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    Thankfully, no Muta moonsaults and just relatively easy bumps. Penta took most of the shit from Callihan and MorrImpactundo.
  2. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Because she is not Illyana Rasputin. She's the Darkchylde with none of Illyana's soul.
  3. Damien wasn't even booked. He and his son were just chilling and selliing merch.

    Back from PCW Ultra. The Good: ACH & Shane Strickland. Both guys are so close to having the entire package down. ACH's selling was downright agonizing against Fenix. I shook Keiji Muto's hand. WHO WANTS TO FUCKING TOUCH ME?! Kikutaro not only is still fun, but he put out my new favorite wrestling t-shirt. Monsters like Brody King and WARBEAST (Josef (AKA the Almighty Sheik) and (Jacob) Fatu (Tonga Kid's kid) This show had better production value than Gabe Sapolsky has ever had, and is better than most of ROH's. Only thing missing is surround sound and a video screen. The Bad: Ganseki Tanaka from W-1 is nowhere near ready for prime time. CHAIRSHOTS TO THE FUCKING HEAD. Josef and Jimmy Jacobs spiking each other? I've no problem with that (Josef's blading was blatant and not that great though). Chairshots full on to the head? No thank you. Children wandering after wrestlers through the ring entrance aisle. There wasn't security there until the second half of the show. The Ugly? RVD was looking a bit tubby. Kevin Sullivan was the only human I ever saw move more gingerly than Keiji Muto,
  5. They've managed to take a perfectly lovely one woman and photoshop her to complete nastiness.
  6. [NXT] JANUARY 17, 2018 TV SHOW

    TM-61. We make Roddy Strong look like The Rock.
  7. 2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    And Conor's now Schrodinger's Lightweight Champion.
  8. The Awesome/Annoying TV COMMERCIAL Thread

    I loved it when Jane Weidlin started weighing in. If you need protection from the Illuminati, go for Reverend Sister Go-Go.
  9. I'm guessing the MYC and CWC doesn't count for Rippa's tournaments of 32? Also: DMC does absolutely nothing on that Run-DMC track.
  10. WWE RAW 25, 22nd January 2018

    I'mma hold out for Stephanie Wiand.

    2 sleeps until I see THE GREAT FUCKING MUTA.
  12. Because 2/3 of the Shield are white.
  13. WWE is the one financing the suit against him. Dropping it would be more of an olive branch.
  14. 2009. Then Hogan and Bischoff came to fuck that all up.