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  1. Great show, as tradition. My favorite moment of the night was Velveteen Dream using a back rake. I am not kidding or being facetious. He might be my favorite wrestler in the world right now. The back rake is an example of Dream is so incredible. He exaggerated his posture and stance so much. He did it in a way so the people all the way in the upper, upper, upper echelons could see it. He got a friggin' reaction from a back rake of all things in 2019. He wants to perform in front of 80,000 people. That fits his character perfectly, but it's also just a wise choice going forward. He really gets how to connect with a crowd more than anyone NXT has developed possibly ever.
  2. So glad there's a Caldor reference in my life tonight. I saw on not one but TWO separate occasions employees being arrested in my local Caldor branch during the workday. Also, I have watched this video many times. The Becky/Charlotte/Rousey segment was the best.
  3. The final hour was another masterpiece. What an epic, gut-wrenching hour. Xavier and Big E. are really friggin' amazing professional wrestlers. I remember the first time I saw Xavier in NXT. I thought he was absolutely awful. He somehow transformed himself first into a great annoying mouthpiece heel and then from there into one of the best spitfire small babyfaces in years. I was at the Raw where they had to go through whoever to become the longest reigning tag champs of all time. This sort of had a similar feel to it. The Usos segment was just amazing. I thought we were maybe going to get a match between the two great rivals. But The Usos showing respect and tipping the cap like that was such a great moment. It also was great timing as it let X and Big E. get a bit of a breather AND the audience, too, for DB and Rowan. I don't think Rowan has ever gotten enough credit. He's such a great big lug. He's pretty perfect at the role of "gigantic dude who takes the whipping for his mentor." The end was so great. I loved that The New Day didn't win the final spot via a pinfall. They won because of cunning teamwork and Big E. using both his insane strength and cleverness to bury Rowan under the table. (Set up perfectly by the earlier table spot.) The end with the faces rushing out was such an earned moment, too. I will free admit that it got a little dusty in my house for a second. I love this storyline so much. It's pretty much perfect. I wish every year was #KofiMania.
  4. I will take and make arguments that Charlotte is the best worker on the entire roster. A whole bunch of the best matches of the past few years include her. She is pretty incredible. Her character is pretty clear - entitled snob with a superiority complex and is also really friggin’ good at wrestling.
  5. Because wrestling is a morality play and a soap opera. And a training montage doesn’t really tell a story that can keep viewers wanting to see more on a week to week basis. The Rock and Lesnar has a killier training video segment in 2002. But that was the video used to promote a match that happened after Brock did a lot of heel things (like attack Hogan) to get at Rock. It was a great add-on that built the seriousness of the match, but it wasn’t the feud. The most famous training segment in any medium is the one from the first Rocky film. That was done to build Balboa’s underdog status and to make the audience believe he had a chance. But we saw a bunch of his character and backstory first.
  6. That five man was a blast. I love matches where everyone gets their shine. And I doubly love it when the person who wins does so because of their greatest strength. Adam Cole won because he's a sneaky opportunist and grabbed the ball. I would be super into Heel Matt Riddle. Party-bros into UFC are the worst people in the world to me. All I keep saying to myself when I watch him wrestle is "Wow, that knot he tied that dude up into was super cool, now can the UE or someone please hit him with a car in the parking lot?" Velveteen Dream is the best guy in NXT right now and I think might be the best guy they've ever made in-house. His first debut in the character was as a Stevie Richards-style putz doing a Chapelle-As-Prince bit and getting knocked the f out by Shinsuke. Now he's this over-the-top spotlight hog who wrestles as his character better than anyone else they've ever developed. I've been all in on The Experience since Day 1 and my fandom just grows by the day.
  7. That was one of the best hours of professional wrestling I've ever watched. It just gets better every week. We all knew how the story was going to go with the first five men. But I still completely bought into everything the entire time. And I realized there was enough time left for something to happen. And despite how many hours I've watched wrestling, I still was shocked when Vince came out... and doubly so with Daniel Bryan (who somehow came off even more of a jerk than he did before). Standing ovation all around.
  8. The Tyler Breeze video ruled. The Bo Dallas Mr. NXT angle is probably my all-time favorite NXT moment. It is a comic gem.
  9. MM/FS was real nice.The Forgotten Sons looked like they were going to leave us as quickly as they entered our lives but they've improved a lot very quickly. Biancia/Io was solid. Bianca has it. She's about 12 months away from being the next big thing. I will always watch Shayna choking out whoever gets in her way, too. That main event was something else. It's also just sorta hilarious to me that NXT did this years long build to get to the moment for Johnny to finally outsmart his enemy... only for Tomasso having to have neck surgery to sit out a year. I know people always complain about angles moving too fast, but there's a legit reason why it's hard to plan for something a year in advance.
  10. The other thing I love about #KofiMania is how he's standing out even with The New Day. Woods and Big E. are pissed off for their best friend. They are angry for him. But Kofi's slyly remaining positive throughout. That's the point of The New Day, right? He's not doing what Austin or those before him would do an punching Vince in the face. He's telling him he's good enough and he'll prove it. It's so much more rewarding this way. I think that's just such a better story. "Let me prove it to you that I can do it." Like... it's so friggin' spot-on to how a lot of people have to deal with their jobs. "You don't think I can manage this project? I'm a good second-team player but not good enough to be a team leader? I've never sent out another resume to another company. I never use all my vacation time. Give me the ball once and let me show you I can do it."
  11. The Kofi angle is one of the best stories the WWE has ever told. I think everyone can relate to Kofi's Everyman. I think everyone knows what it's like to show up for work every day and to do a good job and to feel like it is never enough to impress the boss who gives breaks to everyone else. Like... it's literally my career arc right now. It's also such a great dynamic to go against Daniel Bryan, who had his own famous role in the arc but who is now so self-righteous that he doesn't recognize the situation at hand. The entire segment was incredible. Kofi's facial expression when Big E and Xavier were doing the talking said it all. It was really reminiscent of the famous angle where Eddie finally turned on Rey where he just stared blankly with his eyes. We saw with Eddie's eyes how he snapped. With Kofi, we see a guy who knows his shot is right there and he has zero idea why it isn't coming. Thinking about it... Kofi has ALWAYS been this good at communicating emotion. This doesn't happen without him doing such great work for years in a supporting player role. His gauntlet performance was the best single performance of his career, and everyone sort of all at once realized that Kofi has been really friggin' good for a really long time. I'm all in. This is so great.
  12. Really fun show tonight. All four matches were great. I really liked the false finish with a hyped up Ford pulling the legs too far to seal the pin. I loved that same spot when Neville almost snagged the title from Rollins that one Raw. Really fun way to have a false finish. Why wouldn't someone be pumped at a big win? And Montez is hyped up all the time. I like that as a weakness. The EU is going to be the next big thing by the end of 2019. They just need to learn how to be jerks a bit better. Great mannerisms but they need to start doing more stuff like eye rakes across the ropes. Dream's segment ruled.
  13. I was at some indie show in 1996 in Pennsylvania somewhere and Bundy was on the show. I was working on making a fanzine at the time. I worked my way backstage and interviews Bundy. During the interview, he said he had Andre The Giant’s last match, and it resulted in his death. (I also interviewed “Iron” Mike Sharpe about what he put in his arm brace over the years.) My brother also had a great run-in with Bundy. He was starting out his comedy career. There was some North Jersey promotion doing a show at Seton Hall. A good friend of ours was involved in the show somehow. My brother convinced him to let him be a manager. The match he managed was a great fiasco. The dude my brother managed had a panic attack before the match. My brother missed his cue to hit the face with his obviously plastic cane. They had a pull apart brawl after and my brother got whipped into the table that was on its end to serve as a locker room barrier. It fell over upon impact and nearly his King King Bundy who then yelled at my brother. The show ended when Bundy did a back bump in his match and it set off the fire alarm. Great wrestler for his role.
  14. The best character on one of the best bad/most addictive TV shows of all time.
  15. The Lio/Finn match was really good. One of my favorite ECW matches of all-time is Sabu vs. Stevie Richards. That was a great match where the put upon lackey stepped up bigtime against a superior opponent who barely held on. This match sort of felt like that. Or, if it was March Madness, it was a 15 seed giving a 2 seed a run with both teams tied with 90 seconds to go or whatever. Lio Rush is a really fun wrestler. Becky/Ronda was great. I love how the whole thing is just in utter chaos now. Steph stating that Becky and Rousey are both the same really set it up super well. They're both bad-asses who want to be the best. And, because of that, they hate each other's guts. The end angle was super fun. I was wondering how Charlotte was going to get involved or if Becky was going to hijack a cop car or something. Nope. Instead, a great shock ending with Batista returning. I loved the blue sunglasses as a Bluetista nod.
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