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  1. I have absolutely no idea how you can come to that conclusion after watching this: it sucked on every conceivable level. The bouts sucked, almost all the guys pretty much had their careers ruined through either being exposed as unable to really fight or getting injured and NOBODY got over. And the most awful thing was that the whole thing exposed that the company didn't give a flying fuck about the well being of their talent.
  2. Oh God I really can't wait to see Dave go through the BFA episode and what is fact and what is bullshit.
  3. ROH FINALLY uploaded this match, the 2006 WON MOTY between Do Fixer and Blood Generation:
  4. People on MMA forums defending this bullshit is causing me to lose what little faith I had left in humanity.
  5. But then Satan is in a quandary: There's a vanilla midget in Hell whose punishment is doing endless jobs to guys like Hogan until the end of time. How can Satan get out of that booking quandary? Oh God now I want to do a Corny joke so I'll quit while I'm behind...
  6. You are aware that even Satan has standards and he'd never let the guy into the joint right?
  7. Something to think about: of all the significant promotions in the US ROH has probably acted in the most, well.. honorable manner of anyone along with MLW. They aren't holding secret tapings and are actually providing lots of free content on their YouTube page and adding stuff to their streaming service.
  8. Wonder how much the bribe to the local authorities was to get them to look the other way?
  9. Direct quote from Dave: "I know people in the company it offended". And the defense you are offering is like when they did the crucifixion angle years back and tried to claim it was fine because it was a symbol and not a cross. The idea they did it less than two weeks after the Vice documentary and the case was fresh in everyone's minds made it even more inexcusable.
  10. Good news is that the match was so long that when it ended a vaccine for the coronavirus had been produced.
  11. I want him to win the title but think doing it now at a show with no crowd would come off real flat. My idea would be for him to clearly get the better of Brock tomorrow and just as he's about to put him away Brock gets himself intentionally DQ'ed to keep the title. You basically keep Drew strong with the idea that Brock took the coward's way to retain the belt and then when you can run shows in front of fans again you book the rematch with a no DQ stip and then do the title change so you get the moment of him winning in front of a crowd going crazy.
  12. Let's see how many people get this one (If you are an old school fan from the NYC are you'd BETTER know who this is)
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