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  1. OSJ

    Random music thoughts

    You want songs about poultry, Hasil Adkins is your man.
  2. Rick Rude was one of those guys who could help little old ladies across the street, volunteer at a foodbank, and give half his earnings to charity and he would STILL come across as a heel. Hell, he did the most totally babyface thing ever in wrestling (knocked the fuck out of Warrior) and he still seems a heel. Damn I loved Rick Rude.
  3. Maybe I'm a bit naive, but I really don't look a guy that beats people up for a living to be the most woke dude in the room. For every Genki Sudo who from all accounts seems to be a really decent guy, there are 100 meatheads like Covington. I hope to see him get his ears pinned back, but I doubt an aging and fading Woodley is the guy to do it. Would be just that much sweeter if he did pull it off, we'll see... I don't know Cerrone's politics and don't much care, he seems like a good dude.
  4. Yeah, as a professional horror writer, I feel almost obligated to wear one...
  5. There are few wrestling shirts that I would wear in public. This is one.
  6. Were we not both in our 60s, a move to the old country (Eire) would be sounding good. RIP to a great American.
  7. The Others having a single leader may not be entirely logical, but it is certainly understandable. The Night King has had fucking centuries to buy into his own hype. The dude falls hundreds of feet to the ground, bounces a couple of times and gets up none the worse for the experience. He has dragonfire blown at him at point-blank range and just laughs it off. Yeah, on some level he knows that Dragon glass or Valaryian steel can kill him, on the other hand he probably regards the danger the same way that I am concerned about hammerhead sharks. I live in the high desert and we have the majority
  8. Just realized that you can link a particular song to a particular skin, so for example if one wishes, one can link Navy Nights to "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" by Whistling Jack Smith. Not that I would suggest anything like that earworm, but just sayin...
  9. Sweet! And here I thought I was getting the obscure guys what with the Blazing Skull, Bob Phantom, Blackjack, Commando Yank, etc. Oh, and the Thunderer, can't forget the Thunderer. How can you not like a guy whose "power" is a super-microphone, giving him the ability to uh, well... run around and startle the evil-doers by yelling at them... Yeah, not one of Stan Lee's most inspired creations. "Uh, Steve just forget about the kid getting bitten by a radioactive spider, that's just ridiculous... Now this guy with the microphone, I think we're on to something here..."
  10. Someone needs to tell Sami that when you're 5'4 crouching down isn't really a good look. This match could have been improved by Mr. Pogo doing a run-in with his scythe. It's a rule of wrestling, all garbage matches are automatically improved by the addition of Mr. Pogo and various gardening implements such as the TROWEL OF TORMENT or the WEED-WHACKER OF WOE!
  11. The Orange Shit-gibbon was on TV saying that he'd "read some interesting reports" that shoving basketball cards up your ass could lessen the impact of the Corona-virus. Now he's not advocating this practice, just repeating some things that he's heard good reports on.
  12. Actually not true. Withdrawal from drugs won't kill you , but you will wish you were dead. Conversely, withdrawal from alcohol CAN kill you...
  13. If only he had said, "Cocaine's a helluva a drug!"
  14. Outback (and once upon a time, the Black Angus) were every bit as good as the pricey joints, I will say that 13 Coins edges them just slightly as their pasta side is amazing. Of course, so is the Blooming Onion so it's really like comparing Jumbo with Kobashi... I'm going to go with this order: 13 Coins: (Does two locations count as a chain?)(easily the spendiest of the restaurants that I've listed, but I recall dining there with my buddy, the Microsoft millionaire and while neither of us drink alcohol, we still had a bottle of non-alcoholic wine with dinner (an item that we were price-go
  15. Allow me to derail things before we wind up getting too political and pissing the Admins off, (in no way does this imply that I disagree with anything that has been said regarding the awful events of late.) The handcuffing of Blake seems like a particularly vile action, though FWIW, when my new blood pressure meds shut down my kidneys and put me into a coma four/five years back, the hospital in Albuquerque saw fit to tie my wrists to the bed. Why? Damned if I know, I was in a fucking coma for four days and unable to move, why the hell would you put a person in that condition in restraints? I'
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