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  1. "Let me call Minnie Minoso" "Mr Reinsdorf, he dead" "What about Hawk Harrelson???" "He braindead"
  2. Interesting thing someone pointed out: If this had taken place in Canada his identity as a youthful offender would've made it illegal to identify him and it would've been wiped from his record entirely in 4-7 years.
  3. And to tie everything in the past few posts together in a nice and pretty bow: Reinsdorf is the guy attempting to rally the other owners to reject Cohen. I hope he gets approved and then sells Michael Jordan a Jay Z sized piece of the team just to rub that clown's nose in shit.
  4. Was thinking about this for some reason: What is the worst show you have ever had the misfortune of attending? For me it's a pretty simple answer: Extreme Rising in 2012. Arguably the biggest indy show disaster of all time that pretty much killed off the ECW nostalgia circuit for good. Everything that was wrong with this show has been well documented but there are 3 things that stood out about just how awful it was: 1) They promised commemorate chairs to people sitting ringside. They never came so they took some plain folding chairs, had a few guys sign them and hand them out instead
  5. 34 years ago today: The greatest sports moment of my entire life happened: If El Sid isn't in the Mets HOF just for his performance in this game alone that needs to change in 2021.
  6. When he was introduced at the ceremony following the final game at Rexall is one of the most wonderful moments ever. RIP Joey, there's a special place in heaven for you.
  7. Give us Squirrel Girl as the new AAA Women's Champion or we riot.
  8. If there was any other living breathing defensive back that "Amazing" pass by Mayfield is a pick and the Bengals win
  9. So after a week where a bunch of their supporters bombarded one of my best friend (Head of the Supporters Shield Trust and the ESC) with the most vile hate mail/over the top social media abuse imaginable TFC got crushed in Chester 5-0 tonight, 11 years to the day this happened: http://metrofanatic.com/story.jsp?ID=5249
  10. My first thought when I saw that was that Venlo had a Covid outbreak and had to start their youth side or something, but nope.
  11. It's also on their monthly streaming service for the same $9.99 a month as well.
  12. Might not have been the best match of the tournament (although it was pretty damned great) but the Ibushi-Taichi match was to me the most memorable. The only other match I can recall like it was Samoa Joe's ROH debut in 2002 vs Low Ki where Ki was in bad shape and couldn't do his high flying stuff so they just kicked the living hell out of each other instead.
  13. Wasn't Sheik's first defense the famous match vs Hogan at MSG? If so I'd say that would qualify.
  14. If you think they have behaved in an honorable manner despite all evidence to the contrary then I don't know what else to say.
  15. OK: NOBODY is saying that there are guaranteed contracts in non WWE promotions, that's not what's being argued. What IS being argued is that WWE has a very long and established track record of treating it's talent like complete dogshit. They literally fired a bunch of people (including people they conned into signing big money deals and then fucked over) not to stop losses but to keep profits high.
  16. But as you saw a few months back those deals aren't guaranteed and you can be cut at anytime. If you somehow got a no cut contract it would be a different story. And not for nothing but AEW is a once a week gig so under normal circumstances would be less work.
  17. Also: We all know about Twitter and spoilers by now, which is why I don't go on it until after I watch a big show. But why in the hell did the Observer site do a separate article spoiling a huge angle from the G1 other than complete stupidity? I mean they couldn't put the item up with the headline "Major Angle/Turn at Tonight's G1 Show"?
  18. Why are guys still so stupid as to sign with this company? Besides having their careers go nowhere did they not see how the company fucked over tons of guys by releasing them in the middle of a pandemic not to prevent losing money (Which every other wrestling company on Earth was facing) but to KEEP THEIR PROFITS UP. When he inevitably gets screwed by them I will have zero sympathy for him.
  19. Sorta random but I saw the video of the Mike Levy-Mickie Knuckles match from IWA years back and the aftermath on YouTube. I had heard about it and how fucked up it was and after seeing it calling it fucked up is the understatement of the century. In terms of sick and disgusting it makes the Mass Transit Incident look like Disneyland, every single person involved should've done considerable jail time except Ian Rotten: He should've been tossed into a wood chipper for the betterment of humanity. Say what you want about Corny but he has never been more correct than when he runs down that creep.
  20. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SABRES ARE NOT MAKING ME WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Simmonds is one of my all time faves from his Flyers days but he is completely shot. Awful at the end in Philly, awful in NJ, awful in Buffalo. Bogo= Ultimate Warrior Hedman = Macho Man
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