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  1. The Road To video seems like there's enough evidence to point that it may happen. Which is good with me since I think Mox needs that chase to maintain his edge. But then that means that when Darby comes back against Cage it could be for the title. That part I'm not so sure about.
  2. Actually I don't want this to be on TV either and prefer this to be strictly on BTE. Much like you have Bucks/Kenny/Omega/Cutler try to get into a Chili's commercial this stuff isn't really meant to crossover into anything else. It's just wacky entertainment that I enjoy. So yeah, bumbling underlings in DO are very much cool with me. Now if you did want to tie it in somehow then if Colt gets fully into Dark Order's group you can use him to try and recruit his friends on BTE. And to Hammerva's point one of my favorite things about BTE are when they break character. You can see Matt Jackson laughing at the end of his bit right before they cut to something else. Same for Private Party. There are times where I wish they would have those long-form stories like they did in the past. But those were different times and I at this point am very cool with what's essentially a sketch comedy show.
  3. All this time trying to rehab Dark Order and I think BTE will finally get them where they need to be. It kind of has that 80s cartoon style to it where they may get the occasional upper hand but Brodie and his evil henchman trying to recruit but failing in hilarious ways just feels so right. I know I definitely liked them more since they started with this.
  4. To add to what Casey said I like the podcast quite a bit. Tony and Aubrey seem like great friends who have casual conversations with their guests. There is a fair amount of "Yeah, AEW!" in it so if that's not your style then that might be grating. But if you're up for it it's well worth checking out.
  5. I guess I have the Metallica episode of Jericho's pod on the brain but GAB was kind of like of like Load and Reload. With both albums there were some gems but also had a few duds. So on the podcast they took two albums worth of songs and made one album with the best 14 songs from both. So with GAB thinking back I kind of wish they had one super show instead of two that had some mediocre stuff mixed. And to be fair same can be said for Fyter Fest but this is the GAB thread we're in. For me if GAB was one show and had the following matches I would see that as a fantastic show. Women's number one contender 4-way Thatcher/Lorcan Shirai/Banks Yim/Lerae street fight Cole/Lee I initially thought of slotting in the Lumis/Strong strap match in place of the 4-way but while that did have more of a story going into it the 4-way makes for a nice lead in to the show this week. That and I liked it a lot better than the strap match.
  6. With the talk of the "Settle down..." meme in the general thread I hereby nominate that instead of using that line we use this as a replacement. Because no matter how much I'd want to post something about somebody looking good that image will shut that shit down immediately.
  7. Considering the crap that HC would post the "Settle down..." part did initially confuse me but I do remember you starting it. Then from there it just seemed like a weird interpretation that like you said took on a life of its own. But aside from a couple slip ups I'm thankful that hasn't happened to me much. Also wanted to thank @Dolfan in NYC for the clarification about Shayna. Had to look up the term to make sure I got it right but I do remember the interview that was posted. Oh, and Piranesi is an absolute treasure. I love that a Batista picture is kind of like a bat signal or sorts for him and the fashion watch is always a delight.
  8. Bar Rescue I used to watch a good bit of. They had a place or two from Maryland that was worth my time though not long after the show they both went down the tubes. I kind of want to see if there's any worthwhile episodes if anything so I can try and justify the Viacom channels being added. I am annoyed at channels like MTV that pretty much turned into Ridiculousness 24/7. Alright show in bits and pieces but not worth devoting practically the whole day for.
  9. I'll feel awful if I get this wrong but while technically bi Shayna seems to be sapiosexual. Or was it pansexual. Quick search shows two terms being familiar to me so I'm hoping one of them is correct. All I know is if she's with Dakota then that sounds like one helluva couple. And I really loved the trip down memory lane. Pretty cool to read again about some of the wild shit that's happened on this here board. It almost made me long for the ol' green board of doom.
  10. Okay, the others I've known about all this time but this I may need an explanation on.
  11. If WWE really had to fire people then maybe they should have fired less wrestlers and more idiots making insipid shirt designs like this.
  12. This has been something I've used way, way too many times this year alone.
  13. What a fucking idiot. I find it funny and sad at the same time that a patch would be put in because of this. I'll wait for the patch and see if that takes care of things. But this is why I held off on the game for about a week.
  14. Oh, you mean this one? Yeah, I fucking loved this. Heck, I think it's the only thing I still remember from this match.
  15. So I don't know if its_tdiddy gave any reason for why he left. I know people were complaining about lack of parts or something. But unless there's a good reason I'm really pissed. At least a few dozen of the edits I have got messed up either due to missing parts or being unsubscribed. So having to sort that out is going to be interesting. And at this point I'm likely not to subscribe to his stuff again.
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