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  1. Great Yano > Great Muta Demon Yano > Demon Balor
  2. I am a huge Dreamer fan and he's just about the nicest guy I have ever met but yeah, he did himself no favors with this.
  3. As someone who was there I can tell you that almost any face who wrestled Cole last night would've been booed because they loved the guy. Another thing is that they only had shirts for select guys (like 5 or 6 including Danielson, Punk and Cole) and everything shirt wise except a secondary "I Was There" event design had all been sold. From what I saw the Cole shirts were selling as brisk as the aforementioned duo. Edit: Also Janella and Kiss had a match on Dark worth going out of your way to see.
  4. But to be fair just the fact they were running a building that large suggested that he had stuff lined up for it.
  5. Essentially they sold a home game to an opponent like the 2018 Winter Classic. May God rot those tumors on the sport of pro hockey Terry and Kim Pegula, there aren't enough words in the English language to express my visceral and seething hatred towards those incompetent morons.
  6. We had a giraffe angel looking over us today. For you Burreaux, forever our hearts!
  7. He DID lose!!!!
  8. Can someone kindly tell me where I can get one of the Tanzania giraffe kits???
  9. The biggest issue I had with the MJF promo was challenging fans to hop the guardrail. That is begging for a really bad situation and it's even worse given what happened several weeks back with that idiot attacking Jericho.
  10. Kahn then went Howard Hughes and bought the entire continent of Europe including all it's IP.
  11. YANO WINS OR WE RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The reason things got better was that the second season there was considerably less craziness than the first (really the only crazy game the second season was the Winger revenge game).
  13. I think there's a 100% chance you have no idea what you are talking about.
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