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  1. Jozy had to get a rabies shot after the game. After the game I saw the craziest thing: there was a little girl (couldn't have been older than 10) with a giant cooler in the parking lot who I presumed was selling cans of soda or bottles of water. Nope, she was selling cans of beer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Just nuts.
  2. But to be fair it wouldn't shock me if they did want her to stay in Japan for more weeks, but not necessarily for her wrestling (see the creepy camerawork with Maria from NJ).
  3. Just used a voucher to get a ticket to see Foreigner, Cheap Trick (I surrendered, surrendered) and Jason Bonham Led Zepplin Experience this Saturday at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel. The opening acts alone are worth it.
  4. I remember K Kwik having a real bad match with Saturn on a January 2001 MSG house show I went to. That was easily made up for by the 10 man tag main event with all the top names that is still one of the greatest matches I ever saw live (and I was at a lot of those early legendary ROH shows from the company's first 7 years, and also the first Bret-Austin match at SS 96 at MSG and several other Garden house show main events)
  5. Why don't they just make 82 jerseys for each team so you have a different one for each fucking game? #conningthemarks
  6. ALERT!!! The Live Nation/Ticketmaster settlement voucher thing is back. Check your email and/or Live Nation accounts. I was able to use 4 of mine to get tixs for: Supersuckers Goo Goo Dolls (I am over the moon over this one because I was planning on going anyways). Styx & REO Speedwagon (I just can't fight this feeling anymore so I got the tickets). Sublime & The Offspring (Basically to see The Offspring, one of my faves from high school).
  7. To put that amount in perspective: 2 Neymars would cost more than an NHL expansion team ($500 million) and Neymar himself would cost 2 1/2× more than an MLS expansion team ($100 million). Red Bull Arena only cost $200 million to build, $54 million less than Neymar.
  8. Merde!
  9. Really that is absolutely correct but the general public doesn't think that way. They just see the scoreline and come to the conclusion MLS is awful and not worth supporting. It's basically a PR issue.
  10. But she did completely destroy a promotion that could've offered real competition to Vince, so in a way she DOES belong in a WWE hall of fame.
  11. I'd argue both of them mean far more to the history of WWE than Jarrett. And Godfather was far more over at his peak than Jarrett ever was. He is one of the most remembered characters from the biggest business period in WWE history. The only way Jarrett got sorta over was the hardcore misogynist gimmick that was about as cheap heat as you could get.
  12. I got to pet a red tailed kangaroo a few days ago. She was sooooooooo soft and cute!
  13. And not for nothing but would it have killed the Galaxy to start some actual pros instead of kids so it might be slightly competitive? Horrible people are going to see the scoreline and go "MLS sux and iznt reel fottball lolz!1!". This does the league no favors.
  14. The Galaxy are basically starting an academy team vs Manchester United. This will not end well for them.
  15. Miazga scores in the 88th minute to give us the 3-0 win over Nicaragua we needed to win the group. We were spared the most Metro moment in the history of the USMNT because we missed TWO penalties in the second half (Dwyer and Corona respectively).