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  1. As if anyone should care about Dax or Cash's singles records.
  2. I went and reread the incident in question. Here's a post of yours I mistook as glib sarcastic bullshitting (which was certainly preceded by plenty of such from you (double parentheses: and me, and others)) and talking down to people rather than a sincerely held belief: I took it as the former and responded to it as such. The conversation, such as it was, went on to the point where I admitted I'd misinterpreted your point. My tune hasn't changed at all. Confused emoji accepted. And once again, apologies for the confusion. My genuine mistake.
  3. If you’d like me to apply my beliefs more consistently, I’m happy to have that discussion. Feel free to direct me to anything that strikes your eyes wrong. Not that I expect you’ll want to get bogged down in such foolishness. edit: and for fuck sake, give us back the confused reaction
  4. I can rip ass longer and stinkier than you, so let's not turn this into a competition. Hot take: Nobody needs a new hobby. All are welcome to consume in the manner they find most satisfactory.
  5. As dumb as I find all of this to be, I'm really happy for Alexa. Being attached to this act and having very little physicality to endure must be great for her long-term health. Yeah. I find the gimmick to be silly trash, but count me among those who've always had a high-tolerance for Bray's actual wrestling. Of course if they're going to keep trying to make the red lighting during the matches a thing, I'm not going to want to see any of it.
  6. This is really simple to understand. A product that attracts greater viewership will at the same time attract viewership with a greater diversity of opinion. Nobody is going to "doom and gloom" MLW because hardly anyone watches it. Wanna know why the Impact threads are so civil and filled with people who largely enjoy the show? Because like three people feel compelled to express a view on it weekly. More viewers = greater diversity of opinion. Anyway, my .02 is complaining about complaining is the message board equivalent of sniffing your own farts.
  7. I realize his current position is much better for him financially, but I selfishly wish Bobby Roode were splitting his time between the NWA and Impact right now. I don't think he's a lot of people's #1 guy they wish weren't locked up in the WWE, but he's my #1.
  8. The only problem with Roman's "forced coronations" is that they kept the big belts off him for so long after his wellness policy suspension. Charlotte's "forced coronations" have been much better. She probably should have won at WrestleMania 33.
  9. Chris "I would never call myself the locker room leader" Jericho.
  10. What about that music video doesn't scream George Clooney playing a land baron in Hawaii?
  11. https://twitter.com/starkmanjones/status/1381001933381640192
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