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  1. As somebody who has supported the Ravens I'm disgusted that this stupid game went on. They should have forfeited but I'm sure I'm missing a reason why they decided against it. Either way this is gross.
  2. If you knew about his recent health issues it's not a complete shock that this day would come. But Pat's death is a really huge blow to the business. I haven't seen as much of his wrestling as I'd like but what I saw was pretty damn good. But his legendary mind for the business will be his legacy and will be missed a lot. I just hope that for whoever sat under his learning tree that somebody was able to absorb all that so they can pass it along to future generations. This might be for a separate thread but I'd be curious about those before Pat who came out. It's something I've bee
  3. I honestly skipped through a lot of matches because they just didn't hold my interest. That and looking up the Shanna controversy distracted me. I did like the main event and thought Limelight looked good against Cutler. Speaking of Shanna I did see she DMed somebody who called her out on it. The response did make it seem well-meaning but that's assuming you didn't know about her RTing Le Pen or deleting them and making the account private for awhile. So while I wish I can disassociate the art from the artist I just unfortunately can't. And was that really George South's kid in t
  4. For as much as people would bag on Corey in those matches I really missed his references throughout the match. I still remember him having a field day with the first one and might have been one of the few who loved that. And Hardy's swanton was a very dangerous and unnecessary move.
  5. Since I'm bored let's say when her contract's up she went to AEW. Would you have her with Shawn Spears or keep her separate to do her own thing. I would think you would pair her with Billie when her contract's up also (still waiting on that sitcom) but it would be interesting to see Peyton's solo run elsewhere.
  6. Yeah, man, I'm not even sure why that prompted a post on Natural in the first place. He's an awesome dude and if absolutely necessary just ignore him or address it via PM. Oh, and to add to stuff going on this year I think one of the cooler things to happen here is the pandemic has caused folks to do threads reviewing all types of things. From Dolfan reviewing every Wrestlemania (braver man than I) to Matt reviewing All Japan there's been some neat things to come out of it. And Secret Santo has been a pretty fun one to follow as well. I don't know if these topics will be needed after
  7. Funny thing is I was a bit too quick to write him off as somebody mostly shitting on what he sees. But when going back to see some posts plus this thread I imagine that he actually does like AEW and critiques it because he wants them to succeed. So as long as it's constructive then that's fine by me. As for BTE that and Sammy's vlog are tremendous but it's a lot to ask everybody to follow along if one is not a die-hard. So I don't blame anybody for missing out on some character arc that may occur on there. But it is then up to them mentioning or showing a clip from that on Dynamite so
  8. So this is from Portland but how about Rose vs Piper?
  9. God fucking damnit. I really missed seeing her and was looking forward to her return. Now I'll unfortunately likely skip her matches. Don't think that will be grounds for anything serious if top brass found out. But I would keep a close eye on her anyway.
  10. I haven't played Fall Guys in a month or so. I think when I saw how much they wanted for the Sonic outfit plus frustrations with some of the levels I just checked out for awhile. Might give it another go but I'm glad I got the game for free.
  11. Thank you kindly. I think I have a good one so I have at least week one. But we'll see after that. If anything I'll make sure to do better research before picking so I don't pick something like the lesser Taker/Show match. So I guess I'm in.
  12. Thanks, dude. I'm cool with reviewing but compared to others wasn't too happy with some of the ones I picked. I'll need to see how things shake out but if possible I'll give it a go.
  13. I'm sure if I looked hard enough I can find some omissions that were head-scratchers. As far as mistakes go I still feel kind of weird that Benoit is still on the list. His body of work is definitely HOF-worthy but with his actions at the end I just can't justify it. I know it was put up to a vote years ago but I feel since it's essentially Dave's HOF he should have just taken him out and I bet there would have been little issue.
  14. There was another match a month or two ago where it was Sammy against Fuego Del Sol. Now they apparently are best friends if the Vlog's to be believed but there was nothing in the match to indicate that. So not sure why they did nothing the one match and a fist bump for last night. I do agree that it should have not been done. I will say though that there's some sort of build happening for Fuego against QT Marshall. It's a thing where QT talks shit about him every week and the past couple weeks Fuego's had enough and keeps challenging him to a match. And they also talk about Fuego be
  15. I've heard so much about JAPW over the years but that is a huge, huge blind spot for me. I'm not expecting all their shows on there tomorrow but I'll have to check some of them out.
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