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  1. I don't think I have ever thought about a movie as much as I have seen Cats. The train conductor cat to me was maybe the 13th weirdest thing in the movie to me but yes it was so incredibly weird. And the pure boredom of Cats -- like, there is seriously no plot or action or anything interesting -- was also somehow insanely fascinating? I regret nothing, either.
  2. I never go to the movies but saw two the past week I loved for entirely differing reasons. Uncut Gems is as stated above. It is really friggin’ good. Super fun even with gross sleazy characters. Adam Sandler rules in it. I love that every few years he is in something that reminds “serious” critic types that he is really talented. I just read a feature on him that was about why he makes crap like Grown Ups 8 and not more stuff like Uncut Gems. His answer is great. He is the producer for all of them so he calls the shots, the all make money, he makes them with his best friends, he does it when his kids aren’t in school so he takes his family to wherever they are filming for a vacation, etc. What a life and a perfectly acceptable answer. But, yeah, Uncut Gems is great. Then yesterday I saw CATS. I never saw the musical despite growing up in the NYC burbs. I could only tell you what I knew from the incessant commercials growing up: It was at the Winter Garden Theater and it is “now and forever.” But I read a few reviews of the film version and a very funny friend of mine saw it and described it and I knew I needed to go. I fly the flag of wanting to watch misguided crap more than actually good things high. And oh boy is this thing terrible. It is as bad as you have heard. I did not know the source material for this was so strange to begin with. But the film version is even grosser with horrifying cat fur CGI with all kinds of editing errors and ridiculous stuff throughout. I cannot begin to describe how unsettling it is to see Sir Ian McKellan’s character lick a dirty water bowl. Same with Judy Dench wearing a fur coat possibly made of her own fur. Or Rebel Wilson’s anthropomorphic cat character with her legs spread wide open scratching her bathing suit area. It is so baffling and I am proud to say I saw it in the theaters. I have not drank in over 10 years or dabbled in marijuana for probably 15, and I barely did that to start with. But I would say that is drugs are your thing you should watch Cats while on something. I felt like I was on hallucinogens throughout. I would actually see this in theaters again because there is apparently all sorts of stuff I missed like them not CGIing Judy Dench’s wedding ring out.
  3. Greggulator


    What an absolute amazing season of television. And series. Not everything has always worked. There was too much show-offy stuff at times. Or it became more about twists than anything that advanced a story. But I don't think there has really been a show that has reflected the darkest corners of our current society (Anonymous seems quaint in this day and age of international hacking syndicates) like this. I really loved the economics thought essay after Season 1 -- what exactly would a debt-free world look like? (The answer of "horrible" being correct.) And they have really had a ton of earned moments with the characters, too, like last week with Dom and Darlene. I'm really excited for the home stretch and this show deserves such a huge nod.
  4. The Kabuki Warriors are number one and the best. The whole act currently rules right now. I love their cocksure, over-the-top strut/dance to the ring. They have a great combination of brutality and cheapshot b.s., too. The end of the Becky match was so badass with Asuka doing her rolling hand gesture to point at Becky when Kairi blasted her through the table. That was on the same level as when Bray pointed at Roman speared that dude, just with the camera angle not quite as good because it was on the floor. Then I loved Kairi holding titles on her kneck, followed by them screaming nonsense in Japanese, jumping Charlotte and tormenting Charly. I also really liked how they beat Charlotte but took a DQ to get Becky. That's a really good way to show that Becky's the champ and the best and Charlotte is a little below. That's what you SHOULD do with your champion.There's a hierarchy. Charlotte has established herself as awesome. Becky has established herself as the dominant figure in woman's wrestling, and she shouldn't be taking a pin. Hierarchy is important. And, also, Becky walked off in pain and holding her neck. Her doing that makes sense at the time because KO took the stretcher/ambulance job. Again: Hierarchy. KO ate a curb stomp to the floor after taking a van door to the face. Becky got put through a table to the floor, which may or may not end an actual wresting match. Two stretcher jobs on one show takes away from the impact of one of them. Maybe they could have cut to commercial so you don't see Becky walking off, but either way she has to get back to the locker room anyways. As far as predictability goes: What's the difference between something being predictable versus having organized storytelling that advances from week-to-week with a plan in place that leads to a match at a flagship PPV? I'm fine with predictability if the stories are fun getting there. The Kabuki Warriors, who people were slagging on for not being on TV or having credibility not too long ago, now have that and are forcing the two long-term rivals with years of tension and one of the most bitter rivalries in memory to team up. Rollins reverted back to his manipulative heel ways and finally revealed his true motivations -- you turned on me, so screw you -- and his plan with his hired goons. And it's not like KO played the dumb babyface who never saw it coming. He saw it coming from the very first second! They played it against type, too. No KO/Rollins vs. AOP match where the turn or increased tensions occurs. It was KO just saying "yeah, okay, whatever dude" the whole time. He just was obsessed with getting revenge against the AOP and Rollins knew that and took advantage.
  5. I didn't see the whole episode. I really, really, really loved that Charlotte vs. Kabuki Warriors match. I loved that the KWs won cleanly. Sure, they manipulated the rules a bit throughout the match, but that's tag team wrestling for you. They controlled almost all of the match, too. Charlotte had her chances to win, as she should being the world beater of the division. But 2-on-1 was a losing battle. It was also nice that Kairi won with the elbow after Charlotte bridged in the Figure Eight. I was assuming the whole time we'd see Asuka use mist but that ending was well done. That match also highlighted what I love most about WWE Women's Wrestling. Every single woman who has spent time in NXT really knows how to use facial expressions and body language to communicate emotion. They're all really talented physical actors. Charlotte does such a great job with intense stares and the like, especially right before she's measuring someone up. Asuka and Kairi have some really wonderful, over-the-top theatrics that work perfectly with their gimmick. Alexa Bliss isn't the best wrestler but she became a huge star because she is so awesome at that part of the performance art. Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans are both pretty awkward in terms of the athleticism part of wrestling but both really understand the power of a smugly dropping a lace glove to the mat or taunting someone. I think it's a cool case study to show them against The OC. I friggin' hate Karl Anderson so much. He's pretty much the exact opposite of what the NXT women bring to the table when he's in the ring. Luke Gallows isn't much better, either. It's also pretty crazy considering Rey Mysterio is one of the best ever at conveying emotion through physicality and has been great at it since I was in high school. But those two dudes just sorta suck at those components of storytelling.
  6. Bray and The Family got “This Is Awesome” chants their first debut on Raw when they took out Kane and were one of the hottest acts for like 18 months. Bray also had the best feud during Bryan’s big run and the whole “Bryan joins the Family” story resulted in Bryan on top of the cage in the biggest pop in decades probably. Wyatt’s redebut is the most organic character push they have had in a really long time. He debuted with Firefly Funhouse. It immediately got over. Then that revealed itself as The Fiend. Even more over. It is because it is an awesome look and gimmick and not really like anything anyone has done before. And Bray can work. He has had so many great matches. Shield vs. Wyatts is on the short list of best matches ever. Bray vs. Bryan was one of DB’s single best matches. Bray vs. Cena has some awesome stuff, including the awesome last man standing match where Bray ate the steps. His gimmick matches are goofy but there are a long line of Taker and Kane and etc. matches that are just cartoons. The guy is great and people are just hating on this because they don’t want to like anything.
  7. Wait, I thought everyone was mad because Bray never won and no one could believe in him? Or I thought everyone wanted him to beat Seth at SummerSlam and give the hot new dude the title right away? And now no one likes him?
  8. I haven’t watched NXT since it went live it actually any wrestling the past few months aside from stuff that popped up on my social media feeds. Who knew that having a six month old would make you always busy and always tired? I did not see much of the build to the Women’s War Games. But I really friggin’ loved that match. I loved the badass heels so much. Just everyone on that team has “it” in (Queen of) Spades. I never saw KLR before but what a great sneaky cheapshot artist she is. I am kind of torn on the Dakota Kai stuff. It could have been a really epic story if she ended up as the fourth person and managed to be the one to beat Shayna to win that — the perpetual underdog who after all this time finally gets just deserts on her tormenter in the first women’s war games. But that savage act of treachery was one of the best beatings ever. Oh my god was that so nasty looking. She was so awesome as an unhinged lunatic beating the crap out of her best friend. I did love the end though where Shayna’s plan backfired. Perfect way for Shayna to lose. Candace is irritating to me but she did a great job as the “never say die” type. Bianca’s big dive was completely nuts. Io’s was even wilder. Great match and seriously one of NXT’s best ever.
  9. Comedy was reinvented tonight when the LA Clippers new mascot Chuck The Condor tormented a 104-year-old vet who served in Normandy.
  10. Oh wow. I completely forgot about: 1) Sami vs. Samoa, 2 out of 3 falls. I really want to rewatch that. 2) Austin Aries in NXT at all. That dude was such a snooze. 3) I also really want to rewatch all the Champ Bayley carry jobs she did. I remember loving the hell out of that match versus Carmella.
  11. I watched the end of Rockets/Wizards on the Houston feed. After the game, the sideline reporter asked Harden how they won the game. Dude said "It starts with our defense" in a game where his team gave up 158 points. So hilarious. Embiid is the greatest. He trolled the hell out of KAT on Instagram tonight, too. I also watched the first quarter of GSW vs. Phoenix. Golden State looked absolutely terrible. They legit looked as bad as some random Sixers team under Hinkie. The Steph news is absolutely heartbreaking. I think we were all hoping/waiting for Steph to go nuclear at some point in the season. Steph before KD ended up on GSW was the most entertaining basketball player of my lifetime. It's rare when you actually see an athlete change the sport he plays. Steph pretty much reinvented basketball as we knew it previously. I'll gladly take Dame Lillard and Trey Young firing from the logo in my nightly sports consumption, even knowing the downside of teams just looking to shoot thees/score at the rim/get on the FT line.
  12. On paper, a show about a computer hacking anarchist looking to bring down the system in an overstylized show heavy in voice over should be my least favorite thing ever made. But instead Mr. Robot is on the short list of my all-time favorites. Great great great first episode.
  13. They gave Charlotte a super short reign so the transformation of Evil Bayley could finalize on the second week of their new live show on a major TV network. They need to have big moments and the like — especially for new viewers who maybe saw a promo on Sunday on the NFL or just through the week and decided to tune in. A title change is certainly that, and it has meat on the bones for people who have been watching for a while seeing a once beloved role model go fully into the dark side. I cannot believe there is still this Charlotte Flair Is Not Good thing. You are doing wrestling wrong if you are not showcasing the daughter of arguably the most beloved wrestler of all-time who is also a hyper athletic freak and has a remarkable amount of high-end matches and also has great presence. Charlotte is incredibly good at what she does and I am pretty sure all the people hating on her are pranking me.
  14. I'm partial to the IronWoman match just because that's my favorite gimmick match. But they are both just pretty much professional wrestling at its best. I think I would show both of those matches to someone who has never watched wrestling as an entry point. If you don't like wrestling after those matches with all of those iconic moments and the great stories in both -- Bayley digging down deeper than she ever thought she could to win in Brooklyn bookended with Sasha showing her true heel coward self and not gutting it out for a few more seconds in the IronWoman -- than you just do not like wrestling. I really wanted Sasha and Bayley to be tied that year, I believe. If I absolutely HAD to vote, I'd go with Bayley. That is not taking one thing away from Sasha, obviously. But I think it's a lot harder to be a babyface than it is to be a heel. Bayley''s persona was also not some ass kicking, brash in-your-face type that we usually associate as faces. She was a nice person who tried to do the right things and be a role model. She started out with people thinking she might have been a female Eugene. When she finally bested Sasha and was the last Horsewoman left, she was arguably the most over character in NXT history up to that point -- and even maybe still to this day. And that character had a lot of legs to it, considering she finally made her turn to the darkness tonight. That's just such a hard gimmick to pull off. Sasha's act has a lot more layers to it than what it looks like on its face -- she's not just some blinged-out snot, she's actually a completely insecure person who puts on this false bravado as The Boss. But Bayley's role is a lot harder. Also, Bayley had so many fun matches after the Ironwoman match. I remember really liking the Eva Marie match a lot -- just a really great bells-and-whistles performance where Bayley got to show her stuff against someone who was truly awful at professional wrestling.
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