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  1. Just grabbed it. Should be ready to roll by the time I get home. It wasn't there when I first checked but I'm up at 3:30 every morning. I basically get up yesterday to go to work.
  2. You beat me by seconds....with dongs. You beat me with dongs. Dongs...
  3. Big Dongs....W*ang...I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down. It's all dicks. Dicks I tells ya.
  4. I got my first tv deal last night. It's three grand a month. Mind you, I've sold out the 15,000 seater in town like 5 times. Where are the Khan's? JACKSONVILLE?!?! WHERE'S THE LOVE?
  5. Welcome home, Dean. I hope to hear you are wielding your hammer and swilling ale soon enough. As a veteran of the Big Green Board, this place has been a constant for years and you are a huge part of that. Kick it's ass, sea bass.
  6. I've run into the injury thing with strong style as well. I used the cheat so I now have 18 guys on my roster but I'm having to rotate guys on and off to avoid the injuries. I had two guys hospitalized in the first 3 months.
  7. I discovered this by accident last night. Match quality jumped noticeably the more expensive the ref got.
  8. So, my save was doomed but I restarted. I used the L1 L2 cheat and while it's nice to have the ability to start with a bigger roster, it also jacks your starting cash to 10 million which sort of sucks the air out of the challenge. Still, booking Fire Pro...not bitching. I fucking love this add on.
  9. I did. It really is acting like a glitch. I'll dig in again after work today and see what I can figure out.
  10. Has anyone run into problems with the inter-promotional show? It won't let me confirm or edit the show. I'm told to confirm the show to proceed but weh I go to do it, the cursor/highlight is stuck on "return." Did I get a hosed save? Am I dumb? How dumb am I?
  11. I started a King's Road style promotion with a bunch of my own creations and, right off the bat, the matches were kick ass. Now that I have a bit more insight into how to manage my roster, things may get more interesting.
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