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  1. Great story, great drama, but ugh. There is little doubt that Tokushoryu would not have got the yusho from a higher rank.
  2. I'm all for the idea but you can't do non-sim racing games, and I say this as somebody who would probably vote for them. Different beast. A Mario Kart vs. NFL 2K finals doesn't click.
  3. The pinnacle of "wacky location puroresu". Required viewing for anyone interested in the applied deconstruction of the artform (or a house).
  4. The easiest way for me to digest the current stuff is by shutting out WWE almost completely. I'll watch the Rumble, Mania, and the odd PPV that does well with the critics, still check in to the big NXT episodes and Takeovers, but I can't imagine having the energy to watch anything else if I had to trudge through 3 hours of RAW to start of the week. Cancelling the Network did hurt a bit as I was having fun going through every episode of ECW Hardcore TV and all that Mid-South, but it'll always be there. NJPW is my bread and butter but with AEW being a very big deal in my household (took the s/o to the first TV taping + the first PPV, watching BTE + Dark + Dynamite without her now counts as cheating) that's kind of become the new primary brand to follow. NWA Power is something I attempt to binge and look forward to catching up on. I started to follow CMLL on youtube (they do a great job with it) but right when I was getting back into it they put on that very lackluster Anniversary show and the whole Rush thing blew up, so I got the timing wrong on that one. Since puroresu is my foundation I usually order myself a $50 stack of DVDs every Black Friday from ivpvideos - partly for old times' sake, partly because he's a local guy doing God's work - so I've been using that as an excuse to work on some of my blind spots. Picked up a lovely three-disc Blu-Ray Best of Michinoku pro comp, every Korakuen show DDT put on in 2010, a bunch of NJPW Dome shows from the dark ages, the history of the Triple Crown between the NOAH split and the long Kawada reign, the very first HUSTLE shows, etc. I don't actually have TV so popping one of those discs in while I'm cleaning, working from home, or grinding out my insane handheld videogame backlog is very nice. I also have a youtube playlist of commercial tapes that includes a ton of Puerto Rico stuff, there's all those years of free AJPW and oh my god so much Memphis. So yeah. I'm set.
  5. The better Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack match, from IWA Japan Duel of the Wilds '95 . No Roped Barbed Wire Fire Deatchmatch, one of the most psychologically sound gorefests you'll ever see, flanked by some absolutely brilliant promo work from both men. Necro Butcher vs. Toby Klein, Fans Bring the Weapons Deathmatch from the first round of the... 2004 IWA-MS King of the Deathmatch, I believe. I will always like the FMW No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Electrified Swimming Pool match. The gimmicks are absurd but nothing leaves a bigger impression than what Mr. Pogo does with that scythe, except maybe the absurd charisma of Onita.
  6. The best live wrestling show I went to when I was in high school was CZW Cage of Death 6. Easily. But with every passing year that card becomes more cursed. It's now an even tie between current WWE employees and the tragically deceased. Chris Ca$h, JC Bailey, Nate Hatred, Spyral (Nick Kaplan), Larry Sweeney, and now Justice Pain, lost to us at the mean age of 33.
  7. This Tokushoryu thing is nonsense. Speaking of Aki 2014... Ichinojo almost won his debut tournament in Makuuchi. He opened up 8-1 and after that had to take on M3 Yoshikaze, two Ozeki and both active Yokozuna between Days 10 and 14. Tokushoryu is heading into Day 14 without taking anyone on over M8. This run is an absolute sham. I don't care if he's up against Shodai tomorrow, it should have never even come to this.
  8. I started watching Aki 2014. The first basho after Goeido's promotion to Ozeki. I'm heartbroken and all that stuff... although this was the ninth time he's been kadoban, so I can't say I haven't been preparing for this.
  9. There was once a 21-4 version of Cowboy, and directly after that we got the current 4-7 Cowboy. His three-fight losing streak has been to absolute murderers so I'm not going to count him out completely, but a significant step down in competition for the rest of his career is necessary. Conor needs to fight Masvidal and get the fuck out of 170, fight Tony Ferguson (regardless of who wins or loses what because I think it's a good matchup for Conor), box Manny Paquiao or some shit and then retire off of getting absolutely annihilated by Khabib again / making the most money anyone's ever made for a fight.
  10. On the other hand, if Power Of God & Anime Prospect Destroyer Roxy isn't on your list of role models, what are you even doing bro?
  11. She's the worst ref since Kyohei Wada, I tell ya. Fuck's sake.
  12. Five-way tie for the lead. I dig it. Asanoyama also looking like a killer in the wings at 5-2. The yokozuna withdraws are iffy, but if they were trying to game the system wouldn't they fake it *next* basho so they could be healthy for later in the year? Is the money basho that everybody tries their hardest during going to be the July basho in Nagoya (which concludes a week before the Olympics start) or the September basho (which is in Tokyo a month after)?
  13. A lot of fights on the undercard that we might look back on as being really important. Mayce should shred Roxi (sad face), but there are some more intriguing questions that are being asked of a lot of good prospects. Sodiq Yusuff, Diego Ferreria, and Nasrat Haqparast have upside for days - and I'm an even bigger Haqparast fan due to his having one of the best MMA names going. Maybe not on the level of a Wanderson Michel "Shaolin" de Jesus Silva (real person, look him up), but certainly close.
  14. I can't believe how much of that routine I remember - and how much of it I could never hit. Switching hands on those cymbals never came naturally to me. He really went out of his way to make sure no measure was the same, but still managed to sound locked in. In lesser hands, his fills would sound needless and showy. But Rush were always so earnest, even in their more muscular moments. Bands like Rush are really important for the brains of 15 year old boys. Lyrics about tree politics, black holes, tide pools and science fiction motor crimes + odd time signatures are a lot healthier for developing minds than endless pentatonic duh-nuh-nuh-ing about how a woman done you wrong. Thanks forever, Neil.
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