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  1. Five years ain't shit to WWE. The inevitable AEW poaches aren't going to spend any time in NXT, either (except to steal viewers, but I don't think NXT will be on Wednesdays in five years). WWE brass is going internally consider AEW as another developmental territory, overconfident as that might be. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of who - and the first AEW trueborn to jump ship is going to be paid handsomely and have their ass strapped to a rocket as a matter of continuing persuasion. You and I will be angry about this in four years. Start preparing now.
  2. This is going to surprise a lot of people down the line, but WWE hasn't "missed" anyone. They have the ability to pick up any of these guys at a later date.
  3. Some artists are great creators, others are great interpreters. Miro's strength is the ability to take somebody else's (occasionally questionable) ideas and make them really fun. This current "gamer" thing is an extension of what he was doing to keep the bills paid on Twitch, I think it's something he presented to AEW himself. To keep things in line with current AEW happenings, I don't want to see Frank Sinatra perform a live set of originals. I want to see him take somebody else's songs and make them his own.
  4. No, he would not basically be Mighty Mouse. That's a completely false equivalency. A fading LHW in 2011 was not the same thing as the FLW division Mighty Mouse cleaned out. Just because 205 wasn't *the best* division then doesn't automatically make it the worst. Excluded from GOAT discussion if you weren't in the showcase division? Jones could have never been in the discussion if he was a MW? Who the fuck is Anderson Silva, then? I think Jon Jones is the #2 P4P guy, all time. I think GSP is better because he fought better guys. This is the forest I am trying to present. Be aware of t
  5. Big names came and went. For a time, the largest concentration of these names were LHWs. Tito, Chuck, Randy, Rampage, Forrest, Wanderlei, Shogun, Henderson, Sakuraba.. The first three TUF seasons (Rashad always planned a LHW move, Bisping won TUF at LHW). Big names came to the LHW division. It was the biggest division in the sport. They went. It wasn't. It happened before the Jones reign. And it's never been the marquee division since, not even close.
  6. Look at event buyrates before and after Griffin loses the LHW belt. It's stark. LHW still had the most "names" until the middleweight-and-Bellator exodus, but it stopped being the marquee before UFC 100.
  7. Then I'll let you know when I find those site's archives and see where GSP's contenders lined up on the day he fought them. The data is going to say the same thing. The argument is that GSP fought better competition than any other P4P GOAT contender, not whether or not Jordan Breen went "eeeh" sometimes. The Sherdog P4Ps are the easiest to pull up, and are a good enough indicator even if they aren't perfect.
  8. The people who made the rankings watched the fights, and they watched them in a situation with no recency bias or knowledge of what the fighters in said fights would become later in their careers. Fitch and Shields were not celebrated then and are not celebrated now - they were absolute boredom engines who just fucking beat everyone. I think they require a lot more context then just watching Georges whoop them.
  9. Jones' first title fights were Rua, Rampage, Lyoto, Evans, Belfort, and Sonnen. Jones was born in 1987. Mauricio Rua is the only person on that list who was born in the 80's. Four of those fighters were natural Middleweights. Two of them challenged Jones after their prior fight was at Middleweight. Five of them were Light Heavyweights when that was still MMA's "showcase" division, something it no longer was when Jones won the title. And one of them was more famous for being a professional asshole than how he fought. That Jones run is the very definition of "names, not depth". And it'
  10. Those arguments, as I remember them, had more to do with divisional rankings, how to rank non-UFC fighters, and fighters being over-or-underrated by a few spots. Looking at straight-up P4P top tens (not even the rankings within them) paints a more consistent picture. It's the most solid way I can think of while trying to figure out how people felt during the time GSP's fights happened. No recency bias. The argument I am making is that the number of fighters who were in the P4P conversation that GSP beat isn't just high, it's without equal. And that modern fans (or older fans who just forgot) d
  11. I'm firmly with the GSP camp on this one. The Fitch and Alves wins have been unfortunately dulled by history and they make me ask the question - how many of GSP's wins were over guys who were in the P4P Top Ten? Sherdog started their P4P Top Ten rankings in the wake of GSP's loss to Matt Serra, so he wasn't on the inaugural list. Their archives are perfectly intact from August, 2008, right after GSP's drubbing of Fitch. Based on the language used in their Welterweight rankings that month (and the fact that Fitch was in P4P Top 10s as late as after the Penn draw, all the way at #5), I'm go
  12. Complete agreement with the Suzuki-gun thing. I've tried to figure out why they didn't play it like that, and the only theories I keep coming back to are A) A Jay White face turn necessitates a new BC leader, and A2) A Jay White face turn that necessitates a new BC leader has been compromised by the inability to slot in a new foreigner in the role. I like the second theory more because it means they considered Will Ospreay and said "no way, fuck that".
  13. This is the only time losing the briefcase makes sense. EVIL over Naito. Jay vs. EVIL for control of Bullet Club. Everyone hates it but me.
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