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  1. But on the plus side we get potential matchups with him again Bryan, Gable and Ali. And if the stars are aligned maybe one with Nakamura down the line. So color me cautiously optimistic.
  2. At this point the best thing would be to delay the game a couple months to refine..well...everything. I know it's not easy to do but if the Sonic movie got delayed to fix design issues then might as well do it for this game also. But that's not going to happen so while they have been dealt a shitty hand this is what they have to present. Which is a shame because part of me still wants to rent it to see the wacky shit they've put into this. Death by book for example? Sure, why not.
  3. I have refrained from talking shit about the draft due to just how boring and predictable it is mainly because I'm trying to not be so negative about things. While I haven't seen the rest of the show I will say that I'm glad Viking Raiders won the titles and it was cool to see them say the titles they've won. They have that Road Warriors vibe and in a different era would make tons of money (and maybe even be HOFers to boot) So there's that and I still need to see Cedric/Murphy which I can imagine being very good. But it has been a tad easier not getting negative about Raw because no matter how bad shit gets I just think to myself "Hey, at least there's MLW, NWA and AEW's shows to look forward to." I know that might seem out of place when talking about Raw or SD but it does help in my case. I am hopeful though with who they drafted and Heyman behind the wheel that there might be better shows on the horizon. Then again I'm still trying to win the lottery.
  4. At some point the developers are going to have to explain themselves for this. If they promised constant patches or some kind of way to make good then I would be more forgiving. But until they do all I can do is look all this and just think "What in the flying fuck is this?!" At least last year's game is still with me so if I feel a strong need to play it I'll just put that in instead. Come to think of after mid November I hardly touched it due to Fire Pro taking over so there's no sense bothering anyway.
  5. Shit, man, me too. With Dark and Dynamite there's now two nights to get excited over and it just feels so damn good. Strange for sure considering it's been quite awhile. But very good all the same. Considering they save the promos for Youtube I would hope that if they show it in a video package they put a watermark showing the Youtube channel it's on. A friend of mine is new to it all and she didn't know about either channel (has since been corrected) So while there's a lot of die-hards that know about them it'd be nice for new fans to know where to go to. EDIT: The stats that LoneWolf linked to are amazing. I would absolutely love to see that be an official thing if only for big matches. It covers the sports aspect they want and is fascinating to read.
  6. I just scroll past a post that has Cornette's take on the show, just don't see a reason to be bothered. If he means it then that's his opinion, but if he's doing it for attention then that's just sad. But I don't care either way. While I don't blame those complaining about his stuff being mentioned here it's just not worth going nuts over it.
  7. I was going to hold off on the Jason one but just bought it. But between that and the A Boy and his Dinosaur shirt I need to hold off on shirts.
  8. Agreed. I downloaded it anyway for when I need to clean stuff and have something in the background. But them talking paranormal stuff would be a better show. Rock bottom for the show will always be when they do the WWE PPV previews. I listened to two of them out of morbid curiosity and that's way too many for me.
  9. At first I was going to wait until tonight's SD thread to open. But considering I'll likely be out somewhere may as well post it now. Xavier retweeted this and it's the SD open set to the All That theme. EDIT: Not sure why it's not displaying like normal but it's still work clicking on anyway. https://twitter.com/bemybayley/status/1182076964569522176?s=20
  10. So Cole's heeling was supposed to be a continuation of when he was on the game show version of NXT. He shat on the whole thing then and somebody thought him as heel was a good idea. It as you could tell was pretty stupid and thankfully they haven't tried it since. But it led to Bayley/Eva Marie which i remember had a lot of smoke and mirrors to make it entertaining. It was a fun enough time-killer to set up the Takeover title match. It's definitely not Bayley/Sasha but I think you'll like that one when you get to it.
  11. Yeah, I love her theme and it sounds like something you'd play on a DDR machine. I also like Pac's theme as while it doesn't exactly fit him I am a sucker for drum n bass music.
  12. So whatever they had planned for the season opener got pushed back a week as they instead wrote off Luke Perry's character. They did as good a job as possible to give him a heroic death and it was just a really sweet episode. And during the funeral you could see real emotions and phrases where you could swap out "Fred" with "Luke" and it'd make sense. Would definitely recommend watching. Now if you excuse me I need to take care of the dust in the room.
  13. I'll admit to not being as in-the-know about the situation as I'd like to be but I try to keep up with it. The extradition thing certainly seemed like the spark that set off a bunch of other things that Hong Kong demands now. But I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that considering the questionable moves Blizzard have made recently those that were unsure if they wanted to still give them business may have found their way out. I never played Blizzard games so it doesn't affect me yet there are a couple people I know who are done with them. The whole thing is reactionary and most don't know the whole picture. But their intentions seem to be in the right place as they don't think it's right to censor like Blizzard has. And then there's other groups like NBA and such but I don't want to get too far off track. On the gaming front I was cleaning out a cabinet from my old house and found all my Game Boy games. Seeing them again brought back such wonderful feelings as I would take that thing everywhere. I still have a GBA around and the GBA adapater for Gamecube so I think I'll be firing up these again.
  14. I'm half joking but are we sure this isn't the Switch port we're seeing information on? Because considering how little some developers care about porting to Nintendo systems if you told me this was true I wouldn't be surprised. But for PS4 and Xbox One? That's just inexcusable. I'd say I'll wait until Black Friday but I don't think I can justify even half price for this.
  15. It's $20 for the show which for that price and the lineup means I'll be watching for sure.
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