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  1. I hate to just post a Yelp link, but: https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=chinese&find_loc=Montgomery County%2C MD&start=0 I can vouch for Cheng's, Peking Gourmet Inn, Hot Pot Hero and Urban Hot Pot. I need to hit up that new pulled noodle joint, looks legit. Last time I was on the Pike I went to a Louisiana steamed crawfish place that was run by a Katrina-displaced Vietnamese guy and it was killer. The girlfriend went to one of the Asian food courts in Rockville and dug it, but I forget which one: https://dc.eater.com/2017/11/30/16721358/pike-kitchen-the-spot-rockville This is, like, the thing Rockville is good at.
  2. As all us console games stare slackjawed at the complaints people have about it. Sometimes I have to unplug my Wii's AV cables to get my Dreamcast going. Sometimes I have to walk to the shelf and open up a Switch box. I even have to occasionally hit the input button on my remote, and the other day I even blew the dust out of a cartridge. None of this strikes me as an inconvenience. Now people are shouting "boycott!" because they have to open up a new window to play something? I realize things like chat clients, reviews, and other finely tuned bells and whistles of the Steam experience are part of this. I also realize that the opinions of diehard PC gamers are as scummy and depressing as anything on the internet. Doesn't Steam take a huge cut of every purchase? Isn't this good for game developers? Doesn't competition always pay off for the consumer?
  3. Cool, Dogfish IBA and New Belgium 1664 6 packs were just discontinued, at least in my market but probably nationwide. If it isn't Hazy IPA it doesn't make money. Everything is horrible.
  4. i am reaching a low point in my poptimism i understand how drum machines work. there's that ability to hold down a pad, and it'll play that sound to the beat it's quantized to or whatever. i can't handle modern "trap" hi-hat programing. i remember when it became all cool in southern rap, when everybody was working those hi-hat rolls, whether they be 8th or 16th notes i don't want to hate people who rap in triplets. everything sounds the fucking same.
  5. A good portion of my job is recommending beer to Baltimore-area lacrosse dads. This is kind of how I pay the bills. I know the MoCo scene is rough, jealous though I am of all the bangin' Chinese food. Do not drink the beer they brew in Mt. Airy. I was dropped off free sample cans (it's a rough gig) from a brewery called Frey's that's in my all-time worst gallery. Now, there's a LOVELY place in Sykesville called The Food Market if you just need a day trip with a well-curated beer and wine list. I wouldn't know where to bottle shop there, though. Honestly, if I lived in MoCo I'd be heading southwest and hitting up Aslin Brewing all the dammed time. One of the best in VA, Richmond scene included. It's on the way to Dulles. Maybe a 30 minute drive from Rockville.
  6. You will never find Zombie Dust anywhere but Indiana and Indiana-adjacent states. Me, I'm a Gumball Head man myself. I love how Troegs still doesn't put the letters "IPA" on the Nugget Nectar package. It's a hoppy amber, man! Beers like Nugget Nectar that can hang with it - Maine Beer Zoe and Red Wheelbarrow, Modern Times Blazing World, Elder Pine Firegazer (this mighta been a seasonal), AleSmith Evil Dead Red (this is a Halloween seasonal). Much love to the retired Red Rocket from Bear Republic. I'd pour one out for it but, well, you know.
  7. I put my info in when they did their Blind Box sale and I dunno, I must have told my computer to remember it. Axiom's pretty easy to grab physical on other systems, I always almost buy it pre-owned at Gamestop when I see it. A good-ass game coming out after some production controversy, well after the system is dead? That might be a feeding frenzy. Or not! Midway through writing this I looked up the amount they're pressing and it's 6,000 copies. That's a ton for LRG. Not counting Switch releases they've only made that many copies of something a handful of times, and it's at least double their average. If you're online when things open up you should be fine.
  8. I've been buying Limited Run stuff on Vita for a little bit now and those sell out in literal minutes. Having your credit card information on auto-complete was a must to pick up Spelunky, for example. I picked up some of the better cheap LRG stuff first and keep a few on my eBay watch list - nabbed 2064:ROM and that dope new Darius games below market that way. Most indy retro game stores that I hit up have a deal with LRG for multiple copies on release - and around half of the stores price the games fairly. But I can only speak for Vita.
  9. There's so many songs that I liked more when I assumed the lyrics incorrectly. The cake-taker will always be the non-existent "Lethal Weapon" by E.L.O., which is much better than the woman-hating real one.
  10. That Goeido stuff was too funny. The shimpan might as well have smacked his knuckles with a ruler.
  11. Everybody I criticized won, except for Shodai (who looks awful). At the end of the 2016 March Basho, our current four undefeated were Hakuho at 14-1 (Yusho), Goeido at 12-3, Ichinojo at 11-4, and Kotoshogiku at 8-7, coming right after his Japanese drought-breaking Yusho in January. Definitely getting time machine vibes.
  12. I came in to talk about how good Goeido and Giku look (as well as friggin' Ishiura of all people) but it looks like that's been taken care of. Is there still room left for negativity? Endo in the M1 meat grinder is like comfort sumo to me now. My boy Hokutofuji just isn't looking like it so far, and I have a hard time watching Shodai when he's like this. Tamawashi turning back into a pumpkin was always going to happen, and despite a great win I've got a bad hunch about Tochinoshin. This physically declined but incredibly crafty version of Hakuho is fascinating to watch. We should enjoy it while we can, he's only finished three of his last nine basho, and still managed to win two of them. That's crazy to me.
  13. Purple Tape > Liquid Swords > Return to the 36 > No Said Date > Iron Man > Tical > Uncontrolled Substance > Golden Arms > Bobby Digital And I'm firm on those. Always thought Tical was overrrated, I don't know why Meth has never really put together a great solo album. At least I have Blackout! Same goes for Iron Man, but I always chalked that up to OB4CL coming out first and being the true "first" Ghost record, even if the split with Rae reads more 60/40. Liquid Swords is the most cohesive and has the best movie dialogue samples but there's just enough questionable philosophy in it to keep it off my top spot. Perfected free association spaghetti-coke drama beats out anything that's explicitly anti-abortion and tells me that all white people come from a cursed tribe of Israel. I know dealing with wacky Five Percent Nation stuff is part of being a Wu fan but Liquid Swords lays it on a bit thick.
  14. Also - Oliver's Brewing is owned by the 206 restaurant group, who own the Pratt Street Ale House by Camden Yards, Five & Dime on the Avenue in Hampden, the Ale House in Colombia + the Park Tavern in Severna Park. But if you're an old Oliver head you can still usually find something of theirs on cask at the back bar at the Wharf Rat. The beer is still being brewed by the same British ex-pat metalhead, who is still only vaguely aware of modern beer trends and still names his beers after albums he likes. They have a four pack of four different DIPAs out right now that's still fresh and pretty fun.
  15. If you want to drink Sierra Nevada but don't want to drink Sierra Nevada, here's two things you can do: 1. Work your way through the California IPA Standbys. This would include Firestone Walker (old school: Union Jack, new school: Luponic Distortion), Bear Republic (Racer 5), Lagunitas (IPA, Lil' Sumpin Sumpin, 12th of Never), and since you're in DC you might be able to find a bunch of stuff from Modern Times (Orderville, City of the Sun, Fortunate Islands) and to a lesser extent Stone (because they make too much shit to keep up with). It would have been great to recommend anything from Alpine but when Green Flash fucked up everything - and I mean everything - they took that world-class brand with them. Ballast Point (Sculpin) is sorta on this list but they've been struggling since they sold the brand to Corona for a billion dollars. Boo hoo. 2. Sierra Nevada makes a lot of good beers that are not remotely close to IPA. Their German-style game is particularly strong, they've never made a pilsner less than great, their Oktoberfest series might be the best in the country, and their Kellerweis is one of the best wheat beers out there. Of course if I were you I'd just post up at Right Proper every day and drink their 3-point-something percent Berlinerweisses but that's a level of geekdom that comes with time.
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