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  1. Yeah, people are definitely looking for a reason to leave TCU and Big 12 out.
  2. I mean, Tech fired him and he was going to be going back to being a college OC when the Cardinals talked themselves into the Cryler-Klondike package.
  3. I really really hope that we actually end up with that top 4 just so we get more new blood and less SEC
  4. NWA wrestling (under the Georgia Championship Wrestling territory) was part of the original TBS Saturday evening broadcast when it became a superstation in 1976. The show changed its name to World Championship Wrestling in 1982, and after a brief fiasco involving WWF buying the time slot in the mid-80s, Jim Crockett Promotions took over the timeslot, and JCP was a direct lineage from GCW to what became WCW and Nitro.
  5. FINALLY watched. Opener was fun, want a much longer match in the future. Dante looked like he had his bell rung a few times in the match, and the big rig looked like it caught him square and hard in the neck/jaw area. Anyway, nice to see Dante and especially Darius keeping up with strikes and grappling. Darby-Henry was an excellent and surprisingly competitive bout. They looked like they had matching gear, I almost expected a mention of them previously being a tag team. Speaking of which, I love The Workhorsemen BUT a Darby-Henry team could be fun, or Darby as their trios partner. I need to see the Storm-Hayter match I guess, good lordt. Penelope and Bunny! Hope they start a blood feud with someone soon! Athena is mean! Her and Mercedes should be a fun brawl, but Athena deserves more. I was kinda zoned out on the trios match because it was so obvious what was going to happen, but that part was well executed. Hope Rush teaches Preston how to be a super rudo.
  6. I don't read any of them, but my sense is Meltzer gets something wrong and then 1000 clickbait dirtsheets/Twitter accounts/FB pages post his mistake as <siren>BREAKING<siren> news because all they do is steal shit from him, and it spirals from there
  7. Don’t think Jalen Hurts ever showed this level of talent in college
  8. I don’t follow college super closely but I’ve never ever heard of their QB.
  9. Acclaimed were starting to get hot, but the angle with the Gunns and eventually taking on Daddy Ass (and Scissor Me Daddy Ass) was definitely a factor in them getting molten heat.
  10. That drive by Jax was nuts, and then they use the review to go for the win and it pays off. But I was really hoping Tucker would win with the record.
  11. Fickell is a good hire for Wisconsin, guess he got tired of waiting for OSU. I don’t get the Deion hype, but I also have always hated him so maybe it’s just my bias. If LSU beat A&M, would’ve been interesting to see if A&M would have found the money for the buyout and a clean start. Now they’re going to try and sell hope to keep their 2022 class from bailing and hold on to the scraps of their ‘23 class. And my Longhorns go 8-4, which is what I would’ve been perfectly happy with at the start of the season, but instead I think of how 3 or 4 breaks (and one game with fair refs) and they might be 11-1.
  12. I haven't got tickets yet, waiting to see if there is a magical price drop like there have been in other cities. It also feels like they're making a decision to push all the big matches to the following week and Winter Is Coming. This is also likely to be a "go home" show for the ROH PPV, which means it could be great or could be a very WTF show. All that said, if Takeshita gets announced I don't see how I can skip.
  13. Finally got to watch. confused and disappointed by the opening angle but I’ll let it play out. Also give Mox his damn vacation! I don’t have anything to say about OC-Hager that hasn’t been said better by others. Just an incredible fun match. HOB is back to bore me to tears again. Free Brody King! The Starks tournament angle has been incredibly overbooked to me. I guess he has two weeks to be in traction before Winter is Coming. Dean pointed out how old school Ethan Page is, which I said last week doesn’t really work for me in the AEW context. I actually didn’t pay a lot of attention to the trios match, one thing about having 4-7 matches is there’s not going to be a lot of variety. I have enjoyed seeing the Elite trolling clips here, and Rey Fenix is amazing and I wish they had some sort of X/Cruiser/Flyer title. I might have to get that Acclaimed Christmas sweatshirt. Really love how over they are, and they clearly do as well. I was kind of hoping Red Velvet would come back to feud with Jade over being replaced by Leila Gray, but instead I guess Keira Hogan gets to be this month’s victim. Three way was fine, it was obvious that Skye was going to eat the pin but they let her have some moves. I think AEW needs to stop running that formula when there are 6 wrestlers where everyone gets a big move in one at a time somewhere in the middle of the match. It’s been done to death. Ready for Hayter-Britt to heat up. Love loved loved that main event. I actually rewound the PiP when I noticed how bloody and raw Jericho’s chest was, and having it be like 4 minutes of nasty chops ruled. Interesting that Jericho won clean.
  14. Saw a tweet or something that said they made the crew go back and delete footage.
  15. No they’re saying that Kirin is going to be the next Jimbo, overpaid and underachieving
  16. Oh yes I was hoping Rush, Butcher, and Blade would do more trios matches! Plus FTR (I will take partial credit in helping manifest that).
  17. Who is this? That Tlaloc mascara design is incredible.
  18. That's pretty much where I'm at. The AEW live fans deciding to turn all the heels into faces (combined with MJF hedging on his full-kayfabe heel character) has been frustrating. I really liked the Mox run, and I get that he's earned his break, but I'm not invested or confident in MJF as a top guy as a face, and not really as a heel either as I think his promos are wildly overrated. I love BCC but I do agree that they've been in a holding pattern, albeit with fun matches. And as I said elsewhere, Elite-DT best of 7 may be fun for some, but not for me. And Jade Cargill has gotten incredibly stale and boring. On the other hand, excited to see what's next with The Acclaimed and with Hayter (and how they reconcile that "interim" title). Think it's also time to get FTR back on screen regularly.
  19. What if Morrissey costs Starks the win, thus having MJF's first title match not be against someone you are building to future superstardom, and giving Starks another feud in the interim?
  20. Penta being shown on Monday Night Football could have been big, except there was no reference by the announcers or the chryon to being an AEW wrestler.
  21. I guess Post Malone is for a different audience but I know he's a big deal in some circles and he actually got in the ring (and did alright for himself).
  22. I am an old but what level of mainstream star is Bow Wow at this point?
  23. I want to discuss something @just drewposted in the PPV thread, but it's more suited for general discussion, and something I've touched on before. This is all my opinion, of course. "-Jade Cargill is a star that does star shit. I’m just not sure Nyla is the kind of matchup to bring it out of her. I’m all in on Jade, though, so it’s all good. Let’s maybe move her on to a fresh matchup." Jade Cargill is absolutely a star, and someone who does/can get mainstream attention. She's learning in the ring, and has shown that she won't try and do something she isn't confident in. Her mic work (IMO) is pretty spotty, she's hung up on a couple of catchphrases that have been run into the ground. The problem is, she's still green and not able to adjust on the fly if things go off script. She has to have a veteran hand in there to lead the match and build to Jade's spots, and make the audibles. She also (and I've mentioned this before) isn't working matches regularly enough to learn those things, as opposed to practicing moves and counters over and over again in a training session. BUT, they are running a streak angle for her, and therefore none of the top tier (read: veteran) women can be involved in an angle with her because not only can she not lose, right now she isn't really doing much to make her opponents look good in defeat. The Athena situation is the most egregious, she had to go back to working Dark and working a killer heel angle to get some heat back. They brought in Madison Rayne which was a huge fail. The Mercedes Martinez angle ended with a decent match but buried Mercedes. What can they do with Jade moving forward, if they remain committed to the rumor of Stat being the one to finally end the streak?
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