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  1. It's assumed to be VENY, apparently. And despite being murdered, Tall Saya and Rossy were fine later. The Tam -v- Natsupoi cage match, despite having weird rules, was delightful hate filled violence.
  2. The Honda Center/Anaheim Pond. The acoustics there are atrocious.
  3. I had a power outage right when the show started, so I had to watch it on delay. Good show, though.
  4. I've got VIP tix for their match on Saturday! As did I. I then popped when she tried the cradle.
  5. John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants was injured in a car accident.
  6. Gamma is apparently coming out of retirement to reunite Osaka 06 for GLEAT
  7. I think Page wins the BR and beats Mox.
  8. The winner of the Battle Royal faces Mox in the main event on Wednesday. The winner of that match faces Tanahashi for the interim AEW title at Forbidden Door.
  9. So far I'm more interested in watching the adventures of Young Leia to Obi Wan.
  10. Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode has died at the age of 60.
  11. It was absolutely a work. If it were a shoot, it'd take 5 seconds to get out of.
  12. That's who Breeze was during the weekly Da Party episodes (along with Cesaro, Cole, and Woods) after he was released.
  13. He simply said he wasn't doing MattInTheChair. I assume he still does TheSweetz, since it's subscriber based.
  14. Goldenboy works for G4 as well.
  15. McKenzie Mitchell works for NXT.
  16. Wreddit's translation:
  17. I'm not familiar with his work, but damn is he pretty.
  18. I popped huge for the surprise cameo, and got teary eyed for the other reveal. I think they nailed the landing hard.
  19. Stokely Hathaway should come in as Serena's manager when his non-compete ends. Have Glacier resurrect Coach Buzz Stern to run the Blondes.
  20. They're doing tapings this week at the Globe in LA.
  21. Tessa Blanchard, to the surprise of nobody, is on the outs with WoW management. Bambi/Selina Majors has taken over training the girls again.
  22. So with Queen Agnes recreating the Borg, I can think of only 2 ways the crew get home. Either Senile Q in a final act or Wesley. And obviously, Agnes was the Borg Queen who came to the Stargazer.
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