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  1. Who could it possibly be other than Claudio? There's nobody else I can think of who could fit the bill that the fans wouldn't completely shit all over
  2. If Danielson can't do the match against ZSJ I came up with a brilliant backup plan to save the show:
  3. A Sabres beat writer once put it best: "Apparently there are only 40 or so people in the entire world who are qualified to be an NHL head coach".
  4. Does AJPW streaming service work with Chromecast with the little icon on the video you press to cast it like Wrestle Universe or NJ World? If it does I probably sign up on the first.
  5. To me the weirdness of Ospreay vs OC actually makes it an attraction and people just don't realize how good OC really is. This is likely going to be a really good match that overdelivers on everyone's expectations.
  6. I just saw a match where Jun Akiyama made a man submit by using a tube to make the guy eat his own farts. So yeah...
  7. Just speculating but I think having both Punk and Danielson out is a prime culprit in the ratings being down.
  8. Fair enough. I'm someone who just wants to get into the building as the fact me and my friends can always be found at the very top of Citi Field behind the plate for Mets games shows.
  9. The get in price is $14 on TickPick, literally just checked. That's less than a movie ticket.
  10. In 2002 I saw Maiden, Dio and Motorhead all on the same show at MSG (And yes it was every bit as awesome as you can imagine). In 1999 I saw Motorhead at The Chance in Poughkeepsie with the opening act being Dropkick Murphys (before they essentially became a Pogues tribute act and I stopped caring about them) and in the mid 2000's I saw Heaven and Hell at the MSG Theater and the opening act was (of all bands) Coheed and Cambria (who some people shit on but they are actually pretty good).
  11. You might want to check TickPick, just saying...
  12. Who has the US rights to SupeRugby or whatever the Southern Hemisphere club competition is? I got a cool Sharks hat and shirt from WRS on clearance for $25 total and wish to follow them (their logo is the greatest thing ever).
  13. Settle down eliziumnetico!
  14. Russia as the opponent would work for that second option.
  15. What if it's a singles match against Suzuki?
  16. Know who the first person who would tell them they are fools is? Will Ospreay. Where Ospreay deserves kudos is that he gave Dax a lot of the match and the result was that he came out looking stronger even in defeat. To me that's the definition of a perfect match in that really both guys won.
  18. I am using an android phone and do not see the paper clip (which is how I do that on other boards), just says insert image from url. Do I have to change my settings (apologies for all the questions as I'm 44 and struggle with tech)?
  19. Straightforward question: How do I post pics or gifs to the board?
  20. But the winner gets frogurt! Yay! The frogurt is also cursed That's bad.
  21. It shall forever be Miller Time in the rafters of KBC. Also fuck that yam faced goon Milan Lucic.
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