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  1. Set design unveiled tomorrow night at 8pm EST Here's a spoiler
  2. she's just reappeared on social media for the first time in years the last few days. good timing
  3. Man - we're all gonna look so dumb when the event is moved because the Leafs are in the Stanley Cup Final
  4. That's shitty - I had trouble getting into the waiting room - but the ticket buying piece had no issues
  5. Last Rampage win - Black Friday 2022 Last Dynamite win - St Patricks Day Slam 2021
  6. Andy Kaufman https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1637847608709218310
  7. don't count on it - https://www.f4wonline.com/news/wwe/nikki-garcia-says-former-bella-twins-are-not-going-to-aew
  8. Be nice if they got the name of the venue correct I can bring a 3 week old to FD, right?
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