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  1. I still can't believe I see "The Peacemaker" and my brain wants to interpret it as "The Pacemaker" Maybe by the season finale it will correct itself. Other than that I really love the show. John Cena being a dumb white jock is grand and the show's been really fun to watch. Shifting over to CW all three DC shows have been pretty good since coming back. Superman and Lois is still my favorite by far but Batwoman is much better since they went down the Poison Ivy and Marquis route. And good ol' Legends killed me with taking the worst of reality TV and turning it on its head. And of all episodes this is the one where I think I'm fully on the Behrad train now.
  2. I would love to at least try their brisket. But if that's not an option then I'm down for any recommendations from this third party seller (which Buc-ee's referenced in their FAQ section) https://texassnax.com All I know is I made a mistake in looking right before bed because now I'm getting hungry. EDIT: Almost forgot you used to live in Texas. Well, if you missed any of that goodness then there ya go.
  3. You should be able to just copy the link and paste it. I too was into the battle of the gas stations they had and highly enjoyed the payoff. Side note: I wish there was a Buc-ees anywhere close to here as I would be tempted to go nuts on the stuff they have.
  4. That really, really sucks. I was hoping to see her back in her hometown but hope it won't be too long before they hit that area again. Heck, there was even a sign in the front showing her love.
  5. I don't know if there's still tickets but I was considering going to Rampage tomorrow since my schedule opened up. But after seeing the crowds I'm not so sure. Maybe with it being mostly matches it might work out better but I won't know how I'll feel until tomorrow.
  6. Yeah, I know that's why but was mostly joking. Though considering everything you never know sometimes. As for Avalon's hair he should have cut it a long time ago. He somehow looks even sleazier than before and from the little I saw has gotten a bit better. Hope he's down for another quality feud at least on Dark.
  7. Clearly there's an AEW rep on the board since Justin's introduction for Frankie was "You guessed it. Frankie Kazarian!" It's such a random reference that somebody HAD to have seen @Nice Guy Eddiepost that a time or two, right? I mean sure it's possible that was his random tribute to Norm but it's more fun to think my theory is correct.
  8. Man, my wife already loves the shit out of him as is. If he does this then this might put her at superfan status.
  9. In yet another reason why I need a calendar and sticky notes around me at all times: After a weekend of drinking and football watching I get up normal work time, rush through breakfast and clock in as quickly as I can. Only to find out it's MLK day and we're supposed to be off. Of course that part I forgot about until after texting my boss and wondering why nobody else is on the phones. 15 minutes later I saw what today is and meekly texted her saying "Whoops, clocking out now." I swear if I'm like this at 39 then I'm a tad worried about how I'll be decades later. But I guess I'll finally get around to taking the Christmas stuff down while watching some rasslin' in the background.
  10. Only way I would ever play this is if it was on Gamepass. But if that's all they have to show a couple months before release then they're in trouble.
  11. That was one of the most batshit insane playoff games I can remember in some time. I think it was fitting seeing this on Nickelodeon as those last couple minutes felt like a clown show. Then you had that ending and everything just went off the rails. It was fitting that they were still talking about kids stuff and slime while the crowd is completely beside themselves. But while I am fine with Dallas since my friend is a huge fan I'm very happy 49ers won just for George Kittle. I don't think they'll go far but I find it impossible to root against a guy who proudly represents "Cero Miedo" as much as he does.
  12. The DC show is not that far from me but on top of it being my dad's birthday next Friday I just don't feel a reason to go to it. And I would do Wednesday but I don't want to take too many days off in one month. Besides, if I'm going to DC it's going to be when they're at a bigger arena and I'm able to get my wife and/or friends to head down with me. I went solo for Queens which was grand but that's the only exception.
  13. What helped reinforce my respect for Bad Bunny was not just how well he did but how much other WWE wrestlers were respecting the hell out of him. You can tell he gave it his all and it was a huge win all around. Looking back I think I have that and Bianca/Sasha as my two favorite things about Wrestlemania. And honestly all things considered everything else wasn't even close.
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