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  1. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    I love Donovan Mitchell. Simmons is the ROTY but Mitchell has multiple time all-star written all over him. Utah's been tearing it up on offense the past few weeks. He's been the fulcrum of that. SUPER fun player, too.
  2. SDL is The 12 Days of Rusev - 12/5/2017

    Rusev/Aiden are so great together. I think out of anyone on the roster, Rusev might be the most likely to end up with some sort of mainstream fandom. I don't mean like Austin/Rock. But I could see someone writing for some comedy like The Good Place or a TIna Fey production and seeing what great comedic timing he has and giving him a bunch of fun walk-on roles on a Hulu show. I never thought I would say that about him when he debuted in NXT in a really good sprint against Dolph. I thought he'd be a really great beast evil heel, but he has really become so much more. Fuck him going to Japan because it's "good for his career." He has a great spot right now -- he can play literally any spot on the card. Need a monster foreign heel to ride a tank and face off against Cena at WrestleMania? Need someone to have a good 8-10 minute match to put over someone like Nak or Bobby Roode when they get called up? Need someone to chew up some minutes in a comedy segment? Or be in a new tag team? Rusev really has that role locked down. He's like a Bulgarian Chris Jericho -- someone who can go on at any part of the card, with anyone, at any time. Having someone who can fill all those spots is just as important as having a main event guy. Sometimes a main event guy will be Steve Austin. Sometimes a main event guy will be flat as all get out. But, no matter what, there are five hours of TV a week to fill. Having a roster filled with people who can eat up big chunks of that time in an entertaining way is so needed. Rusev's the best in that role right now. Aiden is also REALLY good. He's been this secretly great performer for a while. The Vaudes never got their due in NXT but were so solid. I was worried Aiden was going to have the pay the price for whatever Gotch did, but I'm so glad he stayed. Aiden actually went to college in Chicago for acting. He was a theater nerd growing up. It really shows with his commitment to the bit, along with his singing voice, which is straight out of a vocal lesson. He actually called in a handful of times to this comedy podcast I listen to before he was signed to NXT. He just has such a great knack for absurd smugness and tantrums and etc. His theater background and alt.comedy love really shine through. A+ tandem.
  3. The Cricket Thread, Mark 2

    Anyone know how I can watch The Ashes in the US?
  4. SDL is The Tragic Death of The Ascension - 11/28/2017

    Jinder is such a great heat magnet. They're giving a guy who smarks universally hate -- roided up, came up in the WWE's system and has no indie cred, "eh" in terms of ring work -- a huge push. It's working in terms of angering the people who make the most noise at events, but the network, etc. Is it a draw or not? I don't really care one way or the other. But it has been a while since there has been a person who is hated this much.
  5. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I have to finish watching but A+ for Black/Dream. That was a really great match even without considering that it's Clark's first TV match that has had any length of time and also his first one in the spotlight. He friggin' delivered. Black is such a good worker -- somehow he makes a striking style work within a dark/brooding/mysterious archetype. But Dream really broke out in a huge way. He has great facial expressions and emotive skills. He's NXT's next great homegrown talent.
  6. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    The Nathan For You season finale was nothing short of a masterpiece.
  7. MR. ROBOT

    Insane episode of Mr. Robot last night. Sam Esmail is an amazing director. He's really fearless, if such a word can be used for someone making a TV show. Commercial-free 45-minute-ish episode that looked like a single take. (It wasn't, but the editing is seamless.) It hit on a bunch of major plot points (including a tie-up from what we all assumed was a tossaway line in Season 1), was visually stunning, had some top-notch acting (especially from Portia Doubleday who plays Angela). It really captured the anxiety of utter chaos and had the tension of a heist film at once. Amazing season.
  8. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    This really sucks. I first moved to Philly in 1995. I like to joke that I was the first person to willingly move here. The city was awful then. I bounced around a while and then settled here for good in 2004. The city was starting to become alive. The new ballpark was part of that. It started to become more and more clear over the months to come that something really special was happening here. New, awesome restaurants were popping up downtown regularly. Neighborhoods that were vacant dustbowls (NoLibs, Fishtown) became hubs of activity. And then we all woke up one day and saw that the Phillies were about to catch the Mets in '07 and that we lived in an amazing city and everyone was about to find that out. Living here for the '07-'11 run was just epic. There was always something to do when there was a Phillies game on because that's what we did. And I mean the whole city did that. It didn't matter if you were at a hipster enclave filled with out-of-towners like myself or a neighborhood dive bar filled with people who never left the city except for that one summer they spent at Wildwood. EVERYONE watched the Phillies. "Go Phils" was our salutation; it was out "Merry Christmas." Roy was such a huge part of my life. Zoo With Roy was a website where some weirdo Phillies fan wanted to go to the zoo and look at penguins with Roy. It became a local favorite. (After he retired, Roy actually went to the zoo with its proprietor and held a penguin. Not kidding.) I was visiting my parents in Lake George, NY during the perfect game. My wife and I went to a sports bar in nearby Glens Falls where a drunk maniac gave us details about the finalization of his divorce before bar hopping at the lake and begging for someone to put the f'n game on. (They did, and we saw the final three outs.) I commuted from Philly to Manhattan for a lot of those years. I watched the playoff no hitter at a Philly-leaning dive bar in midtown a block from my office. A bunch of us Philly people bought each other shots. That was the last time I drank alcohol. I never felt like I had to again after that. Thanks, Doc. You made my life better.
  9. All in on a New Day vs. Shield match. Crap. I was hoping for Shield vs. Wyatts again but I'll gladly take this. That match could be off the rails. I hope they actually beef for a while because those promo battles would be a lot of fun. I love it when New Day get hyped and serious for a minute.
  10. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Those promos are dope. Very 1980s NWA. I'm excited to see the AOP toss Kevin O'Reilly's dumb face into the cage. Also, I'm predicting Alexander Wolff to steal the show. He was nuts in their last big match. Hoping we also get some sort of "THE CAGE IS OPEN!" segment for Nikki to sneak in for an added numbers advantage. The Undisputed guys are still corny as hell, but I do enjoy Adam Cole fleeing at the first sign of danger. The best feud on the show is Black vs. Dream. I'm all in on Velveteen Dream. He's still green and can use a bunch of long matches with a guy who knows what he's doing like Black. But Velveteen Dream's going to hold a title at some point in time.

    Emma/Santino vs. Summer/Fandango is on the short list of best NXT matches and an all-time great comedy wrestling match. It was set up by a really great Emma/Summer dance-off angle. Emma came up and was paired with Santino solely based off of that match.. Emma is a pretty fun act. I always liked watching her matches. She's not as good as The Four Horsewomen, but she and Paige brought the house down and really put women's wrestling on the map in NXT and had a funny character. Summer Rae was really misused. Great character work.
  12. MR. ROBOT

    What an awesome season of television so far.
  13. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    I love how even without Z-Bo and Tony Allen that Memphis is going make good teams unravel. GnG now and forever.
  14. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    I was just about to post the same. It might become his league starting immediately. WTF with that game tonight?