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  1. The show in question - there's a Dustin/Eaton match at the end of the broadcast
  2. December show match was 2/3 falls and 34 mins Previous month show was a 45 min draw
  3. NWA is returning - https://apnews.com/article/billy-corgan-music-wrestling-ric-flair-coronavirus-pandemic-0db57bbf1440b56b13e47abcaf173f52
  4. Not really - 46th show had champ vs champ in Okada vs Ospreay 45th and 47th had their own Jr title matches
  5. Poor bastard won't know which ramp to enter through every week
  6. NXT will now be airing live in Canada on SN360 and SN Now starting this week
  7. Still blows my mid we can see matches like this on the Network
  8. Next event will be streamed live on the Network
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