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  1. Assuming that I was the only one watching CES 47 yesterday, y'all may have missed a glimpse of something special... Write down "John Douma" on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope for one year. Let's have a look 12/1/18 and see what's what. I think this kid is someone well-worth watching.
  2. Ton of charisma and the kid moves like a man 60-80 lbs. lighter. Tremendous upside!
  3. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Long before we left Seattle, my dear friend, writer/editor Jessica Amanda Salmonson and her partner moved to Bremerton. We visited a few times, and I could definitely see living there. Plenty of places to play darts, kind of lacking in the great restaurants and bookstores area, but you're still close enough to Seattle, for day-long excursions. Helluva a lot cheaper than anywhere in King County.
  4. Is that what they call it? Not to make light of this at all, as where there's smoke, as we've seen, there's often some fire. However, introducing yourself as a "wrestling groupie" or "ringrat" is probably not the best way to establish sympathetic credibility to a mainstream audience.

    I give you the greatest guitarist who ever lived covering Fats Domino...
  6. All these years and I had no idea that Werdum was part of the Flash's Rogues Gallery....
  7. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    It's been ten years, so I've no idea what it's like now, but Lake City was pretty cool and convenient to everywhere.
  8. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Picked pockets.
  9. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Good deal man, hope it pays enough to make it possible to live in Seattle. Cost of living chased us away a decade ago, and you know, other than the seafood and great restaurants, I don't really miss it at all. It's nice to live in a place that actually has seasons. ;-)
  10. Thanks, bro! I'm afraid that I'm too old and jaded to be interested in any sort of Youtube drama. I figure if it really merits my attention, your countryman, Grade A Under A will make a vid about it. ;-)
  11. The big question is: Did he make enough from WWE to buy a chin?
  12. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    You haven't heard about Roddy MacDowell's party trick have you?