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  1. I'll let somebody else make a Faulty Towers reference: "How did zey ever win ze war???"
  2. YAY STUPID AND POINTLESS WAR ON DRUGS!!! The monsters depriving this guy of his livelihood for using drugs can go burn in hell. Edit: The monsters throwing people in prison for using drugs can also go burn in hell.
  3. Did the stupid fucker call up the hospital once again to browbeat the staff into violating HIPPA to give him medical updates?
  4. If the final goes to penalties they can have him take one and he'll end up sending it into row zed.
  5. Graham Souness Is God Or SuperCallyGoBalisticCelticAreAtrocious
  6. @The Magnificent 7 can you please change your username to The Magnificent 8, and then after next season change it to The Magnificent 9, and then to The Magnificent 10 the season after that? But we could end up having to fend off a strong challenge from our Glasgow rivals.... The Jags.
  7. @Death From Above can you please let me know your thoughts on this hire? Most people I've heard from think he got a shitty deal in Edmonton, would be interested in your opinion.
  8. Of all the stupid things Metro has done the fucking soda guy DeGramppe firing Arena was by far the dumbest.
  9. What do you think about this idea: you know how the CFL has 12 men instead of 11 on the field? How about go in the opposite direction and have teams play with 10 men? Not only would that theoretically open up the game by creating more space it would also cut down on roster sizes and save money.
  10. Jullian Williams did like the most amazing babyface promo after beating Jarrett Hurd for the 154 pound title. He was in the other guy's home town and it was so great the crowd that booed the decision ended up cheering him.
  11. I have a great idea: why have Embiid post up, let's have him just stay out in the perimeter because THAT'S effective.
  12. NBA= Bigger work than pro wrestling. Also Brent Brown sucks.
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