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  1. Ace

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    People were asked to not gather at the Staples Center tonight, since the Grammys are there tonight. People are doing so anyways.
  2. Ace

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Everybody's still numb from the shock and we've gotten constant TV pre-emption for the past few hours. I've not seen a local reaction like this since Magic's original retirement.
  3. Ace

    Live Music 2020

    I'm pretty sure the only concert I made it to last year was World/Inferno Friendship Society. They're coming back here in February to a venue with much better acoustics, so I might catch them again. I'm also catching John Cameron Mitchell on his Origin of Love tour when he comes through in April. Strike that. I think I saw Yachtley Crew last year too.
  4. It was probably me. I loved Dixon/Simone era Birds of Prey.
  5. She has done a match in her local promotion (321 Battle, where she's Gearl Hebner) and her husband is a wrestler, FWIW.
  6. I stick with AEW & NJPW. I gave up on WWE entirely last year after only watching NXT and occasional PPVs for a couple years.
  7. Kondron is the current Gentleman Jervis and one of Wreddit's founders.
  8. I really enjoyed the first one and completely failed to get into the second one.
  9. Gresham's been running the dojo for months. He was running it even before he finally signed (He and his fiancee, Jordynne Grace, were both working without contracts at the time)
  10. Went to the E/R on Thursday due to a kidney stone. Was admitted and got my kidneys lasered and stented. Came back to work today to find out my sick days had reset, so now they're all used again.
  11. Tessa Blanchard isn't even well known people. She works on a television show that hasn't been on a network people get in years.
  12. It was Shawn, wasn't it? Eric ran for office.
  13. Morton & Gibson would be 6.
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