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  1. Raw 10 men tag was rated at ****1/4 in the Feb 14, 2000 Observer That tag title change was rated as ****3/4 in the May 28, 2001 Observer
  2. After Dave giving the street fight the other night the maximum star rating - I was shocked to find out neither Raw or Smackdown have had a match rated ***** by him.
  3. NXT UK are doing a Heritage Cup tournament using British/Euro rules Flash Morgan Webster, Noam Dar, Alexander Wolfe, A-Kid, Dave Mastiff, Joseph Conners and Trent Seven are 7 of the 8 wrestlers announced.
  4. Bret's vertical was beautiful - seemed more impactful than a regular vertical
  5. "Are you ok Matt? Matt? Matt? You ok?" "Huhhhh" "Ok, carry on"
  6. Sounds like War Games won't be happening on Survivor Series weekend as that Takeover isn't happening. They are doing shows on October 4th and December 6th.
  7. 10th on the night. The only other time they've been that high is the first debut show.
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