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  1. Ah, yes, my yearly tradition. It truly is the best Rumble of all time and is rightly credited with it meaning that much more going forward.
  2. It sucks for NXT as it is generally a good show that could have had monster ratings on a different night. On the other hand I will be curious to see what gif Andy uses when they go back to the network.
  3. What pains me is considering I loved their match when Cena was in Word Life mode it would have been one of the all time great WM matches. If only there was a time machine to slap some sense into Vince and make this happen.
  4. It is pretty dumb when you put it that way. But I got to see 'Taker do his full-on entrance and do his greatest hits so I'm not complaining.
  5. While the meme has jumped the shark some time ago that one is pretty damn good. There is one where he's on Macho Man's shoulders that was good too. But I can already feel the side-eye coming from an admin if I post anymore. So in a "I swear that's it from me" post here's one more good one.
  6. He did stop that when she went face for a bit. But he hasn't really done that for anybody recently though maybe a bit for Carmella at times. Considering they're dating that doesn't surprise me.
  7. Heads up for those interested but Unrivaled series 4 is up for preorder on Ringisde. They just have placeholder pictures but I found out about at least Kenny. He's got the gear that he's been wearing on most Dynamites which has that mostly grey vibe on the sides. I don't know if I have a huge need for it since I have two of his. But I do think with Cody I can safely hold off. And while I'm getting Hardy I wish they picked better gear to go off of. His is the one with the black shirt that had two leather diagonal stripes for some reason.
  8. You know, it's one thing to talk about how great it is what AEW is doing for his family. But that post from his wife pretty much says it all. I'm just really glad to have the tribute shirt knowing it went to them.
  9. I know they seemed to be good friends when they were on Total Divas but granted that was a reality show. I heard bits and pieces of real issues going on but honestly never paid much attention to it. I can say that this was my piss break match and not because it was a women's match. The build just didn't feel like a must-watch match to sit through. But going back to the Daniel Bryan tag it was so perplexing to watch live. We were happy as could be to see him back but whoever laid out that match should have been fired.
  10. So in an attempt to move on from that to better episodes I know it was last week but I can't recommend enough the Eddie Kingston episode of Renee's podcast. The guy really opened up and I find the more I find out about his life the more it strengthens the respect I have for him. He finally seems generally happy but still wants to forever keep that chip on his shoulder. But with how things are going with AEW he's been able to have a steady girlfriend and is thinking that he might actually be a dad one day. So considering all the shit he's been through it's great to see things turning out qu
  11. You'd be surprised how very ineffective it is against eczema. Would not recommend.
  12. I'd rather we not go down that road when it comes to Twitter replies. We know what happened but that aside he still makes a pretty good point. And if you don't want to use him as an example it's not like he's the only one who is all about that anyway.
  13. I don't pay attention to Joshi but heard that Maki loves to swear as part of her gimmick. So unless she went PG if the censors had a helluva time catching things as it is it sounds like they'll need to work overtime with her.
  14. What's bad is I get what he's going for with the font colors saying two things. But that still doesn't make for a good shirt and I'm sure people will have confused looks on their faces reading it.
  15. There was something about a crowd singing "Happy Birthday" to a boy who just lost his dad that made me tear up there for a sec. Maybe I'm becoming more of a softy as I get older. But really sweet moment there before the shenanigans kicked in. And at first I figured Hangman would join at some point but after reading posts above I'd be okay with Page flying solo but having friends in dark places. I also wanted to point out how horrible theme mashups tend to be and WWE's had quite the lazy ones through the years. But I didn't know I needed a mashup of MFJ and Jericho's theme until last n
  16. It's all good. I honestly thought either they pushed it up to today or my memory was failing me again. Either one wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  17. Oh, you wonderful Greek you. Still one my favorites. Speaking of which I had that last Friday at this place near me and they put some weird spice that threw the tzaziki off. So guess I'm not going there again.
  18. Well going to Gamestop is something I'm okay with having to do if it means I can get that.
  19. It's finally over. I know not to talk it much on here but let's just say I'll be busting out the good stuff tonight.
  20. Huh, I thought the awards were next week. Oh, well. I voted but it's all about how the winners react more than anything else. This might be the first Dynamite I do choose to skip considering today but we'll see how I feel by then.
  21. He got them to sign contracts where he gets 30% and things have been pretty contentious. But despite that they're going with it thinking it'll somehow help them. I think it'll lead to them having enough of his shit at some point but to be honest it's not one of their better stories.
  22. I found out from a friend last year that Comoroto comes up to my county quite a bit since he has a girlfriend. And from what I understand he's a big ol' goofball but a pretty decent guy. So I hope to meet him one day but it's cool to see him do his thing on Dark. Not sure if he's worth signing especially when you have teams like Bear Country who have a better case. But still cool to see him. As for @SirFozziethey had a similar idea on NWA Powerr where the TV title had a similar setup. I'm not sure if they're going to continue with that since Powerr's apparently coming back this year.
  23. I know it was a different time but it really was unnerving seeing episode one and part of the crowd chanting the F word (not fuck, you know what I mean) But aside from that it was neat to see Challenge from '86. I grew up with the early 90s versions which were good so it's neat to see how it started.
  24. I get it but at the same time Dominic did go low with the talking about rape part. So in this case I think it was justified. But if that doesn't appeal to you then there's always more footage of -1 berating the Dark Order and dragging Marko around. Plus I dare say for a kid that STF on him wasn't half bad.
  25. I read about series 4 which has mostly new ones but also another Cody and Kenny. I love both of them but after this set I hope they pump the brakes on their figures for a bit. And I'm not sure what Unmatched is supposed to be unless it's meant to feature people a bit lower on the pecking order.
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