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  1. The mac and cheese inside a Cheeto that Burger King is offering may be the most disgusting fast food item I've ever seen. Thought nothing could top the hamburger wrapped in a pizza offered by Boston Pizza but this did (and as an aside why is Boston Pizza only in Canada? Shouldn't there at least be one in Boston? And since when was Boston famous for it's pizza? They should've named it New Haven Pizza.).
  2. OK thanks for clearing that up!
  3. Also correct me if this is wrong but doesn't our advancing to the CL mean that Everton get a EL spot?
  4. "Shut up sabremike!". Just a thoroughly professional performance. Glad we were able to sub on Rooney late as a probable farewell
  5. I have a bad feeling that in a little over two hours I will be very sad seeing the Special One try and explain away total failure.
  6. I don't know why they didn't just pull an Al Bundy and pour sugar in the gas tank.
  7. The people of Orange County don't even give a shit about them. Such an appalling collection of thugs and human filth, glad to see the back of them. Now I just want Rusev to return to Smackdown in a tank holding up the Stanley Cup with PK by his side.
  8. Ticket for Ireland-Mexico purchased for $20 via SeatGeek. I have seen Ireland live once before several years back when they lost 1-0 to Spain at Yankee Stadium. You would think Ireland and Mexico would draw a huge crowd in the N.Y. Metro market but ticket sales aren't going great. They are being dumped on the secondary market like crazy and they may as well held the match at 25k seat Red Bull Arena and not MetLife. Anyways, come on Ireland!!!
  9. Triple Threat gets overlooked because everyone hates Shane Douglas, but he really was great as a heel in ECW. Unfortunately everyone remembers him more as broken down in WCW and as a sleazy scummy promoter.
  10. You left out the part where he comes back and signs with the Whitecaps as their DP. It's the circle of life for all exceptional young American and Canadian players.
  11. Orlando supporters taunting NYCFC with "you ain't got no history" taunts is peak MLS supporters idiocy (Counting USL Orlando has existed for like 6 whole years and came into MLS at the same time as City). It's like the Alanta announcer yesterday talking about the team playing in "it's traditional kit". The pretentiousness borders on parody. Oh and speaking of history today is the one year anniversary of the Red Bull Wedding at Yankee Stadium.
  12. Taylor Twelleman trying to convince everyone that MLS selling the league's best young players for a fraction of what they are worth to European sides would be good for the league is... something.
  13. *insert "Boo this man!" gif here*
  14. I want a book dedicated to Tusky the walrus, Topo the octopus , Ark the sea lion and all of Aquaman's finny friends. Is this too much to ask?
  15. With their victory over Hearts today Celtic become the first Scottish side in well over a century to go through an entire season in the league unbeaten. The Invincible Bhoys!!!