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  1. Awful news that Borje Salming has passed away https://twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status/1595838350464016385
  2. It's at Winter is Coming - that's been advertised since the start of the tournament
  3. ? https://twitter.com/AEW/status/1593058392326737922
  4. That was something …… and I’m ready to see where it goes
  5. Robbie Coltrane, 72 - known to most as Hagrid in the HP series. Think I'll start a rewatch of Cracker this weekend
  6. don't let her into the Costco's here to try these motherfucking little crack pieces
  7. So Bandido hasn't signed with AEW after all https://www.f4wonline.com/news/aew/bandido-has-not-signed-aew-contract-confirms-wwe-offer
  8. the mental image I have of Tony chatting to Lou FUCKING Thesz on AOL Chat has me cackling like a loon.
  9. Helwani talked with TK for an hour
  10. Say - who is the #1 ranked tag team right now? Wait - what? https://www.allelitewrestling.com/aew-rankings
  11. Andrade said something about Sammy crying to him backstage that he hit too hard - and it went from there
  12. That's not even the best part
  13. Just the once - October 28, 2015 TV show
  14. Got tickets for the Toronto Dynamite show - they went quick
  15. The Yankees should have to forfeit the rest of the season so this isn’t inflicted on the rest of the world again.
  16. I'd hazard a guess more that Lyons couldn't get into the country because she's unvaccinated
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