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  1. I wish instead of everyone on Twitter tweeting "Fuck Bully Ray" everyone instead pointed out how he really is THE guy most responsible for killing off ROH by pissing off NJPW (having access to their talent was essentially their bread and butter) with his complete idiocy at the MSG Supershow.
  2. Hogan doing to Warrior what he essentially did to Sting 17 years later (Manipulate it so that he essentially buried the guy he "put over") was what sunk Warrior right off the bat.
  3. Your NHLOLOLOLOL Play of the Night:
  4. Prince Nana has responded by RAISING TAXES!!!!!!!!
  5. The fact that Yano has not been inducted with 100% of the vote is an unforgivable crime against humanity.
  6. Can't wait for the upcoming book: If I Did It by Josh Allen.
  7. Their patrons in Saudi Arabia are famous for a blade job known as decapitation.
  8. Yup, the best referees are the ones you don't even notice.
  9. Also just search WWE MSG FULL SHOW (Insert year) and you will find the shows and channels uploading them.
  10. ELITE!!! Losing to the Clowns is never good (even in a meaningless game resting starters) but we have bigger and better things to worry about. Looks like we will play the Pats in The Jungle so we will be Bruno in MSG level babyfaces throughout America next week.
  11. What if the DDT Ladder comes out of retirement and demands a grudge match?
  12. I just got my tix and am going to break down in tears multiple times that night.
  13. I was afraid that was the case because the finish was clearly messed up because he couldn't get into position and they had to improvise.
  14. The mistake was having Ruby as her opponent instead of Hayter, Riho or Deeb who are the absolute best and could carry her to a great match like Riho-Rose.
  15. He's 500 Million years old, give him a fucking break dude.
  16. Mailing it in??????? He had the best match of RVD's career that wasn't with Jerry Lynn. He only mailed it in at the very end when he was leaving as IIRC Paul was bouncing checks on him. But he was his own worst enemy. A great example of this was in All Japan he got his pay envelope and counted it like he was dealing with your typical sleazy promoter in front of Baba. As you are all probably aware that is an unthinkable faux pas and obviously he was never bought back.
  17. He should've simply asked her to give a list of names she felt he should've gotten rid of or taken TV time away from as that would've pretty much ended the whole thing.
  18. If any of you are nostalgic for the cesspool that was the DOI message board in the early 2000's then the last few pages of this thread are for you.
  19. The backstory on that is that someone was passing out acid backstage and Sandman enthusiastically took part in the festivities. In the middle of the match he was hallucinating that Sabu was a giant lizard and was actually going "Here lizard lizard".
  20. Spike had one of the most underrated matches ever with Mike Awesome at GAC 2000. My mom who couldn't care less about wrestling got into it rooting for Spike and got upset when he lost. Guess what I'm saying is please don't shit on Spike.
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