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  1. OSJ


    Vic, you're first line is perhaps the truest critique of wrestling ever written. Bravo.
  2. It is, and that's exactly what I think will happen. What it may or may not mean for the title is problematic. I like the idea of being able to see much more of Pete Dunne, but I also worry that whoever takes the strap will not be of the same caliber to get the importance of the title over.
  3. OSJ

    What are you reading?

    It's odd just how poorly Ian Fleming has aged and how well his thriller contemporary John Blackburn has held up. That there was never a film series devoted to General Kirk, Sir Marcus & Tania Levin, etc. remains a great missed opportunity. Young Roger Moore was an excellent Simon Templar, old Roger Moore was a horrible Bond, but so were the scripts. Every one of those awful films should be redone properly. I'd love to see Idris Elba cast in the role, not only could he pull it off well, I like to think of Fleming spinning in his grave over the idea of a black Bond. ;-) Fuck him, the old racist twit.
  4. OSJ

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    C'mon, the man is still holding a higher batting average than his weight, (barely).
  5. OSJ

    So, How's It Going?

    Turns out our smallest cat, Sansa found the bird and unfortunately for bird lovers it's as dead as Dillinger, it's also somewhere outside which is just fine by me. I really should be working instead of fooling around on the Internet, but what the hell, a deadline that's a week away is like no deadline at all. ;-)
  6. OSJ

    So, How's It Going?

    Damn it to hell, Jackpot brought a bird home, it was still alive and like the big, lumbering buffoon he is, he lost it and it went under the bed. Damn it, now I have to move a bunch of shit from under the bed and possibly the bed itself to find the damn thing. Meanwhile, he's forgotten all about it and is outside sunning himself, stupid cat.
  7. OSJ

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    I'm going to get political as hell and if I get banned so be it. No one in this country that isn't in a high risk job like law enforcement needs a gun. I've made it to almost sixty-one years old with never firing one and I've worked in and hung out in some places that even the cops wouldn't go, I've had guns pulled on me twice and both times talked the guy down from doing something stupid. Unless you're a subsistence hunter (I have no use for trophy hunters, fuck them and the horse they rode in on), you simply have no need of a rifle of any kind. Semi-automatic weapons? Let's get real, the only reason they exist is to kill large numbers of people by unskilled marksmen. If you feel the need to have one you are at best a psychopath. Handguns? Now we get into an interesting area, other than the afore-mentioned law enforcement, I have no problem with someone in a dangerous situation who is properly trained owning and carrying a handgun. I'll include medical personnel on the graveyard shift, private security guards, cab drivers, I don't really care as long as you can (a.) prove qualified training and (b.) re-qualify every five years. Oh, and NO ONE needs more than one gun unless they are collecting pre-1900 firearms or black -powder weapons, I don't get the fascination, but it seems a fairly harmless hobby.
  8. OSJ

    That Pet Photos thread

    Cats seem to have a different standard of "warm enough" from us hairless apes. It's well into the eighties here and when I took a nap this afternoon I awoke to find Sersei cuddled up next to me, she was like a little heater, but I didn't want her to feel rejected so I just put up with it. Yes, our cats have us trained.
  9. OSJ


    How can one loathe Tanahashi & Okada???
  10. OSJ

    That Pet Photos thread

    Cats will hiss at each other until they learn the awesome secret: Other cat = warm!
  11. OSJ

    Epic Fantasy

    Mr. Moorcock would like you to think so. Seriously, I've read Moorcock longer than many posters here have been alive and while I'm a huge fan of the guy both as a writer and a person (what he did with New Worlds was fucking heroic), I have very little patience with his retconning everything into the Eternal Champion series. Mike, I love ya, and I'll buy your books anyway, you don't have to con me. Let me state for the record that I find the Jerry Cornelius stuff to be neither entertaining, funny, or worth reading under any circumstance. I applaud White Wolf for putting the foot down and refusing to include any of it in their masterful Moorcock collection (detailed earlier in the thread). Moorcock is very much the case of the scenario where you have a brilliant artist and another man. The job of the brilliant artist is to create a masterpiece, the job of the other man is to hit him over the head when it's finished so the artist doesn't screw it up with self-indulgent bullshit. Moorcock needs that other man present much of the time.
  12. OSJ

    Funniest novels?

    Me again... I''m not sure that any of his work belongs in the total funny category, but the novels of Harry Crews are loaded with funny (if rather grotesque) stuff. If I were to tell you that among my favorite novels are books about a body builder, a trailer park manager, a gospel singer, a soap salesman, and a boxer who can knock himself out you might think I've gone mad. Somehow Crews makes this stuff work, he turns a magnifying glass on the weirdest that humanity has to offer and damned if we don't see parts if ourselves reflected. For my money, the greatest American novelist after Faulkner and McCarthy.
  13. OSJ

    Funniest novels?

    Allow me to bring up the works of Thomas Sharpe , such as A Riotous Assembly , The Throwback, etc. Jim Blaylock, a pretty funny guy in his own right, turned me on to Sharpe in the 1980s. Funny, crude, offensive (to the right people), in short, everything I look for in satire. Also, considering the number of Pratchett fans on this board, the lack of discussion of one of his major sources makes me sad. Thorne Smith was a lot more than just the "Topper" novels. Rain in the Doorway is the single funniest book I've ever read and re-read (much to the annoyance of the wife, who was trying to sleep while I kept laughing out loud). Check him out, hell, he's probably on Project Gutenberg. And here's one that may surprise y'all... Robert Bloch, author of Psycho and many other horror novels, was a funny, funny guy. Bloch always wanted to be a comic working vaudeville, but we know what happened there... Bloch would occasionally be able to slip in the funny story to a Hitchcock antho, but he only really got to show his comedic talents a few times. There's the "Lefty Feep" stories (and a basic knowledge of Damon Runyon will enhance the experience), and then the novels from Unknown such as Nursemaid to Nightmares and The Eager Dragon. Funny stuff.
  14. The only thing about this tourney that concerns me is the possibility that Pete Dunne ends up dropping the strap. That would be awful, they need to strap the rocket to this guy NOW, and enjoy the next two decades of packed houses whenever he appears. This kid has it all in spades.
  15. OSJ

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    How about we do Elric of Melnibone and forget the JRRT stuff entirely?