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  1. They had a match on the May 4th Dynamite that was absolutely killer. I should know as I was there for it and we were losing our minds so much it drained the crowd's energy for quite a while. Also didn't help the main event was met with silence though things picked up for Rampage. But anyway, definitely check that out.
  2. I'm kind of guilty of doing that at first when they started TV but thankfully that stopped rather quickly. Though I've bought so many of their figures and a couple shirts that they get my money one way or another. For the game if it's that good (and many signs point to that being true) then word of mouth will be better so their friends get it.
  3. I think that was Solo on the bike. I love how the video went from them joking about it to the realization him and Liv were royally fucked. I hope Braun has a go at it though I think his tolerance would be a bit better.
  4. I'm torn on this. I love Serena to bits and really want her to win the title. But Toni won this recently so it'd be too soon for her to lose. I can see Toni winning and in a couple months Serena comes back to get the title. Or depending on when Thunder comes back she would just get it then once they sort out the interim stuff.
  5. Yes, it finally happened! My friend's father-in-law is obsessed with Svengoolie so I hope he loves Danhausen as much as we do.
  6. I can't believe I just bought the game but I'm excited to play this rather poorly.
  7. Hey, member titles came back! Oh, how I missed that extra bit of Daft Punk to drive the avatar home.
  8. Part of me still wishes I went to the show as if not for vacation I'd immediately buy tickets despite not knowing in advance what'll be announced. But from what I saw from those here who went I feel okay with skipping this year. Last year ended up being a one-match show with Kenny/Danielson and y'all saw what that meant to me. This show honestly didn't have that type of match but still would have been something fun to see live. But sunburn aside Key West is fun though the TV at the hotel has horrible sound. Despite that I could still hear the crowd go nuts for key moments in the show and I'll end up watching this again when I get home. The one thing I wish I was there live for was the main so I could see just the wrestling without the constant cuts to MJF. Hope they learn their lesson on that one. Also, while it would meant the world for the likes of me and @The NaturalDanielson really doesn't need the belt. He's been getting titles for his long career and from what I've seen is much more interested in setting up guys like Garcia to take his place. I would be happy if Bryan won it but even if not that's fine too. Heck, he could maybe take the ROH title from Jericho and have a fun run once TV starts up. The rest of the show was fun and for once I don't hate that I got spoiled on a couple things from Rampage. It sounds like there's a better sense of balance with crowd excitement so this way they're not drained due to one magical match like last year. They'll still of course get tired but at least it would be due this time to long tapings which are more understandable.
  9. Well my wife wants to swim at night and I'll pass on that noise. Already got burned yesterday and the AC sounds great right now (we're in Key West) So it appears I'll be watching this after all tonight. Huzzah!
  10. Vacation is fun and all but I'm so bummed I'm not going to this. But for those that are have fun and here's hoping y'all see history live.
  11. Sucks Ravens lost but I acknowledge Tua now. Holy shit that was wild.
  12. I'm at a crossroads of sorts where I'm 44% in but spent so, so much time on this already. I love playing it and have no issues with getting missions done but it just seems to be taking forever. Then again the past couple years have shown to me that I honestly don't like long open world games like I thought I would. Which reminds me I still have GTAV to finish and I have no idea how much further I have due to there being so much. With me nowadays I guess I just want to get in, get out and feel I got my money's worth. Maybe that's why if I play a game it's either a roguelike game like Hades or some weird-ass simulator game (so, so much powerwashing and truck riding. Yeesh) Though I did dip back into Fire Pro and the odd sports game works too. As for the Disney game it's a neat idea but when I saw Gameloft made it I knew I was only going to play for 20 minutes before doing away with it. Fun if you have the time but not for me.
  13. The Bucks at the start were some of the highest drawing parts of the show so I didn't have an issue with seeing them. And honestly I like all the ones you mentioned warts and all. But as I mentioned last week it's going to be nice to see others step up and so far it's been quite nice. The longer this goes it'll make me wonder how life would be like in a post-Elite world but that's assuming they don't leave for elsewhere. It's funny that he'd spend tons of cash just to sit front row and shit on people like that. On the one hand yeah they got his money so he loses in the end. But there's a sign check when going in the arena and they should have confiscated it before he got anywhere near his seat. On top of that he's done stuff like this in the past with the Cornette shirt and dumb signs. If it was up to me I would either ban him or put him to the hard cam side (which they honestly should have done). Oh, and @Curt McGirtthe reason they teased Gunther/Sheamus and the commercial was because on commentary they mentioned Gunther didn't want anything to do with Sheamus and tagged out. So we didn't miss anything and they did fight for a bit towards the end. I would have just had the tease and fight be shown towards the end but it was still a banger of a match.
  14. I remember the tough love part but didn't think he would say something like that. I think it's wise to be a bit more conservative with hiring especially if there's lots more wresters than there is TV/Youtube time to feature them all. But that's a discussion best served for the AEW thread. Okay, I guess the one thing I'll say about Punk is this. Before he came to AEW he seemed to be living his best life doing all kinds of random shit. And in that time since WWE he had people missing him more as time went on. The return was great and tears were shed and all seemed right in his world. This was his chance to give back and leave on his terms when the time was right. Awesome. But then the year went as it did and this made me realize that by coming back he himself ruined his legacy. It sucks because people are complex and I still appreciate Punk's commitment to those he loves. That and his stance on certain things were pretty wonderful to see, especially when he'd wear it for all to see in states that aren't known to align with that way of thinking. But for all that's good about Punk (and there still is) it's just frustrating and incredibly disappointing to see how things played out. EDIT: Just saw what Technico put up and that's very true as well.
  15. I might need a bit more context on this one because I don't care to talk about Punk. But was this expanded to say if that was Kenny's first impressions about talent and he was proven wrong? Or was that meant that he still feels that way and he's baffled that they're still there. Either way I would be curious to see who would have been the ones he would have hired if he had his way.
  16. Much like Valentine it took the Ravens 20 minutes to warm up. Hope they realize by now they're only against the Jets.
  17. Pillars need to stand on a strong foundation and I think it was wise to make Sammy, Darby, MJF and Jungle as the pillars. Sammy had/has the benefit of being with Jericho and there's still hope in time he'll not be an asshat and get to the next level. MJF's feud with Punk strengthened his chances of getting to the next level due to the layers they established during that time. Darby has Sting and is young but he's always going to be somebody they can easily elevate when needed. And Jungle had Christian for over a year and has become an overall better star for it. He's much more confident talking and combined with the wrestling I'm confident his singles run is going to be aces. So the tl;dr of it is the pillars are AEW's vision of who they see as their stars of the future. By putting them with people from the past with a wealth of knowledge they all have come out of it stronger. The only wildcard I see is MJF with the real life shit but if they can lock him in for 2024 then I can safely proclaim within a couple years they'll all be megastars.
  18. Oh, I'm looking forward already to Garcia taking part in the Madness pose. Really should get around to checking out the respective band since Regal talked it up so much on his podcast. PLUS this adds more fuel to the fire when Yuta turns heel. He already ditched his supposed friends when that was a lie to him. Now the idea of his mentor favoring his rival in Garcia is what's really going to set him over the edge. I'm so here for every bit of this.
  19. We say this with good video packages but that seriously needs a trimmed-down version of it to air on Dynamite. I'm very intrigued by what happens next and am glad they're leaning into Yuta's look of despair post-match.
  20. Holy fuck the idea of Danielson kicking Darby's fucking head in and Darby's attempts to survive are giving me goosebumps. Tournament or not I really need this to happen.
  21. Not sure if you're familiar with Fire Pro but for curiosity's sake I first played then simulated UFC-style matches where Punk first went against Matt then Nick Jackson. They were made by the same creator and I had them at a high CPU level. When I controlled each Buck they won though Matt was able to take out Punk quicker. And to my surprise when it was a simulated match each Buck won their respective fights. So yes this is from a game but considering all that goes into making edits for Fire Pro (spoiler: It's a shit ton) I can hereby declare that each Buck can defeat CM Punk in a fight. I'll gladly accept those fives of dollars now please and thank you. And if all this seems nonsensical please note it's Friday and slow here so I'm just chilling before I learn some stuff.
  22. It dawned on me recently that if I'm going to speculate on things I feel more comfortable keeping it to myself and not really posting online. With all the shit that happened Sunday I read as much as I could about it but felt tonight was going to be the true sign of where things are headed. And you know what? For all the talk about doomsday approaching and people hating each other I feel through it all AEW will be just fine. Tony needed a wakeup call in the worst way and Sunday might have gotten him to take a big step to get things back on track. And who better to give the mission statement than Mox who took that responsibility and ran with it. I don't think things will be perfect but it feels great to see what's been done. As for the matches having Danielson/Page setup a stellar main in Yuta/Garcia put a huge damn smile on my face. I'm so incredibly happy for Garcia getting the hometown win and his hero being there was icing on the cake. Couldn't ask for a much better night than that. Edit: @For Great Justicenailed it with the passing of the torch post up above. Also, while I appreciate @just drewchilling out on the Bucks lately I'm actually quite optimistic to see how things will be with tag and trios matches without them around. I like them and all but feel Death Triangle are much better trios champs to show off the frenetic style those matches can bring.
  23. It's kind of freaky how much he looks and plays just like Taylor. I believe he's only 16 but if the band ever wanted to keep playing he would be somebody to consider when he's of age.
  24. After reading that article I'm dropping Max once I catch up on the Harley Quinn show. They might not miss my money and it might not mean a thing to them. But I can live without subscribing to this. That and if I really wanted to catch up on old shows like intended I'd be best off buying them on DVD/Bluray anyway.
  25. I know it's G4 but this video was good in covering the past 10 or so Maddens. I used to get Madden for 360 but stopped on the last one there before it went next gen. I would try it occasionally if a demo was at a store but just wasn't feeling it. Gamepass was great in allowing me to play 21 and 22 but it really felt like the same game to me. Maybe if I have time I'll try the 10 hour preview but the interest just isn't there right now.
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