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  1. So this would be at least her 13th arrest in 10 years.
  2. The best thing about the restaurants, is they have the root beer on tap.
  3. Oh, thank god. Weekly Emi Sakura and Ryo Mizunami six-mans will be coming back. I can't get enough of those.
  4. Scott is literally banned from WWE events, after he threatened to beat up Hogan at the Hall of Fame a few years ago.
  5. Side note: That guy does end up posting lots of fake quotes. Pretty sure this is one of them.
  6. Regal initially did commentary with Ross in NXT. He wouldn't fit WWE's style.
  7. So this leaves Matt Bloom, Sara Amato, HBK, Norman Smiley, Robbie Brookside, Terry Taylor, Steve Corino, and Fit Finlay as coaches.
  8. Some further elaboration for #6
  9. Big ups to Ren Narita. Biggest match of his career, and he managed to hang just fine.
  10. She broke her shoulder in NXT and got another arm injury when in the Rumble.
  11. When they announce the Owen Hart tournament, I hope they fill it up with the lower card guys. Instead of Danielson, Punk, Cole, and the like, give us John Silver, Dante Martin, Pillman Jr., and Jack Evans.
  12. Random trivia: Betty White was the last surviving member of not only the Golden Girls, but the Mary Tyler Moore show as well.
  13. IMO, nobody looks good in this. Darius and Swole both seem to believe that diversity only means black people, disregarding Japanese and Latino talents.
  14. It was Bruderschaft des Kreuzes triple team finisher in Chikara, which is why Eddie recognized it.
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