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  1. Yeah, you're right. That's what I get for posting without thinking much about it.
  2. I don't know if he drugged his cat but I sure hope not.
  3. Just wanted to point out that while I'm all about mocking Randy's fashion choice(s) back then a friend of mine was absolutely obsessed with him during that time period. So showing him these pictures are likely going to bring back quite the memories. I think it was a few months after his face run that he lost interest for some reason. Man, those early 2000s looks are cringe-worthy to look at now but I miss that time period.
  4. If they don't watch out all this may lead to an increase in all that sweet VOD content being shared through not-quite-legal means. But it sounds like they're willing to clamp down on Canadian access VPN at the risk of their subscriber numbers. I''d be surprised if they fully go through with that because telling investors they're under 1 million will not be pleasant for them.
  5. It's a shame about Teddy because in MLW and even one some of the WM weekend shows he seemed like he really got his shit together. Don't know the details aside from a quick Google search so can't say one way or another how much in the right or wrong he is with these allegations. And it sucks they lost LA Park. I think despite losing him they'll be fine though.
  6. According to Alvarez the word from AEW was that one of the satellites for the TNT feed got messed up and they had to get that fixed. So it doesn't sound like it's technically AEW's fault. But that still doesn't absolve them of the various leveling issues they've had over the weeks from the ring to the crowd. For all they say about wanting that crowd noise I was still saddened to not hear stuff loudly chanted/sung from Full Gear make it to to the PPV feed.
  7. Funny you mention that. As he was out there talking about The Bubbly I went to the site and it seemed to have crashed to some degree. And yes I did order two bottles because while I won't open my wallet for literally everything with New Year's coming and some friends in on the meme it seemed like an easy decision to me. That and Jericho's fucking awesome. I knew there'd be some episodes that didn't work and last week's was one of them. But AEW has built up so much goodwill that I was willing to let that slide. Thankfully this was a pretty good one. While I'm not sure why Pentagon/CD didn't work I did like the other matches. Dustin not only held his own but was the one I remember most from the 6-man. The Destroyer he did in particular had me flipping out. The guy has been through a lot and is nothing short of an inspiration. As for Butcher, Blade and Bunny I heard about them but am curious to see how they fare in AEW. I get a huge kick out of the fact that Braxton Sutter is now Blade and is on TV with his wife Allie. That's some married couple goals right there. And Andy looks like the living definition of the word "Burly". I loved him in Bloodsport and am curious to see how good he is. Shit, I may even check out some of his band despite me being very out of the loop with today's music.
  8. It's been quite awhile since I got edits so not sure how much help I would be there. I know there was a spreadsheet of the top creators and what they made on the Critical Club board. But I can't find it for some odd reason. I am quite fond of LordWord who's been doing edits for the longest time. I think he stopped early this year but he's got a lot of cool stuff that's worth downloading. But for FPW-net there's no way to follow a creator so like you mentioned bookmarks are the way to go.
  9. That plus some of the scumbags they have working there have unfortunately turned me off of Impact for the most part. I'm ungodly behind on the show anyway from July and don't think I have the time or interest to catch up. The only thing that's worth checking out for me is the IPWF episode. But I'll throw this out there to those watch on a regular basis. Since I'm behind from July are there outstanding matches that I should go out of my way to see? I'm only sticking with the TV show as I don't have the full service unlocked.
  10. 61 is the country code for Australia. I think a year later they said TM was some wacky Pokemon reference but I forgot that and just associate it with "The Mighty" They were in NOAH for awhile and did New Japan for a bit before coming to NXT. Nick quit last year and did New Japan for a bit though not sure what he's up to now. And Shane is on the weekly shows.
  11. I know there's been a lot of blowback from Cornette defenders but I can't foresee them going under anytime soon. As long as The Dawsons are still with NWA then I think they're fine for the time being. And for all we know Billy might have enough fuck money around to keep this thing afloat no matter what.
  12. Dustin was asked about this at Starrcast and he said they'll definitely team up again. So I wouldn't be surprised if they team up again on an eventual Dark episode. And I honestly like them as a team though it makes more sense to have Dustin focus on Inner Circle than anything else.
  13. Was going to post this in the SD thread but it's already been closed (side note: Any chance of keeping it open until Thursday?) But aside from the really sweet moment with Nikki being uncontrollably happy to see Alexa again this was far and away my favorite part of the show. EDIT: I have no idea why it's not displaying the tweet like it should. But it's a clip with Sami ranting about Thanksgiving and Black Friday from Smackdown. https://twitter.com/SamiZayn/status/1201891406786289664?s=20
  14. I try to avoid Cornette's rants so I'm not sure what happened regarding the Dawsons. Was it something where they left out of loyalty to Cornette or something else.
  15. I'm still catching up on some shows like last night's Flash and Black Lightning. I love the build to Crisis so far but will be curious to see what didn't work on Flash. All I know is I got me a big ol' TV with all the bells and whistles (setting it up tomorrow though it may be a bit big for the living room) so I can't wait to see Crisis in all its beautiful glory. I've avoided whatever spoilers I can but the closer it gets the more excited I am about it all.
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