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  1. RIShane

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    It was definitely nice pacing on the main event story, especially as you know things are going down at Ric's 70th Birthday Celebration, including Charlotte being a jerk to her dad about his never main-eventing Mania, Becky invading, or quite possibly both. I thought Charlotte's promo nicely showed her range in that it was fairly soft-spoken (as if response to that Becky tweet the other day alleging she "shouts into the microphone") but still projected her ego and an air of menace.
  2. RIShane

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    Felt like a weird and flat show which did virtually nothing to advance stories for Fastlane or Wrestlemania after it. The NXT debuts were in theory a nice idea but they should have waited for a smarkier city where fans might have cared, it was sad seeing DIY/Revival do their NXT Greatest Hits to so little reaction. Ronda/Ruby was a strong match but also slightly undercut Ronda looking so dominant at Elimination Chamber the night before. I think as a whole the show reminded us that NXT and WWE are very different entities, and the awkwardness of the Bayley/Sasha tandem promo was just more proof of that. Next week should at least be a bigger story with Ric's 70th Birthday Celebration promising us Becky interrupting and/or Charlotte being a jerk to her dad about his never main-eventing Mania.
  3. RIShane

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    This is the thing that bugs me about some of the arguments about why-do-the-triple-threat-cause-it-means-the-SDL-match-will-be-lesser-when-they-should-be-equal. I hope the SDL match is still good, but of course it will be relatively lesser, this Raw Mania match is going to be billed and presented as the biggest match in the history of women's wrestling between three top stars who all despise each other, and its going to be a very big deal, as we're already seeing by it being the story across Raw and SDL. Some of the booking is going to be unequal to try and push that match, which I get the issue with but is also a consequence of it being Mania season, Ruby/Ronda had a more competitive match on Raw a few months back. My guess from here, predictable as it may sound is that the rumoured Charlotte/Becky match at Fastlane ends with Ronda beating the crap out of both of them, thus completing the triangle of hate and vicious beatdowns. (Though Becky is the strongest booked 'underdog' in a long time, right down to her ability to win fights and beat up opponents and win matches all on one sporadically-injured leg.)
  4. RIShane

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    For anyone wondering why Charlotte only focused on watching Ronda/Ruby.
  5. RIShane

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Must say, they're doing a hell of a job with the long-term build for this Mania triple threat and establishing why all parties despise each other. Charlotte destroying Ronda at Survivor Series, Ronda screwing her and Becky at TLC, Becky's Rumble win, Becky attacking Ronda/Charlotte tonight. All it needs is Ronda destroying both of them at Fastlane, and the circle of bloodshed is complete.
  6. RIShane


    In part of her efforts to promote Elimination Chamber despite not being on the card (save for appearing in the crowd for Ronda/Ruby), Charlotte Flair did a lot of local media in Houston yesterday, and the below interview's a very interesting one, with some thoughtful questions about topics like how to be a role model while being a heel and her perspective on an all-women's show. The reason I'm posting it here though is that she gives an answer about the importance of your character evolving that made me wonder about whether many NXT callups not getting where they'd like to be on the main roster is really because they were 'held back' or booked badly, or if just didn't keep pushing and developing:
  7. RIShane

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Charlotte Flair's putting in work to promote Ronda/Ruby as anything other than a foregone conclusion:
  8. RIShane

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

    I think WWE is trying to make fans forget that Asuka beat Becky clean because that slightly undermines Becky. The most telling moment for me was during the hype video last week when they left that match out entirely.
  9. RIShane

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

    I think as a whole it was better than the famous Raw gauntlet match from last year. That had a very exciting first hour with Rollins/Roman and Rollins/Cena, but really died down over the second, when the excitement came from the sheer length of the match itself.
  10. RIShane

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

    Oh yeah, and its wild that Kofi's the youngest entrant in that Elimination Chamber match.
  11. RIShane

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

  12. RIShane

    SDL is THE IRON KINGSTON 2/12/19

    It was top-notch heeling, and I think it helped highlight how its much much safer having someone like her who can control a hostile crowd in the heel role for this feud than Ronda (who clearly gets rattled by crowds who dislike her, which is understandable given her lack of experience) trying to play a face but being forced into a 'heel' role because Becky. Plus I loved her disingenuously 'dedicating' the Mania match to her friend, Becky., and she also did more to hype up Ronda/Ruby than that whole episode of Raw did. Gauntlet match was excellent too, though its a shame that Ali was hurt so he didn't get that opportunity for a real showcase. The RKO-outta-nowhere! ending was predictable but made me laugh.
  13. RIShane

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    I'm sure WWE will find someone. Just sucks that Ember got hurt, ,that would have been amazing.
  14. RIShane

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    This is the crux of it for me. Fans weren't hyped to see Becky and Ronda fight, they were hyped to see Becky beat Ronda. Adding Charlotte not only properly pays off the story they've been telling since November (especially the Survivor Series and TLC endings which strongly hinted at a three-way), but also adds that element of doubt that will make Becky's eventual win all the sweeter. And frankly, it'll make for a more interesting build than Becky smirking at every Ronda promo (hurt even more by the crowd rattling Ronda) and repeatedly 'owning' her on Twitter for the next two months. Like, that moment on Raw when they first confronted each other? Great, but it would have been very hard to keep up that energy the whole way, especially with WWE wanting to use Becky so heavily on both shows.
  15. RIShane

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    And Ronda pushed both her and Becky off the ladder at TLC. As much as some fans claim "its' Becky's time!", the story's been built as a three-way for some time now.