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  1. Money promo from Charlotte. That had a fantastic motivation for her appearance and later actions. It was nowhere on the same page as The Rock’s legendary promo in Toronto (maybe my favorite promo of all-time), but it was very strong in informing the audience of why she returned in this form, made excuses for not being on WrestleMania, references the smark criticisms of her “stealing opportunities” and announced she was the best, and then attacked when her rivals were spent from their match and vulnerable. Perfect heeling. I will never understand at all why people hate on Charlotte. She ru
  2. Great way to bookend the weekend with both world champs leaving in the hands of the bad guys. I did not see every match since having a toddler means I just randomly have to fall asleep during key matches. I also was on protest from watching WWE for reasons but I am a weak man like all of us so did not know much of the backstories aside from the Reigns match and Sasha/Bianca and the hysterical Sami/Owens feud. But everything I watched was really fun. Sasha/Bianca was my favorite match. I love the Novak/Federer/Rafa style match between the Four Horsewomen as to who has the crown as th
  3. I get that but it is really easy to picture Suggs putting up 32 points in Game 6 of a conference finals and I am not sure I have thought that about any college player since Anthony Davis.
  4. Man, how is Suggs not going to be the number one pick in the draft? That kid is the truth.
  5. I wish things were a lot different because I would love to see The Hurt Business against The Wyatts or The Shield. Hurt Business against a reformed New Day at some point would also be super fun.
  6. I have stayed away from the WWE because reasons. But I did catch up on this. When I saw Miz was going all chickenshit heel, I thought they were going to try and do a redo of a few recent Mania chases where the face keeps getting the legs pulled out from him before getting the big win at Mania. I am glad they did not do that because Lashley is way better as just an overwhelming force. And the whole thing with The Hurt Business engineering it so Miz won the title makes them look like really cunning strategists — a really great cool heel stable. (If they are heels, since I have no idea, but
  7. I came here for the "Sweet" Stan Lane is Lauren Boehbert's secret father discussion. There's also a YouTube post floating around where Lauren herself writes a YouTube comment on I believe a video about professional powerboat racing that The Fabulous One hosted after his wrestling career ended. Everything about this is perfect pro wrestling. I've been really fascinated by Lauren Boehbert since she came to fame as she a historic lunatic. Of course an 80s wrestling legend being tied into this would happen. A+ booking and I absolutely need this to be true.
  8. Sorry if this breaks the no politics rule so feel to take this down. But Linda McMahon’s PAC contributed to putting together Trump’s event on Wednesday. I will never click on one thing related to the WWE ever again. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/01/09/pro-trump-dark-money-groups-organized-the-rally-that-led-to-deadly-capitol-hill-riot.html?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Other stuff I love:
  10. Done with the whole season. So many awesome moments. Do not read the spoiler tag until you have watched the entire season.
  11. Masterpiece of a TV season.
  12. 2.5 episodes in. As good as expected — and now with the addition of an evil car dealership owner.
  13. I get why it looks bad. I work in PR and have also worked a little in Investor Relations. The WWE is a publicly traded corporation and anything they put out on social media is going to be parsed and scrutinized by all sorts of investors, potential investors, people looking to short their stock and any number of lawyers looking for the slightest reason to file a shareholder’s suit against the company. They have to be as buttoned-up as possible on those sorts of announcements. It is cold but that is the nature of corporate America. You have to make this announcement but have to be as f
  14. This is one of my all-time favorite moments in NXT. It's right after The Wyatts made their debut on Raw and return home as conquering heroes to say goodbye. They absolutely destroy their opponents (pre-push Aiden English) and then Bray cuts an all-time banger of a promo. But what I really love about it is Brodie's reaction in the background -- a "Wow" that just sort of looks like he's recognizing that The Wyatt Family has finished its NXT masterpiece and they're now going to places they could not have ever expected. I've watched Wyatts vs. Shield so many f'n times. They teased the feud at
  15. Wyatts vs. Shield is my favorite match of all-time. This really sucks. What a talented guy. I also know a few people who have had involvement with Chikara over the years and they all said he was just an absolute gem of a person.
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