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  1. 636. ‘Voices Carry’, ‘Til Tuesday (1985) Influenced by: Only the Lonely • The Motels (1982) Influence on: I Touch Myself • Divinyls (1991) Covered by: Gang Green (1986) • Morella’s Forest (1995) • Vitamin C (2005) • Toxic Audio (2005) • Tiffany (2007) • MGMT (2009) I’m somewhat conflicted by this. As I was listening and reading the book at the same time, I didn’t care too much for what I was hearing until the entry spoke to how the music tonally fit the narrative of the lyrics. I guess that was pretty cool, as was the idea that this was originally
  2. 631. ‘State of Shock’, The Jacksons featuring Mick Jagger (1984) Influenced by: State of Shock • Ted Nugent (1979) Influence on: Hooked on Polkas • “Weird Al” Yankovic (1985) Covered by: DJ Flash & King MC (1984) Other key tracks: Torture (1984) • Body (1984) • One More Chance (1984) There are many things about this I didn’t know. I wasn’t aware that Michael Jackson still recorded with his brothers after his breakout as a solo artist, nor did I realise that he had ever done a song with Mick Jagger. As mentioned in the book, their vocal
  3. I'm back....and better than ever! Or something. 628. ‘Rattlesnake’, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (1984) Influenced by: Walk on the Wild Side • Lou Reed (1972) Influence on: Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken • Camera Obscura (2006) Covered by: Tori Amos (2001) Other key track: Perfect Skin (1984) I believe that this is a song I’d have enjoyed a fair bit more when I was younger. Not to say I didn’t like what I heard, but the highfaluting literary references and oblique references are something that would have appealed to the more prete
  4. 425. ‘Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)’, Scritti Politti (1984) Influenced by: Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough Michael Jackson (1979) Influence on: I Feel for You • Chaka Khan (1984) Covered by: Audio Thieves (2006) Other key tracks: The Sweetest Girl (1981) • Hypnotize (1985) • Perfect Way (1985) Coming into this song, I thought it might be like ‘Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder – a song I assumed I’d never heard of, but was immediately recognisable. That wasn’t the case whatsoever as I couldn’t place this at all, yet the overall sound felt familiar. That is probab
  5. 621. ‘Boys of Summer’, Don Henley (1984) Influenced by: Caney Creek • The Dillards (1973) Influence on: Runaway Trains • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (1987) Covered by: Roger Daltrey (1998) • DJ Sammy (2002) • Bree Sharp (2002) • The Ataris (2003) • Paul Young (2006) The introduction to this always reminds me of the Terminator soundtrack for some reason, while the song as a whole to me seems to somehow occupy a space where it feels like it is both older and newer than the actual year it came out. I had no idea that Henley was the singer for t
  6. 618. ‘I Feel For You’, Chaka Khan (1984) Influenced by: I Feel for You • Pointer Sisters (1982) Influence on: Who’s Zoomin’ Who • Aretha Franklin (1985) Covered by: The Flying Pickets (1991) • El Caco (2008) Other key tracks: I’m Every Woman (1979) • Ain’t Nobody (1983) This is a great example of magpie-ing as this song saw really interesting elements taken from disparate places, all stuck together to create a really good four minutes of music. This was originally a Prince song, fused rap and R&B, had a bit of Stevie Wonder on the Harm
  7. 615. ‘Immigres/Bitim Rew’, Youssou N’Dour (1984) This is another song that I’d love to be able to talk about with some level of knowledge, but I know so little about N’Dour and this style of music. Like many, I mainly know of him based on the song ‘7 Seconds’, but this was the song that took him into the international mainstream. N’Dour’s wailing high pitched wailing vocals play across an exciting polyrhythmic (primarily) percussive melody, something which I always appreciate of music from Africa – just the sheer amount of different instruments, tones and sounds they
  8. 611. ‘Two Tribes’, Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1983) Influenced by: I Feel Love • Donna Summer (1977) Influence on: Paranoimia • The Art of Noise (1986) Covered by: Rosetta Stone (2000) • Doctor & The Medics (2008) Other key track: One February Friday (1984) • War (1984) • The Power of Love (1984) What a one-two punch when you consider that this followed ‘Relax’. It might be because the former is somewhat overplayed, but I think I prefer ‘Two Tribes’ as a song. It is another one where the video was so important as Reagan and Chernenko e
  9. 607. ’99 Luftballoons’, Nena (1983) This is an already good song – a chirpy take on nuclear annihilation – that has been helped along over the years by its use in popular culture. I think the original German edges the remade UK version that came out the following year, with the original also being the song that went to number 2 in the US (the English version had more success in the UK). It is very synth heavy in a way that could feel dated, but the driving drums and urgent vocals of Nena herself make it a song that still ‘works’ even today. 608.
  10. 603. ‘It’s Like That’, Run DMC (1983) Not the easiest to find since it has been somewhat usurped by the vs Jason Nevins remix. This initial version is a lot sparer in terms of the backing as a drum track allows the rhymes and lyrics to do the work. This was apparently a groundbreaking song in terms of its atmosphere as it was a darker, edgier take on popular rap music, a genre that was still in its infancy. This is a weird one as I much prefer the remix as it adds a funkier layer to things, yet appreciate that the original song very much has its merits for the time it
  11. 600. ‘Song to the Siren’, This Mortal Coil (1983) Influenced by: 1/1 • Brian Eno (1978) Influence on: If I Had Glass Hands and Glass Feet • School of Seven Bells (2008) Covered by: Sally Oldfield (1996) • The Czars (2000) • Susheela Raman (2001) • Robert Plant (2002) • David Gray (2007) • John Frusciante (2009) This was actually a cover of a Tim Buckley song, though the book claims that this was arguably a better rendition. Whether that is true or not, the melancholy oozes out of this throughout. The spare instrumentation allows Liz Fraser’s vocals t
  12. 595. ‘A New England’, Billy Bragg (1983) I’m always a sucker for a good singer/songwriter tune, and that is what I think ‘A New England’ offers. I went and saw Frank Turner at Wembley Stadium and Billy Bragg supported him with a good set. However, it was telling to me that it was this song that was the only one I really took away from it. The main chorus lyric begs to be sung aloud, the song doesn’t overstay its welcome, and the driving guitar throughout helps to add that sense of pace. The only thing I’ve always been a little confused about is the production – it sou
  13. 592. ‘Situation’, Yazoo (1982) Influenced by: The Robots • Kraftwerk (1978) Influence on: Theme from S’Express • S’Express (1988) Covered by: Tom Jones (1994) Other key tracks: Only You (1982) • Don’t Go (1982) • Nobody’s Diary (1983) I always assumed that Yazoo were more gimmicky than this song suggests. That speaks more to my knowledge of the name as a brand of milkshake more than anything of any substance. This is a lot more Kraftwerk meets Boy George with ex-Depeche Mode Vince Clarke working with Alison Moyet. Moyet in particular has a
  14. Both are on sale on Switch so I'll pick them up. Cheers.
  15. I saw mixed reviews for Sundered, but it is currently on sale on Switch - recommend? Also, what was their other game? Might as well ask while I am here. EDIT: No worries - stumbled across it somewhere else.
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