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  1. For the love of all that is holy please let Joe Maddon be available this offseason and have the spirit of sanity possess those Ƨriminals the Wilpons and make them hire him.
  2. I'll just assume you went for the cheap gag and are aware both guys suffered terrible leg injuries that robbed both of their mobility.
  3. Anyone who uses W/L record to evaluate someone in a team sport is a fool. And since someone mentioned Broadway Joe: These days everyone pushes the narrative that he is overrated so hard (and they are almost all people who never saw him play and are basing it on stats) that I feel he is actually underrated. He is actually a lot like Mickey Mantle in that they are both all time greats but serious injuries prevented both from having even greater careers.
  4. Saw on FB that a large contingent of Bengals fans from Canada showed up at the giant pregame tailgate at PBS yesterday with shirts that read "Who D'eh?" which is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
  5. Man Bumfights has really gone downhill.
  6. COME ON YOU OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Biggest lowlife/disreputable person in all of MLB of the past 30+ years Tweets out something horribly crass and offensive. In other news: the Pope is Catholic and bears shit in the woods.
  8. I hope someone posts a reply telling him that if there was justice he would be a registered sex offender and ineligible to be within 1,000 feet of a girl's basketball team #AbrahamWashingtonWasRight
  9. sabremike


    What else is new?
  10. "Nobody, and I mean NOBODY circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!!!!" #Buffalove
  11. Question: seeing how the triple option has given top teams fits why won't some big conference minnow/punching bag like Rutgers adopt that strategy to compensate for the fact they will never have the talent of those teams?
  12. My Bengals lose a heartbreaker in Seattle 21-20. The Red Rifle threw for 410 yards (WITHOUT AJ Green) and I thought we would get murdered so I guess this was a moral victory.
  13. We have a winner for Gutless Punk of the Year and the season hasn't even started yet.
  14. Fun fact: In the past 3 seasons Army has lost a total of 5 games: At Ohio State, At Oklahoma, At Michigan, At Duke and at North Texas (which they avenged in a bowl rematch). Guess what I'm saying is that Army has been low key a real good team.
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