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  1. Its very easy to undo that if they want though, with Becky let down by Charlotte losing to Ronda this weekend.
  2. NXT and WWE also have structural differences which mean that feuds have to be constructed differently, and in turn this requires a different skill set. You can have a great feud in NXT with virtually nothing but matches and in-ring storytelling, but a great WWE feud needs more. I take the recent Becky/Charlotte feud as evidence of this--its been very widely acclaimed, but one part that's been less mentioned is that it was a three-month feud where outside the PPVs they only had one TV match. After Becky's turn they didn't do tag matches or 6-woman matches or anything like that against each other to move things along, they used a variety of segment formats to keep its momentum going instead, from talking segments to post-match beatdowns to creative segments like the Performance Center speech/brawl.
  3. Thought that Flair/Hardy vs Asuka/Miz match was one of the best of the season so far, it helped having less of the super-goofiness the SDL matches have had in recent weeks. (As a general trend, its interesting how most weeks the Raw matches are played relatively straight and the SDL ones have all the zaniness.)
  4. Sasha/Bayley can always be heated up, but it does feel interesting at the moment how there's effectively two tiers in WWE's Horsewomen, with the last few months elevating Becky to Charlotte's tier.
  5. Yeah, I see it evolving out of Ronda/Charlotte (though Becky has obviously taken a big part in the broader story too) rather than the other way round.
  6. I thought her delivery was OK, but the writing was horrible. At least her acting at the end of the show was nice.
  7. Possibly! But I remember at the time there was a lot of speculation about how Sasha was doing all she did because (in the storyline) she couldn't challenge Charlotte again, and saw Bayley as an easy target. They even hinted at this on Alexa's Raw debut, where Alexa comes in to interrupt Sasha seemingly just about to challenge Bayley.
  8. I get your point, but Asuka's Mania match with Charlotte featured both working a very fast pace. which is why they got so much in in only a 13-minute match. As for Bayley's booking, I think having her constantly with Sasha but never feuding has been detrimental to both of them. It also indirectly messed up the booking of Bayley/Charlotte where it was awkwardly booked to keep Sasha involved throughout (especially with the odd booking at Fastlane), before abruptly dropping it all for Alexa's arrival and taking away any point it may have had. That said, Bayley's stuff in her first few months on the MR is largely poor. There's the Clash of Champions match with Sasha/Charlotte, but besides, there's random jobber matches and crappy feuds with Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox, the latter about teddy bears. Oh, and that awkward Raw Talk promo that couldn't have done her any favours.
  9. I was amused by Becky giving Nikki the world's softest barricade spots during their match.
  10. Hopeful they do a full WWE24 episode, but still a nice watch, thanks.
  11. WWE Creative: Oh my god, we forgot Becky!
  12. There's some missing ones there. The women's MITB match this year got 4, and the Charlotte/Bayley title change from Raw last year got 4.25.
  13. From WWE's gallery of backstage Evolution photos:
  14. Poor Lana got boomed in that chop-off last night.
  15. At this point they're just going all out with offending everybody.
  16. As much as I loved the feud, some of the fan reaction has been interesting in that some fans got more rather than less fearful about the booking after Becky won the title clean. (And when you look at it, Becky's major push started back in June with that winning streak she went on from then through July.) Personally, I think Becky winning so decisively also leaves the door open for a resumption of this feud on Raw next year, if they choose. Assuming Charlotte beats Ronda, its very possible to have Becky rejoin her on Raw to remind her of who she never beat. (Plus you know they'd want to share the same roster if they can given their real-life friendship. Their recent Ride Along episode included a backstage snippet from the 2016 draft of Charlotte comforting a weeping Becky after they learned they were on separate rosters.)
  17. Asuka's WM 34 loss is more complicated than it would seem, and I still feel her losing there was the right call given the circumstances. The problem is that WWE was absolutely determined to give Carmella that cash-in and title run, which left Asuka in a tough spot, and WWE with the options of ending the streak in a high-profile match at WM34, or losing it to a cash-in two nights later. I feel they made the right choice by having her lose in a show-stealing match in front of 70,000. I won't defend what happened to Asuka subsequently, though. What's also interesting is that many of the HITS are stars who weren't really utilised much in NXT, such as Alexa and Elias. (there are exceptions to the rule though, like Seth Rollins and Charlotte Flair.) And as much as I enjoy her NXT work, Bayley's first few months on the main roster are a bad harbinger for what was to come, including pointless midcard feuds with Dana and Alicia Fox (the latter over teddy bears) and her shaky HIAC Raw Talk interview. The booking of the Alexa feud was brutal, but it wasn't the only reason she fell down the card.
  18. I'd imagine its a product of Ronda/Charlotte for WM 35 likely being planned so far in advance, especially with rumours earlier this year that both Becky and Charlotte were at some of Ronda's secret training sessions. The Becky feud was clearly about passing the torch to her as top woman on SDL, and also making her look strong enough to take on Ronda--however it ends, its still cool that Becky's gone from jobbing in 2 minutes in the women's Survivor Series match to going against the biggest star in the company in a singles match. Becky losing here also makes Charlotte look like more of an underdog, unable to beat a woman who Ronda can take down.
  19. Speaking of celebratory photos, this group selfie from Charlotte Flair's twitter is lovely:
  20. Was it worse than her 'I'm losing; face?
  21. It seems like judging from that post-match shot (and from the Raw preview) that we're getting Ronda/Nia at Survivor Series. Not sure what they're doing for Becky's SDL title just yet.
  22. Why should it bring hate? One thing that's really noticeable about Charlotte is that many of her best matches are her losses, with her matches vs Bayley on Raw last year and the 2016 Sasha FCA match as examples of that. Also, her best matches this year have really been diverse in terms of style and storytelling, going from Ruby at Fastlane to Asuka at Mania to Becky at HIAC and tonight. (Both of the last two were clean losses, but they were entirely different matches in terms of how they were worked, going from technical to all-out hardcore tonight.)
  23. Yeah, Becky's heel turn was a masterstroke. I also feel that with tonight's match, the Becky/Charlotte feud topped the Sasha/Charlotte as the best WWE women's feud.
  24. If they did open with that match (I personally hope its later in the show and they open with something less important, but hey), a sensible strategy would be to have it run long so that the 30 minutes of streaming ends partway during the match.
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