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  1. It's literally explained during the "commercial".
  2. Danny literally got their own episode in Season 1.
  3. Because WWE booking has been shit for a decade.
  4. One of my quibbles was definitely about the stars not having a blue background.
  5. We had it like that until TNT changed their feed.
  6. Flair was fired July 1st. Kevin Sullivan replaced him in the match and took the fall from a Gigante claw. Scott Steiner was replaced by Tom Zenk.
  7. In honor of the late great Carl Reiner, I give you Freddie Blassie on the Dick Van Dyke show.
  8. My literal first concern about Reiner's death was how Mel would handle it.
  9. AFAIK, the only remaining owners are Super Dragon, who doesn't do social media, AFAIK and Excalibur, who has to keep AEW and TNT in mind when speaking.
  10. There's also the possibility that Joey still had heat with them for steeling their Facebook page to convert it to Bar Wrestling.
  11. Eddie Ellner actually exists. He's a yoga instructor now. He got in the news after leaving PWI for pouring his father's ashes at Yankee Stadium.
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