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  1. LINDY IS COMING HOME TO #FINISH THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/BuffaloSabres/status/1782517265956573577?t=ss55kDXMFV2YJODL4hSodg&s=19
  2. Have the same odds of beating ciddy as being attacked by a polar bear and a regular bear at the same time.
  3. OC needs to tag with Julius Smokes at least once so we get a tag team of Orange Julius.
  4. Omega wouldn't say anything bad about the guy his company hates more than just about anyone on Earth to the point they built an episode of one of their TV shows around burying him a few weeks back.
  5. https://twitter.com/DrainBamager/status/1781512050293842386?t=pXUHFoEwBzq1Td0Y5-bRDA&s=19 Kenny Omega never says anything bad about anyone so for him to go after Rossy like that is a real eye opener.
  6. https://twitter.com/davemeltzerWON/status/1780772469940650323?t=HhHSO5Z_S9E-Q8kwA8ptcg&s=19
  7. This was actually an ironic inside joke as the condition for Lucas giving his blessing for doing a send up of Star Wars was an agreement not to produce SpaceBalls merchandise.
  8. Adams didn't sound like a guy who is going to hire another guy with no NHL experience. Lindy and Berube are the two names most people are thinking will get the gig.
  9. Jim Ross County: "BY GAWD THE HUNS ARE BROKEN IN HALF!!!"
  10. Remember the Corny "shoot" promo on Mushnick in the wake of Brian Pillman's death (you know, the one that had the balls to accuse Mushnick of exploiting his death when the company did that in as crass a manner possible the night after he died) that was one of the biggest pile of dishonest and deceitful bullshit and lies you will ever see?
  11. Both those guys took cheap/stupid shots on Twitter at Ospreay and ended up regretting it (the reply to Corbin bragging about being a Raw headliner "NO WONDER RAW SUCKS" is a first ballot entry into the Internet Hall Of Fame).
  12. Seth or Baron Corbin should've probably warned Hunter having a go at Ospreay wasn't going to end well.
  13. Headed up to Buffalo overnight for the home finale. The Bisons game that was to be the highlight of my trip is all but certain to be rained out, now my only highlights are going to be the Spaghetti Parm at Chef's, spending the entire game heckling Donny, Ellis and Kevyn From Accounting and coming up with anti-Pegula chants while booing the team off the ice after they lose.
  14. My prediction on the only thing that matters: The rating for Wednesday's Dynamite is going to be a big disappointment because nobody outside the internet really gives a shit about any of this (the non reaction to AC's rah-rah promo last week should've proved that).
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