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  1. Oh, and there's also this: The Swiss national sport is called "Schwingen", where you have to grab your opponent by some special pair of pants and you have to try to wrestle him to the ground or out of the circle. So there's this TV show on Swiss television called "Jobtausch", where Swiss people switch jobs with people from abroad in a somewhat similiar field. They took two Schwinger and put them in a match at the Empire Wrestling Federation in California, while Andy Brown and Scorpio Sky came to Switzerland to, uh, "Schwing". I think that's the most coverage wrestling has gotten in the Swiss mainstream for the last couple of years.
  2. Yes, he's definitely been a central figure in the Swiss wrestling scene and has always been trying to keep it alive. I think he was the founder and promoter of the SWF as well as the SCW that came after. He was also probably one of Cesaros first coaches. As far as an in-ring-performer: He's been around Europe, mostly Germany. The last couple of years he's mostly been a referee. I think he got kicked out the wXw Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago.
  3. As maybe the only Swiss person on this board, I might be of help: The only other one with somewhat the same kind of international success was probably Rene Lasartesse, who was a fairly big deal in Europe and also fought in Japan and the USA, back in the 50s and up until the 80s. Cesaros former tag team partner in Swiss Money Holding, Ares, came to the States with him as well and fought for a while in Chikara and other indies. He's retired now and married to Allison Danger, I think. Oliver Carter, who's signed to NXT UK, is also Swiss with Ghanian roots. But yeah, the Swiss wrestling scene was never that much of a big deal. There have always been one or two small promotions around, at the moment I can think of Swiss Wrestling Entertainment and the Wrestling Academy Rorbas. I think Cesaro got his start in the Swiss Wrestling Federation, which folded 2005.
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