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  1. It was a shirt from last year. That said, I’m sure there will be a lot of speculation until the match ends.
  2. I can understand them running Becky/Shayna, but that underwhelming Survivor Series match lowered my expectations quite a bit.
  3. Charlotte and Andrade are launching a fitness/lifestyle YouTube channel:
  4. Lana is well versed in much of what the 'Beeb provides.
  5. Sadly turns out she was misrepresented. She prefers the programming on BBC2.
  6. In fairness, I think the real catalyst was Ruby needing surgery. And yes, I miss the Riotts’ low-stakes mischief too.
  7. The Americans was also brilliant and multi-faceted. On the whole I think WWE has done well in not incorporating political themes into their storylines in recent years, their past record shows that its generally very tacky when they do.
  8. That ending was a Paul Heyman fever dream, though quite fun if not taken seriously. Also, Eric Young got wiped out during the Charlotte/Natalya match:
  9. This is a misleading angle. You can see from alternate angles that they didn't come near hitting her head: In terms of the situation in general, there's been so much outrage about it online (including ones based on the inaccurate belief Kairi got hit in the head by a monitor) and so many assumed motives (Reddit is completely furious) that I think its worth waiting for more information to come out before making judgements.
  10. Asuka/Kairi’s theatrical heeling was great fun before Kairi got hurt. It’s rough cause she’s tiny so she has less protection in situations like that.
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