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  1. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Directed by King George Miller Starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth May 24, 2024
  2. This would explain so much about Tony’s booking.
  3. Is it? People say stuff is exhausting that kind of just rolls off my back. Like a news cycle with devastating real world implications is mentally taxing. But this is just wrestling stuff. The ratings stuff is whatever, people always have their ratings takes and the sky is rarely actually falling. The QT and Danielson stuff is fine from a gossip POV but little else. They washed their hands of Punk months ago, so who cares from an AEW perspective? The only thing slightly troubling is the MJF news, but all I can do is wish him good health, not a lot of mental energy to spend there. I don’t know. Seems like it’s just wrestling. I don’t mind a busy news cycle if that’s as bad as it gets.
  4. Between this, Bosch, and Jack Ryan, Prime really has the market cornered for straight down the middle shows targeting dudes of a certain age.
  5. The committee as originally comprised was three members: Danielson, AEW’s general counsel, and an outside attorney. No idea if they’ve maintained that composition, I think Danielson’s the only one reported as currently being on it. And let’s be honest, we all only care because it’s Danielson.
  6. I really don’t think that was about Danielson. It fits with how he’s been presenting during his AEW run. He told Moxley he’d be the dollars and the cents rather than the heart and soul, and on his Collision return he made a big deal about this being the professional wrestling business (heavy emphasis on business). First million dollar house on his back. I’m sure I’m forgetting some others. I think it was Craig who nailed it earlier, dude seems to enjoy making money and commenting on it.
  7. Wonder how many times he’s handed one to Mox for swearing excessively on camera
  8. I just think it’s funny that some people are taking his departure as a sign of how far AEW’s gotten from its original spirit or whatever, when for all we know it’s people with philosophies like his giving us all the brochachos and Neck-Strong stuff and the devil mask deal.
  9. Who’s going to be rumour-mongering about him getting a guy fired this time?
  10. The “PG Punk” thing is silly, as is the seemingly-prescient associated clip of Max and Punk’s first promo duel that I’ve seen going around on social media. Because that was the same knock on Punk when he was first just dipping his toes back in the first time. And yet that was the first big interaction (the one that gave us “PG Punk”) in a feud that ramped up to him recapturing his edge and needing to become the monster to face the monsters of the world. Like I’m not expecting bloody dog collar Punk ever again, but people overreacting to a simple reintroduction sans further context of what’s to come is funny because we’ve literally been here before a few weeks into his AEW run. Also, people are seemingly allergic to the guy seeming healthy and balanced (even if he’s only presenting as such) but also insist he needs to chill and go to therapy. Pick a lane.
  11. Also: Underrated Punk hypocrisy — the brass ring used to be completely imaginary, and now it might be IN HIS BACK POCKET. Levels to this game. I want to believe so bad.
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