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  1. It’s probably not going to catch on like Charlotte’s knee to Ronda on the go-home last year, but this camera angle is hilarious.
  2. I thought this episode showed some encouraging signs for WWE adapting to this new format. Besides the camera angles, I thought choosing two fast-paced high-impact matches in Cena/Brock/Seth and Charlotte/Asuka was a much more effective use of archival footage than replaying the entire men's Rumble, even though that was a very good match in its own right.
  3. That's what I assumed was the plan up through Elimination Chamber with her wearing increasingly outlandish costumes and becoming ever more arrogant, but then her promo the night after (the one calling Shayna a "black hole of charisma") acted like that routine was just "treading water" filler material and she was being serious again, so its hard to say at this point what her character is in this storyline.
  4. Yes, though they also have some extra challenges due to pro wrestling's narrative nature. Its not like being able to reschedule a game later in the season or postponing a concert until further notice, its not just a delay but also affects the broader stories. Whatever happens from here, WWE and other federations (who will probably be the real sufferers financially) have difficult decisions ahead.
  5. Feel they’ve done well this week making Charlotte/Rhea more personal rather than just being a ‘dream match’ build. This was a fun moment after the attack, too:
  6. That Kabuki Warriors match was very efficient booking, pushing the stories of their needing a challenger, Nattie not yet having the right partner, and the ongoing Riott Squad Explodes storyline.
  7. My favourite iteration of Shayna in NXT was before she started having to use Marina and Jessamyn for ineffectual run-ins, and I hope they don't become part of her main roster work any time soon. As a character she's good enough at projecting herself as an unlikable and vicious heel on her own. As for the main event, I thought it was logically booked even if two pauses was odd--Becky's obnoxiously overconfident character makes a lot more sense if Shayna's a monster and she's overlooking the threat, and there wasn't any suspense going into the match anyway so may as well make Shayna look as strong as possible. Plus it wasn't only tapouts, as shown by her brutality towards Liv and Natalya. The only thing for me is it made the decision to have her go back and forth with Kairi on Raw for 12 minutes even more mystifying, tonight would have felt even more impactful if that had been a quick and dominant win too. Also, the decision to have Charlotte win the Rumble and challenge Rhea was also a way of elevating NXT by showing it as important enough to be the target of a Rumble winner's challenge. Even if it had been played the way some are advocating with her just randomly showing up on NXT TV and calling Rhea out, I have a feeling people would have disliked it anyway--see for reference the fans who were initially paranoid about her beating Bayley at Summerslam and then angered by her challenging Trish instead even though it ended up being a very good match. (There's also room for a feud between her and Shayna post-Mania, calling back to the end of the Rumble, assuming Shayna and Rhea both win at Mania.)
  8. Also, I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s remarkable that Becky Lynch is booked so strong that they can’t even have her take a bite to the neck without stealing an ambulance and cutting an unopposed promo to stand tall.
  9. She has good chemistry with Charlotte, judging from their 2018 Fastlane match and then having a surprisingly strong 85-second Beat the Clock match on Raw last year.
  10. Them setting up before Takeover has me quietly hoping the Mania match is a triple threat with Bianca included as well. On the whole, Raw’s in a good groove right now, it’s nice to see.
  11. Swank! It’s nice to see how much her and Charlotte trust each other and how there’s always something different in their matches. Also thought Becky’s ultra-arrogant promo was interesting. Feels like she’s being set up to take a fall soon, perhaps from Shayna.
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