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  1. You put respect on Big Shot Bob's name!
  2. SNL continues the Presidential stunt-casting trend. Jim Carrey's going to be Biden for this season.
  3. Williams said it best at the end, “A lot of the issues we ran into, talent bailed us out. Chemistry didn’t.” Unlike the Lakers, who historically always do their best when everybody knows their role and the team chemistry works.
  4. And they're only guaranteed Kawhi for one more year. He has an option for 2021.
  5. Jesus Christ, will you two fucking stop, already?
  6. IIRC, Jim Ross always called it the Powerdrive Elbow.
  7. A combination of weed and not having to answer to anybody since he distributes himself.
  8. So Conor's been busted for alleged sexual assault... again. This time in Corsica.
  9. The Golden Arm Bomber really is a thing of beauty.
  10. I mean, Arn and Stan Hansen couldn't see either.
  11. Hasn't Bull merch been posted here repeatedly?
  12. A friend of mine was annoyed that we still don't know who is playing Feyd Rautha.
  13. Wasn't a Christmas start already the plan?
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