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    Ok. I haven't read IGN since ever - I had some dorkly little beef with them in high school for reasons i can't and would rather not recall. But their shimmering score of 76 is on the high end of the remaster's documented reviews.

    There's already a Steam sale. The reviews have me shook.
  3. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    They've had the Coors deal for a real long time. How else do you think they got Brock to come over?
  4. Beer recommendations

    I haven't seen Key On Point in awhile, but it was pretty terrible. I'll argue their Rye Porter is an easy contender for best six-pack of dark beer in the state. Their NEIPAs actually live up to the hype/price, too. They're a funny brewery - Dundalk isn't exactly the most alluring location and most people have only had their six-pack stuff, which outside of the porter is lackluster. When they get the right recipe they can compete with anyone in the state, though.

    This has been a week of beating games; The Witness, Octodad, platinum on the Parappa remaster, Last Guardian, with the end of Persona 3: FES finally in my sights. Idea for a game - Persona, but it's in the American bible belt. "Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of the Tex-Arcana..." Just started NieR, about halfway done with the little-known Gamecube version of Majora's Mask, and maybe a third of the way through the first Trauma Center on DS. PIcked up some used OG Xbox stuff - both Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliences for post-dinner co-op with the SO, the slept-on Crazy Taxi 3, and the disc to Shenmue II (I've had the case/manual/bonus DVD for ages, somehow). AND I got my old PS2 back, so the random things I've picked up on sale at retro game stores in the DMV/Southeastern PA areas are finally up for consideration. Namely original prints of the first two Yakuza games. Typing it all out reminds me of how daunting and dorky all this is, but it could be worse. I could be into Destiny.

    Still not as bad as Liger's chemistry with Ricky "Richard" Morton in that one Battlebowl.

    Uh. The game is not plot-heavy. The Plateau is there for basic exposition and to show you the mechanics. Once off it, you can really go off and do whatever - and it becomes a *lot* harder to die from falling
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Current Indies-on-Switch Forecast: Celeste is supposedly A) a very great game that is netting the highest scores of the admittedly short year despite B) not being about frozen pizza? Night in the Woods is still the funniest, most heartfelt, and therefore greatest rust belt furries trapped in a late-stage-capitalism-slash-eldritch-or-is-it?-existential-nightmare walking simulator of all time. Crypt of the Necrodance is currently fucking up my girlfriend's life on the PS4 but if you want it to fuck up your life both at home and on the go, it's here for you. Hollow Knight is going to come out like, any day now. Owlboy is probably gonna come out even before that. I don't even know what Kentucky Route Zero is but apparently I should play it. The final Shovel Knight expansion drops in the next few months but I guess I should wait to buy them all together in some nice package years down the line (even though that's what I thought Treasure Trove was supposed to be). And then whatever Fe is and whatever Inside is (willfully ignorant on that one as I'm told it's spoiler-y) and I guess Read Only Memories looks cool if I want a visual novel. I'll never have time to play all this stuff against my insurmountable backlog but maybe you will.
  9. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    If Jay's reign as IWGP US Champ is him defending against beatable gaijin I'm all for it. The Page match could raise both guys' stock, Jeff Cobb would be fun, ZSJ's right there, something with Ospreay after he drops the Junior belt, both Bucks on separate nights of the same tour, whatever.
  10. Metal Gear Solid series.

    Ooh, I gotta jump in on this. 1. Snake Eater - Best ending. Best boss fight. Best song. Best codec calls. Best ladder. One of the greatest games of all time. To be completely fair, I've only played Subsistence. I can't IMAGINE not having the right stick control the camera. Am I the only person who thinks Virtuous Mission is not that great? 2. MGS 1 - Every single thing that happens in this game is memorable. It, like Snake Eater, are the only times Kojima perfectly balanced the sensible with the bonkers. Yeah, the gameplay's clunky in 2018 but you can always play Twin Snakes afterward. 3. Peace Walker - PEACE WALKER KICKS ASS. It should have been called Metal Gear Solid 5, there is nothing about it that disqualifies it from being viewed as a main entry. Brilliantly incorporated handheld-friendly mechanics, a very likable supporting cast of characters, and a depth of replay value unlike anything else in the series. tie- 4. MGS 2 - Only rivaled by Earthbound as the high point in postmodern gaming, pre-whenever-people-started-writing-articles-about-"art games" (so, like, Braid, Journey, when everyone had a few years to realize how good Shadow of the Colossus was? time). It's still kinda clunky. The bosses are weak. And from my understanding, the reason the ending is so out there is because they had to re-write a lot of it after 9/11 - which makes a lot of sense to me. tie-4. MGS 5. Far and away the best gameplay the series could have ever had. So much stuff to do. So many random and wonderful moments brought to life by the engine. But heinously unfinished, with a veryveryvery telegraphed ending that I was waiting for since the beginning of the intro. 6. MGS 4 - Too short, too talky, too meta, and my goodness were those boss characters (not the fights themselves) a complete waste of everyone's time. And yet it's still a great game, with memorable environments, some great callbacks and engaging mechanics. Probably the one I most need to replay. 7. PoOPS - Horrible. MG is good. MG2 is great. Revengeance is good. Ghost Babel is great.
  11. Best Successful Heel Championship Defenses

    The first thing I thought of was HHH/Cactus Jack, which maxes out any star/letter grade/number scale you throw at me. Plus, the right guy went over.
  12. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    I agree with spoiler tag and thought that was the whole idea to begin with.
  13. NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    As the kids say these days, Glad that they kept the ending as ambiguous as they did in regards to the Bullet Club EXPLODING~, they've got a lot story to tell and no need to rush it.

    Saying it now before I say it over and over and over this year; Ronda Rousey is one of the most hopelessly unnatural actors I have ever witnessed in my life. If she's in this full-time, any promos she cuts in front of a crowd are going to be eventually *eviscerated*. I don't think it'll happen at first, but audiences will catch on. It's going to be a bumpy ride. They could just stick her with Heyman...

    Best men's Rumble in awhile, smartly booked down to the wire. Glad they A) were in Philly and B) knew it. Women's Rumble was pretty dang good, even if the nostalgia trips were a bit much. Breezed by for a 50-minute match.