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  1. WCW always pulled weird shit like that. I recently rewatched the match from 1990 when Arn beats Muta for the TV title, and even back then I wondered "Why the fuck is this on Power Hour?"
  2. Upon hearing this, I've picked up the original novelization, as I'd never read it. IIRC, Youtube has the film up for free on their Youtube movies channel.
  3. The bee theme is giving me AIM vibes.
  4. I've told this story before; but back when I worked for UPW (while it was WWE developmental), they sent Molly here to wrestle Victoria before she got called up. After the show, she went and helped take down the ring. Even the UPW wrestlers didn't take down the ring.
  5. Very nice, very ordinary human.
  6. Then I think Dustin Rhodes should definitely be on the list. Ever since he returned to WWE, he's been awesome.
  7. I haven't watched a wrestling show in months, and I watched all of this. John Silver after his match was what got me going.
  8. I'd rather see more Dick Togo than SANADA and EVIL anyways.
  9. It was pretty one-note, and leaned a lot on Fire Marshall Bill. Stunt-casting for President doesn't need to keep happening. Why use Alec Baldwin when Darrell Hammond already works for you?
  10. Revolution Pro (California) Spirit of the Revolution Finals for the one-two punch of first the retirement of plucky babyface and put-upon Ultrataro Jr. (which was the birth of TARO) and the 2/3 falls match in the main event of Rising Son vs. Super Dragon. Night 2 of G1 Special in the USA featuring Kenny Omega vs. Tomohiro Ishii for the inaugural U.S. title.
  11. I think every known Rosebud there outlasted Adam Rose. Not just the 4 still with the company.
  12. I love that even in a baggy suit, it has the trademark Hembeck knee swirls.
  13. https://twitter.com/masseffect/status/1337227176131760128
  14. According to Steve Bryant, Damien 666 and his wife are hospitalized due to COVID.
  15. Her former ring name, Aerial Monroe, was just so much better.
  16. One of the big issues about people entering early is that 35 is frankly too young.
  17. It can be explained away easily as Xavier lying, or it simply not being him.
  18. When BTE were showing matches from The Jackson Compound, he was the referee.
  19. Amusingly, Bayley knew about it before Mox did. Renee went to text him, and texted her instead.
  20. They remastered prints of Phantom of the Paradise a couple years ago, apparently. I got to see a midnight showing of it, which is the best time to see that film.
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