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  1. The only acceptable cutters in AEW are Athena's Eclipse and QT ripping off the Diamond Cutter.
  2. Ace

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    It's Zack's achilles, not Tom's.
  3. I hate any springboard or flippydoo cutter. That includes Lethal and Ospreay.
  4. That and overexposure. They're going back to the same places too often.
  5. Ace

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    I've got Lil Nas X on the 18th, and Danny Elfman on the 29th. Next month, I've got a Big Star tribute show featuring Jeff Crawford (MD), Mike Mills of R.E.M, Chris Stamey, Skylar Gudasz, Brett Harris, Django Haskins, Charles Cleaver, Pat Sansone (Wilco), Audley Freed, and special guests Susanna Hoffs, The Lemon Twigs, Chris Price, Jon Auer (Posies), and Luther Russell doing a tribute to #1 Record and Lizzo on the 18th,
  6. Chavo in WCW was magic. He could make anything work.
  7. Kitten Natividad passed away today at the age of 74.
  8. I'm in the background when the promo starts.
  9. I was there for this. Great match on an excellent show.
  10. Methinks they're trying to drift away from "White guy talks to celebrities plugging something." There's already 4 of those on the networks alone.
  11. I got my Omicron booster and flu shot Sunday. Surprisingly, no ill effects.
  12. Scuttlebutt is that they'll change the format to a panel show with revolving hosts.
  13. The full list for your consideration.
  14. Just watched Giulia vs Natsupoi from 8/28 and it was great. Excellent storyline in the match from beginning to after the end.
  15. Nakajima is going to be in the U.S. in November...
  16. Keiji Muto has said he wants to do one final U.S. match (Prolly so his last one isn't PCW Ultra). Since AEW seems most likely, does he tag with Sting or face him?
  17. Maki Itoh remade her theme song in English.
  18. I do know getting a visa out of Australia is a pain in the ass right now. A friend of my family has been having trouble getting one to come to a funeral.
  19. Does that mean Gino's returning to commentary?
  20. If Chris Guy isn't fired this week, this is all a work.
  21. I'd be surprised if that's true. After all, we've seen Punk fight. But if it's actually true? They should suspend him like they did Kingston.
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