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  1. Thanks brocklock for writing what I couldn't be assed to. Amazing movie.
  2. Portugal is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.
  3. Fucking Zé of all people. I can't.
  4. Why Levy why? Cursed summer. Never again.
  5. Can anyone explain me if there's a particular reason(s) that the WWE went from family friendly PG-13 to Bobby Lashley Cuckmaster Supreme?
  6. Lawful Metal, I hope he sees this.
  7. I'm very happy to see Isaiah Thomas playing well again. I always find mind boggling how, in the NBA, a player can go from MVP candidate to being the butt of jokes about being washed in the span of a season.
  8. Lawful Metal approaching dril levels of entertaining, congrats dude. Whatever curse the Warriors have is not going away soon.
  9. They really fucking did it. In front of everyone. lol
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