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  1. 836. 'Novocaine for the Soul’, Eels (1996) Influenced by: The Tears of a Clown • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1967) Influence on: Your Woman • White Town (1997) Covered by: The Moog Cookbook (2005) Other key tracks: Fucker (1996) • My Beloved Monster (1996) • Cancer for the Cure (1998) This was released during the time I remember first getting into music, or at least music beyond what I heard on the radio from my Mum and Dad. This was a song I recall being played on Top of the Pops and me thinking it was strange, but also alluring.
  2. 831. ‘Dear Mama’, 2Pac (1995) I’ve only ever listened to ‘Changes’ when it comes to 2Pac’s music, so feel poorly positioned to talk much about this song. My main thoughts really are that it is interesting to hear a song from a rapper to his Mum, even one that engages with her flaws as well as everything else that makes her worthy of the song. Apparently this was released around a time that 2Pac was under investigation for a sexual assault charge, perhaps undermining this song and other female positive tunes that he also released. For me, it is often the surrounding tun
  3. 826. ‘You Oughta Know’, Alanis Morisette (1995) Add another song to the list of ones I’ve liked to perform on Guitar Hero/Rock Band. It is the power of this song that gets me every time – it takes no prisoners and it isn’t hard to see why Morisette was a poster girl for particularly female music fans. Until I covered the song for this, I didn’t realise that Flea and Dave Navarro were involved the backing music, which does admittedly explain the undeniably funky nature of the hook. Not the best of all time by any means, but a song that I can see ending up on a list lik
  4. No update, but this is just a thank you to everyone who has got involved with this. Been a really enjoyable way to spend my time and look forward to finishing things off at the start of 2021.
  5. Katamari Damacy Reroll is on Switch. Not sure if that is the same game or not. Hades is an excellent game that is worth a look. Top down action game with Greek mythology themes.
  6. Babies take a lot of time and effort to look after. Who knew? 821. ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minogue (1995) Influenced by: Down in the Willow Garden • Hobart Smith & Texas Gladden (c. 1940) Influence on: Burst Lethargic • The Silence Kits (2006) Covered by: Chicks on Speed & Kriedler (2001) • Chiasm (2006) Other key tracks: Stagger Lee (1996) I absolutely love this song so am happy to see it pop up on this list. From the album Murder Ballads, this is a song a conversation between
  7. I think a lot are the same, but some are different, so happy for any recommendations. Heard good things about Hue and Gorogoa, so might have a look (especially as Hue is so cheap). Ys, Bloodstained, Donut County and Golf Story are all games I have between Switch and PS4, but all very good shouts. Cheers for the suggestions, much appreciated.
  8. Any one able to suggest some worthwhile pick ups from the Switch eshop Christmas Sale? Loads of games are in it, but was wondering what might be worth picking up that may otherwise slip the net.
  9. Two questions that somewhat go hand in hand: Are there any boxing magazines worth subscribing to? Fancy reading up a bit more on current fight game stuff. Also, how far back does the digital The Ring archive go back (if anyone knows due to being a subscriber)? Cheers
  10. 816. ‘Champagne Supernova’, Oasis (1995) I feel like this would be a potentially divisive inclusion, depending on what your mileage might be on those songs that end up thrown on at an indie club at the end of the night when everyone is drunk and wants to shout along to something. To be quite honest, I didn’t really know this song very well until my University days and times falling out of clubs pissed off of my face, and I always enjoyed it when it came on. Do I care as much for it now? It is a decent enough song and showed that Oasis had better writing chops than som
  11. @ohtani's jacketIt is a bit weird because it is in the final list of 10,001 songs that the publisher leaves you with and it has the number 698 next to it which might indicate something but no hyperlink like all other songs covered in both lists. When you search for it (or Springsteen, or Philadelphia, or anything else), it doesn't pop up anywhere but that section of the book. Very confusing. Perhaps it is in the physical copy but somehow missed out the digital one?
  12. No baby yet and I can't be in properly until active labour due to COVID, so here is another 5 songs: 811. ‘Red Right Hand’, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1994) Nick Cave is someone I really feel like I should have listened to a lot more in my time checking out music – I probably own a fair few of his albums, yet rarely really listen to them. However, I am a huge fan of this song. I don’t think I can remember a better song for getting the malevolent nature of the protagonist so in sync with the music, or I guess more the other way around. Apparently, the lyrics wer
  13. Cheers for the shout out. Most also co-sign on the Andre and the 1997 WON books as really good reads. Own Shamrock but not yet got around to reading it.
  14. https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2020/11/29/a-bigger-better-and-badder-look-into-one-of-the-greatest-wrestlemanias/ Interview and review of 'Bigger! Better! Badder! The Road to Wrestlemania 3' on Slam Wrestling for anyone who fancies a read.
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