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  1. *sigh* Please, folks, this is why I mentioned Discord earlier. Here, have at it. https://discord.gg/7u3hySK
  2. I am not keen as much on advertising the Discord I created but with respect to the board's policies PLEASE consider using that if you need to discuss it. Or discussing privately with the likes of J.T. works also. All I know is I'm going to need to prepare for my wife understandably breaking down over this. This...just fucking sucks.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty worried myself. I was going to PM her but I think she put me on ignore and I don't really use social media anymore. But I was wondering if maybe one of the mods like @RIPPAor @DEANmight have a way of contacting her outside of here.
  4. Well, there we go then. I'll check that maybe tomorrow. But I'd still rather see more Aussie Open especially due to my first impression of them.
  5. When needing to catch up on AEW shows from last week let's just say I skipped matches Ospreay was in. Yes, even the Dax one and unless it's imperative to watch that then I'm good. But watching last night live I paid much more attention to what Aussie Open was doing. They have some unique moves that look really impressive. And while I want to check them out more considering some of the reactions here I hope I'm not disappointed.
  6. Thanks. Has me wondering how people are able to respond to said pictures on here but is it too much to suggest people use a workaround?
  7. Hobbs is a great dude. We loved talking with him last month and from all accounts I haven't heard a bad thing said about him. I really hope he gets a good run to start with as TNT champ though another hoss is angling for it right now.
  8. Kind of related but is there way to get pictures from Facebook to show up? When people post stuff from there I always get a link that starts with "May be an image of..." and it leads to nothing. I think I it working one time in the past but I had to disable all privacy/security features which is a big no-no for me. I also tried every browser I have using default skin but it doesn't work for me. If it was up to me I'd ask people to not post stuff from there anymore but that aside it would be nice to see what's going on. And this is all on PC so unsure if viewing on my cell makes a difference.
  9. I had no idea Mox did the audiobook. Considering I keep forgetting I have an Audible subscription I'll have to find a night to play this.
  10. Since Rippa brought up MLB 22 I took way too much joy in getting the Orioles to the World Series. Granted, I dumbed down the settings so I can just enjoy playing the game without fucking with analog stick mechanics. But man it was fun hearing the announcers sound incredulous that a bad team could go all the way. Now if only they could get there IRL but there's some small glimmers of hope.
  11. Okay, so for real where's Chuck? Pretty odd not seeing him in that photo.
  12. A bit last minute but they managed to make me excited about the show. Only thing I would have done was just announce ZSJ's opponent so people can get excited after the downer about Bryan not being cleared.
  13. EDIT: Was about to gripe about VPNs and Fite but I'll have to try Casey's suggestion and see if that works. Thanks, dude. I think the bigger issue for me with this show is through no fault of anybody the timing is off for this relationship. Pre-pandemic NJPW was in a much better state though AEW was still finding its footing. Then the pandemic hit and from what I gather NJPW's been on a downturn of sorts. I know there's still fantastic matches but they don't seem as special to me as they used to. So while stuff like Mox/Tanahashi sounds fantastic I just have a hard time getting excited about it. I'll still order the show but it's hard to justify inviting people to watch a show where they don't know half the participants. Now if they're having this on NJPW World then I may consider ordering just because I love their excitement in commentary.
  14. The Diggle part stunk but for the first time in a while it feels like there's a semblance of purpose with the show. Tom Cavanaugh has been the anchor of the show for so long that it takes some effort to make other bad guys half interesting. Some might see his use as a crutch but for once I'm interested to see how the season ends.
  15. I may watch the CNN segment but no fucking way will I watch Smackdown. The fact he's using this as a ratings ploy is gross and incredibly fucked up. I hope he gets booed to death but I doubt it. This thread has been very entertaining and thanks all for the jokes. What a fucking insane week for wrestling.
  16. My friends and I always are down for having an excuse for a dude's night. I have vacation tomorrow but down the line I'll have to keep these spots in mind. Thanks. And in an effort to stick on topic in the "Road To" video Ethan and Miro did a decent job making the All-Atlantic title sound important. So if we're able to see what this means to the wrestlers then that might help give a damn about this whole thing. Dare I say Ethan might have had a better promo than Miro this time.
  17. '88? Oh, man, has it changed since then. I still fondly remember my dad taking 12-year-old me through the kitchen from the dining area to the bar. He knew the owner so we'd head there and chill out before going back to the dining area. With the father passing his sons took over with Johnny being the head guy now. He's too egotistical for my liking but he knew how to market it for maximum profit. The food's still really damn good and despite the area if you're in town is worth checking out. As for Chaps it's still a glorified roadside stand and the questionable motels are still in full force. It's amazing how there's parts of Baltimore that have been gentrified yet those two areas really haven't changed that much. And for better or worse I like it that way, especially now that I moved back to Harford County. I heard about Dalessandro's and have been guilty of doing Pat's every time. Tried Geno's one time and that's all I needed. But I really need to try that place next time I head up.
  18. I don't know if I would necessarily associate Baltimore/Maryland with pit beef. Especially since many states can lay claim to being next level. But if you're in town then Chap's Pit Beef is the way to go. Despite the fact that Guy Fieri's been there their stuff is so, so damn good. Plus at the Baltimore location you can go before or after heading to the Gold Club which is in the same lot. Oh, right, about Dynamite. *looks at the card* Hey, that looks like a good show!
  19. I got it from there too based off his recommendation. I thought it was good but I'll take a cheesesteak any day. And I tried subs with smoked provalone around here and agree that the cheese isn't for me. As for traveling to Baltimore (which I know you know of) they're known for crab cakes. I've been a sucker for Jimmy's Seafood but they were also a mile away from us for five years. But there's multiple places in and around Baltimore that have a darn good crab cake. And if you're up for digging for gold then steamed crabs are a must. Pair it with a Guiness Blonde on a warm day and you're in for a damn good time.
  20. Aside from getting another laptop you might want to consider getting a hard drive reader for laptops. Once the drive's taken out you can hopefully get the rest of the data backed up.
  21. That game might have sucked but I played the crap out of it. Don't feel the need to get the shirt but love the 8 bit references throughout the years.
  22. I tried it on PC and phone using Edge, Chrome and Firefox. But even under default theme only option I see is to insert from URL. I thought that's how it's always been so it didn't bother me. But it would be great if there was a direct upload option.
  23. I didn't know how badly I needed a Deeb/Martinez team and I know it's been done to death regarding reluctant partners. But I'm hoping after their ROH women's title match it leads to a bit of "You know, you ain't half bad." and they keep that possibility open. They would be tremendous together. This was also my first time seeing Max the Impaler and Heidi. I could tell by the x on their head that they're part of a team and I would love to see them go against Nyla and Emi. Very neat gimmicks and two people worth keeping track of.
  24. EDIT: Sorry for my post sounding harsh @NoFistsJustFlipsas I like what you post and everything. But after looking at Craig's post I'm just going to refer to that since he said it much better than I could. But the tl;dr of my part is for Uso I've had issues with him being pushed though didn't mention it much on here. And I don't have an ax to grind regarding Jeff but at some point enough has to be enough.
  25. Not sure about the US but I think the combination of working in Germany plus with Austin meant he was going to give it his all. He adored both so I can see him wanting to make sure it was a win for all involved. As for Jeff I understand that addiction is a disease and I wish him well on recovering. But when it comes to putting somebody's life in his hands the way wrestling does I hope for everybody's sake that he never wrestles again.
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