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  1. Your NHLOLOLOLOL Play of the Night:
  2. Prince Nana has responded by RAISING TAXES!!!!!!!!
  3. The fact that Yano has not been inducted with 100% of the vote is an unforgivable crime against humanity.
  4. Can't wait for the upcoming book: If I Did It by Josh Allen.
  5. Their patrons in Saudi Arabia are famous for a blade job known as decapitation.
  6. Yup, the best referees are the ones you don't even notice.
  7. Also just search WWE MSG FULL SHOW (Insert year) and you will find the shows and channels uploading them.
  8. ELITE!!! Losing to the Clowns is never good (even in a meaningless game resting starters) but we have bigger and better things to worry about. Looks like we will play the Pats in The Jungle so we will be Bruno in MSG level babyfaces throughout America next week.
  9. What if the DDT Ladder comes out of retirement and demands a grudge match?
  10. I just got my tix and am going to break down in tears multiple times that night.
  11. I was afraid that was the case because the finish was clearly messed up because he couldn't get into position and they had to improvise.
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