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    Ruckus is actually one of Swann's trainers. They're both local Baltimore guys. Rich is 100% Doing It For The Ruck.
  2. NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2017

    I'm not particularly in the US indie loop but I do make the attempt here and there, so clearly there's something I'm missing with Sami. I've seen four of his recent PWG matches; a rather blah sprint against Matt Sydal, a goofy throw-away with Cody Rhodes / a goofy throw-away tag match where he did that cat mask shtick (?), and a match against Jack Evans that became much less interesting once Sami stopped trying to kiss his opponent and started chugging beer (???). Am I doing this wrong? By pure cosmic chance is every Sami Callihan match since his WWE departure a classic, save for the few I've seen? I liked the Solomon Crowe gimmick. I enjoyed some of Sami's CZW garbage-y stuff. I'm not anti-indie and I hope the Riddle/Cobb G1 Tag League rumor pays off. Whatevs.
  3. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Only issue with the YLC is that they gotta put the Anabolic Wrestling Monster over not just cause he's huge and credible but he's also THIRTY friggin' ONE. Kitamura's almost three years older than Okada, they need to hurry up his push and get him competing with the general NJPW population by the end of next year. Maybe not a G1 run, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2017

    Sami Callihan makes Marty Scurll look like Lou Thesz.
  5. NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2017

    The set-in-stone booking of the Dome Show really puts a damper on NJPW shows after the G1. It's the company's biggest problem. They need to fix it.

    I loved IX. It was tough, well-written, really engaging and I don't remember the end being *that* hard with the right party? But sometimes I'll put on a baseball game and go ham on Liquid Metal Slimes so I don't know if I just grind like a weirdo.My big beef with IS was what a mess the side quests were. Currently very close to beating DQVII. Lot of charm but my Lord what a slog. Too much everything. Also, YO, Golf Story. Are you playing Golf Story? Why aren't you playing Golf Story? Play Golf Story.
  8. NJPW Destruction Tour 2017

    Not if they give up on the NEVER title and book a unification match. With the US Title now in play I wouldn't argue.
  9. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    For me? A role model. The greatest guy to ever do that thing he did, a platinum-plated capital-letter God in the wrestling industry. Guess that bullet Flair dodged had to hit somebody. Strangely appropriate.
  10. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    Square Enix showed off that Octopath Traveller game, which has pixel art characters interacting with a hi-res world. Looks like it has Final Fantasy VI, SaGa series and Live A Live vibes. Anybody played the demo yet? Oh, and Mario is now a confirmed chest-waxer.
  11. 2017 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    One of these *five* upcoming UFC title fights will be cancelled < two weeks out. Which one is leading the pack?

    Dumpaling, Cuppycake, Bessfrend. They are all lovely hosses and I look forward to seeing them again when they release DLC I actually want to play.
  13. WOW. Cejudo is looking like that guy we thought he'd be. That right hand was money but I,d like to see what it does against somebody who boxes orthodox. Feed Cejudo a beatable ranked dude with a name (basically he should kill Sergio) and give him another shot next year.
  14. MAE YOUNG CLASSIC - EPISODE 7 (Quarters)

    The Japanese R sound has this thing called an alveolar flap where you smack the area right behind your front teeth with your tongue, like you were making a "d" or a "tt" sound. She's at least attempting to do that.