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  1. If PSVita games are in PS3 store on the console, that means you can transfer the games to a PSVita with a cable connected to it. You won't be able to play them on PS3, just transfer them to your PSVita. There's quite a few PS1 Classics playable on Vita and PSP on Vita games that only show up in the PS3 store (Valkyria Chronicles II for example). That reminds me -- I still have to Platinum ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Danganronpa, Severed, Wipeout 2048, and LittleBigPlanet Vita.
  2. Speaking of GOT, I got my 178th Platinum trophy with Game of Thrones (Telltale Games) on PS3. The game is fine when it's not running at 1fps in Chapter 6 on my PS3. After doing some hard Platinums, it was a nice change of pace. (although I really need to work on GTA V on PS4 and maybe PS3 since @AxB has that over me)
  3. IMO, DmC Devil May Cry is a vastly superior game compared to DMC2, even DMC1. It's the only series I know of where the fans of it seem to prefer the shittier/earlier versions of the games in the series. I've seen idiots online argue that DMC2 is better than DmC somehow. Don't smoke crack, people. The problem is DMC2 Dante's costume is the best costume has and I wonder if Capcom decides to remake the trilogy in the RE engine how it would look and how much of an improvement it could stand. DMC2 would have to be overhauled; I remember reading about the people involved saying that they had some problems getting the enemies to function correctly.
  4. For whatever reason, I bought Skater XL and will pick it up tomorrow along with Destroy All Humans on Sunday. I have a feeling those two will be hard to find. I got my 177th Platinum trophy with Devil May Cry 2 HD on PS3. Whatever you do, don't play this game. It's seriously terrible and the only way to Platinum it is to get an European copy and use the Infinite Devil Trigger cheat. Bloody Palace is impossible without it because the game is so poorly designed and implemented.
  5. Yup, same with Demon's Tilt, which is an under the radar 16-bit style pinball game. It's similar to Alien Crush and Devil's Crush on Turbo-Grafx 16.
  6. I feel like I have to play both RDR 1 & 2 before I do Ghost of Tsushima now just to compare.
  7. Got my 176th Platinum trophy with Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
  8. I've had PSN store crash on me when I was downloading an update for a game (but I wasn't aware of the update). Also, it's prone to running slow for me when the hard drive is nearly full.
  9. So Microsoft doing what they did to Halo 2 again and forcing it out when it wasn't ready. I seriously hope Halo Infinite takes as much time as needed; for once, I'd rather see it get delayed. I won't be getting it (it never appealed to me) but I hope for the people that it does they do right by them.
  10. Not exactly sure if this is even a verified source of info (since it's 4chan and people lie on 4chan), but apparently Halo Infinite has some stupid ideas. Again, it may not be true. But a lot of the leaks from 4chan (such as FFXV and The Last of Us Part II) mostly panned out as being true (just out of context). From what I saw yesterday, the only things I would get are Hellblade II and Tell Me Why....because they look like they would belong on PS5. Microsoft moneyhatted both and I'm wondering if Ninja Theory regrets the arrangement (especially since Bleeding Edge didn't set the world on fire). It's simple Microsoft: Make a brand new AAA franchise that is the next evolution from Gears, Halo and Forza that makes people want to buy your system. Not spend the money that would have gone to that to buy studios and hope they can produce something or have 343i attempt to make another Halo (after the two previous attempts didn't work). And this is coming from a PlayStation fanboy.
  11. Xbox Game Showcase at 12 noon EST today. It will more than likely have Halo Infinite and hopefully more first party stuff than Forza and Gears (the rumor is Fable reboot is going to be shown and people are really hoping for Killer Instinct 2, Ninja Gaiden 4, and Banjo Threeie).
  12. I think all the trophies for the online mode in GTA V PS4 works....but I know the PS3 version doesn't work for "Run Like The Wind" (unless you find a hacker). I'm planning on doing GTA V soon but I found the game sorta boring. I'll force myself through it.
  13. Speaking of trophy talk (sorry), got my 175th Platinum trophy with The Last of Us Part II. Compared to The Last of Us Remastered, it was relatively easy. The entire Platinum can be done on Light / Very Light difficulty and thankfully there's no multiplayer trophies, New Game+ trophies or Survivor/Grounded mode trophies. I imagine those are coming in the future, which means I would have to attempt them.
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