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  1. Yes! I do think he’s a talented wrestler in his unique style but his gimmick/character is his greatest appeal.
  2. Does Survival Tobita count? Maybe Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer, or Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.
  3. Think he concussed himself pretty good when his head hit the metal frame at the end.
  4. Toni totally upstaging Deeb, who at least put a little personality into her supreme lock this time. Hook match sucked, he needs to work on more actual pro wrestling stuff like strikes and kicks. I was watching Tazmaniac late 1993 ECW matches and he could do basic wrestling stuff as well as his variety of throws. Otherwise, decent night of wrestling with the Shibata match standing out.
  5. My personal opinion is that her insistence on being “the professor” and “the best technical women’s wrestler” doesn’t really work as well in 2024 when most of the women working are all talented and not just models trained in basic bumping. Like she really doesn’t do much/anything that Toni Storm couldn’t do. Hell, Emi uses that weird “self-lock” hold and turns it into a great heel comedy spot. Some of that could also be remnant sexism since men using the same gimmick can get very over.
  6. They ran the Moody Center once before moving back out to Cedar Park. Still not super convenient for bus service after hours but a cheaper ride share.
  7. I’ve seen a few of his matches and this pretty much sums up why I can’t get into him.
  8. So a mention of them filming a pilot for a new show that isn’t a reality show, and then today RJ CIty announces he and Renee hosting “Match and a Meal” on the TBS YouTube channel starting next week, with the first guest being Eddie Kingston. check that: coming Friday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa_g7IRmZmU
  9. Definitely not what was expected given the number of black metal references available
  10. Jeff Cobb on Dynamite next week teaming with Kyle Fletcher. My dream of an AEW United Empire is one step closer!
  11. I was pretty drunk watching last night but I enjoyed just about everything, and liked how Collision was mostly about elevating some younger talent in defeat.
  12. No, the guy who got thrown out and was also harassing Saraya was on the opposite side (not on hard camera). That was a separate weird thing that sort of set the tone.
  13. It may be in the ROH thread (which I don’t really read since I don’t watch) but apparently a guy in the front row was yelling really offensive sexual comments at Skye Blue during her ROH match, and Aubrey had him kicked out of the building afterwards. It’s also apparently the same guy who Saraya was getting into it with, where she grabbed the cameraman and had him point at them so people could see the faces of the “creeps.” The crowd was really weird overall, started pretty hot but died really fast. I can’t personally fault them for changing over Deeb’s segment because that was just a terrible idea to begin with, but given her promo it was shitty. Matchwise, Cope-Brody was fucking killer and I love how Adam seems to be embracing the opportunity to do different shit after decades in WWE. Switchblade-Azucar was good stuff, Jay really needs a singles run. Mariah did an excellent carry job of the still green Harley, who sold and bumped very well. The squash was effective. Orange-Trent had a lot of drama and emotion and the crowd brawl was good stuff. Willow’s promo was dope. Mone is dying slowly and desperately needs to get in a ring, and also not win at Double or Nothing. Toni stole the show again. The Eddie and Bryan reveal was great and that’s gonna be a fun match. I can see Perry getting potatoed again a time or two.
  14. They’ve never really gone into her injury but it was clear when she came back a while ago she had lost mass and wasn’t 100%. Looking much stronger and healthier here. I talk shit sometimes but a motivated (physically and mentally) DMD would be a nice return to the division.
  15. Britt/Jayme seemed for a bit like they were building to a split even into the early days of the Outcasts angle, and even with both hurt it seemed like they had decided against it,
  16. An over-the-top parody of the fan’s perception of him is brilliant and he’s nailing it.
  17. For some reason, I can mostly understand Ospreay (maybe watching Attack the Block a couple of time helped) but PAC is damn near unintelligible to me. Might be one reason I just can’t get to him.
  18. Adam Copeland: so let me get this straight, Tony. After spending 25 years in WWE, I come to AEW and after six months you want me to work an angle where some evil black mist from a satanic cult leader makes me almost turn evil? Tony: You said you wanted to work House of Black, it’s the only way Malakai will put you over...
  19. For some reason, the Shibata covered in a garbage can, slowly backing Jericho into a corner while no-selling kendo stick shots to the can, felt like something out of a Survival Tobita match and I loved it. Also, for the love of all the is holy, don’t have Shibata take a fucking table bump, especially on the neck area!
  20. I know Canada is huge but if Joe is filming in Vancouver, couldn’t be too difficult for him to jet over to Winnipeg for Dynamite.
  21. With Shibata being introduced as the newest member of BCC!
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