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  1. sabremike

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    When I saw your first line I didn't know if you meant Sunshine or German Net but the second part clarified it. I recall hearing two different verses in Sunshine. One is "That Alan Shearer is fucking dearer" but I've also heard "That Alan Shearer well he's a wanker".
  2. sabremike


    Nobody ever went broke betting on BradyCheck or against Andy Reid when the money was on the line.
  3. sabremike

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    My first thought was to publicly execute the guy, and then I read all the fucked up stuff he went through as a kid (and it's hinted he was molested) and the whole situation is just so sad and awful.
  4. sabremike

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    And I'd like to note that they are actually among the least unsavory owners in the entire league (pornographers>mass murderers/olgarchs/financial criminals ect.)
  5. sabremike

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    Idiots online ripping the all women studio crew on Isles broadcast (all gold medal winners BTW) because the fact that they are WIMMIN means they are unqualified to talk about the sport make me hate humanity.
  6. sabremike

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    You can't possibly not be aware of his historical significance to the sport right??? And I will quote my late father who was a rags fan: "Alexander Mogilny is the one player in hockey I would buy a ticket just to see him play".
  7. sabremike

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    This is random but Alexander Mogilny not being in the HHOF is a total embarrassment and disgrace. Everyone who decides who gets in should be completely ashamed of themselves.
  8. sabremike


    You are aware that it would absolutely be worth it to them to deliver a total killshot to AEW right???
  9. sabremike

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    I actually like the guy way more after this.
  10. sabremike

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    I met Youppi! tonight! We bonded over our shared belief that the Washington Nationals existence is a crime against God, man and nature #bringbacktheexpos
  11. sabremike

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    I'd like to punch Ali Curtis right in his stupid face for what he did to Mike Petkie. He can go shove his 300 page plan and his ripped pants straight up his ass.
  12. sabremike

    IN MEMORIUM 2019

    So many great memories of staying up late watching Super Dave on Showtime with my dad. RIP, hope Fuji Hakkaido is still with us.
  13. sabremike

    Non NHL Omnibus thread

    Anyone happen to know which NHL team has the rights to the Finnish goalie? Asking for a friend...
  14. sabremike

    2018-19 NCAAF: GOIN' BOWLING!

    Someone needs to let those guys know that due to deforestation the planet is running out of oxygen, so they need to help out and stop breathing.
  15. sabremike


    Good news: Generalisimo Marvin has been deposed. Bad news: Mike Brown is still our owner so being a Bengals fan will remain hell on earth.