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  1. The 12-man tag, LAX vs. Best Friends and the main event has to be one of the best trifectas of matches that I've seen on US television since the days of the Smackdown Six. The most consistent in-ring effort either AEW or NXT has put together since this whole "war" started. Blood Hydrant Matt Hardy, the destruction of Sue's white Honda Odyssey, Bischoff's pitch-perfect reactions to the debate segment, this was two hours bursting at the seams with good stuff.
  2. EDIT: Reading the wrong thread on the wrong board. Don't drink and type at work.
  3. I remember debating the "Best Guy Who Never Won The IWGP" a few years back. I think my unpublished clickbait Top Ten List was Masa Saito, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Shiro Koshinaka, Hiroshi Hase, Naoya Ogawa, Don Frye, Hirooki Goto, Katsuyori Shibata, Tomohiro Ishii, Minoru Suzuki. And I think I still stand by it - apologies to Bigelow, Hirata, Bernard, Devitt and my beloved Osamu Nishimura. Kota obviously makes the list if things stay the same, SANADA maybe not.
  4. I don't know how you people do it. A friend of mine was watching this episode and starting texting me about it, so I checked it out. I left feeling hurt by it. Hurt by the idea that a sixty-something year old company, should-be ratings juggernaut and supposed standard-bearer of one of the world's greatest forms of performance art can confidently air these kinds of tone-deaf three hour blocks of deeply flawed narrative and continue to get away with it. With a roster full of virtuosos, a table full of carefully-picked writers, and a budget greater than any company has every known, they continue to produce lackluster/noluster weekly television like their isn't anything wrong with it and that nobody is ashamed of it. That BLOWS MY MIND. and maybe even BREAKS MY HEART? How many months, in your lifetime as a fan, was the WWF/E good? This goes beyond the 20+ seasons of bad Simpsons. Those seasons don't drag down every other broadcast cartoon with it. Episodes like this week's RAW hurt every wrestler in the world every time they air. Airing shit like this keeps making people who like pro wrestling less likely to state that fact in public. Your lifetime passion is an embarassing thing to care about. This is one of the reasons why. Apollo Crews can work, btw. I like seeing Ruby on TV. Asuka, Bianca and Andrade exist. MVP looks something like rejuvenated. Kevin is something close to a generational talent. The script and booking are a 1% alive family dog who's tail is being fed into a a deli-meat slicer set to 1mm thick, sliced at a rate that the tail will be reduced to nothing but a pile of blood and gristle in exactly three hours. All around the dog are barely-functioning CRT televisions playing different scenes from The Killing Fields. A man is smiling in the corner. You cannot find out where this dog is. You cannot stop it. I feel this way most of the time when I check in on RAW.
  5. Cody getting patted on the back for being brave enough to leave when others weren't overlooks the fact that he was born rich. Walking away from your soul-sucking but high-paying job is a privilege of those with million-dollar daddies.
  6. Getting shitty about who the legal man is in a Tornado Tag match? Sounding drunk and snippy all night? Taz being audibly hot at him (and sad about it)? Man, this is weird. It's been a dark cloud hanging above the show all friggin' night. I defend JR more often than I drag him. This is one of the most familiar voices my ears have ever heard sounding a whole new kind of off.
  7. Cody didn't make Warhorse look like a runt, but Matt Cardona made Zack Ryder look action-figure sized. Did he look that big at the end of his WWE run? Cause you can do steroids in AEW.
  8. Yeah, I must be missing something here. Warhorse seems like a hard-working kid who had the sense to find a gimmick and play it up. He doesn't strike me as a super worker or a unique physical specimen and he's not going to pop me like Kingston, but he clearly understands what he's doing. If there's some reason his mere presence on a show invalidates the whole two hours, I didn't get the memo as to why.
  9. ghost of tsushima sounds nice but you ever play Mario Golf on Gameboy Color? I need new glasses. I cannot read the distance between me and the pin for this speed-golf wedge challenge.
  10. Watched this and really enjoyed it. For context, this match took place on the same weekend Rocky III came out.
  11. Is this the Yakuza 4 Homeless Cat substory or the involved Yakuza 6 cat cafe minigame that I haven't played yet
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