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  1. That was a good episode though I feel the 4HW should have main-evented. Was nice seeing the crowd getting into Charlotte working face, and Bayley sold Natural Selection like a champ.
  2. She is now. She wasn't for a couple of months even while fans cheered everything she did.
  3. Wrestling fans in 2019 love ‘shocking’ moments and thus love heel turns. The dynamic helped Becky last year too, in honesty—as they rode the momentum and gave her a huge push. I’m curious how this affects the Bayley/Charlotte story.
  4. I’m not going to say Sasha did great out there, but I’m unsure how Becky crapping on her promo abilities (without even responding to anything Sasha said) does anything to help the feud or her opponent.
  5. Charlotte’s twitter game is underrated.
  6. Charlotte and Roman are both really good at making their opponents look strong in defeat, and I'm glad Ember and Buddy got showcase matches to show off their abilities. (Drew/Cedric from Raw last night was another nice example of this type of match.) Disappointed that Shane/KO is still going on, but otherwise, good episode!
  7. She worked heel for 10 minutes in the 2018 Royal Rumble.
  8. And it was under 10 minutes! I enjoyed it for what it was.
  9. That Twisted Bliss wasn’t flying, it was falling with style. Also, I’m enjoying the Bliss/Cross team and think they and the IIconics did pretty well on the preshow. It’s good having characters who aren’t just ‘childhood dream’.
  10. It makes sense, but given WWE went out of their way to pretend that loss didn’t even happen, (they aired an Asuka hype video a couple of weeks later and didn’t even acknowledge the match at all). I suspect it’s something smarks see as a bigger deal than WWE.
  11. In fairness, using Summerslam as the angle kickoff (though it’d been building a couple of weeks prior) last year worked great for Becky.
  12. How now, brown cow? Also, Kairi’s timing was unfortunately off in that tag match.
  13. Interestingly including a reference to the knee to Ronda from that police brawl segment on the Mania go-home Raw.
  14. I thought it was a pretty fun episode that moved at a good pace. I also love the logic of Charlotte saying the McMahons have always been good to her since the day she was born when in reality Ric was NWA’s top star back then.
  15. It’s partly a product of injuries and partly Becky having the most protected booking in the company for over a year, (remember that even before Summerslam they had her beat Charlotte clean and then every heel on SDL clean) but the Raw scene feels so stale because no one feels like a credible threat. Becky’s act resonated vs Charlotte and Ronda because it felt like she was punching up, but it comes off as punching down against other opponents. You know Becky’s going to win anyway so what’s to be invested in? She’s been given everything (for the sake of Becky 2 Belts shirts) so you can’t buy her as an underdog anymore. While I think her winning at Mania was the right call, even the Mania build was marred by the convoluted booking that came from Vince choosing Becky to win the Rumble (a lot of those beats would have meant more if she was getting into the match rather than back in) and it feeling so predictable that she’d win after she did things like easily beating Ronda’s Beat the Clock time even after Charlotte interference. I get why they pushed her so hard, but it’s had real consequences and unfortunately suggests ways in which her act could prove to be a short-term one. Getting to the top is great but staying there is hard, and doing so when Vince is so clearly behind you is even harder.
  16. Pretty brutal episode to get through, sadly, and that stupid 'no wrestling during commercials' thing is absolutely hurting the crowd reactions. The ending with Cedric 'shockingly' revealing his identity after getting pinned with one Claymore and the commentary acting like the faces got one over on the heels was nonsensical. Also, Bayley/Logan got CM PUNK chants, and the Mike/Maria thing is an ongoing storyline, ugh.
  17. I maintain the napkin Vince books Raw on has ‘gotta make Becky look strong, pal!’ as a top priority. Also, happy to see AJ turn heel but less happy the match got hurt by the needless interruption for ‘no wrestling during commercials’.
  18. SDL has become really boring since the Wildcard and excessive Shane McMahon came in, its a shame.
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