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  1. Just make it a sport already.
  2. the older i get, the more i think about gear. not in terms of if it looks good, but if it fits the character and i'm thinking, based on that criteria, that Yoshinari Ogawa might wear one of my ten favorite paunts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Striped_grass_mouse
  3. Stepmania, thee major dancing game clone for PC (DDR, PIU, ITG, etc). It's been around for maybe 20 years and has always had a pretty big community around it. I used to play a ton of DDR in high school and I've reached an age where I needed to buy exercise equipment that I'd actually use. So I downloaded every offical DDR song ever released (rather easily) and the pad itself works like a dream. Playing proper with shoes and it hasn't dropped a note, although my schlubby ass hasn't done anything harder than a old-8 new-11 footer.
  4. $600 high-end heavy-duty dance mat comes in the mail and the bar that comes with it is missing a bracket. I have to e-mail the King of Poland about it tomorrow or something. Outside of that, I'm doing time machine gaming. Ratchet & Clank 2? Really good! Baldur's Gate 1? Great! Drakengard? The biggest gap between bad gameplay and great story on the entire PS2. It's like all the things I've been told for 20 years are completely true.
  5. Maybe Poirier won Round 4? I have to assume the other hypothetical round to give him would be 2, but, no, absolutely not. I don't make emotional connections to MMA fighters any more. Sorry Dustin, but I've been burned too many times before. What I can appreciate is one of the best grappling sequences I've ever seen in MMA. If there's a sub this year that beats ankle pick -> D'arce I need to see it.
  6. I gotta be that guy and remind everyone that Hechicero vs ZSJ already happened once. 2018 PWG. It was pretty good but a tad exhibition-y.
  7. I'm equally worried about anyone who says Juice needed any help in the personality department. Unless you're remarking on his NXT to NJPW superbabyface turn (and I still contend his babyface ceiling is a good bit higher), but even then - the CJ Parker heel turn proved he had SOMETHING.
  8. It looks like a relatively-totally safe carny spot that the average person would think is wildly irresponsible That's the true spirit of hardcore wrestling right there.
  9. My interest in this would be very dependent on how many JDStars alums they could pull. Arisa Nakajima picking up a clutch 1-pin spare and such.
  10. Animal Well is NOT on the level of a Tunic, Witness, Hollow Night, Outer Wilds, Celeste, Cave Story, etc. but it is a very good genre game to "beat" in a weekend or "complete" in a week, and the depth and aesthetic are absolutely there in spades.
  11. Given the impossible in-ring returns of Danielson and Copeland, I'm starting to think that career-ending injuries can be very political constructs, or at least until competing companies become a factor. Shibata acclimating himself to the States while Tanahashi ascends to NJPW President of Something or Other? Sounds like miraculous brain medicine to me.
  12. i bought a bag of those fancy gummi bears and long story short I find it necessary to remark on my concerns regarding the current state of lucharesu I meant to check back up on Dragon Gate after CIMA left (I am inexplicably anti-CIMA) but never got around to it. I know they're always sneaky successful with the non-Tokyo set and the female fanbase but I don't hear any hype these days. MPro has been something else for awhile, Osaka Pro's dead, I think Toryumon Mexico got killed by COVID, there aren't any HUSTLE undercards, the post-DG Ultimo trainees seem scattered to the winds, the crossover NJPW/CMLL stuff reads as an entirely different genre, and CHIKARA didn't fall from grace so much as swan dive. But that's just the thing - if a bunch of noise punks from Eastern PA and their idiot dork dad could slap some masks on and create an approximation of lucharesu that was relevant for years and years + created some very real TV stars, why can't anybody else figure it out? Why can't anybody else even attempt it? Or do I not know where to look?
  13. I've been screaming this since... geez, not that long actually. It was the CMLL Women's Gran Prix from a year or two ago and she looked like a megastar.
  14. Day One of Natsu - ooh, it's a total shitshow. The guard cannot change fast enough.
  15. Zoomers who never listened to him have have deemed him a pedophile and are rejoicing in his death.
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