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  1. This is what I get for typing at the time while dealing with a not-so-smart customer. They temporarily make you feel like your IQ dropped a few points. But yes, Akeem woke that crowd up and it was quite the standout moment. Watching it again it very much holds up and was easily my favorite thing from the show. But the main event wasn't far off as my mind was blown first time seeing Hulk wrestle like that. He didn't have to but when motivated the guy could go.
  2. That is absolutely A+ introduction if there ever was one. Well done. And that Rockers/Twin Towers match will be known for not just being a great match but also for the insane clothesline that Akeem did. Need to go back and watch that.
  3. It's funny how good my long-term memory can be when my short-term one fails me at times. But I remember when WWE magazine was still a thing Shawn did an interview. And he was specifically asked about the crossface and did acknowledge Benoit. So yes, he did say he was trying to take back the move so it wouldn't be tied to him anymore. Only problem is he really didn't take it back. Nobody really did for that matter. It was just one of those things where it would be used in and out of WWE without incident to the point that it became a move on its own. Now I don't know if doing one so soon after the documentary is advisable but I wouldn't necessarily hold it against anybody now. But to your point though I don't think Edge and Orton deliberately did it to make people think of Benoit. Heck, I would bet they didn't even think of anything related to that when doing the spot. It looked like something a bit weird but in a totally different way to me at first. But I so people wouldn't keep talking about it I would have kept that out of the replay last night. So is it less offensive than what Shawn and HHH did? To me yeah and only because Shawn/HHH chose to double down on it instead of just letting time take its course. Besides, I'm more offended by how bad the LMS standing match was considering how hate-filled it was going into it. As for the rest of the show the points that you all mentioned are about where my thoughts are with this. I did go nuts for Undertaker's usage of Metallica's song though hate that it'll be overdubbed soon enough. And the Firefly Funhouse was enjoyable enough though hearing "Obsession" was grade A stuff. Still can't believe they tossed the "That's good shit, pal" line which I heartily laughed at.
  4. Yeah, that's what Observer radio said as well. So at least they got all that in the can for a good while and aren't trying to do this every week.
  5. Interesting that they're using that Warrior for a figure and also kind of morbid if you think about it. But that a great-looking Eddie figure so that may end up being one I get.
  6. I figured he was on here but am glad to find out he checks SC. I hope he still does as I'd love to see what he thinks of the French Catch matches that have been put up. Don't see him as much anymore but if he finds a way to work some of that stuff in then I know who to look to for that.
  7. One I guess good thing about being stuck at home as it takes away many excuses to not get things done. So I finally got around to hooking up N64 and man does it feel good playing it again. I'm mainly fucking around with wrestling games but am looking at getting back into the platformers we have. The others systems may or may not get hooked up upstairs as well but once the basement's finished they'll all go down there. But we got the CRT TV ready to go and everything, it's just that we need proper furniture to put all this on. Oh, and my wife said many thanks to those who visited her island in AC Wednesday. She had a lot of fun seeing those from here and elsewhere visit and if anybody wants to visit again I'll let her know.
  8. Goddamn did I love everything about Archer's debut. As soon as "Everybody Dies!" kicked in I just got insanely excited and that didn't stop throughout the match or post-match. I didn't realize how much I became of fan of his but man am I glad to see him around. Heck, even Havoc proved to be useful as I loved how giddy he was throughout it all. As for Lee I think last week was more of a blatant jab at VKM. This was like Casey more of a case of the leader just having some really weird quirks to him. Heck, even if that was all stuff Vince did it still fits the character that Lee's doing anyway.
  9. Well, at least there's plenty of responses letting her know this was a bad idea so at least it's not everybody defending her. But yeah, awful thing to joke about even for the sake of April Fools. And speaking as somebody that's not good at these jokes if you can't come up with something good then it's best to just not take part.
  10. Goddamn right. I get that it's nice to show "Hey, we're all in this together!" But when I just want to be entertained I'd rather not see constant reminders. I am though okay with fast food chains touting drive thru, carry out and delivery options but that's about it.
  11. They should unless they're somehow considered an essential business. I would say no but since we're talking Florida nothing is guaranteed.
  12. My wife has three of those as she doesn't believe she has pansies yet. But if you like to check her island she should have that for you. Don't know if she needs to be online but if so sh'ell be on in an hour or two.
  13. Thanks for that. Yesterday was particularly shitty for some reason so glad it worked out for you. I'll see what I can find if anything. And I would love to review wonderfully terrible matches as I think they may be more fun to do. As for my pick I'll watch it tonight and hopefully will have my review up by tomorrow.
  14. I tried to find Show/Henry but couldn't find a good link online at the time. And trust me, looking back I'm not happy with my pick. So with that said @gordiif I'm able to find something much better would you be up for checking that out? You don't need to review it.
  15. Without realizing how soon everything would happen I got a haircut a week before all this and asked to have it cut super short. So by the time I get out it hopefully won't be that bad. As for working from home I just do regular clothes. As long as I'm at the computer doing work then I'm in work mode. Hopefully they go through with teleworking as a long-term option to save lease space.
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