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  1. Waaaaay too much Shane McMahon. So standard procedure, I guess.
  2. I suspect the idea with Alexa/Bayley is to give Bayley a win in a quick feud (there's only a two-week build) that will feel more satisfying precisely because so many fans will be paranoid about a repeat of 2017, even though it doesn't make logical sense. (the Raw roster is small and really lacking thanks to injuries, so losing Alexa would be silly.)
  3. This is the best idea since:
  4. Making history. It’s a cliche to say talent needs more creative control, but these two would really benefit getting to show their comedy chops in TV rather than being cannon fodder for Becky.
  5. The constant Shane McMahon is still very irksome, but I thought they did a good job with their Roman booking tonight (including him selflessly helping R-Truth get his 24/7 Title back), and got some strong crowd reactions as a result. There's nothing wrong with going basic sometimes, especially when the storytelling is in a lull due to the impending Saudi show.
  6. It was nice to see the crowd happy for the Becky hot tag, but I think she’s really been struggling with this different ‘athletic’ moveset she’s been doing post-Mania, from her perpetually awkward top-rope clothesline/dropkick to the weakly executed ‘ManHandle Slam’ tonight. It’s not playing to her strengths. Plus it’s frustrating seeing the women only getting one segment or match each Raw when they have so much time to waste on Shane McMahon and other filler.
  7. I’ve heard that he was a big wheel at Kent State and he ‘deserves this’, you know.
  8. Some of her promos leaned a bit towards a smiley persona (thanking 'the lads' in the crowd, smiling at fans chanting her name, etc: ), but I think really what we're seeing with Becky now is among other things a product of the problem of an 'underdog' character being given everything. It wouldn't have been as big of an issue if she just won the Raw title at Mania, but Vince wanted her to have both (maybe for those '2 Belt' t-shirt sales) and it now means there isn't really anything she can strive for and you can never argue she's overlooked again, she's been given more than any woman on the roster ever has. And as she targeted a fickle market in smarks (given how effectively she worked them into believing she was 'held back' and that Vince preferred blondes when she's had the most protected booking in the company for nearly a year now), its an act that while very successful, wasn't necessarily conceived for the long term.
  9. DBry/Rowan as tag champs is good. Bait and switch on a promised match (the women’s tag was originally a 6-woman tag with Charlotte and Bayley involved) and then virtually no time for the women that did compete is bad.
  10. In a three hour show that had time for 20 minutes of Baron Corbin and plenty of time for Shane McMahon, the women’s division got five minutes. That does not bode well.
  11. I’d go with Becky winning vs Lacey but losing vs Charlotte, (even if via Lacey interfering if they feel it’s not protected enough) because the Raw division badly needs Becky, it keeps her and Charlotte separated for months, and gives a big match to build to if Ronda doesn’t return, in addition to leaving the cash-in as an open story element rather than using it right away like last year. And hopefully in the meantime they could each help build some more stars on each brand.
  12. For sure, she looked very good out there, that knee looked brutal, as did the spear. Another point of interest is that except for one house show match on Monday, that was the first time they’ve faced each other in more than two years, so it’s great to see the chemistry there but also something they can hone further with more matches.
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