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  1. That was also a really great way to write off Kairi Sane. Bayley’s beatdown was great wrestling — ramming someone’s head a bunch of times should straight up kill you, and it looked good, but it was also obviously protected. I do not need something to look completely real for it to feel real. So many of the NXT alum know how to really sell emotion with their facial expressions. It is just unreal. I never watched any of Asuka’s Japan work. Was she as good doing that as she is here? She really looked torn and sympathetic watching her best friend get killed. But Bayley and Sasha and Becky and Charlotte and Nikki, etc. are so good at that end of performance. IMO, Alexa is the best of the entire group. Her whole very successful career is built around her whole “Ivy League student going to a party with people she went to high school with and now thinks they are ignorant garbage” expressions. That has now transformed into a really good babyface. I loved her reaction to Nikki’s shove. That was a great “moral choice” character moment for Asuka. Those types of stories are when wrestling really rules. It is even better because Asuka gave up the title and still failed in her attempt to save her friend. Great villainry.
  2. May Bayley and Sasha’s reign last forever so we continue to get this level of obnoxiousness on the regular.
  3. No way Cena wrestles in anything but WWE. He wants to go full-time into movies. Why not? He already has had some fun roles. He is legitimately famous and not wrestling famous. I think he has some really good comedy acting chops. I would not by him as an action star like The Rock. But I could easily see him taking on sizable roles in a Judd Apatow-style comedy more than he already has. He won’t be the lead in anything any good. But he will be fine. He would also be good as the “inspirational coach to a ragtag group of underdogs” too.
  4. Tamina's got the best superkick tho. And her days in Team BAD taunting JoJo was pretty friggin' great.
  5. ::casually looking the other way and avoiding the talk of past board drama:: Becky/Charlotte/Sasha all debuted five years ago today. There are very few times in wrestling history when you can clearly see a moment in time when everything was going to change. But this was certainly one of them. I'm sure that when this happened many people snarked on it and said it wasn't going to last. I'm sure that I over was overenthusiastic in its praise. Maybe the initial debuts could have been done in-story a bit better. Maybe Paige finds two recruits to help her even the odds against Team Bella while Naomi does the same the next week and brings in Sasha. But it doesn't really matter. That's an iconic screen cap. Becky caught lightning in a bottle and became the biggest star in pro wrestling for a while and headlined WrestleMania. Charlotte was a fantastic foil in getting to that same moment. Sasha and Bayley are stealing every show they've been on and have become the face of the WWE since the pandemic began. It's now not a thing anymore if women headline Raw or Smackdown. I don't even know if it's a big deal if they headline a PPV. I'm disappointed if a big woman's match doesn't deliver. I'm not disappointed too much. It's just so insane to see how different women's wrestling looks today compared to this moment. The Divas title is no longer. The worst woman active on the roster is probably Lacey Evans, who is just green and is actively improving. Maybe Nia Jax, as if there haven't been 10,000 uncoordinated big dudes throwing people around over history showing up on shows? It has been an awesome five years and I am so glad that WWE women's wrestling is no longer something I'm ashamed to have on my television screen and something I actively seek out and watch.
  6. Where can we talk about The Basketball Tournament -- aka, America's Greatest Sporting Event? (And I'm only partially kidding.)
  7. Sasha and Bayley's act is the best thing they've had in ages. They are wonderful at being terrible people. We all knew Bayley was a great babyface. But who the heck knew she had it in her to become an all-timer as a heel?
  8. Golf.com just wrote an article about the muni course in my neighborhood. This is so great. The article really does capture the feel of the insanity that is a muni golf course in Philly. I've played probably 80% of my rounds at this place. I nearly got into a fistfight the third time I ever played golf, period. I was sharing a hole with a really nice guy who was giving some really helpful tips. We were in the fairway and all of a sudden a few balls started whipping by our heads. I thought it was just people shanking but I looked up, and there were a bunch of college bros at the tee. It was one of those split tees, and I thought maybe they just got mixed up on the holes. Nope. They were just jerks and did not care we were in the fairway. The guy I was with picked up one of their balls and whipped it into the woods and started screaming at them. I didn't know what was going on and then realized what they were doing and got mad myself, especially when one of these morons was spitting sunflower seeds all over the fairway. My crazy switch flipped and I got really loud and dropped a bunch of curse words. Then the guy I was splitting holes with got into his card and drove off. I mean, I just met him 15 minutes before, I understand why he would just drop the issue. So I had to meekly leave and let these d-bags play through. My favorite on-course hazard was the shirtless teenage dirtbag who put out a lit cigarette on the green while I was lining up a putt. It's in the middle of the neighborhood and people routinely just cut through not considering it's a golf course. But it's a really great course for beginners. It's really short. No Par 5s. Only a few with a dogleg. There are one or two that are under 100 yards from the tee. It's actually really helped out a ton on other "real" courses I've played. Since that's where I play the most, I just use irons at the driving range and work on pitching/chipping. Those types of shots are way more fun/frustrating to try and get good at than hitting some long drive anyways. I actually haven't played a round in a few years. I worked with these insufferable bro-dudes who were golf obsessives and had pictures of Augusta and stuff on their desks. They were seriously terrible and I wanted nothing to do with them at all, so I stopped playing so we wouldn't have anything to talk about. I also was hit by a car last year and it jammed up my neck and shoulder, so I was afraid I'd reaggravate what happened. I just started hitting again and so far so good.
  9. They do that with movies and TV shows. I know wrestling is live theater, but we also live in weird times where live everything is really hard to pull off.
  10. I have been, like everyone else, so bugged out by the past few weeks. I knew police brutality existed before. And I know that minority communities were victimized more than anyone else. But knowing those facts and then understanding those facts is so incredibly different, which is what everyone is doing right now. It's just absolutely gross. My son is adopted. Nothing is known about his birth father besides him being Latino. Latinos also face disproportionate amounts of discrimination from law enforcement. You may have also heard that the Trump Administration is not too kind to Latinos. This has hit me so hard because this is the first time this has truly hit home for me. Philly has this neighborhood called Fishtown. Over the past 15 years, it has become Williamsburg 2.0 and the hipster capital of the city. Previous to that, it was a really tough white neighborhood. There are still plenty of "Old Fishtown" residents and there have been some tensions over the years, but nothing too serious. But it got nuts last week during the height of our rioting. A bunch of "Old Fishtown" guys got together with bats and things like that to "protect" the neighborhood from "rioters." That roughly translates to "physically intimidate protesters." Of course, the Philly PD was fine letting these nitwits strut around holding weapons and threatening people while just a few miles downtown they were busy lobbing tear gas cans at protesters who walked onto the crosstown highway and were more-or-less trapped in a canyon. I have a friend who works for the local NPR affiliate. He went over to Fishtown to report on what was happening. The Old Fishtown guys caught him recording and jumped him. Thankfully, it wasn't anything major. His eye got swelled up and I think he has a broken nose. His girlfriend jumped on top of him and made all kinds of noise which kept these goons from really doing some damage. But no concussion and he was out of the hospital after one night. There's also a big local scandal based around a cop here named, no joke, Joe Bologna. Joe got filmed cracking a baton across some college kid's head and then filmed the next day violently dragging a woman to the ground who walked past him in the middle of a completely peaceful protest. Bologna's a high ranking official. This comes even though he was the direct supervisor of a police unit that made up information on warrants and stole from neighborhood bodegas (as seen on tape) and sexually assaulted women. The Philly Inquirer won a Pulitzer writing about this unit. It will not shock you to know that the cops in the unit were all found innocent of any charges and were allowed to keep their jobs and pensions. After that, Bologna ended up running the precinct that earned the most citizen complaints. The local DA just charged him with assault but the local police union is out in support of him and is selling "Bologna Strong" shirts as a fundraiser. Philly has turned out in huge numbers though in protests. I haven't gone to any yet since I can get crowd phobic at times and I get dehydrated real easy. I feel really bad about not going since this is a fight that's long overdue. But I also have to protect my health. I've got a little guy to care about now and I don't really want to have to deal with wiping out pepper spray or getting shoved by some cop's riot shield. The rioting in Philly looked a lot worse than what happened. The riots lasted for two days. The main shopping district downtown got looted pretty badly. Shopping corridors in a few other neighborhoods did, too. The Target about 1/2 mile from our house was looted. But there weren't more than a handful of fires. It was mostly a lot of broken glass and kids grabbing what they could get before running away. It sucks for small business owners obviously but I'm not weeping tears for Target or Verizon. This has been an absolutely crazy year and a few weeks. I'm so grateful for all I have, and realizing that makes me want to do what I can to make lasting change for people who face a rigged system.
  11. Becky got over as much as she did because she's rebellious. She bucked the system and said whatever she wanted and backed it up. But you can only be a good rebel if there's something to rebel against -- Austin/McMahon, for example. Becky first rebelled against the chosen one in Charlotte, and then again in the WrestleMania match against Rousey and even more entitled Charlotte. One of the reasons why Becky had diminishing returns after she got crowned -- the "self-parody" criticism -- is because she's still rebellious but there's no one to rebel against. She had really good rivals with Asuka and Shayna. But Becky isn't as convincing as a "baddest dog in the yard" type as much as someone who has to fight the odds. Charlotte was a perfect foil for Becky.
  12. I will counter by saying Becky Lynch became the biggest star in professional wrestling after her feud with Charlotte.
  13. Charlotte's a conceited, spoiled brat who thinks she is the greatest women's wrestler of all-time. And in kayfabe (and even in reality), she really could be. She's had 12 title reigns in her career. How else is she supposed to act after a loss, especially one where she wasn't pinned for a title she does not want to attempt to regain? You brush it off and move on knowing you've beaten everyone there is to beat. Ric was always shaking off losses if he thought they were a fluke. I keep on saying this. Charlotte should always be at the top of the division. Has anyone else had more MOTYCs than her over the past three years -- either women or men? She's been in a bunch of not just awesome matches, but truly iconic matches. She's an athletic freak. She's a really good promo with otherworldly presence and the daughter of the most beloved wrestler of all-time and carries on his legacy of heeling. I look at the Women's Division sort of like how men's tennis has been over the past decade. The Four Horsewomen are like Federer/Nadal/Novak/Murray (before his injuries). Asuka's like Stan Wawrinka (three majors and some dominant stretches). Alexa doesn't have an exact comp since she's won titles, but I think you can compare her to Danil Medvedev -- not quite the talent as the others, but dripping in personality. Shayna is also any of the other young guns, since she hasn't had a breaktrhough main roster title win yet. Kari Sane is Gael Monfils - incredibly flashy and entertaining, but not a serious threat for a singles title. As great as Sasha is, I'll also take a comparison for her as Nick Kyrgios when she's being pouty.
  14. The New Day Podcast is a must-listen. I am plugging it to my non-wrestling friends. Legit got teary at a few points. Kofi talking about how he develops an escape route while going out for a jog really messed me up.
  15. I just started the first season of Ramy. This show is fantastic. I grew up not too far from Jersey City and Paterson, which are home to a lot of North Jersey’s Muslim communities. I think I maybe worked with one or two people who were Muslim during summer jobs in college but there was no crossover at all between “regular Americans” (re: white people) and people from the Middle East. I imagine it is like that everywhere. The show is such an awesome view into what at least the Egyptian-American and Islamic-American communities are like. Oddly, I find it relatable. Ramy is going through a spiritual crisis and I have gone through a few of those. I was going through a tough time in my early 20s with a lot of stuff and really dug into being Catholic. Then I went through a few other periods when I went through other stuff. Eventually, I became and Episcopalian when I felt another “Why am I here and how do my beliefs line up with my faith?” debate. But, yes, this is just a really great show that is somehow really specific and universal. A+ and I heard Season 2 is even better.
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