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  1. I don't know how Change.org works but when I find out I will create a petition demanding that Gwar be the halftime act at next year's Super Bowl.
  2. Pat LaFontaine (possibly the greatest American born NHL player ever) would like a word with both of them.
  3. Poor Johnnies. Also coming home from the Red Bulls game as I exited Penn Station some guy at the top of the escalator was trying to desperately sell a ticket to the Big East Championship game. Asked him how much he wanted for it and he said make a reasonable offer. Told him I only had $40 in cash on me and then he asked if I could do $50? That was a bargain so I said yes and went to an ATM to get him the extra $10. Hey, you only live once. Seton Hall lost by two points, so essentially their coach cost his team the game by being T'd up and giving Nova 2 free throws they converted.
  4. Heads up to anyone thinking of going to the ROH/NJPW show at MSG: I just got two tickets via TixPick (which is awesome because they don't charge fees) for $39 each. Prices have fallen significantly in the past week or so.
  5. First part I didn't remember so it was probably because Paul thought Smith wasn't over enough. Second part we'll just agree to disagree as I thought it was great.
  6. 1- Balls was a late sub. Johnny Smith was originally going to be RVD's opponent but he wasn't over in the slightest and Paul realized the match would probably suck. 2- The match was probably RVD's best ECW singles match that didn't involve Jerry Lynn on one of the greatest PPV's ever so who fucking cares? I can't remember a single person complaining about Balls being in a main event, probably because the match was great.
  7. Agreed, particularly after what ended up happening to him later in life (same for Axl Rotten).
  8. Balls is criminally underrated by people because his bread and butter was hardcore stuff but he was actually pretty good. In terms of having RVD's best singles matches you could make a strong case Balls is second only to Jerry Lynn.
  9. Should be pointed out that Dave voted to remove him, which disproves the nonsensical comments about how Dave and Dave alone decides who gets in.
  10. Think it's fair to say that Jason Pominville has been the Oilers best goalie this season.
  11. Standards for being banned from an NBA arena: Utah: make racist comments about a player. MSG: Tell the piece of shit owner who sucks at his job and engaged in character assassination of a woman he fired for being the target of his sexual predator scumbag of a best friend to sell the team.
  12. Who in the hell could they get who would even be half as good as OBJ for $5 million? It's ironic that people knock OBJ for his immaturity (and they have a valid point) but this trade is basically John Mara and the Giants throwing a temper tantrum.
  13. Chris Armas fucking sucks #BringBackPetkie
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