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  1. John E. Dynamite

    NXT TAKEOVER: WARGAMES II - 11/17/2018

    Really impressed with Velveteen Dream's timing - he moved from spot to spot very well and was able to read and work with the crowd's crescendos at a preternatural level. If that's not good wrestling than what is wrestling? War Games was like being trapped in a slightly above average buffet and being forced to eat until you got sick. Hey, but Double Moonsault.
  2. John E. Dynamite

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    This was just the beginning of Makabe's week-long Tom Collins and Superdrol bender.
  3. John E. Dynamite


    Wound up with a GBA SP and I'm going through the killer backlog I bought for myself when I was in my late teens. Just now getting around to Astro Boy: Omega Factor, with Gunstar Super Heroes, Drill Dozer, and Mario vs. DK on the horizon. I've been sizing up all the > $20 games I don't already own and I'm eyeing Wario Ware: Twisted, Minish Cap (still not sure how I missed that one), R-Type III: Third Lightning, and both Klonoas. Almost bit on River City Ransom EX but you can't save your story progress??
  4. John E. Dynamite

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I really have to follow DDT more closely. Go Shiozaki and Shinya friggin' Aoki are entrants in this year's Gran Prix.
  5. Watching the infamous (and oddly respectable) Dakota Cochrane TKO Johny Hendrick in a bare-knuckle boxing match has to cap off the most precipitous championship drop-off we've seen in awhile, right? We've had Barao, Weidman, Anderson, Pettis, Ronda, Penn, Condit, etc. remind us how brutal this sport can be to former belt-holders but this one seems extra bleak.
  6. John E. Dynamite


    The timing on the chicken level is off. Even on the remaster. Learn to freestyle and you'll be OK.
  7. John E. Dynamite

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    Just fitting in, half the country's already forced to do it.
  8. John E. Dynamite


    Naturally. People gotta have their Ape Escape sooner or later.
  9. John E. Dynamite


    Simon's Quest is gonna send any newbie running to the hills, it shouldn't even be mentioned here. I'd say Super Castlevania 4 is the best traditional game in the series for a first timer - a nice, moderate difficulty level with great design + all kinds of cool technical tricks. Also loved the Rondo remake for PSP if you're a little more hardcore - the game had SotN in full as an unlockable and from what I gather a lot of people who bought DXC couldn't even get far enough to earn it. The proper Metroidvania line, Symphony of the Night (PS1) - > Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow (GBA) -> Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia (DS) are all uniformly great and pretty easy to get in to. They're rooted in proper Castlevania gameplay but strike a much more reasonable difficultly level thanks to an experience point system. None of them are so storyline driven that playing them out of order matters much and, save for Aria, aren't that hard to track down. Which is a little bit of a shame because I'd argue Aria is the best of all of them, but there is a two-in-one GBA cartridge that contains it + Harmony that retails for around 40-ish bucks, nearly the exact same as Aria solo.
  10. John E. Dynamite


    The list is acceptable if you assume they're gonna make more than one of these through the years.
  11. John E. Dynamite


    I wouldn't consider either of those more difficult than merely beating Rondo. I assume there's one Platinum per game?
  12. John E. Dynamite

    Roman Reigns has leukemia

    My wish/hope/prayer is the least ironic ROMAN WINS LOL possible.
  13. John E. Dynamite

    Final Fantasy Omnibus

    Downloaded the Royal Edition. Was kind of grossed out that the game started w/ a tutorial instead of some evocative opening scene. Then the game glitched during the third part of the tutorial and I couldn't continue. I haven't played a new Final Fantasy game since X (although I'm probably good for XII when it hits Switch). The series was a big favorite of mine growing up, FFVI is my go-to answer for favorite game of all time. I generally distrust modern AAA anything so last night's experience was a real kick in the nuts.
  14. John E. Dynamite


    If you're not wearing Zubaz, you're just wearing pants.
  15. John E. Dynamite

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    I can't believe Dos Caras' shoot name was "Doug"