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  1. Her former ring name, Aerial Monroe, was just so much better.
  2. One of the big issues about people entering early is that 35 is frankly too young.
  3. It can be explained away easily as Xavier lying, or it simply not being him.
  4. When BTE were showing matches from The Jackson Compound, he was the referee.
  5. Amusingly, Bayley knew about it before Mox did. Renee went to text him, and texted her instead.
  6. They remastered prints of Phantom of the Paradise a couple years ago, apparently. I got to see a midnight showing of it, which is the best time to see that film.
  7. The Inner Circle in Las Vegas featuring the sexual tension between Wardlow and Hager.
  8. I'm still waiting for a Lazarus series.
  9. I stopped watching the weekly shows years ago. The last events I watched were Mania and the MitB matches.
  10. The only Bowie songs in it are his covers (I Wish You Would, My Death)
  11. Rise of the New God seems like a massive self-own to DC for the past 10+ years.
  12. Beek mashes up gimmicks together in Photoshop.
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