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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/SWAG-aHL9U7uOsUepqFdQOW
  2. Swerve did the same thing to OC just prior so it was him getting his just deserts.
  3. I would be willing to bet that there is no chance in hell Messi won't play in Atlanta as the crowd will be near 70k and him not playing would be a PR catastrophe.
  4. His other claim to fame is as the starting pitcher in the first game in Mets history.
  5. Spare a thought for Partick Thistle: up 3-0 on aggregate in the 70th in their promotion/relegation playoff second leg vs Ross County only to concede 3 goals in 20 minutes and lose on penalties. Former NY Red Bull Josh Sims converted the winning penalty for the Staggies.
  6. Super Celtic Win The Trebble Caley Are Atrocious!!!
  7. People forget that he is also one of the greatest lacrosse players ever as well. In fact many feel he was even better at lacrosse than football.
  8. The last bit makes all the sense in the world so expect the rabble online to dismiss it in favor of something completely farfetched.
  9. Quality of play has gone to shit because of too many fucking teams so of course let's add another! My good friend Big Jake put it best: MLS is a Ponzi Scheme.
  10. I saw what you did there...
  11. Sam for Jiri Kulich, Devon Levi and destroying the Leafs is going to overtake the trade that landed us Hasek as the best in Sabres history.
  12. Referencing Madness is NEVER wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 15 years ago today: BUFFALO SCOOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/BuffSportsHstry/status/1654103451721187329?t=RH9HDR9lg-bVsa5gf6AXfw&s=19
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