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  1. Quick search shows she's dating Moose. Not sure how verified that is but is that still true?
  2. She did great with the selling in the Riho match but I'm not surprised that this happened. Can't wait to see her back though.
  3. He said that was it for sure as he ended it on a high note. Love him though.
  4. That's true but with the way that people have been buying these up I just don't trust having patience on the chance they sell out. But for 6 considering I'm getting Boss Fight Penta and Fenix it'll need to be completely spectacular for me to consider series 6 versions. Otherwise I may have lucked out in only wanting the Shida figure at this time.
  5. On the surface that sounds like a good idea. But it makes me wonder if the point of the tag titles was to be defended on all three brands then creating one for NXT unintentionally gives the impression that they're not worth challenging for the main titles. I'm sure this week's episode gives some reason for it but something about that just doesn't seem right to me.
  6. Dude, a cheesy action movie with Mox and Omega as villians sounds completely fantastic. I would gladly watch that movie and am kind of bummed that doesn't exist.
  7. Alright if we're gonna throw out random-ass names I go with Lance Storm. By no means would I call him a HOFer but he said he can still go and is friends with Jericho. Hmm... I gotta admit that wild speculation actually felt kind of nice. But for real it feels good to have that excitement and feel that whoever they announce will be somebody that's worth bringing in. There's a buzz to the show that they mainly find a way to generate and is also one of the reasons I'm glad I'll be seeing the show live. Heck, my friends are always down for a PPV but for them to reach out saying "Dude, I h
  8. Hey @D.ZI'm not even sure if you're going to get any AEW figures but I just found out Hikaru Shida's part of series 6. Oh, and Hager too but I'm not interested in that. Speaking of which the announcements and preorders are almost coming in too fast for my liking. I say that because I get three figures from series 4 which isn't cheap then see soon after series 5 has at least a few that I want. For the sake of people's wallets I kind of wish they would slow it down a bit because it's either preorder right away or go the re-seller market and hope for the best. If the stores got their shi
  9. Putting it out there but instead of burning it if it's size XL I'd be more than happy to buy it from you instead. But whether it's Brock or not I hope you keep it. Now I will say if we get a motivated Brock who's not all about Suplex City then there would be some interesting matchups for him. The only thing is he has long admitted to liking the money more than wrestling and who knows what he can do now compared to '03. Plus that would give some bad signals if they end up pulling the Brinks truck to him. And yes I know about the multi-billionaire stuff but that doesn't mean that TK's g
  10. I'm worried about that as well. I can see three, maybe 3 1/2 at the most but anything past that is asking for trouble. If it does work that way then it won't affect my sleep schedule so fingers crossed on that one.
  11. Oddly enough first time seeing it we had to do a sports writing piece on it in middle school because the teacher was a wrestling fan. So it was neat to do that even though my journalistic skills were subpar at best. If not for that I likely have gone quite a while before ever wanting to see it in full.
  12. I was planning on having a chill Sunday night watching the show until my friend practically invited himself last night. Considering him and a couple others coming up are either vaccinated or about to be soon I figure why the hell not. So let's just say I'll be needing this come Monday.
  13. Okay, so they take out all the Youtube stuff from before only to replace it with a teaser video? That seems like a rather asinine decision and having to pay for Powerr on Fite doesn't like something I want to do at this time. If it ends up being great then we'll see but unfortunately this might be it for me. Besides, the studio show was great as they could play off the crowd in a more intimate setting. So doing this without one is going to feel pretty jarring even if everybody else is doing it.
  14. With me only being able to do MLB TV for baseball thanks to cutting the cord I had to get Nord VPN just so I can watch my home team due to blackout restrictions. I'm sure there's cheaper but $11/month isn't too horrible for me and it allows the option to set it to Europe or elsewhere fairly easily. I honestly hope they still have the network functional in some way so I can watch the old stuff. I'd rather not use a VPN just to maintain that but if Peacock is my only option then I'm best off rushing through what I want to watch and drop it ASAP.
  15. That game was oddly fun though weird to play. I may have to dig up the PS2 myself one day and see how that holds up. As for Retromania I think it's supposed to hit PS4 and Switch next Friday so if it doesn't come out by then then who the hell knows at this point.
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