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  1. Time travel: The true forbidden door.
  2. Busting out the corkboard and red string to explain how I'm definitely gonna get what I want out of this Young Bucks business.
  3. A monkey's paw curls as Suzuki vs Jarrett and Ishii vs Punk are booked for Forbidden Door.
  4. Trout vs Ohtani was a great main event. Think the WBC has a chance to win the Best Booking award this year.
  5. HBO's brand is built on the foundation of a character who spent years in therapy and refused to grow in any significant way. Lack of character growth isn't necessarily the knock people think it is if the story is compelling and the characters feel true to themselves.
  6. He had the surgery back in August. He recently said he expects to be ready for in-ring action this month.
  7. Fuck that. It's not like nobody gets injured in spring training or just joyriding their dirt bike.
  8. Don't know if this goes here or the WBC thread, but Altuve is expected to be out 8-10 weeks with a broken right thumb.
  9. Alton Brown six man with the Acclaimed vs undercard heels in some food-themed nonsense is also a way to go.
  10. If you're worried about Darby down the line, don't you pull the trigger soon to get maximum value and quality of performance? I'll just go ahead and say it because nobody else has given this answer yet:
  11. Paul Wight is looking to get back in the ring. Let's get this thing done.
  12. And he's gone through your entire post history and knows what you thought about Joey Janela kidnapping Tully Blanchard in 2019. One of us! One of us!
  13. While you're right, I think there should be some debate as you alluded to about who's in the mix. They've committed to the pillars concept for better or worse, and JB and Sammy will be elevated to a degree just by virtue of being in this spot -- which is a good thing and I hope it works out well in the long run. But it's hard not to look at that picture and think that as far as young guys finally getting their big shot, they've both been leapfrogged by Starks in terms of who's where on the depth chart. Like, unless his next program is a multi-match feud with Christian, why isn't he in this world title mix? Now if we do get those Stark-Christian matches, I'll say good job Tony, roll over, and let him rub my belly.
  14. Maybe I'm looking at it with rose coloured glasses, and you can think whatever you want about how much he's being used on TV, but I can't imagine that Jeff's not doing some measure of mentoring. He's worked a decent amount with Caster and Bowens in multiple styles of matches. He's semi-regularly gassing up Satnam on his podcast and seems to have a genuinely high view of his potential. Tony, if he's open to it, might even benefit from some of Jeff's own experiences as an owner, a manager, a creative, someone who's had to cultivate relationships with TV partners and buildings, etc. While they may be trying to get more mileage out of him on TV than you'd prefer (and even he seems somewhat surprised by how often he's donning the boots and tights), it's not his lone role and my belief is his knowledge and experience is providing mentorship value for some people. As to him being a presented as a bigger star, well... he sure does lose a lot and make AEW crowd favourites look great in the process. Regarding the time Saraya's getting, I expect that's an attempt to justify whatever her contract is. I can't explain it. Hot dogs are great. I'm sorry about your knee and the lifelong trauma you're burdened with.
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