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  1. I enjoy the hell out of comedy wrestling, myself. As a result, I've seen a number of Orange Cassidy matches as of late. I still miss the Florida Brothers.
  2. For Father's Day, Minoru Suzuki is your new daddy.
  3. Thank God Lonzo's gone. No more local bullshit from Lavar Bell.
  4. According to Voices of Wrestling, Davey Boy Smith Jr. is done with New Japan, and Juice Robinson is done with ROH.
  5. NXT also neglects putting half their roster on TV.
  6. This is a true thing. The whole Emerald Violet storyline is a heartbreaker.
  7. Jeez. I had MiB:I as #3 on my RT list. You might as well mail Pinocchio to me now.
  8. Janela can still promote his GCW shows. IIRC, he's already booked next year's venue I think?
  9. Is SUGI the same guy who planted drugs on Io Shirai and Nosawa?
  10. We all know it is bants to grind on John Cena.
  11. Let's be honest, WWE as a whole trying to glom onto Pride is unpleasant. They've literally never pushed an out LGBT superstar.
  12. Sometime this year, NJPW needs to figure out their stables. All the mixing of Chaos/Taguchi Japan/Home Army is muddying things against the two heel stables.
  13. Even when she did they did the make-up, they did it half-assed. I've seen better high-school theatre make-up.
  14. Apparently they've been separated for a year. That's why Laura never showed up during the whole "looking for the blonde girl" BtE angle.
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