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  1. Best thing I did recently was to deactivate Facebook. Haven't deleted it yet but the way it's looking that's gonna happen at some point. Only social media I do is Twitter but that's just for seeing what a few wrestlers and Tromatagon post. And with the like system and such this board is the only social media that I care to active post on. And if anybody is interested I would highly recommend reading Digital Minimalism. Really great book.
  2. Okay, so as much as I want to go on and on and on about all that it's just not good for my mental health. INSTEAD I have a completely random question. Remember WWE Anthology that was a 3-disc compilation covering themes from their history? Well, I was listening to it on the trail recently and it reminded me of the commercials. Some of them were for guys they were in good standing with but there was one that featured Bret Hart's theme. I remember first seeing that and thought they made peace and he was coming back. This was of course during the time where Bret didn't want anything to
  3. It also doesn't help that there's people like a county sheriff deputy over there saying that in a video. He's on leave for now but the level of stupidity from people is astounding.
  4. It might not be the game they're promising but this sounds like a nice enough game to tide me over until then. Not really into mobile games like I used to be but I'd play it for giggles.
  5. With all I heard about Hurt Business looking king-sized at the end I ending up catching the clip. And sure enough they looked like a billion bucks that I was so happy to cheer for. And while I'm not going to say they're heels that should be faces they are a group that comes across much cooler than whoever they're going against. Heck, I love Cedric but his stock went up quite a bit once he joined them. Going forward I would love to see/hear about them going more tweener than full-on heel as I think there's something worth getting into.
  6. My bad, guess that's why I really needed coffee this morning. I'm normally fine getting up at 5 for the gym but boy was this morning a drag. But yeah, Tromatagon's right.
  7. I adore Megabyte Ronnie so much. The guy's wrestling might be rough but damn was I entertained. The People's Hot Dog spot had me in stitches for a good while. And Cutler/Avalon in a double count out had me rolling. All the credit to those three for making me care so much about their story that practically every pinfall attempt had me hooked. Oh, and I'm such a big fan of Exaclubur/Taz/Veda on commentary with Starks chiming in. Their chemistry and bullshitting has gotten really good and I love when they're able to crack Taz. Speaking of Taz I found it interesting how much him and Sta
  8. Now that you mention it I'm starting to remember that now (man do I need coffee right now) But I guess I was just puzzled that she saw Flip Gordon's tweet of all people. Figured she'd mainly be in the loop on WWE stuff and MAYBE a bit of AEW.
  9. Wait a sec, how and why is Chrissy Tiegen responding to a tweet from Flip Gordon? Maybe it's too early for me but I'm puzzled by this development.
  10. I don't believe that's intentional. Screwups happen like that quite a bit. Whether it's a Alberto figure in Sheamus packaging or Sasha in Kairi Sane it mainly comes down to production error more than any ill intent. Not sure how that can be depending on the manufacturing/shipping process but that's how it goes. As for value I can't imagine it's worth more than the advertised price. If it had a different color/style or was a "chase" variant then that's where the value can go up.
  11. EDIT: Someday I'll remember where the Edit button is so I don't accidentally quote something. This wasn't that day unfortunately.
  12. Yeah, same here. Between eating the two cakes and that promo I'm really liking him.
  13. All this discussion about the Mickie/Asuka finish and I was surprised to see it remained intact on the Youtube clip. But at first it looked like Mickie had a pinfall on Asuka and maybe with the other arm being trapped the ref figured to call for the bell. Either way it was a really bad finish though I'm looking forward to it being on an upcoming Botchamania.
  14. Thanks. I'm still not having any luck here so hopefully I will next month. Bucks are the main ones I need though I don't feel like paying double the price if I can help it. Kenny I got with the deluxe ring and Jericho is with the bubbly set coming next month. But I'm itching to get their regular versions anyway due to the stuff they come with. Since I have/will have them anyway I'm not itching to pay double if I don't need to right now.
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