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  1. This probably deserves its own thread because it is so awesome, but I have just discovered the greatness that is Ginger Beer. I'm not big on overly sweet sodas, so we buy a lot of different seltzer waters, but they get boring rather quickly. Ginger Beer on the other hand will make you stand up and salute, it has an afterburn that feels like you just put a full tablespoon of ground ginger into your mouth, wow! Good stuff!
  2. Uhh, Mark... Before getting all indignant about people swiping scenes from your book it might be wise to consider that a large number of people who have read House of Leaves have also read The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson. Just sayin...
  3. I am late to the table with Joe Abercrombie, but thanks to some wheeling and dealing, calling in some markers and what have you I managed to put together a complete collection of Abercrombie's work without breaking the bank, The one thing that still mystifies me is the 10th Anniversary Edition of The First Law Trilogy which is basically targeted to people like me who roll their eyes at the prices being commanded for the first editions, but hey, these are nicely designed, signed by the author and for about $45.00 per book could be sitting on your bookshelf next week! Well, better than that; I found a set that supposedly doesn't exist, an unsigned set for around $65! I don't know who screwed up, but I'm plenty grateful that they did, Joe hooks up with a bookseller buddy of mine a couple of times a year and I'll be able to get all of my unsigned Abercrombie taken care of sooner or later. Also, since she's been mentioned here I may as well add a couple of things to the growing body of stories and anecdotes circulating about the work of Tamsyn Muir; first for those already familiar with the lady's work be advised that my pal, Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press has just bout a novella from her for publication this year! Go to the Subterraneanpress.com site and sign up for the newsletter, he doesn't re-sell your info or spam you relentlessly he'll let you know the progress on something that you've paid for, something he's bought to publish, or something that's ready to ship. He'll also let you know about other publisher's books that he was impressed enough by to stock them for his customers. Anyway, Bill's good people and the fact that Tim Powers and George R.R. Martin consider him their publisher of choice sorta speaks volumes, doesn't it? Anyway, for those not familiar with Tamsyn Muir, my experience went like this ... I am always ready to drop thirty bucks on an author that I'm unfamiliar with on the chance that I may be pleasantly surprised by how good they are... There's just so much material out there that between the stuff that I HAVE to read professionally, the stuff recommended by friends in the business (who are generally fishing for blurbs), there's still a whole hell of a lot of stuff getting published and I have to sift through it the same way way y'all do: Does the cover copy make it sound interesting? Has the author written something previously that I liked? Is there something in the ad campaign that makes the book sound different enough that my time spent chasing down a copy will be rewarded? And so on... In this case a quick check on eBay revealed sevveral copies under cover price from legit booksellers so I hit "Buy it Now" and thought little more about it. The book arrived and GOD DAMN!!! This is THE SHIT!!! This is the kind of book that I Instant Message my bro @JT on a Sunday afternoon about, equally important , it's the sort of book that I inform my buddy Stew about, he's a great guy but doesn't do the pro-wrestling thing, so likely misses out on some news. So I call Stew , he's relatively close by in Boulder, CO. "Hey man, I've got this great book I just started, don't know if it will stand comparison with Bleak Warrior, but it's by Tamsyn Muir-" Stew cuts me off, "I'm reading it right now, it's pretty great, what printing do you have?" "What printing? Why I assume the first, sure this book hasn't multiple printings, no one's ever heard of the author..." (This is where the Pelan arrogance bites me in the ass, going on the assumption that if I haven't heard of an author, then no one else connected to the genre has either, I readily forget that this whole deal started because I was looking for someone that I hadn't heard of!!!!) "Go get your copy and tell me printing it is, mine's a sixth." With a suddenly sick feeling in my stomach I pick up my copy fro, the night-stand and look at the number line which reads 8 9 10 11 12... No, no no! It should read 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 indicative of a first printing, this implies, (well, more than implies, it states pretty firmly that my copy is an eighth printing. How is this even possible? I pick up the phone and mumble that I have an eighth printing. Stew says cheerfully, "I'm way ahead of you, I have a line on first printings for sixty bucks apiece, I assume you want one?" "Sixty bucks? Can you cover me for a week or so, I've got invoices out to a bunch of folks but none are really due for about two weeks. How the hell does this happen." "Same way as events in "the Scottish Play" right person in the right place at the right time. TOR needed someone to push as a major new discovery, before the readers decided things for them like they did with Scalzi a few years ago.." So there we have it, I was right on the money about the book, Gideon the Ninth, is hiding such a purchase even possible these day[s? Apparently so... Like I said, sign up for an e-mail newsletter,,,
  4. Let me back up and talk about Dr. Death for a bit; (I was on holiday and missed this discussion). Let's spin this around a little bit and ask/answer the question of "What if Doc ignores the WWF, how does his career wind up? Let's keep in mind that this was a guy who was one of the participants in a match that thought was better than anything done by Misawa, Kawada, Jumbo, etc. he was over in the clover in Japan (where he wasn't expected to talk. In the US he was booked as the deadly man of few words who kicked ass. I think if he had stayed away from the WWF he would at least have had a more graceful retirement rather than being shoved down the card as he broke down bit by bit.
  5. Well, we must remember that "X-Pac heat" became a thing organically, (I was never sure why, I always thought he was a decent worker and was fine in the small guy underdog role), people just seemed to hate the guy for no particular reason.) It seems silly, but I really think it was the beard that did it; some people can rock it, some can't (I've had the VanDyke since my late twenties, without it I look like I'm fifteen years old), in his case the beard made him look like a sleazy thug, not the vibe you want as a babyface. Somewhere (mayne on a Schneider comp) I have match with a very young Waltman vs. Sabu. Sabu is in full "gotta get all my crazy spots in regardless of anything" mode and puts a hell of a beating on the kid, busting him open hardway. @DEAN probably needs this match for his "Blood Sucking Freaks" thread as Waltman loses a couple of pints and is staggering around obviously concussed and dizzy from blood loss and is calling out Sabu (who has probably already grabbed his pay, hopped in his van and fired up a joint and left the area). I think we all agree that Waltman was fine as an underdog babyface so the question is "Why did fans turn on him so viciously?" He seems like the sort of wrestler that most people would instinctively like. For me he falls into that category of guys who I'll stick around to watch when they're on TV but I won't go to the effort of making a comp of their best matches.
  6. A belated welcome back, bro! Hope all is well with you and yours.
  7. Yikes, what an unpleasant person she seems to be... All this talk of Food Network reminds me that we used to be rabid viewers of that channel and gradually just lost interest. We were watching The Next Food Network Star when Guy Fieri finally won over his main competition, a big, black flamboyantly gay dessert chef from (IIRC) New Orleans. The wife and I both agreed that Guy would have a longer shelf life but Reggie would be entertaining as hell for at least one season. Watching him prancing around the kitchen calling everyone "darling" or "honey" could be very amusing television. Hell, he was entertaining just shopping for ingredients, that's something that even Guy and Alton Brown can't pull off. Anyway, we quit watching primarily due to the overexposure of Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri. Guy is entertaining in small doses but as a chef he gets the same hard pass that Flay does, he fails to convince me that his dishes are anything spectacular or anything that I would want to cook myself. Alton Brown turns a lot of people off by coming across as a condescending prick but he scores really high points with me by demonstrating how easy it can be to make a really tasty dish that seems like you spent all day in the kitchen when the reality is that it took about an hour total. Plus (and this is the big one (or two) he makes food that you want to eat and he shows you exactly how to do it.) We got tired of Bobby Flay's Southwest Fusion or whatever the fuck he's calling it these days. Yeah, everything needs two sauces and you won't fully explain how to make it because it's a dish from your restaurant and you have to protect your secrets. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. You know who's totally an awesome chef and scores high on the "this is how you do it" scale? Michael Symon. Seems like a great guy and an excellent teacher that uses the step process. 1. I'm going to show you how to make the dish 2. I'll make the dish with you. 3. You'll make the dish and I'll critique it. 3.A Repeat until I have nothing to criticize. RIP - Iron Chef America (Once you have so many Iron Chefs that everyone only gets one episode per season you have totally jumped the shark and removed any hint of greatness from the title of "Iron Chef"). If everyone is special than nobody is.
  8. This has been a week of slaughter and bloodshed. Now that we've decided the little cats (Spike and Arya) are big enough to go in and out Jackpot (the boss cat, he who rules with an iron paw), has decided it is time for seminars in the art of killing small creatures. So far he's averaging two lizards a day, augmented by a sparrow, a mouse, and today's big surprise, a full-grown prairie dog. He brings his still-living victims back to the house and shows the little cats the finer points of tossing your prey up in the air and batting it around until dead. I don't care about the skinks, though I usually have a soft spot for reptiles, skinks are as stupid as a box of rocks and we have plenty of them. I did see Jackpot facing off with a full-grown chuckwalla which immediately went into defense mode, doing chuckwalla things like flattening itself out to look bigger and hissing in a rather menacing fashion. Jackpot couldn't figure out what to do with a lizard of that size and the chuckwalla knew better than to attack a twenty-lbs cat, so both turned and went their separate ways. This encounter is likely what prompted the prairie dog killing. There's a big vacant double or triple lot on the next block where the drunks go to drink and Jackpot goes to watch the drunks drink and while I knew that there was a bunch of prairie dogs there, he'd never bothered them before. I guess this is part of his "No Cat Left Behind" program. In this case, I think the poor thing bled out while being dragged back to the house. Oh yeah, I did rescue a horned lizard as I think they are just as cool as fuck and in Navajo tradition there's a better than average chance that one of your ancestor's souls now inhabits the body of a horned lizard. They are feisty little things, at the first sign of danger they flatten themselves out to look bigger and hiss up a storm while squirting blood from their eye-sockets. So we yelled "Jackpot, NO! That might be Grandpa!" Anyway, I'm thankful that we don't get tarantulas here (they don't like the vibration of cars driving by). Same deal with the scorpions. My younger sister-in-law has to worry about black widows, (Naschetti is infested with the damn things.)
  9. Having had a few days to catch up on this and that I managed to finish the afterword for The Compleat Short Fiction of R. A. Lafferty Volume #6 (The Man Who Never Was) and surprised myself by finishing not one, but TWO short stories and was surprised by the promptness of the publisher in remitting funds via PayPal to the tune of $2300.00! ($1000 for one and $1300 for the other for those playing at home.) As it does appear that there will indeed be a baseball season, albeit a grotesque one with that slap in the face to purists now infesting both leagues, we can at least begin to formulate the over/under on my man, Ronald Acuna jr. hitting over twenty taters in the short season. The worst thing about this short season is that it places an unpleasant asterisk by the otherwise phenomenal totals of the aforementioned Mr. Acuna and his equally entertaining counterpart in the junior circuit, one Mike Trout. I still think it likely that both gentlemen finish their careers with top-five WAR. After all these false starts and hopes that went nowhere, it is clear that finally GOD'S OWN TEAM, THE IMMORTAL ATLANTA BRAVES have a position player worthy to follow in the footsteps of Chipper Jones and get truly excited about. It is only just and fitting that the twin bastions of all things vile, the Bankees and their cross-town counterpart, the laughable New York Metropolitan Baseball Club are consigned to the nether regions of the sports page while giving the fans a truly meritorious team to talk about...
  10. Doc, if you had asked me I could have told you a surefire way to make a small fortune in the restaurant biz... Start with a large one! Seriously, the two worst possible investments are (in no particular order) restaurant/bar & specialty publishing company. Being a glutton for punishment, I've done both and more than once. I'm lucky to have landed a position as senior editor working for one of my best friends doing all the creative stuff that I'm supposedly good at and staying well away from the actual business operations, which I've demonstrated over and over are totally beyond me. A genius-level IQ doesn't mean that one has any commonsense when it comes to Business 101.
  11. Considering that he started at what, 16 or 17? It's really not surprising that he'd accumulate that much scar tissue by his 30s. I seem to recall that he juiced a lot when in Memphis, (but didn't everyone?)
  12. I didn't say that I don't believe it. What I don't believe is that anyone would take Stacey Cornette seriously and if someone were to they have the IQ of a housefly.
  13. I am jealous, I have only one Godzilla and one Mecha-Godzilla, but at least they are the same scale as all my Ultraman stuff.
  14. Pound for pound Santito may have just been the best ever.
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