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  1. According to recent podcast interviews they've done they still are. Unless something happened past last month that is. No matter if they're dating or married it's still pretty fucked up, especially that first sentence.
  2. For anybody that still plays Smash Brothers Ultimate Joker came out for DLC and you now can create levels to share. So far it's a pretty neat system though I wish you could add items like the boxing ring from Punch Out into it. Have found some pretty interesting stuff to download which has added some replayability to the game.
  3. Not sure about the Elias Pop but I would love to get the rest. Especially that 'Taker one which looks really damn cool.
  4. I don't play it as much anymore but I put it on Beginner or Easy if I just want to fuck around. But I can do the harder levels and not completely suck at it. If not for wrestling games I would actually try Ultimate Team and all the bells and whistles.
  5. You could always try a VPN, all goes well it should allow you to watch it.
  6. It's one thing to find out you're losing the titles the day of. But the double whammy of that plus finding this out just can't have been good for Sasha's ego. As fragile as it may seem if she found this out all at once then I don't blame her if this is the last straw. It does explain though why they were a mess not only post-match when they're shown outside but later on. Not only did she lose the title but also her best friend and I can see how Sasha would struggle with that.
  7. Indeed. I didn't know what to expect at first but it didn't take long before it escalated the way it did. It's one of the rare DC shows where my wife's fully invested into it and this episode especially did the trick.
  8. And it ended up being better off for it. I liked Linda being on there as it gave a better glimpse into what Liz was thinking when away from Randy. I don't think we would have got that from Hogan and I'd have a hard time caring or believing in what he said.
  9. I like DC Brau and have been very interested in checking their brewery. So add some wrestling to it and very much in for all of this.
  10. Looking at this post Itami was screwed from the start. If they gave him at least a month of looking strong before this he might have fared a bit better. But from the start he was the guy getting his ass kicked save for his debut until he had help. Really wish they did his first month a lot better.
  11. I'll spoiler this one just to be safe:
  12. Given all that's happened I'm surprised her or anybody would still use Tumblr in 2019.
  13. I would hope that people aren't happy that she's injured. I know why people don't like her but it sucks for her and Tamina for that matter. Unless they change course Tamina's flying solo and will be lost in the shuffle for sure.
  14. Ooh, good call! Smegma it is.
  15. Oh, shit he did delete it. AND for good measure he deleted his Instagram as well. That's a bit extreme of a reaction when all he had to do was take the tweet down and apologize. I guess he or somebody in the company felt by it getting to three national leaders even a deleted tweet would lead to a lot of trouble.
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