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  1. I'd like to see another Ruby/Charlotte feud. Their Fastlane match last year was very good and they managed to show strong chemistry even in that 85 second 'beat the clock' match a couple of weeks ago, and it'd be a great way to establish Ruby as a face if they want to do that. (Plus Charlotte was the one person to promote Ruby as a threat to Ronda before Elimination Chamber, and judging from their comments during the Mania WatchAlong, the Riotts all like her a lot.) Also, that IIconics segment/match was great, I loved their "FIIIIGHTING champions" promo and the Brooklyn Belles' '45-0' record. I know Sasha/Bayley were bummed (given their 'we're gonna lose' faces on Sunday), but maybe this could work out well.
  2. Its frustrating how Becky gets away with such poor and inconsistent selling as she's been doing in recent months. She was already going to win the brawl, it wouldn't have killed her to at least act like Lacey's finisher hurt at all rather than just turning and smiling.
  3. Alternate angle of the Spanish Fly > pin transition from the main event:
  4. I think Kofi getting the win and Mania Moment's a good idea, though at the same time Bryan's so good in this role that I'd like him to win it back not too long afterwards. Thought that was a pretty underwhelming go-home on the whole, though.
  5. Fair point. On the upside, Charlotte was laying in her shots HARD even before the knee: Also, that segment was brilliantly timed given the Last Week Tonight segment made the 'wrestling is awesome when its absurd' argument, so giving three of the top stars in the company an all-out crazy segment like that was excellent. Plus its the first time women have ever gotten one of those, so in its way it made history. I'm now dying for a courtroom segment/brawl with the three of them.
  6. This week's selection includes 7 matches, most notably a 30-minute 1996 Shawn Michaels/Steve Austin dark match: https://www.wwenetworknews.com/2019/03/27/exclusive-half-a-dozen-hidden-gems-to-be-added-to-wwe-network-tomorrow-focusing-on-2019-hof-inductees-3-dark-matches-included/
  7. Fair point,. I'd be happy for Nattie/Beth if they got a win. (And even the IIconics winning would lead to some good comedy.) Also,
  8. Its rumoured that neither woman wanted to do that hug for those exact reasons, but they got overruled.
  9. So far its just for the Raw belt. Given that SDL is going to Fox in October (and they've already been using Charlotte pretty heavily in their promotion thus far), I think unifying the belts at Mania would be a bad move, even though Becky is clearly going to beat Ronda for the title.
  10. While they can always change things, they specifically said the main event is still for the Raw belt alone. My guess is Becky wins, and it sets up the eventual 4HW/4HW feud as all four will have belts.
  11. I understand the anger, but that Asuka/Charlotte match was pretty incredible, they had great near-falls, counters upon counters, and I think that Spanish Fly topped the one at WM 34. Charlotte's tweet about it is all class, too:
  12. In fairness, Ruby in particular got protected. It was an essentially meaningless set of the matches, but it neatly encapsulated the last few months' booking with Charlotte unable to get her first win since November, and Becky able to win and easily beat Ronda's time despite interference. That said, it did remind me of how much I'd like to see another Ruby/Charlotte match, those (the Natural Selection dodge and Riott Kick into Figure 8 ) were some nice counters for such a short 'match'.
  13. There's a pretty decent chance they''ll do another Asuka/Charlotte PPV match post-Mania. They already had that SDL match on the TLC go-home, too.
  14. While I hope its a pleasant surprise like Elimination Chamber was, I have to say that Sasha & Bayley/IIconics match on SDL didn't leave me feeling optimistic about the rumoured 4-way women's tag (with Nattie/Beth and Nia/Tamina) at Mania.
  15. That his belt is made from an oak that fell over naturally is one of my favourite The New Daniel Bryan character details.
  16. Asuka's match will be announced next week:
  17. On the upside, at least Bayley's generally been looking good in-ring these last several weeks. (tonight was also her first ever SDL match, given she came up to Raw just after the 2016 draft.)
  18. As the main event, the Raw women's match is the only story being built across both weekly shows. And I wouldn't blame them for why Asuka got no time tonight when the gauntlet (good though it was!) was more than an hour. It warmed my heart to hear the crowd still giving Charlotte/Becky LET THEM FIGHT chants. That tag match however did not leave me feeling confident about the rumoured Mania 4-way title match.
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