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  1. I like the idea of Wardlow's promo but the whole time I kept thinking it was too little too late. Any chance he had to mean something in the title picture disappeared a long time ago and there's a lot that needs to be done to even think about him. And him being with Cole's group makes it worse as he can't just ditch them as it'd be a face move and I don't know if that's where they're headed. And while I'm not intending to be critical of things I fucking love that they're doing Meat Madness. But much like Danielson/Akiyama I would be thrilled if they put some time on it and properly announced cool shit coming up. And I'm not checking social media during the show (or in general) so to just say "Oh, and Tony mentioned Meat Madness!" very quickly just doesn't do it for me. Despite the message I'm excited for both things.
  2. I intended to just go Thursday for DEAN~! but the idea of ROH the next day sounds really tempting. But then there's a weird slippery slope where if I consider ROH then there's other shows going on so what about them. In the end it comes down to finances so who knows.
  3. Try as I might I can't stop playing that damn powerwash game. Working from home when works gets stressful it's nice to have something chill to do. So count me among those that would rather replay a short game than a thirty hour one. But what might be breaking my grip from Powerwash is Tavern Master. I'm about 3/4 done with the research but I'm pretty damn addicted to it.
  4. It's funny they talk about cleaning out storage when my wife and I have been busy cleaning out the basement and the spare room. I am pretty certain we'll be having more conversations like what they had though I'm just hoping she doesn't lock me in overnight. Unless it's the basement since that's where the retro systems are.
  5. It looked like it's going the way the Pro Bowl did where it was obvious nobody wanted to risk injury in having a competitive game. Especially with this one happening mid season. So to take a cue from the NFL it might be time to make some changes where the expectation is low but more fun could be had watching. On Discord some of us were discussing it and there ideas of having a full-on NBA Jam vibe to it. We were thinking a 2-on-2 system where each player on a 16-man team plays a half quarter (second part is my idea). Get Tim Kitzrow on the call and you're in business. And even if they don't go full-on Jam there's still elements of that to be used to make for a fun time watching. But as it is despite super far 3-pointers it just wasn't fun for me to watch.
  6. As awesome as that is check what he put today.
  7. I haven't been paying much attention to NBA recently. But when they put Doc's record so far with them I shook my head in dismay. I'm sure there's time for everybody to get on the same page but they're swimming upstream on the steepest incline. Since I wasn't paying much attention did they find out why exactly the coaching change was needed? Something seemed very off about it from the start.
  8. Not sure if I'm the only one but fuck it it's been forever and I'm watching the OG cartoon from the start. Knowing my viewing habits and attention span who knows if I'll see it all by then but might as well try. Right off the bat I realize how truly special this show was. Watching it as a kid it was 90s colorful awesomeness while kinda realizing I was crushing hard on Storm (don't @ me, I'm sure a lot of us were/are) . Well all that still rings true but I kind of hate that I didn't watch this until now as an adult. Five episodes in so far and it's super apparent how much this hits different which I fucking love.
  9. I have a CRT TV that I've been looking to hook up for NES/SNES/etc systems and I believe there's adapters to get current TV/streaming stuff to work on there. So I'm hoping to have everything setup by March 20 because if so then I'll be back on that CRT watching this. It would just feel right to me. If not then I guess 4K TV will do but why not try going full nostalgia. Either way I'm super hyped for this.
  10. I think at this point in their careers this is the way to go for the Bucks. They have done variations of this type of match for so long even when they were heels that they have go like this for it to mean something. So I hope a rewatch does you well. As for Taven I'm not a fan of his but it's also not surprising to me seeing him go all out. When he started with ROH he had this Pauly Shore look that was all he was known for. He had a match with the guy FKA Mikey from Spirit Squad (name escapes me) that was on the surface a nothing match. But at some point Taven went fucking nuts and had one helluva match. I think it was not long after that he got away from the Pauly Shore look and started to come up so not sure if the match was the catalyst for it or not. But the tl;dr is Taven's willing to step up when it counts and I appreciated what he did last night. Oh, and holy cow did Orange bleed. He rarely does it but when he does it's awesome.
  11. Out of curiosity considering your views on them how did you like the match itself?
  12. I love the behind the scenes thoughts for the title on the Discord. Though you are right about us wanting to watch Dynamite on Valentine's Day. We did the dinner on Saturday so aside from a card and chocolates we're just chilling today. I do think with Ruby walking out on Saraya that she finally does something with Angelo to indicate they're an item. The story got a tad messy but I really loved what they've been doing with them liking each other and Saraya trying everything to ruin it. If there's ever a day to pay it off today would be it.
  13. I'll be honest I wasn't sure if that was real or fake with the trying to bring Scurll bit either. I just figured it's bad enough she's married to him but I try to overlook that when she's on TV. But FWIW Queen Aminata did a thing with Renee on their channel where she talked about having a string of seizures and AEW couldn't clear for her 6 months. Which sounds awful especially when things seem to be going well before that happens. It sucks that he felt he had to stop the podcast but I thought it was really awesome for Dax to be so open to people he doesn't know about his struggles. Dude forever is one I have a soft spot for. I will say though that aside from a 30 second bit when on a live mic Dax isn't the best talker. So to compensate he goes to topics that he's really passionate about which is great. But he could stand to add other things to round it out.
  14. I thought Nigel was better in current ROH before he transitioned over to Collision. He wasn't leaning as hard into the heelish stuff and it felt smoother. But even as is I'm not ashamed to say that I like him on commentary. Even if there's things that don't work I'm here for the stuff that does. As for heels on commentary Matt Menard is right there and is wonderful. I know he's softened up since Garcia's a face now but Menard's great at being a heel on commentary yet has wiggle room for a face or unknown that catches his eye. I love that he commentates during Garcia's matches but I'm really hoping once he hangs it up that he does commentary full time.
  15. I might need to rewatch the episode because thinking about the D'Amore firing it bummed me out when watching it live. I bought the yearly plan for TNA+ since it saved a bit of money but I was left wondering if I regretted my decision. I think they have a good thing going at this time and hope the news doesn't kill their momentum.
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