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  1. That all might be true, but the way they booked Bret he would have been DOA even without the screwjob.
  2. Oh, okay. I thought I read earlier it was non-tournament matches though. EDIT: Here's what Rippa posted from somewhere so they might have gotten it wrong:
  3. NXT

    I would have loved to have only paid $19. For $40 we got good seats. Not super close since it was elevated some, but with it being a small place it was fine all the same.
  4. I wouldn't be a fan of knowing somebody was laying on top of an ice cream bar i was thinking to eat. It might not be enough body warmth to melt it, but it could still smash the shape. But it's still a pretty stupid thing to do. And considering I'm not a fan of Bram given his past offenses I have no sympathy for him. I do feel for his partner though who can't even continue the tournament due to Bram being an idiot.
  5. NXT

    Those are damn good seats. And I agree, NXT shows are great to watch live. We went last year and had the time of our lives.
  6. She already did beat his streak a week or two ago.
  7. I think the worst of it is done yet. If we can get through earlier this week then I think this thread's fine. And it's only a couple more days. As for "Great balls of fire" it could be worse. If it wasn't a PG environment there'd be so many bad jokes on TV about it. As it is it seems like a PPV name ECW would come up with.
  8. Just checked screenshots and trailer. This looks unbelievable and I'm very excited to get this now.
  9. I was a big proponent of Mauro saying "Screw your settlement" and fight WWE on this. But this part of the article made me see why that wouldn't be a good idea. As much as I hate to admit it the statements might have been the best option for Mauro:
  10. I don't know when, but if it means less chance of them doing stupid chants I'm all for it.
  11. My bad, somehow got them mixed up. Thanks. And the Roddy video is hopefully a big step for those not familiar with him. I heard him tell the story on Wrestling Observer radio, but to see the emotional weight behind these stories made him such a likable guy. The times I met him he was always super nice and all goes well it'll be great to see people root for him partly because of these videos.
  12. Not listed in the spoilers was Gallagher/Bate. Which was on just now and holy crap did I enjoy it. I'm finding as time goes on I'm liking the WoS Sport style more and more so I'm all for what they were doing. Highly enjoyable stuff. As for the rest of it I liked the Cross/Riot interactions, Black's squash was impressive and Drew/Almas was enjoyable for what it was. I sense they're going to wrestle again so I'm cool with them not going full-bore tonight. Plus the story of Almas not giving a shit about losing is a good starting off point to where they take his character from there. Good show all-around.
  13. FTFY, thought the original phrase was a bit harsh, though I agree Karen yelling about booking decisions is ludicrous.
  14. @username It's a fair assessment regarding Bayley and you make good points. The promos in NXT were meant to be awkward at times because her character started off as this awe-struck awkward girl wanting to play with robots and stuff. It had a weird charm to it that the fans liked about her. And while she was able to cut good promos in NXT I think that part of her character got lost in translation. It might sound like an odd excuse for her actually cutting bad promos (she's admitted many times to not being good at them) But if you cover it so it works for her character then it can be forgiven to a degree. Going back to how she should have been brought into Raw if she came in now awestruck at seeing folks like HHH and Jericho that might have helped establish who she is. By bringing her in the way they did it did her no favors. As for in-ring I'll give you that. I can say though in NXT she's gotten good matches out of women that aren't known for being good. A lot of it was the story of the match and also having time to rehearse and get it right. With her being on the road there might not be that time to prepare that helped make for great matches in NXT. It's not meant to be an excuse for her being bad because the execution of moves isn't always the best. And being compared to Becky certainly doesn't help her case.
  15. I guess the only way a despondent former hero can look is to have emo hair. I was waiting for 2024 Barry to go wild at a club for no good read (Spiderman 3, anybody?) I haven't seen the last 15 minutes yet, but I'll get to that sometime today. But I do love that while everybody else is having a bad time Wells was having the best time ever. I was kind of rooting for the dude and felt bad when he got literally pulled away. Funny stuff.