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  1. It was great if like me you enjoy ribs with pork chow mein on the side. Not so great was the fact that cabs don't go to that neighborhood after dark. Thankfully we were rescued by Mrs. Abdullah, who kindly gave us a ride back to the hotel in the Abby-van... Sadly, we didn't get to meet the great man (and I use the word "great" in all senses), himself, but at least he called the hotel the next day and spoke with Kathy, kept calling her "sweetie" in his oddly high-pitched voice for such a large man.
  2. Gary Hart just exuded menace. You were almost certain that if his guy got the babyface on the ropes Gary would slice him open with a straight razor. Funnily enough, I learned years later that Hart always carried a straight razor in his pocket in case the marks decided to get cute.
  3. Every bit the equal of Terry Funk's "I had a dream" promo. Higher praise than that I just don't have. One of the things that always made Flair's promos great, (and it is something that many modern wrestlers should learn), he never failed to put the other guy over.
  4. If it doesn't have breasts, beasts and every type of kung-fu known to man I have no use for it.
  5. Da Bomb is just ever so slightly less hot than Dave's Insanity Sauce. I made the mistake of pouring a liberal amount on a chicken wing just to see how it was. It was fifteen minutes of hell before it wore off. Never again. I use two or three drops in soups and sauces. More than that is just asking for trouble.
  6. Arn Anderson was the guy that got me back into wrestling after ignoring it for a few years. We were at the bar playing darts and wrestling was on the TV. This was at the height of VKM's cartoon-nonsense, and here was this guy in simple trunks and with no bullshit having a great squash match with some jobber, (might have been Snake Brown or a Mulkey, I don't recall), anyway, everything from the way he worked a body part to his facial expressions was all I needed to make me a fan for life. AA is a no-brainer when it comes to the HOF.
  7. Indeed, Happy Birthday, my friend!
  8. I'm still of the mind that these absurd weight cuts do far more harm in the long run than any in-ring injuries. I'll admit, I'm an old PRIDE guy, fuck the weight differences, let 'em fight! You never heard Volk Han or Genki Sudo bitching about being out-weighed, did you now?
  9. You're leaving out one major thing... Show me how business picked up when Sting was at the top of the card. Like I said, no one has failed harder when given the top push than Sting. I'll stand by what I said, he could pop a crowd like nobody's business, but he couldn't get the marks to buy a ticket for next week's show. That's a big problem.
  10. I wasn't sure where to put this, I thought about the food thread, but it IS wrestling related, so I figured I'd just make a new topic, and perhaps some other amusing stuff will get posted... Anyway, I am a big fan of the Youtube show "The Hot Ones", the premise is absurdly simple, the host gets a random celebrity to interview while eating hot wings with progressively hotter sauces. Of course, I have tried this at home and have to agree with a recent guest on the show, once you get to Da Bomb, that's just stupid hot. Anyway, a recent episode featured the Undertaker, who did it proud
  11. I'm a Sting fanboy and I have to say that he is one of the weakest selections in the HOF, (right there with Jackie Fargo). No one had the keys to the kingdom handed to them more often than Sting and failed to do much of anything. He obviously did not draw money, he could pop a crowd, but not get them to buy tickets for next week's show. If he hadn't had Ric Flair and the Horsemen to play off of, no one would care about his career.
  12. If all of Omega's antics aren't sufficient to keep him out, then no one should hold Ibushi's penchant for doing stupid shit like riding a bike into a swimming pool and suchlike against him.
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