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  1. Yeah, a hideous one indeed.
  2. That made it all the better. Ridiculous to throw away your last review.
  3. Is there a reason that the Freebirds went to AWA, rather than staying in World Class post-Parade of Champions 1985? I'd assume money, but I'm primarily asking because the Observer seemed to believe they were set for a stay in World Class, yet they only hung around for a few weeks.
  4. Have posted a few on my Twitter account recently, so easiest way is to share them via tweets. Apologies if that's a pain.
  5. Word going around that Whyte failed a drugs test prior to the match against Rivas.
  6. Not a new game, but has anyone played Mount and Blade: Warband for the PS4? Thoughts?
  7. The cut in Round 6 of the Dorticos/Tabiti looked bad. Was waiting for it to be called off.
  8. It's typical that for once there are two decent fights on one evening. My Sky set up means I can't record a channel I'm not watching, so will need to decide between that fight and the Galahad/Warrington fight.
  9. Is Briedis versus Glowacki likely to be worth a watch?
  10. I don't really begrudge it - my actual dig was primarily because he should also have a loss on his record. I'm not a big fan of arrogance at the best of times, let alone when it is through living a charmed life that you still are in that position to begin with.
  11. That's the biggest annoyance about this whole thing. You'll now have Wilder sounding off, even though he was lucky to get a draw against Fury.
  12. Yeah, I think so. I've always believed that intentionality should be the key, but after that it becomes dependent on whether it stops a goal or pass to a player that is going to score, etc. Flicking it up towards nowhere as Mane did isn't that.
  13. But that's where the handball rule is a joke. It wasn't intentional. He didn't stop a goal or a pass by having an arm out. It hit his chest and bounced onto his arm. In no way did it have an impact on Liverpool's actual attack considering just flicking it against a defender isn't really doing anything. Letter of the law it is a penalty. Common sense...it sucks.
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