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  1. It is important to talk about good video games, and explain why these video games are good. If nobody did this, how would we know if games are good? HOW?? With that said; I thought DuckTales 2 was going to be my slept-on 90's game of the week but Darius Gaiden is straight-up one of the greatest games ever made. Let me back that up. I'm not a newcomer to the series at all. I dig the hell out of plenty of Japanese horizontally-scrolling shooters, when I traveled to Tokyo this Summer my priority pickup was the Salamander Collection for PSP (reco-fucking-mended, for the record). Big ups to R-Type, Gradius, Parodius, I even own a complete Einhander. And I've known the Darius series well, I've spent tons of time with Dariusburst CS, Darius Twin and G Darius. Cotton, Earth Defense Force, Axelay, Syvalion, Thunder Force, Air Zonk, Zero Wing (actually really good)... these are all horizontally scrolling shmups that I somehow played before Darius Gaiden. I don't know how, but here I am. So, like, Darius Gaiden needs a critical reassessment. Right the hell now. It's slightly easier than your average shmup (a good thing in this day and age), has a light-years-ahead-of-its-time soundtrack that plays more to a psy-trance subreddit's taste than a beep-boop traditionalist, has that kind of mid-90's expert pixel art that so often got overlooked during the transitional years between 2D and 3D, is primarily made up of multi-stage boss fights and has twenty six fuckin' stages with a binary stage selection option after every boss. Every single one of these aspects of the game reads more like a 2019 indie smash than a '95 arcade import. I am not gonna stop my campaign of telling people that Darius Gaiden is rad as fuck until it is elected president, or I play another good video game.
  2. Takakeisho's real win today didn't happen in the dohyo. Hell, it didn't even happen today. For a then-22 year old and brand-spankin'-new Ozeki to shut out the haters, survey the nature of injuries in his sport, and say "y'know what? I'm gonna let my knee heal and wreck everybody when I get back" is just some phenomenal shit.
  3. I've somehow never bothered to play DuckTales 2 on the NES before but this is one of the absolute best games on the system. The circumstances of the game's release are a perfect storm of hidden gem conditions. It was released for the NES about 2 years after the SNES was out in North America and 3 years after the DuckTales cartoon ended, so there's no shock a cart goes for around $200. The graphics are as good as anything else on NES and the gameplay was only tweaked in the obvious ways the prior game was begging for - revisiting cleared levels, being able to spend money on items, a continue system, and less wonky pogo mechanics. It's too bad the soundtrack had an impossible act to follow or I'd be more than happy to say it improves on the original in every way.
  4. If a certain John Hennigan is thinking about jumping ship to AEW he'd better be ready for a long talk with my lawyers.
  5. All these dudes at 8-2. I'm pretty stoked for the last third. Mitakeumi, Takakeisho and Asanoyama all look like they can get it done, with the unexpected but not unearned threat of Mesei and Okinoumi challenging from the lower ranks. I don't expect both Goeido and Tochinoshin to regain Ozeki but with 6-4 and 5-5 records the odds aren't nearly as long as I thought.
  6. Colby called Leon Edwars "Leon Scott" during his PR airing-or-grievances bit. This is the first image that comes up on google for "Leon Scott". The only images of a "Leon Scott" are of this man (and noteworthy French printer/inventor of the first recorded sound device Edouardt-Leon Scott de Martinville).. I'm gonna go ahead and call this NWS I mean ? Is there another Leon Scott I'm missing out on?
  7. King Corbin is a lot more useful storyline-wise, but with AEW less than a month away this might be the time to put every possible babyface over and make the neo(s)marks happy. Granted, if Gable wins Corbin needs to steal the crown from him on the next PPV and keep it/falsely defend it for awhile.
  8. Colby's own words (which I attempt to avoid hearing whenever possible) lead me to believe he wanted to be paid like the A-side to the fight / an interim champ despite not being one, which probably involve some sort of PPV points. I like to sympathize with fighters when things like these happen to them, but the irony of the dipshit MAGA guy with go-away heat having to play the role of the exploited proletariat is more of a guilty pleasure than every Rush record put together. Or maybe it's not a socio-econo-political thing but rather a cautionary tale about not barging into the boss's Blackjack & Hookers room with a camera.
  9. The Virtua Tennis series petered out during the PS3360 years, but I can't think of many series that would equate to money just sitting on the fuckin' table the way a hypothetical Power Stone 3 on Switch does.
  10. Pretty sure they ruined Animal Crossing but that isn't my problem. Xenoblade is one of the best JRPGs of all time. Play it.
  11. I got one of those Gameboy Players that hook up to your Gamecube and now I can actually see what I'm doing in Warlocked and it's friggin' dope. That is all.
  12. Somebody mentioned this on reddit - Royal Quest commentary spoils the Super J Cup. So if that matters to you, hold off a bit.
  13. Insane theory: SANADA wins. The two-nights-in-Tokyo thing makes the Dome Show booking a lot more flexible. Also, I can't imagine why they'd run this match again if he doesn't win or draw.
  14. Injuries in the women's ranks is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Teagan Knox, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Ruby Riott, Mickey James, Dakota Kai, Rachel Ellering, Karen Q, Kavita Devi and even Ronda Rousey are all currently on the shelf, most of them with knee injuries/ACL tears. Rhea Ripley just came back, Jazzy Gabert and Io Shirai both have recurrent neck problems that led to their signings being pushed back years, and Alexa Bliss is in the concussion snakebit danger zone. Sasha Banks hasn't even been around to blame the injuries on. The Kylie Rae thing just happened too. I know it's cynical and against the current women's wrestling movement but the writing is absolutely on the wall.
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