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  1. John E. Dynamite

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2019

    It's too bad I'll never be able to wrestle Jumbo. Mainly because I'm not a wrestler, but also because he's dead.
  2. John E. Dynamite


    Dear Catch-All Thread, I never thought this could happen to me. A retro games store in Hagerstown, MD was selling two sealed copies of Salt & Sanctuary, and I bought them both. For 30 dollars each. Seriously, this never happens to me. If Limited Run hadn't done their blind box sale I would have never checked the prices on *every* LR Vita game and would have had no clue.
  3. The arm injury occurred in his first tournament as Yokozuna and he chose not to go under the knife for it, as his Yokozuna promotion was considered borderline and sumo's injury culture is absolute bullshit. It's the reason he's retired. No torinaoshi for Hokutofuji stinks.
  4. John E. Dynamite


    I don't know what the suck ratio is on FFVII's storyline vs. FVII's translation. So much has been written on the game's horrible, rushed translation that I really am looking towards the remake to see what the game was actually trying to tell me. Not that they won't screw up every narrative element twenty-plus years after the fact, drunk on the power of exponentially superior hardware / AAA gaming expectations. I'll buy it three years after it comes out for ten bucks regardless.
  5. Saw this topic bumped and instantly assumed Kise retired.
  6. John E. Dynamite


    If PDS gets remade maybe all of a sudden a Saturn Remake Mania kicks in. Burning Rangers ain't gonna be the one to generate the hype/revenue for it, excellent though it is. Clockwork Knight 2 maybe.
  7. John E. Dynamite


    I'm reminded of the fact that 2019 is the year Panzer Dragoon comes back everybody buys Zwei on the eShop and SEGA does a Saga remake from the ground-up
  8. John E. Dynamite


    Bullshit. Sonic isn't Mario. The fanbase is so beyond repugnant that it's a weird kind of sympathetic. No franchise has fallen off harder. That doesn't mean that Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic + Knuckles (and add-ons), Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, the Rush series on DS and the wholly, criminally, never-mentioned in the conversation, underrated Sonic Advance series aren't some seriously great times on their respective consoles. I'm not ever going to argue borderline-good games like Sonic Adventure, Heroes, or Generations. The conversation has always existed, even if the good (great) work Sonic Mania put in last year brought it back moreso than ever. We're at a point where there are probably more bad Sonic games than good ones and that sucks. 30-somethings that grew up on a Sonic vs. Mario mindset might view that as damning. But did y'all even play Sonic Colors on Wii? Rush Adventure on DS? Tails fuckin' Adventure on Game Gear? There's like a dozen good Sonic games and arguing otherwise just doesn't hold water.
  9. John E. Dynamite

    Japanese GOAT

    Who here's JGOAT is a wrestler they actively followed during their prime? Really really curious.
  10. John E. Dynamite

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    He's a meat-and-potatoes wrestler who pro-wrestles like he's pro-wrestling. Remember how much better he was that first month as a blonde? Maybe that'll happen again if he ever bothers to get fat.
  11. John E. Dynamite

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    There's a strict Alcohol-or-Steroids policy. You can't pick both and you can't pick neither.
  12. John E. Dynamite


    I put at least 70 hours into Xenoblade: Chronicle before I realized I could level up the main character's unique weapon-based skills. I'm about 80% done with The World Ends With You and I've just now figured out how food and the level-slider works. I beat Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance w/ the girlfriend and we didn't realize the escape potions had a two-way use.
  13. John E. Dynamite

    Japanese GOAT

    GOAT perm.
  14. John E. Dynamite


    I may be remembering this wrong, but can't you press the select button and have arrows be displayed over entrances + exits?