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  1. Closest to that would probably be Nora Greenwald.
  2. A secondary place for green folks like Nyla and Britt would really help if AEW is going to only do 1 show a week.
  3. I assume it's from before he and Darwin were launched into space.
  4. AEW's instagram referred to him as Clementine Cassidy.
  5. AEW's instagram referred to him as Clementine Cassidy.
  6. Jericho looked like he was really feeling those backward kendo stick shots after the match. Being hit by the handle couldn't have been fun.
  7. It's part of the rules in NJPW. If you're a champion, and you can't make a scheduled defense, you're stripped of the belt. It happened to Togi Makabe a few years ago with the NEVER title, because he got sick.
  8. Because he's a shitty bigoted troll. If people want to post Cornette's podcasts, get him his own thread. He does not, no will have anything to do with AEW.
  9. So according to Wiki, this film actually shares continuity with the two films and the '76 series. So I assume that means cameos.
  10. The most egregious part of the story is that the crowd had to watch a 40 minute Greg Gagne match.
  11. West still works for Impact.
  12. I'm curious who's in the booth with Taz. I'd normally say to pull JR, but he and Taz always had a fun chemistry together. I also hope this means they get Tenay when they hit Vegas.
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