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  1. Greggulator

    R.I.P. VADER

    Vader coming out with that steam helmet is one of the indelible moments of my young wrestling fandom.
  2. Greggulator


    Cass also never had a match 1/100th as good as any of the Braun vs. Big Show matches.
  3. Greggulator


    Enzo and Cass are the ultimate case study in how people big in NXT don't translate to the big roster in many cases. You can make a very strong case that they were the hottest act NXT ever had. They were a huge part of the show. Their mic work and charisma overrode their complete inability to wrestle. Being a good promo only gets you so far on the big stage. They had good opportunities when they called up. They didn't hold their end of the bargain. They supposedly acted like dopes in real life. Next.
  4. Greggulator


    The new Mountain Goats song about Sasha Banks is amazing.
  5. Greggulator

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    UE are over because they're from ROH and other popular indies. That's it. Let's not beat around the bush.
  6. Greggulator

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    I only watched Dream/Richochet and the main event so far. Dream/Richochet ruled. That was exactly what I wanted from them. Richochet is still new to me since I haven't watched Lucha Underground (my fault, not yours). But I have got into a lot of Richochet high-spots videos on YouTube. I will always, always, always love high-flyers. Bonus points if they can actually work a match with psychology. Richochet can absolutely do that. He reminds me so much of when Rey first his US TV. It's just a perfect combination of these breathtaking moves no one ever knew possible (20 years after Rey et al) really captured well within pretty natural storytelling. And Dream is seriously amazing. I was describing Dream's character to a friend of mind who isn't caught up on NXT. A Prince-influenced Golddust meets a theater diva spotlight hog? It's like James Gandolfini - no one else could possibly play Tony Soprano. This is Dream's character and his alone. The end was great. Dream's hubris in trying to outduel the best high-flyer alive finally cost him, which gave Richochet the break he needed. I love those types of matches. Dream has this and the Black match under his belt already. A+ stuff. And that main event was so over-the-top and crazy. That wedding ring deal was so nasty. Loved the Chekov's Gun ending with the exposed wood. Just a crazy-ass wild brawl and exactly how that match should have been laid out and worked.
  7. Greggulator

    (NXT) June 13, 2018 TV Show

    Shocked this wasn't posted up, especially since Dunne/O'Reilly was one of the hottest matches in Full Sail history. Is Pete Dunne the best worker in the whole company right now? I think he has to be. His match against Kyle was one of my favorite matches in NXT history. This was just an absolute great war. It was such a great story that built off the past few weeks of Dunne vs. Undisputed. Dunne had a target on his leg, but overcame it with his grotesque mastery of finger and joint work. O'Reilly held his own on the mat and had the benefit of his striking. But what they added on was just great stuff. I love how Dunne is a fan-favorite but absolutely NOT a face. He's still the same person, it's just that we appreciate his tenacity now. They had a great spot where Dunne absolutely would not let go of Kyle's hand despite being nearly knocked out. Kyle did this great look like... "You've got to be kidding me." I usually think Kyle is absolutely brutal to watch in terms of character work. There have been times when he's been on my TV and I have thought that he is the single worst professional wrestler I have seen in several years. I am not kidding. But he stopped trying to do "Cool Heel Circa 1998" and was just a nasty person. It works so much better for him. A+ for that match. Bianca Belair is about six months away from being the next big thing. She has IT. That match against Aaliyah was a great squash. I loved her doing a clean-and-jerk to a friggin' human being. Her segment with Dakota Kai was great, too. She now has a character and is running with it. Some good veteran workers like Dakota Kai are going to be able to hold her hand into some good stuff. War Raiders rule. I didn't realize until now that the one dude had a straight-up 1990s style TRUE TILL DEATH hardcore sXe chest-piece. I was more into pop-punk/indie/ska as a skid, but I got dragged to a lot of hardcore shows by my friends. There were always a few dudes like that at those shows -- just dudes you would never, ever make eye contact with and you'd hear someone say "yeah, he just got out from prison, he killed a teacher." Or there would sometimes be at a show a friggin' straightedge bouncer who was absolutely terrifying. I love that War Raiders are reppin' Victory Records. EC3 vs. Kassius did nothing for me. I really want to like EC3. I love the poolside videos. Rich, arrogant jerks are why I love wrestling. But he was pretty "eh" in this match. The video packages for Gargano/Ciampa and Shayna/Nikki were perfect. Shayna doing the "this is why I don't do these interviews" when challenged about whether Nikki could beat her was a great character moment. I love that Shayna is straight-up scared of Nikki. All-in-all, Saturday's going to be great.
  8. Greggulator

    [NXT] June 6, 2018 TV Show

    I believe that may have been Shayna's first time with a love mic in front of Full Sail. I may be wrong. But she was obviously not comfortable. Looked like she was thrown off with some of the crowd actively cheering for her. Also, it reminded me so much of comics in the early part of a stand-up career (or actors/actresses). She was thinking what to say in terms of her lines instead of reacting organically. She was thinking "how do I react to these fans cheering me, I am a villain" instead of a natural reaction. That happens. She is still learning. She is great in taped segments. It is ridiculous how good she is at her character. But live requires a little more work. She will get there. But the overall segment was great. Shayna's reactions to Nikki were wonderful. She had no idea what to make of her. I loved her flinch when Nikki acted like she was going to attack. Perfect comeuppance to a bully.
  9. Greggulator

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    Point on the LBJ/Jordan comparison: Golden State has four HOF guys on the team. (Yes, Dray will get there.) Steph/KD/Klay are very likely the three best shooters of all-time. Not just together on one team. But of all time. This team would run Jordan's Bulls off the friggin' court.
  10. This all makes total sense from a corporate PR perspective. They hired a guy with some experience/education who they thought could make them money. They probably knew about his wife and held out hope no one would dig too much and make that connection. Her husband knew he was on thin ice because of her. Once she got outed, he has to go. No one from the KSA is calling Vince and demanding his ouster. But the WWE is more-or-less an international marketing company. Anything that is detrimental to the brand is gone. That's business.
  11. Greggulator

    [NXT] May 30, 2018 TV Show

    Ricochet is beyond cool. He made hurdling the ropes into a forward flip look as easy as breathing. Dream's reaction was priceless, too. That has "match of the night" written all over it. The woman's match and final segment was really great. The Shayna/Dakota match was perfect. The Nikki angle was amazing. It was such a great retelling of high school nonsense -- the jock bully torments a nerd and then the loner everyone thinks is a lunatic knocks the jock on his ass. Nikki doing the whole "babyface in the crowd" just added to the unhinged nature of her character. Like... this woman really believes she's the champion. Shayna looking legit scared and baffled was really great, too. Bianca Blair is going to rule.
  12. Greggulator

    The Road To Omaha

    The softball is a blast, too. They've made it to their Final 8. Crazy fun.
  13. Greggulator

    The Road To Omaha

    The Road to Omaha begins this Friday. I think this is the best sporting event in the country, even beyond March Madness. I got into it a few years ago via this pool I'm in. It is insanity. Here is why: 1) The format is incredible. It's a 64 team tournament like March Madness. The College World Series itself is the final eight teams. But what happens is the NCAA gives 16 teams the top seeds. They each host a four-team pod in the regionals. These are all double elimination mini-tournaments that start Friday. If it breaks right, then we get something called "If Necessary Monday." This is a winner-take-all battle. It's great. After this is the Super Regionals. Winner of Pod A will face the WInner of Pod B (and so on) in a Best 2-out-of-3 series. The the final eight head to Omaha where it is another double elimination tournament until one wins. It is utter chaos. There is nothing like it when the host of a pod loses its first game. 2) The games themselves can be nuts. The combination of metal bats (which improve offense) and a lack of pitching depth (even the best teams have essentially 2 starters, 1 quality reliever and a bunch of whatever) means no games are safe. 3) The managers do not care at all. Your starter pitcher threw 110 pitches over eight innings yesterday? He will be a relief pitcher the next day and then a starter again the day later. In a jam and headed into extra innings? Why not use your shortstop who pitched all of three innings all year and leave him in? 4) The atmosphere is nuts in a lot of places. College baseball has a huge cult following in a lot of areas. It's really crazy to hear a marching band during a baseball game. Or seeing cheerleaders. A few stadiums will have 3,000 seats but have giant outfield tailgate/standing room areas. Or a dorm room can easily be a target for an outfielder who can rake. 5) Upsets and Cinderalla runs happen. Coastal Carolina won it all two seasons ago. Columbia had Miami on the ropes a few years ago. Stony Brook made it to Omaha. (Also: Any team in the northeast is automatically a Cinderella team. The shitty weather makes them suck. But UConn and St. John's both have chances to black some eyes en route to the tournament.) The two really good mid-majors this year are Stetson (who are hosting a regional) and Tennessee Tech (Top 25 team this year).
  14. Greggulator

    So, How's It Going?

    I have been better! About a month ago, I had some really awful stomach pain. I've had GI issues in the past but nothing like this in about 15 years. It just got worse over that weekend. I was trying to wait it out to go to the doctor on Monday but it got too bad. I went to the ER and was admitted with an obstructed bowel. The initial thought was that I was going to need surgery pretty quickly. They held off on that. I was in the hospital for 3 days before they ruled out surgery. I've had a bunch of MRIs and other procedures the past few weeks. The diagnosis is Crohn's Disease. It's pretty manageable and I know a lot of people who have it. But I'd still rather NOT have a chronic illness than have one. Other than that things are good!
  15. Greggulator


    They aren't locking up MLS or arena football or lacrosse or NCAA sports or any number of other properties that could be broadcast live and purchased at a lower price tag. They bought the WWE's rights for $1 billion. The WWE's product has a lot to do with that.