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  1. The World Championship Wresting locker room, 1991.
  2. This is the clearest picture we've seen so far of a post-Vince, presumably NBC-run booking process that feels a lot more in-line with modern entertainment. And yes, this is a death-of-the-author type blow against the fabric of worthwhile Western art, a singular entertainment entity turning towards paint-by-algorithm corporate committee feedback. Fuck Marvel. Yadda yadda. But this was also the easiest Wrestlemania to watch with non-fans in, I don't know, decades. This is Night One & Two of the Peacock Era and it's better than what it used to be.
  3. John E. Dynamite


    Few songs in rap history ever got this close to "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" in the sad-gangsta pantheon. But the majority of DMX's old songs start revealing themselves as cries for help if you listen enough. I don't even want to wade through public opinion on his death, I'm sure every comments section is nothing but arguments over the dozens of animal abuse charges. Dead pitbulls in trash bags. Extreme levels of deadbeat dad-ing. I know. I don't think a healthy person could have ever achieved those simultaneous level of "intimidating" and "sympathetic", and I kind of hope nobody else ever does
  4. Is Jericho the main character or the manager? Don't think about that one too hard, I don't think we're ready for a storyline like that. Pro wrestling is people slowly, subconsciously realizing that the world will never love their actual selves as much as their on-screen personas. Fuck me if Jericho hasn't started becoming a perfect example.
  5. It's a dumb gripe. Jericho's character is that of many thing, a big one being an actual rock star. He comes to the ring to a song he wrote and performed, a song that went to No. 5 on the Mainstream Rock charts and that everyone's learned the words to. He should pay the front row to sing it. He should be smug. That's the point.
  6. Are they gonna put the strap on Page the second they get a real crowd? Fine. Kenny's not chasing the IWGP with all that mess around it. I hope Chris Jericho's drunk on drinks, not on punches. But he was obviously frustrated by his botches enough to start yelling, and that worked out pretty good. Maybe the most effective thing on the show was that QT package (?). I thought this was gonna be a low-card means of elevating Lee Johnson, but y'know... Ogogo kinda looks like a marketable guy, huh? Who knew. JD Drake is good. If he keeps wrestling fat I'll happily promote him to great.
  7. Surprised that Monkey Kong vs. Dino-Jerk put that much of a dent in things.
  8. Christian vs. Kaz was the world's best scoop of vanilla ice cream. I instantly remembered that Christian's run as ECW champ and through the Orton feud is one of my favorite runs ever. He's supplanted Dustin as the guy that I want every younger roster member to go 10 minutes on TV with. I'm going to write "use Ricky Starks to transition the TNT Title from Darby to Christian" on a little piece of paper, fold it up, and give it to the fanciest-dressed man who works in a church because God needs to hear my idea.
  9. semi-accidentally trashed on affordable Speyside dream matches 1. Johnny Weaver vs. anyone good in World of Sport 2. Ronda Rousey & Vader vs. Aja Kong & Volk Han (mixed tag rules) 3. Negro Casas vs. Roddy Piper Hair vs. Hair 2/3 Falls Arena Mexico 4. Flair/Tully/Arn vs. Wyatts but it has to be a TV studio main event with a screwy finish 5. WALTER vs. Wahoo McDaniel but it has to be in front of like, nobody in a really acoustically resonant American Legion hall and Wahoo goes over i will dream of these, but i will forget the dream
  10. Francis didn't just overcome Stipe, he overcame the phlegm. I'm just assuming he rehydrates with whole milk as a protein thing. Aljo is the only US-born UFC Champion, btw. If Yan hadn't blown it... what would be the last time that happened?
  11. He beat him with a leaping jab and a short hook. That's what's really scary. That's Godzilla with a sniper rifle.
  12. A thrilling new high point in a career defined by choking. I do not think Takayasu is mentally capable of winning a tournament. Just to pile it on, if he had won the last two that got away from him he'd be on a very real Ozeki run.
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