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  1. PWInsider is reporting that Dreamer has been indefinitely suspended from Impact.
  2. Oh, interesting. With him being interviewed I mistakenly just took it as read he was on the event.
  3. And maybe not even a first good season. Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will split Jeopardy hosting duties for the year. The producers are still searching for a permanent host.
  4. He hasn't had a match with Nakazawa yet. Let's wait and see.
  5. Haven't had time to read the whole thread and sorry if I'm repeating anyone, but do next week's shows look pretty decent?
  6. Saw the last half hour live and went back to watch some other stuff. Like the new arena set up and colours. Like them aggressively trying to introduce new talent. Always like when they use that crane deal as their main camera. The wedding was a bit of whatever for me but Indi Hartwell rules. If anything, sticking with Ciampa is too safe and too much like old NXT. Put it on RIck's kid immediately. Let's get weird.
  7. Good catch. Even italicized to make clear it was TV and not PPV, Halftime Heat didn't jump off the Wikipedia page while I was skimming.
  8. Mysterio wins the vacant belt and drops it to Cena after the Chicago MITB. If the standard is strictly not on PPV, Flair taking it off Savage and then Bret taking it off him would be the next most recent occurance. If we open the conversation up to any top men's belt, the WHC has more recent occurrences of this. Del Rio won the belt and Ziggler took off him on TV. They also did the Ziggler-Edge deal on TV. And Edge cashed in on Taker on TV, vacated, and Khali won the battle royal on SmackDown. It's been a while.
  9. Long overdue. Happy for E. Caught a few minutes after the Jays game. Omos seems to be getting over. For how long has Ali been a face and how did that come about?
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