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  1. Team SD is Reigns, Strowman, Corbin, Gable and Ali
  2. Just announced on Backstage that Gargano won't be appearing due to a neck injury.
  3. This is surely the time to can the segment - it will surely be easier on MacLean too - having to do all that travelling for Hometown hockey
  4. And won 16 out of 204 games in their first 3 years
  5. Kenny has also said that he's a Japanese citizen ...... so how could he be stopped?
  6. And the worst kept secret in rugby is official
  7. Mia Yim vs Io Shirai ladder match on next weeks NXT show to decide who gets the advantage in War Games
  8. And in keeping with that ......... Edit ......... didn't see the other thread
  9. There was also this note from the WWE financial call earlier in the week
  10. Could mean 600million pesos - about $32M - which would seem more plausible based on the last few years of WWE financial costs
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