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  1. NikoBaltimore


    I liked it not because I dislike Tye but because I appreciate his wish to break free and see what's out there. Hoping for the best for him be it AEW or wherever else he goes.
  2. NikoBaltimore

    Robert Kraft - The Dirty Old Man Thread

    Now this is how you make an awesome Friday even better. Thank goodness nobody's around or I would have had to explain why I was laughing uncontrollably. As for bigger names I'm trying to temper my expectations but it's hard not to get carried away in that. And Chester wins big-time with the Fellate-Gate term, I'm so using that when discussing with friends.
  3. NikoBaltimore

    My NXT project

    I got why people would do that but damn did I hate this being a thing at the time. If you really don't like somebody just take a piss break or something. This more often than not accomplishes nothing. Without spoilering anything things get pretty darn good leading up to the next Takeover. Have fun.
  4. NikoBaltimore


    On that note not sure if anybody posted this but this video is really, really great. And I love his channel that's full of theme remixes and some originals like this one. He's definitely worth subscribing to.
  5. NikoBaltimore

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    I had no issues with the free tier. It asked me to register and said nothing about a 30 day trial. Once it registered I was able to jump right into the Impact shows. Not sure if you used it on PC or mobile but I did it all on my phone.
  6. NikoBaltimore

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    They work fine in handheld mode for me though the Pro controller works worlds better. I also signed up for Nintendo Online and got the NES controllers and to me it's the best one to use by far.
  7. Oh, right. I thought since he was finishing up with next set of tapings he'd technically still be NXT but I guess not. Oh, well.
  8. NikoBaltimore


    That's one helluva idea and different than the stereotypical ideas that are going around (Sam Adonis doing it in CMLL, Preston's current thing, etc.) So MCW has a show Saturday and it features Daniels and Kazarian. That'll be cool to see and if it's not much to meet them I may do just that. Oh, and since I quoted you I wanted to bring this to your attention on the chance you're able to attend.
  9. I'm honestly not sure why Ricochet can't wrestle there but seeing both him and Dream at the same show has me even more excited to attend.
  10. NikoBaltimore

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    My wife and I have been playing Tetris 99 since it came out and holy crap is it awesome. There's times where I definitely get my ass kicked but then there's times where I can hang and average into the 25-35th range. While I just might not have been in a room full of ruthless bastards last night I got 4th and I felt like king shit. I'm trying to get the hang of the T spin but there's a difference between trying it in regular Tetris an trying it in a game where 98 others are trying to take you out. If I can get that then hopefully I'll fare better. But while I might not be singing its praises like Lamp does I absolutely love this game.
  11. NikoBaltimore


    Sorry, didn't mean for it seem like I was complaining to you. It was meant to be more of a "preaching to the choir" type thing. If anything I should probably get around to asking them when they do plan on releasing these on the network (not like they'd care to answer anyway)
  12. NikoBaltimore

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I don't know what was up with Alvarez but holy crap he was unnecessarily negative about the women's chamber. I thought it started off really great as it seemed like the women were very motivated to put the best match they could. The quality did dip for a bit but it picked up near the end. I'm glad Bayley/Sasha won but I would have been fine with either Mandy/Sonya or Iiconics winning as well. As much as Iiconics were trolling and such in the match I kind of felt sad the way they were separated and laid to waste. But hopefully they get more of a focus going forward. While there wasn't much said in the post-match promo the emotion and struggling to speak spoke volumes in how much this meant to them. I skipped the other matches but saw the men's chamber match. I found it strange that Naomi was first to lose but with Carmella as part of the team i wonder if that was why. And squaring up with an office definitely didn't have a negative effect on Jimmy who got the pin in the tag match. Not a fan of that but what can you do. Was annoyed that Ruby was made out to be a chump and also found it pointless to have a suspension for Becky when security didn't do shit to enforce it. But I liked the crutch shots and she looked tremendous in the Kill Bill vibe she had (sorry, I don't read comics) And they just have to do Kofi/Daniel at WM, only thing right now that makes sense to me.
  13. NikoBaltimore


    So they'll bring this to the network but they still won't bring WCW Saturday Night past '92? Or even WWF Challenge/whatever other shows not named Superstars of Wrestling? C'mon, man. Thank goodness at least for Monsoon Classic.
  14. NikoBaltimore


    I actually watched Eddie/Brock around 11:30 but didn't get around to posting until just now. It was mainly due to the rabbit hole I went down checking Eddie clips and stuff. What a wonderful, wonderful match and even Goldberg's part didn't ruin the ending as much as it initially did (gotta setup Wrestlemania somehow, right?) But it did make me realize something. Back in 2004 much like a lot of you my two absolute favorites to watch were Eddie and Benoit. To see them both standing tall as WM20 ended was the highlight of all highlights and for 3 years was something I highly treasured. Don't need to mention why it was only 3 years but as time went on I stopped watching both of them. For Benoit it was obvious why I'd stop seeing his matches. But for Eddie I had no reason why I didn't check out his stuff more often. He was one of my all-time favorites and while he had many faults I just couldn't judge him. So until today I was baffled as to why I just don't watch his matches anymore. But after watching his match with Brock tonight I now know why. It hurts, man, it really fucking hurts. Seeing his win and the celebration made me long for the days of him wrestling for at least a good 5 or so years before retiring. He was a once-in-a-lifetime talent that went through Hell and back to get to where he was. Once he retired he should have been alive to have that grand HOF induction and respond to the love that people were likely going to give him. And it just sucks to know that whether it was things leading up to his death (he had some considerable bacne in the match) or his past catching up to him he's gone. And much like past times watching his stuff especially if I'm in a particular frame of mind his matches and moments somehow bring a tear to my eye. Sorry for the rambling post but just wanted to get this out there (apologies if it doesn't make sense) But long story story short it really hurts watching Eddie's matches and I wish he was still around.
  15. NikoBaltimore


    It's cool to see him finally get a Hasbro-style figure but holy bats that face is all kinds of wrong.