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  2. I hate his dad even more because if not for that game 7 goal he scored in the 1986 Adams Division Final the Whalers would've won the cup and never have been murdered.
  3. On Nagata: I think the fact that Bryan Danielson said several years back that he felt Nagata was the best wrestler in the world says it all.
  4. The problem is that a modern audience is more savvy to how things work (especially the AEW audience) and the heat will go on the promotion for the lame finish and not the heel. In other words you get the wrong kind of heat. The only wrestler on Earth where a countout finish is perfectly acceptable is, of course Yano.
  5. I don't think he should be fired because that's a shitty and inexcusable thing to do (and it was), I think he should be fired because anyone who would do something THAT stupid is someone no sane organization should want in charge of anything.
  6. I just learned the explanation for what happened tonight: As part of his eternal punishment in Hell James Earl Ray was strapped to a chair and forced to watch this show and WWE was alerted to this so made the show especially horrible.
  7. If you asked me what the single worst piece of career advice I could give him was "Signing with WWE" would be my instantaneous response.
  8. A draw at Anfield was fine by me. One thing I want to note is the play in stoppage time by Pogba where we looked to go on the break the other way and he decided to try and make a difficult play instead of the simple pass and got blown up. It's an example of something I admire most in the game of Crosby in hockey: He is certainly capable of making a Superman play but always makes the smart and correct play.
  9. Was that the match at the Rex Plex where (IIRC) Izzy messed up something and Ki lost his mind and just beat the fuck out of him? It was wild but just completely unprofessional, that guy could be a real dickhead.
  10. Remember Corny's line on him: "He's the nicest murderer you'll ever meet!"
  11. The only thing I want to see happen in a Browns-Steelers game is for Bane to show up.
  12. Thanks. Does the All Japan service work with Chromecast?
  13. There is also the fact that Michigan is pretty strict about academic standards. And that's not just football: a few years back a kid who was drafted by the Islanders named Bode Wilde committed to play for Michigan but was unable to get his grades to what was required to gain admission and played Canadian Junior Hockey instead.
  14. And of course one of the great tales of baseball lore: The Dodgers once used a late round pick on a kid from the Philly area who was Lasorda's Godson as a favor to him. The kid's name: Mike Piazza.
  15. Kathy Shaidle, the brilliant Canadian writer on politics, film and culture succumbed to cancer this morning at hospice in Mississauga. This was the final thing she ever wrote and is so incredibly powerful and poignant because she knew that she was headed to hospice and that the end was very near. https://www.steynonline.com/10830/ikiru
  16. Random Stardom question: is there a way to chromecast it from an Android device? I have the service but unlike NJW or Wrestling Universe which have an icon you tap on and it casts instantly Stardom doesn't.
  17. My wildest fantasy is AEW running Buffalo with B&B as complete faces challenging for the title and when there's a bunch of interference Taro Tsujimoto hops out of the stands, cleans house and B&B win the titles. Also Rick Jenerett replaces JR to call it.
  18. One of my favorite stories: When the Space Race began America was faced with the challenge that pens didn't work in space. So NASA spent tons of money to develop a pen that worked in zero gravity. You may ask yourself how the Russians delt with this problem: They used pencils.
  19. Those two trades aren't even footnotes in his career compared to this: RIP.
  20. I WAS AT THAT SHOW! The semi main was that crazy Corino-Homicide that caused Corino to lose hearing in one of his ears and the main only went like 6 minutes until Ki accidentally knocked Maff out legit.
  21. Hoping they air it on Raw tonight, but sadly I doubt it (which speaks volumes).
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