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  1. OSJ


    Imagine the value of a George Gulas RC!!!! Just imagine!!! What am I saying? He probably bought them all from the printer himself.
  2. Well, since you brought up the Robinsons, let's go ahead and stick to the genre that I'm the most knowledgeable about, that of fantastic fiction... Let's start with the collaborative team of Fred Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth, who gave us The Space Merchants among others. As a send up of the advertising industry, it holds up remarkably well for a book that came out before I was born! Moving along, we have the team of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, while their stuff may not be to my particular taste, there's no disputing the overall popularity of their work. J.T. brought up King & Straub and while both guys are tremendous on their own, there's an interesting synthesis that takes place when the two are working together wherein the end product is really a third voice, very distinct from either of them separately. I also hear tell that Edward Lee and John Pelan are pretty awesome together. Anyone that likes the horror genre and hangs out on a fucking pro-wrestling message board needs to have read Goon.
  3. OSJ


    Dave meandering around? Say it isn't so!
  4. OSJ

    MLB 2018 - AUGUST

    Hey, we all know what the "OS" in my handle stands for, but that said, I agree with you 100%. Most of you guys are too young to remember the guy that was my favorite player when I was a kid, chap name of Tony Conigiaro, played for the BoSox and while he wasn't a Brave, at least he made the Yankees miserable during his first two seasons, then he got beaned, he was never the same player again, instead of carving out a career that would have made people realize what a joke Carl Yastremski actually was, he's a dimly-remembered footnote and a "what might have been". A really tragic case. I have no problem with coming inside to move a guy back off the plate, throwing AT someone with the intent to hit them is a whole different story, that's assault with a deadly weapon.
  5. OSJ

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

  6. OSJ

    That Pet Photos thread

    I can't imagine the cacophony if we tried that with the gang of ten. They're used to having dry food available 24/7 and dinner time is four of the little cans split 9 ways (Sandor won't have anything to do with canned food). It's more of a treat than a meal, but they start giving us the eye around 4PM, and woe should dinner not be served promptly at 5PM! When it's this nice (constant 80s and 90s), we just leave the doors open 24/7 so they can come and go as they please. Works well unless someone decides to "surprise" us with a bird at the crack of dawn as occurred yesterday morning.
  7. OSJ

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    Okay, neither of us have ever been WWE Champ or multi-millionaires before turning forty. However, and I say this as someone who was hugely entertained by CM Punk going back to his indy days and legendary match-ups with Super Dragon in PWG out in Cali. For someone who basically got the brass ring handed to them CM Punk has behaved very much like a certain extremely talented baseball pitcher whom I grew to have little use for as a person. The player? Roger fuckin' Clemens, just possibly the most joyless prick to have ever donned a major league uniform (and believe me, that covers quite a bit of ground when you consider that I had the displeasure of making the acquaintances Of Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey jr. and Alex Rodriguez). Let's see, some dream gigs that Punk's wrestling celebrity opened the door for: Writing a comic or two for Marvel? Hey, I've been writing professionally most of my adult life and can guarantee you that I've forgotten more Marvel history than Phil Brooks will ever learn, but you know what? I wasn't the WWE champ for over a year, so apparently the good folks at Marvel can't find my phone number... Oh, how about an instant signing with UFC? Despite being to all apparent evidence completely untrainable and clueless as to the most basic elements of throwing a strike, Brooks got to sashay in to two highly publicized matches that were an abysmal embarrassment. C'mon, the man is a professional athlete in his late thirties, I limp around on two bad knees and a bad back and I guarantee you that in an MMA match with Punk, this 61 year-old former Muay Thai practitioner would have him looking up at the lights wondering where that baseball bat came from (that would be my shin connecting with the side of his head.) In short, all of the things that he seemingly has professed interest in seem to bring him very little joy. No, I haven't walked a mile in his shoes, I was just thinking about one-time close friends that I've fallen out of touch with, one really good buddy ended up moving to Portland from Seattle, the responsibilities of parent-hood understandably took over (see Doug and I are within three months of each other, but in my case, Kathy's sons from a previous marriage were already in their late teens when Doug's first daughter was born, a second followed two years later and I'm out there playing ball with my step-sons and he's selecting pre-schools, just not a lot of commonality any longer.) I may have mentioned a time or two that I quit drinking just over thirty years ago, but guess what? I've never shut the door on any friends who drink, it was my problem, not theirs, our former next door neighbor who now lives in Vegas was in town Friday, yeah, Ramsey drinks, he never can seem to wrap his head around the idea that we don't, but it's not a big deal. One of these days I might surprise him by stocking up a six-pack so when he asks for a beer, I'll surprise the fuck out of him. No, scratch that, my useless brother-in-law would find it and that's a problem I don't need.
  8. OSJ


    It was Shayna, she's jealous of Black's leather jacket, which looks way more expensive than hers.
  9. OSJ


    First Winnie-the-Pooh, now Johnny Wrestling! Where will it end?
  10. OSJ

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    A very well thought out post and while reflecting over your points I keep coming up to the Occam's Razor ieef you weeel... Sometime's a complex person is painted with a negative brush because of their very complexity. Other times, an asshole is just an asshole.
  11. OSJ

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    Well thankfully Punk has his MMA career to fall back on... Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week, try the waitress and tip the veal!
  12. OSJ

    [NXT] August 1, 2018 TV Show

    I hate to say it, because I like Johnny Wrestling just fine, dude is a great talent... but... what do you do with him? On the main roster he's Sami Zayn without Kevin Owens, he's Daniel Bryan-lite, he's Andrade Almas without the lucha connection; in short, he's a dead man walking. On 205 Live he could be tearing it up with Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami, Drew Gulak, and Buddy Murphy every other week but if you're having ***** matches that no one gets to see, do they really count for much? I don't profess to know much about how the pay-scale works, but I have to assume that the 205 Live guys get substantially less than the folks on RAW & SDL and I don't recall seeing action figures for any of the 205 Live guys (doesn't mean that there aren't any, just that I don't recall seeing one during my not infrequent searches for all things relating to Mustafa Ali and Pete Dunne.)
  13. OSJ

    [NXT] August 1, 2018 TV Show

    Anything to keep them away from Vince, otherwise what's the over/under on "His name is Bate? Great, we'll have the other guy be his butler, so he can call him... Are you with me here, pal? Young Master Bate! BWAHAHAHAHA! Get someone on designing the shirts now! We'll sell a million of 'em!"
  14. OSJ

    [NXT] August 1, 2018 TV Show

    Well. getting kicked a few times in the head by the Dutch Destroyer can certainly alter your perception of things.