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  1. There is no Marvel project which can't be improved by the addition of the Blazing Skull, just sayin'.
  2. C'mon, Paul Lynde prancing around as "Uncle Arthur" was hysterical.
  3. Damn, I was really hoping he'd hang around long enough to get 700HRs
  4. Let me just echo: Stay safe!
  5. Before I quit drinking 32 years ago that was probably my normal walking around BAC.
  6. Let me second the love for the Buddy bio! Now all we need is a comprehensive bio of the late, great Johnny Valentine and we're all set!
  7. Oh well, I'll just settle for having a bad haircut and spitting on people randomly.
  8. Hogan's got a forty year headstart on him but the kid is trying to catch up. Fuck them both.
  9. Yeah, hard to leave Tanahashi off the list, fact is that we were spoiled watching him, I'd like to go back in about three years and watch a retrospective of his career as I think it would really show just how great he was, hell at 45 he can still bring it when he wants to, he just works a lot smarter these days. Okada has done so much and has so much left in the tank that it is really hard to fathom just how good he is. Steamboat gets props for working the same routine his entire career and making it work. The epitome of the fired-up babyface who never ever took the easy way out.
  10. Always thought we were about the same age, 52 is way too young to check out.
  11. He did it like he did everything else in the business... Better than anybody.
  12. My that's high praise indeed and I'm not sure that you're wrong. I'd put Jumbo, Billington and Benoit up there, with Misawa and Kawada coming in very close behind and I'd have to say Daniel Bryan is in the discussion. Nope, when all is said and done, you're right, top three of my lifetime and that covers six decades.
  13. I'm late to the game on this, but the dude is from Detroit, 8-mile to be more specific, the idea that he doesn't watch wrestling is absurd.
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