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  1. It’s shaping up for one more Bengals-49ers Super Bowl.
  2. It’s setting up for the Bengals to once again have to face the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Third time is the charm? Aw who am I kidding, the NFL wants Brady and it’s going to be Brady.
  3. I don’t follow WWE but I’ll assume this is from that and not a pr0n parody.
  4. Good lord, just thinking about what Vince would do with that...
  5. @NikoBaltimorei saw the Sonic Adventure sign, that’s like the 5th show in a row where there has been a different video game themed sign and I was starting to think it was all the same person.
  6. I’m with @Matt D in that I thought Mox was maybe a little too giving in that match, but it was a good match and the finishing elbows and knees were brutal. Trent/Nick was great, MOTN, a mix of big moves, counters and strikes with very few actual shenanigans. Nick is definitely the more serious of the Jacksons, and Trent really leans into his strength on his throws. And as others have said, the thud from that senton on the ramp was sure something. QT Marshall is right though, Hook is a heel! Serpentico sold everything like a pro. Quick squash, the crowd is stoked, I’m over it. Like most, I was worried the main might be a mess but it was really really good. Pretty smooth, no obvious botches, great counters by both women, excellent hope spot for Anna, and hot damn that one armed power bomb was HUGE. I liked “that bitch slayer”, a good taunt that also fits with Anna’s finisher, kudos to whoever came up with that. Backstage segments and taped promos were good, making me excited about those matches (at least as excited as I can be about JE vs A** Boys).
  7. Of the final 8 teams in the playoffs, you have Burrow on the rookie scale, Allen and Mahomes who both already got huge contract extensions, and then 5 veterans. For the full playoffs, you add Mac Jones, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts on the rookie scale.
  8. My question about Sammy's finisher is "Isn't it exactly the same as Punk's?", and if so, will they have a "battle of the finisher" feud?
  9. I was at a sports bar/wing joint for a live draft event and there was a collective "WTF" followed by laughter after that pick. NO ONE was defending it, and the few Bills fans were depressed. I was worried about the tables.
  10. From that Buc-ees list, just the Nuggets. Their jerky is fine but at the end of the day it's just jerky. Likewise, Buc-ees brisket is surprisingly decent for a chain convenience superstore but depending on where you live there is probably a BBQ joint in your area that has watched Aaron Franklin's videos and can make a comparable brisket.
  11. other than the owner and the mask compliance. My wife and I stop at Buc-ees for the bathrooms and the fountain drinks, since they're so cheap. They do have some good branded snacks and jerky.
  12. So was Jericho's awful, fresh dye job a couple weeks back an elaborate rib?
  13. Or they could go with Gunther Gabel and have him dress like a circus performer and use the Liontamer for a finish.
  14. I've seen Jaxson Dart as likely to Ole Miss, although he's currently on an "unexpected" visit to BYU. Speaking of unexpected visits, Isaiah Neyor portaled from Wyoming to Tennessee last week but took more visits before actually showing up for classes and just flipped to the other, better orange UT.
  15. That was the only part I understood since it's been mentioned here the last couple of weeks! Your explanation above my post summed it up pretty well and maybe also why I reacted so negatively to it.
  16. Can someone explain to me, point by point (or as much as possible), what Cody's promo was about? I understand that AEW rewards smart fans and has opened "the forbidden door" but it kind of alienates newer people like myself who are coming back into the fold for the first time in years. If I wanted rambling shooty stuff, I would listen to podcasts.
  17. Honestly the only thing that could have put Max’s rap completely over the top would have been a When We Were Young reference (although Bowen’s taunt was related).
  18. I did love the fan who audibly yelled “You are So Annoying” in the middle of Cody’s word vomit. And props to Archer for all of the heeling to that young black girl!
  19. I laughed out loud when he said that, line of the night! And that’s with Caster dropping a perfect “gory self-mutilation” reference in his rap (another great one, Max is on a roll).
  20. I went to a tiny college in a redneck town and let me tell you how real that is. All the goths, punks, hippies, theater kids, and general misfits all hung out in the smoking alcove of the cafeteria and partied together. I also always assumed the Wingmen was a reference to the main guy (Sabian? I actually don’t know) was a PUA who was bringing on all these Wingmen as his trainees.
  21. Another very loaded episode. A lot to keep up with, maybe too much again. Opener was great, Statlander’s 450 was amazing, I knew they weren’t going to have Cole take a pin but why not have Stat beat Britt? Like they said later, it’s not much of a feud when Best Friends lose every match. Also, I get that the whole face heel structure is passé but Adam Cole’s angle is a face angle. Loved the Punk-Spears squash, appropriate for the storyline. I know the crowd was pretty dead but holy shit you could hear crickets for Spears entrance. The Archer-Kaz match was too long and plodding, and honestly I’m not sure it really did much to build Archer. Deeb/Blue wasn’t a total squash which was a good thing. Deeb is so awesome. House of Black/Varsity Blondes was a mess, but the PAC video was badass. Main event was fantastic, I honestly thought maybe they’d let Acclaimed get a quick pin on Darby and keep this feud going, but Acclaimed still come out looking good. Sting’s table dive was a total holy fuck moment. I have no idea what the hell Cody was going on about and I’ll complain again about too much smarky stuff in promos/angles. Should be a good match though, hope Sammy wins. The Gunn Club, Rappongi Vice, Hirsch turn, and Dante/Moriarty/Sydal backstage stuff was good. Probably best to have the Hirsch turn be away from the ring. Couldn’t hear what Mox reacted to, all I heard was a boo. Great promo though! I am already fucking sick of the Hook hype after 2 matches. They set up a bunch of good looking matches for the next couple of weeks and forwarded some angles. I’m already having a hard time recalling everything that happened.
  22. I only saw NXT a couple of times but the impression I came away with was that it was already a WWII reference.
  23. Wonder if the Steelers would try and trade up a spot or two to get Pickett?
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