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  1. After trying to figure out how to add it I ended up disabling the McAfee service. I still have basic parental controls but it at least allows me to use the board. Only other option I saw was to use a setting in Smart Family but they wanted me to pay $5 a month to use it.
  2. I had more typed out but Verizon hates this site. I'll be quick so it doesn't crap out on me. I thought for sure Orange would lose and also felt it was Swerve's time in the battle royal. He had the approach like he figured Orange's shit out the most and in the first minute OC had this "Aw, shit" look on his face. I know the Lee feud needs to finish but I would end that quick and take him to the next level. As for contenders I think Takeshita would really put a lot of heat on him since most goes to Callis. Beat Orange in a ruthless way and that'd be something to take in the feud with Omega. Heck, they could even fight for the title if they wish. Or you could go with the ideas in Forbidden Door with Orange against ZSJ at FD. Of all the titles I'm most interested in how things will play out with this one.
  3. Ooh, I like that idea! I feel the belt already has increased in value with Orange's reign. This would take it quite a bit farther if they choose to.
  4. So with Orange winning tonight the one match I think would be perfect for FD would be him against ZSJ. One, it'd be a helluva submission battle on top of the usual antics Orange would do. Two, ZSJ would be one helluva foil to play off such antics. And 3, you have two guys who are defending their titles like madmen in an attempt to not crumble to dust. ZSJ is technically healthier kayfabe-wise than Orange but the span of defenses plus the trotting around the world adds an interesting wrinkle. So yeah, let's fucking make this happen and we'll all rejoice. As a plan B I can accept Hiromu or Yano against Orange for the reasons you would expect (even a tag, sure). But I find a ZSJ matchup much more interesting.
  5. I am all of a sudden so hyped for this I resubscribed to New Japan World. I cut it at the time to save money since I wasn't watching it that much. But With the PPV coming up plus Eddie in the G1 I think it's time I get back in. I'll have to catch Dominion and see what else happened aside from the announcement.
  6. Wait, wait, wait. This thread is the first I saw part of the card and they're going with Danielson/Okada?! WHAT?! This must be part of some weird fever dream, right? I don't care what I'm doing in Greece I will take time the next morning to catch that match. Holy fuckballs. So, this has to be a sign that Danielson/ZSJ is happening at All In, right? It would be the absolute perfect time and place to do it.
  7. Hey, maybe he'll finally get the long sought after approval from Just Drew!
  8. I'm going to get it on Switch since it'll come out while I'm in Greece. This will also be useful as my friend wants to try it when I get back so I can just take this over and put it on the dock. Then when I come home I'll play it on Series X. Not sure about any mods for PC version but if it turns out there's mods worth a damn then maybe one day I'll get it. Most likely my main system will be Series X but I'm so down for online play.
  9. I felt like quite a fool when I sunk in a couple hours in Hyrule thinking when am I going to get the glider. I stumbled my way through a couple side missions only to realize I still had to meet Hoz at the castle. Once I did that then I got the glider and I'm off to the races. But before this realization one of the funniest things to happen so far is when I started the Dragon's Tears mission with Impa. She had me go on the hot air balloon and after the cutscene said I can glide down while she works on landing. With no water to dive into it was either jump to my death or find another way. So since i attached the balloon in the first place I figured why not detach it. It led to a cartoony zoom into Impa's face as she started to freak out before the screen went black. Then it showed us on the ground with her thankful to survive that. So yeah I'm glad that there's different ways to get things done in the game though that glider is a godsend.
  10. Nothing to ask as the moment but man this is one helluva thread. It's like a mini DVDVR road report minus the wrestling.
  11. Yep, same here. Thought the board crashed so I tried the main site instead of the forum. That gave me the option to proceed to the site but that was an odd occurrence. EDIT: @RIPPAIt seems like every half hour if I'm on the same browser I keep having to unblock it by doing this process. I've been using Firefox today. Not sure what changed but hopefully it's something simple to fix.
  12. I hereby proclaim this song as the unofficial official theme of tonight's Rampage. I'm just happy after some rough patches to see you excited about an AEW show like this. First thought seeing the lineup was "Ooh, Gordlow will be pleased". El Hijo del Vikingo defends vs. Dralistico vs.Komander? Man, I can already envision Dean responding with a hearty "Holy shit~!" That's gonna be so, so fun. ZSJ seeing how far Action's limbs can bend backwards is not a matchup I thought I'd see but I'm here for it. Shibata against Moriarty I actually did envision happening one day and I'm super excited to see this. And Willow against Emi is a wonderful combination of two people I incredibly adore who will beat the tar out of each other for our amusement. Shit, if I had a circle of folks available to watch this tonight I'd text them to put it on. I don't care about ratings but I would be thrilled if this did pretty well. With such a wacky lineup it's just too good and wacky to do us wrong.
  13. I'm still not going to watch the show because...well...do I even have to say why anymore? BUT I will say of the Saudi shows this has some interesting matchups that on any other show I would like to check out. Ali/Gunther in particular looks very promising even though the winner feels obvious.
  14. When she turns heel if they do it right it's all going to be worth it. She will have plenty of ammo to intensely point out how she was taken for granted as the giant she is and will run over everybody. Change up everything from music to what she does heading down and there could be something special there. I think that's part of the reason why I'm putting up with nice Raquel with all that you mentioned above. Now to add something to it you'd need a lovable tag partner for her to beat up. Shotzi is great and all but maybe Aaliyah when she comes back could work. There's the added bit about blaming her for her injury and I think Aaliyah can be sympathetic enough to try and conquer evil Raquel. Oh, and the show was a fun watch. Really liked Finn/Nak and Ricochet/Bronson were really great with the latter doing a great David/Goliath story in there. And if you forget about Seth's Twitter stuff I can get behind him as the champ which they're strongly hinting at.
  15. Well I'll be on vacation but hope the wifi is sufficient for getting it on Switch. I'll get a feel for things then get it for Xbox when I get home. I'm just glad we finally got a release date though.
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