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  1. Do not let me be misunderstood - I am from Baltimore, and I live in Baltimore City proper because it's where I want to be. My section was what I described it as - I literally sat behind a loud fat guy who's jeans kept falling down, exposing most of his ass. Rowdy county folk, I didn't have bad words with anyone, but their rowdiness didn't translate to a better crowd sound than DC.
  2. Cookie sheet > garbage can lid. It's the first thing Tommy Dreamer talks about in his interview in last month's Good Housekeeping.
  3. I was so pleased how the DC crowd wasn't a bunch of fat mark ass cracks, people with incredibly regional dialects doing their own rudimentary play-by-play, and a cornucopia of weird but definitely human smells. Don't know why I thought I'd get that lucky twice. Good show, though.
  4. Cody has to contend with his legacy as Dusty's son. Even if it isn't exactly the case, Cody is viewed as the booker. And if a booker named Rhodes puts himself over + gives himself the belt at the company's first post-TV PPV, it's a bad look. It's an easy talking point for critics and the competition. Way too much baggage for something unnecessary. And it is very unnecessary - Cody is honest-to-God over enough to not need a belt and he's probably quite aware of it. Taking himself out of the title picture is a show of good faith to the other talent that he won't Dusty himself to the top. allows Cody to still book himself strong in unique, story driven feuds that aren't about a title chase, allows Chris Jericho (who is still bar-none the company's biggest draw) to stay on top and let the Inner Circle continue to solidify themselves, and sets up Cody rescinding the rule if he's turned heel down the line. From where I stand, Jericho wins and it isn't even debatable. We'll see. I also think people are forgetting that Omega/Moxley may well end up being the first all-the-way Kenny Omega main event w/ a fully capable partner since Tanahashi at the Dome, that Kenny's run as the critic's "Best Wrestler In The World" is an essential reason why AEW even exists, and that nobody wants to go on after him when he's given all that spotlight. I don't know if that means Kenny goes over and becomes the guy to unseat Jericho, but I do think the Lights Out Match is going on last.
  5. This might end up being a good tournament to cherry pick/watch the good shows. Or it might be like watching grass dry...~ The only teams that could hypothetically win are GoD, EVIL/SANADA or Taichi/Zack, I think? Are Juice/Finlay fringe contenders?
  6. This is a way better way to start a calendar. I have read the New Testament. It ain't OoT.
  7. It's the factions. They're static. Thankfully when Suzuki leaves it opens up a leadership slot, and that's why I'm thinking either SANADA or EVIL bounce from LIJ at some point to lead what remains of Suzuki-gun (Naito's performance at WK win or lose can be used to push this). We've had Bullet Club vs. Chaos vs. LIJ vs. Suzuki-Gun vs. TanaTagu Sekigun for four consecutive years with the only major shakeups being WWE/AEW signings shaking up BC. The Elite leaving should have been the impetus for a major faction shake-up but it wasn't, so... we'll see. And you should abso-the-hell-lutely watch this year's BoSJ.
  8. The crowd was dead for that four-way promo standoff. They'll have to win everybody over with good wrestling or something like that.
  9. Metal Gear's gameplay, from day one, was about taking the prevalent genre of the time (run-and-gun) and subverting it. You want to run around the base and shoot the baddies? Is that the most exciting thing? Too bad. The point is to *not shoot them*. It's more realistic and provides more atmosphere, at the cost of action and immediacy. And that foundational gameplay philosophy ended up deeply entwined with the series' plot and themes. Seems to me that Death Stranding is doing the same thing. Our prevalent genre is the open-world/sandbox thing, a genre (if genre is even the right word) that features a ton of running around vast worlds hoping to get to the next bit of action. Except Death Stranding has made the choice to make the traversal the main focus of the gameplay instead of a means to an end. Breath of the Wild sort of got there first (a phrase I'll probably be using for the rest of my life) but I can't immediately fault Death Stranding for saying "All these modern games are just fetch quests, anyways" and leaning way the hell into it. Kojima uses gameplay to make statements about gameplay (and, y'know, the greater human codition), and I trust him enough for an 84 on Metacritic not to scare me off.
  10. I'm offended by the amount of recent games that I've wanted to buy. After beating Three Houses I had to pick from Dragonquest XI S, Mario Maker 2, AI: The Somnium Files, Link's Awakening, Outer Worlds and waiting for Death Stranding and Shemue III (get at me, haters). Didn't consider Astral Chain since I haven't even started Bayo 2 and Pokemon might be cool but I have no time for all the bells and whistles and the core games tend to be too easy - doesn't mean I don't want to pick them up eventually. Then Luigi comes out and it's actually good. The nerve. I went with Dragon Quest XI S, majorly in part to its excellent demo. I cannot recommend downloading it enough. The first twenty minutes of it are ho-hum but it picks up quick. The demo is LONG. You'll complete three or four dungeons, three-and-a-half towns, explore a lot of open-world and end up with a full party by the end of itThere were three moments that I assumed were completely logical endpoints but it just kept rolling along. You can easily sink ten hours into it without paying a dime. So if you've ever enjoyed something that could be described as a JRPG, go ahead and do that. The full game is a treat. I intentionally held off picking up the PS4 version when it came out as a means of protesting the lack of the 2D mode and I'm very very glad I did, but the real difference maker is having the proper orchestral soundtrack. Every bit of music sounds so well composed. So professionally recorded. So racist. Not to say the 2D mode doesn't add a ton of extra value to a game that already provides a ridiculous amount of bang for your buck, it really does. The 2D mode is a lot more condensed, with a way-smaller world map + random encounters, much smaller towns and no extra dialogue that you can't just skip right past. All of that is dandy, but the 2D mode also has this really cool secret town where these little ghost dudes give you special areas based on every older Dragon Quest game, complete with old towns, monsters, characters and music. It doesn't need to be in the game, but it is, and it's wonderful. There's just so much stuff. So much content. I had a bad time finishing up the unending DQVII on 3DS and Dragon Quest Builders didn't do anything for me (just like the baffling success of Minecraft), I had some fun with DQM1 on GBC and Rocket Slime on DS in the last year, but damnit if I didn't forget just how phenomenal main-line DQ games can be. They're so joyous and uncynical, dauntlessly uncool and better for it. I appreciate work that can walk the fine line of camp or kitsch, but DQ walks the even finer line of corny without breaking a sweat. I wouldn't recommend putting "The Monsters Have Really Funny Names!" as a pull-quote on the box, but it's those charming little bits that keep me coming back. I don't think XI is going to top IX as my all-time favorite in the series but it may well usurp V from my #2 spot. Then again, I haven't even played VIII...
  11. I want to see Naito win the whole thing at the Dome because the booking should follow. The booking really didn't align two years ago, since the Kenny win was so much more logical and came off incredibly satisfying, but here it makes sense. Naito's win coupled with Hiromu's comeback and Shingo's ascent up the heavyweight ranks (have to imagine he'll at least win the NEVER) lay the groundwork for some LIJ good vibes through early 2020, when Naito could and should be the guy to transition the belt to Ibushi's first reign as one-step-left-of-Ace. I know we're sick of the matchup since they're so dead-set on killing each other, but Naito and Ibushi are allegedly IRL besties and it clicks from Gedo's perspective if you lay it out that way. I'd also argue the fact that they're even talking about a fan vote plays into Naito's favor storyline-wise. Even if he isn't as nuclear hot as he was at his peak, nobody has as many unresolved storylines in play with the other three than Naito does. I think NJPW's next phase - and it might start panning out as soon as Jan. 2021 - involves A) A Jay White face turn B) Elevating Shota pretty damn quick after his excursion C) Getting either EVIL or SANADA to an IWGP Championship level (via winning it + an inevitable LIJ dissolution) and hoping that it C and half) takes, while D) Okada takes the Inoki/Hashimoto route of being too uniquely over/strong for the championship chase and challenges himself in other ways. E) is Taichi, natch. OK, it's probably a proper heavyweight Ospreay, the true heir to Kenny as their Meltzerist hype machine key to the west. This is just one man's wild fantasy booking, obviously. I'm watching Chono/Tenzan/Kojima vs. Mutoh/Hase/Kea, a good hot match amidst a sea of Inokist bullshit from the 5/5/01 show in case anybody's wondering. Can't wait to find out why nobody remembers Choshu/Nakanishi vs, Ogawa/Murakami.
  12. just for today, the world is a good place again we are going to be OK meow
  13. Gotta make sure those controversial heads of state are bankrolling it. I'd bet they know somebody who knows somebody.
  14. I hope every copy of Death Stranding comes with a reversible cover of a Cheeto-stained comment section dingus screaming "WHAT IS THIS GAME ABOUT?!" into the wind.
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