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  1. I think Steph is a Top 10 player of all-time, even though I do not have a list. But he changed basketball more than any other player has in decades. Steph’s influence is just insane. Basketball is completely different than it was 10 years ago and his fingerprints are all over that. But the thing that is overlooked regarding Steph is one of the all-time most selfless players. He sets such a ridiculous amount of screens and the like for a player his size. It just unlocks everything. He weaponsizes his “gravity” more than any other player. He has been a pleasure to watch. We may have gotten way too three-heavy, but Steph and Golden State are also all about selflessness and passing and finding the best shot. It’s the Spurs formula but with the two best jump shooters who ever lived. We are blessed to have been able to watch them.
  2. Your daily dose of "Wait, Ja Morant did what???" This is a human being who did this.
  3. They really should teach this show in screenwriting classes. Ever review ever says “This show should not work but it does.” The reason why is because it takes its characters seriously. They really understand the importance of having characters make choices along the way and how it impacts their development. This show is a really great comparison to Friday Night Lights. They are in many ways the same exact show — a look at the lives of kids and adolescents in a particular sub-culture. But the magic behind both of these shows is that it takes the character choices and their stories seriously. It’s just that the tones are radically different. But, with both, strong characters and understanding how to develop those comes before anything else. But Cobra Kai really is a gem.
  4. Six episodes and a bit into the 7th. This is just perfect for what it wants to be. The tone of this has always been such a unique mixture of nostalgia and Dawson’s Creek and whole also not being afraid to wink at itself and etc. But they have really mastered it, and are also now expanding the universe it has created bigger. Just an awesome show.
  5. I don’t think I am spoiling anything but Terry Silver blaming cocaine on his behavior in Karate Kid 3 is just the best explanation of anything ever.
  6. Three episodes in and this is better than ever. What an incredible show.
  7. Got the couch reserved and ready to start.
  8. I’m almost at that choice, too. Am I crazy for thinking he is Iverson 2.0? They have the same frame, the same freakish athleticism, the same ability to rise to the moment, finishing ability, court vision, desire to step on throats, etc. While not nearly the moment-in-time of AI crossing Jordan, Ja in his fourth game as a pro blocker Kyrie’s shot at the buzzer and talked so much shit after it was golden. If Ja’s three-point shot is legit, and he levels up on defense (and he does try), then he is a MVP candidate, if he is not already. He doesn’t have AI’s star power, but only Jordan and LeBron and Kobe had more than AI, and I am even thinking Iverson was a bigger star in their primes than Kobe. But Ja seems like a good teammate and small-town kid. We are in an age where players learn about sleep cycles and high-end nutrition, and rolling 25-deep to the TGI Friday’s next to the practice facility (which AI really did) before speeding off in a Bentley to play blackjack and drink until 7 AM is now frowned upon. Like... that dude is the future. I know Luka is the crowned generational talent. But Ja might end up being the best player of his generation. It’s also cool as shit he is on Memphis, because the NBA should always have a huge star and good team in a small market.
  9. Ja Morant is going to be All-NBA this year. He might be a Top 10 player right now.
  10. I did not like the internal logic of the judges set-up, unless I missed a line. But why would The Cowboy just accept a match with judges at the insistence of Bryan Danielson? It would have been better if it was set up by some authority figure type. Not that needs to be on screen. But just something like “Tony Kahn has said that if this goes for another hour again that a panel of judges will...” Just a small nitpick about the angle. It feels like Bryan gets to handpick the judges. If that is the case, I am actually all in favor of The Dragon stacking the deck through bribery and deceit to procure the title ala some Ted DiBiase thing. “I’m sorry, Hangman... but that was in the contract that you signed!” But if it is some panel of objective legends, and they redo a Terry Funk thing with Hangman... just could have set it up better. If they redo The Funk thing, I really hope they do it with a salmon coat wearing Mark Henry to call back to that awesome segment with Cena. People would flip out and The Hangman would fall for it.
  11. Only thing the Main Event should have had differently was the involvement of a heel manager and either a briefcase or dress shoe as a weapon. Also: I really hope Bryan buys off the judges. How I want my wrestling top operate.
  12. If you have ESPN3 or any other means, I can not recommend watching the Cal Baptist Lancers enough. They have a 6’5” PG from Tasmania named Taran Armstrong who is the best passing college point guard I can remember since Jason Kidd. I am not exaggerating. He’s leading the NCAA in assists. Last night, he had 15 dimes and he really could have had 20 if teammates did not miss a few open looks. He’s also a triple double threat and averages over 7 rebounds a game. Rapidly rising up draft boards. The WAC is a good conference so who knows if they will make the tournament but this team in general is a fantastic watch.
  13. Here is FTR and Vickie tormenting Mexican Lucha Libre fans over the weekend. Man, as much as I love Tully, I had no idea how much of a perfect pairing this would be. “Eddie moved to America so we could be millionaires!”
  14. Apparently, the team of Jay Lyon and Midas Black go by the name The Mane Event on the indie scene. And I just dug up this gem.
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