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  1. IIRC, Hall also was the first recipient of the leg licking, which is what really set him off. Considering all of Hall's antics over the years (in ring and out) I find it very difficult to conjure up much sympathy for him. Hall's just lucky that he hit on the Razor Ramon character when he did, otherwise he'd have still been wandering around with Verne Gagne poking alligators with a stick. (Bonus points to anyone else who remembers "Gator" Hall).
  2. With the exception of NJPW (when they're showing something I'm particularly keen on seeing), I can't recall how long it's been since I actually set the alarm, had dinner ready, the cats occupied with new toys, and Kathy dutifully taking mental notes on who everybody was as she was only really familiar with Jericho and Cody and to a much lesser extent Kenny, Penta, et al (Kenny she knows as "the guy that makes weird faces" and Penta as "that guy you like from Lucha Underground that likes to break peoples' arms". I'm not sure what everyone seems to see in Hangman Page, but I'm not feeling it. Affter watching this stuff for close to fifty years, I think I've developed a pretty good sense of when someone has "IT" and when someone doesn't. For me, Page falls into that Bobby Lashley category of "competent enough, but as exciting as watching paint dry", there's just no "there" there. I don't know how long they're going to stick to this experiment of pushing him as a main-eventer, but wiser heads need to prevail and pull the plug. Not only does Page not have "IT" now, there is absolutely nothing in his demeanor or ringwork to lead me to think that he ever will have "IT". When you've got a roster filled with more charismatic and far better workers (PAC, as an example), the continuing efforts to polish a turd is just baffling. Okay, he's better than that, but not by much, if there was ever a guy whose whole persona screamed "Mid-card 4 Lyfe", it would be Hangman Page. I remember the beginning of Jericho's career as well as that of Bret Hart, both were saddled with high expectations and horrible gimmicks. ("Lionheart" Chris Jericho, anyone? "Oh, we've got a skinny dude that hasn't bulked up yet, let's have him wear PINK! That's a great idea!" Even with crapola like that, you could see that both guys had "IT", buried deep in the beginning , but "IT" was there; you knew that Hart really considered himself one of (if not THE) greatest Canadian athletes; you could see that Jericho (silly lifts in his boots or not) was hungry to be a star and would ride out any gimmick, no matter how stupid in order to get close enough to grab that brass ring. I see none of that with Hangman Page, instead I see a pretty bland, competent mid-carder who is as forgettable as a bowl of corn flakes.
  3. Oh there definitely is, AJ gets the pass of being the "Good ol' Southern Boy, that's just how they talk! Nudge, nudge wink, wink"... Fuck that, there's no excuse for anyone using pejoratives of that nature in 2019. Hell, there was no excuse for it twenty years ago. I've always thought it a damn shame that AJ wasn't in the WWE when Dustin was at his most over-the-top as Goldust: licking dudes' legs, simulated kissing, etc. would have been funnier than hell to watch AJ freak out in such situations. AJ needs to be in a couple of matches with one of the dudes that likes to check the oil (if you know what I mean, and I'm sure that you do). Pity AJ came along too late to work with Johnny Valentine; whereas the Rock was fond of talking about shoving things up other peoples' asses, Mr. Valentine was a man of action, not words.
  4. Oddly enough, nothing seems broken. Ya did good.
  5. Just for the record, (and I'm sure Tabe will back me on this), Buckner was a fantastic player, what people don't remember is that he was bandaged up like a mummy that game he had so many nagging injuries. He really had no business on the field, but he had a manager that wanted all his star players active and that's exactly what you got. Buckner at about 30% trying to play as though he wasn't hurting.
  6. Oh, what a great idea! Let's sign a guy so fragile that he can wind up on the shelf from blowing his nose with an aging, frequently sloppy and careless human wrecking machine. Yeah, this has VKM's fingerprints all over it.
  7. It is impossible to say "Tully Blanchard and Ron Garvin" without also saying "Fucking awesome."
  8. I smoke, but I have known several what I call "social smokers" that smoke a couple or three cigs a day as part of a ritual, usually after meals or after a workout (yeah, that last one has always puzzled me a bit), anyway, go for it, you two can have a blast learning each other's language and love will conquer all. Don't be the lonely guy sitting around ten years from now wondering "what if?". Go for it! I did and we just celebrated 39 years together.
  9. I can't imagine... Well, yeah, actually I can... We moved because after two years we were no closer to having a master bathroom than when we moved in. Basically we had an unusable room with no floor and fixtures sticking out of the wall. If they had at least removed the plumbing fixtures and put a floor in I'd have been okay with that, (an extra bookroom is always a good thing). So we're in a a smaller place, but with a great landlord and no nonsense. When something goes wrong, he gets it fixed immediately, and since he's a Superior Court judge, when he says "Jump!" the repairmen ask "How high, sir?" . Would be nice to have an extra bedroom so I wouldn't have to pay for a storage unit, but it is what it is. The cats like it so it's all good.
  10. Vader used to post here as "The Jersey Kid".
  11. That cat looks like our Varys when one suggests it's bath time.
  12. You are of course correct, I should have remembered 1988 as the year that Jose's RC soared to $100.00 I'm damn glad I never paid anything close to that for one, I think I just waited a couple of years and bought a perfectly nice 86' Donruss Factory set for about $60.00
  13. So fucking true... Thanks for posting this, I always knew Gail had excellent taste.
  14. Thanks to my man Dave at Barsoom Books, I've been knee deep in John C. Wright stuff for the last week or so. The dude can flat out write, I started with his short piece in the Jack Vance tribute antho and moved directly to his sequels (of a sort) to Wm. Hope Hodgson's Night Land. Simply excellent stuff. I was a bit concerned about starting one of his series as it sounded suspiciously like the X-Men, but it's far more original. The other thing that gave me pause was his publisher, who has a track record of publishing some of the true dregs of the Earth like white -power nut job Vox Day, but apparently Wright keeps his distance from such folk. Visiting his website he seems to be an incredibly religious man, but keeps that stuff out of his fiction which is quite commendable. Everything points to him being a good dude as well as a fine writer, gets my rec!
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