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  1. I don't have many heroes, particularly not from the entertainment industry, where phoniness is the order of the day; but John Prine has always been one of my heroes. While this wasn't unexpected (a 73 year-old cancer survivor doesn't have very good odds facing this disease); it still hurts like hell. Prine was the guy that everyone thought Bob Dylan was... Godspeed, Mr. Prine and thanks for all the music!
  2. I think that there's an episode of Ren & Stimpy that they could try to emulate...
  3. Could have been worse, you might have dreamed about eating a ten-pound marshmallow and awakened to find your pillow missing.
  4. Outstanding! Forbidden Planet has always been a favorite. There really should be a whole lot more Shakespearean plays adapted to far-future settings. We really need a space-opera version of Two Gentlemen of Verona or Macbeth. The failure of the Star Trek franchise to do A Merchant of Venice with the Ferenghi has to go down as one of the great missed opportunities. There is simply no better time for classic samurai flicks than the wee hours of the morning!
  5. No one reviewed 5 Masters of Death or Deathmask of the Ninja? Seems odd.
  6. Haven't drank in 31 years, but if they still make Dewar's or J & B, both were drinkable and a lot easier on the wallet than fucking Laphroig. Anyway, on to the wrestling. Joshi is phenomenal, you need to watch some Akira Hokuto (who for a couple of years was probably the best wrestler in the world, male or female. Some Kana kicking bitches in the head before she became "Asuka" is always fun. And if spotfest stuff is your thing, you can't go too far wrong with Manami Toyota. I'm probably a little jaded having watched hours of her stuff to the point that it became routine, but viewing her for the first time was like a religious experience. British Wrestling: Plenty of World of Sport up on Youtube. Do not neglect Rollerball Rocco, the dude could go! British wrestling is experiencing a resurgence thanks to the likes of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bates. 1990s All Japan with Misawa, Kawada, etc is as good as watching Hash or Tsruta do their thing. PR: At its best with fireball-throwing, fork wielding insanity. It's like FMW, though I prefer Onita putting himself over to Carlos Colon hogging the spotlight.
  7. Mark Lewin and Johnny Valentine are the first guys that I think of when someone says "Wrestling god!" That Lewin was (according to Kevin Sullivan who was in a position to know), ripped on acid 90% of the time he was doing the "Purple Haze" gimmick, just makes me like him all the more. Can you imagine working a match high on acid? I really can't and I'm in a pretty good position to know...
  8. One of the greatest guys that it has been my honor to know. His record store was about a mile from my house in Seattle so I got to stop by and shoot the shit about wrestling and music many, many times. Godspeed, Dean!
  9. That last line explains it all. Since it's a tech company, I'm actually surprised that you didn't have anyone masturbating furiously during the call. Yes, I know Washington State techies only far too well, I was a founding manager at Onvia.com
  10. Agreed! I wear shoes once every three months when I go to the doctor. Otherwise, barefoot or slippers. We have throw rugs for a reason.
  11. I'll have to admit that I read that as "John Wick", and was thinking that surely Keanu has better things to do with his time...
  12. What happens Weds? Oh, never mind... 4/1... Is that even a thing anymore?
  13. That's an image that I really didn't need before breakfast; (or after breakfast, for that matter)
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