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  1. Sam Roberts has no redeeming qualities in the wrestling business.
  2. The Sports Business Journal put out an article last week about how completely unprepared the AAF was even before launch.
  3. Seeing as WWE has been icing both of 'em, I don't think they're going to NXT.
  4. As a former Sideshow Champion, I approve.
  5. My friend's theater is playing Quixote next month, so I'mma catch it then.
  6. RVD was around nearly the same time as Robbie V, IIRC. I enjoyed the short Owen WCW run.
  7. This solves nothing. When Bayley returns, main show booking will still be the shitshow it's been for most of the last decade.
  8. In addition to the earlier news, Tam is angry about not being the first pick, and that Natsu was Kagetsu's last pick. That certainly won't mean anything in the long run...
  9. Ace

    Sumo Discussion

    Hakuho's injured and taking the next Basho off, isn't he?
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