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  1. Gresham's been running the dojo for months. He was running it even before he finally signed (He and his fiancee, Jordynne Grace, were both working without contracts at the time)
  2. Went to the E/R on Thursday due to a kidney stone. Was admitted and got my kidneys lasered and stented. Came back to work today to find out my sick days had reset, so now they're all used again.
  3. Tessa Blanchard isn't even well known people. She works on a television show that hasn't been on a network people get in years.
  4. It was Shawn, wasn't it? Eric ran for office.
  5. Morton & Gibson would be 6.
  6. Aubrey has a history of shutting Jericho down (since she's always the ref for his matches).
  7. Rick Bassman got a bunch of his guys to do fetishy videos back in the UPW days. You can find one with Christopher Daniels out there somewhere.
  8. Effy has come up with a perennial take on everything.
  9. Cauliflower Alley is reporting that AAA La Parka has died.
  10. AEW is 1 for 4 in surprise intro bits. Wardlow as MJF's muscle worked. The Dark Order, the BBB, and Dr. Luther, did not.
  11. That was my concern with the stunt casting (and some casting overall) for the candidates. I can't see them all coming back constantly like Baldwin does.
  12. She's been on multiple seasons of GLOW. She'd already have gotten health insurance through SAG/AFTRA. She's in her early 40s and has needed back surgery for most of the past decade. I've got loads of respect for Kong, and was a big fan of her TNA run, but that was years ago. Let her be a heater and keep her asskicker aura. Let her uraken folks. Do not let her wrestle.
  13. I remember the time before Airwalk became a Payless Brand.
  15. For some reason I thought it was posted here already, but former UPW and PWG ring announcer Jon Ian passed away over the weekend. It was nice to see him get shout-outs from Excalibur on Dynamite and The Bump by Kevin Owens.
  16. I seem to recall Shibata saying he had similar issues before the headbutt ended his career. Nakanishi announced he's retiring 2/22, 2 days after Tiger Hattori.
  17. Tiger Hattori is retiring on 2/19. Manabu Nakanishi is retiring on 2/22.
  18. Jon and I got started around the same time in SoCal. I almost ring announced his audition for UPW as he was possibly going to be late. He was an excellent announcer and a hell of a guy. He had some health issues that he almost passed away from a couple years ago. I seem to recall he spent a moderate time in a coma.
  19. Suzuki and Hiromu already had personal moments with Liger before this.
  20. I think my favorite match thus far was KENTA -v- Goto.
  21. 7 people. 13 legs. 11 shoes.
  22. Reverend Sister Go-Go seems to go with sequins. I'd ask for her to do it in the Joan of Arc sweater, myself.
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