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  1. Some of her promos leaned a bit towards a smiley persona (thanking 'the lads' in the crowd, smiling at fans chanting her name, etc: ), but I think really what we're seeing with Becky now is among other things a product of the problem of an 'underdog' character being given everything. It wouldn't have been as big of an issue if she just won the Raw title at Mania, but Vince wanted her to have both (maybe for those '2 Belt' t-shirt sales) and it now means there isn't really anything she can strive for and you can never argue she's overlooked again, she's been given more than any woman on the roster ever has. And as she targeted a fickle market in smarks (given how effectively she worked them into believing she was 'held back' and that Vince preferred blondes when she's had the most protected booking in the company for nearly a year now), its an act that while very successful, wasn't necessarily conceived for the long term.
  2. DBry/Rowan as tag champs is good. Bait and switch on a promised match (the women’s tag was originally a 6-woman tag with Charlotte and Bayley involved) and then virtually no time for the women that did compete is bad.
  3. In a three hour show that had time for 20 minutes of Baron Corbin and plenty of time for Shane McMahon, the women’s division got five minutes. That does not bode well.
  4. I’d go with Becky winning vs Lacey but losing vs Charlotte, (even if via Lacey interfering if they feel it’s not protected enough) because the Raw division badly needs Becky, it keeps her and Charlotte separated for months, and gives a big match to build to if Ronda doesn’t return, in addition to leaving the cash-in as an open story element rather than using it right away like last year. And hopefully in the meantime they could each help build some more stars on each brand.
  5. For sure, she looked very good out there, that knee looked brutal, as did the spear. Another point of interest is that except for one house show match on Monday, that was the first time they’ve faced each other in more than two years, so it’s great to see the chemistry there but also something they can hone further with more matches.
  6. Its probably better for Bayley if she gets to chase Charlotte after MITB, honestly. (Which is why I assume they went with a spear finish rather than a finisher.) Tonight showed how easily the crowd will get behind her when she’s against a strong heel and can show intensity, while going against Becky is a bad thing if you’re a face trying to get back over. I get the anger, but it’s a sensible long-term decision, especially when having to work around Becky having both belts.
  7. Good show besides the addition of Lars and some awkward promos prior to the 8-woman tag. Finn/Ali was very enjoyable, and Charlotte/Carmella was a fun TV match that showed their ring chemistry, told a story and built logically to its conclusion. (It was an interesting contrast to Becky/Ruby the night before where Becky did no arm work whatsoever prior to the Disarmher.) As for the roster changes, SDL looks pretty stacked, particularly the women's division with adding Kairi/Ember/Bayley (and even Mickie James), but adding Buddy Murphy, Finn Balor and even Roman (who's done virtually everything already on Raw and has some good potential match-ups ahead) are all good calls. Also enjoyed Kevin's New Day bonding and the unsubtle Elias foreshadowing of Roman's appearance when talking about 'reigns'.
  8. Bayley came to Raw a month after the 2016 Draft and has stayed there since.
  9. She talked about Charlotte Flair and Shaul Guerrero helping her even when other (unnamed) wrestlers wouldn’t accept her:
  10. I'm sympathetic with the 'Sasha and Bayley just needed a feud' argument, but I think its more complicated and I'm not confident their WWE feud would have been the one people dreamed of based on their NXT work. The thing is while in NXT you can have a great feud on ringwork alone, but a lot of the time in WWE you need mic chemistry as well as ring chemistry. If you look at the Becky/Charlotte feud from last year, one thing that really stands out is how few matches they had for how long they feuded. If you take it from the original feud from Summerslam to Evolution, they only had four matches spaced across a two and a half month period. No random tag matches or such, they were instead able to do a variety of different segment types (from Becky on The Cutting Edge to promo duels to Charlotte and Becky addressing the Performance Center on the Evolution go-home) because both can be trusted on the mic and work well with each other. Even with the way post-Survivor Series the feud ended up crossing over with Ronda and stretching to Wrestlemania across both shows, they only had four real matches with each other across that time prior to (TLC, a January SDL match with Carmella, Fastlane and Mania, plus the last few minutes of the Rumble). I don't think WWE could have worked something similar with Bayley/Sasha, and one of the most interesting questions when analysing the last four-to-five years of WWE is why Bayley/Sasha were the half of the 4HW that seemed to have all the momentum and buzz back in 2015 but Charlotte and Becky managed to improve dramatically on the main roster and go all the way to main-eventing Wrestlemania, because I think its multi-faceted and booking alone doesn't explain it. .
  11. I'd like to see another Ruby/Charlotte feud. Their Fastlane match last year was very good and they managed to show strong chemistry even in that 85 second 'beat the clock' match a couple of weeks ago, and it'd be a great way to establish Ruby as a face if they want to do that. (Plus Charlotte was the one person to promote Ruby as a threat to Ronda before Elimination Chamber, and judging from their comments during the Mania WatchAlong, the Riotts all like her a lot.) Also, that IIconics segment/match was great, I loved their "FIIIIGHTING champions" promo and the Brooklyn Belles' '45-0' record. I know Sasha/Bayley were bummed (given their 'we're gonna lose' faces on Sunday), but maybe this could work out well.
  12. Its frustrating how Becky gets away with such poor and inconsistent selling as she's been doing in recent months. She was already going to win the brawl, it wouldn't have killed her to at least act like Lacey's finisher hurt at all rather than just turning and smiling.
  13. Alternate angle of the Spanish Fly > pin transition from the main event:
  14. I think Kofi getting the win and Mania Moment's a good idea, though at the same time Bryan's so good in this role that I'd like him to win it back not too long afterwards. Thought that was a pretty underwhelming go-home on the whole, though.
  15. Fair point. On the upside, Charlotte was laying in her shots HARD even before the knee: Also, that segment was brilliantly timed given the Last Week Tonight segment made the 'wrestling is awesome when its absurd' argument, so giving three of the top stars in the company an all-out crazy segment like that was excellent. Plus its the first time women have ever gotten one of those, so in its way it made history. I'm now dying for a courtroom segment/brawl with the three of them.
  16. This week's selection includes 7 matches, most notably a 30-minute 1996 Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin dark match: https://www.wwenetworknews.com/2019/03/27/exclusive-half-a-dozen-hidden-gems-to-be-added-to-wwe-network-tomorrow-focusing-on-2019-hof-inductees-3-dark-matches-included/
  17. Fair point,. I'd be happy for Nattie/Beth if they got a win. (And even the IIconics winning would lead to some good comedy.) Also,
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