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  1. To steal a line from Henry Kissinger: "It's a shame they can't both lose."
  2. Real bad job on his part. He should've admitted they made a huge mistake and owned it because that would've been a million times more effective from a PR standpoint. That's one lesson he should've learned from Paul E, who when ECW fucked up (like the fire incident) admitted it to the fans (Remember the great Dreamer line: "Paul would lie to the boys but never the fans").
  3. But thanks to the Flyers Matt only had the second worst night of anyone on Earth on. Saturday
  4. The only thing I can say about the Hardy thing is that it was an Austin-Owen situation where the stip backed them into a corner and they panicked but they screwed up real bad here. I just hope he is OK.
  5. Remember that this isn't the first time the Nets hired a legendary point guard with no prior experience to be their new coach (Jason Kidd).
  6. The greatest Met who ever lived is no more. I am in tears just reading those words. Even knowing it was coming this is really hitting me hard.
  7. OK, so Lee beats Orton clean last night. Using storytelling that makes sense shouldn't that make him the #1 contender for the title and earn him a shot at the next PPV? So how do we end up with some nonsensical thing where we have a 3 way for the spot the next night involving the guy who lost the night prior and he wins? I know the answer is that they want Orton-Drew, but it still sucks and makes no sense.
  8. Shoot it straight into my veins!!!!!!!!! Yano is KING OF PRO WRESTLING!!!!! ALL HAIL THE ERA OF YANO!!!!!!!
  9. So I got the match wrong but the year correct so I'm batting .500 on that one. I'll take it!
  10. Leaving out the post match angle that was quite possibly the worst SummerSlam main event since the two Undertakers debacle from 1995.
  11. The thing is that they were specifically hired for their propensity to say outlandish and controversial things, so I agree with Phil Mushnick that the networks firing them for fulfilling the terms of what they were hired to do is incredibly hypocritical.
  12. He was also inducted into the Buffalo Sabres Hall Of Fame in 2011.
  13. If you think he's a terrible hockey announcer you should've seen his work as the de facto announcer for USMNT matches. He was so awful he made Max Bretos look like Ray Hudson in comparison.
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