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  1. Honor Blackman aka Pussy Galore and Cathy Gale from The Avengers aged 94
  2. Raw tonight was taped last week. So they have that at least. After that - who the hell knows.
  3. I believe Rick's son is now training with Johnny Swinger
  4. They are filming at his school - so I guess they had to throw him a bone
  5. It's QT Marshall's school https://1fpowerfactory.com/about/
  6. Someone already tried that https://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/quebec-couples-covid-19-escape-to-old-crow-yukon-short-lived-says-chief
  7. So - will the WWE roster finally get some time off? The Governor of Florida has now issued a stay at home order for the next 30 days starting tomorrow.
  8. Tiger King - Sayama used that gimmick when he returned in the mid 1990s
  9. @Six String Orchestra asked back last month about the status of the WCW World Cup of Wrestling trophy Well - it's not in the WWE warehouse - also WCW European Cup !!!!!
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