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  1. How many more fucking "dark/goth/creepy" groups do we need? There are already too many IMO.
  2. Not only that, but he was the "hot tag" guy in the team
  3. From what it sounds like, there isn't a major name that Kingston doesn't have some sort of beef with.
  4. They’ve been slowly phasing them out and shifting the focus to 10 and Evil Uno as a big man tag (for now) and Silver
  5. I've been trying to avoid spoilers for Forbidden Door, hoping that I could find time to watch yesterday (didn't happen) or today (probably not happening). But I've had the three major surprises spoiled, so maybe I should just go ahead and read the 26 page thread in the AEW folder.
  6. Charles Robinson from Yahoo thinks the NFL leaked the one-year as a CYA when the arbitrations goes to a lesser number. https://sports.yahoo.com/by-leaking-1-year-suspension-target-for-deshaun-watson-nfl-is-already-applying-pressure-to-cases-arbitrator-013416595.html?src=rss
  7. That's how I feel as well. I don't miss him one bit and I'm pissed about how it downgraded Wardlow although it looks like they finally have a plan for him.
  8. I am an archaeologist (official title is Lead Archaeologist/Principal Investigator) for a national Enviromental Consulting firm. We do pre-construction assessment and clearance work for projects that have regulatory compliance requirements with local, state, and federal laws. Things like roads, utility infrastructure, most large energy projects (solar and wind farms, for example) because they are either funded by state and federal money, occur on public lands, or require permits for impacts to things like Waters of the United States, protected wetlands, or endangered species habitat. I’ve been at this for over 18 years, split between private sector and public sector (state of Texas agency).
  9. I have to be up for fieldwork at 6:30 tomorrow (this project requires someone with my level of experience to assess any documented archaeological sites, and the person who would normally do it is still recuperating from foot surgery). I don’t mind, there is a “cold front” moving in so tomorrow’s high is only 96, and there is a chance of rain starting in the afternoon so I have motivation to be efficient. I might well order it Monday or Tuesday night depending on the reviews.
  10. Thanks Gordlow, I will try some of those things but I also know that I need some professional help to treat my depression.
  11. I’m not sure my count but I’d guess I have ~600 LPs, ~75 12” singles, ~500 7”, and a couple dozen 10”. I thinned my CDs out some but I still have a couple hundred plus 50 or so CD singles and maybe 70 burned CD albums. Plus 150 or so cassettes, some of which I’ve had for almost 40 years. Once I was no longer able to rip my stuff to iTunes and my iPod died I realize how important it was to me to keep physical media.
  12. I had totally forgotten about that bit where Jericho comes back ringside running from Kingston and Cassidy punches him, then he staggers over and Dax (I think) punches him. I liked how Roosh couldn’t get his shirt off (cuff stuck on his wrist) so he just started choking Fenix with it.
  13. How many of them ended up being pro wrestlers?
  14. I want to know what was clipped from Andrade-Fenix, would love to see a full match because that was high 4 star.
  15. Ended up watching, only a little buzzed, and GODDAMN that was phenomenal. Andrade-Fenix was just wild, Andrade was having so much fun he split his pants. Hard hitting, Fenix hitting crazy high spots, Andrade pulling out his old lucha tricks while being a solid base in true rudo style. Figured Roosh would make an appearance, and I’m totally good with Lucha Bros vs...what was it cartel ingobernables? I don’t want them to rush this Deeb-Martinez team split. I like it as a team, it’s a classic story and they need to get to them working together before they split them. HOOK SOLD! HOOK SOLD! GOD GAWD ALMIGHTY HOOK SOLD! backstage stuff: Assclaimed as great as ever, those LA dojo guys were good on Dark. Swerve in the Glory vs. some NJPW guys should be fun, and building more to their split. The Gresham/Moriarty thing (I don’t even remember who else was there) being straight up presented as a ROH angle was interesting. Assuming that and the Deeb-Martinez feud will move to a new ROH show. Main event was good and then it hit the homestretch and got great. And then the post-match brawl hit and it was even greater. AND THEN Kingston went after Jericho and I was just hoping it would turn into some bonus hour long arena brawl. Kingston just gets it and his eventual title build is going to to be money.
  16. Realistically, I'm going to be blind drunk and probably blasting angry or dumb music all night tonight so I'll likely catch up on Saturday. Both those matches sound pretty good.
  17. I'm honestly surprised that Omega hasn't made any sort of appearance at all, so maybe he'll be there too...maybe surrounding the COle-Page-Okada-White match
  18. He looked like James Coburn in In Like Flint
  19. It's more like they were thrown together and are trying to one-up each other and win but obviously don't trust the other.
  20. I'm going to stop being such a dick about things, including Shafir. Life's too short and the world is already fucked enough.
  21. He's been fighting some stiff matches and having to catch Darby in two different bouts.
  22. Skye Blue has been wrestling a lot against some of the larger women, so maybe it was accumulating. I might also take note of who her last match was against...
  23. I never did any tape trading but I did buy a "best of lucha" tape from Barnett, and Dean sent me a few tapes one time (Toryumon, BoSJ, and I think some Gaea). I gave all those tapes to a friend a few years ago (Ryan Brush, in case any of y'all know or traded with him) when I was trying to clean out some space and wasn't as in to wrestling as he was. I also had a few of the DVDVR comps for Best of Feds, for a while I let a friend who was a bartender borrow some and they/we would watch them at the bar during slow times (me as a customer). I think I lent/gave the rest to another good friend.
  24. Well, that is certainly making lemonade!
  25. The wild thing about the AEW injuries is that most of them are guys who aren’t doing much, if anything, with other promotions. shame about KOR, I’ve really enjoyed his asskicking singles role lately.
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