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  1. I did notice they left the convenient wriggle-room of the Women's tag titles being able to float across brands.
  2. I was mystified by why they had Charlotte and Becky do so much promotional and advertising work for SD-on-Fox only for both to seemingly end up on Raw. As it stands, this is the entire SD women's roster: Bayley/Sasha/Lacey/Carmella/Tamina.
  3. And drafting Alexa and Nikki separately! The USA Network.
  4. It’s kinda crazy how heavily she’s being used for Bayley’s benefit since Mania, after being used for Becky’s before. Their April SD match got fans excited about Bayley again, then Bayley cashed in on her at MITB so Becky didn’t have to lose it that way, and now after getting a 4 minute match with a comedy ending in her hometown, she’s being used again to try and get Heel Bayley over. It’s tiring. I hope it works at least.
  5. Rob Schamberger’s art wasn’t a prediction for the women’s matches, it was a spoiler:
  6. I think the women carried this show, honestly. Becky/Sasha was great and Becky's best match since TLC last year (Becky thrives in gimmick matches), the women's tag overdelivered and I'm delighted to see heel Asuka on the main roster, and Charlotte/Bayley got the crowd back into it even with the over-long Corbin/Gable match before it. With the Lacey/Nattie preshow match it was also the second PPV this year to have four women's matches and three on the main card, that's progress. Yeah, the main event and its ending sucked, but there's still strong positives to take out of this show.
  7. I get Bayley losing wasn't a popular decision around here, but you can understand the logic right ahead of the draft and Charlotte being a central part of Fox's advertising/promotion. (My theory is we're going to see Charlotte/Becky main event at Survivor Series and that's when Ronda and co return...) Charlotte's been all class about it, too.
  8. Reminder that they’re two days out from HIAC and have three matches booked. Three. On a more positive note, I thought it was nice having the opening segment about Becky and the opening tag match giving Charlotte spotlight. They’ve both been central in Fox’s advertising/promotion so it felt fitting.
  9. Interesting that they gave Becky/Sasha so much time tonight and still haven’t announced a SDL women’s match for HIAC.
  10. She did a full run-in in heels on the 7/31/18 SDL which started the build to her and Becky’s feud last year.
  11. Kinda odd that both hometown stars lost in such short matches.
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