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  1. Well done on taking strides in your health. Should there be people who aspire to express less negativity, I hope they find your post helpful.
  2. Rampage has the A-show lineup this week.
  3. Judge and the Yankees settle to avoid arbitration. Judge agreed to the $19 million offer he initially rejected, plus incentives of $250k each for MVP and World Series MVP.
  4. If the use of Immigrant Song in the Ragnarok marketing is anything to go by, expect to be hearing some G&R in the movie itself.
  5. In addition to this, I feel this could be AEW’s first great “wrestler x solves wrestler y” match series. Fingers crossed.
  6. Gresham as the mystery replacement for Danielson in one of the key matches on a PPV card that's been as tepidly received by some as this one would be promotional malpractice. Hope it's him.
  7. When Luchasaurus had Christian in the corner, I was so ready for like a chokeslam or something to immediately diminish the heat. Blessedly they avoided such a mistake. Oh, and Luchasaurus is a bad friend. What happened to Marko? Did Christian push him out?
  8. No weird Generation Me vs Sting match from Impact you've forgotten. First time ever. Hope they do a straight up YB vs Darby and father match at some point as that'd be some good weirdness, even though most of the energy seems to be headed toward ReDragon.
  9. CASH WHEELER SINGLES CLUBBERING WITH JEFF COBB I think some other stuff got announced too. But that's the big one.
  10. Top Gun Maverick is a pretty good theater experience except for the lights coming up right at the start of the curtain call where every actor gets their own individual credit. Way to try to break the mood!
  11. Went both ways, but Santi IMO had grounds to swing at his head when he did it again in extras. Ump show of the highest order.
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