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  1. I am an unabashed Wyatt Family mark and was from the jump. Rowan has been this secretly really good worker even back since NXT. His interview with Mike was more than just a little bit meta about him being overlooked and etc. He always played his role very well and was a great monster "grunt." He was next level frightening wearing a sheep's mask and a jump suit. The few words he said in his promos were always delivered as intended. He didn't do much more than basic power moves, which is all he should have been doing. And he was always there to take the fall or lose control for The Family but because of his size and how well he played his role it always felt like a triumph to even get him down. I love that we have this new Rowan. He's been really good since his return. But he's been awesome the past few weeks. I thought he was awesome this weekend in his first big one-on-one singles match ever. And he absolutely nailed his first promo beyond just being a grunt in the back.
  2. The final visual ending of Raw was spectacular. When the 5-on-1 beating occurred, I was wondering how/if The Fiend was going to arrive, especially when it was clear Rollins wasn't going to do a Hogan comeback. Then Kane comes to the cheers of his hometown crowd... only for The Fiend to mandible claw him. That was cool enough, but then Bray crawling over to Rollins and taunting him without even touching him was so great. It looked like the scene in Alien with Jodi Foster. That's the kind of scene where someone flipping through the channels or sees something on Twitter and is just baffled as to WTF that's all about and wants to learn more. Women's tag match was super fun. Heel Bayley is such a great spineless toad.
  3. Rowan has always been a good monster. Really great goon for The Wyatts, etc. But he is pretty incredible in this match against Roman. He'd be the absolute perfect Hogan foe in 1986.
  4. I'm not done watching this yet. But this show feels like the agents and performers watched a ton of NWA stuff from 1987 and are placing that in the psychology. There is so much great stuff like that. Bayley's cowardice was such an awesome heel move and I could see Jimmy Jam Garvin doing that to keep the TV title or some such. Dash and Dawson heeling it up to a huge degree was also wonderful. And I loved Sami's motormouth heel manager routine. Very Cornette of him.
  5. I have no idea of my list anymore but I really might put Shayna vs. Io in the cage on a Top 20 list. That match was so fucking rad. Io did a bunch of crazy spots. They had all of the fun run-in stuff that brought Candace in for her fun revenge spots. This was followed by a really imaginative ending perfect for Shayna's bullying character -- she got choked the f out and passed out to hit the floor for a truly undeserved victory. And then it ended with Io snapping and entering the darkside and beating the crap out of Candace. A+ match.
  6. I know nothing about Rhea Ripley. But I do like that she uses the same car dealership Sasha Banks does. Great badass punk snarl. I have zero idea what Damien Priest is supposed to be. What is this gimmick? He is the "Archer of Infamy" but apparently loves limos/nightlife/etc. but looks like (and has the name) of one of the lesser known dudes who would get profiled by Wendy Carr on Mindhunter. It is a baffling character. That said -- his squash matches are a true highlight of my television right now and we need to discuss them more. The dude stiffs the hell out of fools like no one in a really long time. There were a few strikes tonight where I thought he straight up gave Boa CTE. Oh my god. Can we start a Gofundme or something so Johnny Gargano goes to AEW or ROH or some other random string of letters or literally anywhere else but NXT? What is he the "Rebel heart" of exactly? What does that mean aside from being the title of what I assume is a My Chemical Romance b-side. What did he exactly rebel against? The 95 main event feuds he has had? Great wrestler. Definitive feuds. But man what a lame friggin' person. I'm completely on Team Shane for this. Dunne/Garza was a really fun match. I love that Dunne gained advantage anytime Garza did some sort of showboating to the crowd. His finger snap tap-out is so incredibly weird. There are so many other body parts that you'd think would get a tapout finish. But you know what? If some dude had me wrapped up and snapped my fingers like that I'd be crying for about six months. I hope they get another match at some point once Garza gets his sea legs a little more because that dude rules. Cameron Grimes is absolutely pro wrestling sleaze at its finest. Long hair, gross body, fur vest and a hat stolen from Amy Sherman Palladino. Raul Mendoza has really fun offense. The crowd was dead for this one despite it being pretty fun. I think Mendoza can really learn to do some crowd work. He didn't try to connect with them at all. Grimes also needs to do some more heeling, too, to get the opportunistic scum character going. Oh god Candace LaRae crying to Regal to get into the four-way match. I hope Io rips her face off. Dakota Kai returning? I would have loved it so much if her return came out of nowhere and she answered some sort of open challenge from Shayna and beat her, tying up their old feud and giving Shayna her proper comeuppance. But nothing wrong with reintroducing her (especially to a new audience onboarding next week) either. That main event was fine. They have a great match in them at a future takeover.
  7. 1) They have established over the past few weeks there were stakes to KO getting any sort of licks into Shane. Now KO has nothing to lose, which is when he can act freely. 2) Kofi got to do a badass act on the same show. Having two faces walking away standing tall on the same diminishes each one.
  8. That woman’s tag match was awesome. It was seriously one of my favorite matches in a long time. I loved that it started with Becky and Charlotte just saying “F this” and the brawl started. Bayley is a great little weasel and this is the best form of Sasha. I really liked how there was no teased fight between Becky and Charlotte but it was referenced. They are adults and put that away in order to fight their mutual enemies. Great great match. Baron Corbin is great and an awesome heel. He has good nasty looking offense, a lot of good “out of nowhere” moves to crush a comeback, cheap shot nonsense and makes great facial expressions. Want to know why he gets pushed? He plays to the back of the room. He exaggerates so much of his movements (while still looking believable) that you can realize what a jerk he is all the way up in the outer reaches of the upper deck. There are a lot of technically better people, but there aren’t a lot of wrestlers who do that like he does.
  9. I really liked the Cole/Myles match a lot. It did a great job establishing Myles but it also showed why Cole's the champ. I also liked how it played against the Shelton Benjamin/HHH or Cena/Angle type (I believe). I know in the Shelton/HHH match, Shelton nearly caught a very cocky HHH early and did the iconic "one inch away" gesture to him that really stands out from that era. Cole came in and outmatched Myles right away. Once he started taunting him and became severely overconfident is when Myles made his comeback and showed his stuff. Cole's experience and dastardly smarts helped him pull out the win at the end. This felt like a NCAA game where some mid-major makes it to the second round and gives the highly touted one seed fits. Did I just comp Jordan Myles to Tacko Fall? I think I did. Bianca/Tatiyana was a good competitive match but not what I was hoping to see. I'm glad they established Tatiyana but I really was hoping Bianca was going to keep doing what she was doing and beat the crap out of her opponent. She threw in some new flips and kip-ups that highlighted her athleticism. But I would have rather seen her beat the crap out of her in a squash as opposed to being in some sort of modified tarantula. I loved Dream's reaction to that couch being burned. What a great wrestling trash segment. I love Roddy's thinking. "Hey, you know what? I want to get in Dream's head. What's the best way for me to do that? I know. Let me find out where he stores his couch. And then I'll wait to he has a match and will push it outside somewhere, and I"ll have my fuel source ready to set it on fire. That will show him!"
  10. Greggulator


    Really wild tournament this year. This has been some really memorable tennis. We're a Rafa upset away from neither of The Big 3 making it to the semi-finals. When the hell was the last time that happened? I'm thinking 2002 or 2003? Medvedev's heel turn was super fun. I hope he keeps the shtick up. I was hoping he would say: "I plan on winning the US Open just like how Russia won the last US election!"
  11. I want Bayley to come out tonight/next week with blue hair.
  12. Also: The Boss character always had that "next level" to it that people who were big NXT fans could see in her development. She came in as a happy-go-lucky "I love being here!" type who lost. Then she gazed into a mirror as Summer Rae talked into her ear and swayed her into seeing the benefits of the darkside. Sasha then emerged as The Boss -- an uber-confident, do anything to win opportunist with a huge mean streak. But you could always see in a lot of her matches that fake confidence eroding very quickly as soon as her opponent got the upper hand. And then, in moments of self-reflection, Sasha would let her guard down and be her core self -- the vulnerable nerd who had to develop a mean girl facade to find that next level due to an inherit lack of self-confidence that she belonged. This reemerged Sasha though is great. I can totally see her during the whole WM run-up saying (both kayfabe and maybe even in real life): "Hey, why the hell is Becky getting all this attention? I beat her back in NXT and was the star of the division until I got hurt. She was always second fiddle and I'm in a friggin' tag team battle royal?" And you know she complained to Bayley about that in kayfabe but Bayley was more focused on the immediate goal in front of them but did have that in her head. And then I can see that transform to her sitting at home watching Becky get more time and seeing Bayley get the title and just plotting this demise. "Oh, screw that, I'm The Boss. And you know what? Bayley's going to see it my way now. Bayley's no second fiddle. Let's do this."
  13. Sasha has been an A+ since she returned and an even better act than she was in NXT. I loved her just leaning back, watching Bayley's turn unfold with an evil smirk on her face. And her holding Bayley's hand in triumph is also great. Just an evil, manipulative woman who lured her best friend into the darkside.
  14. I can maybe buy people cheering a heel turn against Nattie (someone fans hate due to personal irritation) but Becky's the biggest face in the company pretty much. Becky's whole deal is the Steve Austin template -- the woman who had to overcome a lot of odds to get to where she is, and did it by finding a deep well of confidence where she will spit in the face of anyone who gets in her way. Anyone who wants to get ahead by taking cheap shots and acting out of jealousy should be completely booed out of the ring. Instead, we get a YES! chant. Wrestling fans suck.
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