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  1. For someone that is used to soccer silly season, the NBA offseason is so insane wild by comparison. The way that a player's market value changes from season to season is mind boggling.
  2. Love pet sitting this old lady hihihi She's, most likely, the only dog to ever piss on the 2nd longest European bridge. (we got stuck in an insane traffic jam for about two hours because of massive accident, nightmare)
  3. Didn't like it as much as I did Homecoming, but it was super cute, and that's how I like my Spidey.
  4. Neon Genesis Evangelion I vaguely remembered watching the first episode way back in the 90's, as kid (11, 12, 13?) the scene when a naked Rei falls on top of Shinji was imprinted in my mind forever (that was apparently a lot for my horny young self). Because the show was either on cable (that I did not have) or on a friend's VHS tape (I'm not sure) it meant that I never watched more than that first episode. Fast forward to about 3 years ago when I decided to finally watch the whole thing, of what was now one of the most famous and important animes of all time that I had culturally absorbed throughout years, and not only wasn't that Rei scene hot at all I fucking hated the show and stopped on episode 10 (episode 9 was the real breaking point, but I forced myself to watch one more). Fast forward, again, to now and the big news that EVA was finally (legally) coming back to the West in full force on Netflix. Somehow the EVA allure was too strong for me to resist and bit the bullet I decided to watch it (but from episode 11 on). Even with the translation controversy going on (ooof) and some little things that still annoyed me, these "new" episodes had way less of the tonal weirdness that threw me off the first time and I was gradually enjoying the show more and more until... NEON GENESIS EVANGELION EPISODE: 25 Do you love me? Huh... This got real good all of sudden... NEON GENESIS EVANGELION FINALE Take care of yourself I'm not worthy.This is one the greatest things I've ever watched. I'm not worthy. Do yourself a favor watch NGE. Do it.
  5. Tom Cruise is just a eccentric millionaire having fun adventures all over the world and somehow gets paid to do it.
  6. If you're a dumb nerd that likes video games and shit check this man's channel It's marvelous, marvelous!
  7. There was a cute segment involving Creed and Kenny Omega right at the end.
  8. The world wept. The absolute boy, Johnny Vignocchi, did not ride with the crew on Nite Three. The big N claims another soul. (this is purposely obtuse, do not worry if you don't get it)
  9. This. I never played Final Fantasy games (I dabbled a little with 3 and 4 (I think?) on an emulator like 16 years ago), but I'm fully aware that a lot of people are going nuclear over the Remake. I think folks might be underestimating all the weebs (I'm using this term in the most affectionate way possible) that loved this Squeenix conference.
  10. This. The logo kinda looks like the MCU Avengers logo but not quite, the characters, the theme song. Fucking weird.
  11. They also talked about it for 20 plus minutes without actually saying something of substance. That part with the 2 devs pointing at a character's icon and saying "do you like that green guy that's big and strong... THE HULK!?!?!?!?" What.
  12. What the fuck was that Avengers game presentation. What a mess. Shout out to the cast though, love those guys.
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