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  1. Drew Pearson just cut one helluva heel promo on the Eagles fans. Damn.
  2. Could be right, if they averaged where McShay and Kiper had him. McShay took him completely off his top 300 list because of the allegations, Kiper dropped him from #18 to #75 overall.
  3. Where are those numbers from Burgundy? Conley was a top 15-20 overall talent most places before the allegations of sexual assault came out this week, then he got shoved down boards.
  4. See, too many good options out there. Malik Hooker is a great addition to the secondary. Ryan Grigson is gone, he can't hurt you(or the team) any longer.
  5. I'm a Colts fan too, so I'm not trying to jinx them!
  6. If the Colts fuck up this pick, it's going to have to be epic. There are probably 7 solid choices there for the taking.
  7. Orndorff counts as...I don't know, Classic Era? Rock-N-Wrestling Era? Same as Andre and Big John Studd. Those three Heenan Family members and DDP are the only characters I have that aren't current Era.
  8. Oh...well damn. I'm having no luck anytime I open a box. I'm at 32 characters and just can't seem to get past that. I was hoping there was an actual character as a reward, because anyone from the Attitude Era would be welcome at this point, I'm still stuck with just DDP so there are some nodes I can't complete in the live event series.
  9. The NCAA changed their rules last year so now kids can declare for the draft and have until 10 days after the draft combine to withdraw and retain eligibility, provided they don't sign with an agent(they can do this twice, a third declaration and their eligibility is gone apparently). By the list on CBS Sports from yesterday, they have 137 underclassmen declaring(plus another 45 international players), I counted 43 that have signed with an agent. Most of the ones that haven't signed with an agent will go back to school. Take the kids from IU for example, four declared but only OG Anunoby signed with an agent. I guess there is an outside chance someone makes a promise to James Blackmon or Thomas Bryant, but most likely they end up back in Bloomington along with Robert Johnson next fall. The reason the kids do it is to get feedback from NBA teams on what they need to work on to get drafted in the future. Sure, sometimes a kid declares like this and gets great feedback and/or even a promise from a team so they go ahead and sign with an agent, but most of them do it to learn what part of their game needs improvement to get drafted.
  10. How many days in do you get that Rippa? I would love to get a new character--outside of Andre I haven't gotten anyone new in a month or so at least. I had enough t-shirts to make two pulls yesterday, both were TP Posters as usual.
  11. Boss Andre on Hard Mode sucks. Had Orndorff charged up twice only to have Andre slap the bear hug on me. I was in Danger when I did get the win. Can't wait to see how fun the other Hard Mode bosses are.
  12. So maybe I'm late to the party on this, but how long have they shown five additional moves for each character with the names of the moves? I thought the last time I looked it showed a second additional move but the name wasn't shown. Am I crazy, or did this change when they rolled out the new classifications and whatnot?
  13. Were any of them Bruce Pobanz?
  14. Yeah, I ran into this too. I set my strongest lineup, then when I was playing the Dean Daily, Wrestlemania event and the other LT event, I thought "What the hell, did they really start blocking who you can use on these things?". It took me a minute to realize the only ones locked were the ones I had in Faction roster. So I swapped in guys I never use so I get some things done. Am I crazy, or did they raise the health levels on the opponents in the Dean Daily?
  15. TV

    That, and how long Miguel waited until he swooped in on Rebecca.