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  1. Please tell me this isn't the Jon Barber who was possibly the biggest internet wrestling moron of the late 90's-early 2000's and it's just some guy with the same name.
  2. I hate things like this Eye For An Eye stip or the idea someone's eye is going to be ripped out because you hear it and the first thing you think is "This is bullshit" (Unless Vader has come back from the dead and is going to face Stan Hansen at Extreme Rules). Reminds me of one of my favorite promo lines ever by CM Punk building up his blow off cage match with Raven: "I'm not going to come out here and say I'm going to kill Raven, I'm a realist".
  3. One soul the Devil shall not steal, RIP.
  4. Interesting fact: There was a TON of heat on Fonzie because he was involved in Tod Gordon's scheme to secretly raid the ECW roster and go to WCW and this match basically saved his job.
  5. Decided to adopt a Russian club to follow since the games are on YouTube: Spartak Moscow because they have the greatest nickname ever: THE MEATS~!
  6. Nice RickRoll but the fact is the authorities are so ridiculous and insane that if something like that actually happened it wouldn't have been shocking in the least.
  7. Just so you know the Sabu book was freaking awesome. Just incredibly entertaining. And man, he REALLY hates Test.
  8. I have never bought into lottery conspiracies but THIS? You'd have an easier time convincing me Epstein killed himself than that this wasn't a complete hippodrome.
  9. I said this in another thread but the best example of this is when Alvarez goes on a wild tirade about someone or something and you can clearly see Dave is holding back and not saying anything because he knows he has to choose his words very carefully for lots of reasons and if he says what he's thinking it will cause him all kinds of grief.
  10. Yano terrorizing well coiffed individuals with an electric razor isn't the horror movie franchise we need, it's the horror movie franchise we deserve.
  11. After reading that I think he should change his ring name to Good Uno.
  12. Something I wish people would understand: Dave is very very VERY careful about what he says. Listen to his WOR podcasts with Alvarez when Alvarez goes on a tirade about something stupid WWE did and Dave is about to say something but stops himself and says nothing. He is not going to just irresponsibly throw things out there on this subject because people are literally having their careers destroyed so you have to be 100% sure of something before mentioning it.
  13. Please correct me if I am wrong but wasn't he the guy who was sacked for allegedly propositioning male talent (Mordecai is the one name I remember) with Undertaker being the one who went to Vince to demand his firing?
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