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  1. IIRC the case was settled out of court (although in that version Burke was not named a defendant). You can probably figure out why Bertuzzi and (more importantly) the Canucks didn't want a trial. Looked up Wiki and the details actually make Burke look even more shitty than I remembered: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Moore_(ice_hockey)
  2. I nearly lost it when they were asking if any promotion doing death matches had ever mainstream popularity and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs "Fucking Onita and FMW were filling goddamned baseball stadiums!!!"
  3. I'm just going to sit back and laugh knowing that his replacement is all but surely going to be a guy directly implicated in an incident/staged assault that was roughly the NHL version of the Mass Transit incident (the most sleazy and disgusting thing imaginable).
  4. I find this to be every bit as contemptible as the time another outrage mob ran Bill Maher off the air for wrongthink, or for that matter anytime anyone anywhere on the political spectrum has been taken down by an outrage mob.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_Manatees_(CFL) Also: We are the only CFL team to ever beat an AFL/NFL team (Defeating the Bills 38-21 on August 8th, 1961 in Hamilton).
  6. He's married to Peyton Royce so quite frankly he's the biggest winner in the entire promotion.
  7. Jimmy Rave is the guy who was the single wisest use of tax dollars in Gahnain history.
  8. Really, imagine a top guy in WWE getting his ass kicked by an announcer? Seriously!
  9. The Hamilton Ticats would beat either by at least two TD's.
  10. Tua: At least today can't be any worse. *Sees he's all but certain to end up either a Bengal or Redskin* Tua: Dear God please kill me.
  11. It's pretty well known that Danzig is an Axl Rose level asshole. I remember one of my friends at MetroStars games in the early 2000's familiar with the Jersey punk scene who opined on Danzig "He's a loser who's lucky he isn't still living in his mom's basement in Lodi."
  12. The two Graves albums were real good and way better than any post Misfits Danzig stuff. I think the reason people hate them is the same reason some people hate Hagar Van Halen: They won't accept the band without Danzig/DLR under any circumstance. I'll admit that I enjoy melodic stuff a lot. I am actually seeing them in Philly as part of their "OK, Let's Drop All These Lawsuits And Do A Bunch Of Arena Shows For Stupid Money" Tour in December. Face was $50 and box office fees (not online, actual WFC box office) bumped it up to $66 (it's a good thing all the ticket companies handed out all that money to politicians so they can violate every consumer protection law on the books).
  13. But do they have a recap of the most recent Jimmy Snuka-Metal Maniac match from the Cherry Hill VFW a few nights ago (I know Snuka is dead, Maniac worked his corpse and still did the job)?
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