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  1. I'm here for you. Getting through the real ending of 999 is a door you can never un-walk-through? Yeah.
  2. There are a lot of good Switch sales, you might as well. Give yourself credit for not biting on Night Trap being sold to you for vending machine money.
  3. I've been a major Wii booster for awhile now. When I was first getting serious about collecting retro games I realized you could get a lot of good, cheap Wii games on 2-for-1 sales at Gamestops, and that there were some concurrent factors that lead me to believe the value of the system's games wouldn't stay low long. Chiefly, the fact that a lot of Wii-mote heavy games likely won't get remade, the distain from the hardcores over the Wii's tech specs fades with time, Nintendo is stingy with their first-party games being released digitally and the kids that grew up with the biggest nostalgic attachment to the Wii hadn't achieved financial independence yet. That last point is sort of becoming true now - the quarantine has made the price of some really good retro games SKYROCKET, Nintendo games particularly so. Some gems like Metroid Prime Trilogy, No More Heroes 2, Rhythm Heaven, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are easily going for double what I paid for them. But... compared to spikes in Gamecube (jesus), rare couch multiplayer games and certain series that have gained a lot of interest in the last few months (SMT, Final Fantasy, the DS Pokemon games), the Wii library is still very viable and buy-able. There's a healthy amount of meat of the Wii's bones once you get past the initial layer of first-party franchise classics. I like a lot of the system's compilation games, like the SNK Collection, bit.trip.complete, the Metal Slug Anthology, Data East Classics, Ultimate Shooting Collection and Kirby's Dream Collection stand out. Sin & Punishment Star Successor is amazing and it kills me there aren't more games like it (on the Wii or in general). There's some games that look like kiddy point-and-click titles that have some seriously depth (and are actually challenging), namely Little King's Story and Zack & Wiki. Also gotta give props to the Trauma Center series, which I greatly prefer on Wii over DS. Same goes for Bully, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Metroid Prime, Pikmin and RE4 - I think motion controls make them all better. I think Xenoblade's the best game on the system but I still haven't even started Last Story. If I ever actually finish Little King's Story that's my next one up.
  4. Old news, I know, but there are very few people I wouldn't argue over Florian Schneider in this respect. Little Richard was more important to music than Florian Schneider? Yeah, OK. That's really, really saying something. RIP to both.
  5. bros are we really on the internet mocking a pro wrestler for how they look can this wait a week
  6. First two matches were rough - for a little bit there, I thought Private Party had gotten their act together but once the halfway point of that match hit, it was botch-botch-botch. Trent looked actively pissed about it. But the Best Friends deserved the win after the work they did during the Georgia tapings and their Tag Title shot should be gobs of fun. Men of Low Moral Fiber EXPLODE~?! Ladder Match is hard to judge. A lot of people's characters were developed here - Orange Cassidy talks now! The Sabian/Havoc/Ford group is getting to be more well-defined, Sabian is still one of the biggest underachievers on the roster but he's been trying harder the last few weeks, and Jimmy Havoc's splatter-suit, uh, suits him. Cage looked good in his debut and it seems there's a built-in program with him and Darby. Entertaining and the right choice for an opener, but I'm still sorta down on this match.The transitions between comedy spots and big bumps were very jarring, there was even more "guys lying around on the outside" than a MitB match, there were plenty of botches, nobody seemed to be actually trying to win the thing and the finish was clunky. One more thing - Joey Janela's potty mouth stood out to me in a positive way. I think the guy has had a rough year or two in his personal life, just get a lot of sadboy vibes from behind the sunglasses, but I believe in his hybrid everyman/weirdo charisma and I saw some flashes of it here. MJF/Jungleboy, in a way, felt like the real TV Title Match. Huge early 90's WCW midcard Eaton/Austin/Dustin/Steamboat/Windham/Pillman/Arn vibes with this one. Clearly defined face/heel work, pinpoint traditional structure, hope spots and fake injuries and teasing a 20-minute draw, this was prime wrestling-flavored wrestling from two of the most precocious guys out there. I like them both but this was miles ahead of what I was expecting, and if this is indicative of their chemistry then they might have a brighter future than the Darby/Sammy pairing. Cody/Archer was, like, fine I guess. They booked themselves into a corner here as this didn't feel like the right time for either guy to lose, but if Cody's going to be Cody then he might as well have a belt every once in awhile. The work itself was good. Cody lives and dies by the circus he brings, and that circus probably needs a crowd more than any other act on the roster. I can tolerate - even be entertained by - the Arn and Jake stuff, but if I was a younger viewer I don't know how their interactions play any better than awkward. Tyson was their to be very, very high and take his shirt off. He's been angling for some sort of freakshow fight to any promoter that'll listen for the last few weeks or months, I don't think he had any real interest in anything other than showing those promoters that he still works out. Oh, and credit to Big Swole for maximizing her camera time. Kris/Ford was what it was. No ill feelings, they're both capable enough and the match was inoffensive. I think if Ford wants to have any hope of really breaking through in the women's ranks she's going to have to be their highspot queen. Dustin/Spears was a garden-variety bad wrestling segment on it's own, but putting the two matches with the lowest stakes on one after another was completely counter-productive in terms of using Dustin/Spears as a cool-down match and hurt the show's pacing. One of these didn't need to air. Hikaru Shida's become this sort of Bret Hart-type pickup truck of a carry artist who's just so far ahead of everyone else when it comes to technique. Other than the Nyla/Riho series I think she's been involved in everyone of the roster's best match. It felt like she won the belt because she deserved it, props to commentary and the video packages for addressing and respecting the Hana Kimura tragedy without making it a central point of the match; I believe that would have been disingenuous, right? Shida was Ice Ribbon, Hana was Stardom, I don't think their careers had that much crossover. Last week I was down on Brodie. His unscripted promos on Moxley were not main-event level, if you will, his cadence, word choice and composure all betraying the character of the Exalted One (and turn the belt rightside up!). Y'know what Brodie Lee is freakin' great at? Technical brawls with good workrate, realism and violence. Him and Mox still have their chemistry like I hoped the would. Maybe Vince was right that Brodie's peak is as a quiet, upper-midcard roadblock for the superstars / Guaranteed Good Match Guy (y'know, a Cersaro) but OK. So be it. He's fantastic in that role. Everyone else has elaborated so much on Stadium Stampede,...man, there you fuckin' go. I can't call it a MotYC, but on the list of MotQCs it's gonna be at the top. Fujita/Shiozaki, Ripley/Flair, the original Omega/Hardy vs. Jericho/Sammy (still haven't seen Drew/Seth) all good times, but yup. This was the one. Everyone involved, regardless of rank, should be elated to have this one on their resume. It's just pure entertainment, people. The match was an expression of joy They had me at horse.
  7. All I know is every AEW employee is straight-up geeking over the Stadium Stampede match. A new, soon-to-be-ruined upside to cinematic matches - you can hype the finished product before it airs!
  8. There will be moments in my future where I am cycling through matches, on whatever device we're watching them on in 10 or 20 years, and every one of them is going to seem boring. I'll wonder why. It'll be because I'm not watching the Hana match I was supposed to be watching. Disgusting. My heart breaks for Kyoko.
  9. Sounds like you got Revali's Gale first, which is a very very good idea. One of the main things I wish I knew when I first played it. Well, that and fishing with bombs.
  10. I've been working very hard during these quaran-times. I usually get home from work a little after the girlfriend, somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00, and on Wednesdays as soon as I set foot in the door I'm more or less ordered to make Dynamite happen (I don't have cable, certain hook-ups have to occur). I usually cheat and peep spoilers - not results so much as match ratings - from Larry Csonka's live recaps. This is the first time since ever I haven't been able to do that. It's something I do at least three out of four weeks and I didn't realize how stark it would feel having that routine changed. Better episode than it appeared on paper, one of the best in-ring episodes the show's put on this year. Cassidy/Fenix was money, super luchadors vs. Wrestle Factory grads always seem to work, impressed by Fenix's rudo moves and Orange Cassidy bringing the, ahem, fire. Guevara/Hardy was great. The Elite and Inner Circle have this old-school clusterfuck brawl thing figured out. Since I gotta be critical about something - Brody ain't it on the mic. Great worker, great look, hard ceiling as a big-man workrate henchman. Vince's assumptions are usually correct. This angle isn't crap or anything and I think Moxley/Lee will be a very good match for both guys, but the weekly TV build is getting lost in the shuffle.
  11. Note To easily get across the room, you will want to line yourself up with each platform you want to swing to. Press to center the camera behind you, making sure there is a rope directly in front of you. Rather than swinging back and forth on the ropes, you should leap off by press right at the end of the first swing
  12. I sat around while an old girlfriend played through my copy, maybe 6 years ago? It controls just like Ocarina and Majora, most of the camera control is done by locking on to stuff, with the C-Stick as your free-look camera. I don't think the C-Stick is invertable but I don't remember the controls being a problem.
  13. Mario 64 was remade for DS, both Galaxies were built for use with the Wiimote, and Sunshine was teased by Nintendo's twitter last summer. Having played through a lot of old Mario in the last five years, I'd argue strongly that Galaxy 2 is the weak link of the four - hell of a weak link, but it's a lot less that the sum of it's parts. Tons of great levels without a unifying purpose. Sunshine, on the other hand, is the third-best Mario game ever and I won't hear a word against it.
  14. The long-rumored Sunshine remaster, I'd imagine. And Mother 3.
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