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  1. Ramsey


    Me too, Wang Newton...me too...
  2. I've been knocked off my horse on three different occasions because kitty kitty came out of nowhere and spooked her. I'm with you.
  3. Be careful with the "sprint through the story and then come back" strategy. I did that very thing and a bunch of side missions vanish after the epilogues.
  4. Random mysterious deaths eh? Anyone been to the meteor cabin yet?
  5. I think that last patch broke Beechers Hope somewhat. I'm playing post epilogue and some of the cut scenes/scenarios that used to take place on the ranch are now missing.
  6. I made the mistake of sprinting through the story, "saving" the side missions only to have a bunch of them close up by time I got to pure free play after the epilogue.
  7. Figure there's going to be DLC for this one?
  8. Ramsey


    You're not the only one here admiring his WANG...
  9. There is a throwback to the first game that is SOOOOO utterly fucking great that I can't wait to nerd out on. However, I don't want spoilers either so I'll wait However, suffice it to say, the writing in this one is very solid.
  10. Today I am a dumbass. I just found out how to access Arthur's Journal. (Thanks Phil.)
  11. I'll just say this. I've been in a blizzard at night in the Sawtooth mountains and that opening scene was eerily accurate. This game is really something else....
  12. Ramsey

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    I dropped my subscription to the network a year ago. This is pretty solid confirmation for me that I made the right decision. Abominable...
  13. Ramsey


    So, can anyone help a brother out with the timing for the MMA stuff. I can seem to hit anything from the front, top, or rear. I just can't seem to find the window. Help!
  14. Ramsey


    Meanwhile I'm over here subbing to anyone's completely original guy or the blander indie dudes just to fill out rosters and what not. "Jazen Blayde? Kick pads? Come on in:"
  15. Ramsey


    I bought the deluxe... Please, gods of wrasslin' games, don't take my money and not give me DLC.