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  1. Okay, what are some weird things that you have eaten? I've gone down that road of "anything with four legs that isn't the table or commonly kept as a pet" (exempting guinea pig, which was served to me by a friend from Bolivia. Wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have it again. Not big on eating rodents in the first place.) I think that we humans have done a pretty fair job of figuring out which other critters are good to eat and reasonably obtainable. Sure, there's stuff that looks good but isn't readily available in my part of the world that pushes the "available but too expensive" button like sturgeon, lobster, puffin, grouper. sea bass, etc. I've eaten tiger shark based on the concept that if the situation were reversed... And frankly, I can't tell the difference of one species of shark from another and it isn't really good enough to bother with. I'll eat if served to me, but if I'm ordering from a menu with other seafood choices, shark is not what's for dinner. Hippopotamus steak and someone else is picking up the tab? Sure, why not. Overly marbled to my taste and way too expensive to go that route again, but like I said, I wasn't the one paying for it. Rattlesnake and gator: Forget the "just like chicken" crap unless you like your chicken thoroughly dried out and boney as hell. Edible, but just barely... So whatcha got?
  2. The Bastard King & the Psycho Queen! What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Naming a favorite book by Gene Wolfe would keep us here all day. My favorite Gene Wolfe memory is from a World Fantasy Con in Chicago (well, Schaumberg, actually, but the less said about that, the better...) Anyway, out of the clear blue sky I had been pointed out to Vince Harper of Shadowlands Press as someone who might be interested in editing a Clark Ashton Smith tribute anthology... Yeah, he had me at "Clark"... Now I don't know how he heard us on the other side of the dealers' room, with the buzz of a dozen different conversations, (I could barely hear Vince as he offered what was essentially a big bag of money for a dream project that I would have done for free,) when I heard this thunderous voice "Young man! You're not contemplating doing this anthology without me, are you?" I turned, only to find Gene pointing his cane at me. Wait, this was Gene Wolfe, one of the finest writers in the English-speaking world, a man that I would have cut off my hand in order to get a story from demanding to be included in an anthology that I was editing. Hell, he was one of five writers that I would pay anything to have in the book, Leiber was no longer with us, for some reason(s) Ellison and Shea were not available and I got a story from Brian J. McNaughton. and of course Gene Wolfe, who had a brilliant story to me within two weeks. Yeah, Gene Wolfe was thrilled to be in an anthology that I was editing... It just doesn't get much better than that...
  4. Interesting. I can't write anything unless I know where it's going to wind up, however, by that same token I've found that the absolute worst thing that I can do is to write the ending to something before actually getting there. I'm a freak for outlining stuff, but there's a vast difference between outlining an ending and writing the whole thing out . If I do that, I've completely lost interest in the story, because I know exactly how it's going to end. A subtle difference, but a very important one. The idea of "surprising myself" by how a story ends is (to me) just completely absurd and a sure sign that I've lost control of the material somewhere early on in the process.
  5. It certainly should be, it's a stupid move in the first place, risky as hell for both participants and brings with it a long list of shortened careers, serious physical problems and worst of all. it's totally unconvincing as a finisher as it requires far too much recovery time to make a pinfall a logical outcome. In other words, high risk = small reward; needs to go away entirely. What's lost in all this discussion is that once again,, what works at Full Sail doesn't necessarily translate well to the main shows. In NXT Lars was always about a nuanced performance, bright and articulate away from the ring, a snarling monster once the bell rang. A good deal of thought was put into the character just as a great deal of thought was put into the Lacey persona. They gave her a backstory that essentially sounded like John Cena as The Marine, you simply couldn't have someone with her background as anything but a natural babyface, so what do they do? Make her an entitled, arrogant heel. Simply brilliant character development, then unfortunately the bell rings and what we see is to put it kindly, not good. A huge part of this failure is predicated on her having a totally illegal move as her finisher. I've hated the gimmick of a closed fist as a finisher going all the way back to when Ron Garvin was doing it. Look, if your finisher is a totally illegal move, you are a de facto heel no matter how else you're booked. It's a sloppy bit of crap booking that needs to away sooner rather than later. That's two moves that have totally outlived whatever usefulness they once had. The diving headbutt was risky with a low reward back when Harley Race was first doing it (and it made no sense in the context of Harley's back story as a great brawler/wrestler. Race had so many ways to beat you it was always fun guessing how he was going to win this time; then for reasons that remain obscure to me he suddenly starts winning every match with this stupid diving headbutt that is shown to be as damaging to the person delivering it as it is to the person on the receiving end. In the case of Harley and later with Chris Benoit and Daniel Bryan you see the results of permanent brain damage in the two younger men. (I'm not going to turn this into a Benoit apologist discussion, but I do place a large amount of the blame for Benoit's basically turning his brain into Swiss cheese on the diving headbutt. In the case of all three men during their peak periods all three were in the discussion for GINA (Greatest in North America) and all three had volumes of ways to win a match based on being among the very best wrestlers on the planet. So how are these versatile and amazingly talented men booked to win their matches? Why with a diving headbutt of course! This went so far beyond lazy booking to drifting really, really close to criminal incompetence on the part of the writers for both WWE and WCW. Race was winding down his career when he started using the move as a finisher and seems to have dodged that particular bullet, we can (and have) spent hours discussing how Benoit was a pretty fucked up human being from the get go and pounding his brain into mush certainly exacerbated his turn into a monster, and now we have the questionable pleasure of watching Daniel Bryan (who has already shown clear signs of brain damage) continue to use this ridiculous high-risk=low-reward move as a finisher when he's clearly talented enough to do dozens of other things to win a match. SMH.
  6. Classic NM bullshit of telling people what you think they want to hear instead of being straight up about things. A decade here and I'm still not used to it. Raised in Seattle among blunt-spoken Scandinavians, I'm used to telling people the truth whether they like it or not. If you're worried about what my answers might be, best not to ask the questions. Case in point, in 2015 I was contacted by this guy who was going to open his own recruiting company and had vetted me pretty thoroughly before making contact. He was getting his funding "any day now" and wanted to be sure that I was on board to run his first branch office in Albuquerque (he was based in Denver). I got this song and dance about his financing every three to five weeks for about two years before I stopped answering his phone calls, I'm sure that he meant well in the beginning, but in true Mtn West fashion he just couldn't bring himself to admit that there was no money, no company, and that the whole thing was just becoming a pipe-dream. How fucking hard is it to say "Financing didn't come through, the whole deal is off!"? I've found that one good way to cut through the BS is that anytime something is promised, get it in writing. If the other party isn't willing to put whatever it is (a job, a sale, what-have-you) in writing they are just blowing smoke up your ass. The "put it in writing" or asking for a "letter of understanding" cuts through the BS like a hot knife through a slab of butter. When the other party draws a blank expression at the term "letter of understanding" you quickly explain as "just an outline of what you're going to do and what I'm going to do to make sure that we remain on the same page." Cuts the crap every time, let me tell you.
  7. Take care of yourself, my friend. Bronchitis is no fun. Dr. OSJ prescribes rest and NXT UK in copious amounts.
  8. Very poor form. 1. Lurk and learn. 2. Participate in discussions. 3. Establish yourself as someone who has interesting things to say on the subject of professional wrestling. 4. Establish your site as a destination that one ought to visit for specific reasons. 5. Failure to take steps 1-4 establishes you as an annoying spammer who might be harshly dealt with by people who are up at 3AM with nothing better to do than fuck with spammers. Not that I know anyone like that, just sayin'...
  9. OSJ

    MLB 2019 - MARCH/APRIL

    Collusion with the Blue Jays! Impeach the bastard now! That's not really political is it?
  10. OSJ

    MLB 2019 - MARCH/APRIL

    If the answer is "Bud Norris", then the wrong question has been asked.
  11. The "Bret took off house shows", is one of those things that while there's a good deal of truth in it, what gets lost is a lot of context. Bret giving 65% is like most guys having their career-best matches. No, he wasn't going to give you an hour-long epic at a meaningless house show and neither would anyone else in their right mind. What he did do was just enough so that you went home happy that you had seen the best wrestler in NA not named Chris you-know-what put on a great match with whoever they booked him with. The thing about Bret is that he made everyone around him better, can you imagine Jim Neidhart getting over with any other partner? It's pretty much unthinkable, he'd have been a one-and-done ex-footballer that despite the over-the-top personality would have had no staying power. Paired with Bret he was a star. Back in the day, I was one of those people who bitched about Bret taking it off for house shows, but you know what? I was in line for tickets next time he came to town, because he left you wanting more. That he was able to vary his game according to who he was wrestling is why I'll always rate him way above Flair. Flair came to work a Ric Flair match, it didn't matter if it was Ronnie Garvin, Sting, Windham, Nikita, whoever; you got Flair-by-the-numbers. Was it entertaining? Sure, Ric knows what the crowd came to see and he gave it them, but it was a lot like going to a Chuck Berry concert in the 1990s. you knew what you were going to get and it was oddly soulless. You would never say that about a Bret Hart match, you didn't know what his finisher was going to be, whatever it was it would MAKE SENSE in the context of the match, that's a rare bit of genius in wrestling that we haven't seen much of since Bret retired. It's a page from the Harley Race book of one-size-doesn't-fit-all; what's needed in THIS circumstance. Yeah, the Hitman was something really special.
  12. Could be very. very good or simply bloody awful. Color me highly intrigued. If it fails, it will fail spectacularly, I'm holding out high hopes for female version of Dunne/WALTER.
  13. With the appearance of the first lizards and 70 degree temp, this anthem is stuck in my head. Punk as fuck 4evr
  14. Fat dude and over-muscled stiff? Sorry, not seeing it.
  15. Speaking of things that can double as a cleanser, I just ordered an entire lb. of "Inferno" wings, none of the balancing out with the "super hot" (which is a step down), we're going full-tilt flame on with this stuff, daddy. FIVE MINUTES LATER: Why do I do shit like this, why? There are still three wings left and I'm fucking dying here. I am eating a side of ***** pad thai to cut the burn.
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