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  1. DEAN~!, I know how much you love and have a passionate enthusiasm for wrestling and can make even the most feeble card sound entertaining. But hot damn, this sounds like a great show and I’m going to find time in my busy work schedule to watch this one. Obviously I love Dante, Skye Blue, Wingmen, and Workhorsemen but I also like Khash-Raju, Blake Christian, and the Renegades so this one sounds like a home run.
  2. I never go to Hot Topic, didn’t even think about that but also don’t need more t-shirts. And I was hoping for an Acclaimed shirt, which would of course not be a problem to get at the show. The only other thing I got was a Sting enamel pin, since I collect those sort of and he’s my all-time fave.
  3. 1998 was the last year of John Blake, who didn't last long at OU, and the first year of Mack Brown and Ricky William's Heisman year, so it was a time when both teams had talent but were suffering from poor coaching. Then OU brings in Stoops and Mack brings in top rated recruiting classes and you get the '00s. Colorado really should've stayed in the Big 12, once they left they became an afterthought in the Pac 12 and lost some recruiting base in Texas. Sort of like Nebraska did in the Big Ten.
  4. I've been boycotting anything Vice related for a long time, but this might finally break me.
  5. re: Abadon, I know she trains with Dustin in the Austin area, and there are like 3 or 4 indies doing shows every couple of months, but I never see her booked for those. None of them are huge but a couple are well established and bring in outside people.
  6. Relatively limited to general AEW, some of the big stars and newest stuff, and I think they do a limited shirt for each show. I didn't see any shirts I would wear, although I was looking for some of my low-card/Youtube favorites and things that didn't scream WRESTLING shirt (he says even though he bought an AEW baseball hat).
  7. Yeah, I keep hearing about shows at all sorts of random venues in Austin, and I've missed a bunch because everyone is also charging a shit ton of money for tickets to make up for the two years of nothing.
  8. Did a Houdini on the pressure for sure, then had his WR bail him out saving an interception and Devin Duvernay making him look even better by catching the tip.
  9. I know it led to ROH and a bunch of other amazing indies (oh, and TNA), but FFS if Vince had just let the mid and lower cards of WCW be as a promotion...
  10. Looks like they found their fall guy/scapegoat, all the while spreading that bullshit about a back injury.
  11. Riley kind of fucked them, took a lot of their best players, they lost a few commits.
  12. That was taped in Philly, right? Would Dalton be ready to wrestle again live with a week and a half?
  13. They had Helms, Moore, Styles, Air Paris, Jimmy Yang as young cruisers and that’s just off the top of my head.
  14. I was about to post the same thing, I’ll bet they have at least a framework and a highlights package ready.
  15. Willing to bet that Dalton and the Boys defend the Trios title on next week’s Battle of the Belts
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