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  1. It's not. Unless he has a Platinum trophy obsession none of us are aware of....
  2. It's likely because it's a hope that maybe Tony Khan realizes he's in a bit in over his head and he needs someone to stabilize the storylines in his promotion rather than what he is currently doing now. As was mentioned Khan threatened legal action to wrestlers for even talking with the WWE. He needs an adult in the room and someone like Regal along with others would be that person. Jim Ross, for example, went from being more involved and suggesting creative ideas to now just showing up to be an announcer periodically. So no Regal leaving doesn't spell doom for AEW, but it's not good either.
  3. The second WWE approaches Jericho with a HOF spot, more money, creative control and a last World title run, I predict he's gone. Moxley if he's smart would start to wonder what his legacy is too (honestly he has a ready-made feud with Roman Reigns if he decides to leave for WWE). JR, Taz, Tony Schiavone, Big Show, Sting, Mark Henry, even William Regal and Christopher Daniels could have been the middle managers to squash problems, but nope E-Fedder Tony Khan knew better than a bunch of guys with 20+ years of experience combined. Odds are at this rate, 2024 may be the last year of relevancy for AEW with MJF as the captain of the Titanic.
  4. Tony Khan's an idiot. You mean to tell me that Khan signs a known wrestler now authority figure, gives him a faction, puts credible wrestlers in this faction including a younger wrestler who wants to emulate the other wrestlers in their style, makes merch for this faction, has the known wrestler/authority figure screw over the former World champion then he gets screwed over in a final segment all in less than a year? Honestly, someone should take booking duties from him but there's no one to do that. Omega & the Bucks are happy main eventing dwindling audiences while wrestlers like Moxley and Jericho are probably wondering how quickly they can get out of their contracts too.
  5. I really don't see Britt Baker/Sasha Banks being a money match in AEW either. Britt Baker has kind of reached her limit with AEW (honestly she would do a lot better in WWE versus Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Bayley/Sasha Banks if Sasha goes back as the 5th female wrestler in the mix for titles) so unless she wins the AEW women's title from Hayter not sure what else she could do. Who else could she feud with? Rebel (not to be sexist, but she's better as a manager)? Niho? Nyla Rose? Tay Melo? Anna Jay? Penelope Ford (does she even still work at AEW)? Sasha could feud with Jade Cargill (although the gas is running out on her and she's sorta terrible), Saraya (like you said and provided she stays healthy and not get injured) and maybe Thunder Rosa (if she ever comes back to wrestling; part of me feels like she's going to be announcing her retirement soon due to her injuries). Women's wrestling in AEW is surprisingly barren.
  6. Why are people thinking Tony Khan will get Sasha Banks / Mercedes Varnado for William Regal? AEW needs Sasha more than Sasha needs AEW. She could go the Dave Batista route and line herself movie / TV roles and not even go back to the WWE either. Unless that's just an one-off thing with The Mandalorian and she burned her bridges with WWE. Based on the usual 'booking' of women in AEW, Sasha Banks would be better off trying to get back to the WWE if she needs the money. Better question is why didn't Tony Khan try to lock down William Regal for even longer and let him have a more creative / administrative role or an on-screen authority role with the company? It seems like Tony Khan can't win these days.
  7. I got a few: - Demon's Souls - Seriously must-own on PS5 IMO. - Bloodborne - Incredible experience on PS4. - Resogun - Early launch PS4 game but so well done. - Castlevania Requiem - Has Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood in one package. - Mad Max - Online servers are shut down but very underrated open world game. - Mirror's Edge Catalyst - May not appeal to you, but I found this game to actually be fun to do and rather addictive. - Rayman Legends - Fun platforming bliss. - Infamous Second Son - Early-ish launch game and just the right length to play and beat. Easy Platinum if you care about that sort of thing. - Hyper Light Drifter / Songbringer / Moonlighter / Stories: The Path of Destinies - Top down Zelda like games, each with their own differences. - Enter The Gungeon - Zelda rogue-like where every play through is different and uses guns.
  8. If the trend continues then yes it'll prove it out. If not, then no. It may be too early to tell, which is correct. I just think the ratings would be up when he appeared but they were up last week (post-PPV) when people were expecting MJF to appear.
  9. What's interesting is MJF without the title does better in the ratings when he appears. Which means the demographic would rather watch him when he's hunting for the title, not when he caught it. Hopefully, when he appears in the future it leads to shorter segments and he actually getting to the fucking point in his promos. Who am I kidding? Tony Khan and MJF will learn nothing. Still, it's sorta sad that it proves my thought process about MJF.
  10. "Songbird" is legit one of the best songs ever written. I know she did a Buckingham McVie album that was essentially Fleetwood Mac in all but name.
  11. People in this case are the potential audience not watching AEW, people currently watching AEW and people watching AEW and changing the channel. You don't have to be insulting about it.
  12. While I agree that the value of AEW is in incredible matches like Dax vs. Danielson, there's one problem: to get people to watch AEW, you have to have a World champion (and secondary title holders) that people actually want to see. All the matches that take place are supposed to build up storylines leading to title shots. Otherwise, it's just Tony Khan throwing wrestlers into the ring because he fantasy booked his way into it. Logically speaking, why would Dax and Danielson fight in the first place? What's the payoff? Danielson needing to find a tag partner against FTR for any of their tag titles? But nope can't do that because now Danielson is involved with MJF due to his coming to Regal's aid. Past AEW World champions delivered on some level. Kenny Omega is doing the exact same thing MJF (being an attraction) is trying to do except he had incredible matches. Hangman Page (whose reign MJF's starting to resemble) wasn't great on the mic but he had the match of his life (twice) vs Danielson. Moxley, despite his questionable choices in the ring and somewhat cookie cutter matches and Jim Cornette not liking any of them (Fuck Cornette, there I said it), delivered where it counted. Jericho even delivered. Yeah, there are better usages of time than actually watching AEW at this point. Tony Khan has a whole slew of veteran talent/wrestlers that could build longevity for him but he chooses to ignore it.
  13. If the crowd is dying for their World champion on his first promo as champion, Tony Khan needs to hot-shot the title off of MJF asap. It's only going to get worse and eventually the crowd won't react to a thing he says because there won't be that many people reacting to it. His complaints about how fans are tired of him (almost blaming them for being tired of him) probably shouldn't have been said; it will lead to a decrease in attendance and YouTube views (right now, his nearly 20 minute bore-a-thon got 450k viewers on YT vs the over 1 million views during his feud with CM Punk). An out of touch idiot like Jim Cornette thinks MJF is great because MJF is doing promo work for him. Not sure Tony Khan cares since it's his fantasy booking fed made real. Look at Christian, Chris Jericho even Dan Lambert's promos as heels. They are better and get to the point. You hate them because of the dastardly shit they brag about. To me, Christian would be better in MJF's spot as World champion because he would do what MJF spent 20 minutes trying to do but in 5 to 10 minutes. Christian runs down the town and its fans, but he doesn't dwell on it. You hate him because of his attacks on Jungle Boy and how he got Luchasaurus to stab Jungle Boy in the back. Chris Jericho wastes a lot of time in his promos but you hate his guts by the end of it. Dan Lambert gets over feuds really well (almost a throwback to heel managers back in the day too) and would probably build up the World champion in his stable as being 'it' for AEW. Honestly, MJF as World champion just doesn't move the needle.
  14. I watched the MJF segment online and JFC is he absolute shits at doing a promo. Dogging the town and the fans doesn't make you a heel, kid. The new title doesn't look any different than the old title other than the strap color is brown and vaguely looks like the Burberry design (probably so Tony Khan doesn't get sued by the actual Burberry). MJF should have just put a picture of his dumb Great Value Miz face on the belt. I'm finding I don't really care what happens now with AEW title or him because I know he won't actually do anything or participate and just run out the clock until 2024. Eventually, whatever AEW fans that are there are going to do the same if this keeps up. He isn't a HHH doing a reign of terror because we know it lead to matches that were more often great. MJF's wrestling output just isn't that great and who's to say whoever wrestling him next won't try to shoot on him (or maybe people in the AEW locker room think he's a clown and a joke and don't care either). I don't even see him wrestling Ricky Starks at Winter Is Coming. Sorta wish someone (hell, Hangman Page) would come out and go into business for themselves with MJF on the mic. Bring up his 8 minute diatribe before he took 3 months off. Dax Harwood could probably pull it off since MJF talked about how 'ex-WWE' guys couldn't lace his boots and Dax Harwood has better mic skills than MJF could ever have. The post-segment stuff with Regal was great but that was about it. MJF is making a dumb mistake going through the crowd (I noticed him pushing a fan that wasn't even near him and was actually backing up). But when has MJF actually made a smart decision?
  15. You're in luck, there are no online trophies. Based on the trophy list it seems really easy but grindy - typical of open world style games. Frontiers has been on sale throughout Black Friday on Amazon and Best Buy at various points. Currently on Amazon it's $35 for PS4 & PS5 versions and $40 for Switch version. I actually bought it as well and will likely do it after I Platinum Sonic Unleashed / Sonic Generations / Sonic Colors Ultimate / Sonic Forces (yeech) / Sonic Origins.
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