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  1. Also I hereby declare myself to be the head of the Master Wato Fan Club. Hey, you all used to laugh at the Dark Order and look at them now. I'm getting ahead of the curve, JOIN ME!
  2. Random observation: People have knocked The Great O'kan because he doesn't fit into what you expect from NJPW but to me that fact makes him stand out and will get him over as the rule in wrestling is generally Different = Good.
  3. If you were making a list of problems with the WWE product thigh slapping would rank like 534,674th.
  4. Even ECW (Which was actually very cutting edge and in many ways the 90's version of Mid South as far as a must watch tv show) couldn't overcome the fact that the big two blew them away production wise. The reason AEW succeeded is because they had the resources to match WWE on production (and in fact made NXT look inferior). And a random thought: ECW live (even a house show) was the most amazing thing ever but it didn't translate to TV which is actually a lot like CFL football (which is so much fun live but not on TV).
  5. I pointed that out mainly as info for others who may not have been aware of it. I have no idea why there are no clean copies of most of the super shows while all the TV shows are relatively "clean" (not HD quality or something but pretty watchable). It's also fair to note that the look and feel of SMW was designed to be like the wrestling Corny grew up on and that this (along with cost) was reflected in the bare bones production. Of course as you noted (and the point is correct) it made the product look out of date and is a reason it ultimately failed.
  6. But I mean in fairness it wasn't like the money was there to do much better. Also every episode of SMW TV has been uploaded to YT.
  7. Random weird thought: Most of the Attitude Era was essentially if Titanes Del Ring had been produced by edgelords.
  8. Oh the Sabres are playing today. *looks at lineup*
  9. The guy who does the recaps of these shows on the WON site is so freaking bad. The Yano match was the right mix of silly and serious and the whole ending sequence was actually pretty cool and dramatic and the guy makes it sound like it was Goldberg-Undertaker.
  10. The board's handling of this has been shameful. It was very clear months ago that Lennon wasn't cut out for the job but rather than do what needed to do they let him stay and fail miserably. It was so incredibly sad to see a club legend become a hate figure and the board's complicity in allowing it to happen was sickening.
  11. Hope Bill Watts isn't their coach or they'd be kicked off the team immediately.
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