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  1. Yeah, Maulers games are kind of hard to watch. Most of the other games have been competitive and fun.
  2. Just to add to the CPAP discussion, if you think there is a chance you have sleep apnea go get a sleep study done ASAP. I had no idea I had sleep apnea until I ended up in the heart center with atrial fibrillation on my birthday in 2017. The doctors determined I had undiagnosed sleep apnea which caused the AFib. I've used a CPAP machine ever since, I won't even take a nap without it. I can't stress this enough, get checked out if you think there is chance you have sleep apnea, you don't want it to cause AFib. I was back at the heart center about a month ago because I had a second bout of AFib. Sadly, once it happens it will likely reoccur at various points for the rest of your life. Almost five years between bouts is a good outcome and hopefully I stay with the episodes being that far apart(or farther, preferably). They had to shock my heart back into rhythm both times, which is fine, but if it becomes a more regular occurrence I'm looking at medication or worse, an ablation of the heart, where they burn the problem spot with a catheter to stop issue.
  3. Man, I'm sorry @Nice Guy Eddie. Sorry for your loss, bud.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss, @Tabe. It sounds like Buddy was an amazing dog.
  5. Happy Birthday, @The Natural! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my friend!
  6. I'm so sorry for you loss, @Tarheel Moneghetti. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  7. I thought Welker might be someone that McDaniel would bring with him from the Niners staff.
  8. Oh there's already a segment of Niners fans on Twitter saying "If Kittle is only going to catch 3 or 4 passes a game for $16 million a year, trade him to Miami for two first round picks." Good times.
  9. I hope you're ok Paul. Positive and healing vibes headed your way, my friend.
  10. Due to most of my cousins not being vaxxed and my refusal to be around them because of that, Thanksgiving this year is just me, my wife and daughter, my parents, and my brother. Since only my wife really likes turkey, we're having hamloaf as the main dish with cheesy hashbrown casserole, sweet potato casserole, broccoli cauliflower salad, deviled eggs, and butterhorn rolls from the Amish style bakery. I have to pickup the salad, rolls, and the sugar cream pie for dessert tomorrow and then make the hashbrown casserole on Thursday morning. Last Friday was my wife's birthday, so we took a trip to northern Indiana and ate a Thanksgiving style dinner at an Amish restaurant--fried chicken, roasted turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken and noodles, green beans with bacon and pearl onions. This might be the way we do things going forward actually.
  11. Couple of pictures from CWF Legends Fanfest 7 last weeekend.
  12. Meeting Jerry Brisco was an absolute highlight of CWF Legends Fanfest this past weekend. He's a completely down to earth and kind person. Somehow, I'm guessing through both of us being in the CWF Archives Facebook group, Jerry sent me a friend request about a year ago and in June wished me a happy birthday. I told him that it had made my day when he did that. He said that he felt like if people took the time to be his friend on Facebook or follow on him on Twitter that it was worth his time to say happy birthday or something similar. While I waited my turn to get a picture and autograph with Jerry and speak to him for a few minutes, Jerry Jarrett wandered over from the other side of the room and they gave each other the biggest hug and talked about how much they both loved and missed Jack and caught up in general for ten minutes or so. Such a nice, genuine moment.
  13. That is extremely unfortunate. I wonder if the builder hated the customers.
  14. I feel like I'd have called him Dan-o or Danny or something like that after he pulled the "Mr. Snyder" bullshit.
  15. That's the one that got me.
  16. Agreed! I would love to see Haley Atwell reprise the Peggy Carter character for a movie or three.
  17. Sixers might have well asked for a 25% ownership stake of the Raptors while they were at it. If that's what they think the return on a Ben Simmons trade will look like...well, more power to them.
  18. Same here! We have our movie theater boxes of candy from Dollar Tree and tonight we are picking up three bags of Mikesells Puffcorn Delights before we grab our pizza, breadsticks, and cheese curds. May watch the movie twice tonight, even. I kind of wish they'd release Shang-Chi on Disney+ also, but I guess we'll make the trip to theater for that one in September.
  19. I'll second Why Women Kill and also add that my wife and I enjoyed Interrogation.
  20. I'm guessing sleepwalking? My daughter did this regularly when she was little. I don't know if this was the right approach, but I'd always let her talk for however long it took(usually less than 5 minutes) and then say "Ok baby, let's go back to bed." Most of the time she'd just turn right around and head to her room on her own, a few times I had to carry her back. But she'd get in bed, get her bunny she slept with, and go right back to sleep. She'll be 13 in a couple of months and there really hadn't been any issues for a couple of years now. Until last week. She came out to the living room about 12:30 in the morning saying she was mad because she needed to reset her alarm clock. I had her sit down and finish telling me what the problem was and told her I thought it would be ok. Normally she remembers nothing about these episodes, but the next day I started to ask her about it and she immediately said "Did I come out to the living room last night? Talking about my alarm clock?" She actually remembered most of the conversation. Hopefully what your child goes through will be a similar experience. The only real fear we ever had was stairs. Our daughter started sleepwalking at around age 2, when we still lived in a townhouse style apartment with the bedrooms upstairs. We put a baby gate at the top of the stairs as a precaution(which damn near killed me a couple of times nearly tripping over it) and luckily never had any accidents. This is a girl who is clumsy by nature and takes poor angles when walking and might bump into a door frame, corner of a countertop, a chair etc, but she always navigated walking in the dark without any issues when sleepwalking. Maybe it will be an isolated incident, it always seemed to happen most often if our daughter was over tired, so maybe be on a bit of alert on nights where you feel your kid is more tired than normal? I hope everything works out fine. If your experience works out anything like ours, you'll be able to laugh about some of the goofy things your child says, like the time my daughter came out and proclaimed "I'm here to help with the cows!". Edit: Now I realize I totally misread " bluuuhhhipoiajpoijhpgoiewrsdfjdnsbnwssdjpgweirupoyiwpjhwe" as gibberish, not puking. My bad, carry on.
  21. It's been known for a couple of months that he was going to retire, he just waited until after June 1st to help the Niners cap situation.
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