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  1. I am trying to be restrained but it is incredibly hard after watching the horrific images of Tua reminiscent of Joe Theismann on MNF many years back. Multiple people in the Dolphins organization need to lose their jobs over this. Anyone smarter than a goldfish could've seen this coming but they clearly did not care one iota about his health or long term health whatsoever (and yes they already proved that on Sunday when they put him back into the game when it was very clear he had suffered a severe concussion).
  2. I think the women's segment is going to tank in the ratings because of what happened in Toronto at the same time.
  3. I saw the Bengals win a game in person for the second time in my life.
  4. Zac Taylor is such a dreadful coach.
  5. There is a very special place in Hell for whomever came up with the instant replay rule.
  6. Wasn't it rumored that he was having money problems awhile back owing in large part to his divorce from his previous wife?
  7. I have an incredible idea: When Takeshita returns to AEW when he makes his entrance you do the gimmick where they parachute packages from the rafters down onto fans that's popular at sporting events with the packages being boxes of Cinnabons.
  8. Not gonna spoil it but if you are one of those people who skip Rampage you really shouldn't this week.
  9. Are the Oil Kings an option as well?
  10. Bruce Mitchell once had a great line on Booker's legit fight with Batista: "Was it **1/2 like every one of his matches?"
  11. How did they come up with this idiotic trainwreck with two games simultaneously on split screen? Were they all smoking meth or something? Why not have back to back games with one in the east and one in the west?
  12. Sure picked a hell of a game for my first visit to The Dome. The spartan amenities like bleacher seating and pee troughs in the men's room are more than made up for by just how close you are to the action. Any seat in the place is fantastic for watching a game. And the atmosphere is incredible, I left with my ears literally ringing from all the noise contained by the dome. It's stunning that Syracuse hasn't been able to take advantage of such a huge home field advantage (and today it was only 70-75% full but the noise was insane).
  13. It's been a year since we lost Norm so I do this in his memory: I don't want to come off as harsh here but I sincerely hope that fan just dies.
  14. Edit: What is the issue with embedding Tweets and YT videos?
  15. This is what happens when you put dumb reactionaries in charge. Do they really think their season is going to magically be saved in 3 weeks? The season is already sunk, wait 3 weeks and instead of giving $7.5 million to that clown it can budgeted towards finding a replacement when the season ends.
  16. You know the old saying "Both these teams deserved to win"? This game was one where both teams deserved to lose.
  17. Last season we kept getting lucky after Zac made really bad decisions that somehow worked out. Today we were not so lucky. When you have the ball two inches from the goal line the obvious call is a QB sneak. It doesn't matter if they know it's coming, you should always be able to get two inches on a QB sneak. Instead they call a hand off at the 5 yard line and it got blown up.
  18. The thinking was if the snap got botched the holder could just fall on it and get a second shot.
  19. Please read my post directly above yours.
  20. The Bengals are going to lose a game essentially because our starting long snapper got injured.
  21. Temple up 21-14 over Lafayette after 3 here in Philly. This is likely the only game they can win all year but then I remembered they have UMASS on the schedule. At least I got to see Stella The Owl.
  22. Why do I have the suspicion that this will result in further consolidation of affiliated minor league ball?
  23. The concept that sports is just a math problem has essentially destroyed pro sports and baseball in particular.
  24. Whomever was in the VAR booth tonight at OT should not be allowed to work another European match this season. That call (clearly and obviously incorrect when seen on replay) was the textbook definition of what VAR is meant to correct and the guy got it wrong.
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