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  1. When ordering them they said it would come out sometime this summer.
  2. It really depends on the figure. If it was one of the earlier ones (Hasbros, LJN, etc.) there's certain ones that will be worth much more over time. And if there's a variant for some odd reason then it goes up more. Heck, even the modern WWE figures go up in price such as the first Pete Dunne and Aleister Black figures. For selling initially at $20 they're still at least $80 on eBay and similar sites. But all that said I approach it as if it's worth me paying hard-earned money to have displayed somewhere then I'll just go ahead and get it regardless of value. Luckily I've been pretty picky lately which is fine since I'm sure these AEW figures are going to put a fair-size dent into my wallet. I would honestly say start from the beginning but 40 hours is a bit much for most people (20 episodes times 2 hours) For leading up to Revolution I believe the shows from New Years on would be enough to bring you up to speed with everything. And I'm with you all in loving the episode. They're on such an incredible roll and with only 20 episodes so far they're just getting started. Shit, if they keep things going the way they are imagine how it'll be this time next year.
  3. I think I can piece things together with this question but I might need a bit of context here on this.
  4. Eh, sure, why not. Gives a different take on this type of show and if it actually is driven by fan votes then I'm cool with it so far.
  5. He seems like a decent enough guy outside of this thread so I'm just not taking much stock in whatever he says here. Heck, even in the football threads he seems fine enough but that also doesn't have cheating teams in it AFAIK.
  6. Catching up on this but like others have said sorry for your loss @Brian Fowler And @Nice Guy Eddie unemployment sucks. With me it took about 5 or so months before I landed a job and it was just soul crushing the longer things went. I remember applying to every damn place I could and treated it like a job in itself. But the longer I kept going with no results the less I tried and went into a pretty bad depression. I think at some point in that I just said "Fuck this shit" and kept going because I realized that feeling sorry myself wasn't going to pay the bills. Thankfully I found something that got me in the door and have been working here since. So while we have different experiences all I can say is even if the interview doesn't pan out (which I hope it does) then just keep at it. Eventually the proverbial fog will lift.
  7. In my defense I was too busy freaking out to notice that part. But sign me the fuck up for all of them.
  8. And there's a Brandi one as well. And as much as I want to freak out on here I'll just say that these are all day one purchases. Can't wait to get them.
  9. I'll be more than happy to take some of that off his hands though there is that pesky "ship it to Maryland" part that might muddy things up.
  10. Yeah, same here. His recent AEW ones with the likes of Darby and Marko were really good so it's going to be hard for me to fully do away with his shows. But I just can't subscribe to people who give a platform to those like the one today.
  11. Thanks. Yeah, I like Christi and the way they talked about her training it sounds like she's likely either signed or about to be. And Diamante would be a very welcome addition to the roster.
  12. Oh, I definitely remember. I still think the world of Jericho but I've been debating on unsubscribing since he professed that belief some time ago. Today's episode was the proverbial nail in the coffin.
  13. Whenever they create another title (TV, National, whatever they want to call it) then Sonny should get it for this feat alone. Then again we are both huge fans of his so we'd love for him to get some success anyway. In lieu of another title then put him with Goldust like they did in the past for the tag titles.
  14. Sure, I'll give it a shot. Just sent the request.
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