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  1. Anyone checking out the remastered Chrono Cross?
  2. Cheers for the response. What makes it easier? I don't really know too much about the DLC and have only just got Afterbirth on the Switch having played the original version on the PS4.
  3. This might be a stupid question, but is there any reason to play either Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ first or to just go straight into grabbing the Repentance DLC?
  4. There were 3 stoppages alone yesterday - Fulham, Oldham....and another one. Fortunately/unfortunately, only the Fulham one of the ones this season seem to have ended in tragedy.
  5. I've been historically bad at completing games, so decided to implement a 'can only buy a game if completed a game' rule for 2022. January sees me completing four games: - Ori and the Blind Forest - What the Golf? - Unpacking - Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Naturally, I had begun some of these in 2021. Anyway, it at least means I've completed the most games in one year, let alone one month, for a while. Maybe an exaggeration, but also entirely possible...
  6. Whilst this was glorious, as a Fulham fan the win against Stoke this weekend with no Mitrovic and Wilson was even better. Coupled with a Bournemouth loss...total beauty.
  7. Is The God is not Willing due to be another extended series? Might be worth getting in on the ground floor, I guess.
  8. Hmmm, I can't remember if I saved that to my collection or not. Will need to look.
  9. Am I right in thinking that if I bought Greedfall for the PS4, I'd get the PS5 update automatically, so all I'd be missing out on is the DLC? I ask because one is £10 and the other is £22, so it does make a fair bit of different money wise. Cheers.
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Damage-Untold-Story-Trauma-Boxing-ebook/dp/B093DTP43K/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1635872131&sr=8-1 This is on sale (at least in the UK) for 99p if you are happy buying Kindle books. Started last night - should be an interesting read.
  11. Been a pleasure for the most part. Thanks for your contributions - made it all a lot easier when I was able to interact with people about it. @ohtani's jacketdid a lot of heavy lifting as well, which I appreciated. Cheers all.
  12. 1001. A song that explored the Jamaican government’s decision to effectively place the country under martial law, this became a bigger song in the UK as it coincided with issues at the Notting Hill Carnival. This song isn’t for me at all really, though it was inspiring enough to Joe Strummer as The Clash covered it on their first album release, setting their stool out as a punk band who were willing to play around with politics and reggae. I got to the end of the book and realised I had missed one, so had to go back through all of my posts to find what I missed. Seemingly I'd listened to this, but not actually wrote about it. So yeah, 1001. Done.
  13. 996. ‘Tenalle Chagret’, Tinariwen (2009) Written about the fallout of the Touareg rebellion in Mali, this song is interesting due to the way it incorporates modern touches like electric guitars with modern Malian musical stylings. This is a slow, loping tune, but it is almost hypnotic as the twangs of the guitar play alongside the chorus of voices. This is about the list showing a broad scope, sure, yet it is also an interesting musical choice in and of itself. 997. ‘Harry Patch (In Memory Of)’, Radiohead (2009) I’m surprised I’ve not heard of this one. Recorded in an abbey with strings as the only accompanying sound, Thom Yorke used the words of the last surviving soldier from the First World War and turned it into a single (with all proceeds going to the British Legion). The scope of this, in terms of production and vision, is admirable. Realistically, Radiohead are a bit like Marmite, so if you like what they offer then this is them at near-peak Radiohead, so that will do it for you. 998. ‘Go Do’, Jonsi (2010) Influenced by: Wedding Dress • Samamidon (2008) Other key tracks: Animal Arithmetic (2010) • Boy Lilikoi (2010) • Grow Till Tall (2010) • Sinking Friendships (2010) A curio as much as anything. This is from the solo project of the lead singer in Sigur Ros, as well as being his first release in English. There is an energy about the song I admire, plus I’m not sure how many songs I’m going to hear that use the piccolo so prominently, so it has that going for it/working against it (delete as applicable). 999. ‘Me and the Devil’, Gil-Scott Heron (2010) Influenced by: Me and the Devil Blues • Robert Johnson (1937) Other key tracks: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1971) • The Bottle (1974) • “B” Movie (1980) • New York Is Killing Me (2010) Gil-Scott Heron is a notable blindspot in my musical journey, so it is nice to (almost) end up with a chance to hear some of his work. This was his first work after getting out of prison for a parole violation, so tonally this feels about as legitimate as you can get. The background music was apparently created by Damon Albarn, which wasn’t necessarily the name I’d expect to be attached to a song like this. What the music does do is dial up the ominous feeling, as well as providing the momentum that keeps things on the tracks. A good song. 1000. ‘Stylo’, Gorillaz (2010) Influenced by: Planet Rock • Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force (1982) Other key tracks: Clint Eastwood (2001) • Tomorrow Comes Today (2001) • Dare (2005) • Feel Good Inc. (2005) • Superfast Jellyfish (2010) So, to what nominally should be the end of my journey (see the next post for why it isn’t) and we have some more Damon Albarn. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any Gorillaz beyond the first two albums, and whilst I’ve never particularly minded what I’ve heard, I’ve never felt compelled to delve beyond that. That isn’t to say this isn’t a good song, though the bulk of the heavy lifting is done by Bobby Womack’s involvement, his impassioned and soulful voice giving some heft to what had otherwise been a pleasant enough electro-indie song.
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