loaded in the Uhaul). My dad and I moved 5 pickup truck loads of Christmas decorations(indoor and outdoor), lumber, and kitchen goods. I took another two loads on Sunday and one on Monday. I took three large totes over today and got one of the bedrooms painted. I've had work done on the furnace, ordered a new 200 amp panel to pickup at Home Depot tomorrow, have a guy coming on Saturday to look at a floor joist that is splitting and needs sistered and have to call the plumber for an estimate on a new water heater installation. I'm going to pack in the garage tomorrow; tear apart a pallet, sand the boards, and stain them on Thursday to put up a pots and pans rack on Friday morning, paint the other bedroom Friday afternoon and then pack more each evening so we can haul more boxes and totes over the weekend. Have to get carpet put in the bedroom I painted today, get the electrical done, get Comcast in to run cable since there is no coax cable run in the house save for one very old looking RG-59 cable, build a base for a granite countertop to sit on and get it stained or painted and then probably pack and move more boxes all before the 14th when the movers come to haul all the furniture away. I'm fat, out of shape, exhausted, and loving every minute of it.
  15. gatling

    Highway to Ham Week #14

    Thursday, December 6 Jacksonville at Tennessee Sunday, December 9 NY Jets at Buffalo Carolina at Cleveland Atlanta at Green Bay Indianapolis at Houston Baltimore at Kansas City New England at Miami New Orleans at Tampa Bay NY Giants at Washington Cincinnati at LA Chargers Denver at San Francisco Detroit at Arizona Philadelphia at Dallas Pittsburgh at Oakland LA Rams at Chicago Monday, December 10 Minnesota at Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Mark Sanchez passing yards 217 Tiebreaker #2: points scoreed by the LA Chargers 35 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in Rams/Bears 3