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  1. OSJ


    So, it will be like NJPW but without any Japanese guys? No, thank you.
  2. OSJ

    So, How's It Going?

    We have to move. Not right away, but likely by summer. Our landlords' daughter wants our place and what she wants, she gets. I was really hoping that she would decide to go to college somewhere else, but instead she's being groomed to take over the family businesses, so she's staying. Our place is a 2-BR with one BR for us, the second for hardcovers K-Z, and a large living room and kitchen. 1 bath and a second bath that these lazy assholes need to finish, but that's not really critical. I don't fucking want to move, I HATE moving, and the idea of packing up the book collection and dismantling shelving does not appeal in the slightest. I guess we're going to look for a 3BR house and my sister-in-law will take the extra bedroom and help with the rent. I'm not totally thrilled with that idea, but as long as she has a TV to watch her ghastly game shows and Kathy is willing to run her back and forth to the casino, her presence doesn't bother me a great deal and she is really good at making fry bread (better than Kathy). So we shall see how this develops, we've already told the landlords we ain't going anywhere until after winter and without a signed lease agreement, we could just invoke homesteading and tell them to fuck off. It would be about nine months before they could legally make us move, and they know it. I'm still pissed, I like it here and again, I HATE moving, but it is what it is.
  3. OSJ


    Let's just say that Yoshihiro Asai dodged a bullet, and leave it at that.
  4. OSJ


    "Okay, pal! He'll be okay after we get rid of the mask and my son teaches him how to throw a punch! We'll have him feud with Santino! They can fight over which is better, lasagna or tacos! It's money, pal!"
  5. OSJ

    Golden Age Greatness

    And that's the thing... There is something satisfying about holding a tangible book to read as opposed to just viewing on-screen. I love the DCM, it's great for research, etc.; but for simply kicking back and enjoying a comic, I much prefer hardcopy. I also absolutely love the concept of the books being organized by character. I got spoiled by the DC Archives and so I'd much rather the collections be organized by character than in the omnibus format that they were originally presented in. I need to sell some shit on eBay to cover this stuff. I'm already seeing over $200 worth of books I consider "essential": Hangman 1 & 2, Black Jack, Web, & Firefly pretty much covers "essential", then we fall into the realm of "stuff that would be cool to have" and the list gets kinda out of control.
  6. Forgive me if this is old news to everyone, but I just stumbled on perhaps the coolest thing ever... I was about to commission a custom Marvel Legends figure of the Web from MLJ/Archie Comics and so was poking around the Internetz to find suitable images for my guy to work from (he knows his shit as far as Marvel & DC goes, but once you start talking GA characters he's pretty much lost). Anyway, after typing in "The Web MLJ" to Google I was directed to a link on Amazon which advised me that this was available for under $30.00 as an oversized trade. A bit more poking around revealed that as far as I can tell, the entire superhero output of MLJ, Nedor, Fawcett, etc. are available sliced and diced by character or by title as you prefer. The idea of having the complete runs of certain GA characters without the filler strips is extremely appealing. Anyone else buy any of these? I'm about to go after the two below as well as the complete Hangman... ed
  7. Yeah, there have been far worse, but none were given such a prominent position for so long. Annoying barely begins to cover it, Santino was dreadfully unamusing and given a ridiculous amount of TV time; he was akin to a festering, pus-oozing boil that simply wouldn't heal.
  8. OSJ


    Since the advent of "Red Sox Nation" they've become as hate-able as the Yankees. Having the two most hate-able pitchers of the modern era among their alumni certainly hasn't helped.
  9. OSJ


    Okay, Takada as M. Bison is pretty hard to argue with.
  10. OSJ


    Seriously, there is some really good discourse about the theoretical #2. If we count the NWA as a single entity (and we shouldn't since the "A" means "alliance", which by definition means more than one). We're left with looking at longevity but that longevity is limited to a single region, artistic merits which we can belabor to death and it all comes down to personal taste. Trying to find the middle ground is an interesting dilemma, as far as I'm concerned, artistiucally, you have to go quite some distance to be better than current NJPW, but I recall it wasn't all that long ago when Tanahashi and Lyger were pretty much the only bright spots amid an otherwise lackluster product. AJPW pretty much ruled it for over a decade, so I think AxB may well be right in his estimation.
  11. OSJ


    Saitama Pro is obviously #2 based on artistic merits.
  12. OSJ

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    I'm still not sure which would have been a bigger waste of money, that or the $300 I spent for an autographed Goudey Chuck Klein card. (Which wound up getting stolen, that's what I get for having it in a plastic slab that weighed about half a pound.) If I'd just kept it in a normal top-loader like my '57 Williams and '66-'68 Mantles and Mays cards, no one would have thought to screw with it.
  13. OSJ

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    The Montreal Angels has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  14. OSJ

    The Really Swell News Thread

    That you did, bro! No worries, though I would love to see the review someday.
  15. OSJ


    Well, I'm certainly not going to be the one to mock him to his face for the practice.