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  1. I always had a feeling Vince McMahon's mother was Henry Kissinger. Really explains a lot.
  2. Final comment - there is no point in fantasy booking LW because even if this loss hurts the entire sport's bottom line, Conor still books himself. If he really wants a trilogy fight with Dustin or a rematch with a willing Khabib, they'll run it in front of a crowd DYING for live entertainment and looking for a relatable comeback angle. That gate, the numbers after the dollar sign? Those happen before the likely ending kicks in. Do you gamble Conor's standing in the sport against a guaranteed huge gate after COVID restrictions are lifted? UFC better have somebody crunching the numbers. Con
  3. Most men, if they're in shape to compete in a cardio-heavy sport and cut weight like a wrestler, are going to come in at 145, 155 or 170 lbs. Add that to the fact that so many high-level American athletes over a certain height or weight end up with football scholarships and yeah, it isn't a question. Those three divisions will always have your TRUE World Champions. Which is why having 165 and 175 divisions makes all the sense in the world and lets you create more superstar champions out of the densest concentrations of talent, but I digress. I don't know what makes an "elite" MMA fighter
  4. Listen very carefully to everyone's voice - you can hear the money falling out of their mouths, withering to nothing as it dances toward the ground.
  5. That the Chandler wipeout I was expecting, looking as motivated as he could possibly be And if Daniel Cormier ever sucks the air out of your promo like that you better tape a picture of Jon Jones to a brick and throw it at his head.
  6. You're getting Silver in a wig, Anna in a skull cap, and you're gonna like it.
  7. Sounds like the culmination of the Wardlow vs. Hager feud is gonna be fuckin kinky
  8. Eeeh. Akiyama spent the peak of his career booking himself into goofy shit when he didn't have to while Nagata grit his teeth and got us through Inokism and was the guy who got Tanahashi over. Akiyama was supposed to be the NOAH ace but felt like ending his reigns on Ogawa and Marufuji. Nagata had a 0-2 MMA career forced upon him against CRO COP and FEDOR and still soldiered on with his ten-defense IWGP reign. There's an argument for talent, but who did more with their circumstances?
  9. they should have a really big tournament on Dark for all the Dark jobbers and the winner should get a TNT title shot on Dynamite and lose tony book my shit edit: and just to provide substance to this well-meaning drunkpost, I write this after rewatching the super-fun Jun Akiyama vs. Masao Inoue GHC Heavyweight Championship match from 2006 that was set up in a similar way
  10. Right now, there's only one guy in the UFC who's proven himself capable of punching someone in the head 300 times in a fight and that guy is Max Holloway. But most of the records Max broke were not old records, top-tier MMA boxing has been evolving exponentially since the days of GSP figuring out what a jab is, and there are plenty of young volume punchers waiting to ascend to ranks that will allow them to use their five-round cardio. Which brings me to my next point - there is exactly one way MMA corners will start throwing in towels. We will reach that point once a fighter dies from inj
  11. Winner gets the rights to the ringname "Mofongo McMichael".
  12. The hits don't stop there. I learned John Silver was The Shard about two weeks ago.
  13. Most of my memories of Tracy Williams are as an Ant, but that was the case with Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak a year ago and I'm pretty sure they do good work. I like Jonathan Gresham as a reflex, and AEW doesn't really have a Daniel Bryan/ZSJ/Chris Hero/Tim Thatcher/Osamu fuckin' Nishimura type who can just Do Technical Wrestling on you and beat anybody on any night. Does Brody King have any upside? I pretty much only watch RoH when I'm in hotels with limited channel choices. And while we're at it, let's all close our eyes and imagine a Shawn Spears/Matt Taven tag team. Beats watching th
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