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  1. Yeah, and they suck. But at gaming conventions while there's some bad apples at least in the convention they get deal with for their actions. But in the case of CEO it's not the convention or the attendees but more the city of Daytona itself. I've read some pretty fucked up stuff that attendees had to put up with but at least JeBailey has been working with the Chief of police since last year to address the one coming up. It's unfortunate the Daytona contract is for a couple more years but I bet that first chance he gets he's taking CEO back to Orlando.
  2. For Fyter Fest? Considering it's at a gaming convention I would like to think it won't have a Sturgis vibe to it. And considering how diverse the gaming fandom is I would also like to think it'll be a pretty accepting atmosphere. Then again the more I read about how shitty Daytona is I wouldn't blame you for passing on this. Maybe if you're able to dart in and out of the show you can bypass most of the bullshit. I would at least hope CEO attendees aren't shitty but can't say for certain about that.
  3. Not to be "that guy" but wouldn't the bonus footage just be shown when it comes out on Bluray anyway? If so then unless it's something that's a must to see on the big screen I may just wait until then.
  4. With the Super Showdown thread closed I thought it was worth mentioning here that there's a UN report that formally links the Saudi Crown Prince to the Khashoggi murder. Will be interesting to see how this plays out and also how it'll affect WWE's future shows with them. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/19/middleeast/khashoggi-saudi-arabia-report-intl/index.html
  5. I loved it. The show overall had a different look to it and it something I hope they keep doing going forward. Also loved Oney/Daivari and am really coming around on Singh Brothers. Their Bret Hart tribute gear last week was well-done. I feel bad that I stopped watching and when regular TV shows kick back in in the fall there's no guarantee I'll be able to stick around. But it sure is nice to see them still going at it and getting a reaction.
  6. Wait a sec, Terry Crews was T-Money? Holy shit that's awesome, can't believe I never knew that.
  7. I'm kind of torn because Cornette on commentary is the only thing I like about him. But as long as Tony can still bring the goods then I'm cool with this.
  8. In the preview they say no alcohol was involved. Even if that's true reading that I feel I may need some just to listen to this. But fuck it, if there's nothing else to listen to then sure why not. Now going back to Tony Khan on Austin's podcast his enthusiasm for wrestling is infectious. I try to not "drink the Kool-Aid" when hearing him and others talk about AEW. But at some point he'll just go on about something and I can't help but at least take a tiny sip. I was hoping that they did half AEW talk and the other half was just geeking on old-school wrestling. But it was still a good listen. Glad to hear that things are cool with Steve and Moxley and it'll be great when they are able to record.
  9. I would be thrilled if I end up running into them somewhere. Baltimore's not a small town but stranger things have happened.
  10. I'm leaning towards Impact as they also have ties with AAA plus Tessa's there. Once her contract ends then that may change unless they rope him into a long-term deal.
  11. In that case then hopefully he's doing what he can to get Jon on there to do it right.
  12. I'll have to check that out. I don't recall if they had one on NXT TV but first NXT show I went to they tore the house down.
  13. I love that he can't help but laugh while using the sign. Good stuff.
  14. That's pretty fucked up though I wonder if he's looking into ways to get out of it. I also wonder if he signed while under the impression she would be with him.
  15. @Tromatagonand I were both trying to get these and eventually succeeded. Got one to keep in box and one to display. Only took me 24 minutes to order as the darn site keep crashing. But come next month they'll be mine. Fuck yeah, man.
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