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  1. I was fully expecting to hear a booming voice pronounce "Fatality!" and Valentina to sprout a couple of extra reptilian heads or something and go suck the marrow from Jessica's bones or something along those lines.
  2. Well, on paper this looks like a real predictable, ho-hum, business as usual card which means it's likely to be filled with all sorts of surprises and upsets. Seriously, unless Bones comes in coked up out of his mind talking to shadow people, I don't see this going past the second round. I'd like to say that Katlyn makes an interesting opponent for Valentina, but she really doesn't. I expect Valentina to pull her into pieces and reassemble her in some grotesque fashion. It's likely make it or break it time for Mirsad after the drubbing he received from Josh Emmett, that's the sort of loss that makes a fighter look deep inside to see what's really there. I fully expect Bektic to bounce back in spectacular fashion, but one never knows, that was the sort of beating that changes a fighter forever. By all logic, Bektic is in his prime and should come back all charged up and craftier. He's one of those guys who seemingly has a bottomless bag of different ways to beat you, so as much as I respect Dan Ige (particularly after taking the fight away from "The Angel of Death" in his last outing), I'm afraid that Ige is probably in for a long and rather unpleasant evening.
  3. The current crop needs to study the greats like Artie Simek; basically, if you notice the lettering it is being done poorly.
  4. It's New Mexico, once you eliminate convicted criminals it's a pretty small pool to draw from.
  5. MMA would be greatly enhanced by hiring screeching woman from PRIDE. Wonder what she's doing these days?
  6. Here are the players that I would vote in before Derek fucking Jeter: 1. Vern Stephens 2. Indian Bob Johnson 3. Joe Adcock 4. Don Baylor 5. I reserve this spot for guys like Rusty Staub who should get a serious look. Anyone that wants to argue baseball with me is invited to step right up.
  7. Graig Nettles called to say "Not in this lifetime!"
  8. My wife just said "It's WWE, who gives a shit anymore? AEW is fun to watch!"
  9. Sorry, as I've said before Sanderson is more organized as a writer than I will ever dream of being. That said, I always see the strings and that takes me out of the story. Yes, he knows exactly what the fuck he's doing, that's not necessarily a good thing. I don't dispute that he's far more organized than I can ever dream of being just as I don't dispute that KISS sold a lot more records than Roy Wood will ever dream of.
  10. My brother, this is spoken like a true foodie. Shrimp in a salad with Old Bay sounds wonderful! I shall have to try it! If I'm going to put shrimp in a salad I usually go the route of Ceasar dressing and go from there (adding anchovies, of course). Shrimp salad sans anchovies would be a new thing, but hardly unwelcome.
  11. Qualify that by saying that you can discern the low criminal mentality by such features as shifty eyes and a weak chin such as that man over there and point at the judge.
  12. I am and have always been a Braves fan, which makes the Yankees and Dodgers automatically hateful. I had to grow up with a bunch of other kids wearing #7 on their jackets. I remained a loyal supporter of the Holy Trinity of Mathews, Aaron, and Adcock.
  13. I realize that it was before your time, but the Yankees were the evil empire and the Sawx were perhaps the equivalent of the 1990s Braves, a team that on paper looked to be able to forge a dynasty, but almost always fell short. Quite frankly, if they had a better player than Yaz in the field and at the bat they might have done better. Yaz is one of the most over-rated players to ever play the game. He was pretty damn sub-par for all of about four years of his career. Darrell Evans get knocked for having the same sort of career despite having played a more difficult position for much of his career. Yaz isn't the worst guy in the HOF, but he'd damn sure make the 2020 version of "Throw the Rascals Out" should I get bored and decide to do one.
  14. 1967-1975 and thereabouts. We had such hopes for Tony Conigliaro, Boomer Scott, Yaz, etc.
  15. You just know that I would so fucking wear that in public. Too bad it doesn't come in my size.
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