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  1. In all due seriousness ask your doc about a cortisone shot. I've had four of them over the years as the result of throwing 34 gram darts several hours a day, day in, day out. A few years back it was either do another shot or retire from the sport. Considering that I was as good as I was ever going to get (not as good as the guys that you see on TV, but the next level down. Good enough to place in regional tourneys, but not good enough to win one.) Anyway, for me the cortisone worked wonders, but then the frequency of needing a shot increased, so I figured it was time to hang 'em up. I'm not 100% on this, but I think that they have stuff now that they can inject right into the calcium deposit and it just dissolves the deposit.
  2. This last sounds like something I would enjoy immensely if only as a brief respite from my immersion in John Scalzi As I have remarked elsewhere, Scalzi is without a doubt the best SF writer going today, and when you can unseat Charles Stross, that's saying something. And in the interest of full disclosure, Scalzi is not one of my buds, he wouldn't know me if I crashed into him. My love for his writing is based only on the work itself. Granted, I've read enough of his non-fiction and advice to the newbies to come to the conclusion that he's a pretty good dude, but I do not know the man.
  3. Yeah, Double A definitely belongs in the discussion (for that matter so do Liger and El Samurai, though Liger is quite capable of ruining a match by being "cute".)
  4. Hmmm... English is my first language, but I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to extract what you're getting at here. If your contention is that the WWE braintrust (such as it is) turned Hager into a shitty worker, I have to disagree, he has ALWAYS been a shitty worker and a channel-changer when he talks. If your contention is that developmental failed by not pushing CODY to the moon, I couldn't disagree more. He needed to find himself away from the VKM circus and he did so. WWE developmental fails far more often than they get it right because a certain crazy old man has a fixed idea of what a wrestler ought to be. Can you imagine Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus in today's WWE? No, probably not and they are a fucking license to print money, everyone from eight to eighty loves the storyline of a "a boy and his dinosaur".
  5. Word. We will tell our kids and grand-kids that we got to watch Tanahashi at his peak. He may be past his peak just a little know but he's still top 5 in the world. A once in a generation talent, maybe a once in a lifetime talent; there's never been anyone else that's been so good for so long.
  6. That is beyond cool, my brother... Kathy pretty tolerates wrestling, though I can see her getting excited by a particularly good angle. She has watched NJPW with me and is into Naito, so that's cool. (She can't remember his name and refers to him as "the guy that used to spit on people", but that's something. She fails to appreciate the greatness that is Tanahashi and the only thing she's had to say about Kenny Omega is "Why does he keep making faces like that, are his trunks too tight or something?"
  7. Hell, I'm 62 with a bad back and no knees to speak of and I could be carried to a decent match with those guys. The fact that Hager has been at this so long and failed to get an iota better is pretty damning of his lack of professionalism or complete lack of talent, I'm not sure which it is, but he pretty much sucks.
  8. Well, my 7 inch Predator Elder (Golden Angel) arrived yesterday and is pretty damn cool, well worth the forty bucks. My only complaint is that if you are going to make a figure this detailed and cool, why can you not give him articulated hands so that he may grasp his weapons properly? I know, he's just for display on my desk so it's a job for superglue, but still, for forty bucks you can't give him hands that close? Cheapass motherfuckers.
  9. Good Lord, man... Fuck the Aleve and Salon Pas patches, ask your doc for some oxycodone. My back and knees are pretty much shot (little if any cartilage in either knee), and without the oxy, I'd be pretty much immobile because of the pain. As it is, I can function quite normally, no, I can't drop and run five miles like I could in my twenties, but at least I can walk without undue pain.
  10. The story about the pressure to reach 61 is obviously just that, a story. Maris and Mantle had their duel in 1961, Maris was still a holy terror with the bat (and defensively, I might add) through the 1964 season. If the line is PTSD from the HR chase, okay, but in no way was he apparently affected by it after the season was over. (Yeah, during the season he was chain-smoking and literally losing his hair because of the pressure to beat the Babe's record after he'd left Mantle in the dust.) Thing is, once the season was over it was back to business as usual for the next three years. He didn't fall off a cliff until he went to the Cards and that hardly seemed a bad move for his hitting. Look at what Cepeda did there, (also a dead pull hitter, though with considerably more power).
  11. Christ on a pogo-stick, I can't think of anyone who has been at it longer that has shown so little improvement as Hager. As long as he's used as Jericho's stooge and they keep him well away from the ring, fine. I still shudder to recall his title reign and push in the WWE, never has a guy with so little talent been pushed quite as hard (and I remember Tom Magee). Hager is the guy whose matches you put on when you want people to leave. I swear the guy can break up a party faster than playing the Mentors.
  12. Now here's one for Yankees fans: Whatever happened to Roger Maris? From 1960-1964 the man was a holy terror with the bat. After 1964, he pretty much fell off a cliff, what happened? No, it wasn't that he was getting old, the dude was thirty in 1964, thirty... That's supposed to be your prime as a hitter, look at his contemporary Frank Robinson or Willie Mays, hell even Mantle bag legs and all was a major threat in 1964. What the hell became of Maris? Was it the chain-smoking in the dugout? Or something else?
  13. You must admit that would be the greatest thing ever.
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