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  1. His name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he has a similar schedule.
  2. Bear Country vs. Workhorsemen was one of those Worldwide Full Point matches on paper that turned into a mid-3 star Mothership main event in practice. I love when you get a couple of featured JTTS teams battling over their place in the pecking order. Woods vs. Yuta had great story elements with the Pure rules and the selling. I'm not 100% on the flash pin out of nowhere. Third best match was the 10-man, followed closely by Trent-Nemeth. The Emi match had her heeling it up gloriously, I think Nyla has learned a lot from working with Emi. Skye Blue is very cute and sweet, until you insult her. Amber Nova really knows how to stooge it up. The rest were mostly just there., fine for the most part but nothing stand out.
  3. Well, there was a May 1st deadline for players to enter their name into the transfer portal and use their one-time "free" transfer for 2022. That gave players and teams their spring practice to get a sense of the depth chart and a sense of the new schemes for schools with coaching changes.
  4. It just feels like there is this belief in the industry that, because the NFL is so popular and profitable, it means there is a huge, hungry market for spring football. But the reality continues to show otherwise.
  5. Ah. The 4.5ish hours of the actual wrestling shows is about my limit.
  6. Seems like they suddenly said "oh shit, we don't have anything for the Hardys or the Young Bucks, we've been so busy using them in other programs!".
  7. So you’re telling me Vince McMahon had an incredibly talented, athletic black guy on his roster who was able to get over racist gimmicks but wasn’t considered championship material?
  8. When I was looking to possible upgrade my tickets at the AEW show in Austin, which wasn’t a PPV, the front row camera facing seats were valued at $1200. Folks here explained to me that it’s something that Ticketmaster has been doing with certain bands and entertainment groups to counter bots and scalpers.
  9. I remember being young like Takeshita, eating an entire medium pizza, drinking a 12-pack and gaining no weight.
  10. Really good night. Skipping the entrances made the opening match a lot better for me. I’ve been speculating on them ending the Dark Order, and having a hoss tag team plus John Silver as their trio works. House of Black are great wrestlers when they’re not all about their gimmick. FFWD through Spears. No idea who Big Damo is but as a giant he was shorter than Spears. As others have said, Velvet-Stat was a surprisingly excellent match and their recent changes have improved both women. Maybe not as stiff striking as the other recent matches but Stat’s power moves make up for it. Ruby on commentary worked since they realized they just needed to cut to her over the top facial reactions, she didn’t add much verbiage-wise. Main event started pretty one-sided but then Dante Martin showed his fighting spirit! It was smart to not have a prolonged striking segment with Dante since that’s not his forte. His no-hands over the top rope plancha was wow, as they said Jordan ‘88 hang time. Backstage segments were mostly good, I already agreed with a just drew that we didn’t need yet another Cole-UE segment, just a short Bucks challenging Hardys would work. The training montage segment was gold, only wish that they had Danhausen hanging upside down from the pull-up bar like a bat. The AssClaimed works great and they can let Bowens heal while building to a feud over PaPa’s affection.
  11. Whereas I was glad to miss out on that corny ass dark magick shit AND the dying Dark Order entrance. But I also could have done without the UE part, just have Bucks challenge Hardys in a 30 second segment.
  12. Really sticking their neck out there.
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