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  1. Very sad - 39 is way too young. I read she was back training at a wrestling school again There was also that story about an incident on a tour of the Middle East that WWE turned a blind eye to that will surely resurface in the next little while - http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/ashley-massaro-wwe-lawsuit-sexual-assault/
  2. At the time Dave reported they did about 20,000 buys for All In. JR said they made around $1m in PPV from the event - so at $40 each - those numbers sound roughly similar.
  3. Taker vs Goldberg Triple H vs Orton 50-Man Battle Royale
  4. Mad to think that will all that talent on the card - Undertaker/Kama went the longest and Luger/Shawn didn't appear
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