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  1. OSJ

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    These non-stop trades which ultimately don't seem to serve any purpose other than making a deal for the sake of making a deal have me wondering if Dipoto is clinically insane or at least suffering from OCD. Just when you think they are doing a deal to dump salary, he makes another deal that negates any savings from the first transaction. I seriously have no idea what the endgame to these antics is.
  2. OSJ

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    The man is in a hospital bed and doing these deals. While I like this trade for the Ms, there's no telling if the the guy even suits up as a Mariner the Dipoto seems obsessive/compulsive about doing deals. I have no fucking clue what the roster is going to look like on opening day, (nor do I think does Dipoto).
  3. OSJ

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    Well, I can think of two reasons that Boyer isn't in and they aren't good reasons... Their names are George Brett and Mike Schmidt. The sad thing is BBWA completely ignored context, and just deemed Boyer inferior. They have never known what to make of the 3rd base position and can't seem to grasp the idea that it's a 50/50 proposition, so Graig Nettles and Darrell Evans get the stinkeye too. Dick Allen's stats would seem to merit inclusion. Bill James makes a pretty good argument for Allen sabotaging most of his teams with his antics. I can see that, ALbert Belle was/is an asshole, but he was an asshole that helped Cleveland win ball games, Dick Allen was a jerk that caused his teams to implode. Far as I'm concerned, he can sit outside Cooperstown till doomsday.
  4. OSJ

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    I869-1900: I got no one and really think that the book should be closed on this period. 1900-1930: Ditto, when you're putting in guys like Ray Schalk, Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers it's time to move on. 1930-1946: There are still some viable candidates from this period, I would suggest Bob Johnson as someone who deserves a closer look. This is a period that now relies pretty heavily on SABR members as there are not a lot of folks around who actually saw any of these guys play unless they started in the 1940s and played into the 1950s, and even so, I was born in 1957 so anyone that saw any of these players during the time period I'm suggesting is getting up there in years. I would suggest that contemporary newspaper accounts and quotes from active players at the time goes a long way to supplementing raw numbers. For years there were several of us (including Bill James) who were banging the drum for Yankees 2nd baseman Joe Gordon. Well, he finally made it, so perhaps the next player from this era should be "Indian" Bob Johnson. He's borderline and has been dead many years, and I don't know about whether or not he has grandchildren or other relatives that are around to appreciate the honor, so barring that, I'm not going to wail that keeping him out is a crime, but putting him in certainly doesn't hurt anything. 1946-1970 : Tabe has suggested Bill Freehan. I give you Ken Boyer. Oddly enough, the discussion of 1960s players used to revolve around Tony Oliva and I hardly hear him mentioned these days, likely because anyone that saw him play is in their 60s or older. I don't think he belongs and I'm not as sold on Freehan as Tabe is, but I'll concede that he's a better choice than I initially thought: 1970 (or 1965) -1995 : Okay, we've done Keith Hernandez to death, I don't think we need to all sing the praises of Lou Whitaker and Bobby Grich, they are both bonafide HOFrs and keeping them out is a crime. So let me give my three guys from the more or less modern era: Darrell Evans, Dave Parker, Dwight Evans. I'll be back with Keltner lists for all three.
  5. OSJ

    The Awesome/Annoying TV COMMERCIAL Thread

    Sweet tap-dancing Jeebus, is that a real thing? I'm really afraid to Google it.
  6. Make that 101 times, I just watched it again. It always seems real dusty in here when "Blue Christmas" plays over the closing credits.
  7. OSJ

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    This actually makes a lot of sense. Maybe I'm somewhat an elitist (oh fuck it, there's no maybe about it), so I naturally gravitate to the idea of having the voting body comprised as much possible by people who know their shit. Hence, my suggestion of SABR members. You have to really love baseball, be statistically inclined, and pay membership dues to belong. That eliminates the casual fan voting for Kent Hrbek, because he was their favorite player as a kid and similar nonsense. What you suggest is great in that it stimulates interest in HOF, while remaining a small enough percentage to eliminate tomfoolery, which we have enough of from the BBWA as it is. I still like the idea of adding a panel of "experts" from SABR, as the more knowledgeable the voting body is, the better. I can guaranfuckingtee you that no SABR committee would have inducted Harold Baines.
  8. OSJ

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    Wise words SM, wise words indeed.
  9. OSJ

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    Or they change the composition of the voters by adding a group of say, 100 SABRE members... MLB would never dare say that Bonds or Clemens is ineligible, the Players Union would have a fit (and rightly so).
  10. OSJ


    Well, it's this and I'm really not complaining, I love Dan Baird's stuff:
  11. OSJ

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    So, if I understand the rules correctly, if Fred McGriff drops off the current ballot (as seems likely, damn it), he'll be eligible for consideration by the Modern Era Committee since his career began in 1986? BTW: Early could meet once every fifty years from now on and that would be about right. There might be one or two guys they've overlooked but that era is over-represented that it has become ridiculous. High Pockets Kelly, my Irish ass.
  12. Hell, we have posters on this board who are way funnier, some even intentionally.
  13. OSJ

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Thanks for this, good read. Am I correct in thinking that next year we get both "Early Baseball" and "Golden Days"? I'm sure that the former will cause my bile and venom to spew as far as I'm concerned every possible pioneer of the game has been inducted and it makes no sense to keep lowering the bar just so they can show off a picture of some drunk bastard with a handlebar mustache. Now "Golden Days" could be fun, I'm old enough that I got to see some of these guys as a kid and had older cousins talk about the players they idolized. You know I'm on the Ken Boyer bandwagon, but another name that my cousins always brought up was Vern Stephens. I guess he was somewhat of an asshat, but God damn, look at some of those seasons and the guy was a fucking shortstop!
  14. OSJ

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    I did not know that. This just went from "stupid choice" to "fucking outrage", why have no writers picked up on this little factoid?