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  1. Comedy was reinvented tonight when the LA Clippers new mascot Chuck The Condor tormented a 104-year-old vet who served in Normandy.
  2. Oh wow. I completely forgot about: 1) Sami vs. Samoa, 2 out of 3 falls. I really want to rewatch that. 2) Austin Aries in NXT at all. That dude was such a snooze. 3) I also really want to rewatch all the Champ Bayley carry jobs she did. I remember loving the hell out of that match versus Carmella.
  3. I watched the end of Rockets/Wizards on the Houston feed. After the game, the sideline reporter asked Harden how they won the game. Dude said "It starts with our defense" in a game where his team gave up 158 points. So hilarious. Embiid is the greatest. He trolled the hell out of KAT on Instagram tonight, too. I also watched the first quarter of GSW vs. Phoenix. Golden State looked absolutely terrible. They legit looked as bad as some random Sixers team under Hinkie. The Steph news is absolutely heartbreaking. I think we were all hoping/waiting for Steph to go nuclear at some point in the season. Steph before KD ended up on GSW was the most entertaining basketball player of my lifetime. It's rare when you actually see an athlete change the sport he plays. Steph pretty much reinvented basketball as we knew it previously. I'll gladly take Dame Lillard and Trey Young firing from the logo in my nightly sports consumption, even knowing the downside of teams just looking to shoot thees/score at the rim/get on the FT line.
  4. On paper, a show about a computer hacking anarchist looking to bring down the system in an overstylized show heavy in voice over should be my least favorite thing ever made. But instead Mr. Robot is on the short list of my all-time favorites. Great great great first episode.
  5. They gave Charlotte a super short reign so the transformation of Evil Bayley could finalize on the second week of their new live show on a major TV network. They need to have big moments and the like — especially for new viewers who maybe saw a promo on Sunday on the NFL or just through the week and decided to tune in. A title change is certainly that, and it has meat on the bones for people who have been watching for a while seeing a once beloved role model go fully into the dark side. I cannot believe there is still this Charlotte Flair Is Not Good thing. You are doing wrestling wrong if you are not showcasing the daughter of arguably the most beloved wrestler of all-time who is also a hyper athletic freak and has a remarkable amount of high-end matches and also has great presence. Charlotte is incredibly good at what she does and I am pretty sure all the people hating on her are pranking me.
  6. I'm partial to the IronWoman match just because that's my favorite gimmick match. But they are both just pretty much professional wrestling at its best. I think I would show both of those matches to someone who has never watched wrestling as an entry point. If you don't like wrestling after those matches with all of those iconic moments and the great stories in both -- Bayley digging down deeper than she ever thought she could to win in Brooklyn bookended with Sasha showing her true heel coward self and not gutting it out for a few more seconds in the IronWoman -- than you just do not like wrestling. I really wanted Sasha and Bayley to be tied that year, I believe. If I absolutely HAD to vote, I'd go with Bayley. That is not taking one thing away from Sasha, obviously. But I think it's a lot harder to be a babyface than it is to be a heel. Bayley''s persona was also not some ass kicking, brash in-your-face type that we usually associate as faces. She was a nice person who tried to do the right things and be a role model. She started out with people thinking she might have been a female Eugene. When she finally bested Sasha and was the last Horsewoman left, she was arguably the most over character in NXT history up to that point -- and even maybe still to this day. And that character had a lot of legs to it, considering she finally made her turn to the darkness tonight. That's just such a hard gimmick to pull off. Sasha's act has a lot more layers to it than what it looks like on its face -- she's not just some blinged-out snot, she's actually a completely insecure person who puts on this false bravado as The Boss. But Bayley's role is a lot harder. Also, Bayley had so many fun matches after the Ironwoman match. I remember really liking the Eva Marie match a lot -- just a really great bells-and-whistles performance where Bayley got to show her stuff against someone who was truly awful at professional wrestling.
  7. Thanks man! I've been doing comedy to some degree for I think 12 years now. Sometimes I get really into it. Sometimes I take a break and won't do anything for a while. But I've learned some things that really work for me doing character stuff. I actually started my comedy stuff doing storytelling and sketch comedy. Then I moved to stand-up. I tried it just as me a few times and really didn't like it/feel comfortable. I don't know why, but performing as a character just works better for me when I come up with material. But I work on the material at regular stand-up open mics. I've learned that I've had to make the character work within the confines of those 5 minutes or whatever I'll get for stage time. I have to spend some amount of time to introduce the character so the audience buys in. It's so much better for the act to do that while peppering in some laugh lines. And then I just have to continue to punch in lines when I'm working out my material at open mics. So I think it makes my act fit in pretty well at a more traditional stand-up club in addition to a more forgiving alt. theater.
  8. Corbin is a world-class heel. Gable is a great Ricky Morton. They had a crowd in 2019 eating out of their hand rooting for an undersized technical wizard to take out the jerk bully douche. There was no "this is awesome" chants or anything like that. Just a "Let's go Chad!" That was how wrestling is supposed to be -- a pompous jerk heel (who looks super ridiculous whilst he thinks he's awesome with his faux-fur) about to get his comeuppance before using a weapon to attack a man who was about to beat him fair-and-square. The five way match was really a lot of fun. They had a lot of cool little spots. I wish we had like one or two more Rey vs. Richochet spots. I like where this could be headed as an intro for Dominick to turn on his father at some point. Bayley's face when getting whipped into the seats was pretty awesome cowardice. Sasha/Becky is going to be pretty incredible. On an unconnected note, the AOP segments are also really fun. The Fiend stuff absolutely rules. It's some of the best and most unique presentation any character has ever had. They have the insane Firehouse segments AND the whole supernatural element with the lights going down and The Fiend taking down all in his path as Seth can do nothing but not make a sudden move for fear of his life.
  9. I am an unabashed Wyatt Family mark and was from the jump. Rowan has been this secretly really good worker even back since NXT. His interview with Mike was more than just a little bit meta about him being overlooked and etc. He always played his role very well and was a great monster "grunt." He was next level frightening wearing a sheep's mask and a jump suit. The few words he said in his promos were always delivered as intended. He didn't do much more than basic power moves, which is all he should have been doing. And he was always there to take the fall or lose control for The Family but because of his size and how well he played his role it always felt like a triumph to even get him down. I love that we have this new Rowan. He's been really good since his return. But he's been awesome the past few weeks. I thought he was awesome this weekend in his first big one-on-one singles match ever. And he absolutely nailed his first promo beyond just being a grunt in the back.
  10. The final visual ending of Raw was spectacular. When the 5-on-1 beating occurred, I was wondering how/if The Fiend was going to arrive, especially when it was clear Rollins wasn't going to do a Hogan comeback. Then Kane comes to the cheers of his hometown crowd... only for The Fiend to mandible claw him. That was cool enough, but then Bray crawling over to Rollins and taunting him without even touching him was so great. It looked like the scene in Alien with Jodi Foster. That's the kind of scene where someone flipping through the channels or sees something on Twitter and is just baffled as to WTF that's all about and wants to learn more. Women's tag match was super fun. Heel Bayley is such a great spineless toad.
  11. Rowan has always been a good monster. Really great goon for The Wyatts, etc. But he is pretty incredible in this match against Roman. He'd be the absolute perfect Hogan foe in 1986.
  12. I'm not done watching this yet. But this show feels like the agents and performers watched a ton of NWA stuff from 1987 and are placing that in the psychology. There is so much great stuff like that. Bayley's cowardice was such an awesome heel move and I could see Jimmy Jam Garvin doing that to keep the TV title or some such. Dash and Dawson heeling it up to a huge degree was also wonderful. And I loved Sami's motormouth heel manager routine. Very Cornette of him.
  13. I have no idea of my list anymore but I really might put Shayna vs. Io in the cage on a Top 20 list. That match was so fucking rad. Io did a bunch of crazy spots. They had all of the fun run-in stuff that brought Candace in for her fun revenge spots. This was followed by a really imaginative ending perfect for Shayna's bullying character -- she got choked the f out and passed out to hit the floor for a truly undeserved victory. And then it ended with Io snapping and entering the darkside and beating the crap out of Candace. A+ match.
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