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  1. Like this line? Not to dig up old dirt but all that stuff happened around two or three years ago. Before the Reebok deal but after Fox and after the Miguel Torres/Forrest Griffin rape-joke-a-palooza.
  2. I can't help but fantasy book a years-long feuid in which Mike Perry usurups Donald Cerrone as King Stupid Hick of the UFC (fans notwithstanding).
  3. Reptilicus didn't do it for me. Jonah, while I'm surprised how well his nice-guy character works during the skits, can fall into that aggravating modern-nerd mush mouth when he's trying to squeeze an overlong riff in before the next bit of dialogue kicks in. Doesn't this dude make his money on what's essentially the radio? As I am a TRAIN-ED ACTORRR, his poor diction bothers me a good bit. But that ties into the problem of "too many riffs", which I think every review has mentioned. Still. The very next episode, I finally had that moment where everything clicked and it felt just like watching the old stuff. Somewhere between stories of a young boy bonding with Bigfoot over Coca-Cola and rock 'n roll and the Samuel Taylor Coleridge albatross riff it all felt like home again. It's also been a good mix of genres. Weren't the Sci-Fi years kinda... sci-fi heavy? Avalanche felt like such a nice departure. I don't remember another movie that was quite that star-studded. Plus, y'know, there was that part with the avalanche.
  4. Which is a hell-of-old European folk song, but Jimmy Page based their version on Fred Gerlach's version, which was based on the *amazing* Lead Belly version. I assumed for a long time Zep was doing it as a straight-up Lead Belly tribute but I guess Page only got into that stuff once he heard white English folkies perform it. I'm assuming most Zep heads have heard one of Lead Belly's recordings of it so here's Gerlach's! This version, while showcasing plenty of talent, is so derivative that he even keeps the spoken-word intro.
  5. Part of it has to do with the fact that most blues structures don't put much emphasis on the chorus. When the Levee Breaks is probably their best known 12-bar blues track and that doesn't have one. Same goes for their covers/unfortunate rip-offs like Dazed and Confused. But they did cover *so* many Willie Dixon songs and he certainly liked to use refrains if not all-out choruses. There's also a lot of Zep songs that use instrumental riffs as functional choruses, like The Ocean and Black Dog.
  6. Beat it with all the shrines completed. I'll go back and knock out the side quests once I clear up my backlog of three-quarters completed Japanese 100+ hour epics - having BotW, Yakuza 5, Pokemon Sun AND Dragon Quest VII (dear lord) going at the same time was a bad idea. Really liked the Gerudo region, wish I hadn't done it last. Looking for every treasure chest in Hyrule Castle was admittedly more fun than the final boss. The high point of the game? Eventide. Easily.
  7. Attempting to think of as many songs as possible with a "Hey Jude ending", an eight-bar phrase that is repeated ad nauseum until a fadeout. The Police- Message in a Bottle Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain Donovan - Atlantis The Decemberists - Valerie Plame Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away And not just mini-Judes like Crimson and Clover or Ashes to Ashes, real friggin' long ones.
  8. What a deep card. <3 <3 Mighty Mouse but Waterson/Rose is the main event in my household. Duquesnoy is a hell of a cherry on top, plus Jacare/Whittaker, Green/Magomedov, Elliot/Smolka, Aljamain Sterling trying to get back on track and a somewhat-intruiging Heavyweight fight
  9. BUSHI ain't Yoshitsune/Shanao/El Blazer/Hustle Ranger Red/AJII/The Zest. BUSHI is Tetsuya Bushi, formerly T28 of AJPW. The other dude, the no-good flippy snitch of many masks is Takuya Sugi.
  10. Fair, horrible examples, but the stiffness of the late-90's to early 00's left a number of workers seriously injured or dead and I don't want to see it happen again, not so soon after Honma. I was watching the match with the girlfriend in the room, and I'm commenting (at the time) how they're gonna kill each other and she kinda laughed but I meant it. I love the drama. The stiffness adds to it. I taught myself to love this stuff on Kawada and Hasimoto shit-kickings. After the match ended I drank deep from my overpriced ale and proclaimed it a full five stars. Today I feel complicit.
  11. Shibata did it to the top of Okada's head, It was a weird angle of attack. Usually it's hairline-to-hairline.
  12. As much as the matches are great, that's two near-death moments in a month. That's enough, boys. You earned your snowflakes. Be.a Takayama and wise up, don't be a Misawa.
  13. If you knee bar Joe Warren and he starts screaming to God as to why he was forsaken, that ought to count as a verbal tap.
  14. Wondering what the most popular "order" is in this game. I wound up initially exploring the relatively beast-less southeastern part of the map and then did the Zora dungeon/elephant beast first, and I'm about to start the Goron/iguana. Am I doing it wrong? I've beat *almost* every Zelda before this so I didn't find my first beast to be a huge challenge - killing that Lynel with the shock arrows, however...
  15. Welp, this is my life now. I haven't binged a game this hard in ages. Once I had some freedom I just started flying around like a fool, finding overworld bosses I'm barely equipped for and cooking strange dishes just because and I even have a HORSE named DUMP-A-LING. Gaming has peaked.