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  1. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    I was just about to post the same. It might become his league starting immediately. WTF with that game tonight?
  2. SDL is Pulp Fashion - 10/17/2017

    I really hope this builds to Sami turning on KO in something akin to the Friendship Festival. That would be so great and an amazing turnaround on their neverending story. Babyface Sami in NXT had an all-time great run. I think his NXT run may have been the best arc anyone has had in WWE/NXT of the decade. It's up there along with Bayley in NXT, The Shield and Daniel Bryan's epic journey. But Babyface Sami doesn't work on the main roster. It isn't a matter of him winning or losing matches. It's that the loudest fans in the audience want someone edgier. Daniel Bryan's big run came because he was a great heel in Team Hell No and people got behind the character. Then he fought against the rigged odds, but it's not like he was this pure babyface. He had an edge to him. Sami luring KO into some sort of trap is going to be really huge. In the meantime, he's a GREAT heel. The right kind of sniveling coward.
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I would put the over/under of women who used a fake sexual harassment/assault claim to advance their career at exactly zero.
  4. MR. ROBOT

    I love how the world has crashed down all over Elliot. The world in ruins is exactly what would happen if a bunch of 24-year-old know-it-all's hellbent on revenge decided to try and revolutionize everything. Of course it would fail. They don't understand economics or the monetary system beyond "I owe this evil conglomerate a lot of student loan debt." They didn't realize that getting rid of debt would lead to a lack of lending, which leads to a lack of money for goods and services. The debt's erased but along with it is the inherent trust of the global financial system. And while the Mr. Robot world is different than ours in how one corporation has near unlimited power, of course they didn't realize there would be ramifications. And, of course, the people who hold the power will know how to use that power. I hope at some point they do an episode or a few scenes that show how a "normal" person -- someone not in f-society or The Dark Army or an E-Corp minion -- lives in this world. We got a glimpse of it last season when someone was trying to show some E-Corp stoodge their mortgage was paid off. But the average person who just goes to work and has a family they love are the ones truly suffering. They didn't want a revolution. It was forced upon them, and they have to deal with these ramifications.
  5. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I will applaud Harvey for his initial response as one of the grossest carny attempts to worm out of the hole he found himself in. "I know I've been accused of being a sexual predator, but there was just a mass killing in Las Vegas and Republicans are evil so look the other way because I've donated millions of dollars to certain politicians who will gladly look the other way from any horrible person as long as the check cashes!" I am also enjoying the Ben Affleck backlash. He is probably my least favorite actor of all-time. I very much hate his guts. What a total hypocritical scumbag. You want to talk about someone speaking out for PR purposes? That's Exhibit A.
  6. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    There's a comedian I follow on Twitter who posted a question to other women: "Who was your Harvey Weinstein?" The responses were insane. This was from people who had to endure creeps touching up on them or making suggestive comments at a Wendy's. There were dozens of examples provided. There are just a lot of gross guys out there who think behaving like this is cool. There are people where I work at now who still make rude comments. It's hard to say "Hey, man, can you stop?" if it's someone with more rank than me. It's doubly hard if you're a woman. It just is. This even seeps down to the struggling comic level. Every six months or so, there's a new story about someone in the world of comedy sexually assaulting or physically abusing a woman. It's pretty clockwork. And it's coming from the alternative comedy world, which is a lot more progressive than the more macho stand-up scene, at least on its face. We had a big-to-do in the Philly comedy scene a few years ago where this guy was accused of pressuring naive women new to the scene (usually in their early-20s) to fool around with him. It was someone I actually hung out with a little bit over the years. I am a lot older than this person in question and I don't drink or party, so my hanging out with him was more like "getting take-out and playing Power Grid with my wife and three other people on a Tuesday night" or "talking for 10 minutes before a show we're on and giving him advice on how to handle himself professionally since he's being whiny." He was more-or-less a twerp who no one took too seriously. Then all this stuff came out about how he was using his "power" as an improv teacher/coach to manipulate women, and would threaten their ability to advance in the Philadelphia comedy ranks. Or he'd get them drunk at a social function and abuse it that way. I mean, in terms of power, we're talking about local improv comedy, which is the lowest level of power imaginable in the world. But it's still something that happened here and a lot of people were victimized. And none of us who were older and more mature knew at all, because people felt embarrassed. So if you multiply that with any level of stakes... it's just like... ugh. What the hell do women go through on the regular? I won't judge Angelina Jolie for not speaking up, because how you respond to these types of things is confusing and difficult, no matter if you're an A-List celebrity or a 19-year-old who just wants to perform some improv comedy.
  7. MR. ROBOT

    Season 3 premiered tonight. A+ episode of television. This episode was an A+. It had the crazy visuals and set design, feeling of paranoia, and everything else I love about this show. It was also a lot more plot driven than Season 2 (a big complaint from a lot of people). Information was added but more questions were added onto it. What an amazing and epic show.
  8. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    Also, Bludgeon Brothers doing a GWAR co-splay act is all I ever needed.
  9. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    We really should be in Year 3 of the never ending Shield/Wyatts war.
  10. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Tedosic on the Clips is sick. Unreal passer. He might be the best passer in the world. Blake's also a really great passer. I'm feeling an early 00s Sacramento vibe for the Clips.
  11. Best Teams To Fall Short Of A Championship

    The Seven Seconds or Less Suns teams. They won 60+ games in a season twice in a four-year run. They blew the roofs off of a lot of major offensive categories and reinvented basketball. The strategy was among the first "Moneyball" tactics deployed in the NBA -- shooting percentages go way up the earlier a shot goes off against the 24, so shoot as many early shots as possible via a fast break or before a defense can get set. The constant pick'n'roll plays we see now (especially with the best teams like Golden State and San Antonio and, duh, Houston) all stem from what Phoenix was doing. The NBA of the past few years -- small ball, fast pace, a lot of threes -- does not happen without the 7 Seconds or Less Suns. They made one bad roster move in letting Joe Johnson leave. They also had an insane amount of bad breaks through those years -- The Bruce Bowen Suspensions, Amare getting hurt -- and also ran into Tim Duncan in his prime. The great Kings teams with Weber and Vlade, also.
  12. Happy Rusev Day!!! - SDL - 9/26/2017

    Rude was being a possessive, psychotic ex-bf in all that stuff with Lana. He showed up to one of the Michael Cole Fireside Chats and was like straight up tormenting Lana. He had his new girlfriend dress up like Lana to further show that point. Lana broke up with him and wanted to date Dolph. Rusev went psycho. This is such a case of people conflating their love of Rusev as a performer (undeniably amazing) with not liking Dolph as a performer. But one was clearly a dick because his then ex dumped him.

    The NBA could get serious about the G-League. Just make the salaries even a little more comparable to what you can get overseas and they'd have a decent talent level. If you throw in the Zion Williamson or Begley or someone like Fultz or the Kentucky players, people would watch that. You'd also need to get good coaches, but that's not impossible. Someone could actually put together a league approximating that if they had enough backing and could get enough arena dates or play in cities like (er) Louisville. At least that way, there's a choice. Kids who have a realistic shot or aspirations of playing professional basketball don't have to deal with the joke that is college. The NCAA is still an option for good players who aren't at that level -- they can actually go to school for an education. And the NCAA will now have a competitor, which gives them an incentive to give some money to players.

    My school did have a huge scandal in 2002 or so. There was a summer basketball camp for women's players. The men's team stuck around campus. There was a big party and two kids (including future NBA player Gary Neal) took advantage of a drunk girl. They were arrested and kicked out of school immediately. Then a woman's player came forward and said a separate men's player sexually assaulted her the year before AND that she told both the men's and women's coaches, who did nothing about it (after the woman's player told them not to). Our school promptly fired both the coaches since they didn't follow reporting rules in terms of a sexual assault. There wasn't any hedging -- a day of an investigation and then an announcement. (The men's coach was Billy Hahn, who went on to be Bob Huggins' right-hand-man/drinking buddy.) Mind you, we got hammered in the local press for this, especially by one Stephen A. Smith who thought the school wasn't fair to the men's players and kicked them off the team unjustly. (He's such a garbage human.) I think the pretty universal reaction to everything from our program was "this is embarrassing and these people need to get as far away from our campus as possible." I think it boils down to accepting that college kids will do bad things, especially when drinking and the like. And they need to be held accountable for actions (just like everyone should). There also need to be adults in place to act responsibly and to make decisions about behavior. And if those adults don't act responsibly, they have to leave ASAP. Lousiville is the exact opposite of this. Like... how can anyone possibly justify not firing Pitino after one of his assistant coaches paid hookers and strippers for players and recruits? It's repulsive.

    My alma had maybe 4,000 kids at the time. I actually had a class with Rasual Butler, who went on to have a 15-year NBA career (and was even in the Big3). I also knew a few other players, too. I wasn't friends with any but at a school as tiny as ours you'd see them around. And a good friend of mine was really plugged into the team. And I'm taking grad classes and have a bunch of friends who are professors or have other jobs on campus and were there when we made the Sweet 16 a few years back. The players at my school actually go to classes. They have a really great tutoring program to help them out. (And that does not mean "write papers for them.") We don't have any special athlete housing -- they live in the same dorms we all do. The easy classes are open to anyone. (Everyone tried to get into those classes.) Professors give them a little more flexibility because of the time demands. But they're still held to pretty high standards. A lot of the kids who come from Philly public schools are behind where the average student is academically, but our school has a 95% acceptance rate. Maybe they wouldn't get in without sports (or wouldn't get a free ride) but it's not that big of a stretch. It's also a Catholic school run by Christian Brothers, whose mission is to educate the poor. The team that went to the Sweet 16 was like this battle among the players to be perceived as the nicest person on campus. My friend who is a prof taught a few of the players. They would thank him after each class. The team's best player (who came up in insanely hard circumstances -- father is blind because he was shot, brother killed in a drug gang incident, mother arrested for crack possession on a gameday) took school the most serious. There was an in-house competition to get the highest GPA. A few kids were Dean's List -- and kids who actually played, not just the walk-on. That's not to say there haven't been some problem kids. Our biggest recruit of the past 20 years was a Top 100 kid named Aaric Murray. He was a huge pain-in-the-ass and a huge diva. He thought "tutoring services" meant "person writes a paper for me" and the like. He lasted two years before the coach told him to hit the road. (Which was West Virginia, where he also flamed out.) It's not that hard to run an okay program. Our team has made it to one NIT and one NCAA since 1990, but I'll take it if it means we're clean.