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  1. Greggulator

    [NXT] September 19, 2018 TV Show

    NXT has really done a great job with a lot of its heels not doing anything flashy at all. I remember when heel Corey Graves was getting a push pre-condition that included a win over Sami Zayn (that may have come via knockout). A lot of people were crapping on Graces for being boring but then it sorta hit a lot of people at once that... oh, crap, he isn’t giving any fans any reason to like him and that’s really awesome. Elias was in that same formula, too. Bobby Roode also had a lot of that but was oozing in a lot of shtick.
  2. Greggulator

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    What I would die to see is Florida-era NEW BREED. I think I've seen all the New Breed promos from NWA on YouTube. Need more time travelling 80s dystopian future in my wrestling.
  3. Greggulator

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    Tommy Dreamer. He was the face of ECW but was a really boring promo without really anything going for him in-ring besides from the willingness to get tossed through a bunch of stuff from high distances. The best "battle of average dudes" was his feud with Justin Credible. It had such a hot set-up with Justin Credible interrupted the 10-bell salute to Tommy's grandfather. But then it's like... yeah, okay, these guys are here and I'm going to fast forward this dubbed copy of ECW Extreme Warfare V 2.5 so I can see Sabu already.
  4. Greggulator

    2018 Matches of the Year.

    Ho-hum. That last NXT taping had two MOTYCs (and two "did I just see the best match in Full Sail history?" candidates). The build for this is so simple but so epic. The WWE's TV production department really does not get enough credit at all. Ricochet and Dunne's beef was that they both hate the UE, tagged together, lost, and now they want each other's titles. The video package for it really made it seem like we were about to see something we've been dreaming of watching for years. Ricochet and Dunne are also both really underrated as characters. Dunne does a great job with his soft-spoken menace. Ricochet is very nice as the cocksure sparkplug. And the packaging of it really just brought it up to another few levels. And Mauro put the icing on the cake by saying "What a time to be alive" right when the match was starting. This was such an awesome style clash. I don't think you can get more opposite than Dunne's lazer-focused body work focused on fingers versus Ricochet being on the short list of best aerialists of all-time. Ricochet tried to get at Dunne on the mat and held his own (true to his ultra-confident personality) but Dunne would get control, usually by doing some brutal finger/hand work. Ricochet of course won exchanges when he had distance and could fly until Dunne could find a way to ground him. Spot of the match was when both guys were on the top rope. Dunne was still focused on Ricochet's left hand while precariously balancing, only for Ricochet hitting a hurucanrana with both dudes on the top rope for a great near fall. The ending of the match saw the Undisputed Era come in, jump both guys, and then run away once War Machine showed up. I am totally fine with this ending. UE are a bunch of douchebag heels, and ruining an all-time classic just to mess with their enemies fits the storyline. But, even better, it means we could get a rematch between Ricochet and Dunne down the line. I think I liked Gargano/Dream a tad better. The execution in this match was as great as pro wrestling gets. But Dream/Gargano had an actual finish was a deeper morality play. But, man, either way, what a TV taping that crowd got.
  5. Greggulator

    [NXT] September 19, 2018 TV Show

    Holy crap. Richochet is my favorite wrestler. Pete Dunne is my favorite wrestler. All of the stars. Was this at the same taping as that epic Dream/Gargano match? If so, why weren’t people raving that they got to see one of the all-time single best nights of wrestling?
  6. Greggulator

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Avoiding any commentary from anyone else. Jeff Hardy is maybe my least favorite wrestler ever. I also really dislike Randy Orton save for some specific runs. I haven’t watched too much WWE lately and barely rememebed they were beefing. I went into watching this (just started) not even knowing they were in the cage. Only reason I watched was because a cage and Jeff Hardy usually results in something nutty at least. Glad I tuned in. That was so messed up in the best way possible. That screwdriver thing was a straight up freak show. The final bump was insane. Great great car wreck.
  7. Greggulator

    [NXT] September 12, 2018 TV Show

    We should have a generator where people can just insert “will be ruined” after any NXT name is mentioned. That would streamline the whole process entirely and maybe we could get into talking about NXT as it’s own product and not who is going to be “ruined” when they are called up.
  8. Greggulator

    [NXT] September 12, 2018 TV Show

    That Tomasso promo was a thing of beauty. His best promo yet. I have finally come around to likinng the UE. Roderick and Kyle are embracing being toolbags. Lacey Evans rules. The main event was really fun. Nikki Cross is golden. Bianca Belair is going to be incredible but she is still really green. They did a great job at storytelling - just have Nikki be lovably crazy and Bianca have no idea what to make of it but still acting cocky when she has the advantage. Great pull apart at the end. Excited to see what they can do if they get 10-15 minutes at Takeover.
  9. Greggulator


    I just burned through Season 2. I really think that 100 years from now that this is going to called the best piece of art from this part of the 21st century. What a brilliant show. It is really wild that they can have a show that talks about moral relativism so freely while also getting repeated comic gold from ripping on Blake Bortles.
  10. Greggulator


    I just binged Season 2 of The Good Place after it appeared on Netflix. Is there discussion of it elsewhere on here? What an amazing, amazing TV show. It is baffling that a show that will openly discuss Kierkegaard can also be sublimely and insanely funny. And it had a really gripping narrative driven by a unique internal logic. And is also visually mesmerizing, too. Spectacular show.
  11. Greggulator

    SDL Is Becky's Clever Disguises - 9/11/2018

    Isn’t this sort of every job? Having a good rapport with the top person in your company/division/etc. goes a very long way. It’was doubly true if you are in a creative industry. What is wrong with pitching the boss ideas? Or learning how TV production works (when you essentially work on a TV show)? That isn’t unfair politics or the like. That’s called being a good employee. The boss might not always like your ideas. But if you ask good questions and continue to develop ideas to pitch, you’ll catch a break at some point.
  12. Greggulator


    This is also another shame about it. I think Osaka is being lauded a lot after the time we had to sort of let everyone get their thoughts out of the way. She destroyed that tournament. It's also another shame about Serena. I am a HUGE Serena fan. I have only one other friend who follows tennis to any degree. But my wife and a bunch of our friends (of both genders) go out of their way to watch Serena with us. I am an absolute gigantic fan. She friggin' won a major while pregnant. She then made two finals after a rough pregnancy. Like... she's maybe the best women's athlete in history. Maybe Jackie Joyner is ahead of her? (And that's a maybe.) She should be absolutely lauded for being 36 and making two finals and everyone should be rooting for her to grab the record from Margaret Court (who has become a villain of sorts after her portrayal in the Billie Jean King movie). Like... the battle should be about Serena being a strong woman of color who sticks up for everyone takes the record from a strict conservative who went out of her way to harm Billie Jean King's career due to her sexuality.
  13. Greggulator

    My NXT project

    How much (if any) do you want spoiled? There is something really awesome connected to this later on. Not a major plot point or anything but a really great coincidence.
  14. Greggulator


    I do agree with all of that. I know people will point to Federer as an example but the guy is sort of a snooze. That is why this Serena thing is so fascinating. I am really glad this happened. There is so much to talk about. But I do think there is a different reaction between being emotional after a loss and threatening to shove a tennis ball down the throat of a line judge for calling a foot fault really late in a match. Like... what is going to happen after saying that? No male player would get away with saying that, either. One point to make with the McEnroe and Jimmy Connors comparisons: Those guys were absolutely NOT beloved by the tennis world at the time. The advantage they had in terms of press favoritism was that they were Americans. And even that was dubious. Connors became a fan favorite during his big run I. ‘91. McEnroe became an elder statesman type and an announcer for his “honest” takes. But neither were held up as heroes, at least in my memory. And both had plenty of penalties issued against them. McEnroe got tossed from the Aussie Open for being a dick.
  15. Greggulator


    Serena’s actions at other events are part of the broader context of the story. Anyone who has watched her career knows she can be a really bad loser. But the even bigger contest is garbage like those cartoons. And it makes you realize that, yes, Serena has so much against her, still, despite being the GOAT and that explains at least a part of what happened Sunday. I could very easily see why she would feel that she was being called out for something just for being Serena Williams after realizing how much she has to carry. I still think she should have been penalized the third time because she was making really ridiculous demands for an umpire to essentially humble himself before her on top of calling a guy a thief. But... yeah.