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  1. I don't think it'd be likely. They've already lost money, why lose more?
  2. My work got cut down to 4 days a week, under the idea that we'd be getting fewer calls, which isn't the case. I've finally committed to the athleisure wear while working and am wondering if this has ruined me for pants.
  3. I'mma finally do all my reviews this week. For @Six String Orchestra, I'm gonna give this classic.
  4. Ace

    Brawl For All

    I was there live for this, and was rooting for Doc. Bart broke my heart.
  5. According to Dave, Mania was taped on Wednesday and Thursday.
  6. Dexter Lumis. The former Sam Shaw.
  7. For Matt D, I'll give Steiners vs. Doc & Gordy, Beach Blast '92
  8. Chromecast casts from your browser to a TV. You shouldn't need it to watch NJPW World on your phone.
  9. Abbadon's to the right of Hardy. The artist tagged Vicki when he posted it on Twitter, so I assume it's her. Here's the poster for sale on Etsy.
  10. Who is between Archer and Hardy? Here's the artist's Patreon, BTW.
  11. I've been working from home since June, so not much has changed.
  12. Justin Roberts is not at Dynamite. Brandi will return to ring announcing!
  13. Has Disney spent any money on New Mutants? It was made under Fox.
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