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  1. Sorry if this breaks the no politics rule so feel to take this down. But Linda McMahon’s PAC contributed to putting together Trump’s event on Wednesday. I will never click on one thing related to the WWE ever again. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/01/09/pro-trump-dark-money-groups-organized-the-rally-that-led-to-deadly-capitol-hill-riot.html?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Other stuff I love:
  3. Done with the whole season. So many awesome moments. Do not read the spoiler tag until you have watched the entire season.
  4. Masterpiece of a TV season.
  5. 2.5 episodes in. As good as expected — and now with the addition of an evil car dealership owner.
  6. I get why it looks bad. I work in PR and have also worked a little in Investor Relations. The WWE is a publicly traded corporation and anything they put out on social media is going to be parsed and scrutinized by all sorts of investors, potential investors, people looking to short their stock and any number of lawyers looking for the slightest reason to file a shareholder’s suit against the company. They have to be as buttoned-up as possible on those sorts of announcements. It is cold but that is the nature of corporate America. You have to make this announcement but have to be as f
  7. This is one of my all-time favorite moments in NXT. It's right after The Wyatts made their debut on Raw and return home as conquering heroes to say goodbye. They absolutely destroy their opponents (pre-push Aiden English) and then Bray cuts an all-time banger of a promo. But what I really love about it is Brodie's reaction in the background -- a "Wow" that just sort of looks like he's recognizing that The Wyatt Family has finished its NXT masterpiece and they're now going to places they could not have ever expected. I've watched Wyatts vs. Shield so many f'n times. They teased the feud at
  8. Wyatts vs. Shield is my favorite match of all-time. This really sucks. What a talented guy. I also know a few people who have had involvement with Chikara over the years and they all said he was just an absolute gem of a person.
  9. Release date is now Jan. 1! Bring it to me
  10. Good for Giannis and good for Milwaukee. That's one of my favorite cities in the country and it's awesome that the MVP of the league wants to stay there for good.
  11. I know I am a year late on this but Booksmart is an instant classic. What a funny and smart take on high school movies. It completely flipped the script on the genre. And it also was not afraid to still do gross-out humor and get into the awkwardness of early sex. But, mostly, the theme of “Wow, actually high school was not bad, and the people who were supposedly the popular kids were really not that bad and maybe I was not the dork I thought I was.” I had my 20th reunion a few years ago and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I was picked on and bullied a ton when
  12. Johnny Gargano went from my least favorite performer in professional wrestling when he was a babyface to maybe my favorite person right now. Really funny stuff. Indie's drum roll had me cracking the fuck up... So pathetically lame. "That's my bad... my bad..."
  13. Pat's a huge reason why we're all wrestling fans. Even if you hate the WWE, there's no way you're a big enough wrestling fan to post on a message board about it without having the WWE influence your fandom to some degree, even if you grew up in a part of the country more NWA/Mid-South/etc. centric. Pat had a hand in planning out SO many matches with huge finishes. We'll never know exactly what ones (unless discussed in a shoot interview somewhere, but I could be forgetting a documentary about him), but he's been called the greatest ever at those sort of ideas by a lot of people. Of
  14. The Bucks went huge on an all-in deal hoping Giannis signs. I saw on Twitter from a reputable reporter (can't see who) that the word is he's going to sign a five-year max deal. If making a big deal like this gets Giannis to sign for the max, then you absolutely give up three picks that will be in the 20s and two swaps to get a really good player in Holiday. Holiday/GIannis/MIddleton is a really sick defensive core. Also: Woj has a podcast about how Giannis ended up getting drafted. It's a really fun listen. Giannis comes off like a legitimately humble and sweet guy who still can't believ
  15. I only caught the final match. I haven't watched any wrestling in a while so I missed out on Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole. Pat McAfee RULES. What a great douchebag. He reminds me a little bit of the immortal "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert in being a player-manager. I also love Pete Dunne as just an absolute assassin.
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