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  1. The other guy did 95% of the work in that move, and I rarely complain about things that require a ton of cooperation
  2. A 20-minute tag match where the first 10 minutes, including a PiP break, are just Penta and Jarrett spamming their taunts back and forth.
  3. The house format has gotten pretty stale for sure, and I no longer think they have a need for a trios belt.
  4. Also, FFS y'all, watch Rocky. It's the ultimate gritty underdog movie, it's as much about Rocky as an avatar for a city as it is about a person.
  5. I was going to say, I'd already have her in the top 5ish from the little I've seen in her YouTube matches.
  6. I can’t give a fuck about Hobbs as long as all the QTV garbage is involved. Sorry, I totally tuned out. King and Hager was perfectly fine meatslapping but god Hager is so dull. Give me Hobbs-King for 20 without any ringside nonsense. Taya is a large woman. Leila Gray is definitely better than when she first showed up, but she’s still not good. Jade looked cool, I’ll give her that. Juice Robinson makes me laugh trying to be a tough guy. I’m looking forward to him and Ricky wrestling though. Dynamite looks fucking awesome! Not a bad match on the card. Main event was fun, I’m on Team “Kingdom are great” and they are excellent upper-midcard heels who can give you an excellent old-school tag team match and then take a clean pin. Gonna have to disagree with Max about the Maria photo spread though..
  7. I didn’t even notice the change in rope colors but I have been noticing some more WWE style choices in the production and general layout of the programming.
  8. I definitely prefer him that way, but I also wonder if there really is an appetite for regular trios matches.
  9. I think I said in a thread last week that I thought maybe they could put the ROH tag belts on Top Flight. As you said it would do a world of good for them but would also be good for what they seem to be doing with the new ROH. I like The Kingdom so I could also go with them winning this match and continuing the feud with Top Flight to the next PPV and a switch so that Top Flight can get their big win head to head.
  10. Yeah I remember him from that before A-Team and Rocky III.
  11. Gotta have people to wrestle matches between PPVs and MJF ain't that.
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