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  1. As perplexing as that Grado gif is it's going to take a lot more to get me to vote anything over Dolph's demise.
  2. Knowing WWE they're still upset she couldn't/wouldn't pull off Emmalina. Loved the gauntlet match and was very happy to see Nia being shown as the dominant monster she should be. I agree with Brysynner that the layout was off but not certain what else they could have done. But all in all it worked out. And if Lavar's son is why the segment got cut short then I'm kind of thanking him for that. That segment was beyond brutal and I felt bad for Miz trying to salvage it. What I can't figure out is why they gave his kids a microphone, just give Lavar the mic and pass it around. If anything it might have decreased the chance of that line being picked up.
  3. Saw it Saturday and to say the least it's the best DC movie they've done in awhile. Last one I really enjoyed was Dark Knight (though I liked DKR to a degree as well) I'm with y'all about the CGI being weird, but at that point I was so into the movie that it didn't bother me much. Aside from that it was really damn good. Gal was a tremendous WW and the action was really awesome. Since a lot of what worked has been covered I'll just say it's really fucking cool how much of an impact it's having. I love so much that kids are looking up to WW and that Twitter post on here made me smile so damn much. I also love how it was empowering for women without having to resort to putting down men. Just feel a ton of positive vibes all around and I hope this is the start of some great DC movies going forward.
  4. I didn't know Jerry McDevitt was good at cracking jokes. So sorry, had to say it.
  5. I went with Albert tossing Dolph as it has a weird kind of catharsis to it. I liked the guy, but after @Midnight alone this was nice to see. And if you want one without the GTFO on it here you go:
  6. Wow, that's awfully interesting. So by allowing them I wonder what that would mean going forward. El Hijo wouldn't be too much an issue since he's King Cuerno in LU, but Drago being used is especially surprising.
  7. Yeah, we're keeping an eye for those two. And they're must buys for us and least five others so this'll be fun tracking them down. Another must buy for me is Metallica as they have all four coming out soon. It's quite amazing how much we've already filled up our new place with these and now we need room for six more.
  8. Plus it would be way too obvious who's winning the MYC, thus taking the suspense out of it all. Takeover debut works much better for her anyway.
  9. GIF

    Oh, my fucking goodness that tope. Could be a nice guy, but there really wasn't much poor Ahmed could do right. I say we should put a gif of that in the gif HOF as well.
  10. I watched the episode until they introduced the panel. As soon as they referred to Dolph as a comedian I turned it off. I might check it later, but it's going to be a rough one. if Dolph cared he should at least try to apply the advice that's been given to him countless times. He's got the tools but after all this time still doesn't know how to put it together properly. If he feels that defeated then might as well just let the contract run out and do something else....except for comedy. EDIT: I thought they had their last show at the Joe earlier this year. Didn't they advertise it as "Farewell to the Joe" with shirts and everything? It seems strange in that case to do that for a TV show knowing they have one more show there.
  11. I'm not familiar with boxing but this thread has been bringing me up to speed regarding the fight so thanks all for that. I like Connor more than Floyd but know he's going to get destroyed in this. I'm just hoping that it's at least competitive enough where Connor doesn't look like a complete joke. But either way it's a win-win for him. Barring some freak injury that ends his career Connor will not only make tons of money but will hopefully have a better grasp on his boxing game. If he can apply that to his UFC fights he can be a better fighter for it. But considering it's in August if he's to fight this year it's has to be December, right? If they're still doing it around New Years I'd have him fight then. That should hopefully be enough time for him to setup a UFC fight and properly train for it. Regarding that sparring video I wonder how many people will know it was from last year, and whether they know or not how many will even care. Regardless of when that was it just adds fuel to the "Connor gets destroyed fire" Leading up to it they'd have to show how he is now and if they present him in the right light might even fool some people into betting on him.
  12. GIF

    The only time Ahmed will be in anything HOF worthy is when referring to this gif. I love this so damn much.
  13. I hear Matt Striker weekly on LU and he is so very much not any kind of Matt Striker. Matt's schlock is beyond cringe-worthy on there. I know Mauro's got his faults (catchphrases, wacky references, etc.) but surely he can't be that bad.
  14. NXT

    This seems like a sudden development. According to WO he's coming back for tomorrow's tapings. Between this, announcing for Bellator AND McGregor/Mayweather the dude's a made man.
  15. YES! I'm am beyond ecstatic by this development. I always liked Mauro and felt bad about all the shit he went through. But not only is he going to be back but on NXT also. And his announcing can only help those in NXT.