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  1. NXT posted a graphic for the Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal edition of NXT next week. On the wheel are: Buried Alive, Bikers Chain, Chamber of Horrors, Casket, Blindfold, Trick or Treat Streetfight, Weapons Wild, Shotzi's Choice, Boiler Room Brawl, Devils Playground, Tables Ladders and Skulls(?) match and finally ..................
  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I believe it's Funk/Snuka for the ECW TV title from September 1993
  4. Dave had them in Anaheim on 7/27. They were on a West Coast swing then. Dave reviewed the show from the Cow Palace that was on 7/25. Was in the August 6th, 1996 issue of the Observer.
  5. Fans will be in attendance tonight - 100 of them
  6. My first born is due on January 11th and to say I am fucking pumped about the little guy arriving is an understatement. (I'm also equally shitting it at the same time).
  7. Chalked one off the bucket list last month and got to play Pebble Beach
  8. TK the football guy needs to separate from TK the wrestling promoter
  9. Priest/Gargano was announced for Takeover earlier
  10. And with this - the field for Aztec Warfare Gauntlet Eliminator is set
  11. Raw 10 men tag was rated at ****1/4 in the Feb 14, 2000 Observer That tag title change was rated as ****3/4 in the May 28, 2001 Observer
  12. After Dave giving the street fight the other night the maximum star rating - I was shocked to find out neither Raw or Smackdown have had a match rated ***** by him.
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