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  1. The FBI in ECW is one of the all-time best ridiculous gimmicks. I used to love them unfurling the Italian flag with Tommy "Wildfire" Rich's face in the middle of it. Their promos at Philly landmarks associated with our vast Italian-American community were also the stuff of legend.
  2. Okay. Here's my favorite Miz promo ever. It's when he was US champ feuding with MVP. It's a masterpiece. Miz takes the real life situation -- how many people legitimately hated him, how he was hazed and that fueled him. MVP's the number one contender, but he should still be in jail. And then Miz rants and gets some quality heat about why he's so important, etc. The blocking of this is also, awesome. It's like an Aaron Sorkin walk-and-talk and is perfect some someone who is metaphorically arriving in the spotlight. It explains his motivations, defines his character and he delivers it in a way w
  3. I didn't see the PPV yet. Miz and Morrison have been a snooze. But The Miz is maybe second only to Jericho in finding ways to get back into the mix of things after dipping down to the mid-card for a little bit. Not everyone can be in the main event all of the time. But knowing how to keep yourself interesting when you have to move down a level for a while is one of the most important skills a wrestler can have. He's invaluable to the WWE. He really is. It really is ridiculous how many guys he's put to the most over they ever were in their careers. He's one of the best promo guys in wrestl
  4. I have not spent a ton of time on AEW. That's because I barely have time to keep up on wrestling I've been watching for decades. But I saw the musical number was blowing up, as was Omega's entrance. So my thoughts on it: There is no bigger fan of wrestling ridiculousness than myself. I've gone on huge tangents about how maybe my favorite NXT match ever is Fandango/Summer vs. Emma/Santino. But in terms of wrestling -- it's ridiculous enough on its own that you don't need to break the fourth wall. Peak Ric Flair in the NWA bragging about his $10,000 shoes or whatever -- that is just complet
  5. That match is SO friggin' great. Also, it's ridiculously important because it introduced Kane as a character. Who knows what would have happened if Kane didn't come in so strongly. But he managed to have a 20-year career, and I think him causing the end of an epic match launched him into the stratosphere immediately and he had the talent to just keep it going after that.
  6. I know this is really old news from what's now an entirely different planet. But SFA has been my favorite mid-major team for a few years now. They have one hell of a program. They run up sick records because they have a hard time playing big boys and the Southland sucks. But no matter who coaches them, they've always play a really entertaining style. They use a lot of "spread" offense where the big and two wings line up parallel to the free throw line while the guards are just over half-court. Then the intricate sets and the like run off of that. It's a really interesting and wild system.
  7. I'm probably going to reorder the network just for this. Bayley/Sasha is one of the best feuds in the history of wrestling when you consider NXT. There is so much intricate stuff with it: 1) Sasha went from being "just happy to be there" to The Boss, which was often times very clearly a mask she put on to hide her insecurities and gave her a reason to cheat and be vicious. 2) Sasha was Bayley's chief antagonist in beating down Bayley's confidence. 3) Bayley had to stay in NXT while she watched her peers get called up to Raw. And to regain her confidence, she had to overcome her
  8. For real. The NBA Bubble might go down as the most meaningful sporting event in history. I don't think I'm exaggerating. Their one-day wildcat strike literally changed voting laws. The right team won. The Lakers led by one of the two best players ever the year Kobe died. The quality-of-play itself was arguably the best basketball ever played. 1) Dame having maybe the best stretch of basketball anyone has ever put together. 2) The great Blazers/Grizzlies play-in game. 3) The Suns going 9-0. 4) The End of The Process. 5) The Luka Legend game. 6) Lowry's pass. 7
  9. Jimmy Butler, National Treasure. I'm here for it.
  10. I really hope that The New Day split happens without any turn at all. That's obviously not how wrestling ever works -- what's the point of alliances if they don't lead to a feud? But The New Day was a just such a special group. They went from having a DOA gimmick to becoming the greatest stable in WWE history . They set the record for longest tag reign, stole the WrestleMania bill with KofiMania, held all of the straps briefly, etc. All three of them also became really incredible workers. Kofi was always decent-to-good but ended up as a WM main event act. Big E. found out how to merge his
  11. Mostly moral reasons, yes. But right when the shutdown happened, the job I was working at the time enforced a pretty steep pay cut. I trimmed the fat on a lot of what we were spending money on and that was on the list. I actually somehow landed a new job during all of this mess and realize that I am a very lucky person.
  12. Totally fine if they put Sasha/Bayley on free TV. I cancelled the network a few months ago and really want to see this match and not pay for it. I never understood why people like us — the customers— gets bent out of shape when wrestling companies give out their product for free. No one would turn down a free iPad.
  13. I really liked the Friday Night Lights/Explosions In The Sky tone for the KOR primer. Good stuff.
  14. I have not watched NXT in a while. But I saw that they are teasing some kind of mystery returnee apparently? The two names I saw pop up were: Bobby Roode. I loved his NXT run and can get being that. Bo Dallas. We have never needed him more. His run with the title was so formative in the early days of what made NXT so great. His running around the Full Sail campus to avoid security was the best. NXT got stale for me when it became “A redux of indie leagues I never watch with really repetitive but fun matches.” We need a major character who may not be as good as (enter name of indie wr
  15. Shit-talking heel Roman in the Shield was why he won (I think he won?) March Madness that one year. He used to say so many awesome things in all of those Shield 20-minute classics against whoever. I was especially fond of him paintbrushing some face clawing his way back to his corner while Roman said "Did I give you permission to go over there? NO!" before blasting him. They also did a spot once where The Shield had to regroup on the outside and some fan was yelling at him and Roman said "HALFTIME ADJUSTMENTS FOOL!" I think the all-time best Heel Shield shit-talk though was when Dean to
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