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  1. Just finished 'The Fifth Season'. Amazing. My project centers around reading 75 authors I've owned but never read anything of - however, I do really want to read the next one. As the project works alongside a 'not buying any books this year' resolution, might have to get it out of the library and read it alongside the other ones I'm looking at.
  2. I like a lot of fairly standard ones, but a musical I was really surprised by when I went to see it was 'Merrily We Roll Along'. Was brilliant. I was hoping Opening Doors was the song that came up for this, but isn't quite working out.
  3. I couldn't see a thread on this, so if there is one it hasn't seemingly been for a while. I've been listening to a fair few different songs from my favourite musical theatre shows in recent days, so thought it'd be interesting to see what people like when it comes to this form of entertainment. I'll add mine later, but thought this post could get the ball rolling. Since it is musical as well, you can include films and all that if needs be.
  4. Yeah, I loved it. Just really good. I didn't like my next book as much, but haven't written about it yet. Currently reading 'The Fifth Season' at the moment, which has started off interestingly at least.
  5. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but... ....I don't like this.
  6. Having gone back a bit to listen to Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde by Alcest, I was wondering if anyone could recommend bands or albums that are similar in style perhaps? Really enjoyed their stuff. Cheers.
  7. Liam

    EURO 2020

    San Marino currently 1-0 down against Scotland. Can the underdogs hold on for a famous victory?
  8. An excellent read. Well worth your time.
  9. Decided it'll probably just be easier to copy the Tweets I make about the books I read.
  10. That was a nasty challenge by that Millwall player. Deserved red card.
  11. http://scalingthetbrpile.home.blog/2019/03/14/book-11-look-whos-back-by-timur-vermes/ Book 11 was 'Look Who's Back' by Timur Vermes. TL;DR a thought provoking book looking at what what happen to Hitler if he suddenly turned up in 2011. The answer? A celebrity. Well worth a read.
  12. I don't quite get what made them change their mind. I guess the argument is that the ball came back from a Watford player, although that only happened because Sterling was offside and the defender needed to make a play on the ball.
  13. http://scalingthetbrpile.home.blog/2019/03/09/book-10-the-famished-road-by-ben-okri/ Book ten was 'The Famished Road' by Ben Okri. TL;DR some moments of magic amongst a narrative that just felt like it meandered for me all too often.
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